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Wednesday, 23 May


Private members bill banning live sheep exports before the Australian Parliament - it needs your support North Coast Voices

Sky News, Sunday 20 May 2018:

Greens MP Adam Bandt has told Sky News there may be the numbers in federal parliament to pass a private members bill that will ban live sheep exports. Liberal backbencher Sussan Ley will introduce a private members bill to parliament next week that, if passed, would see the live sheep export trade phased out. 

The bill has the support of three Liberal MPs, Labor and the Greens. Mr Bandt says theres a 'real prospect' the bill could pass the parliament within the next month.

ABC News, Monday 21 May 2018:

Support for shutting down the live sheep export trade is gaining ground, with Labor set to formally endorse the proposal this week.

Liberal MP Sussan Ley will today introduce a private member's bill that would ban live sheep exports to the Middle East during the northern hemisphere summer months in 2019 and entirely close the sector down in five years.

"This has been a trade marked by disaster following debacle and that's gone on for 33 years, it's had a very sad history, a very dismal history," she said....


Sometimes it is hard to believe how bone-achingly stupid governments can be Part One North Coast Voices

Before the Abbott Coalition Government appointed John Lloyd Australian Public Service Commissioner in 2014 he was Director, Workplace Relations and Productivity at the far-right pressure group, the Institute for Public Affairs - so this was all but inevitable....

The Prime Minister's department has refused to release emails relating to the public service commissioner John Lloyd and a right-wing think tank, saying they could prejudice an investigation into a possible breach of the law.

Mr Lloyd has previously rejected suggestions he gave special access and research to the Institute of Public Affairs after Labor senators last year raised an email he sent to a member of the group with an attachment showing what he described as "generous" provisions in public service enterprise agreements.

A freedom of information request sought emails held by Department of Prime...

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Tuesday, 22 May


The one big soul that belongs to everybody The AIM Network

The response to our appeal in Wanted: three hundred good people to help with meeting our server costs was humbling to say the least, and because of your support The AIMN lives on. Your donations have gone a long way in covering those costs for the next twelve months and for this Carol and I say thank you. Lets

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ACTU joins forces with big business to try to build a big Australia Independent Australia

ACTU joins forces with big business to try to build a big AustraliaThe ACTU is working with the Business Council and Australian Industry Group to grow Australia's population by the size of Canberra of every year. read now...


Tony Abbott On Twitter Where He Demonstrates His Capacity To Twit The AIM Network

AGL is a business acting against the national interest. Of course AGL want to shut down Liddell because its a source of cheap power and they want all of us to pay more so their shareholders can get higher profits. Tony Abbott Rossleigh: Tony Abbott wasnt available, but Ive managed to track down a spokesperson

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Tom Wolfe, the Parajournalist The AIM Network

As is the nature of his creepy totality, President Donald Trump has a habit of suffusing the obituaries of the famous and pampered. Tom Wolfe, it is said by such figures as Maggie Haberman in The New York Times, conceived of Trump as a formidable figure before Trump himself came to prominence. The point is

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Trumps Fed Nomin "IndyWatch Feed"

Trump Federal Reserve Board of Governors nominee Marvin Goodfriend reportedly advocated on two different occasions the elimination of cash from circulation in an effort to prevent individuals from hoarding cash in the event that the Federal Reserve were to push a negative interest rate policy during a financial crisis.

The Mises Institute notes that Goodfriend first floated the idea in a 1999 paper called The Case for Unencumbering Interest Rate Policy at the Zero Bound and again promoted the concept at a 2016 Federal Reserve conference in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Goodfriend reportedly said that the Fed needs the option to push interest rates negative, which would cause consumers to pay fees in order to keep their money in savings accounts, and that cash should be eliminated to prevent banking consumers from pulling their money out of banks to avoid paying those fees.

Bloomberg notes that Goodfriend suggested a few theories for how to phase out cash. He floated eliminating large bills to make cash less convenient. He suggested that the Fed charge banks and/or consumers fees for issuing paper currency. He advocated that the issuance of cash be taxed such that consumers only receive 90 cents when withdrawing a dollar. He also called for abolishing cash outright. The Wall Street Journal notes that Goodfriend additionally suggested that cash bills should contain a magnetic strip so they can be scanned and tracked as they move through circulation.

The Federalists Connor Boyack wrote, From Sweden to India and Venezuela to Australia, governments around the world have already taken steps to eliminate cash from their economy. This is particularly attractive in countries like China, with a government that wants to be able to track its citizens at all times.

Cash purchases are notoriously difficult for regulators to monitor.

In a January Senate confirmation hearing, Goodfriend downplayed his seriousness in advocating the policy.

Read the Whole Article

The post...

For Weight Loss, Better Eyes, Good Cholesterol "IndyWatch Feed"

By Dr. Mercola

Chicken as the foundation of a delicious home-cooked meal has been an American mainstay for decades. Not centuries, you might ask? As a matter of fact, up until the 1920s, homesteaders filled chicken coops with chickens to fulfill one main purpose: to produce eggs.

Chickens werent regarded as much beyond egg production until a new concept featuring chicken as a main course took flight in the late 40s. It was based, not surprisingly, on the food industrys initiative to find more uses for said chickens. Today we have a plethora of chicken recipes, from broth to casseroles to fried, not to mention nuggets. But what happened to eggs?

Eggs became a target based on the faulty premise of the medical establishment that eating too many yolks would drive up cholesterol and pack your carotid arteries with plaque. As recently as 2012, eggs were still being maligned and even deemed as health-damaging as smoking cigarettes, according to a Canadian journal.1 Many still believe this, and its the misinformation thats damaging health, not egg consumption.

According to a recent study2 led by Nick Fuller at the University of Sydney, Australia, and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eggs, despite conflicting evidence continuing around the world, are not responsible for heart disease or high cholesterol. In fact, theyre one of the most nutritious foods in your kitchen. When he led the first portion of the study, Fuller wrote that eggs can support several aspects of health, including eye, blood vessel and heart health, healthy pregnancies and fat regulation, noting:

Despite being vilified for decades, dietary cholesterol is understood to be far less detrimental to health than scientists originally thought. The effect of cholesterol in our food on the level of cholesterol in our blood is actually quite small.3

Whether Two Eggs or a Dozen, Egg Intake Shows No Negative Results

The latest study notes that people with Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes ate a dozen eggs a week fo...


Coming soon to Australian shores Catallaxy Files

The Hon. Wayne Swan was and will always be Australias best ever treasurer.  He is probably also the best Treasurer/Finance Minister planet earth is likely to ever see.

Sadly though for Australia and the Australian economy, Mr Swan is no longer Treasurer.  But he is running for the Presidency of the Australian Labor Party.  And according to Troy Bramston:

Mr Swan says he has the experience, time and conviction to be president and has made the battle against inequality his focus. He attacked banks, multinational firms and the media the Murdoch press who must be defeated.

He aligns himself with radical left US politician Bernie Sanders.

There you have it.  Bernie Sanders.  Like music to the inner city lefty ears.

Just consider this.  In February 2017,  in a debate on Obamare and the US health system, Senator Sanders was asked about the costs and regulatory burdens for small business.  And you know what Senator Sanders told the small business person?  Words to the effect of drop dead.

This is the same Senator Sanders who, like the Hon Swan, believes that the purpose of business is to generate taxes for government and work for public service regulatory agencies.

Watch for yourself here.  Or if you dont have time while you are busy generating tax for the government, wait for a Labor Government to see the impacts directly for yourself.

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IPA, Bolt and other deniers throw epic global tantrum after JCU gets rid of Ridd Independent Australia

IPA, Bolt and other deniers throw epic global tantrum after JCU gets rid of RiddClimate science denial groups from the UK, U.S. and Australia have leapt to support a controversial marine scientist who was fired from his job at an Australian university. read now...


Suburban Accounting Catallaxy Files

Intellectual and philosophical consistency.  Its nice to have but not essential.  There is no obligation on people to be consistent, but when they are not, they should at least acknowledge it.  For example, consider the following two statements from the same person:

From 20 May 2018:

The future is unknowable. We cant forecast the economy even a year ahead with any accuracy, but what we can be most sure of is that, even with pure motivations, a mechanical projection out 10 years is highly likely to be way off-beam.

From 20 November 2013:

Did I ever doubt that climate change represented by far the greatest threat to Australias future economic prosperity? Never. Should I have said this more often, rather than chasing a thousand economic will-o-the-wisps? Yes.

When it comes to Treasurys budget forecasts and projections, they are nonsense.  When it comes to climate forecasts and projections, they must be taken as irrefutable; as if published on stone tablets.

And who made those statements?  I think Judith Sloan describes him as the suburban accountant.

Here is the 2018 article Here is the 2013 article.

In the 2018 article, the accountant also wrote this:

Even without the ever-present temptation to fudge, projections are a device for deluding ourselves.

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Spain lied No Right Turn

When Spain suspended Catalan democracy last year and imposed colonial rule from Madrid, it presented it as a temporary measure, to be ended once elections had been held and a new government was in place. But they lost those elections, and their efforts to prevent a new government from being formed (including nakedly arresting and charging a presidential candidate with "rebellion" to prevent his election) failed. And so Spain is now simply refusing to return control:

ANGER was rising in Catalonia last night after Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy backtracked over withdrawing the unprecedented direct rule he imposed after last Octobers independence referendum.

He claimed to recognise the powers of newly-elected President Quim Torra but refused to approve his choice of ministers, four of whom are facing charges connected with the poll, and refused to publish their nominations in the official gazette.

The Madrid government must end direct rule once the Catalan government is formed and cabinet ministers named, under the terms of the emergency legislation brought in under Article 155 of the Spanish constitution.

So much for Rajoy's vaunted "rule of law". This was always and only about usurping Catalan democracy.

As for what happens next, I expect the Catalan government will take the Spanish government to court to enforce its own law. Though I doubt they'll get justice from Spanish judges appointed by Rajoy.


A pawn of the fishing industry No Right Turn

Deep-sea trawling is an environmentally destructive practice which devastates vulnerable marine ecosystems for the private profit of a few fishing companies. The New Zealand government has been worried about this for a long time, and so they've been working through the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation to regulate it in our region. But now, they've suddenly shitcanned that plan:

The Government pulled plans to put major restrictions on deep sea trawling after the fishing industry threatened legal action.

Officials and scientists from New Zealand and Australia had been working on the joint proposal since 2012 and it was finally due to go in front of an inter-governmental body in Peru in late January.

It was designed to protect the stocks of orange roughy in the high seas and prevent the destruction of delicate seabed life like coral and sponges.

But just weeks before the meeting, the High Seas Fisheries lobby group which includes Talleys and Sealord wrote to the Government threatening legal action.

In a story which sounds awfully familiar, Winston Peters got involved, and suddenly six years of careful work and consultation were overturned so the fishing industry could keep on pillaging. Combine it with his push for a "marine sanctuary" in which fishing is permitted, and its beginning to look like the Minister for Foreign Affairs is simply a pawn of the fishing industry.


Throwing a hammer at a moving nail Catallaxy Files

Forget the line about to a hammer everything is a nail.  The new role of government is about buying a pile of hammers, issuing them to bureaucrats (new and to be hired) and asking them to throw them at anything that looks interesting.

Apparently the Commonwealth Government has a new agency called the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA).  Who knew?  Yet the role of this DTA is:

to make it easy for people to deal with government. We help government transform services to be simple, clear and fast.

So yet again it seems that Governments solution to poor government is . more government.  One might imagine that easiest way for most people to deal with government is not to have to deal with government in the first place.   Clearly it is wishful for government to establish a Government Reduction Agency (GRA).  Maybe also when the government runs 100% of the economy, or what is left the economy, then all will be perfect.

So here we go:

The Digital Transformation Agency has revealed plans to prototype a welfare payment delivery system using blockchain technology.

Thats right.  Cart before the horse style.  Rather than working out the best way to delivery welfare payments and then finding the best technology, the DTA wants to pick the technology first and the work out the best way to deliver welfare payments using the pre-determined technology; irrespective off course of whether the distributed ledger solution is the best one.

Yes.  Lets go to a cardiologist to assess our asthma problem and let them perform heart surgery to vary our breathing patterns to help with the asthma.  Brilliant arent they.

But who enables this crap.  The Liberal National Coalition Government of Australia.  As part of the 2018-2019 budget:

the Australian government also set aside AU$700,000 in funding for the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) to investigate areas where blockchain technology could offer the most value for government services.

Ignoring for a moment why the government wants to be in this area in the first place, other than to keep some unnecessary bureaucrats within DTA busy doing stuff that they dont need to do, consider the crowding out effects.  There are lots of blockchain/distributed ledger projects currently going on in the private sector and what is the government doing?  They are bidding up the price of expertise so that some Minister can wear chinos and an open collar shirt at a press conference to look cool and hip.

But lets not also forget the left hand rig...


Modern family or royal wedding madness? Independent Australia

Modern family or royal wedding madness?Its the worst thing to happen to a republican, but falling for royal wedding madness is a catching disease. read now...


The pond is taking a break ... loon pond

The last the pond heard, Jeffrey Bernard, James Bolam, Peter O'Toole and sundry others, including no doubt the original Dorothy Parker, have been unwell, and so too is the pond, and it's time for another break, with business to be resumed when some form of wellness returns.

There's always a danger in reptile handling and the pond has succumbed yet again but for those up to the task, no doubt the reptiles will keep on giving ...


Day to Day Politics: Finally, policies will be put to the test The AIM Network

Tuesday 22 May 2018 I find it impossible to imagine that the Australian people would be so gullible as to elect for a third term a government that has performed so miserably in the first two. But they just might (JL). He has worked up a lovely public persona: as cultured as Keating but blessed

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Just be fair: when does journalism undermine its own reputation? "IndyWatch Feed"

 I don't think I have ever seen another media organisation targeted by the full force of the State, as WikiLeaks is. Interview with Stefania Maurizi.

lead lead lead Stefania Maurizi. Photographer,Roberto. All rights reserved.Stefania Maurizi works for the Italian daily La Repubblica as an investigative journalist. She has worked on all the WikiLeaks releases of secret documents, and the Snowden files about Italy. She has recently started a multijurisdictional Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) litigation effort to defend the right of the press to access the full set of documents on the Julian Assange and WikiLeaks case. Six years since Ecuador granted Julian Assange political asylum, a freedom of information act in the UK is shedding light on what was happening behind the scenes during that period. With few records and a great deal of mystery...

Yorgos Boskos (YB): In a speech to the International Journalism Festival in Perugia last April, you outlined the multijurisdictional Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) litigation effort that you have launched to defend the right of the press to have access to the full set of documents on the Julian Assange and WikiLeaks case. What are the outcomes of this procedure so far?

Stefania Maurizi (SM): The reporters covering Assanges case were just willing to crib from the authorities declarations. No media has tried to access the full set of documents in his regard. FOIA litigation is an ongoing procedure in Sweden and UK. I would like to litigate the case in the US and Australia as well. I would like to litigate the case in the US and Australia as well.

Sweden has a very helpful transparency law when it comes to Freedom of Information, enabling me to get hold of 226 pages of documents for the first time. Most of those documents were not redacted. Thanks to those documents, I learned that the UK authorities looked at this case as special in their correspondence with the Swedish prosecutors, and a UK lawyer named Paul Close working for the UK Crown Prosecution Service the UK Government's entity whi...


Noble Caledonia Limited changes the 'spin' around its "Australian Coastal Odyssey" cruise and the Port 0f Yamba-Clarence River visit North Coast Voices

It seems that Noble Caledonia Limited has decided to downgrade its description of the delights of Iluka and is trying to hide from locals the short amount of time MV Caledonian Sky passengers will be spending on land during the ship's brief stop over.

Spot the difference.

This was a snaphot of Day 16 of the cruise itineray taken on 20 November 2017....

This is a a snaphot of Day 16 of the cruise itineray taken on 20 May 2018....


AUSTRALIA 2018: Turnbull Government continues to hammer the vulnerable North Coast Voices

Remember when reading this that the Turnbull Government is still intending to proceed with its planned further corporate tax cuts reportedly worth an est. $65 billion. Compare this policy with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding in Budget 2018-19 which is $43 billion over four years and no dedicated NDIS funding stream established as had been previously promised.

Australian Federation of Disability Organisations & Summer Foundation, media release, 14 May 2018:


The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) presented its latest policy position for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in a statement to the provider and investor market on 24 April.

People with disabilities and developers of innovative housing for people with disabilities are pleased the NDIA has reiterated the governments commitment to SDA in its SDA Provider and Investor Brief. The NDIA has confirmed that the SDA funding model is here to stay.


Sometimes the good die old Catallaxy Files

Working the Graveyard Shift here at Catallaxy as I do, I thought I should mention for the record the passing of two of the all-time great authors. The first is Bernard Lewis, and this is from Roger Franklin at Quadrant Online:

Vale Bernard Lewis

bernard lewis

To reach the age of 101 is by any reckoning a pretty fair innings, but mere longevity was the least of Bernard Lewis achievements. The author of some 30 books and hundreds of articles passed away on Saturday (May 19) at an assisted-living home in New Jersey, where he spent his final years. As the Jerusalem Post puts it

Lewis was a leading scholar on Oriental and Middle Eastern studies. His study of antisemitism, Semites and Anti-Semites was a cry against Soviet and Arab attempts to delegitimize Israel he argued Arab rage against Israel was disproportionate to other tragedies or injustices in the Muslim world.

Quadrants Daryl McCann addressed Lewis work and his critics on the Left, not least the late and unlamented Edward Said, in our October, 2012, edition. His essay, Bernard Lewis and the Dangerous Creed of Freedom, can be read via this link.

The other is Tom Wolfe who passed away last week at 88. I had been scouting for someone who sees him as I do, but having begun with The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test in 1968 and you cannot imagine what a blast it was at the time and then eventually ended up with his The Kingdom of Speech, his last book, for which I did a rave review* also at Quadrant [November 2016 but, alas, not online], it has been not easy to find someone who covers the terrain. It was not his fiction I truly enjoyed, but the new journalism, if you will pardon the expression, since we are talking about something that began fifty years ago. So let me snatch these bits from John Derbyshires 2004 review of I am Charlotte Simmons, which fiction though it is and a book I truly enjoyed where the right sort of sentiments are struck.

 The political incorrectness. Well, not exactly that. Tom Wolfe takes no point of view, has no bill of goods to sell. He just ca...

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Monday, 21 May


Does the Coalition have a woman problem or just a problem being human? The AIM Network

Does the Coalition have a woman problem? Or a female problem as Education Minister and Gonski-con-artist, simple Simon Birmingham puts it? Or just your everyday, run of the mill, neoliberal lack of humanity problem? Certainly, our heart of stone; our national emotional deficit and compassion bypass, betray us this week as parvenus on a world

The post Does the Coalition have a woman problem or just a problem being human? appeared first on The AIM Network.


Man the life rafts The AIM Network

By 2353NM It is probably an urban myth that the dance band on the Titanic were playing Nearer my God to Thee as they went to a watery death with the ship. The Titanic was unsinkable and somehow it was deemed the ship didnt need enough life saving devices on board to accommodate all the passengers and

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Israel turns 70 as Palestine bleeds and grieves Independent Australia

Israel turns 70 as Palestine bleeds and grievesWhile Palestinians were being slaughtered, Israels Prime Minister Netanyahu was declaring this a most glorious day. read now...


Why even Republicans like me got sucked into the royal wedding

Try as I did to resist, this last week I found myself pulled into the vortex of joy that was the royal wedding. In the leadup I disdainfully dismissed it as the pompous ceremony (and yes I mean pompous ceremony not pomp and ceremony) of an elitist and sexist institution that regarded the church as chaplain to its power except that what I found was a celebration of love and marriage that captured the hearts and attention of the world and a preacher determined to shape power rather than submit weakly to it.

The British monarchy has long ceased exercising real political power. On this occasion it seemed to do something far more important: it symbolised hope. Few Britons will ever meet Harry, but that does not stop them owning and loving him. They have shared his life, from the day he was born to the young boy who lost his mother in a tragic accident, whose grief was lived out publicly, to the brash adolescent whose misjudgements were reported internationally, into the decent and good man who has owned his calling to serve the community that he now appears to be. And this week they were with him again as he celebrated his marriage to the American actress Meghan Markle and appear ready to adopt her as their own.

The Royals play a role in society unlike any others. In a way no politician, celebrity or other institution can, they can represent the hopes of the people, embody and project back to them everything they want to be. Its not just that the people love Harry. The British monarchy, when taken into the hearts of the people, becomes a sign that we can be good, noble, kind and generous; that there are traditions, like marriage, that are worth preserving and celebrating; and that there is a possibility for genuine nobility of being (even if not of birth).

Observing from a distance, it seemed that for a long time this was centred on the Queen Mother. Some of her grandchildren may have behaved like right royal shits but she enjoyed almost saint-like status. Since her death the Queen assumed the saint-like mantle (we Aussies may not like the idea of the monarchy but we all admire the Queen), which the British (and I dare say Australian) public have also conferred on Edward and Harry. Sure, its grounded in mythology that will never stand close scrutiny, and its ironic that the Royals represent what we can be when we can never be who they are, but isnt that the nature of all symbols? For the crowds that lined the streets and the millions who watched on TV, the wedding brought them together to hope for the best, to celebrate the good, and to take joy in life. Im still a passionate republican, but if events like the Royal wedding can help us hope for the best, believe the best, long for the best and strive for the best I will celebrate them too.



In which the dinosaurs return ... loon pond

Say what?

We're back to the future already? How did the oscillating fan end up there?

Well a stark natural tragedy unfolded this day, and the pond felt it needed to be covered in the late arvo slot where no one much cares or pays any attention ...

Indeed, indeed, the taxpayers want to invest in a coal fired power station under the new five year plan or perhaps just do a Joe Stalin. 

Let the onion muncher explain the pleasure of forcible government acquisitions ...

Socialise energy! The pond has said it all along. All this nonsensical talk of free markets is just an irritating distraction.

The only way to good dinkum clean coal is via socialistic practices ...

And that's how the oscillating fan came to his logical conclusion



On the left its all about power Catallaxy Files


Thats in some third world backwater where the elections are fixed and you cannot get rid of the left even when they are ruining everything about your lives. Wouldnt happen in any of the established Western democracies, would it? We shall see.

I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!


Constitutional Wars Catallaxy Files

This is Section 67 of the North Korean (DPRK) Consitution:

Citizens are guaranteed freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, demonstration and association.

The State shall guarantee conditions for the free activity of democratic political parties and social organizations.

This is Article 50 of the Soviet Union (USSR) Constitution:

In accordance with the interests of the people and in order to strengthen and develop the socialist system, citizens of the USSR are guaranteed freedom of speech, of the press, and of assembly, meetings, street processions and demonstrations. Exercise of these political freedoms is ensured by putting public buildings, streets and squares at the disposal of the working people and their organisations, by broad dissemination of information, and by the opportunity to use the press, television, and radio.

This is Article 53 of the Cuban Constitution:

Citizens have freedom of speech and of the press in keeping with the objectives of socialist society. Material conditions for the exercise of that right are provided by the fact that the press, radio, television, movies and other organs of the mass media are State or social property and can never be private property. This assures their use at the exclusive service of the working people and in the interest of society.

The law regulates the exercise of these freedoms.

This is Section 44(i) of the Australian Constitution:

Any person who is under any acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power;

shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives.

If Spartacus were to ask, what is the difference between these 4 constitutional extracts, one might have once replied that the first 3 examples (North Korea, USSR and Cuba) were more honoured in the breach than in the observance.  Can that number still be limited to just the first 3?

If it has not been noticed, there is a common ingredient among those parliamentarians who have been disqualified under Section 44.  They were either born in Australia or came to Australia as very young children.  They also presumably signed statements that they were eligible to stand.

This makes one wonder as to the qualit...


AGL: using market power to mint profits Catallaxy Files

Alintas bid to buy AGLs unwanted power station for $250 million has been rejected.

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg pointed out that AGL valued the power station at zero in 2014 but back then electricity prices were under $40 per MWh, about half of their present levels.  The plant was sold by the state government for only one million dollars on the advice of Kerry Schott, who also advised the sale of Vales Point, now valued at $750 million, for $1 million.  Ms Schotts clairvoyance was rewarded by Prime Minister Turnbull appointing her as the head of the leading energy industry quango!

Tony Abbott is calling for a compulsory purchase and re-sell, arguing that the firm is closing the power station only so that the decline in capacity will boost prices for its other generation.

The Coalition comprises a wing that is tearing into AGL recognising the firm as the corporate gouger that policies have allowed it to become.  Frydenberg is seeking to balance this and the Turnbullites, who might even endorse the vacuous ALP spokesman Andrew Leighs labelling of the Abbott proposals as representing, the coal dinosaur factions who want to see taxpayers money go to subsidise coal-fired power plants.

Based on its February 2018 interim results, Liddell is producing some 7,000 GWh of electricity a year about 17 per cent of AGLs output.  Based on the average price at spot this year of $85 per MWh, its revenue would be about $600 million a year.  Coal and other operating costs might, on the basis of the opportunity costs of contracted coal, be as much as $30 per MWh.  That would still leave a gross profit before interest, tax and maintenance of close to $400 million a year.

Some market players claim, as they have done for the past three years that, with all this wind and other capacity, the price will soon collapse to $60 per MWh.  In that case, gross profit before interest, tax and maintenance would be around $200 million.

AGL claims it is rejecting the Alinta offer because it, significantly undervalues future cash flows to AGL of operating the Liddell power station until 2022 and the repurposing of the site thereafter.  The repurposing includes the odds and sods of a 100 MW upgrade of the Bayswater coal plant, a new $400 million gas power plant in Newcastle and new solar and wind plants and plans fu...


Compare and Contrast Catallaxy Files

What is the difference between the ABC and the Australian you may ask?  Here are the biographies of their respective Economics Editors.

ABC Emma Alberici  Chief Economics Correspondent

Emma Alberici is the ABCs chief economics correspondent. She was previously the host of ABCs Lateline and ABCs Europe correspondent. Prior to moving to London, Emma was a senior business journalist for ABC TV and Radio Current Affairs. Emma has twice been a finalist at the Walkley Awards for journalism. She tweets at @albericie.

The Australian Adam Creighton Economics Editor

Adam Creighton is an award-winning economics journalist with a special interest in tax and financial policy. He spent most of 2016 at the Wall Street Journal in Washington DC. He won the Citi Journalism Award for Excellence in 2015, and was runner up in the internationally recognised Bastiat Prize for Journalism in 2014. He started his career at the Reserve Bank of Australia and studied economics at Oxford, where he was a Commonwealth Scholar. In 2017 he was appointed to the National Archives of Australia Advisory Council.

One day in the future, Mr Creighton may be lucky enough to be a @walkleys finalist for a story on tax minimisation #justsaying.  Just a finalist.  Not a winner.

Your ABC no more fat to cut.  #justsaying.

Follow I Am Spartacus on Twitter at @Ey_am_Spartacus


Unsettling the Summits: John Boltons Libya Solution The AIM Network

The inevitable stop, start and stuttering of the Korean peace process was bound to manifest itself soon after the hugs, expansive smiles and sympathetic back rubs. Dates have been set the Kim-Trump summit is slated to take place in Singapore on June 12, though there is much time for disruptive mischief to take place.

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We Were Lied to by A Clockwork Orange "IndyWatch Feed"

Thugs actually hate classical music.

From the L.A. Review of Books:

Bach at the Burger King
By Theodore Gioia

From Theodore Gioias website: Hailing from a line of writers, Theodore has the dubious distinction of being the second best-known writer named Ted Gioia in his family. The Gioias are like the Therouxs of the 21st Century.

MAY 17, 2018

AT THE CORNER of 8th and Market in San Francisco, by a shuttered subway escalator outside a Burger King, an unusual soundtrack plays. A beige speaker, mounted atop a tall window, blasts Baroque harpsichord at deafening volumes. The music never stops. Night and day, Bach, Mozart, and Vivaldi rain down from Burger King rooftops onto empty streets.

Empty streets, however, are the target audience for this concert. The playlist has been selected to repel sidewalk listeners specifically, the mid-Market homeless who once congregated outside the restaurant doors that served as a neighborhood hub for the indigent. Outside the BART escalator, an encampment of grocery carts, sleeping bags, and plastic tarmacs had evolved into a sidewalk shantytown attracting throngs of squatters and street denizens. There used to be a mob that would hang out there, remarked local resident David Allen, and now there may be just one or two people. When I passed the corner, the only sign of life I found was a trembling woman crouched on the pavement, head in hand, as classical harpsichord besieged her ears.

Experts trace the practices origins back to a drowsy 7-Eleven in British Columbia in 1985, where some clever Canadian manager played Mozart outside the store to repel parking-lot loiterers. Mozart-in-the-Parking-Lot was so successful at discouraging teenage reprobates that 7-Eleven implemented the program at over 150 stores, becoming the first company to battle vandalism with the viola. Then the idea spread to West Palm Beach, Florida, where in 2001 the police confronted a drug-ridden street corner by installing a loudspeaker booming Beethoven and Mozart. The officers were amazed when at 10 oclock at night there was not a soul on the corner, remarked Detective Dena Kimberlin. Soon other police departments started calling. From that point, the tactic now codified as an official maneuver in the Polite Policemans Handbook exploded in popularity for both private companies and public institutions. Over the last decade, symphonic security has swept across the globe as a standard procedure from Australia to Alaska.

Today, deterrence through classical music is de rigueur for Americ...


A movement of the people in Australia (Part 1) The AIM Network

Part Thirty-six of a history of European occupation, rule, and brutal imperialism of Indigenous Australia, by Dr George Venturini. The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples can be seen as an interpretation and expansion of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It states a minimum level for how the Indigenous Peoples questions

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Show Me Your Papers! The AIM Network

Do you carry papers? You know the sort of thing we saw in the movie Casablanca where Nazi SS officers would demand to see your papers and if you didnt have any or they werent in order, you would be in big trouble. Generally speaking, we dont carry papers in Australia but Peter Dutton is

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In which the pond finds the Major in a state of uncertainty ... loon pond

The reptiles are in a state of high anxiety this day, and the Major was surprisingly gloomy when let out of his cage the old bellicosity wasn't in high gear, the age of uncertainty seemed to have arrived.

Oh sure the old enemies were still all around, and required a smiting and a smoting, but saving Malware and returning him to office seemed like it was going to be a big job for the reptiles. The size of the task seemed to daunt the Major

Naturally this is all the fault of the wicked, dastardly ABC, and so the Major just had to pick up the gauntlet ...

Indeed, indeed, the suffering of the rich invariably moves the pond to tears, as the reptiles patiently explain their endless tales of woe

What a just and caring man is ScoMo, how he earns the right to appear in a snap, as the Major berates all the usual for failing to see the world through his one good right eye ...

Oh the shameless lickspittle forelock-tugging fellow travellers, this is a job for the Major. 

Only he is able to point out the problems with comrade Bill, only he can do the sales job right

Damn you progressive media, damn you all that it should be the Major who scores the short straw ...


Conspiring against transparency No Right Turn

Radio New Zealand has yet another story of the Auckland Council failing to meet its obligations under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act, and having to be ordered to release material by the Ombudsman. This time its about proposals for a new stadium. But what's interesting is how Auckland Mayor Phil Goff deliberately tried to insulate himself from having to release information on the matter:

Mr Goff personally called for the report soon after he was elected Mayor in October 2016, following 33 years in national politics.

Consultants PwC were engaged in January, although that move was not publicly announced until March, and the draft was delivered on time in June to the council agency Regional Facilities Auckland (RFA).

Mr Goff opted for a verbal briefing, and did want a copy of the draft.

The aim was clearly to lie about what he had been told, while being able to claim that the actual document wasn't held by him and could not be requested. Which is not acceptable behaviour from any elected official. But it shows how deep the OIA rot goes within Labour, and raises serious questions about Goff's compliance with the Public Records Act.

As for Auckland Council, they tried to claim that as they'd called the report a "draft", they didn't have to release it - which shows that they don't understand the law (or alternatively, are willing to lie about the law to requesters in the hope they won't complain). As the Ombudsman pointed out, "There is no basis for a blanket withholding of drafts under LGOIMA until they are completed and finalised," and this one is so old it has its own section in the common OIA misconceptions FAQ, which you'd expect the supposed professionals at Auckland Council to be familiar with. So either they're not professional or not competent. Either way, Auckland Council needs to hire a new LGOIMA team committed to obeying the law.


From royal weddings to republics and revolution Independent Australia

From royal weddings to republics and revolutionThe royal wedding was sugar-coated propaganda designed to prop up the ruling class at the expense of the masses, writes John Passant. read now...


LNG project that promised economic boom leaves PNG in worse state: report "IndyWatch Feed"

Source: Isabel Esterman / Mongabay. 

  • Proponents of PNG LNP, an ExxonMobil-led natural gas project in Papua New Guinea, predicted it would bring massive economic benefits to landowners and to the country as a whole.
  • According to two recent reports by the Jubilee Australia Research Centre, PNGs economy is worse off than it would have been without the project.
  • Jubilee Australia also links the PNG LNG project to an upswing of violence in the areas around the plant.

In 2008, when a consortium led by ExxonMobil was drumming up support for a $19 billion natural gas extraction and processing project in Papua New Guinea, proponents of the development predicted it would underpin the countrys economy for decades.

Production began in 2014, and now reaches approximately 7.9 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas per year. However, according to two recent reports by advocacy group Jubilee Australia Research Centre, the PNG LNG project has not only exacerbated conflict and inequality in the Papua New Guinea highlands, it has also failed to produce the promised benefits. According to Jubilee Australias analysis, PNGs economy would be better off if the gas had been left in the ground.

Predicted economic impacts of the PNG LNG project compared to actual impacts (based on Jubilee Australias analysis of underlying economic trends). While exports have exceeded expectations, GDP growth has been slower than forecast and income, employment and government spending have dropped. Image courtesy of Jubilee Australia.

Big promises

When pitching the project, developers made big promises about the economic and social benefits the megaproject would bring to the country.

One influential 2008 study, an economic impact analysis commissioned by ExxonMobil and authored by Australian con...



JUSTIN TKATCHENKO WAS STILL MP AND GOVERNMENT MINISTER WHILE HOLDING ONTO HIS AUSTRALIAN CITIZENSHIP Where is the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB)? If you are a foreigner and trying to purchase your first property in Australia, your application to purchase is strictly processed by that Board. Ted Taru a PNG National went thru the process, paid a nonrefundable fee of $15,000 to instigate the process. You are asked all sorts of questions like, where did you get the money, how you get it, contract documents, bank accounts etc.....very very scary but he did get his approval and bought the property in Cairns eventually. Now the question is.....was that Gardener cum MP an Australian citizen when he bought those properties? If that was the case he wasn't questioned because he doesn't have to go thru the FIRB as an Australian citizen, and on the other hand, was he qualified and eligible to contest the National Elections if he can easily acquire those properties with ease!? He circumvented laws and regulations here and in Australia! Investigations is a must The owner of a Brookfield property is battling Brisbane City Council and a local residents group to build an aviary big enough to house 600 finches alongside her home. Catherine Tkatchenko, whose husband is Papua New Guinea cabinet minister Justin Tkatchenko, paid $1.77 million for the 34,470sq m Brookfield Road site in 2015. The couple also own a $1.1m house at Fig Tree Pocket, in Brisbanes west. Plans lodged with the council in 2016 proposed a 320sq m house almost 11m in height, 30 aviaries over 380sq m, plus a lake, fountain, pool and small animal stables. In response to the plans, 178 residents lodged objections that raised concerns about noise and odours from the aviaries and stables, and described the buildings as an eyesore. A seven-page submission from the community-based Rural Environment Planning Association said the scale of an...


Ever wonder why education standards are falling? Catallaxy Files

The Australian National University research, published in March, studied how children were influenced by gender stereotyping and found prejudice along race and gender lines can be observed in children as young as 3-4 years of age.

Under the new guidelines, childrens favourites including Thomas the Tank Engine, Noddy and Winnie the Pooh could be banned for not meeting gender tests.

Disney dress-ups, Barbie and Bratz dolls and superhero play could also become a thing of the past.

Dr King wrote: If girls avoid playing with toys such as Lego, they may miss opportunities to develop special and mechanical reasoning skills that are necessary for careers and courses in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Girls who played with highly feminised characters like Barbies had fewer career options; engagement with Disney princess toys led to more female-stereotypical views.

Boys who watched superhero shows were more gender-stereotyped in their thinking, according to the study, which analysed 28 academic papers on gender in early learning.

From the Herald Sun.

Of course this is a cover-up for the real scandal.

Australian children are lagging behind when it comes to developing basic skills in primary school but they are staying in school for longer.

The Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youths five-year snapshot, released on Sunday, shows Australia ranks 35th out of 40 OECD countries on preschool attendance, although the number of four- and five-year-olds who attend has dropped in recent years.

Whats that you say?

the number of four- and five-year-olds who attend has dropped in recent years. 

Parents are not sending their children to be indoctrinated by the thought police?




How do you achieve tax reform when the government are more interested in name-calling than honesty? The AIM Network

Rather than prosecuting the case for their policies, such as they are, the Coalition have decided their best chance of re-election lies with their Kill Bill strategy where they try to convince us, mainly through puerile name-calling like Unvelieva-Bill, that Bill Shorten cant be trusted because he says one thing in Canberra and another thing

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Why is Labour building houses for the rich? No Right Turn

KiwiBuild - the promise to squash the housing bubble by building 100,000 new affordable homes - is Labour's core policy for this term. Pretty obviously, if they do that, it will help get more people into their own homes, rather than paying rent to some landleech. But when it comes to implementation, Labour is quite happy to sell those houses to the rich:

People wanting to buy one of the Government's affordably priced homes will not be income-tested.

That means high-income earners will not be blocked from purchasing one of the 100,000 planned houses to be built over 10 years, which will be priced at up to $650,000.

Housing Minister Phil Twyford said the criteria for prospective buyers in the KiwiBuild scheme were still being developed.

It is already known that the houses will be limited to first home-buyers and permanent residents.

But it is understood that income caps will not be used for the scheme.

Not applying income caps will mean that the wealthy are free to bid up the price and continue the bubble. It also raises the prospect of those houses ending up in the property portfolios of landlords and speculators rather than improving home ownership rates. And when we have a crisis caused in part by the wealthy hoarding houses, letting them do more of the same just seems foolish.

But its also inconsistent with the values Labour is purporting to represent to voters. They're supposed to stand for ordinary kiwis, not the wealthy. So why are they building houses for the latter?


Palmerston North voters are racists too No Right Turn

So, it turns out that Palmerston North voters are racists too, just like their hick cousins in Manawat:

Palmerston North people have spoken and more than two-thirds who voted were in opposition to creating separate Mori wards.

Results from a binding poll came in on Saturday night, with 14,567 voting against wards for the city council and 6530 voting for.

The percentage was 68.87 against and 30.88 per cent for.

The turnout was at 37.21 per cent of eligible voters, and 49 votes were counted as blank and four "informal" votes received.

I guess its just too much to expect better from this rural shithole. I hope they're really proud of themselves, being exactly the sort of people Don Brash thinks they are.

As for the solution, Local Government New Zealand has pointed out the iniquity of a racist law which allows the majority to veto minority representation, and they're right. Either all boundary changes need to be subject to referendum (in which case Maori can force a referendum on any scheme which does not guarantee appropriate representation), or none should be. But the current situation, where some boundary changes but not others can result in a referendum, based on race, is simply racism.

ActionStation has a petition on the issue here if you'd like to sign it (note: this form does not comply with the Privacy Act). But with NZ First involved in the government and holding a blocking majority in parliament, I doubt there will be progress in this term of parliament.


Australia slides further down the global rankings on jobs and growth Independent Australia

Australia slides further down the global rankings on jobs and growthMalcolm Turnbull ought not be so braggy. Australias jobs and growth situation is nowhere near as strong as he wants voters to believe. read now...


In which the Oreo gets religious freedom week off with a bang ... loon pond

It was Crikey that drew the pond's attention to this potent patch of purple prose by Patrick, and the pond felt the need to spread its pulchritudinous perfection as far and as wide as possible

And then came this, with its cheeky hieroglyph ...

Meanwhile, the rolled gold delusion rolled on this time on The Insiders ...

Translation: "I've got a ticket made of metal, such as brass, coated with a thin layer of gold, used to make inexpensive jewellery, and any rolled gold promise or reference I make should be taken as a cheap trinket of the Tarjay kind "

But the pond has given up on rolled gold, and today is triumphant.

On the weekend, it predicted that religious freedom would turn into a reptile crusade this week, and sure enough, the reptiles let loose the Oreo and not just your ordinary average Oreo it's your ...

There was just one mystery.


Day to Day Politics: Liberal Partys women problem and other stuff. The AIM Network

Monday 21 May 2018  I decided to take a weeks rest after the scourge of writers burnout had lingered beyond its used by date. My wife had found me asleep with my head on the keyboard the computer typing a story of its own truth. Anyhow, I am now refreshed ready to take up

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Records Show FBI Informant Stefan Halper Was Paid $282,000 in 2016 For Spying on Trump And Another $129,280 in 2017 "IndyWatch Feed"

It has been widely reported that the Obama administration had a spy working inside the Trump campaign.

As previously reported internet sleuths have determined who the FBI spy was inside the Trump campaign.

Jeff Carlson at theMarketswork on Thursday put together a piece where he places an individual by the name of Stefan Halper as a potential FBI spy into the Trump campaign. (Note that some believe that Obama may have had more than one spy on the Trump campaign).

It was a lucrative business for Stefan Halper.

Internet sleuth Jacob Wohl discovered that Stefan Halper was paid $282,295 in September 2016 for research and development in the social sciences and humanities.

This is important because Halper enticed young George Papadopoulos to London with the promise of thousands of dollars for his assistance.

Wohl also tweeted that Halper was the same person who invited George Papadopolous to London, where he just so happened to sit down next to that infamous Australian Diplomat (who also worked with the Clinton Foundation) and Halper also lured Carter Page into compromising situations involving Russians.

Another Twitter sleuth identified a second payment to Halper in the amount of $129,280 making the total payments to Halper more than $400,000 from President Obamas Administration to spy on the future President of...


Water raiders are eyeing the Clarence River - again North Coast Voices

In 2007 Clarence Valley communities saw off an Australian prime minister (John Howard) and his water minister (Malcolm Turnbull)  - telling them "Not A Drop".

The issue of inter-basin water transfer became an election issue that year and the National Party lost the seat of Page and the Liberal-Nationals Coalition Government lost the federal election.

Having learnt nothing from the commitment of local people in the Clarence Valley, including traditional owners, once again the water raiders have raised their heads above the parapet.

The Daily Examiner, letter to the Editor, 19 May 2018, p.14:

Clarence diversion

On April 18, 2018, Toowoomba Regional Council in south-east Queensland resolved to submit a motion to the National General Assembly of Local Government in June this year.

This motion calls for the Assembly to amend Resolution 7...


The Turnbull Government has the solution to its poll number blues already at hand - but will it act? North Coast Voices
State and federal governments have known for years that there is a correlation between unoccupied residential housing, negative gearing of investment properties and capital gains by individuals in the higher income percentiles.

An est. 11.2 per cent of residential properti...


antifa notes (may 21, 2018) : anti-semites goto church in gosford /// bigly league politics slackbastard

Briefly: Cooks Convicts ~versus~ Jesus Christ L to R : Neil Erikson; Paul Exley; Rino Bluebeard Grgurovic; Danny Peanna/Parkinson. Cooks Convicts on this occasion, being repped by Neil Erikson, Paul Exley, Rino Bluebeard Grgurovic, Danny Peanna/Parkinson and Lachlan/Logan Spalding Continue reading

Saturday, 07 December



Towards the end of this weekend, two senior members and executive of the Papua New Guinea Judicial Womens association were in Goroka to meet and address community leaders and their young people at a neigbourhood in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province. Magistrates of the family court, Ms Rosie Aize Johnson, and Ms Rosemary Koimo made appearances and addressed the community on a number of pressing issues and concerns regarding family and sexual violence. They met with communities and made presentations of rugby league uniforms donated by an Australian club.

The PNG Judiciary has a new organization set up by the women Judges and Magistrates in November last year. One of their aims is to be proactive in engaging with stakeholders in the community. Ms Rosie Aize Johnson the Vice President of the PNG Judicial Womens Association and the Secretary of the PNGJWA, Ms Rosemary Koimo travelled to Goroka, courtesy of the UN Women PNG to make awareness with communities, especially with the young people about their responsibilities in promoting nonviolent society, and of special importance is about protecting women and children through sports. 
Rosie Aize Johnson (L) and Rosemary Koimo

The Association is very much in its infancy, but over the last twelve months, individual and collective efforts have been put in to build its own network both within PNG and also internationally. The PNGJWA has gone into partnership with UN Women Australia and other international organisations and of course the Law and Justice Sector programme here in PNG. The Goroka assignment is the first time the association has taken the bold step...

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