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Wednesday, 18 July


NSW Northern Rivers koala deaths continue at an alarming rate in 2018 North Coast Voices

Echo NetDaily, 12 July 2018:

Friends of the Koala reports that despite its campaign to prevent koala extinction on the North Coast, 12 sick, injured and dead koalas were brought to i...

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Tuesday, 17 July


The joy of extra CO2 Catallaxy Files

Sit up class!

Straight backs. Face the front.

Davidson stop reading comics under the desk. Will the big lout at the back put the stock market report away. Do your trading at playtime.

Take out your copy of Climate Change: The Facts 2017.

No not the 2014 one Lizzie. Stop making faces at her Gab. Its not her fault that shes slow.

Turn to page 189. Chapter 14. Carbon Dioxide and Plant Growth by Dr Craig D Idso, the founder, former president and current chairman of the board of the Centre for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change.

This is an amazing paper and it falls right into my original ballpark Agronomy, the integrating part of Agricultural Science that I studied in Hobart and then at the Waite Ag Research Institute in Adelaide. The Institute is a centre of excellence located next to the CSIRO Soils Division and the Wine Research Institute. Wine was not the big deal that it is these days, we were still taking it from glass flagons and beer was still overwhelmingly the drink of preference.

No I am not going to tell you about my research again, I told you about that when we did the neutralisation of the oceans and the barrier reef.

You all know that the level of CO2 is seriously sub-optimal for plant growth and a revelation in this paper is that the temperature is arguably sub-optimal as well.

The trend in CO2, from a preindustrial baseline a bit under 300 ppm we are now about 400 and we could reach 800 by the end of the century under the business as usual scenario.

Productivity. He cites figures for the extra growth of plants with 300ppm extra CO2 (not sure about the baseline). Average for herbaceous plants is 33% extra biomass. Especially strong performers are fruit of all kinds including grapes and also carrots and turnips near 70% extra.

Trees do even better, woody plants average 50% more biomass with the extra CO2.

Many aquatic plants do better as well, although there has been less study of them.

Yes Johanna I know hes still reading comics. You dont need to be a tittle tattle.

Enhanced water efficiency

This is a doozey because water is a limiting factor many places especially for broad acre farming and grazing where irritation is not an option.

You dont need to laugh Bruce, you know I meant irrigation.

Higher CO2 reduces the opening of the stomata (pores) in the leaves which give out water vapour (the main loss of water from the plant). They also produce less stomata. One might expect this to reduce the intake of CO2 but apparently with higher concentrations that is not an issue.

Enhanced water efficiency enables plants to expand into drier areas. This is already being observed to reduce soil erosion as a collateral benefit.

More or...


Calls to make Britain great again draw on pseudo-intellectual defences of Empire "IndyWatch Feed"

Are white academics and politicians finding the space in Brexit Britain to rehabilitate colonialism, even as they claim victim status themselves?

Image: Rhodes Must Fall Oxford.

The British Empire was a white supremacist project of conquest, plunder and dispossession requiring the most extreme and brutal forms of violence. But since the Brexit vote with questions of immigration to the fore the nations appetite for imperial mythology and fantasy has grown. In place of the European market, government officials expected to revitalise long-abandoned trade relationships with the Commonwealth, expressing a preference for Indian and Australian migrants over Europeans.

Dubbed Empire 2.0, the policy mixed the arrogance of former imperial grandeur with the recycling in commodity-ready form of a discredited and shameful era in British history. Brexit has created the space for an unapologetic reassertion of colonialism. The hankering for Britain to be great again has not only infused British politics, but has been mirrored in the renewed appeal of mythical narratives about Britains imperial history in academia. Pseudo-intellectualised attempts to rehabilitate Britain's imperial past have surfaced, partly in response to the ground gained by effective anti-colonial movements.

Last year Oxford University announced a five-year project entitled Ethics of Empire' to be led by Oxford theologian Nigel Biggar. Biggar is a long-time apologist of the British empire, and as such has unsurprisingly seized the opportunity to gain institutional support for his research on empire. Biggar and Oxford...


The conversation we dont have but desperately need The AIM Network

By Sean Hurley We need to have a conversation about economics. Not the prototypical economic conversation; theres no need to discuss regulation, interest, inflation, derivatives, or even the type of money we use. Our conversation should instead address the foundation of our modern economic system. Examine our economy from a broad perspective, without getting bogged

The post The conversation we dont have but desperately need appeared first on The AIM Network.


In which the pond enjoys a postprandial Caterist disruption to its usual torpor ... loon pond

The reptiles continued during 'the day' to attempt to cope with 'alternative reality', like 'Russian spies' , but the pond felt the need, with the sun over the yard arm, for a hit of distilled essence of Caterism

The valiant lad, taking a break from sucking on the teat of the Australian taxpayer, was blessed by a Krygsman which distilled the essence of Caterist thinking floating in mid-air ...

The pond has no idea why anyone might be agitated. Sue 'em!

More Graudian cartoons here ...

It is of course above the Caterist pay grade to provide a detailed explanation of "a hard Brexi...


Barnaby's 'Leave Me Alone Tour' continues at Canberra Writers Festival Independent Australia

Barnaby's 'Leave Me Alone Tour' continues at Canberra Writers FestivalFormer Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is the headline event at this years Canberra Writers Festival. read now...


ABC Fact Check: Error-ridden and misleading I Catallaxy Files

Cats will recall that Chris Berg and I recently calculated that ABC journos are nearly 5 times (precisely: 4.74 times) more likely to vote Greens than the general Australian population. I wrote about it recently here at the Cat.

To remind ourselves this is what Chris and I did:

What Chris and I did was match that peer reviewed research with data from the Australian Electoral Commission results for the 2013 election and then report that ABC journalists were almost 5 times more likely to vote Greens than the general population.

This has caused a huge kerfuffle and now is the subject of an RMIT-ABC Fact Check analysis.

Their conclusion: Flimsy.

Now it isnt quite clear what flimsy means Im sure they would have loved to have concluded False, Wrong, Misleading etc. Anyway lets have a look at what the ABC Fact Check unit did.

It is important to have a clear understanding of what Chris and I did: we compared results from a peer-reviewed survey of journalists (conducted by Folker Hanusch) to the actual election results. When the ABC Fact Check unit asked me what we had done I explained that to them, sending them a link to the Cat post where I described it, and also a cut and paste from our book where we discuss it.

Okay so what did they do?

Step 1: Ask psephologist Kevin Bonham is this is a valid comparison. He suggests that rather than compare voting intentions to an actual election that we should have compared the voting intentions to Newspoll.

Dr Bonham suggested using an average of the Greens primary vote taken from the Newspolls conducted in the period in which Professor Hanuschs survey took place.

Step 2: Ask Associate Professor Jake Olivier about that comparison. What comparison you ask? The comparison that Chris and I did, or the comparison suggested by Kevin Bonham? Well look at the answer Jake Oliver gives (emphasis added):

I think the quality of the data makes it difficult to draw strong conclusions here. This is compounded now by comparing results from very different surveys (Hanuschs versus Newspoll). 

Just to remind everyone we didnt compare Folker Hanuschs sample data to Newspoll.

Step 3: Ask Folker Hanusch what he thinks (e...


When is a record not a record? John Quiggin

Its been  cold here in Brisbane for the last few days, at least by our subtropical standards, with overnight minimums of 6 degrees in the city, and negative temperatures in  towns like Stanthorpe in the nearby Granite Belt. That occasioned lots of news coverage, with the observation that this was the coldest temperature weve had since 2014 and one of the coldest since 2000. The same was true for much of Eastern Australia. Melbourne had its coldest morning in several years, and  a couple of towns in NSW had the lowest minimum for several decades.

All of these are records in the trivial sense that we record the temperature every day, but none of them are records in the commonly used sense of lowest (or highest) value in the relevant record. That didnt stop the usual denialist suspects claiming a RECORD (all caps in original) and evidence of global cooling. The Daily Mail  claimed Australias east coast shivers through its coldest EVER morning even though the sub-headlines made it clear this wasnt true.

Whats striking here is that the same people who are willing to claim that the Bureau of Meteorology is part of a world-wide warmist conspiracy to doctor climate records are eagerly credulous about any piece of data that suits their case. Next time we get record heat, the conspiracy theories will be wheeled out again, but for now the Bureau is an unquestionable source of scientific evidence.

To take this news a little more seriously, its important to remember that there are vast numbers of records that can potentially be broken on any given day highest and lowest maxima and minima, for a given month, in any location where weather is recorded. That means we need either to confine attention to a limited number of records most obviously mean global temperatures or look at statistical measures, such as the relative frequency of new records for cold and heat. Both of these measures give the answer that is by now obvious* from experience: the climate globally and Australia is getting warmer.




In which reptile Stewart updates the pond on his update ... loon pond

An interesting thing happened today a change in the air, a mood swing, though the bromancer seemed to have gone missing and the Caterist decided it was wiser to bob up and talk about Brexit than mention the Donald

The pond even made a rare visit to the Bolter to see how he was reacting, but everything was running on empty as usual there

It was left to Cameron Stewart to chart the sudden change in the mood for the lizard Oz.

Here he was early on, doing the usual Fox schtick

It seemed the auguries were right, the Donald was upbeat, Vlad the impaler not so sour ...

A partial thaw, a success of sorts

Admirable stuff, as the forelock-tugging quisling played a straight bat and treated it all with solemnity and seri...


Helsinki Theatrics: Trump meets Putin The AIM Network

The first official meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his counterpart Donald Trump was a fairly casual, unpeopled affair, absent bureaucrats and note takers. This was what both wanted in Helsinki, men who believe in the gold weighting authority commands. According to Masha Gissen of The New Yorker, their meeting reflected their shared understanding

The post Helsinki Theatrics: Trump meets Putin appeared first on The AIM Network.


New Economy Infrastructure for Philanthropy and Social Good Catallaxy Files

The RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub and Blockchain Philanthropy Foundation is hosting a full day conference on Blockchains and Philanthropy. The objective is to explore new blockchain technology and how it provides new economic infrastructure and business models for the charity and philanthropy sector.

The event will cover topics such as Blockchain 101, Crypto Altruism and Social Impact, Blockchain and Public Finance, Blockchain Application in organisations.

Click here for the program.


Football victory for France reverberates worldwide Independent Australia

Football victory for France reverberates worldwideEven at the end of the Earth, or at least a most far-away point from France, they stayed up all night to revel in the countrys great victory. read now...


New Zealand should ratify the Kampala Amendment No Right Turn

In 2010, the parties to the International Criminal Court agreed the Kampala Amendment, which finally gave a formal, legal definition to the crime of aggression (you know, the one they convicted the Nazis of), allowing the court to prosecute it. 35 states have since ratified the amendment, and it finally came into force today. But strangely, New Zealand wasn't one of them. Writing in Stuff, lawyer Roger Clark and former Green MP Kennedy Graham argue that we should ratify:

Should New Zealand join? Of course it should. If it is good enough for the German chancellor and the prime minister of Samoa to be accountable under law for aggression, it is good enough for our own leaders. New Zealand signed on to the Kampala Amendment back in 2010. Liechtenstein ratified in 2012, Germany in 2013. New Zealand could also have done so then. No reason to delay further.

In the New Zealand Parliament back in 2009, a member's bill making aggression a crime was given a first reading debate. The penalty for a New Zealand leader could stretch to 10 years in prison, a sobering consideration. The bill was voted down, but the vote was close 64 to 58.

It is time for the Kampala Amendment to be brought into the House, and for that vote to be reversed.

And they're right. New Zealand's fundamental foreign policy position is for a peaceful, rules-based international order. But such an order is impossible where aggression is legal. As a small country, all we have is our voice. So if we want a peaceful, law-governed international order, we need to put our money where our mouth is, agree to be part of one, and do our bit to strengthen and spread those norms. I'm actually boggled we haven't done so already, but I guess that's what happens when you have a previous government obsessed with grovelling to the aggressive US...


Dodgy data from the Bureau of Meteorology Catallaxy Files

Several chapters of Climate Science: The Facts raise really serious issues about the temperature records maintained by the Bureau of Meteorology (the Bureau). In addition to the adjustment (homogenisation) of records and the trashing of old files investigators met bureaucratic obstruction to keep the management processes out of sight.

One of Tony Abbotts last moves as PM was to set in train an investigation into the operations of the Bureau but that initiative was aborted by the incoming PM Turnbull. This is understandable given the importance of fake science and fake news to sustain the push to destroy the electrical grid of the nation.

Joanne Nova described mysterious revisions to Australias long hot history that were located by a team of well qualified and experienced volunteer citizen scientists. The story really has to be read to get the full flavour. For example they found that thermometers accurate to a tenth of a degree were being adjusted by as much as two degrees. The records now indicate that the hottest day recorded in modern history was at Albany on the coast of WA rather than in the baked arid zones of Oodnadatta or Marble Bar. The temperature reported in Albany on 8 February 1933 was 44C and 8 decades this was adjusted by 7C to 51. This pipped the 50.7 that was recorded for Oodnadatta on 2 January 1960.

New electronic thermometers were widely installed in the 1990s and many ran alongside the old system which would permit comparison of the old and new systems but the data are not available to the public and are routinely deleted as a part of normal practice. It is likely that the new system generates a step up in recorded temperatures but it appears that the trashing of records has eliminated the possibility of a proper investigation.

Early explorers were trained to record temperatures and there are masses of newspaper records that indicate weather patterns around the nation with many accounts of temperatures around 125F in the shade translating into 52C. On 3 January 1909 an observer recorded 125F at Bourke. The handwritten entry was underlined as one might do for a remarkable reading. Decades later this was declared an error for two reasons: it was taken on Sunday when the observers didnt normally work and the temperature at some other towns in midwestern NSW only hit 113F. On the first point, why would an observer NOT make an effort to record a potentially record-breaking temperature? On the second, a newspapers reported a figure of 123 at Brewarinna which is the nearest town to Bourke.

This team joined forces with Senator Bernardi to ask for an audit of the historical records from the Australian National Audit Office in 2011 but the Bureau announced a...


MUNGO MACCALLUM: Latham, Hanson and Leyonhjelm will end in tears Independent Australia

MUNGO MACCALLUM: Latham, Hanson and Leyonhjelm will end in tearsLatham, Hanson and Leyonhjelm are 'The Three Stooges' incarnate, but they are indicative of Australia's dysfunctional politics. read now...


In which dashing Donners rides in on Rocinante to save the day ... loon pond

The pond hadn't bothered to stay up to see the Donald commit treason, safe in the knowledge that the bromancer would be on the case early in the morning.

It's not just the FBI, of course, it's the CIA and every other American of the Mueller kind with some passing relationship to the facts and the real world and surely there must be some sort of pee tape somewhere ...

But please, allow the reptiles to keep a proper perspective. 

You see, the reptiles aren't in any sense republican. They love their kings, they love the divine right to rule, they love their lifetime monarchs

A courtly, kingly triumph.

And that's why the reptiles ordered their affairs this morning to celebrate monarchists and dictatorships everywhere


Good morning Australia Catallaxy Files

Not a bad day on the windfarms the bird-killing factories, apart from Qld (1), too early for solar but Wind and Other are cranking out 8% of demand! Interesting to see the demand building up in the last few minutes.

Work in progress on a post about the fake data supplied by the Bureau of Meteorology, one of the requirements along with fake science to support the policies that are destroying the electricity grid of the nation.

At 9 demand has gone up but Solar is kicking in and Solar and Other are delivering 11.5% of demand.

1.30pm Demand down to 21GW Wind and Other up to 4 19% of demand! What a relief, we might only need six or seven times as much (and storage).

5.00pm Demand is up to 25GW (heaters going on, early dinner?) no wind in Qld and the sun is setting. Wind and Other deliver 2.7GW 11% of demand.


Aid coordination: its all about keeping up with the Kardashians "IndyWatch Feed"

Recently I was asked to participate in the Great Debate, an academics versus students comedy debate that is part of ANU Asia Pacific Week, on the topic of Does foreign aid do more harm than good. Myself and the other academics were on the negative team, and managed to keep the crowd on side (who were already supportive of aid at the beginning).

The students put forward some good arguments, particularly around the colonial history of aid, some of the failures of aid, the changes brought forth from non-aid economic growth and technological advancement. But one thing that really stood out, and that stands out time and time again when seeking to explain foreign aid to groups of people with limited knowledge of it even those who maybe have done a development studies class or two is that people dont really understand how aid gets from the developed country to the developing one.

There seems to be a popular misconception that aid is simply a transaction between two countries. That on 1 July each year, Australia opens its internet banking app, flicks Papua New Guinea half a billion bucks and just writes in the transfer description Frm Oz plz spend on health n ed.

This misconception is problematic for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it fuels the idea that aid is just handed over to corrupt governments or dictators without any degree of accountability. Second, it doesnt give a clear sense that there are rules around what aid can and cant be spent on. And third, it really understates the complexity of the global aid system, which leads to sweeping generalisations about everything when one thing goes wrong.

So my goal in the debate was to try to get across the complexity of aid, especially to explain why some project failures dont mean that most aid is causing harm.

I started thinking of ways to describe the range of actors involved in the aid space. Having recently returned from a family funeral that has its own coordination challenges, an extended family immediately came to mind. And the worlds most famous extended family are no doubt the Kardashians.

So, imagine you are in a country called Calabasas, and every Kardashian-Jenner is an aid project. This is what youd be faced with (Ive added some Kardashian kontext for those who might not have been keeping up lately).

Kris Jenner (Kardashian-Jenner matriarch and momager extraordinaire) A very tightly run managing contractor (some might say micromanaged) that delivers results to its beneficiaries, even if the social benefit of its projects is questioned by some. The coun...


Government of the bureaucrat, for the bureaucrat, by the bureaucrat Catallaxy Files

Who would have thunk it.  A government filled with no-one who has ever run their own business, has passed another virtue signalling law that will achieve nothing.  Nil, nada, nought, nuffin.

Which government you may ask?  The NSW Liberal-National government following the footsteps of the Commonwealth Liberal-National Government.

And when Spartacus says no-one who has ever run their own business, he is not referring to people who have worked in the private sector but rather people who have never run their own business, who receive nothing before the tax man and the salaries are paid.  The ones who have an ever growing bureaucratic compliance activity list which achieve nothing but keep the government active and busy.  The ones on whom layer upon layer of idiotic laws and regulations fall, distracting from, you know, the act of running a business.

You see, the NSW Government has just passed a law requiring companies to report on modern slavery:

the Modern Slavery Bill of 2018 (the NSW Act), which requires companies with employees in NSW and with an annual turnover of over AU $50 million to release an annual statement that details the steps taken to ensure their operations and suppliers do not engage in modern slavery.  The NSW Act has no effective date yet.  Implementing regulations are expected to further define the contours of this new law.

Bonza!  But wait, there is more:

NSW Act comes on the heels of a similar law proposed by the Australian federal government, raising questions of overlapping responsibilities on companies.  The NSW Act adds to the increasing number of supranational, national, and sub-national laws that place direct obligations on certain companies to report upon efforts to identify and mitigate human rights risks such as human trafficking, child labor, and other forms of forced labor often collectively described as modern slavery from their global operations.

The NSW parliament is not only dumb enough to pass such virtue signalling laws but too lazy to define Modern Slavery in the act, leaving it to bureaucrats to define it and subsequently re-define and re-define and re-define it as is their capricious desire?

Hey Bob, if you have nothing do to next week, can you work up a new definition of Modern Slavery and update the regs.  Not urgent.  Only if you have nothing better to do.  Gotta keep that budget ticking.

And what will this legislation achieve?  Other than of course stopping businesses from conducting business?   Perhaps nothing, nil, nada, nought, nuffin.

There must be a Modern Slavery conference coming up somewhere in Europe or the the USA next northern summer.

Next on the keep the bureaucrats busy but kill the business hit li...


Time for a new US Air Force One North Coast Voices

Air Force One is a fleet of at least two highly customised Boeing 747-200 commercial jets which the US Air Force is currently replacing with 747-8s.

One of the websites illustrators lent a hand with visualizing a more American look.

These new aircraft are actually undelivered planes ordered by bankrupt Rusian airline, Transaero.


The Winston Churchill of our times Catallaxy Files

Our relationship had never been worse but that changed four hours ago: Trump hails direct, open, deeply productive talks with Putin

US President Donald Trump has come face-to-face with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland

The pair made opening remarks to the media before reaching across to shake hands ahead of private talks

Trump said he hoped for extraordinary relationship with Moscow and praised Russias hosting of World Cup

Afterwards, Trump admitted ties between nations had never been worse but said the situation had changed

Putin said the Cold War was over and that the US and Russia now needed to solve problems together

The above from here with quite a bit more. The Russians are no longer an ideological enemy, but there are many who are.

As for those who must live in the past, this is what we say to them. And there are plenty among the insane, with the deep state comprised of the politicians of the left and their supporters, bureaucrats and public servants, virtually the whole of the media, and the academic social sciences left and not just social scientists. This is how they see things.

This instead is the new reality.

Trump winks at Putin during high stakes Helsinki summit
Putin declares Cold War is over
Body language expert analyzes
EU urges to protect global order
China watching
Journalist dragged out of press conference by secret service

Hardly peace in our time but greater safety and a collective focus, hopefully with the Russians, on those who really would do us harm.


Liberals continue to behave badly - Part Four North Coast Voices

A Liberal local government councillor and a Berejiklian Government Liberal MP discovered conducting what appears to be some decidedly unparliamentary business by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption during Operation Dasha.

ABC News, 13 July 2018:

New South Wales Government MP Daryl Maguire has resigned from his role as a parliamentary secretary and will now sit on the crossbench after admitting before a corruption inquiry that he sought payment over a property deal.

Mr Maguire stepped aside from the parliamentary Liberal Party after the revelations at the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

The corruption watchdog is investigating claims of improper conduct by former Canterbury City councillors Michael Hawatt and Pierre Azzi and today heard a tapped phone call between Mr Hawatt and Mr Maguire.

Monday, 16 July


Stefan Molyneux & Lauren Southerns hate-speech tour kicks off in Cairns (with a little help from the AFL) slackbastard

Yeesh. The Australian Football League (AFL) has been combating allegations of racism for some time now. Recent headlines include : Racist slur on footy field still hurts former Freo Docker Scott Chisholm, Steve Butler, The West Australian, July 13, 2018 Continue reading


Tax Is Bad, Welfare Is Bad; However, Shorten Threatening My Cheque From The Government Is Worst Of All! The AIM Network

Article from the Australian excerptEarlier this year Mr Shorten unveiled his franking credits policy to claw back nearly $60bn over 10 years by abolishing cash refunds for excess dividend imputation credits. Modelling from the listed investment companies sent to the ALP this week argues it would increase the tax burden on individuals with low marginal

The post Tax Is Bad, Welfare Is Bad; However, Shorten Threatening My Cheque From The Government Is Worst Of All! appeared first on The AIM Network.


Donald J. Boudreaux: The Myth of Predatory Pricing Catallaxy Files

Economic reality is enormous and complex. Each and every moment brings countless actions, reactions, course corrections, and unexpected discoveries. To make sense of it all requires sound theory and a healthy knowledge of history.

Among the important tasks that sound theory and knowledge of history enable us to perform is to distinguish whats merely possible from whats probable. The range of all that is possible is vast. It includes, for example, your discovering next month a vaccine for cancer while modifying a recipe for turtle soup.

It is indeed possible that cancer will be prevented in this way. Yet no one in his or her right mind would leap from a recognition of this remote possibility to the conclusion that all medical research into cancer should end.

Nearly everything that is possible will never happen. Never.

The Theory

This truth is important when discussing so-called predatory pricing. Prices are said to be predatory when they are both below cost and used as a means of monopolizing a market. Superficially, fears of predatory pricing make sense. After all, if a firm today charges prices below cost, not only does it forgo profits today, its low prices also threaten the existence of its rivals. Once the predatory firms rivals all go out of businessvoila!the predator has a monopoly and then jacks up prices to monopoly levels. Consumers suffer unwarranted harm.

Its possible. But this outcome is no more probable than your stumbling upon a cancer vaccine while cooking turtle soup. The reasons are many. Here are just some.

The Reality

For a firm to drive its rivals out of business by charging excessively low prices, it must not only cut its prices but also expand its sales. Remember, the objective is to take so many sales away from rival firms that they all go bankrupt. But when a firm increases its sales at below-cost prices, that firm necessarily incurs huge losses. The predators rivals, while they might all be obliged to also sell at prices below cost, have an advantage that the predator doesnt: they can reduce their sales during the price war in order to keep their losses to a minimum.

Basic economic theory makes clear that a firm that tries to monopolize a market by charging prices below cost inflicts on itself losses larger than those it inflicts on any of the firms its trying to bankrupt.

Basic economic theory makes clear that a firm that tries to monopolize a market by charging prices below cost inflicts on itself losses larger than those it inflicts on any of the firms its trying to bankrupt. And the greater the number of rival firms that must be pushed into bankruptcy, the greater the number of s...


Is the world swerving extreme right? The AIM Network

By Ad astra Are you as alarmed as I am when you see on our TV screens, or hear on the radio, or read in our disappearing newspapers about the deteriorating state of democracy in Europe, Asia, the United States of America, Africa, the Middle East, even in our own country? Do you see, as

The post Is the world swerving extreme right? appeared first on The AIM Network.


And so to the onion muncher for the late arvo slot ... loon pond

There you go: US citizen's newspaper features Pommie bastard deploring ethnic activism

Why isn't the pond surprised?

Well it's just a quick item for the specialist late arvo slot, as a reminder of why the onion muncher still reigns supreme ...

Now will he slip in a reference to clean dinkum Oz coal, oi, oi, oi? 

Hands up anyone who had any doubts, because you can leave the classroom and stand head down in shame in the corridor:

Now the pond is all in favour of nationalising media groups owned by foreign citizens, and might well join any campaign to send ten pound Poms back where they came from, if it'll help stop this incessant blather ...


It's time to remind OUR government that WE are in charge Independent Australia

It's time to remind OUR government that WE are in chargeThe narrative needs to change to reflect the democratic reality that governments work for us. read now...


Putins Football Gambit: How the World Cup Paid Off The AIM Network

Even before the single ball was kicked at the FIFA World Cup in Russia, there were threats, promises and suggestions from various governments about how best to cope with Vladimir Putin and his designated fiendish circle of authoritarians. In March, the then UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson opined that President Vladimir Putin would make much

The post Putins Football Gambit: How the World Cup Paid Off appeared first on The AIM Network.


Record cold but a lot of Wind and Other Catallaxy Files

Apparently many places in Eastern Australia enjoyed record minimum temperatures overnight but apparently this got as much cover on the ABC as the number of rockets launched into Israel before they retaliated.

On the upside the wind is blowing, the sun is shining and Wind and Other are delivering almost 10% of demand!

A bit pricey in SA and Victoria but.


In which the pond ends up back in the days of Bunterism ... loon pond

Is this the best that the reptiles can do for an Oreo replacement?

It's hard to work out exactly what Sufi did in his past ...

Sherry Sufi, contesting Fremantle for the Liberals, embellished his curriculum vitae in his preselection application, claiming to have worked for the premier and finance departments when he actually worked for state MPs, according to The West Australian. (here).

Meanwhile, no one dares to go there, but the pond will go there.

You see, in the good old days in Tamworth, Sufi would have been labelled a wog, and the agrarian socialists and thugby leaguers would have run around wondering what the country was coming to

Back in 1982, Salman Rushdie had a few thoughts on this ...

In common with many Bombay-raised middle-class children of my generation, I grew up with an intimate knowledge of, and even sense of friendship with, a certain kind of England: a dream-England composed of Test Matches at Lords presided over by the voice of John Arlott, at which Freddie Trueman bowled unceasingly and without success at Polly Umrigar; of Enid Blyton and Billy Bunter, in which we were even prepared to smile indulgently at portraits such as Hurree Jamset Ram Singh, the dusky nabob of Bhanipur. [] 

Recently, on a live radio programme, a professional humorist asked me, in all seriousness, why I objected to being called a wog. He said he had always thought it a rather charming word, a term of endearment. I was at the zoo the other day, he revealed, and a zoo keeper told me that the wogs were best with the animals; they stuck their fingers in their ears and wiggled them about and the animals felt at home. The ghost of Hurree Jamset Ram Singh walks among us still  

Ah yes, the good old days of Bunter



Exposing the climate science denial network behind Trump and May Independent Australia

Exposing the climate science denial network behind Trump and MayFrom Donald Trump to Theresa May, a powerful U.S.-UK network lobbies behind the scenes for climate science denial.  read now...


Israel's new apartheid law No Right Turn

Israel is an apartheid state. But the pretence in Israel has always been that this is about the occupation and "security" against their victims, and that Arab citizens are equal in law. Now, a new law aims to allow formal, legal segregation:

Israel is in the throes of political upheaval as the countrys ruling party seeks to pass legislation that could allow for Jewish-only communities, which critics have condemned as the end of a democratic state.

For the past half-decade, politicians have been wrangling over the details of the bill that holds constitution-like status and that Benjamin Netanyahu wants passed this month.

The proposed legislation would allow the state to authorise a community composed of people having the same faith and nationality to maintain the exclusive character of that community.

In its current state, the draft would also permit Jewish religious law to be implemented in certain cases and remove Arabic as an official language.

This isn't some fringe party project, but official government policy. The good news is that it is being vigorously opposed by Israelis who recognise its naked racism and corrosive effect on the society they live in. But the fact that it has been proposed shows how sick Israel is as a society, and how the occupation is undermining its democracy.


Will Talleys get what they paid for? No Right Turn

Talleys is one of the country's largest political donors. Last year it dished out $49,000 to election candidates, including $10,000 to NZ First's Shane Jones. Talleys also hates the idea of the government properly regulating the criminal fishing industry, and has written to the government opposing plans to but cameras on fishing boats:

The fishing industry says a Government plan to put cameras aboard commercial fishing vessels has been "driven by a level of hysteria around discarding" fish.

Stuff has seen an industry letter sent to the Government this month expressing "real concerns about the use of cameras without understanding what their purpose is".

In June, Fisheries Minister Stuart Nash confirmed he would push ahead with plans to put cameras on commercial fishing boats.

He hoped to put a proposal to ministers this month, but needed to get agreement from NZ First and the Greens.

...and reportedly, the primary opponent of the proposal is the aforementioned Shane Jones. But I'm sure it has nothing to do with the $10,000 they gave him. Absolutely nothing.


Population Policy found in a filing cabinet in secondhand shop in Deakin ! The AIM Network

What we do know about Australias population is that it will achieve 25million in August of this year, some twenty-four years ahead of government predictions : former Treasurer Peter Costello told us is 2002 that we would achieve this figure sometime in 2042. What we also know is that the population growth and migrant intake

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Crowd sourcing research on the dogs that didnt bark Catallaxy Files

Last week Cats contributed a heap of information and sources about scientists and others who have been punished for having unfashionable views on a certain topic. That will all contribute to a section of a work in progress under the working title The Dogs That Didnt Bark.

The dogs are the academics working in the history and philosophy of science and science studies who might have warned us that something has gone wrong, except that they have mostly signed up to alarmism. The book will be lightly footnoted for a general readership and the heavy duty research will be in a companion website with copious links to primary materials.

In the background are some key points. For one, there have always been people going on about the end of the world and other disasters. People might like to give examples of their favourite cases.

More specifically there have been no end of failed predictions about impending climate disasters and statements from the likes to people like Prince Charles on the number of hours, days or months that we have left to start making drastic changes to avert disaster. I want to collect these cases as well, although comprehensive reporting might call for another book.

Another aspect is the history of popular delusions and the madness of crowds referencing an 1841 book on things like occultism, witch mania and financial episodes like the South Sea Company bubble of 1711-1720, the Mississippi Company bubble of 1719-1720, and the Dutch tulip mania.

This particular delusion may be unique in the way that it has obtained support from modern science, in the volume of the propaganda exercise supporting it and the amount of waste and destruction of resources that it is causing. More on those aspects another time.

In the meantime please comment on end of the world episodes and more specifically the predictions of climate disaster over the last 20 or 30 years. If you have too much for a comment, say that and I will get in touch by email.


Stephen Cable: Pining for the imaginary man Catallaxy Files

I was reading the Weekend Australian last Saturday and came across an article in the magazine supplement about the former US President, Barack Obama.

The article was titled Disappearing Act by Gabriel Debenedetti, which originally appeared in the New York Magazine in June under the title Where Is Barack Obama The most popular American, whose legacy is the primary target of Donald Trump, has, for now, virtually disappeared from public life.

The article was complete with flattering photos of the former President looking thoughtful, playful, husbandful, the way the media rarely portrayed Bush or the current President. The imagery in the original story is even more sycophantic, going through the motions the media employed during Obamas presidency with more pictures showing him as the coolest guy on the planet.

The piece was a fascinating read. Not because it was new, insightful or accurate but because it gives an excellent window into the mindset of left leaning journalists and their view of the world. The unexamined assumptions, the certainty of belief that they speak for the American mainstream and most of all, their love affair with an imaginary man that never really existed.

It is in the main a pouty article, whinging about how Obama isnt doing much to help out the democrats, protect his legacy or help get other democrats elected. Sad I know but there you are. It starts out with how concerned Obama was with Trump giving an overtly political speech at a Boy Scout Jamboree (read on his iPad no less, cool insert there) commenting on how impressionable children were at that age. I suppose hed have been less concerned if Trump had been telling them who could and couldnt use what bathrooms in their schools, which apparently is fine.

Here are a few of the highlights to give you some of the flavour of the authors concepts. Put on some of that sad sounding violin music in the background you hear in documentaries as you listen and youll get an idea of how you were meant to feel while reading it.

Where is the man who cried after Sandy Hook and sang in Charleston, who after each mass shooting tried to soothe an outraged nation, who spoke of American values in his travels across the globe? And, tactically, what is behind the relative silence of one of the most popular figures alive just as American politics appears to so many to be on the brink of breaking?

Most popular figure alive? sure if youre conducting a survey at ABC headquarters in Ultimo. The suggestion that American politics is breaking is total nonsense from someone whos been drinking from his own perpetual outrage fountain.



Not everyone was impressed by NSW Roads and Maritime Services temporary asphalt batching plant "drop-in information session" North Coast Voices

Meme contributed
The Pacific Highway upgrade between Woolgoolga and Ballina is being progressed by the Pacific Complete consortium composed of NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), UK multinational Laing O'Rourke and Canadian multinational WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff.

On 11 July 2018 this consortium held a drop-in information session on the subject of the proposed temporary asphalt batching plant at Woombah, a small village in the Clarence River estuary.

This batching plant servicing the Pacific Highway upgrade for the next two and a half years will see up tp 600 heavy and light vehicle movements each day at the Pacific Highway turnoff to Woombah and Iluka - up to 500 heavy vehicle and 100 light vehicle.

Residents from Woombah and Iluka attended the information session.

It was a masterpiece of information sharing a...


In which the pond seeks refuge with the Major ... loon pond

What, no Oreo on a Monday?

This surely portends the decline and fall of the holy reptile Empire

But before moving on to that, the pond is increasingly bemused by the reptile dilemma in relation to Malware and Newspoll.

Luckily this can be quickly covered in a few tweets and splashes

As the government loses an umpteenth two party preferred poll, it's all hands on deck ...

The reptiles' other solution to their dilemma?

Report on a different horse race though sadly the truth has to occasionally shine through


Talk about worrisome.

The problem you see, is that the onion muncher's leadership prospects long ago fell into a hole, with each increasingly desperate bout of narcissist attention-seeking, so the reptiles had to circle the wagons, and circle they did


Thai rescue highlights humanity but not in our leaders Independent Australia

Thai rescue highlights humanity but not in our leadersThe Thai rescue is a testament to humanity, but our leaders have not planned to rescue 134 children on Nauru. read now...


Monday Message Board John Quiggin

Another Monday Message Board. Post comments on any topic. Civil discussion and no coarse language please. Side discussions and idees fixes to the sandpits, please.


Whos the real baby here, Mr Trump? The AIM Network

Whos the real baby here? A monster orange balloon-effigy of Trump as an angry baby in a nappy, complete with blonde comb-over and blue mobile in tiny hand, scares him off London, Friday. Its a brilliantly surreal representation, of the inner Trump which also evokes just how untethered this president is from his administration. Or

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Sea Levels and the NSW Coastine in 2018: Ballina North Coast Voices

A recent study estimates that the pace of global sea-level rise has nearly tripled since 1990 (Dangendorf et al. 2017). More than 50% of the Australian coastline is vulnerable to erosion from rising sea levels.As sea levels continue to rise, coastal flooding during high sea level events will become more frequent and more severe (CSIRO and BoM 2015).  [Climate Council, 2018, ICONS AT RISK: CLIMATE CHANGE THREATENING AUSTRALIAN TOURISM]]

New South Wales has est. 2,109kms of open coastline and 40 per cent of this is considered vulnerable to the effects of sea level rise.

Ballina is a coastal town in the NSW Northern River region. Its CBD is on the banks of the tidal Richmond River where it empties into the sea.

Sea level rise is something Ballina has been discussing for many years because for the Ballina community the evidence is right before residents eyes.

This was Tamar Street in the CBD in January 2018 at high tide.

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