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Monday, 21 May


Water raiders are eyeing the Clarence River - again North Coast Voices

In 2007 Clarence Valley communities saw off an Australian prime minister (John Howard) and his water minister (Malcolm Turnbull)  - telling them "Not A Drop".

The issue of inter-basin water transfer became an election issue that year and the National Party lost the seat of Page and the Liberal-Nationals Coalition Government lost the federal election.

Having learnt nothing from the commitment of local people in the Clarence Valley, including traditional owners, once again the water raiders have raised their heads above the parapet.

The Daily Examiner, letter to the Editor, 19 May 2018, p.14:

Clarence diversion

On April 18, 2018, Toowoomba Regional Council in south-east Queensland resolved to submit a motion to the National General Assembly of Local Government in June this year.

This motion calls for the Assembly to amend Resolution 7...


The Turnbull Government has the solution to its poll number blues already at hand - but will it act? North Coast Voices
State and federal governments have known for years that there is a correlation between unoccupied residential housing, negative gearing of investment properties and capital gains by individuals in the higher income percentiles.

An est. 11.2 per cent of residential properti...


antifa notes (may 21, 2018) : anti-semites goto church in gosford /// bigly league politics slackbastard

Briefly: Cooks Convicts ~versus~ Jesus Christ L to R : Neil Erikson; Paul Exley; Rino Bluebeard Grgurovic; Danny Peanna/Parkinson. Cooks Convicts on this occasion, being repped by Neil Erikson, Paul Exley, Rino Bluebeard Grgurovic, Danny Peanna/Parkinson and Lachlan/Logan Spalding Continue reading

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Sunday, 20 May


A message from the Australian Environment Foundation Catallaxy Files

James Cook University (JCU) has sacked Peter Ridd, who until then held a chair in geology at JCU.  He remains a highly valued AEF Director and Scientific Adviser.

Peter is determined to fight his termination in courtalong with the final censure that JCU imposed on him last yearnotwithstanding its vastly greater resources.

As Peters additional legal costs will further outstrip his personal capacity to fund them, he is again appealing for financial assistance from the public.

Last Friday Peter re-opened the GoFundMe campaign he set up to help with his original legal challenge against last years final censure.  His revised funding target is $260,000 and, at the time of writing, he had already raised $200,000.

Given the importance of the issues raised by Peters sacking, I would like to invite you to contribute to Peters GoFundMe campaign. Either way, could I ask you to share his campaign with your family and friendsits website page has social media links.

Peter has set up a separate website with all the documentation on the case to allow people to make up their own mind on the issues.  The link to that site is here.

Dr. Ridds crime was to break a gag order that JCU had imposed on him. The University had instructed him not to speak to anyoneincluding his wife!about the disciplinary action it was taking against him, including last years final censure.

JCU also found that Dr. Ridd broke its order not to directly or indirectly trivialise, satirise or parody the university after he sent an email to a former student headlined for your amusement. [It would seem that Sandra Harding, the JCU Vice Chancellor, does not understand trivia, satire, or parody, let alone irony.]

The Vice-Chancellor added that Dr. Ridd had engaged in a pattern of conduct that misrepresents the nature and conduct of the disciplinary process through publications online and in the media.

You have repeatedly and knowingly breached your obligations to maintain the confidentiality of disciplinary processes, Professor Hardi...


Oh Ye of Little Faith! The AIM Network

Well, you thought he couldnt do it; you thought that Tony Abbott was indulging in intemperate exuberance [or telling fibs] when he said in 2013 that during the first five years of his reign as Emperor of Australia, he would create one million new jobs. Well, you would have to eat your words now, wouldnt

The post Oh Ye of Little Faith! appeared first on The AIM Network.


Victorian Government proposes wildlife carer ban Independent Australia

Victorian Government proposes wildlife carer banA new proposal looks set to determine a bleak future for wildlife in need of human care, writes Victoria Pressler. read now...


So Much Winning! Earth Has Cooled Half a Degree Since Trump Election (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

All of this winning is so exhausting.

Sky News Australia this week announced that Mother Earth has cooled by half a degree since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

Maybe its all the clean coal?

Rowan Dean told his audience on Saturday the Earth has cooled 0.454 degrees Celsius since Donald Trump got elected.

Its true. Watts Up With That reported: From February 2016 to February 2018, global average temperatures dropped by 0.56 degrees Celsius. That, he notes, is the biggest two-year drop in the past century.

Thank you President Trump!

Via Jack Posobiec:

The post So Much Winning! Earth Has Cooled Half a Degree Since Trump Election (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


And still they ignore the existential threat posed by climate change The AIM Network

The most recent quarterly update of Australias National Greenhouse Gas Inventory states that emissions per capita, and the emissions intensity of the economy (emissions/$ of GDP), were at their lowest levels in 28 years in the year to December 2017, a fact loudly repeated by Josh Frydenberg in the hope that we wont notice that

The post And still they ignore the existential threat posed by climate change appeared first on The AIM Network.


In which the reptiles do the Donald ... loon pond

The pond rarely looks to the local reptiles for updates on the Donald and the same goes for the ABC.

The pond happened to catch a recent ABC report on the Donald, still available online here, with transcript, and was struck by its paucity, and by the way it ended on an upbeat note, with Hank Sheinkopf plaintively pleading "What's the crime? I haven't figured out what the crime is yet."

In short, ending with dummkopf Sheinkopf tempted the pond to do a Polonius and give the ABC yet another bagging

Last impressions are important. The report could have ended on a neutral note, but instead it ended on a whine, and the pond filed a note to avoid walking into a room where their ABC was playing ...

The pond usually relegates the Donald to the cartoon section, but even if YouTube is awash with clips of cable news brooding over the Donald, ignoring the reptiles doing the Donald seems to be unfair, especially when every so often Cameron Stewart reports in

The reptiles, of course, have the difficult task of pretending that the Donald has the first clue about what he's doing and so Stewart's opening gambit, that "Trump works to keep Kim on track," was a delight, with the assumption that anyone as erratic as Trump knew there was a track and, if he did, could stay on it

The pond once went there as a child with that notion

And so to the Tootle of American politics ...


John Koch finds a 'Portal to the Dreamtime' in his own backyard Independent Australia

John Koch finds a 'Portal to the Dreamtime' in his own backyardRomaine Rutnam reviews John Kochs book, 'Portal to the Dreamtime', that tells the story of his rare experiences at Oasis Anu Ta, Victoria. read now...


2024 And Not A Royal Wedding In Sight, So People Have To Think About Politics The AIM Network

As one gets older, one is immediately confronted by the shock of dates No, I dont mean going on them Although that would be quite a shock too. I mean, the shock of when someone says something like, When the GFC hit ten years ago, you tap your watch and go, Ten years ago, Im

The post 2024 And Not A Royal Wedding In Sight, So People Have To Think About Politics appeared first on The AIM Network.


LEAKER GOES SILENT: James Comey GOES SILENT After News Breaks He Was Running Spies Inside Trump Campaign "IndyWatch Feed"

In a SHOCKING admission on Wednesday The New York Times reported the FBI opened an  investigation dubbed Crossfire Hurricane into Trumps campaign 100 days before the Presidential election.

The FBI was spying on the opposition partys campaign 100 days before the election.  The spying was based on a phony Russian dossier that was paid for by Democrats and Hillary Clinton and by the hearsay of a low-level Trump campaign official who was coached by FBI operatives on Russian rumors.

Five agents, including Peter Strzok traveled to London in the summer of 2016 to interview with a diplomat after Papadopoulos drunkenly claimed to Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer he knew who had Hillarys emails.

And the FBI informant used thousands of dollars to entice Trump campaign official Papadopoulos to London to set up meetings.

Deep State opreatives released this information to The New York Times for Wednesdays report.
The information was only leaked out after Congressional investigators discovered this last week.

This is likely the biggest political scandal in US history.

On Saturday the Washington Post started their defense of the Deep State spying on the Republican campaign. Liberal hack Asha Rangappa insisted the spying was meant to protect Trump. That may be the most dishonest and shameful headline of all time.

The New York Times insisted the spies inside the Trump campaign were not there to spy.

So the corrupt liberal media continues to spin for the deep state Democrat criminals.

But noticeably absent is the loundmouth and former FBI Chief.

Leaker James C...


The Budget reply speech Bill Shorten should have given Independent Australia

The Budget reply speech Bill Shorten should have givenShortens Budget reply speech should have been a piece of cake, but he gave crumbs to climate change and health. Dr David Shearman fixed it. read now...


In which the mutton Dutton leads the Sunday meditation . loon pond

The pond almost felt a twinge of sympathy for Malware, who created a rod for his own back with blather about religious freedom, picked up and expanded upon by the mutton Dutton, who seems to care more about dog whistling for the votes of social conservatives than he does for sharing an afterlife with sundry imagined and conflicting deities

The reptiles, of course, are on a winner however it plays out the base can be enraged, the controversy sustained. Face it, the only time the leftist twitterati has come alive in recent times for the reptiles has been in response to the story ...

This surely suits a Sunday meditation, as our Rache has been covering the Dutton beat for the daily

And there you go, poor old Malware and here comes the mutton Dutton ...

What an extraordinarily dumb man he is. There is currently no threat to anyone sending their children to any form of school run by a religious authority nor to the generous subsidies for same

If they want to send their kids to the scientology based school down the road to get the blessings of L. Ron Hubbard and a money-rorting cult, they'll find the taxpayers have assisted them with cash in the paw ...

But that mutton Dutton line "there is the ability for that curriculum to be taught in accord with that...


ROYAL WEDDING SHOCK: Harry and Meghann announce shock divorce Independent Australia

ROYAL WEDDING SHOCK: Harry and Meghann announce shock divorceIn a shock development, Prince Harry and the new Princess Meghann Markle have held a joint press conference announcing their intention to divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. read now...


MORE LIES EXPOSED: Deep State Informant Spied on Trump Campaign Before FBI Officially Began Its Investigation "IndyWatch Feed"

The Deep State lies and lies and lies And then lies some more.

The Deep State FBI started spying on the Trump campaign earlier than reported.
They Obama FBI, DOJ, and CIA were spying on Trump before they officially opened their investigation.

Kristina Wong at reported:

Current and former officials apparently so fearful that an FBI informants identity and role would be outed by congressional Republicans confirmed both to the New York Times and the Washington Post in an attempt to offer their own narratives first.

Both outlets offered details that readily identify the informant but do not name him, citing concerns for his safety and warnings from U.S. intelligence officials.

The details, however, match a person described in the Daily Caller as Stefan Halper, a Cambridge professor and longtime Washington, D.C. fixture who worked for three Republican administrations and has links to U.S. and British intelligence.

The Times and Post are the first outlets claiming to have confirmed his identity, and to describe him in such detail as to match the description of Halper.

The accounts also indicate the FBI lied about when they first began surveilling the Trump campaign, or might have done so, without any particular intelligence.

FBI officials have said they began investigating the Trump administration on July 31, 2016, after stolen Democratic National Committee emails were released on July 22, 2016, prompting Australian officials to come forward with information they received from Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos months earlier.

when leaked Democratic emails began appearing onlin...



A call to arms in support of Our ABC North Coast Voices

The Guardian, 17 May 2018:

The announcement in last weeks budget that the ABCs funding indexation will be frozen for three years from July 2019 is the latest in a series of extraordinary attacks by a government that displays an unprecedented level of hostility to the national broadcaster. It represents a real cut to the broadcasters operating costs of $84m.

Added to the $254m cut over five years announced by then-communications minister Malcolm Turnbull in November 2014, and a ...


Once a banker always a a banker North Coast Voices


There are currently fifteen [15] members of the Turnbull Government who formerly worked in the banking, finance, insurance, and/or for-profit superannuation industries and three [3] who worked for large accountancy firmss or lobbying groups.

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Saturday, 19 May


In which the pond relegates nattering "Ned" to the specialist late Saturdee arvo slot loon pond

The pond is disappointed with the reptiles this weekend. 

The dog botherer disappeared up his own fundament on Hindmarsh Island yet agai, and while Polonius attracted a pleasing response,  it wasn't his best effort.

Even worse, nattering "Ned" went off the deep end, going on and endlessly on, until the pond began to suspect another agenda and it was so tedious it had to be relegated to the late Saturdee arvo slot, where only a few passing specialists and insomniacs would use it for a right and fitting purpose noiselessly dropping their tablets to the floor as sleep set in

You see, there's a simple, pragmatic, one-line explanation of why a referendum on 44 is a waste of time and money. This is its chance of getting passed

Ah Melbourne, how the pond misses your winters though something about their bitter chill and tedious days trapped inside Mario's reminds the pond of nattering "Ned" ...

Yes, yes, and the pond understands it will have to wade through an interminable amount of turgid prose until we get there, but can we just cut to the real agenda? Something about elites no doubt ...



Unveiling sexual harassment against women in Iran Independent Australia

Unveiling sexual harassment against women in IranIranian women are suffering at the hands of men every day. Johanna Higgs discusses with them their reality and urgent need for a solution. read now...


In which the pond suffers through an extended bout of Dame Slapping ... loon pond

Is it just the pond imagining it, or are the reptiles getting more and more verbose?

Put it another way, how many times can a single woman be held up as emblematic of all that's wrong with the corporate world,  and how many times can the reptiles do this while absolutely ignoring all the men involved in the assorted banking royal commission scandals?

Put it another way, how many times can Dame Slap bitch slap women before she tires of the sport?

It goes without saying that the reptiles and Dame Slap have a kind of energiser bunny capacity, which quickly induces exhaustion in the pond

Oh fuck, there she goes again, only this time instead of donning the MAGA cap, she's going super hero, as if the world can be reduced to the mind set of a Marvel comic, or even worse, a movie based on a dozen Marvel comics ...

Oh fuck, how long must it go on, the persecution and the suffering and the martyrdom, before we get to the proper target?

Ah, here she is ...


New Music Through Old Ears: Post Eurovision Childish Monkeys Independent Australia

New Music Through Old Ears: Post Eurovision Childish MonkeysEntertainment editor John Turnbull looks at Arctic Monkeys, Post Malone, near-megastar Childish Gambino and Eurovisions festive weirdness. read now...


A Royal Wedding Catallaxy Files

I cannot understand the obsession / fascination and media coverage of this Royal wedding. The ABC its budget apparently cut to the bone  has sent Annabel Crabb and Jeremy Fernandez to London to join existing ABC reporters based in the UK (Steve Cannane, James Glenday and Lisa Millar). So five journalists from the ABC to cover this Royal wedding. In response to questions about such a large contingent, the ABC said (through its media contact Sally Jackson)

The royal wedding is of national and international significance, and as the national broadcaster the ABC is uniquely positioned to provide quality, distinctive coverage that localises the event for all Australians. ABC audiences expect more than simply a live feed and news reports of such a major event. Co-hosts Annabel Crabb and Jeremy Fernandez will enrich our coverage by providing in-depth and insightful commentary that informs, engages and entertains our audiences. All travel and accommodation falls within ABC guidelines.

Strange, given the ABCs preference for a Republic.

I can imagine why the marriage of the heir apparent would be a matter of heightened interest. Thus the marriage of Elizabeth to Phillip; of Charles to Dianna and of William to Kate.

But can anyone remember such a fuss for a marriage of someone 6th in line to the throne? The marriages of Anne, Andrew and Edward (Elizabeth IIs other children) were notable for their dysfunction and short duration rather than being major events.

The enthusiasm for a Royal wedding by those who claim to be Republicans shows that there is unlikely to be a Republic in Australia anytime soon. If a Referendum was held in the USA they would probably ditch Donald Trump as head of State and install Elizabeth II.


Royalty comes and goes, it's never a part of the Australian identity Independent Australia

Royalty comes and goes, it's never a part of the Australian identityThe royal wedding is all over the Australian news, but the excitement and monarchy always fade away, writes history editor Dr Glenn Davies. read now...


In which the pond stays loyal to prattling Polonius ... loon pond

The reptiles did their very best to draw attention to another bout of ABC bashing, this time by their notorious resident humbug, but alas, the leftist twitterati decided to do a little trolling

How anyone could ROFL about prattling Polonius must remain a mystery, because, yes, it was our man Polonius having his usual weekly go at the ABC.

Apparently Polonius hadn't read our Henry explaining the tremendous solace the wedding of the century would bring to Australia, and so thought it wrong that the ABC should act like a televisual network and send its tizziest to London to send the ditzy soma home

The leftie twitterati thought otherwise

What a dullard killjoy putz our Polonius is, such a remarkable pedant, but as the pond doesn't want to go there again, it's time to turn to Polonius's serious column this day

Yes, the pond is loyal through thick and thin.

Why the pond stays loyal can only be explained as an excruciating form of masochism

Yet, look, this day, even in th...


Tweets of the Week North Coast Voices

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Friday, 20 June


The curse of money politics in PNG "IndyWatch Feed"

The previous post generated a lot of comments at the original site at which it was posted. One of them touched on a key factor of politics in PNG. Money.

That response comment to Vergil Narokobis post has been re-posted verbatim below for the benefit of the non-FB readership.


succinctly put; although one must clearly guard against mischievous, opportunistic or politicised actions against the government of the day from within the police or any other institution, clearly the rules need to be universal, whatever ones position. So it it critical that mechanisms are not abused to circumvent due process. But this does bring one back to the question of how governments are formed in PNG and how majorities are gained and retained. Unfortunately, with little or no ideological basis for parties (as in Australia and most places) PNG has ended up with government by dint of personality, but increasingly the use of money. Would an inspiring leader like Nelson Mandela have been able to become PM in PNG if he was to remain honest and not participate in pork barrel or money politics, or would he have just been sidelined by the man with access to logging money? And lets face it this case is partly about thatthe assumption is that public funds were laundered through a law firms accounts to be able to be used by a party for gaining office for funding campaigns and winning over other parties and independentsand if that was the assumption, what were the other parties and leaders doing? similar sorts of things, using SABLs and other land allocations, logging permits, DSIP funds, RESE funds, fish or petroleum licenses, exclusive rice concessions, citizenship awards, construction or commercial contracts, trust funds etc So if this scenario has some truth, the question is, how does one halt it, and halt it across the board, so that no party or group is left with a special advantage, with exclusive access to public or other improperly-gained funds, leaving the others high and dry? how does one rid elections and post election formation of government of the current money element (from vote buy, to rigging electoral lists, to buying parties and members etc)? Many politicians would prefer that, but feel dragged into the current corrupt practices as the only way to play the gamethese are some of the challenges, and it requires active involvement by the parties themselves, think tanks etc but also the wider public to help find the solutions, as clearly the voters are widely accepting and even demanding electoral bribes (in cash or kind)

By Paul Barker

Saturday, 07 December



Professor Richard Jackson did a paper on relocation of PNGs national capital to Arona Valley in the mid-seventies. His paper was based on an earlier work he did for the then Chief Minister, Sir Michael Somare prior to independence in about 1973/4 period. The University of Papua New Guinea would be more than pleased to revisit the topic and commence a national discourse on the subject matter, according to Associate Professor, Dr Norlie Miskaram of the Department of Geography, University of Papua New Guinea.  
Yonki is part of the Arona Valley Systemn
This week, the Member for Kavieng and Minister for Public Enterprises, Ben Micah raised an important point, when he impressed upon the Members of Parliament to consider relocating the nations capital to Arona Valley in Eastern Highlands Province. The topic is important for many reasons; it is about strategic positioning of PNG in the region and the world. Port Moresby is and for a long time to come a land mark of colonial relic, and outpost made a reality by those who sought to control the world and created empires.
When Professor Richard Jackson made a submission to NEC then in the Cabinet of the Chief Minister, Michael Somare in the early seventies, the Australian advisers told the NEC,...



Towards the end of this weekend, two senior members and executive of the Papua New Guinea Judicial Womens association were in Goroka to meet and address community leaders and their young people at a neigbourhood in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province. Magistrates of the family court, Ms Rosie Aize Johnson, and Ms Rosemary Koimo made appearances and addressed the community on a number of pressing issues and concerns regarding family and sexual violence. They met with communities and made presentations of rugby league uniforms donated by an Australian club.

The PNG Judiciary has a new organization set up by the women Judges and Magistrates in November last year. One of their aims is to be proactive in engaging with stakeholders in the community. Ms Rosie Aize Johnson the Vice President of the PNG Judicial Womens Association and the Secretary of the PNGJWA, Ms Rosemary Koimo travelled to Goroka, courtesy of the UN Women PNG to make awareness with communities, especially with the young people about their responsibilities in promoting nonviolent society, and of special importance is about protecting women and children through sports. 
Rosie Aize Johnson (L) and Rosemary Koimo

The Association is very much in its infancy, but over the last twelve months, individual and collective efforts have been put in to build its own network both within PNG and also internationally. The PNGJWA has gone into partnership with UN Women Australia and other international organisations and of course the Law and Justice Sector programme here in PNG. The Goroka assignment is the first time the association has taken the bold step...

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