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Friday, 25 August


Documents Where s 44 Privacy Act Powers Exercised Requests or responses matching your saved search

Follow up sent to Office of the Australian Information Commissioner by Verity Pane on August 25, 2017.
On 1 June 2017, under FOIREQ17/00036, I made a valid FOI Request (administrative access sought in the first instance, but to be treated as an FOI Ap...


Sicilian Diary Skepticlawyer

From time-to-time, I indulge in a bit of travel writing, although I havent done it for a while. This weeks Speccie features yours truly travel writing on Sicily, one of my favourite places in the world and a place where I once worked on an archeological dig.

Muslims will not blow anyone up here, the proprietor of my Siracusa local assures me, we have our own people who do that. Opting to take ones annual leave in Sicily is to be confronted by a reminder of southern Italys once terrible poverty and local corruption unused and fantastically expensive elevated roadways and tunnels leading nowhere, often sprouting vegetation, litter the landscape. The Mafia appears in the form of children selling cigarettes sans health warnings, pervasive fly-tipping, and not otherwise. Sicily is remarkably safe. The winding, twisting detours Sicilys roads take are remarkable in their own way, vaulting over Luigis Lemons, Giuseppes Goats, Pietras Pears and Everyones Olives. One suspects there have been many conversations of the I-dont-like-that-highway-there/Would-you-like-me-to-move-it? sort.

Read the whole thing.


GAY MARRIAGE HELL! A warning to all Australians Independent Australia

GAY MARRIAGE HELL! A warning to all AustraliansOur country wont change for the worse because of a few little words in the Marriage Act. read now...


Economic theory has been hollow for a long long time Catallaxy Files

The secret is getting out. Modern economic theory is a pseudo-science. So let me give you some recent discussions of what ought to be obvious to anyone living in an economy in which economists are advising governments. First this: The new astrology: By fetishising mathematical models, economists turned economics into a highly paid pseudoscience. From which:

The economist Paul Romer at New York University has recently begun calling attention to an issue he dubs mathiness first in the paper Mathiness in the Theory of Economic Growth (2015) and then in a series of blog posts. Romer believes that macroeconomics, plagued by mathiness, is failing to progress as a true science should, and compares debates among economists to those between 16th-century advocates of heliocentrism and geocentrism. Mathematics, he acknowledges, can help economists to clarify their thinking and reasoning. But the ubiquity of mathematical theory in economics also has serious downsides: it creates a high barrier to entry for those who want to participate in the professional dialogue, and makes checking someones work excessively laborious. Worst of all, it imbues economic theory with unearned empirical authority. . . .

Romer is not the first to elaborate the mathiness critique. In 1886, an article in Science accused economics of misusing the language of the physical sciences to conceal emptiness behind a breastwork of mathematical formulas. More recently, Deirdre N McCloskeys The Rhetoric of Economics (1998) and Robert H Nelsons Economics as Religion (2001) both argued that mathematics in economic theory serves, in McCloskeys words, primarily to deliver the message Look at how very scientific I am. . . .

Romer believes that fellow economists know the truth about their discipline, but dont want to admit it. If you get people to lower their shield, theyll tell you its a big game theyre playing, he told me. Theyll say: Paul, you may be right, but this makes us look really bad, and its going to make it hard for us to recruit young people.

There was then this in The Wall Street Journal a couple of days ago: The Great Economics Debate. Here is the bit before the paywall.

Friedrich Hayek and John Maynard Keynes worked at a time when the study of economics was concerned with society and its values. Richard Vedder reviews Hayek vs Keynes by Thomas Hoerber. By Richard Vedder

Today economics is a fundamentally quantitative pursuit, dominated by abstract mathematics and complex modeling, largely removed from the realities of human interaction. But it was not always thus. Economic theory . . .

You can undoubtedly guess the rest. Meanwhile, here at RMIT, Imad Moosa, one of...


In which the pond celebrates the arrival of the weekend with a food and drink edition ... loon pond

There's a reason that the onion muncher remains top of the pond page, unchallenged and incapable of defeat ...

Heck there's more than one reason ... the pond has done photo-montages of the onion muncher before, featuring onions or pineapples or bananas, but this represents a singular failure to do the most important montage of all ... Tony Abbott admits missing key vote in Parliament because he was drunk and passed out ...

Orders please ...

Now let the celebrations begin ...


Documents Where s 44 Privacy Act Powers Exercised Requests or responses matching your saved search

Our reference: FOIREQ17/00050   Dear Ms Pane   Please find attached the decision and documents in response to your FOI request of 31 July 2017...


Marriage Equality Campaign Battlegrounds The AIM Network

The marriage equality yes and no camps are establishing their campaign narratives. If the yes campaign is to win, its important that they understand what the no camp is doing, and fight back against their strategy at every opportunity. No political campaign can offer everything to everyone, so messaging must be targeted towards specific groups

The post Marriage Equality Campaign Battlegrounds appeared first on The AIM Network.


in which the pond checks out a herpetarium in turmoil and a Paterson in the wrong part of town ... loon pond

Forget the tea leaves, the chicken's entrails, the runes, the Tarot cards or any of the other fortune-telling devices that were a proud part of the pond's family traditions... (oh the superstitious peasant German grandma could read tea leaves at the bottom of any cup).

All the barrels of the majestic dreadnought have been turned on Comrade Bill ... and sssh, don't ask how many lawyers and think tank bludgers there are in the coalition ...

Meanwhile, tucked down the page, the cawing Crowe reports on the government moving full-steam ahead ...

That shuffle isn't the only thing in limbo, which is why the reptiles have got the fear ...

Now sadly the pond can't cover all the things that worry and torture the reptiles each day ...

There's the High Court matter which has seen them all limbo down ...


Pissheads at the RBA Catallaxy Files

Now Im not a big of the RBA Id outsource most of it and shut down the rest but some stories are a tad over the top.

TAXPAYERS have been slugged a $166,000 booze bill over the last three years racked up by bankers at the Reserve Bank of Australia the organisation in charge of the countrys fiscal responsibility.

First things first the RBA is not in charge of the countrys fiscal responsibility. Nobody is doing that important job. In theory, however, that function should be performed by the Department of Finance.

But what of the notion that we have a whole bunch of inebriated public servants in Sydney living it up on the public credit card?

I would have thought that any large organisation that run conferences and seminars and meetings and so on across the year and has visiting international speakers and so on would be expected to spend some money on alcohol. Throw in a strategic retreat and a Christmas party and add that up over three years and youre going to see a largish bill. That is what we see here.

On the other hand, the $761 spent on XXXX Gold stubbies does need to be investigated and probably refunded.


The Ultimate Job The AIM Network

By Kyran ODwyer Imagine this. A job with an entry level salary of about $200k that requires no qualification or previous experience. There is no dress code, no KPIs, no oversight. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Its not like those on Newstart. For about $16k income, they have to observe standards far in excess of the

The post The Ultimate Job appeared first on The AIM Network.


Open letter to Eric Abetz, praising his efforts exposing GetUp's links to USSR Independent Australia

Open letter to Eric Abetz, praising his efforts exposing GetUp's links to USSRDON'T PANIC! Eric Abetz has now got those Cold War spies at GetUp! in his sights, so everything's going to be fine. read now...


Cross Post: Dan Sanchez Why David Hume Defended the Rights of Seditious Bigots Catallaxy Files

Some cant imagine a downside to punching Nazis, or otherwise obstructing their spewing of hate. How could the world not be a happier and sunnier place after the forcible removal of such a spiritual pollutant? In the face of such an obvious potential pragmatic benefit to society, isnt concern for the rights of Nazis so much fussy, abstract philosophizing?

David Hume shed some light on this problem, explaining way back in 1738 the pragmatic utility and public interest in granting even a seditious bigot his rights.

The Case of the Robbed Nazi

In his Treatise on Human Nature Hume wrote:

A single act of justice is frequently contrary to public interest; and were it to stand alone, without being followed by other acts, may, in itself, be very prejudicial to society. When a man of merit, of a beneficent disposition, restores a great fortune to a miser, or a seditious bigot, he has acted justly and laudably; but the public is the real sufferer.

Many would consider seditious bigot a perfectly apt term for the Nazis and white supremacists now seizing public attention. Lets say, following Humes hypothetical, a Nazi, who had grown rich through honest business, had been robbed of a great fortune: lets say a collection of antique German coins. Then, a person of a beneficent disposition who believes in the human rights of all (in other words, someone who is quite the opposite of a Nazi) somehow came into possession of the pilfered coins, and returned the fortune to the seditious Nazi bigot.

This, according to a strict application of property rights, would, as Hume put it, be a single act of justice. The Nazis fortune was his property by right, so restoring that property was indeed a single act of justice.

But what will the Nazi do with his restored fortune? What if he uses it to finance web sites and Twitter bots broadcasting hate throughout the Internet? Clearly, in that case, the public is the real sufferer as Hume put it.

The human rights champion who returned the fortune might even personally suffer. Maybe he individually, or a group in which he is a member, will be one of the targets of the Nazis campaign of hate. By striving to act with strict integrity, he may have hurt his own interests. As Hume wrote:

Nor is every single act of justice, considered apart, more conducive to private interest than to public; and it is easily conceived how a man may impoverish himself by a single instance of integrity, and have reason to wish that, with regard to that single act, the laws of justice were for a moment suspended in the universe.

Now, take the above thought experiment, but replace one matter of rights with another. Instead of the Nazis ownership right over external property, consider his right of self-ownership, which includes his right of free speech.

Lets say that this ri...


Places to go, people to be No Right Turn

Nothing from me today - I'm off to the South Island for Phoenix, Christchurch's annual larp convention.

Normal bloggage will resume Monday or Tuesday.


10 More Rhetorical Questions Catallaxy Files

About 2 years ago, Spartacus posited 10 rhetorical questions.  Here are 10 more.

  1. For a parliament full of lawyers, including a Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition, why is the rule of law (especially the constitution), treated as the guidance of law or the best wishes of law?
  2. What are and where are green jobs?
  3. If a company director is personally liable for the malfeasance of the company they direct, why is a minister not personally liable for the malfeasance of the department they direct?  Or similarly, why is a local councilor not personally liable for the malfeasance of the council they direct?
  4. If paying peanuts to politicians attracts monkeys, what are we paying to attract the clowns currently in parliaments?
  5. Why is the quality of a government measured on how much is spend on schools, roads and hospitals rather than actual education levels, quality of roads and health of the citizenry?
  6. What does it mean to give a Gonski?
  7. If the CBA is in trouble for allegations of breaching Anti-Money Laundering laws, what about the RBA, where a subsidiary allegedly approved bribes for a Nigerian official?  Reference Securency.
  8. No matter how bad a market based solution is, why is it always assumed that a government based solution will be better?
  9. If Australias carbon emissions are irrelevant by world standards, why does Australia seek to be the world leader in carbon emissions abatement?
  10. Can Gillian Triggs just go away?

Follow I Am Spartacus on Twitter at @Ey_am_Spartacus


In which the pond does its regular TGIF tipple with Sharri (please, no lemonade in the beer, just a twist of lemon) ... loon pond

Is there any better way to start a TGIF than with a Pope, with more papal encyclicals here?

Well for some time now the pond has cultivated a TGIF taste for Tabloid Sharri, a proven hit with elderly gentleman readers still angry and in mourning over the loss of page three features in tabloid land ...

Sharri is an expert barometer, a sure guide to the frigid cold, the tumescent humidity, and all the other weather events that afflict any Liberal who dares to shows signs of humanity.

This day it's gorgeous George who's been sent to the outdoor dunny to use the tree killer Terror for toilet paper and to repent his many sins ...

Poor George. There was a time when everyone in Murdochian la la land was heiling him ...



George Christensen and the heights of halal hysteria Independent Australia

George Christensen and the heights of halal hysteriaThe most disconcerting aspect of George Christensens anti-halal campaign is that even he doesn't believe it funds terrorism. read now...


Fate of politicians referred to the High Court over the citizenship saga will not be known until at least mid-October. North Coast Voices

It appears that on Day One before the High Court of Australia there is to be no united defence by those sitting politicians defending their election as members of parliament and stories appear to be changing.

ABC News, 24 August 2017:

The fate of politicians referred to the High Court over the citizenship saga will not be known until at least mid-October.

The court held its first hearings on the cases in Brisbane today, and Chief Justice Susan Kiefel has ordered the matter be heard in Canberra on October 10-12.

It is not clear yet how long it could take the court to decide on the case and announce its decision on the five cases currently before it those of Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, former Nationals Minister Matt Canavan, One Nation's Malcolm Roberts and former Greens senators Larissa Waters and Scott Ludlam.

Solicitor-general Stephen Donaghue QC, acting for the Commonwealth, had urged the hearings be scheduled in mid-September to ease any concerns about the validity of decisions made by the 45th Parliament.

In another twist, Mr Joyce's political nemesis, Tony Windsor, has been given permission to join the citizenship challenge in the High Court.

Mr Windsor will argue Mr Joyce has breached the constitution, as he was a dual citizen of New Zealand.



Day to Day Politics: Laughably incompetent The AIM Network

I dont know how many pieces I have written on the subject of marriage equality but on Tuesday 23 august 2016 I wrote the following: Over the weekend the subject of marriage equality once again reared its head. Surely enough is enough. If ever a government was laughably incompetent on legislating the will of the

The post Day to Day Politics: Laughably incompetent appeared first on The AIM Network.


Scaling up Australian aid for global medical research "IndyWatch Feed"

There is a strong case for scaling up Australian support for global medical research: research leading to the development of new medical products, such as drugs, vaccines and diagnostic tests, to address health problems predominantly affecting people in the developing world.

This case rests on four points. First, the future of aid will increasingly be about the financing of global public goods, whether to combat climate change, to develop new and improved crop varieties, or to discover new medicines and vaccines. Second, global medical research seems to yield high social returns. Third, Australia has a strong medical research community. Fourth, there has been growing interest within the Australian government on the subject of medical research. Two recent official reviews (the Hollway Review of aid of 2011 and the McKeon Review of medical research of 2013) have both recommended greater action by Australia in this area. The current Liberal-National Coalition government also seems to show a growing interest, the most recent example being the June 2016 announcement of a health security fund, which includes an emphasis on research.

While it is impossible to come up with a definitive target for the volume of Australian funding for global medical research, it is obvious in our view that such funding should be significantly increased. Doubling it would bring it into line with our spending on global agricultural research. The aim of our new report Australian funding of global medical research: how to scale up? is to examine how a significant scaling up of aid for global medical research, such as a doubling, should be managed.

The report argues for a two-pronged approach. First, the current access of global medical researchers to the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is valuable and should be expanded. One of the recommendations of the McKeon Review was that the NHMRC should more fully embrace grant assistance for global health by opening up grants to international researchers (either alone or in partnership with Australian researchers and institutions) and establishing co-funded grants with global philanthropic organisations. Similar access to the Medical Research Future Fund should also be obtained. All of this funding should be counted as Official Development Assistance (ODA).

Second, additional funding for global medical research should be provided by the Australian aid program. This should not be via additional aid funding for the NHMRC. Such funding is largely investigator-driven and discovery-focused, and needs to be complemented by a more strategic and re...


Lofgren introduces resolution urging Vice President and Cabinet to fulfil duties under 25th Amendment North Coast Voices

It was only a matter of time......

Amendment XXV
Section 4.

Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the P...

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Thursday, 24 August


In which the pond has a late snack of savvy Savva ... loon pond

The pond is constantly distracted - there's ZDNet scribbling ACCC should try explaining NBN speeds to grandma ...

Only a bureaucrat would think 'standard plus evening speed' is an informative label.

Wherever the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) keeps its jar of stupid, it needs to lock it up better. Clearly, the seal on the jar had been broken leading up to the announcement on Monday that the consumer regulator had decided to clarify the puzzling broadband labelling situation in Australia by adding yet another layer of confusing labelling.

There's more at the link, but then the pond was distracted by news of a Goth get-together at Camperdown Park, and Honi Soit suddenly remembering the Valhalla in Glebe ...

Well the pond will be at the park in spirit if not the flesh, but dammit, there's Mathias leading with his best Godwin's Law-breaking East German comparison, and there's the savvy Savva talking of Comrade Bill and doing her valiant best to prop up the copper-clad Malware, so a special late afternoon edition of the pond was required, because attention must be paid ...

It's a desperate job, explaining how the copper-clad multi-nodal Malware is the right man for the job, but someone's got to do it, and the savvy Savva always knows the right way to present press releases from the PM's desk ...



The character test: Barnaby Joyce's possible Kiwi citizenship loophole Independent Australia

The character test: Barnaby Joyce's possible Kiwi citizenship loopholeWith the High Court having met today to set hearings for several 'dual citizen' MPs, Romesh Wijeyeratne suggests a possible escape route for Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce. read now...


Last Post on an Origami Government The AIM Network

The object of origami is to take a piece of paper and with dexterous folding, you produce a facsimile of a real-life object. Of course, the folding of paper gives an angular abstract of the desired image, but that is good enough, as the imagination does the rest. Such also is the dream of LNP/IPA

The post Last Post on an Origami Government appeared first on The AIM Network.


Guest Post: Terry Barnes Im a baby boomer, and I like a drink. So there Catallaxy Files

Oh dear, nanny state researchers are out and about again, finding fresh angles to demonise those of us who enjoy a wee drinkie, a bit of a puff, or a little weed (and not a Little Weed of the Flowerpot Men type)*.

On Wednesdaythe ABC breathlessly reported a new study, published in the British Medical Journal, that finds in the UK and Australia, binge drinking is on the decline among all age groups except those over the age of 40. And of course, it was a natural for that forum of lefty zeitgeist, ABC News.

It seems we baby boomers and the generation Xers who want to be like us are more likely to drink more heavily, smoke more and addle our brain with licit and illicit drugs. The habits of misspent youths in the late sixties and seventies stay with us and die hard, it seems.

Of course, the rent-a-quote public health Pooh-Bahs jumped on the study to cry that more must be done to clamp down on elder self-abuse.

When it came to alcohol, the drug of choice of the boomer generation, the media message of the study leaders was that governments must clamp down on risky drinking by older fellas and gals defined as more than 14 units of alcohol a week, or two units per day.

In the UK, a unit is defined as 10 millilitres of pure alcohol. In Australia, one unit equates to a standard drink. So two standard drinks a day is OK, three is binge drinking. On that measure, more than two glasses of chateau cardboard at a sitting is bingeing, though drinking Grange with lobster might also be an indicator of impaired judgment.

Naturally, the experts lining up to comment on these findings said more must be done to combat alcohol and other drug abuse in the over-forties. Naturally, they said more fundings needed to protect Australian oldies from themselves.

Of course, they did. And what characteristic drivel.

Lets be honest, which is a damn sight more than these taxpayer-funded researchers are being in sensationalising their findings. What generation is the healthiest in history, the fittest in history, and will become the longest-lived in history? Thats right, baby boomers. We boomers have survived and thrived because weve been smart enough to make informed choices about what we do, look after our bodies and our minds, and be less likely to trouble the scorers when it comes to demands on our healthcare services until the very last stages of life.

Educated boomers know how to drink in moderation, consume tobacco and recreational drugs in moderation, and generally not be an intoxicated nuisance to themselves and others. If boomers are prone to genuinely excessive drinking, its likely because its hereditary: their kids drive them to it.

As usual, however, the approach of the public health Pooh-Bahs is to urge yet more prohibition and abstinenc...


Mapping the Worlds Most Liveable Cities "IndyWatch Feed"

If you want to move to one of the worlds most liveable cities, pack your bags and book flights to Australia or Canada

Infographic: The World's Most Liveable Cities | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

As Statistas Niall McCarthy notes, The Economist assessed 140 major cities worldwide on stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure, declaring Melbourne the most liveable city in 2017 for the seventh year running. Australias second most populous city scored 97.5 out of 100. Vienna, the Austrian capital, came second and three Canadian cities rounded off the top five Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary.

Buy Gold at Discounted Prices

As well as those three Canadian cities, a total of three in Australia made the top-10 list (Adelaide and Perth as well as top-placed Melbourne). Interestingly, U.S. cities are notably absent from the top of The Economists list with Auckland, Helsinki and Hamburg all boasting high liveability scores.

The Syrian capital of Damascus was at the very bottom of the ranking with a score of 30.2, along with Lagos in Nigeria (36.0) and Tripoli in Libya (36.6).

Reprinted with permission from Zero Hedge.

The post Mapping the Worlds Most Liveable Cities appeared first on LewRockwell.


In which the bromancer explains everything to the pond ... loon pond

The reptiles attracted attention this day with their photo of Australia fist-pumping away with a psycho killer ...

The reptiles so liked the image that they made it a feature of their digital edition too ...

It seemed vaguely disturbing, bopping along with a thuggish sociopath, and Warner had the eerie look of someone who had just emerged from the corn field celebrated in It's a Good Life ...

The pond has seen many examples of brazen lickspittle, forelock tugging, servile fellow-travelling, but this seemed exceptional ...up there with other examples that litter history ...



Did NXT's Sharkie withdraw support for Turnbull? No, just another media fail Independent Australia

Did NXT's Sharkie withdraw support for Turnbull? No, just another media failReports last week NXT MP Rekekha Sharkie had withdrawn support for the Government were just another case of mainstream media fail. read now...


The Rise of the Killer Robot The AIM Network

As companies building the technologies in artificial intelligence and robotics that may be repurposed to develop autonomous weapons, we feel especially responsible in raising this alarm. (Open Letter to the UN on Autonomous technology, August 2017). Do you leave the gruesome task of killing, pulverising and maiming to robots? The US Defence Department gave a

The post The Rise of the Killer Robot appeared first on The AIM Network.


Guest Post: Peter OBrien The Female of the Species Catallaxy Files

What species am I talking about?  Well, the Left Wing Activist.   At the risk of being labelled a sexist, would I be drawing too long a bow to suggest that, when it comes to sheer bare-faced effrontery, the female LWA has it all over male?  By which I mean the ability to defend a position long after the evidence against it has reached Olympian proportions and to never apologize for anything.

Three examples come to mind.

Let me start with our erstwhile first female Prime Minister.  Ive no doubt readers can think of their own favourite instances of Gillards total command of victimology but, for me, the one that stands out is the infamous AWU Workplace Reform Association scam.  Gillard was in this up to her neck, unknowingly she claims and, for the purposes of this essay lets give her the benefit of the doubt and accept her claim.  What is undisputed however, or at least unexplained, is why Gillard, having become aware that there was something very dodgy about the AWU Workplace Reform Association, broke off with her paramour but failed to alert her real client, the AWU, of her suspicions or even to come forward once the scam was made public to offer what assistance she could.   What is even more to the point is that she has never once not once evinced the slightest remorse or regret that her ill-judged actions contributed to a serious crime.

Sarah (accidents happen) Hanson-Young.  What more needs to be said?

Which brings me to Gillian Triggs, who could probably capture best in show.  Her capacity to double down in the face of overwhelming evidence that she politicized her role, misled the Senate on a number of occasions and propagated false propaganda about detention camps, puts her in a class of her own.

She claimed that her decision to delay her enquiry into children in detention was occasioned by the imminence of a Federal election.  In fact, Gillard advised in March that an election would be held in August six months hence.  There was no formal election campaign at the time Triggs made her decision and even if there was, why should that prevent her from commencing her inquiry other than that it might prove embarrassing for the government?  That would provide an advantage to one side of politics and, at the same time, a disadvantage to the other.

In her recent speech at the ANU, Triggs, according to The Australian:

warned that truth was being increasingly manipulated by political forces, as in George Orwells novel 1984.

Her effrontery in recruiting George Orwell to her campaign is as breathtaking as it is ironic..

She also:

..also identified what she said was an extraordinary and unprecedented growth in executive decision making, saying this was contrary to the principle of the separation of powers.

If Triggs thinks it is OK to delay what she conside...


Last Post on an Origami Government. freef'all852

The object of origami is to take a piece of paper and with dexterous folding, you produce a facsimile of a real-life object. Of course, the folding of paper gives an angular abstract of the desired image, but that is good enough, the imagination does the rest. Such also is the dream of LNP / IPA. society.

Planning, Costing, Promoting and Selling of such a phony dream also has that angular-edge appearance of origami..and you have to ask..;Is it real.or are these sharp, flat lines of Agile Politics a sculptors fantasy? Like a child in anticipation, with all the anticipatory hand gestures of the impatient to get a touch of the object, Malcolm Turnbull draws pictorial images of what HE imagines the finished product will look likeand not having competent command of those Aussie vernacular words adequate for even the most simplistic description, he stutters, stumbles and finishes with the fumbling tongue smacking of :Look..lookits like this Like a child reallylike a little child.

Of course, his dream of Corporate Democracy, like his Origami Government is nothing more than that old nightmare of Fascism. The angular creases in the plan being the lines in the sand where shit happensshit like Union decapitation..democratic protest debasedsocial media curtailed and the social welfare net ripped to shreds! In a democracy guided by bottom-line considerations, any emotive considerations for retaining loyal employment will not be considered, blind obedience to profit consideration will reign and as in the land of the blind, the one-eyed (in every sense of the word!) entrepreneur and speculator will be king.

Consider the personality type of our new rulers..; Disciplined, methodical, tough-love, tougher-hate and control. all the best characteristics of the budding tyrantand a tyrants dynastic reign. There are numerous contemporary examples.

But I blame history..or rather ; a lack of understanding of it. Because the positioning of this govt and its lay-down misere political business plan is the standard blueprint of many authoritarian govts as shown throughout history.

I have to agree this time with Machiavelli in his Discourses of Titus Livius..when he describes :

when I see, on the other hand, the works of greatest virtu which Historians indicate have been accomplished by ancient Kingdoms and Republics, by Kings, Captains, Citizens, Lawgivers, and others who have worked themselves hard for their country, to be more readily admired than imitated, or rather so much neglected by everyone in every respect that no sign of that ancient virtu remains, I cannot otherwise than wonder and at the same time be sad: and so much more when I see in the civil differences that arise between Citizens, or in th...


Guest Post: Warty Gas Light 1940 Catallaxy Files

Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. George Orwell.

If you think Im about to write a review on the 1940 film Gas Light, directed by Thorould Dickinson, starring Anton Walbrook and Diana Wynyard,  then Ive managed to confuse you, as the article is more about gaslighting, or as Trump calls it, fake news.

Actually the intention is not to confuse you at all, as there is a link. Gaslighting is an authentic clinical term derived from the film, in which Paul (played by Anton) attempts to cause his newly wed wife Bella (Diana) to think she is going mad. The subterfuge is part of his plan to track down some the jewels hidden by a murdered former wife, and the gas light he uses to try and find them. For some strange reason, whenever he lights the lamp, the other lamps in the house dim, which along with the mysterious upstairs noises (in truth, Paul moving around trying to find the jewels) all contribute to Bella doubting her sanity, compounded by the husband insisting she is imagining things.

The clinical term is more a description of the process and effect of a form of psychological bombardment designed to deliberately lead the subject to believe he or she is going mad, which is why the term has recently been extended to encompass the machination of the MSM, which Trump less euphemistically called fake news.

Id only cottoned onto gaslighting a week or two ago (being rather slow on the uptake) realising how much more effective the term was in describing what has been going on in the MSM campaign against Trump; but also, by extension, to media coverage (or the lack) of a number of different events here in Australia, some of it constituting straight out disinformation.

Take the Pauline Hansson burka stunt in the senate at the end of last week. Senator Brandis saw what she did as insulting to Australian Muslims, and ultimately endangering us. Senator Hanson Young, who ironically wasnt there at the time, came out even more strongly, leading Andrew Bolt and Paul Murray of Sky News to suggest she was trying to get political mileage out of an already fraught situation.

Of course our impartial ABC wanted a bit of the action, so the ABC Sunshine Coast Jon Coghill interviewed Haset Sali, former President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Societies, in the hope of getting a damning Muslim perspective on Pauline wearing her little black burka in the Senate chamber. Instead quite the opposite happened, in that he confirmed that the Quran does not in any way require women to cover their faces. But he went a lot, lot further: he clearly stated the sooner Muslim women get rid of this hideous garb the better. Here was a golden opportunity for the ABC to throw Pauline Hansons own accusation back in her face that the ABC was highly biased. Instead the interview was disappeared: it never went to a...


I Still Call Venestralia Home Catallaxy Files

Sing and cry with me ..

I been to cities where economics fall down.
From Darwin to Adelaide and Old Hobart Town.
But no matter how far or how wide I roam.
I still call Venestralia home

Im taxed too much and once I was free.
The government we have is a big comedy.
But my heart lies waiting over the foam
I still call Venestralia home

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23.9 Percent Catallaxy Files

23.9 Percent.  Very specific number.  Ring any bells for anyone?

Well apparently, in his Sydney Institute speech yesterday, Senator the Hon Mathias Cormann, Minister for Finance and Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate, said:

We wont allow our tax revenue to rise any higher than 23.9 per cent of our economy over the next ten years.

Impressive commitment, especially from a member of a coalition unlikely to be in government for a significant number of years beyond year 2 of this 10.

But still, the precision.  Not 24 percent.  Not even 23.5 percent.  23.9 percent.  It is impressive to be so specific and strick.  Much like the number pi, it carries a magic to it.

Shall it be one of the governments 10 commandments amongst:

  • I, Turnbull shall be your Prime Minister.
  • You shall have no other Prime Ministers before me.

Apart from the 10 year measurement period and the lack of definition of our economy, Spartacus is truly confident that this country is on the right economic track.

As a guide though, perhaps Senator Cormann actually have a look at the budget he co-delivered, oh, less than 3 months ago.  The same budget that projects government receipts as a proportion of GDP hitting 24.4% in FY19, 25.1% in FY20 and 25.4% in FY21.

Amazing that this is claimed to be the party of fiscal responsibility.

PS. Also from Senator Cormanns Sydney Institute speech, herewith is the Governments economic plan.  Dont laugh too hard.


The Government is committed to growing the economy and helping to fund the services Australians rely on now and into the future. To do this, our economic plan puts in place incentives to reward success by:

  • Committing not to increase the overall tax burden in the economy beyond 23.9 per cent of GDP;
  • Having an economic-growth friendly tax system;
  • Pursuing an ambitious free trade agenda to give our exporting businesses better access to key markets around the world and our consumers access to the best possible products and services at the most competitive prices.
  • Investing in productivity enhancing economic infrastructure to help secure our future...


Changing their minds No Right Turn

Back in February, the Greens decided not to run in Ohariu, in a cowardly effort to help jackbooted fascist Greg O'Connor win the seat for Labour. Last night, they changed their minds:

The Green Party has dealt an unexpected blow to Labour's chances of winning the hotly contested Wellington seat of Ohariu by deciding at the 11th hour to stand a candidate.

Tane Woodley was the surprise revelation at an Ohariu candidates meeting in the suburb of Khandallah on Wednesday night - revealing to the crowd that he was entering the race following the shock departure of 33-year incumbent Peter Dunne.

Woodley planned to campaign solely for the party vote. But the decision is likely to benefit National's Ohariu candidate Brett Hudson, as it could split the vote on the left and dent the lead in the polls enjoyed by Labour's Greg O'Connor.

Good. Because O'Connor is a nasty little authoritarian and not the sort of person I want to see in Parliament. The Greens aren't standing to defeat him, of course - they want the extra party votes a visible candidate would bring. But if it has that effect, it would be a bonus, and providing left voters a chance to object to an armed police force is not a bad thing at all.

As for Labour voters upset at the Greens spoiling their chances, tough shit. Peter Dunne's departure means the Greens now have no reason to stand aside, while recent polling means they need every vote they can get. Labour should do what's good for Labour, and the Greens will do what's good for the Greens.


Anatomy of a Coup Redux: Americas Chickens Come Home to Roost The AIM Network

Will Donald Trump be assassinated, ousted in a coup, or just impeached?  The Spectator When was the last time an actor assassinated a president? Its been a while, and I think its time  Johnny Depp Ive thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House  Madonna I hope Trump is assassinated  Missouri State Sen.

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Liberal, Green and ALP politicians conspire to destroy the economy Catallaxy Files

Yesterday, Malcolm Turnbull, unveiling the plans by Pratt for new investment in containers said, You know everything my government does is designed to encourage Australian businesses to invest.   The absurdity of this was underlined by Anthony Pratt informing us, Our cost of energy in America is 2 times lower than Australia.

One fifth the costs of the Pratt businesss production is energy and the facility is only possible by providing subsidies to the in-house production of this.  Here is how our political leaders tell us that we now build wealth: tax energy consumers and re-allocate the funds only to the most expensive energy sources.

Like a saboteur chastising the owners of the facility he has destroyed, the PM is said to be going to eyeball the energy companies over bills.  He will doubtless say, how can it be true that prices are rising so savagely when Finkel, assorted blood-sucking subsidy-farmers and I myself say we have fabulous renewable resources and are seeking to incentivise more of them with the outcome being cheaper prices?

Yesterday also saw yet another paragon or rationality, the imbecilic Victorian Premier, announced more subsidies for price-busting renewables, Mr Andrews said his plan would bring $1.3 billion in investment and 1250 construction jobs. That is more spending to generate higher costs.  The doubling of energy prices that such existing measures have already caused is pigeonholed with the pretence that this is nothing to do with wind.

Untouched by economic reality, here are the fantasy figures that the Victorian government is claiming as the outcome

Naturally, environment groups said the new Victorian measures would turbocharge the growing sector with the Andrews Government measures bringing an increase in windmills from about 600 to more than 2300.  This will also require unnecessary new spending on transmission within the state like filling and re-digging holes, this too will doubtless be...


Pauline Hanson's burqa ban stunt: The historical context Independent Australia

Pauline Hanson's burqa ban stunt: The historical contextBanning dress deemed oppressive, offensive and generally against the run of fair play in a societys rhythm is far from new. read now...


In which the pond has a light breakfast with Donners and the IPA, thanks to the lizards of Oz ... loon pond

Where would the pond be without the Terrorists? It's impossible to imagine.

Speaking of imagination, the pond was recently browsing the local throwaway Murdochian rag, the Inner West Courier and came across a letter from one D Johnston of Enmore, railing against "evangelical atheism" and crediting it to the greenies because - and this is where the sharp Alexander Pope wit entered the picture - "they are the watermelon party - green on the outside but Red inside - whose leaders are nostalgic for communism, which turned churches into tractor factories."

Strange, the pond thought the filthy Commie swine turned churches into henhouses and pigsties ...

(Terri Favro - Sputnik's Children, easily googled for more information)

Never mind, D Johnston of Enmore finished off with "Christians believe in humanism that, although faulted, we and this Earth are the centre of the universe. Nothing else in all the universes is as wonderful as the human imagination."

The pond's first thought was what a complete and colossal lack of imagination. 

Wasn't She Herself and Her ineluctable mysteries, such as transgendered transubstantiation, supposed to be beyond the humble human imagination? Was there nothing out there more wonderful than the human imagination, which seemed to involve a bunch of blondes?

The pond's second thought was that perhaps D Johnston was actually a covert evangelical atheist taking the mickey, and mocking She believers by elevating the human imagination above the Xian and other deities ..


Day to Day Politics: Time to take Shorten seriously. The AIM Network

Thursday 24 August 2017 Bill Shortens timing is impeccable. Fancy turning up on Q&A last Monday after two disastrous weeks for Malcolm Turnbull. And on a day when Newspoll put Labor 8 percentage points in front of the Coalition. However it happened I would suggest that its time to take him seriously. The difference in

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Short changed: the cost of child undernutrition in Papua New Guinea "IndyWatch Feed"

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is facing a nutrition crisis. Alarmingly, almost one in two children in PNG have stunted growth from chronic malnutrition.[i] PNG has the fourth highest child stunting rate in the world a rate that is more than double the global average.

Not only does malnutrition pose a threat to the survival and development of children in PNG, it also poses a major threat to sustainable economic growth. Evidence shows that if a child is malnourished during the first 1000-day period from conception to their second birthday, they will suffer cognitive and physical impairments that are permanent and irreversible. These impairments limit a childs education and employment prospects. Reduced individual earnings translate into reduced economic productivity at the national level. This is how malnutrition can trap children in an intergenerational cycle of poverty.

image: Save the Children AustraliaNot only does undernutrition rob children of their growth and earning potential, it also threatens their very survival. According to national data in PNG, approximately 33% of all hospital deaths of children under five are either directly or indirectly caused by malnutrition. However, in a new report commissioned by Save the Children, Frontier Economics estimates that malnutrition could be the underlying cause of up to 76% of total deaths of children under five across community and health facilities combined[ii] a figure significantly higher than the global estimate of deaths of children under five associated with malnutrition at 45%. Evidence als...


Australian Politics: when is a welfare program trial not a trial? North Coast Voices

When is a welfare program trial no longer a trial? When the Turnbull Government decides to remove those restriction which made it a trial.

This Bill removes section 124PF of the Social Security (Administration) Act 1999, which specifies that the cashless debit card trial will occur in up to three discrete locations, include no more than 10,000 people, and will end on 30 June 2018. Removing this section will support the extension of arrangements in current sites, and enable the expansion of the cashless debit card to further sites. Individual sites, once identified, will be determined by disallowable legislative instruments. [Explanatory Memorandum, Social Services Legislation Amendment (Cashless Debit Card) Bill 2017

What the federal government proposes to implement is in practice an open-ended cashless debit card roll-out at the discretion of Minister for Human Services and Liberal MP for Aston, Alan Tudge


Human rights implications
The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights conducted a review of the Social Security Legislation Amendment (Debit Card Trial) Bill 2015, which notes that the Cashless Debit Card engages and limits three human rights: the right to social security, the right to a private life and the right to equality and non-discrimination. [Ibid, p. 6]

See Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights, ...

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Documents Where s 44 Privacy Act Powers Exercised Requests or responses matching your saved search

Follow up sent to Office of the Australian Information Commissioner by Verity Pane on August 14, 2017.
Thank you for your acknowledgement of this FOI within the 14 day acknowledgement period required. As I have consented to the redaction of the pers...


Documents Where s 44 Privacy Act Powers Exercised Requests or responses matching your saved search

Our reference: FOIREQ17/00050   Dear Ms Pane   Freedom of Information request   I refer to your request for access to documents, made under...

Wednesday, 09 August


Documents Where s 44 Privacy Act Powers Exercised Requests or responses matching your saved search

Follow up sent to Office of the Australian Information Commissioner by Verity Pane on August 09, 2017.
I wish to remind the Australian Information Commissioner that one of the primary regulatory policy positions approved by him, in the OAIC's regulato...

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