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Tuesday, 21 November


No place for anti-China thoughts, Chinese students taught to snitch Stop Foreign Ownership in Australia

Chinese students taught to snitch on politically incorrect lecturers

The war being waged by Chinese international students against politically incorrect lecturers in Australia hasnt emerged out of the blue. It has flowed out from Chinas increasingly regimented education system.

It has come from a cohesive approach pursued over the past five years by the Chinese Communist Party authorities which have severely audited universities to ensure their ideological orthodoxy, with a strong stress on Marxism and Xi Jinping thought.

The President has warned academics: You cant eat from the rice bowl we provide, then break it.

This message has got through loud and clear, including to ambitious and right thinking students.

In the West and within China, students are informing authorities about professors and lecturers, especially in the social sciences and in cultural studies, who express improper opinions in class.

Jiajia Li, a filmmaker based in Guangzhou, wrote in The South China Morning Post that this year in China scores of professors have been sacked as a result of their online views.

Rana Mitter, director of the China Centre at Oxford University, said research in political science and sociology in China has become much harder since 2012.

The space for free writing and thinking seems to be disappearing, he said.

He added: I suspect I speak for most academics when I say that China really ought to be at the cutting edge of scholarship on its own politics can you imagine people arguing that the best scholarship on American politics came out of France or Germany?

A lecturer in Beijing told The Australian that surveillance was constant in China: We are all anxious. We dont dare to speak the full truth to students in class.

You can never tell which of them will inform on you to the authorities.

The authorities recently forced Beijing Normal University to sack associate professor Shi Jiepeng, 45, for expressing politically incorrect views in online blogs that were published under a pseudonym.

The university cited Professor Shis defaming patriotic education, advocating colonial slavery, supporting the splitting of the country, criticising China as a dictatorship while claiming the West is free and democratic, defaming the Chinese army by claiming it is imperial and militarist, and slandering Chinese heroes including chairman Mao Zedong.

Professor Shi, whose books include The Merciless World, had written: If you want to learn about the world, you can study geography. If you want to learn about a country, study its history. Patriotic education is nonsense, because you only need to live as a citizen to be a patriot.

A state newspaper in Chinas northeast sent undercover reporters to universities in Liaoning province after receiving a letter from a student complaining of hearing ...


Undermining democracy in Qld: Broken promises and political favours for donors Independent Australia

Undermining democracy in Qld: Broken promises and political favours for donorsThe Queensland Premier went back on her promise to hold an inquiry into political favours for donation was this, like the Adani veto, something to do with her partner, Shaun Drabsch? read now...


Media must ask LNP: Do you intend to allow the Manus refugees to die? The AIM Network

Since the days of the Tampa, seventeen years ago,  Ive heard it said repeatedly that Australians dont care about what happens to asylum seekers and refugees who arrived here by boat, perfectly legitimately, seeking only sanctuary. Obviously after seventeen years, during which the treatment of boat arrivals has only gone downhill, I must finally accept

The post Media must ask LNP: Do you intend to allow the Manus refugees to die? appeared first on The AIM Network.


Media must ask LNP: Do you intend to allow the Manus refugees to die? No Place For Sheep

  Since the days of the Tampa, seventeen years ago,  Ive heard it said repeatedly that Australians dont care about what happens to asylum seekers and refugees who arrived here by boat, perfectly legitimately, seeking only sanctuary. Obviously after seventeen years, during which the treatment of boat arrivals has only gone downhill, I must finally []


In which the pond comes out swinging wildly at Terrorists and Caterists ... loon pond

This is an EXCLUSIVE - cry baby Hastie pastie calls up because he can't stand the heat in the kitchen after he lit the fire ...

Of course the reptiles and therefore the pond know the likely culprits ... snobby greenies ...

After Northcote, the pond wondered how long it would be before the reptiles discovered another EXCLUSIVE of the 'greenies are terrible people terribly up themselves' kind...

Perversely the pond was reminded of a recent quote it came across ...

Now ironies of ironies that was in the lizard of Oz - it can be googled by using key words - and reverting to the original online posting, Amis seems to have done a bit of a clean-up or enhancement, because here was a different form of it at The Independent back in 2007...


The National Security Editor at The Oz speaks out Catallaxy Files

There are times when I think the media are inhabited by clueless clowns and then there are times when I think things are even worse. This is written by the person The Australian has designated as its National Security Editor: Tony Abbotts vacillations leave him at risk of permanent irrelevance. I realise the difficulties of a cabinet government, in which his cabinet contained Malcolm, Julie and Christopher, and the intractability of a hostile Senate, which made impossible passing some of the things the Libs wished to do, are beyond the comprehension of some people, but here we are.

Having presided over the most brutal emasculation of the Westminster system since Federation, Tony Abbott is now busy singing the praises of Western civilisation. . . .

It was Abbott, who along with other conservative MPs, foisted the same-sex marriage plebiscite on this country. Plebiscites are grimy, divisive affairs, beloved by tyrants as a means of mobilising one group in society against another. They are kryptonite to a Westminster democracy, which holds the parliament as the supreme source of moral authority. . . .

Wasnt it Abbott who fought to the wire for the right of priests and celebrants to refuse to solemnise gay marriages? Indeed it was. But where was Abbott when Pauline Hanson walked into the Senate chamber in a full length burqa? . . .

As for free speech, the sine qua non of all democratic life, Abbotts record is none too flash. He flirted with the idea of banning Hizb ut Tahrir, a militant Islamic group whose anti-Western bluster is offensive, but otherwise harmless. . . .

He has since called for the entire abolition of the Human Rights Commission, a consequence-free act of political posturing that does nothing to remove one of the countrys most illiberal laws, one his government left encoded in our statutes.

Etc, etc. Ill pick a couple from the comments. If there was one that supported what he wrote I completely missed it.

An amazing blend of Abbott hatred, SSM enthusiasm and a wilful blindness to the dangers posed to western society by the likes of Hizb ut Tahrir. Gee I am glad you write about security and do not have the job of maintaining it.

I for one support Tony in this. Christianity is a core element of the Western tradition, not Islam. Islam is in fact against the Western tradition in many of its practices. How can the author be so selective in this aspect. It is an Abbott bashing exercise first and foremost and expects us to overlook the disingenuous and fallacious arguments that he cobbles together in a lame attempt to convince the reader that this is more than just a hate-filled diatribe against TA.

Buying the OZ is li...


November 2017 (#231) Transparency International Australia

In This Update:

  • TI Members Meeting
  • Recent Submissions to Government
  • Events including the TIA AGM, Sydney

TI Annual Members Meeting (October 2017).

At Transparency Internationals Annual Membership Meeting (AMM) on 15 October, in Berlin, Delia Ferreira Rubio was elected chair and Rueben Lifuka was elected as vice-chair, along with seven new board members.

TI Australias very own AJ Brown, Professor of Public Policy & Law at Australias Griffith University, and Non-Executive Director of TI Australia was elected to the TI Board. Congratulations AJ. Read more about these appointments.

See a message from the new TI Chair, Vice-Chair and Board here.

The AMM was accompanied by a series of TI regional and cross regional meetings: Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Europe. A wonderful opportunity to meet colleagues and discuss work to combat corruption across the TI Movement.

The latest edition of Eye on TI provides an overview of the AMM and associated meetings.



TI Australia has made two submissions to government during October. A submission on the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Amendment Bill 2017.

A submission was also made to the Select Committee Enquiry into the Political Influence of Donations. This provided an opportunity to draw on the recently released research Corruption Risks: Mining Approvals in Australia.

TI Australia Chair, Anthony Whealy QC, appeared as a witness before the Select Committee on the 2 November.

TI Australia submissions can be found on our website:



26-27 October Shanghai, China Anti-Corruption and Compliance Summit.

TI Australia CEO, Serena Lillywhite was a keynote speaker at the China Anti-Corruption and Compliance Conference, speaking on global trends in combating cor...


Canberra and the thumping great Heffalump in the room The AIM Network

By David Ayliffe Shhhhh! Theres a thumping great Heffalump in Federal Parliament and hes making quite a racket. The Heffalump has been around for quite some time ever since this blasted Marriage Equality debate began. Why cant things just stay the same for ever and ever, Amen? Damned Heffalump, just like Pooh and Piglet, courtesy

The post Canberra and the thumping great Heffalump in the room appeared first on The AIM Network.


Queensland election: Labors to lose? Independent Australia

Queensland election: Labors to lose?With the polls tight, One Nation on the rise and an Adani coal mine wild card, this weekend's Queensland election is on a knife-edge, writes Dr Lee Duffield. read now...


The most persecuted people on earth

They have been described as the most persecuted people on earth  and they are now the subjects of the worlds fastest-growing humanitarian crisis.

The Rohingya are  a stateless ethnic minority who live in the Rakhine, an area on the western side of Myanmar. They are the people no-one wants. Although the Rohingya have been present in Myanmar since the 12th century, the government of Myanmar does not recognise them. It argues that the Rohingya were part of the waves of migration from India when both Myanmar and India were under British colonial rule, that this migration was illegal, and that consequently the Rohingya are illegally present foreigners. This has seen their movements restricted, their access to government services denied, their rights under the law unrecognised, and their people brutalised by the military.

In August the military began reprisals after a Rohingya resistance group attacked a police station. Journalists are not permitted to enter the Rakhine, so there is no independent reporting of what occurred. What we do know is that the reprisals were so severe that in the space of just 3 months 615,000 of the million or so Rohingya living in Myanmar have fled. Most have made their way to Bangladesh, trekking through the jungle for days or taking a perilous journey across the Bay of Bengal on a flimsy raft. They arrive with harrowing stories of military personnel burning their houses to the ground, gang-raping girls and women, and shooting people.

The Rohingya who arrive in Bangladesh are mostly living in large makeshift settlements. Infrastructure is grossly inadequate, services are almost non-existent and the Bangladeshi government has made it clear that they will offer only temporary respite. They expect the Rohingya to return to Myanmar.

The only upside to this tragedy is that world attention is being focussed on the Rohingya. Let us hope and pray that change will come..You can also make a donation to one of the aid agencies working to provide support to the Rohingya refugees.  I recommend Baptist World Aid Australia.



The Charles Manson Variety Hour! The AIM Network

Reading the obituaries for Charlie, I cant help but be amused at how they all present a fairly consistent message of the charismatic, cult leader who managed to bend people to his will with his hypnotic eyes. Strange then, that he never managed to get the record deal he craved. Surely he could have just

The post The Charles Manson Variety Hour! appeared first on The AIM Network.


Once upon a time The AIM Network

Resisting the temptation to declare that this current period of so-called governance of the nation reads and performs like the script of a Grimm Brothers fairy tale, we have to admit no screw it! it is like a fairy tale a horrid fantasy where instead of the villains getting their just

The post Once upon a time appeared first on The AIM Network.


Was the NSW Port Authority even aware of Noble Caledonia cruise line's plan to enter the Port of Yamba in 2018? North Coast Voices

On or about 23 October 2017 NSW Minister for Maritime, Roads and Freight Melinda Pavey, along with Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance and Nationals MP for Coffs Harbour Andrew Fraser, jointly announced An investigation into a new International Cruise Ship Terminal for the NSW mid North Coast will start as part of a future transport blueprint, with Coffs Harbour and Yamba identified as potential locations.

So much for the promised investigation before the starter's gun was fired.

On 20 November 2017 ABC North Coast's Facebook page revealed that the cruise ships scheduled visit to Yamba was not confirmed:

A UK-based company is advertising an ocean cruise that includes a stop at Yamba.
The website for Noble Caledonia offers places on an Australian Coastal Odyssey which departs from Thursday Island in October next year.
The 90-metre-long Caledonia Sky will sail for 22 nights down Australia's east coast at a cost of more than $19,000 each for about 100 passengers.
One of the destinations listed is the north coast port of Yamba, but the state's Port Authority says there is no confirmed booking for the ship.


Kevins World! The AIM Network

By Terence Mills Marriage equality campaigners have shown patience, goodwill and perseverance and whilst the first skirmish has been won the parliamentary battle remains; this offering is a look at the lighter side of some of the silliness. Kevin Andrews MP want to introduce changes to the Marriage Act that will allow businesses to discriminate

The post Kevins World! appeared first on The AIM Network.


Kathy Jackson back in front of court to frustrate justice again Independent Australia

Kathy Jackson back in front of court to frustrate justice againFormer 'heroic' whistleblower Kathy Jackson has played the courts again, pushing the criminal hearings against her out into 2019. read now...


In which the pond takes a moment out of usual reptile business to discover the best Malcontent blogger down under ... loon pond

As all the reptiles fall for the Republican three card trick, the oldest form of GOP knavery and distraction delivered down under, the pond would like to pause for a moment, and point out the best left wing blog currently available in this land of wonders.

The pond stumbled on this extreme friend of comrade Bill purely by accident, but this fervent, passionate left-wing blogger knew exactly what to say about Malware's latest sets of obvious tricks ...

Panic, fear, of course ... and that cynical rushing out of promises of tax cuts after a disastrous day at the end of a disastrous year ... panic has set in, will the asbestos lady tell him to go?

Now if the pond hadn't been deeply conservative, these are exactly the sort of rabid extremist left-wing thoughts the pond might have had infiltrating the old noggin' ...

Even the deeply conservative might cultivate extreme fear and loathing of Malware each day they attempt to use his NBN ...

Truth to tell, this left-winger was too extreme for the pond, too repetitious, far too obsessed, much too malcontented about Malware even for the pond ...


Day to Day Politics: Was Jesus Really Born of a Virgin? The AIM Network

Tuesday 21 November 2017 Whilst strictly this post is off the subject of politics it does address the issue of freedom of religion. In this instance I am questioning the validity of the virgin birth. Over the years I have lost a number of Facebook friends because of my rather radical views on Christianity and

The post Day to Day Politics: Was Jesus Really Born of a Virgin? appeared first on The AIM Network.


David Leyonhjelm: Who should we elect to represent us? Catallaxy Files

When the authors of the Australian Constitution were writing the bit about dual citizenship, Im pretty sure they werent thinking about the eligibility of people whose parents were born in Great Britain, Canada or New Zealand, or whose grandparents were born in Ireland. In the late nineteenth century these countries, like Australia, were part of the British Empire.

I am also fairly sure they didnt intend to prevent someone from sitting in the federal parliament because of an accident of birth, such as their parents being overseas at the time of their birth, or because they were eligible for foreign citizenship due to some historic legal quirk in the foreign country about which they had no knowledge.

What they had in mind was to avoid a situation where someone in the federal parliament owed allegiance to a country with which Australia had a significant conflict. You can imagine them contemplating the possibility of being at war with Russia or Germany, for example, and wanting to ensure there was nobody with Russian or German citizenship sitting in parliament and having to make critical decisions about the war.

However, rather than confirm that S44(1) of our Constitution had such a practical meaning, our High Court has instead decided that it must be read literally. That is, nobody can sit in the federal parliament while being eligible for citizenship of another country, irrespective of how that eligibility was acquired or whether it is even known.

This has led to the absurd situation where Members and Senators are now scrambling to establish whether they are disqualified based on vaguely known family history and the laws of other countries, without so much as a whiff of dual allegiance.

Some of the cases are truly bizarre. For example, Senator Stephen Parrys ineligibility was due to his fathers UK citizenship. However, if it had been his mother who had migrated from England, or if his parents had never married, there would be no issue regarding eligibility.

Clearly the High Court has delivered an unwise interpretation. However, there is no way to appeal its decisions; ironically, it might help if we could appeal to the Privy Council in London. So it is up to Parliament and the people to fix it. What we should do is amend the Constitution to restore its original meaning.

This is not a matter of politicians being unable to get their house in order. The problem arises at the nomination stage. At the 2016 election, 1,625 candidates nominated. According to the High Court, every one of them should investigate their family tree up to grandparent level, inquire whether they are eligible for citizenship of another country, and renounce it if the answer is yes.

A candidate whose grandparents were born in Nepal, Italy, Greece and Albania but were also citizens of several other countries, and whose parents were born in Scotland and New Zealand but inherited the citizenships of their pare...


NSW Environmental Defender's Office has served irrigator and Nationals donor Peter Harris a summons demanding he return more than five billion litres of water he is alleged to have illegally taken from the Barwon-Darling River North Coast Voices

The Australian, 14 November 2017:

The NSW Environmental Defenders Office has served irrigator and Nationals donor Peter Harris a summons demanding he return more than five billion litres of water he is alleged to have illegally taken from the Barwon-Darling River.

The incidents of alleged water theft are the subject of ICAC, Ombudsman and Office of Water inquiries, which follow the standing down and resignation of former senior NSW water bureaucrat Gavin Hanlon.

It has also been revealed that NSW Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair benefited Mr Harris, a cotton farmer, and other irrigators by changing the laws to pardon Mr Harris retrospectively for illegal flood works and that Mr Blair lobbied Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton to change the law to justify a decision to give Mr Harris more water trading rights.

In their action in the Land and Environment Court, the plaintiffs demand the return of water, up to the equivalent of the total volume ... (to) occur immediately after the water is extracted from the water source and has passed through metering equipment to measure it, but before it is stored.

Alternatively, the defenders office is seeking orders so that Mr Harris forfeits his entitlement to the equivalent amount of water in future to replenish the river.

The summons was served on Peter James Harris and Jane Maree Harris and the matter is listed for December 8.

The amount of wat...

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Monday, 20 November


Foreign ownership surcharge could turn buyers away, agents warn Stop Foreign Ownership in Australia

Foreign investment surcharge could turn buyers away from South Australia, agents warn

Real estate agents specialising in overseas investors have warned the South Australian Government the way a new levy on foreign investment in residential property is being applied will damage the states reputation as a good place to invest.

Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis last week announced the Government had decided to increase a foreign investor surcharge from 4 per cent to 7 per cent as part of the Governments Budget Measures Bill.

The levy will apply to foreign investor property settlements from January next year.

Other states have introduced similar charges on foreign nationals investing in real estate, but the principal of DG Real Estate in Adelaide Simon Hou said South Australia was the only state imposing the levy from the settlement date rather than the date the contract of sale is signed.

Mr Hou said that means investors who bought a house or unit off the plan more than a year ago would have to pay an unexpected levy of 7 per cent if their property is not built before next year.

Its actually quite unfair and I think this will damage South Australias reputation badly, he said.

Potential investors desert South Australia

Mr Hou said there were hundreds of people who had signed off-the-plan contracts before the levy was announced who were now being forced to pay the extra charge.

He said about 30 per cent of his clients were foreign investors, most of them buying accommodation for their children to live in while they study in Adelaide.

But since the announcement more than 50 potential investors had decided not to invest in South Australia.

In a statement the Mr Koutsantonis said investors understood there could be levy changes.

Whenever someone buys an apartment off the plan, or with a very long settlement period, they do so in the knowledge there could be changes to stamp duty before settlement, he said.

Adelaide based conveyancer Helen Wu said many of her foreign investor clients were pushing her to complete settlement before January.

I deal with lots of foreign buyers so everyone wanted to settle before the end of this year but sometimes its out of our control, she said.

Ms Wu said she expected many foreign investors would drop out of South Australias market as a result of the levy.

I dont think they will continue to buy in the future, she said.

Property turnover slowing down

Auctioneer and real estate agent Jonathan Teng said recent changes to bank lending policies setting higher loan to value ratios for foreign investors had had a more significant impact on the number of fore...


Once upon a time freef'all852

Resisting the temptation to declare that this current period of so-called governance of the nation reads and performs like the script of a Grimm Bros fairy tale, we have to admitno..screw it! IS LIKE a fairy tale..a horrid fantasy where instead of the villains getting their just desserts, they end up like the wolves consuming the children.

Theres something badly wrong with our cultural perceptions..badly wrong..our sense of fairness has been turned upside down. All those same fairy tales, those moral insights, the Grimm Brothers..those Hans Christian Anderson anecdotes, Aesops fables and the rest have been trashed for the complete opposite result that is the lesson of ancient times and now anarchy and mayhem rule our days.

It truly is a bizarre turn of events, because in every moral tale told to us, to our children down the ages, at fireside or bedside..the most miserable stereotype, sniveling, vicious, narrow-eyed lying schemers are identified, chastised and given a bloody good and well-deserved walloping! Now, any one of those many mythical weaselly villains could be morphed into a Pyne. The most brutal, bullying, cold-blooded destroyer of the innocents could be at anytime ; a Duttonthe avaricious landlord or overlord, who wouldnt hesitate to send in the bailiffs against the most sorrowful widow could unmistakably be a MurdochThat suavo wealthy uncle, bon-vivant, amusing raconteur and apparent gentle assistant to the ladiesall the while slyly and slimily waiting his chance to de-flower the young maidens could easily be Turnbull (except hes too gormless!)any number of LNP. women can be measured up as equally vindictive nasties or cackling harridans straight from the pages of medieval folk-lore and tales warning of the evils of over indulgence and characters that stalk the innocent and unwary.

And we are with those very same ghastly beggardly representations leading the nation..voted in there by many who not only have had such dire warnings read to them as children, but to this day, most probably still read a variation exampling of such mendacious behaviour to warn off their own offspring.

So where is the lesson?..Where is the example?..If we cannot see the danger, why bother trying to teach our children?..why not just let the strongest in brutal aggression rule over us?Is might right?Murdoch obviously believes it is..Dutton does too..all their creatures have eagerly signed onto the contract..and it seems many of the population likes what it sees! Perhaps it is time to rewrite the fairy tales?

Perhaps it is more suitable a time for us as a nation to courage-up and face our own responsibilities and cease fobbing off care and international treaties to those countries less wealthy and less populated that in many cases strain that nations resources to the limit and beyond. No Nation is in isolation in a changing climate worldif we do not seek a solution to manag...


Christian dominionism in Australia The AIM Network

When the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils made a submission to a government inquiry suggesting that Muslims should enjoy legal pluralism by allowing moderate forms of Sharia in divorce and family laws, all hell broke loose. The organisations president, Ikebal Adam Patel, tried to reassure the community that they just wanted the right to practise

The post Christian dominionism in Australia appeared first on The AIM Network.


John Adams: News from the capital Catallaxy Files

RUMOR: A senior cross bench contact tells me that Prime Minister Turnbull will be sacked by Monday. I hear from credible Coalition sources that the Bishop-Morrison ticket is real and is on the march! Turnbull is finished, it is now about timing and execution!

Update:  Coalition MP goes public. sack Turnbull or I will quit Coalition



Three Coalition MPs caught out claiming endorsements they simply never received Independent Australia

Three Coalition MPs caught out claiming endorsements they simply never receivedWhat is it with rightwing politicians claiming endorsements they simply dont have? Managing editor Dave Donovan looks at three recent examples. read now...


Unravelling Polliespeak The AIM Network

By Ad astra This is a sequel to The ugly language of politics, published in November. It endeavours to unpick and describe the many variants of what I have named Polliespeak, the language that politicians use. Sometimes its ugly, sometimes its simply irritating. How often have you fumed as you listened to our politicians answering questions?

The post Unravelling Polliespeak appeared first on The AIM Network.


Chinese police seize 14,000 bottles of counterfeit Penfolds wine Stop Foreign Ownership in Australia

THOUSANDS of bottles purporting to be Penfolds top-shelf wine have been seized in an anti-counterfeit operation in China.

Chinese police seized 14,000 bottles of counterfeit wine following a complaint by Penfolds parent company Treasury Wine Estates about three months ago.

The fake premium products were sold through Chinese giant Alibabas consumer-to-consumer website Taobao with sales beginning at $40 a bottle.

Top-shelf Penfolds vintages generally sell for more than $100.

Thirteen people were arrested in the counterfeiting operation including a wine dealer who was selling bottles for as little as $40 each.

Bottles with fake Rawsons Retreat and Bin 128 labels were displayed by Chinese police during a presentation to the media, Fairfax reported.

It was suggested some of wine seized includes counterfeit top-of-the-line Grange.

Police discovered about 2000 bottles of wine in a Shanghai warehouse while 10,000 more were found in two warehouses in the port city of Xiamen.

Penfolds Magill Estate in South Australia

Another 2000 bottles were seized when police arrested five online retailers.

Treasury Wine Estates applauded Chinese police, as well as Alibaba who tipped authorities off for helping smash the fraudulent operation.

This is a...


Malcolm Young: The show must go on Independent Australia

Malcolm Young: The show must go onMalcolm Young, the legendary rhythm guitarist and one of the driving forces behind AC/DC, has died at 64. read now...


Climate change: Eliminating coal No Right Turn

Last week, at the climate talks in Bonn, New Zealand joined an alliance to eliminate coal-fired power stations:

New Zealand has joined an international alliance - including Britain and Canada - to phase out coal from power generation before 2030.

The Powering Past Coal Alliance was unveiled at the COP23 climate talks in Bonn, Germany, working out implementation of the 2015 Paris Agreement.


Since signing the Paris Agreement, several countries had already made national plans to phase out coal from their power supply mix.

The Powering Past Coal Alliance also involves sharing technology to reduce emissions, such as carbon capture and storage, and encouraging the rest of the world to cut usage.

For us, this is largely a business-as-usual goal, in that the government has already committed to a 100% renewables target, which includes the elimination of coal. The country's sole coal-fired power station, Huntly, usually runs on gas at the moment, and the older dual-fuel turbines are scheduled to shut down in the next five years anyway. At the same time, its an important sign of international solidarity to help shift the balance away from and de-legitimise dirty electricity, and it turns a domestic commitment into an international one, raising the cost if a future National government welches on it. It also lays the groundwork for a future agreement to eliminate coal from industry (e.g. from Fonterra). So, worth doing, even if it doesn't mean much for us immediately in practice.


Poem Of Grief The Global Revolution

  • I have seen the ugliness
    The disgrace of money
    Monsters in power
    Growing stronger by the hour

  • Don`t fall for it!
    Lies distort reality
    Racism smashes democracy
    Hate is the ultimate hypocrisy
  • The elite love death
    Money is power
    Emptiness is in their breath
    Losing credibility and so sour
  • The emperors new clothes
    Losing credibility
    Statues may whither
    But politicians continue to dither
  • I am not fooled
    By your sick games
    Division of the other
    Will only result in flames
  • So lets ignore this lie
    So sick of mainstream propaganda
    Use a canny eye
    Overthrow this Gerrymander
  • DLATP are onto you
    Some are waking up
    Others will see the truth
    In time your sickness
    Will be exposed for all to see
    People need to just be!
  • Capitalism is a cancer
    Greed will not fill the urge
    Your soul you cannot escape
    Plastic you must purge
  • Christian Marx.


In which the pond swallows another Monday Oreo whole, and with barely a blink ... loon pond

Reluctantly the pond had to mark down the Major this day, partly because of repetition - how stupid of a rampantly biased man always to rabbit on about bias - and partly because the rabbiting produces a deep sense of tedium and ennui ...

The pond will say just one thing about the ABC's recent changes.

Back in the day, there was an understanding that stories prepared for radio had a different style and approach than stories designed for television. The difference might be summarised as that between the use of sound effects and music on the Goon Show, and the literalism that images produce. Some images might convey a hundred words, or on a good day, a thousand, while sounds allowed the mind to travel in another way ...

Each involved separate skills and disciplines, each in their own way were unique artforms, and now everything is mashed together as content, and pumped down into ever smaller lumps so that the wretched muck might emerge in digestible form on a small screen as zombies wander the streets gazing into it, while bumping into each other and passing cars ...

Hipsters yearn for beards and tatts and vinyl and even - long absent lord help us - Phillips cassettes, but each passing day of Deliveroo and Uber, they deliver themselves into digital penury and job lot slavery and politicians are only too pleased to press-gang them into similar forms of servitude as a way of scamming unemployment figures ...

Dearie me, did the Major produce that hoppy toad?

Well with that grumble out of the way, it's on with the Oreo blathering on in her inimitable way about western civilisation ...


Dual citizenship swear words: Oaths of allegiance out of touch Independent Australia

Dual citizenship swear words: Oaths of allegiance out of touchBetween now and Christmas there will be a lot of swearing heard from politicians around Australia, writes Dr Glenn Davies. read now...


Restoring democracy to the RMA No Right Turn

One of National's primary policy goals during its time in power was to remove democracy from the RMA by removing notification and appeal rights while allowing Ministers to dictate local plans from their office in Wellington. This agenda was so extreme that they were unable to gain the votes for it for years, despite reliable footstools as coalition partners. But finally, earlier this year, the Maori Party sold out and let them do it. The changes only came into effect a month ago, so their impact hasn't yet been felt. But they're bad enough that Environment Minister David Parker has promised to roll them back and restore democracy:

The Government will attempt to reverse a National-led law change that has removed the public's right to participate in discretionary resource consent processes, Environment Minister David Parker says.

The Resource Legislation Amendment Act 2017 also removed the right for applicants and submitters to appeal discretionary resource consent decisions made by district councils.


Parker told Stuff this week removing public notification and appeal rights was going "a step too far" for applicants and submitters.

"We still think that was wrong. We are intending to have some reform of the Resource Management Act and that would be one of the things that we would fix," he said.

Sadly, it'll take a while, because the RMA is a complicated piece of legislation. On the other hand, there's usually at least a bill a year tinkering with it in one way or another, so it should be easy enough to put the changes in the next one. But unlike National, Labour won't be ramming it through under urgency.

Meanwhile, while they're restoring democracy, maybe they could do something about ECan as well? Apparently they can't hold an immediate election because National's dictatorship dragged its feet on setting electoral boundaries (which were set before the earthquakes and will not take subsequent population shifts into account). But they have nearly complete discretion to sack the appointees, or to appoint new people to replace them. Removing National's dictators from office ought to be a priority. As for their replacements, if they can't yet hold a proper election, holding some sort of poll and appointing the winners would seem to be a more democratic solution. Because its simply unacceptable for Cantabrians to have an...


Unnatural partnerships No Right Turn

Post-election, there was a sustained campaign in the media from National supporters for the Greens to support National to cling to power for another term. One of their arguments was to point to Germany, where Green - Christian Democrat coalitions have been tried at a regional level, and such an arrangement looked like the only possible outcome in the wake of the German elections. Except that hasn't worked out so well...

Exploratory talks to form Germanys next coalition government were on the verge of collapse on Sunday night after the four parties involved missed their own deadline to resolve differences on migration and energy policy.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has been trying to forge a coalition between her Christian Democratic Union (CDU), its Bavarian sister party the Christian Social Union (CSU), the pro-business Free Democratic Party (FDP) and the Green party following federal elections at the end of September.

A so-called Jamaica coalition so nicknamed because the parties traditional colours mirror that of the Jamaican flag represents new ground even for Germanys experienced leader, and has only previously been tested at regional level.

The key sticking points are immigration and climate change, with the parties unable to find common ground on either. And this in a country where the political mainstream is greener than ours. In Germany, they're in a four party situation (thanks in part to the CDU maintaining a regional partner party), but in New Zealand some of those parties are effectively factions within the National Party. And its hard to imagine National's farmer-yokels or climate change refuseniks accepting Green demands for real action on water or the climate, let alone allowing them to be implemented effectively.

Basicly, unnatural political partnerships are difficult and likely to fail. In Germany, they've been forced to explore the option because successive grand coalitions turned voters against the political establishment. And even then, it looks to have failed. In New Zealand, where there's no such pressure, there's no reason for parties with choices to take the risk. National's long-term problem of course is that now it has no friends, it has no choices, so it will be perpetually begging for such an unnatural partnership - and is likely to be perpetually rejected if there's any credible alternative.


Bennelong and New England guides posted The Tally Room

In addition to the complete guide to this weekends Queensland state election, Ive now posted guides to the federal by-elections in New England (December 2) and Bennelong (December 16). Enjoy!


New England


Does Howard now realise the error of his ways? Catallaxy Files

John Howard sought to protect religious freedom by social and education policy designed to safeguard communities from the predations of the state. As a conservative, he understood that without the foundation of religious freedom, civil society falls apart. For the same reason, he now advocates substantive protections for freedom of speech and religion in respect of same-sex marriage.

Hmmmmmmm. Is that the same John Howard who confiscated Australian firearms? Is he now worried that government will further erode personal freedoms? Fancy that.

That sharp painful on your backside John? Thats karma biting you on the arse.


Stephen Cable: 10,000 Ways That Will Not Work Catallaxy Files

I have not failed 10,000 times. I have successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.

Thomas Edison

The above words attributed to the great inventor Thomas Edison are very applicable to conservative Australia in November 2017.  Although we havent tried 10,000 ways that will not work with making our weight felt in political and social life, more like a handful of ways at present. However, its enough to point very clearly to what definitely wont win the immense battles we have ahead of us.

This month we saw the culmination of a decade long war waged by the regressive lefts global movement within Australia.

Didnt know you were in a war?

Those are the best type and the easiest to win, waged through entertainment, media suggestion, educational institutions and constant political pressure.

The latest battle in this war was Senator Dean Smiths recent bill, which seeks to remove gender from the marriage act, and the postal survey that followed. For many, this was a blindside, as many never expected that the latest attack on our culture would come from the Liberal Party. For those who have been watching events in the Liberal and National Parties it was no surprise. And herein lies the issue that shows more clearly than any other how deeply in trouble our country is. We expect lunatic policies from The Greens and we expect Labor to follow, but the Liberals have been a bulwark against that regressive shift with a steadfastness of (semi) sensible policies. Howard in particular was very adept at blunting moves from the left and resisting the cacophony of pseudo-social pressure brought by the lefts power centres.

All of this has gone.

If you find a conservative in the Liberals and Nationals, its a happy coincidence. Worse, it gives the impression that the party might actually still represent mainstream Australia when it does not. The left have managed to take over the only institution in the country that had the power to stop them and the problem lies in the power structure that is selecting candidates that are more at home in Labors (dwindling) right faction.

There is a vast gulf when it comes to the views and ideological beliefs of candidates and the general membership of the party. Most Liberals are appalled that a man such as Malcolm Turnbull, who is clearly more at home in Labor, should have been given the leadership of the party. They are appalled that the PM could bring down a budget that was clearly written by Wayne Swan. Conservatives are horrified that multiple members of the parliamentary wing are enthusiastic supporters of such reality bending concepts as gay marriage.

It should be crystal-clear to conservatives now that there is no protection coming to society from the Libs or Nats. The key things they could be relied upon to protect, the nations finances, the civil institutions of society and national defence have all been abandoned by the coalitio...


Post-mortem of the Australian electricity Industry Catallaxy Files

All thinking people actually know what has gone wrong in the Australian electricity industry: a doubling of wholesale market prices, diminished reliability, investment being policy directed into fashionable but high cost avenues wind, solar batteries, pumped storage.

Unwilling or unable to accept this, like a car careering down the wrong side of a motorway, state and federal governments have set up inquiry after inquiry to provide insights and cheaper ways of forging the future they wish to see.

It is difficult to find market reviewers that are politically acceptable to the alliance of climate worriers and subsidy seekers.  Almost all none more so than Finkel are either too much a part of the established renewable chorus or were elevated to influence because they would soon adopt Politically Correct views favouring renewables as a means of shifting the electricity supply away from sources that emit carbon dioxide.

Handpicking the inquiry undertakers means the same erroneous autopsy is conducted finding that:

  • The future is assured and it does not include fossil fuels or nuclear.
  • Renewable energy is already or about to become the lowest cost supply.
  • The ancient coal based generators are about to close anyway and nobody would invest in a new one.
  • Additional fixes will resolve the reliability shortcomings of intermittent supply.
  • Problems of high wholesale prices at present are as a result of gas being exported to foreigners rather than used locally.
  • Most of the cost increase is associated with inefficient network businesses increasing costs.
  • Other problems are associated with inadequate competition in the retail markets caused by competition driving up costs or, in the wholesale market, caused by lack of competition driving up costs.

In supporting a report of Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA), issued today and prepared in cooperation with his Office of the Chief Scientist, Finkel argues that we can have 50 per cent renewable energy and reliability if we spend $11 billion on batteries.  Frydenberg had said that goal would cost $50 billion, though he will happily spend something close to that in reaching and staying at 23.5 per cent.

The ACOLA report revisits the winner picking opportunities that have so often been dangled before the community with renewables (who can forget Victorias seed money generously provided by Premier Bracks to create a world beating windmill blade facility that vanished without trace? Apparently everyone can).  It does not say how much extra cost results from the forced displacement of fossil fuels by exotic renewables would add to this probably, like Finkel, the...


In which the pond lets off a double-barrelled blast of onion muncher and Moorice ... loon pond

Of course the pond had to clear the decks. How could an Oreo or an Order of Lenin hunter of the Major Mitchell kind compete with the two heaviest hitters in the pond pantheon of pleasures?

And it goes without saying that as soon as any huckster or hustler starts spruiking a golden age, he's talking classic racism of the ancient Greek kind ...

The term Golden Age comes from Greek mythology, particularly the Works and Days of Hesiod, and is part of the description of temporal decline of the state of peoples through five Ages, Gold being the first and the one during which the Golden Race of humanity (Greek: chrseon gnos) lived. Those living in the first Age were ruled by onion lovers, after the finish of the first age was the Silver, then the Bronze, after this the Heroic age, with the fifth and current age being made of iron and filled with onion haters ... (well that's what imaginative Greg Hunters would find here).

Yes, there'll be pie in the sky in the sweet bye and bye, and we'll all live in a paradise, and in the meantime, there's always the deep thoughts of the onion muncher to chew on ...

Rhodes eh? Was there a course in what Rhodes really stood for?

That full story at the Beeb here, and that link to the Guardian obituary of 2002 ...


Report from the Asian Summits: From Official US Alliance Media Scripts to New Perspectives for Change The AIM Network

Denis Bright invites comment on the significance of President Trumps engagements with Asian leaders. Is it outrageous to suggest that travel has widened President Trumps horizons in the traditions of overseas visits by the late President Nixon (1913-94) and his Secretary of State Henry Kissinger? Voice of America Online (VOA) predictably emphasized the official US

The post Report from the Asian Summits: From Official US Alliance Media Scripts to New Perspectives for Change appeared first on The AIM Network.


The onward march towards equality Independent Australia

The onward march towards equalityThe marriage equality battle seems all but won, but the fight for equality in many other areas goes on, writes John Passant. read now...


Sandpit John Quiggin

A new sandpit for long side discussions, conspiracy theories, idees fixes and so on.


Monday Message Board John Quiggin

Another Monday Message Board. Post comments on any topic. Civil discussion and no coarse language please. Side discussions and idees fixes to the sandpits, please.


Day to Day Politics: We need to know how deep and far this penetration has been. The AIM Network

Monday 20 November 2017 Why do you need to write about it? I asked myself. Most bloggers have let it be. In the past I have always said that what people do in their private lives is their own business. So, how do I justify what I am going to write by saying that anyone

The post Day to Day Politics: We need to know how deep and far this penetration has been. appeared first on The AIM Network.


The depths to which xenophobia and bigotry has reduced Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

Australia began to ignore its obligations under international law in 1992 and its determination to turn back asylum seeker boats and reduce the number of refugees accepted into this country grew apace until this is the situation in November 2017.

The New York Times, 18 November 2017:

Veteran United Nations officials said this month they had never seen a wealthy democracy go to such extremes to punish asylum seekers and push them away.

Papua New Guinea officials and local leaders, enraged at how the camps closure was handled, have demanded to know why Australia is not doing more to help the men.

HuffPost, 18 November 2017:

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Australia's main medical association called on Saturday for the government to allow independent doctors and other health experts to help more than 400 asylum seekers languishing inside a recently closed detention center in Papua New Guinea.

The asylum seekers have shut themselves inside the Australian-run Manus Island Centre for the past 18 days, defying attempts by Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG) to close it in a standoff the United Nations describes as a "looming humanitarian crisis".

Australia has shut access to the cente...


Volunteering levels in Australia and on the NSW North Coast North Coast Voices

There has been some talk in local media about volunteering levels, with one bright spark suggesting that volunteering be made mandatory.

But are volunteering levels in Australia in such dire straits?

If one looks at available statistics it appears that Australia is fairly well served by people willing to give their time and effort to local communities.

The same can be said for the NSW Mid & Far North Coasts.

Here is a breakdown of volunteering levels.

The 2016 Census revealed that Australias population is 23.4 million people. Of this:

* 3.6 million people or 19.0% of the population aged 15 years and over are engaged in voluntary work through an organisation or group.
  This is a 1.2% increase from the 2011 Census  results, where 17.8% of people responded they were engaged in voluntary work.

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Sunday, 19 November


The Veiled Threat: Australias Campaign Against New Zealand Refugee Policy "IndyWatch Feed"

Another twist in the farce over the stained treatment of refugees on Papua New Guineas Manus Island has surfaced. New Zealand has been insisting for some time that it is more than willing to welcome some 150 to its shores. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, much to the irritation of Australias Turnbull government, has been particularly

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Friday, 17 November


Documents relating to legal advice and court attendance for the Commonwealth Ministers of Health, Human Services and Assistant to the Treasurer summoned before the Victorian Supreme Court Requests or responses matching your saved search

Response by Attorney-General's Department to Richard Smith on November 17, 2017.
Partially successful.
UNCLASSIFIED FOI17/142; 17/8681 Dear Mr Smith Please find attached a decision letter, schedule of documents and documents, and Attachments A, B and C...

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Monday, 13 November


Documents relating to legal advice and court attendance for the Commonwealth Ministers of Health, Human Services and Assistant to the Treasurer summoned before the Victorian Supreme Court Requests or responses matching your saved search

Response by Attorney-General's Department to Richard Smith on November 13, 2017.
Partially successful.
UNCLASSIFIED Dear Mr Smith I refer to your FOI request below. I apologise for the delay in sending you a decision, and advise that we will be doing s...

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Thursday, 09 November


Documents relating to legal advice and court attendance for the Commonwealth Ministers of Health, Human Services and Assistant to the Treasurer summoned before the Victorian Supreme Court Requests or responses matching your saved search

Response by Attorney-General's Department to Richard Smith on November 09, 2017.
Partially successful.
UNCLASSIFIED FOI 17/142 Dear Mr Smith I refer to your email below. I apologise for the delay in acknowledging your request. We received your applic...

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Wednesday, 08 November


Documents relating to legal advice and court attendance for the Commonwealth Ministers of Health, Human Services and Assistant to the Treasurer summoned before the Victorian Supreme Court Requests or responses matching your saved search

Follow up sent to Attorney-General's Department by Richard Smith on November 08, 2017.
Partially successful.
RE: FOI 17/142 I refer to my request of 12 October 2017 for an internal review of the Department's Decision of 4 October 2017. To date I have no...

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Tuesday, 30 May


Corporate philanthropy in Papua New Guinea in conversation with the Digicel Foundation "IndyWatch Feed"

Ms Beatrice Mahuru is head of the Digicel Foundation in Papua New Guinea (PNG). As part of the Pacific Conversations series, she spoke to Dr Amanda Watson about the organisations areas of focus, its relationship to the Digicel business and her heart-warming experiences in the role.

Amanda: You were previously in corporate roles. Was it an adjustment to join the Digicel Foundation?

Beatrice: Moving into the development space was very new, but one of the things I brought was a corporate approach, so a no-nonsense, get your business done, report on the outcome approach.

What do you do on a day-to-day basis in your role?

We have 34 projects at present, plus eight in collaboration with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). My role is to watch over the foundations operations to ensure that our finances are managed well against our targets. Im very hands-on, making sure program impacts are documented and that projects are progressing to the agreed timelines, because we have PNG Board and Global Board meetings every month and they are kept across our investments. I have a small team and sometimes development work can be overwhelming so I want to be there for them, to motivate them and keep them committed to the cause. I continue to build and foster relations with Digicel every day and grow goodwill with our marginalised communities. And every other day, Im connecting with members of parliament or corporate organisations to seek possibilities for public-private partnerships.

You mentioned building goodwill is that the main aim of the Digicel Foundation?

Prior to last year (FY14/15), we responded to community applications and we operated very separately to the business. Were still a separate entity but our strategy is to work more collaboratively with Digicel. Although Digicel has invested in many towers across PNG, the business still receives negative feedback, especially through social media, on the cost of service. We grow goodwill through our development impact projects and lay the foundation on which business can follow. Last year, we probably put 40% of our investment into promoting goodwill and the rest was responding to applications received.

Some may be unclear as to the relationship between the Digicel Foundation and the Digicel company. Could you please explain the governance arrangements and the relationship between the two entities?

Although were funded by Digicel, were a separate entity because...

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Friday, 26 May


Prioritising periods and preventing unwanted pregnancy: addressing menstrual and reproductive health in Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea "IndyWatch Feed"

The largest ever generation of girls are entering a critical time in their education as they move into adolescence. Challenges in managing their reproductive health, however, can pose significant barriers to educational attainment. This limits girls social and economic prospects and perpetuates gender inequality.

Adolescent pregnancy is a major factor in poor school attendance, as last years Guttmacher Institute report highlights. More alarmingly, it is a leading cause of death and disability for girls aged 15-19. In Timor-Leste, less than 1% of girls aged 15-19 have used contraception, and 20% of 19-year-olds have begun childbearing, according to their 2010 DHS report. In Papua New Guinea (PNG), 22% of girls have had at least one child, contributing to the countrys high maternal mortality.

Poor menstrual health (MH) poses similar challenges to girls health and education. Menstruation is often shrouded in stigma and taboo, which are perpetuated by poor knowledge. This limits girls ability to manage menstruation in hygienic and dignified ways, resulting in poor health and school absenteeism. A recent Ugandan study found girls missed up to 24 school days per year (11%) due to menstruation.

While evidence on MH and school attendance in the Asia-Pacific is poor, exploratory research in Timor-Leste highlights that understanding of menstruation is limited, with girls unaware of menstruation prior to menarche. Research also shows menstruation can be a deterrent from attending school, but access to appropriate facilities and products can help overcome this. New research is currently being undertaken on these issues in Solomon Islands, Fiji, and PNG with funding from the Australian Government, which will provide further evidence on MH in the Pacific.


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Tuesday, 23 May


Value of customary land highlighted "IndyWatch Feed"

The value of customary land when left in local hands and the issue of compensation for the SABL land grab have both been highlighted in a seminar organised by ACT NOW!

The seminar featured Sydney University academic Dr Tim Anderson. Dr Anderson presented his report on assessing compensation for the wrongful loss of customary land.

The event was featured by all the TV networks in their evening news programs - their coverage can be viewed below.

EMTV: Economic Assessment - Customary Landowners Unfairly Compensated 

An economic assessment of Customary Land Value, has revealed that customary land owners in PNG are not being properly compensated for the use of their land. 

Researcher Dr. Tim Anderson, from the University of Sydney, said the research is an economic assessment of the compensation of customary land use under the Special Agriculture Business Lease or SABL. 

Dr Anderson said the research is more of a framework which identifies the importance of land.

TVWAN: Customary Land Compensation 

Community advocacy group ACT NOW PNG have invited an economic specialist from Australia to evaluate compensation entitlements for customary landowners affected the Special Agricultural Business Leases.

If the landowners have a case they can successfully sue the government and be compensated accordingly.

A report was presented by Dr Anderson of the University of Sydney, in Port Moresby today.

Dr Anderson stressed that the framework for assessing compensation is not a pricing formula, but to assist landholders look at the variation in damages and lost production values that SABLs have caused.

NBC: SABL Concern

An academic from the University of Sydney has again raised concern the special agriculture business leases or SABL.

Dr. Tim Anderson says, there has to be a proactive approach taken by the government to cancel the SABL's

The SABL's were deemed unlawful by a commission of inquiry in 2013, however no action has been taken by the government to cancel the land details


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Friday, 19 May


The future starts today "IndyWatch Feed"

Rosie Batty (2015 Australian of the Year and anti-violence campaigner) visited Papua New Guinea last month and spoke at public events at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) in Port Moresby and the PNG University of Technology (UNITECH) in Lae. In sharing her story she moved people but also brought to light the challenge of violence, not just being a challenge Papua New Guineans faced, but one the world faces right now. The events were sponsored by Steamships and were jointly organised by Femili PNG, UNITECH, UPNG and The Voice Inc.

Here Lucas Kiak, a Level 3 Nation Builder in The Voice Inc.s Leadership Development Program at UNITECH, gave his thoughts on the challenge, and his pledge to move forward, in his closing speech to Rosie Batty.

On behalf of the audience and sponsors, I would like to take this time to thank Rosie Batty for the wonderful inspirational presentation this afternoon.

You know, coming from a Melanesian culture with the patrimonial practices, family and sexual violence is taken to be a cultural norm. We dont always talk about it, you dont always know about it, but just like you, we are all victims of violence one way or another.

Many times our own advocacy of the matter has been suppressed by the cultural limitations of the norm and despite our passion and energy for change, as young energetic people we find it easier to be like everyone else and blend in than to speak out for what we believe is right. But I take this time to salute you and other survivors for letting your own light to shine. I believe deep down inside that as you let your own light shine you are unconsciously giving us permission to do the same and as you are liberated from your own fears your presence in the frontier of this battle liberates us all.

As a young man I believe that there is a PNG free from family violence and sexual harassment. A PNG where my sons and daughters carry themselves and walk with dignity and respect for each other. I am convinced and I say this with the utmost conviction that my vision for a violence-free PNG is not in the future, not in ten years time, not in 2050, not tomorrow but today. I believe that we can create this violence-free PNG in the everyday things that w...

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Thursday, 18 May


Harsh treatment "IndyWatch Feed"

Australia's entire refugee policy is predicated on harsh treatment. By imprisoning refugees indefinitely and torturing them in island camps, they hope to deter others from seeking refuge in Australia. But the same mindset applies within the camps as well, with the Australian government deliberately imposing harsh living conditions in its Manus Island gulag in an attempt to force refugees to leave:

For more than a year, camp managers and security staff have waged a campaign to make Australias detention centre for refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island as inhospitable as possible, leaked documents reveal.

A plan drafted in early 2016 outlines moves to coerce those recognised as refugees into leaving the detention centre and accepting resettlement in Papua New Guinea, while pushing asylum seekers to abandon their protection claims and return home.


One plan mooted was to forcibly remove refugees and asylum seekers from the detention centre into the transit centre in a single day.

Planning documents that proposed moving residents into accommodation with less amenity than they currently have forecast the forced removal raised an extreme risk of violence and protests, and warned of the potentially catastrophic consequences of using the PNG police, whom Australian authorities describe as not trained for the relevant tasks.

The Australian government seems to be on the verge on implementing those plans. And the result will likely be a riot. The core problem is that the refugees do not feel safe in Papua New Guinea. Those who have left the camp have been beaten and assaulted by locals. The camp has been stormed and shot at. Refugees have been murdered. Against that background, Australia's plan to just throw people out by force looks like a deliberate policy to expose people in its care to ongoing persecution and endanger their lives. And that is simply immoral.

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Tuesday, 16 May



  • PROPERTY VALUED AT  $1.1 MILLION(AUD) - 10 Cubberla St
  • PROPERTY VALUE AT   $1.7 MILLION(AUD) - 15 Upper Brookfield Rd
  • PROPERTY VALUE AT $555,000(AUD)  66 Gem Road, Kenmore

JUSTIN TKATCHENKO Moresby South MP and a senior Minister in Peter O'Neill government has an Australian property portfolio well over K8 Million in value. Previously we have looked at two properties which are on record after submissions were made to the Brisbane City Council for redevelopment to a property in Brookfield area of Brisbane. The Brookfield property is valued at $AUD 1.7MILLION and was bought by CATHERINE JANE TKATCHENKO, Justin's "wife". The property was purchased in NOVEMBER 2015.  The address used to purchase this property is 10 Cubberla Street Fig Tree Pocket QLD 4069.

According to Queensland property records, Justin and Catherine purchased two houses on Cubberla Street, number 10 and 12. Information shown here on records made available to us show that the property on 12 Cubberla Street Fig Tree Pocket QLD 4069 lists JUSTIN WAYNE TKATCHENKO as the owner while looking up the property at BROOKFIELD you find the owner as CATHERINE JANE TKATCHENKO of 10 Cubberla Street Fig Tree Pocket QLD 4069.So they own both properties, we could not get the value of 10  Cubberla Street but if the value on number 12 is in the vicinity of 1.1 Million dollars you are looking at another property in a prime Brisbane suburb and it could well be in over 1.1-2 Million in value for number 12.

The TKACHENKO Family made another purchase in November last year. they spent well over K1.3 Million Kina or AUD$550,000.00 for the property listed on 66 Gem Road in the Brisbane suburb of Kenmore.   The settlement date for this property was on the 13th of January this year. The property is again listed under CATHERINE JANE TKATCHENKO of 10 Cubberla Street Fig Tree Pocket QLD 4069. Looking again at all the properties owned by the TKACHENKO family and putting a Kina figure to it you come at K8.1 Million (excludes property at 12 Cubberla Street Fig Tree Pocket QLD 4069). A total value to all the properties will be close to K10 MILLION.

The question voters in Moresby South and Papua New Guinea ask would be who is JUSTIN TKATCHENKO? Whose interest is he serving, yes he contributes peanuts to your social games,....

Monday, 15 May


Sir Mekere asks PM to explain foreign security personnel "IndyWatch Feed"

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta expressed his concern today at social media pictures of heavily armed foreign mercenaries patrolling the streets of Port Moresby.

He said it was clear that the public was very concerned about these men. No-one knows who they are and what they are doing here, he said.

The absence of any explanation from the Government is only serving to heighten concerns about these foreigners and why they are openly carrying high-powered weapons in public.

There are suggestions that these men are US Armed Forces personnel, and that they are here on APEC security business.

Sir Mekere said he been advised that these men are not US SEALs there are two SEALs on official business in Port Moresby, and they are certainly not driving around town in police vehicles. Nor are they taking part in road blocks and questioning people, he said.

Nor are they in the country on APEC security business - the head of the APEC Secretariat, Mr Chris Hawkins, has told the media that this is not the case.

The Prime Minister, the Police Minister and the Police Commissioner have a lot of questions to answer, Sir Mekere said.

What are they doing in Papua New Guinea, Sir Mekere asked. Who brought them here, where do they come from, and who is paying for them? Which company are they employed by, and who is employing them in Papua New Guinea?

On whose authority and on what legal basis are they carrying high-powered guns in public and why have they been permitted to do so when Australian Federal Police officers sworn in as policemen were not?

I am told that the Police Commissioner has knowledge of the hiring of five mercenaries as consultants, Sir Mekere said.

The public has a right to know what their mission is, how long it will last and where the men will be deployed. Are there more of these foreigners coming to Papua New Guinea, and why are they coming at this point in time?

APEC is not until November next year 18 months away. Why are they suddenly on our streets when the election is only a matter of weeks away? Are they here to help manipulate the election outcome?...

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