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Monday, 12 February


Out with the bathwater 2: a change of focus Press gallery reform

After writing the post below I had a good laugh at Katharine Murphy's effort and was reinforced in my respect for Asher Wolf when she posted this Twitter thread, with a fraction of the resources available to Murphy and the press gallery. I watched James Massola, of all people, condemn the idea of journalists running unverified rumours - and then moments later, another story under his byline consisting entirely of unverified rumours, which has pretty much been his entire "career" so far.

I may be getting soft in my old age, but after all that I re-read the Murphy piece. I felt some sympathy for this position:

So I dont want to be the Canberra sex correspondent.
Non-press-gallery journalists Woodward and Bernstein probably didn't want to cover each and every burglary in early 1970s Washington - and if we look at their career, they didn't. Non-press-gallery journalist Andrew McGarry covered a court case in Adelaide and ended up writing the definitive book on the Snowtown murders. Sometimes in journalism, the story chooses you.

Murphy took a strategic decision not to pursue a story that is having far-reaching implications that go to policy decisions, and the very political structure of the government - a story worthy of any self-respecting political journalist, let alone a Political Editor. Regardless of how she feels, she will have to play catch-up on this story. But because the story started in a place that was (to use Jacqueline Maley's technical term) icky, Murphy chose not to lead the story while rising above the ick.

A nurse who faints at the sight of blood or shit, or people who rail against the wickedness of John Barleycorn while somehow working in a licensed establishment, are not just fools or hypocrites. They are people with no future in those jobs. So it is with a journalist who stumbles upon a real story and, when it blows up in their face, disdains it:
Id rather think about energy policy, or whether any of us will ever get a wage rise, or whether our hospitals will be properly funded, not because Im a buttoned up puritan, but because thats why I think Im here: to keep close eyes on those things for readers.
Those stories are better covered by journalists who really understand those areas and can convey ideas being given visitors' passes to the parliamentary press gallery. If journalism is to survive, those journalists (often freelancers, or writing for niche outlets with little hope of employment in the sort of media outlet represented in the press gallery) must be...


AUSTRALIA CARD MARK II: no national digital ID number will mean no access to any Australian federal government services North Coast Voices

When signing up to the platform for the first time, users will be asked to provide their name, email address, and phone number, and verify their details via email or SMS. They will then be asked to provide information from three identity documents, which goes through the exchange to the identity provider for verification. The exchange receives encrypted details back which it passes on to the government service the user wants to reach, which then grants the user access.  [IT News, 20 March 2015]

IT News, 8 February 2018:

The Department of Human Services looks set to become the federal government's exclusive manager of digital identities after being selected to build the identity provider solution that will be used for the Govpass platform....

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Sunday, 11 February


January-February 2018 DUCK POND

The days are fleeting past. Dexter and Hannah get to go for their walk on most days.

There were a host of events in late January. Invasion Day came and went, as it does, leaving it unresolved, lingering historical legacies dispossession and colonialism. It is deeply ironic that the foundation of British, and thus Western Culture and Civiliation and it accompanying crimes in this distant and remote place was founded as a prison. Nothing new, of course. The annual folk festival, which might have been a celebration of nonviolence, or at least Eric Bogle among others turned up. Doubtless, And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda was given a spin. Masculinity, animal violence and wretched commentary was on offer with the Bikes and Bulls show.

Invasion Day serves the useful purpose to remind us that history matters, and it matters to each of us. We cannot escape it, so since we cannot escape it we might do humble best to understand the framing of the modern world,with all the memory and forgetting.

There might be a scientific basis that walking among the trees might be a good thing to do. Dexter and Hannah are more grounded, but it seems that their may be some benefits for humans to get out of atificialy constructed places.

The usual and unusual set of photos of the daily rounds were collected:

(And if you notice, I got a little ahead of myself, it is because I cannot keep up)

To honour the Folk Festival, an American singer singing an Australian song composed by an Irishman may be interesting:

PS: Thank you to TheNaturalCompanion for reminding me of the importance of taking water for the dogs out on our walks. There has been little rain recently, and the creeks has not been running. Dexter and Hannah appreciated the water.


Turnbulls Joyce will cost him dearly. The AIM Network

Theres no-one more Australian than Barnaby Joyce, blusters Malcolm Turnbull, his fair-weather defender in happier well slightly less miserable times last November when Joyce, another appalling ham, in RM Williams and stockman Akubra, playing an outback whip-cracking caricature from central casting turns out to be a Kiwi, too. By weeks end its clear,

The post Turnbulls Joyce will cost him dearly. appeared first on The AIM Network.


antifa notes (february 11, 2018) : The Radical Right in Australia / Aryan Nations On Trial in Perth &tc slackbastard

1) The Radical Right in Australia OUP has published an essay on The Radical Right in Australia by myself and Aurelien Mondon which you you can read online or download for free here. The article is one of many in Continue reading


Genesis & Gender roles. Are we all asking too much of the texts?

The Bibles creation stories are key texts in shaping Christian views of gender and sexuality. To some they represent a manifesto for the equality of men and women across all areas of life, while for others they speak of a creation order in which men and women share equal worth but leadership belongs to men.

It is typically assumed that because the Genesis texts describe the world prior to the impacts of human sin, that whatever is found within them can be taken to represent life as it should be, and is therefore, normative for humankind. This assumption needs to be challenged. If it were true we would declare it sinful for any fertile adult to be single, for the command of God to be fruitful and multiply must be normative for everyone. Likewise, every city-slicker among us would abandon our jobs and become farmers, for this is the mode of work, indeed the only mode of work, envisaged in Genesis 2-3, and must be normative for all.

The creation narratives were not written in an a-cultural or a-historical era. They were composed by people living in ancient times in societies that had their own cultural, linguistic, economic and political systems. They had no option but to construct narratives that made sense against that background. Given that patriarchy was one of the most enduring and embedded of social systems across the ancient Mediterranean, it is natural that stories involving men and women would draw upon the thought forms and practises of patriarchy.

Patriarchal overtones are, arguably, absent from Genesis 1, but are woven throughout the Garden story (and indeed through the rest of the Bible. It is the man who is created first and the woman created in relation to him rather than he to her; it is the man to whom God gives the command not to eat of the tree of knowledge; it is the man whom God calls when the man and woman were hiding.

Does this mean the Garden story endorses patriarchy? No it does not. The issue is not whether the story employs patriarchal modes of thinking but whether it is the point of the story to make an argument of some kind in that direction. We need to distinguish between details that are incidental to the telling of a story and the point the story is seeking to make. Think of Jesuss story of the Good Samaritan, which pictured a man travelling the road between Jericho and Jerusalem, beaten by robbers, and left by the side of the road to die. The specifics of the story are incidental to the point Jesus wished to make. He could have set the scene on a different road, or had robbers beating a man in his house. He could have told a story in which the victims were a husband and wife, or three travelling companions. The priest and the Levite who leave the man dying by the side of the road could have been a Pharisee and a Sadducee. The Samaritan could have been a Roman soldier. These things are the background detail of the story. The meaning of the story is found by attention to the plot, the...


Pyeongchang Winter Games: Ping-pong Diplomacy Revisited The AIM Network

By Denis Bright Making America Great Again demands more strategic commitment by allies in the US Global Alliance to conventional foreign policies, US arms purchases and childish diplomatic antics like the failure of Vice President Pence to greet Kim Yo-jong at the Pyeongchang Games. Australia is now deeply committed to such antics as a key

The post Pyeongchang Winter Games: Ping-pong Diplomacy Revisited appeared first on The AIM Network.


The state of free speech in Britain Catallaxy Files

Not good.

Our survey, ranking 115 UK universities using our traffic-light system, shows that 55 per cent of universities now actively censor speech, 39 per cent stifle speech through excessive regulation, and just six per cent are truly free, open places.


In which, in lieu of a Sunday meditation, the pond considers the tweets of the onion muncher ... loon pond

The pond is over Jim Molan already, and over Akker Dakker, and so turned to the good news for the week ... with the onion muncher and good buddie Jim Molan rolled ... as recorded in the Graudian here ...

The pond maintains an interest in the onion muncher because of his eminent status at the top of the pond's banner ... and thus far the onion muncher has been diligent in his efforts to maintain his place ...

One noteworthy feat in his recent campaign is the way that while everyone else refers to it as the Warringah motion, the onion muncher is careful to call it the Rosehill Resolution ... as noted by SBS reporting here ...

The pond hasn't the faintest idea why the dissembling onion muncher feels the need.

Everyone knows it's just his proxy way of having a go at Malware ... with the counter-movement feeling the need to appropriate an indigenous name by calling it the Bennelong betrayal ... or some such thing ...

Of late the onion muncher has shown an unnerving willingness to conduct his assorted campaigns through twittering wittering tweets ...

Actually Ray, according to Fairfax here, Jim won some 10,000 plus first preference votes - that's all it takes to become a senator these days - and his bigger crime was being a bigot and refusing to apologise for his naked bigotry, as recorded by Fairfax ...


Early contender for the Bernard Salt smashed avo award Catallaxy Files

In the early running its Bernard Salt.

Heres a series of dangerous ideas. Work hard, dont do drugs, dont smoke, build good relationships, learn skills, save for a deposit for a house, spend time with your kids, invest in your health. Heres another: sometimes when raising a family its necessary to do a job that you dont particularly like for months or maybe even years on end in order to provide for that family. This isnt life being mean to you; sometimes you just gotta do it. Accept it and move on. Am I being too dangerous for you?


Whats so special about what Jordan Peterson says and how he says it? Catallaxy Files

This is from Instapundit discussing Jordan Peterson, the most articulate defender of our Western values found anywhere in the world. The question that really is of central interest is why he has become the phenomenon he is. I have my own views but am interested in yours.

AMADEUS SYNDROME: As I say, [Peter] Hitchens at least feints towards whats really bugging many of these people. It is the Amadeus syndrome. Many of [Jordan] Petersons haters on the right have been toiling in the fields these long years, equally worried about, writing about, the treatment of men, especially young men; about the erosion of freedoms, etc. Where, they are wondering, are their rewards? So they are bitter. Its a feeling Im familiar with, Kathy Shaidle writes.

Read the whole thing.

As Dr. Helen noted earlier today, Still at #1 on Amazon, Jordan Petersons 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.

And for a tiny sample of what he says and the approach he takes, here is a relatively uncharacteristic interview in that he is being interviewed by people who ought to understand what hes on about but do not. These I went looking for to see what Peterson has said about Donald Trump. These were about the only things I could find, but there are probably others.

The hosts asking the questions are supposedly on the conservative side but are clearly open-ended critics of Trump. Peterson was much more careful and if he was critical, it was only about Trumps timing in what he said and not what he said. The bozos interviewing cannot see the point. This is Peterson in my own rough but reasonably accurate transcription (from around 2:00 in):

Truth is a tricky thing because you have to take the temporal context into account. There are white lies and black truths. Black truth is when you use the truth in a way that isnt truthful. . . just like a white lie is a lie that isnt harmful

What Trump did wrong was he failed to specify the time and the space of the utterance. Because what he should have come out and done is said that I unequivocally denounce the white supremacist racism that emerged in Ch...


David Bidstrup: Solar nightmares Catallaxy Files

A report on 8 February told of a plan to build a 44 MW solar system to deliver more reliable power to the grid. The cost would be $90 million.

I have done some research into solar systems, so thought I would look at this proposal from a state wide power consumption viewpoint.

Using AEMO numbers the daily average power consumption in SA for 2017 was 31,600 MWh.

Using a solar calculator that takes information from stations that record Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) data on solar insolation, cloudiness, temperature and whatever, the 44 MW solar system might generate 69,800 MWh in a year.

Averages are misleading and do not reflect the reality that solar system output declines significantly throughout the year as the sun angle changes in the sky. When the output is shown as monthly figures the picture becomes a bit clearer.

In summer, (December, January and February) average daily output is 252 MWh. In autumn, (March, April, and May) it is 168. In winter, (June, July and August) it is 123 MWh and in spring, (September, October and November) it is 224 MWh.

The table below shows the comparison between daily average consumption and the contribution from the solar farm.

Season State average daily consumption MWh Solar contribution MWh Solar contribution as % of daily consumption
Summer 31,806 252 0.79%
Autumn 31,740 168 0.53%
Winter 35,043 123 0.35%
Spring 27,983 224 0.80%


The output never gets to 1% of the daily consumption and when we consider the times that output is delivered it gets worse.

In January the system operates for about 11 hours but output does not become significant until around 9 a.m. and declines after 3 p.m. 90% of the daily output is between those hours but is not a constant amount ramping up from 10% at 9 a.m., reaching 13% at 12 noon and declining to 9% at 3 p.m.

In June nothing happens until 8 a.m. when output is 8%. It ramps up to 20% at noon and then falls off the cliff at 2 p.m.

How this contribution gives more reliable power to the grid is beyond me. The proponents also promise a 21 MW battery which is a nonsense statement how long will that battery be able to supply energy (MWh)? Probably 5 minutes.

People often confuse power and energy and think that adding 44 MW to the system means something rather than looking at things in the context of the contribution to consumption, (MWh). In this case, that contribution is negligible, va...


Is Barnabys career done and dusted? The AIM Network

As we all know, Federal politicians spend nearly half their lives away from home. It can be a lonely life, we know that too. But should we cut them any slack because of it? No, we should not. Thats a price they pay, and they know that going in. As the saying goes, if you

The post Is Barnabys career done and dusted? appeared first on The AIM Network.


Barnabys Having A Baby OR What We Miss When We Focus On The Soap Opera! The AIM Network

Yes, its certainly been a week! Lots and lots of exciting things happening in the world of politics. On Friday,I heard that strong argument for gene pools needing lifeguards, Georgina Downer, complaining about trial by media when discussing Robert Doyle. While I get the point that ones reputation shouldnt be trashed on the basis of

The post Barnabys Having A Baby OR What We Miss When We Focus On The Soap Opera! appeared first on The AIM Network.


Left turn necessary for Labor to end narrow policy convergence Independent Australia

Left turn necessary for Labor to end narrow policy convergenceDr Tristan Ewins is proposing a new ALP Model Platform with the aim towards a reformed democratic economy. read now...


Malcolm Turnbull's winningest first week back Independent Australia

Malcolm Turnbull's winningest first week backAfter a week of winning, Prime Minister and chief winner, Malcolm Turnbull must be looking forward to next week with barely concealed nervous excitement. Political editor Dr Martin Hirst reviews the Fizzas record-breaking first week back at work. read now...


Business owners should join unions and vote Labor The AIM Network

It is not just workers who should be backing unions and voting Labor. Small and medium business owners should too. Yes, Im deadly serious. Let me explain. There is a reason why business owners have traditionally despised unions and voted Liberal, and why many workers have been convinced to punch themselves in the face by

The post Business owners should join unions and vote Labor appeared first on The AIM Network.


In which both Barners and the pond feel Devined ... loon pond


Oh dear ... there are some days that the pond wishes certain reptile stories were fully paywalled, and the pond didn't have to know ...

But the Terrorists have plunged in, and worse, Barners has been fully Devined ... with bonus confessional Catholic chant ...

Other opinionistas were on the case ...

... though as an attempt at a distraction, the Devine offered a little full-blown Trumpism. 

Meanwhile, even the lizards of Oz were demanding answers ...

What could the pond do? Devine is a Sunday regular, and being Devined long ago displaced Pellism as a Sunday feature ...

The pond would have been happy for the rank hypocrisy of Barners to have been pointed out, and a check done on his expenditure of taxpayer funds, and a full discussion of the treatment of his current partner within the political bureaucracy had, and left the rest to personal life ...


Why so many voters are annoyed by Barnaby Joyce's statement* that his private life is a private matter North Coast Voices

When it influences staff positions and even contributes to winners and losers in a reshuffle, Barnaby's affair with a younger staffer is not a private matter [Stephen Mayne on Twitter, 9 February 2018]

During the lengthy extramarital relationship with a member of his staff Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals MP for New England Barnaby Joyce:

* arranged for a change of employment for the staffer in this relationship. She was employed at taxpayers expense by another federal minister, in a senior position specifically created for her with a six-figure annual salary;

* successfully sought a second staff position for his former staffer when that federal minister was forced to resign from the front bench while a dual citizenship claim was resolved. This second position was with the Nationals Chief Whip - resulting in him having two people in his office doing the same job at taxpayers' expense;



In the same week Wall Street was finally spooked by the sheer weight of Donald Trump's inadequacies as the 45th US President..... North Coast Voices

.....and the Dow Jones Index indicated that financiers and big business might be seriously worried about possibly higher than expected interest ratesrising national debt and the size of the US federal budget deficit Trump created in his first twelve months in office - he also rather unwisely performed in front of the cameras on the subject of treason.

YouTube, Time, 5 February 2018:

CNN, 5 February 2018:

 (CNN)President Donald Trump wasn't -- and, apparently, still isn't -- happy that Democrats in Congress didn't stand to applaud him in his State of the Union address last week.

"They were like death and un-American. Un-American. Somebody said, 'treasonous.' I mean, Yeah, I guess why not? Can we call that treason? Why not? I mean they certainly didn't...

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Saturday, 10 February


Keeping an Eye on Australia: Admiral Harry Harris Goes to Canberra The AIM Network

Imperial arrangements require decent overseer of subjects. In the Pax Americana, which is, in fact, rather violent, Australia is indispensable in the Pacific theatre. It offers land, facilities, and the means to eye future enemies and keep allies in check. Wedged between China and the United States, Australia could focus on smoothing rocky roads and

The post Keeping an Eye on Australia: Admiral Harry Harris Goes to Canberra appeared first on The AIM Network.


Jacqui Lambie book: Rebel with a cause Catallaxy Files

Who would have thought that Jacqui Lambie would write an autobiography (without a ghost writer)? The former soldier and long-term recipient of unemployment benefits who stumbled (illegally as it turned out) into the senate courtesy of Clive Palmer has taken pen to paper to outline her exciting life and principles. Good luck to Jacqui, who is now annoyed that Steve Martin is not going to resign in her favour (he has now been kicked out of the Jacqui Lambie network). I wonder how much Allen & Unwin has paid Jacqui as an advance.

Separately, her former chief of staff, Rob Messenger, is taking action in the Burnie Magistrates Court to stop publication as he claims to have written a manuscript as a ghost writer and claims Lambie has stolen his words.

Perhaps it was the first sentence in the book I woz a soldier?

Rebel with a Cause : You can't keep a bloody Lambie down - my story from soldier to senator and beyond - Jacqui Lambie


New Music Through Old Ears: Machine Boy Sally Craig Independent Australia

New Music Through Old Ears: Machine Boy Sally CraigIts a new year, which means its time for some new music reviews from entertainment editor John Turnbull. read now...


Gaslighting. When media deny collusion. The AIM Network

In this discussion between journalists Malcolm Farr, Alice Workman, Caroline Overington and Fran Kelly yesterday, Farr and Workman take a swipe at those of us who have suggested that there has been collusion between the press gallery and the government to keep the Barnaby Joyce affair under wraps. (Interesting times, Overington, a Murdoch employee, attacks

The post Gaslighting. When media deny collusion. appeared first on The AIM Network.


In which the pond nominates the dog botherer as the reptile treat of the day ... loon pond


For a minute the pond thought it would be away from the broadband for the weekend, and miss the entire reptile shooting match ... with Barners as the portly target ...

Oh how excited they were and even the oscillating fan, tremulous while intrepid, seemed to hint that it might be okay to point out the fatuous hypocrisy of a politician talking about the joys and community utility of traditional marriage while being an adulterer on the side ... a bit like priests full of cant, while going the fiddle with children ...

Meanwhile, our Gracie had the solution ... go the full vigilante. Not just your Dirty Harry, but the full Charlie Bronson ...

At last count, they'd dragged Death Wish out into six shows - with the immortal Michael Winner helming the first three in his epic attempt to become the worst director in the world - and the pond had a sudden flash of our Gracie in the stalls (no high falutin' lounge for her) shouting "get 'em Charlie, take 'em out, shoot 'em dead ... what we need is a RoboCop, what could go wrong?"



The Joyce affair: Media say they didnt know about it until this week. No, really! Independent Australia

The Joyce affair: Media say they didnt know about it until this week. No, really!The mainstream media say they didn't report on Barnaby's affair when it mattered because they didn't know for sure. Jennifer Wilson calls them out. read now...


Wayne Swan to retire Catallaxy Files

The worlds greatest Treasurer has finally decided its time to retire and has announced he wont be contesting Lilley at the next election.

Wayne says he hopes that his seat goes to a young woman. Unfortunately Wayne waited so many years that many of the young women who could have replaced him are now old. If Wayne was so concerned about having a young woman in Lilley he could have retired years ago.

It seems that Wayne is both ageist and sexist. Does he expect the young woman who replaces him to serve a short time before she becomes middle aged? Is Lilley only open to women aged between 18 and 25?


Why Aussie forex traders are saying 'no' to cryptocurrency Independent Australia

Why Aussie forex traders are saying 'no' to cryptocurrencyDespite their recent staggering rise, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets are predicted to fall spectacularly, suggests Neil Buckland. read now...


Does the left ever get anything important right? Catallaxy Files

Just wandering through Instapundit this morning and the overpowering sense of no is everywhere. Examples:

1) LATE-STAGE SOCIALISM: Mad Max violence stalks Venezuelas lawless roads.

In one video apparently showing a looting and uploaded to social media, people are seen gleefully dragging live chickens from a stranded truck.

The looters use tree trunks and rocks to stop vehicles, and are particularly fond of miguelitos pieces of metal with long spikes to burst tires and halt vehicles.

A ring-road round the central town of Barquisimeto, with shanty-towns next to it, is notorious among truckers, who nickname it The Guillotine due to the regular attacks.

In some cases, crowds simply swarm at trucks when they stop for a break or repairs. Soldiers or policemen seldom help, according to interviews with two dozen drivers.

Yone Escalante, 43, who also takes vegetables from the Andes on a 2,800-km (1,700-mile) round-trip to eastern Venezuela, shudders when he recalls how a vehicle of his was ransacked in the remote plains of Guarico state last year.

Social media is as close as this Reuters report gets to the words socialism or socialist.

2) INEZ FELTSCHER STEPMAN: How Ubers Pay Gap Disproves The Pay Discrimination Myth. It turns out that female Uber drivers work shorter hours, are less likely to work during peak times, and drive more slowly. Because the compensation structure is automatic, Stanford researchers were able to pin down the three factors that caused the gap: experience on the platform, willingness to work at peak times and in busy areas, and driving speed preferences.

Nonsense. Unshakable feminist media science demonstrates irrefutably that when men are doing better than women its because of discrimination, and when women are doing better than men its because men are stupid and incompetent and should be more like women.

3) FALLEN ANGELS IS JUST A SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL, RIGHT GUYS? RIGHT? GUYS? The sun is going to be really cool in 2050, scientists say. Based on 20 years of data collection and observations, a research team led by physicist Dan Lubin calculated that the sun will be 7% cooler and dimmer ...


Is this man fit to serve? The AIM Network

By Leonie Saunders The above tweet goes to the despicably dishonest craven character of this countrys Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce and the all omnipotent mainstream media who chose to remain silent to the detriment of the democratic right of the electorate to be fully informed. The public interest is the licence that we the

The post Is this man fit to serve? appeared first on The AIM Network.


Gaslighting. When media deny collusion. No Place For Sheep

  In this discussion between journalists Malcolm Farr, Alice Workman, Caroline Overington and Fran Kelly yesterday, Farr and Workman take a swipe at those of us who have suggested that there has been collusion between the press gallery and the government to keep the Barnaby Joyce affair under wraps. (Interesting times, Overington, a Murdoch employee, []


In which Polonius rests entirely on hearsay ... loon pond

How could the pond abandon Polonius in his hour of ongoing outrage with the ABC?

And how refreshing it is to not give a whit about the outrage.

You see, Polonius is outraged that the ABC has presented a case for the prosecution that he alleges rests entirely on hearsay ... and then mounts a defence which rests entirely on hearsay, his hearsay ...

It's a most curious and mind-numbing experience ...

Indeed, indeed, and the pond listened to Randy Stone cover the night beat for the Daily, and so is familiar with assorted stories ...though possibly some might not think that the best qualification for comment.

Why Polonius waited so long to mount his outrage is something of a mystery, but the ABC story is available online in a piece by Natalie Whiting dated 25th January, under the header Call for royal commission as bookie speaks out about fall of Tasmanian government...

The pond can't pretend to have the slightest knowledge - or much of a care - for the events outlined therein ...

The only amusement to be derived is the way that Polonius rages at hearsay evidence, then notes he w...


Now that's a bad hair moment! North Coast Voices

Makeup line exposed along with a considerable amount of bald pate....


Tweet of the Week North Coast Voices

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Friday, 09 February


Bitcoin kills the efficient market hypothesis John Quiggin

I have a piece in the New York Times looking at the implications for the bitcoin bubble for economic theory and, in particular, for the (Strong) Efficient (Financial) Markets Hypothesis (EMH) which states that prices determined in financial markets reflect all the available information about the value of any asset. If thats true then governments cant improve on a policy of allocating investment to those assets with the highest market return, which can be achieved by letting private capital markets determine all investment decisions.

Bitcoins have no inherent usefulness, being a record of pointless calculations. They are useless as a currency (their putative purpose) and are now being promoted as a store of value on the basis of scarcity alone. This leaves supporters of the EMH with a dilemma.

If Bitcoins are indeed worthless, then financial markets should price them at zero. But the introduction of futures trading actually boosted the price in the short run. Even after recent declines, theres no sign that prices will reach zero any time soon.

On the other hand, if Bitcoins are valuable simply because people value them, then asset prices are entirely arbitrary. The same argument can be applied to any financial asset.

Dean Baker at CEPR has a nice followup, making the obvious but crucial point that, since financial services are an intermediate input to production, we want the financial sector to be as small as possible, consistent with doing its essential tasks. As the experience of the mid-20th century shows, a market economy can function perfectly well with a financial sector much smaller than the one we have today. As Bitcoin shows, the massive expansion since then is nothing but wasteful speculation. The financial sector should be cut down to (a small fraction of its present) size.

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Friday, 15 November


TiikiiembShiiemb "IndyWatch Feed"

we are composed of all the teachers weve had since the day care or preschool, students spend more time at school than they do at home, every one of us here have attributes of educators in our lives, sure weve inherited genes form our parents but a lot of our characteristics and worldviews are shaped by people we interact with daily. With that being said, I believe right now , our young people really need us to be the best we can be, we need to be the disciplined and have a good work ethics  and display good leadership, we need to be the change that we want to see in our youth and the future generation of our people. Quote from Theresa Meki, Speaking at the National Education Conference, University of Goroka, July 2013.
A hugely serene scene, tone changing moment, when a young lady, a future leader of Papua New Guinea took the podium at the recently held national conference at the University of Goroka. She charged every Papua New Guinean to take heart and listen to her and millions of young people in this country. The topic of her statement was on the youths of Papua New Guinea, her experience as a peer educator in a University of Papua New Guinea run HIV/Aids Peer Education programme. According to Theresa Meki, this programme was truly remarkable and one of a life changing one too.

From a mix Gumine and Henganonfi parentage, the twenty five year old graduated with a political science degree from the University of Papua New Guinea at the end of 2010. Since her graduation, she has been employed by a project called the Pawarmeri, funded by gender division of Australian Government funded AusAid. The Pawameri is a collaborative project between the University of Goroka and Victoria University. In her portfolio Theresa underwent another life changing experience when she was one of a very few Papua New Guinean who was selected to take part in Oxfam International Youth Partnership Programme, commencing in 2010 and will end in 2013.


UKE KOMBRA....and TVET "IndyWatch Feed"

Our Government is emphasizing and actually allocating resources to
 ensuring access and quality education. Education Department cannot
 do it along in meeting demands; therefore we will have to work in
 partnership with everyone- provinces, Members of Parliament,
 community and even development partners. Minister James Marape
 is leading in making sure that there is dialogue and communication at
 all levels. Im pushing for greater recognition of TVET
Conversation with Dr. Uke Kombra, Mt. Hagen, 12th September

A prominent scholar and senior educationalist, and he is the number one promoter, Uke Kombra was at his best, when he spoke so eloquently and truthfully about his favourite subject, the Technical and Vocational Education; often referred to as TVET. Uke is now the First Assistant Secretary, the man in charge of TVET, and he who spoke at the occasion in Mt Hagen Technical College on Wednesday during the official ceremonial opening of the three projects funded by the people and Government of Australia to the tune of ten million kina. It is the beginning of the colleges modernization programme.

Hundreds of people, including children, local leaders and even singing and dancing groups from Morobe, Tari, Enga, Asaro and senor Waigani bureaucrats and development partner representatives took part in what was described as the most colourful event. It was also the time for celebration for a state institution that has suffered for years of neglect in terms of recognition and funding. The grant money from Australia, via the Incentive Funding Scheme came to the college, thanks to the sheer hard work put in by the administration and lecturers of the Mt. Hagen Technical College. That support for MH...

Tuesday, 23 July



Prime Ministers: Peter O'Neill and Kevin Rudd
I feel insulted that my Prime Minister could easily, without ritual and pomp get on a plane, land in Australia and sign a deal that no one knew, even citizens like me woke up on a Monday morning only to read stories of what transpired between them- PNGPM Peter O' Neill and Aussie PM, Kevin Rudd. What do they think? Am I a piece of shit, that they hold me in contempt for being a citizen of an ancient sovereign nation of Papua New Guinea, not to know what the hell was going on in my front yard? I am angry. Observer at a popular night club, Port Moresby, 22 July 2013.

It is all nice and sweet talking about how important it is for Papua New Guinea to support Australia in this instant, the provision of a safe haven for those aliens seeking to enter Australia and live there as refugees. It is also amusing for those few Papua New Guineans, who feel that the country stands to benefit from the unlimited flow of cash and expertise to alleviate the majority of the poor to a level of an internationally recognized level of poverty line. Well these are all ploy and politically charged trickery. This is media hype meant for the meek and uneducated section of our national community. The truths have yet to come, if not now, certainly these will emerge in the not too distant future. Other consequences will take years...

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