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Friday, 08 February


Why fill the tumbrels with middlemen? Catallaxy Files

Today in The Australian

Even those who delight in lifes little ironies will have been troubled to see the major culprits, in this case the banks, emerge from the financial services royal commission with what so far is barely a scolding, while the mortgage brokers and financial advisers, who were bit players in the drama, are hauled to the guillotine.


Chickens coming home to roost for Australian Treasurer and former banker Josh Frydenberg North Coast Voices

When a Liberal Treasurer and former banker meets with a royal commissioner whose banking and finance inquiry he (along with the rest of the Turnbull-Morrison Government) tried to nobble.................

The Sydney Morning, 1 February 2019:

Its known, in the game, as a picture opportunity.

Politician on the make meets constituent/kiddie/moviestar/public figure, hands are grasped, big smiles, cameras whir, flashes pop and the happy little circus moves on.
Sometimes, it doesnt work so well. The kiddie bursts into tears. Sometimes, its a bust. The movie stars smile is so radiant the politician may as well have stayed in bed.

And then theres the day the Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, met the royal commissioner, Kenneth Hayne.


Thursday, 07 February


Tonight we renew our resolve to be a socialist country Catallaxy Files

I received this note which really is astonishing:

Regarding SOTU: Did you notice at about the 1 hour 21 minute mark of USA Todays SOTU broadcast they edited out the word never when Trump put down Socialism? USA Today used their 2 second delay privilege in live broadcasting to black out never so it sounded like Trump said the US will be a Socialist state.

Watch, its just like he says start at around 1:19.

Its not a glitch. They really cannot bear the thought that the United States may not become a socialist country. They are not just dishonest, but evil.


US radio interview, Progressive Radio Network, on Israel profiting from occupation Antony Loewenstein

Following my recent investigation in the New York Review of Books on Israeli occupation tools going global, I was interviewed by one of the biggest progressive radio programs in the US, Gary Nulls Progressive Commentary Hour. My segment starts at 13:59.



Global problems cast a gloomy shadow over 2019 The AIM Network

By Ad astra  What better time to take a look at our world, our planet, than at the beginning of another year? Long past are the days when we could retreat into a comfortable cocoon with no windows to the wider world. Unless we turn off our radios, television, our computers and the Internet, and

The post Global problems cast a gloomy shadow over 2019 appeared first on The AIM Network.


Ken Henry is gone Catallaxy Files

One of the great ironies of Australia is that people often get done for something other than what they did.

Ken Henry should have been sacked by the Howard government in early 2007.

He wasnt and there has been a lot of blood under the bridge since then.

But, to his credit, Ken Henry spoke truth to power when he appeared at the Banking Royal Commission late last year. Yes, he was arrogant treating the Commission with the contempt that it deserved being as it was a political hit job by the Labor and National parties. If he had been addressing Senate estimates most of the gallery would have approved of his approach to the Commission. Yes, he spoke some nonsense about shareholder capitalism that annoyed Judith so much.

But he also more or less told them that there are so many complex and overlapping regulations that banks have to comply with that they couldnt actually be fully compliant at all times.

But private sector managers are held to a higher standard than are public sector managers and the very people who lionised him when he was Treasury Secretary howled for his blood.

Today they got it.


Independents and Her Majestys Opposition The AIM Network

By Henry Johnston  The ABC program Q&A broadcast on Monday February 4 2019, featured a panel of independent Federal members of Parliament. The Member for Melbourne and deputy leader of the Australian Greens Adam Bandt, not an independent, joined Tony Jones and other panellists for an hour of probing questions from convenor and audience. Love

The post Independents and Her Majestys Opposition appeared first on The AIM Network.


Neeson, Racism, and Rape The AIM Network

Liam Neeson is not an actor in whom I have the slightest interest. So spending the last couple of days discussing his actions has felt a little odd. Out and about promoting his new film, a revenge saga, Neeson used a story from his own past as an example of the desire for revenge, and how

The post Neeson, Racism, and Rape appeared first on The AIM Network.


Brexitland: Opinions from the unUnited Kingdom Independent Australia

Brexitland: Opinions from the unUnited KingdomTwo-and-a-half years later, one quiet corner of northern England reflects on their countrys decision to leave the European Union. read now...

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