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Thursday, 07 February


US radio interview, Progressive Radio Network, on Israel profiting from occupation "IndyWatch Feed National"

Following my recent investigation in the New York Review of Books on Israeli occupation tools going global, I was interviewed by one of the biggest progressive radio programs in the US, Gary Nulls Progressive Commentary Hour. My segment starts at 13:59.



Construction heads into winter season "IndyWatch Feed"

Construction contracting

A second consecutive very contractionary result for AiG's performance of construction index at 43.1 (with 50 being a neutral reading) for January 2019.  

The reading for apartment building was shrunk even further to just 24.9, which is a fresh six-year low.

I've been down in apartment construction hotspot Melbourne this week, so here are a few thoughts:


Carer payment "IndyWatch Feed National"

Debt amount: 
Date debt issued: 
Friday, 16 December 2016
Period debt occurred: 
October 2014
Has your case been referred to a collection agency?: 
Payment Type: 
Carer Payment
Appealing Debt?: 
Tell us about your debt and how has this affected you? e.g. anxiety levels, financial and accommodation stress: 

I got a bill in Dec.
I did try to communicate with varying Centrelink departments and when the phone did ring through and was answered I was only ever told that I needed to prove I did not owe any money.

Was 24hr carer for my father who had MND. Apparently I was working too.
Dear Centrelink. Absolutely no idea.

So since then I have ignored everything from Centrelink (incl. Mygov).
I have not answered or returned any calls that do not clearly identify the caller.
I do not respond to messages that tell me I have a message on Mygov.



PERTH Bookkeeper to fight $3m stealing charges "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Bookkeeper to fight $3m stealing charges .

February 07, 2019 at 02:18PM .

Moe Moe Myint Kelly, 61, appeared in Perth Magistrates Court on Thursday and pleaded not guilty to 115 counts of stealing. She is due back in court .



MACKAY Drug driving charge, Mackay Northern Beaches "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 07, 2019 at 01:33PM ,

Drug driving charge, Mackay Northern Beaches

February 07, 2019 at 01:33PM ,

and as a result, an immediate 24 hour drivers licence suspension was issued along with a Notice to Appear at Mackay Magistrates court March 26.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


A Visit to South Koreas Park of Giant Penises "IndyWatch Feed National"

I decided to visit South Korea on a whim. Besides their fascination with cheesy boy bands and an apparent aptitude for fried chicken I knew absolutely nothing about the country, but I was starting in Japan and finishing in Vietnam with plenty of time to kill in between so, geographically speaking, it was the logical choice. I jumped on Google and thats where I found it, buried amongst the lists of obscure animal cafes and beautifully built temples, the great Haesindang Park.

A beautiful site of phallic worship, read one review. A bunch of dicks on a cliff, read another. Id heard whispers of such a place, seen an article or two flash across my feeds, but never did I imagine that a visit to the infamous Penis Park would be within my reach. I excitedly began to do my research. The park was four hours away from anything else monumental in a tiny, otherwise unexciting, fishing village that was quite difficult to get to, and in which cheap accommodation was scarce. Was I really going to make this arduous journey and blow my budget on a few carved penises? You bet your sweet bippy I was.

I had a pretty impressive itinerary drawn up for my three-month trek across Asia. I would be taking part in traditional ceremonies, visiting ancient temples, exploring natural landscapes, and eating my way through famous food markets. But when asked what I was most excited about I couldnt help but smirk, because despite all the incredible experiences ahead Haesindang always sprung to mind. As I paid my entrance fee and wandered through the gates I was hit with a wave of dread. Id spent months preparing for, and bragging about, this day, and really, it is just a bunch of dicks on a cliff. What if I had over-hyped it? But as I rounded the bend and the first giggle escaped me, I knew I had nothing to worry about.

Several wooden sculptures peered at me through the trees. Some had faces; exaggerated features carved into the dark wood, not unlike the totems used by the native Americans. Others were simpler, featuring feathered designs which curled around their length. But all of them had one feature in common; the unmistakable hood rounding out the top of each pole giving them their phallic nature. I stood laughing manically on the path for quite some time before moving to inspect them individually, giggling uncontrollably as I neared each one. How on earth did this place come to exist? I managed to quieten down long enough to take a few photos before, eager to learn more, I continued inside.



Sticky floors and Sticky Fingers "IndyWatch Feed National"

Perhaps we need to start thinking about the external influences that might be present at a live gig. We most definitely need to do this before we start talking about the attire or behaviour of women. The biggest influence on crowds at festivals and intimate gigs is obviously the artists themselves.


Mortgage broker reforms? "IndyWatch Feed"

RC backfires

A bit of politics for once, which is not my preferred blog subject, but anyway...

Labor's Bowen and Shorten had insisted they'd adopt all of the Royal Commission recommendations sight unseen - a pretty ill-advised idea when you think about it - ostensibly because they wanted to be seen as 'tough' on the banks, but just as likely to put pressure on the government to clamp down on lending and credit further. 

What the ALP think-tanks hadn't foreseen is the major banks getting off relatively lightly and some cataclysmic recommended reforms for the mortgage broking industry in terms of commission structure. 

The Coalition (and apparently even the Reserve Bank) believe that such wholesale changes to the broking industry warrant caution, since they'd reduce competition in the market, line the pockets of the 4 major banks, and put thousands of brokers out of business.

It'll be interesting to see whether Bowen is so in favour of implementing all recommendations now.

If I was a betting man I'd say the ALP will demur on this point, or give a waffling or non-committal answer...else they'll face instantly losing the votes of 16,000 brokers. 

Of course, they might well decide that they don't need those votes anyway given signals from internal polling, but let's see what their response is. 


For the love of the music "IndyWatch Feed National"

I saw the hashtag #metoo and listened closely to the stories of other women, but I also distanced myself from those public accounts. I didnt want to admit that the hashtag is mine too. That I feel I do not have autonomy over my own body. That I feel I cant stop others from violating my space.


Neeson, Racism, and Rape. "IndyWatch Feed"

  Liam Neeson is not an actor in whom I have the slightest interest. So spending the last couple of days discussing his actions has felt a little odd. Out and about promoting his new film, a revenge saga, Neeson used a story from his own past as an example of the desire for revenge, []


Three More Books with Genealogical Information "IndyWatch Feed National"

The following books contain a wealth of genealogical information.

Of Marriage, Violence and Sorcery by David McKnight published 2005
Contains numerous sections of genealogical charts of people from Mornington Island  and descriptions of events and the people involved. Some pseudonyms are used but most names are the correct ones. I have checked this with other records.

The Affinal Relationship System by Aslaug and Johannes Falkenberg published 1981
Contains eight pages of Aborigines From Port Keats mentioned in the text as follows
Personal Name, Own Tribe, Own Local Clan, Mother's Tribe, Mother's Local Clan (Kangatji), Page in the Text.

Lives of the Papunya Tula Artists by Vivien Johnson published 2008
Contains detailed genealogical information of the artists and their families.


EDITORIAL EXCERPT: How to make no friends and influence elections "IndyWatch Feed"

EDITORIAL EXCERPT: How to make no friends and influence electionsThe Governments strategy to win the unwinnable election was laid out plainly this week, when Nine-Fairfax splashed a puff piece, saying Morrison ready to fight dirty. read now...


Never invest in any idea you cant draw with a crayon "IndyWatch Feed"

  • Information overload
  • Lets get complicated
  • The Aussie investors crystal ball

Confession time.

I completely borrowed that headline from the internet.

No idea who said it. Dont care, really.

But I will tell you this. Its brilliant advice.

Because today I am on a mission.

To show you how simply things work when it comes to analysing the health of the Aussie economy.

What if I told you there was a way to predict our fortunes, without reading a single statistical report?

That you could shelve all the official Australian Bureau of statistics reports, and ignore central bank statements?

Sure, they have their place.

But finding the time to scour through them, and then come up with your own interpretation of whats going on in the Aussie economy, is time-consuming.

What if I could hand you a little-known market crystal ball?

One so few investors use

one that could even put you ahead of the investing curve?

Information overload

Before I show you this simple trick to market analysis, lets go through some hard data.

Weve had a week of economic news.

First there was the final report from the Royal Banking Commission on Monday. Ive already covered my thoughts on it here and here.

Then, the Reserve Bank of Australia held its first meeting for the year on Tuesday. Rates are on hold. The following day, RBA Governor Philip Lowe hinted there would be a rate cut.

Speaking at the National Press Club, he said, Looking forward, there are scenarios where the next move in the cash rate is up and other scenarios where it is down.

He then added that the rate decision hinges on the unemployment rate. Thats baloney. Theres no way the basis for interest rate changes rests on one single bit of data. Ill cover this in more detail next week.



Corrupt police falsifying court documents "IndyWatch Feed National"

The problem of police falsifying evidence for or in court is much greater than the mainstream media would have the general population believe.

Regarding the Silk-Miller murder, for now this is what has made it out into the public justice system:


US labour market continues to improve but middle class jobs disappearing "IndyWatch Feed"

Last weeks (February 1, 2019) release by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) of their latest labour market data Employment Situation Summary January 2019 showed that total non-farm payroll employment rose by 304,000 and the unemployment rate rose by 0.1 points to 4 per cent on the back of a 0.1 points rise in the participation rate. The labour force survey estimates were significantly impacted by changes in population benchmarks (an annual occurrence). However, all indications are that the labour market continues to improve. We will see in the next few months whether the strong January payroll employment growth was a one-off blip or a sustained trend. While the US labour market is looking fairly robust there is still a substantial jobs deficit remaining which tells us that it remains some distance from full employment. And, my latest analysis on which occupations are enjoying the employment growth shows that there has been a distinct hollowing out of median pay jobs (the so-called middle class jobs), which helps to explain the sharp increases in income inequality.

Overview for January 2019

  • Payroll employment rose by 304,000.
  • Total labour force survey employment rose by 237 thousand in net terms after taking out changes due to variations in population benchmarks.
  • The seasonally adjusted labour force rose by 495 thousand which pushed the unemployment rate up a bit.
  • Official unemployment rose by 241,000 to 6.535 million.
  • The official unemployment rate rose 0.1 points to 4 per cent.
  • The participation rate rose by 0.1 points to 63.2 per cent but remains well below the peak in December 2006 (66.4 per cent). Adjusting for age effects, the rise in those who have given up looking for work for one reason or another since December 2006 is around 5,041 thousand workers. The corresponding unemployment rate would be 6.9 per cent, far higher than the current official rate.
  • The broad labour underutilisation measure (U6) rose sharply from 7.6 per cent to 8.1 per cent due mainly to the enforced shutdown.

This months data was affected by new population benchmarks which are used to scale up the survey data to national level.

With the changes to the population benchmarks, the household and establishment survey data diverged significantly this month.

I analyse the differences below.

The BLS note that:

Establishment survey data have been revised as a result of the annual benchmarking process and the updating of seasonal adjustment factors. Also, household survey data for January 2019 reflect updated population esti...


No matter how much you give the rich, they will always want more "IndyWatch Feed"

It seems astonishing that, in a country where one in eight adults and more than one in six children are living in poverty, and many of those are living in deep poverty, the Coalitions election focus is on tax concessions and tax cuts for the wealthy and they seem to be getting away with

The post No matter how much you give the rich, they will always want more appeared first on The AIM Network.


February 7 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1788 - The Colony of New South Wales was formally proclaimed. The official ceremony was performed by Judge-Advocate David Collins and marked the effective commencement of the British colony. Captain Arthur Phillip assumed the Office of Governor.

1803 - Charles Grimes Survey Party went up the Yarra to a creek, believed to be Gardiners Creek, where they saw local Boonwurrung people.

1841 - Munangabum was an influential clan head of the Liarga balug and Spiritual Leader or neyerneyemeet of the Djadja wurrung. Munangabum was shot and wounded by settlers on this day while his companion Gondiurmin died at 14 Mile Creek (or Far Creek later Glen Mona station) on Bet Bet Creek, west of Maryborough, Victoria.
Three settlers were later apprehended and tried on 18 May 1841 but were acquitted for want of evidence as Kooris could not give evidence in courts of law.

1851 -The Perth Gazette and Independent Journal of Politics and News published on its front cover the "Annual Reports of The Guardians of Aborigines[sic] "
ual Reports of the Guardians of Aborigines.
1868 - Constable William Griffis (WA) was speared at Nickol Bay Roebourne.

1872 - Madame Ghurka, the Queen of fortune tellers aka Julia Gibson, was dropped off by the stork.
Read her colourful life story HERE

1890 - We dratted women were getting in everywhere, even in the doctorin' game when Dr Emma Constance Stone became the first registered female doctor in Oz.

1939 - Published in the Sydney Daily Mail was a headline Nazis Behind Panic, which alleged that the exodus of the Koori community from Cummeragunja had manifested as an act in support of the German press, to provide it with material to further Nazi claims for the return of colonies.
Jack Patten, a leader of the Cummeragunja walk-off later sued the Sydney Daily Mail for libel, but without success.

1944 - Esther Gwendolyn (Stella) Bowen became the second woman war artist to be appointed by the Australian government. This was arduous and often distressing work; some portraits of Royal Australian Air Force bomber crews based in England had to be finished with the aid of photographs. The Australian War Memorial, Canberra, holds forty-six of her wartime oils and pencil drawings.

1967 - Distinguished Aboriginal author and inventor David Unaipon died at Tailem Bend. His achievements were later commemorated by the national David Unaipon Award for Aboriginal writers, instituted in 1988, and by his portrait, featured on one side of the $50 note, first issued in 1995.

1972 - Gough...


Climate Change: Breaching the threshold "IndyWatch Feed"

Last year the IPCC warned us that the Paris Agreement target of limiting climate change to no more than 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels was a line in the sand for our species and that if we miss it, we will face catastrophe. Today, the UK Met Office is warning that we could breach that target for the first time within the next five years:

Global warming could temporarily hit 1.5C above pre-industrial levels for the first time between now and 2023, according to a long-term forecast by the Met Office.

Meteorologists said there was a 10% chance of a year in which the average temperature rise exceeds 1.5C, which is the lowest of the two Paris agreement targets set for the end of the century.

Until now, the hottest year on record was 2016, when the planet warmed 1.11C above pre-industrial levels, but the long-term trend is upward.

Man-made greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are adding 0.2C of warming each decade but the incline of temperature charts is jagged due to natural variation: hotter El Nio years zig above the average, while cooler La Nin years zag below.

In the five-year forecast released on Wednesday, the Met Office highlights the first possibility of a natural El Nio combining with global warming to exceed the 1.5C mark.

The Paris target is a long-term average, so a single year above it doesn't mean disaster. But it would be a foretaste of things to come, and a warning that we need to radically change direction. And if we don't do that, things are going to get pretty unpleasant.


Why wind wont work to provide reliable power Mk III "IndyWatch Feed"

Someone gave a tick to Mark III the Windy Odyssey video so people are invited to circulate. Still room for improvement but shorter and sharper with a clean shirt, an ad hoc teleprompter and friends standing behind it making faces and waving their arms to remind me I was talking to people and not the screen.

This afternoon we shoot The German Trifecta of Failure. Spend a trillion or so and (1) lift the cost of domestic power by 50%, (2) bring the grid to the point of collapse and (3) make no difference to CO2 emissions.

After that to demonstrate how wind and solar are not just expensive ornaments attached to your power point but they are deadly parasites that suck the economic life out of the reliable providers.


Disaster narratives: Flooding in Townsville "IndyWatch Feed"

Disaster narratives: Flooding in TownsvilleDr Binoy Kampmark takes a look at the good, bad and politically ugly side of the Townsville flooding disaster. read now...


Two-faced criminals "IndyWatch Feed"

Last year, in a desperate attempt to regain social licence, the fishing industry ran an expensive series of TV ads assuring us that they had nothing to hide. Meanwhile, they were furiously lobbying the Minister to oppose video monitoring of fishing boats:

At the same time as the seafood industry was placing adverts on television last year proclaiming it had "nothing to hide", it was writing to the minister, Stuart Nash, expressing its "overwhelming opposition" to the idea of cameras on board its boats to monitor what they were up to.

The letter, released under the Official Information Act, said its purpose was to "dismiss any suggestion that the 'New Zealand Seafood industry' supports the current proposal".

For the removal of any doubt the words "do not support" were underlined.

Some of the signatories were redacted but amongst those still visible are managers at Talley's, Sealord, the Federation of Commercial Fishermen and Te Ohu Kai Moana, representing Mori fishing interests.

Forest and Bird spokesperson Karen Baird said it was a case of them saying one thing publicly while working towards a quite different outcome behind the scenes.

So I guess they do have something to hide after all. But what could it be? The illegal dumping of less-valuable fish? The criminal doctoring of records to understate catches? Or maybe the failure to report catching and killing endangered species? The problem here is that the fishing industry is pervasively criminal. They need to be treated as such, and monitored and prosecuted until they change their behaviour. Instead, our government - bought and paid for by Talley's - is doing the exact opposite.


A Repeating Story Venezuela, Another Resources Grab "IndyWatch Feed National"

(R) Nicols Maduro warns the Venezuelan military of civil war

by G5

Language and Communication are fading. Welcome to the US led World Recovery, in the Post Truth Era. The herds just want to unwind, relax, chill, and spend quality time. An illusion from those already in a comatose state.

The US concocted problems in Venezuela RHYME (according to a formula of destruction as with so many past countries).

A nation that fraudulently elects bar flies, the mentally deficient, moral cesspits, baggage carriers, the blackmailed, bought, and self-serving, to its legislature while posturing a pretense of racial, sexual, and social progressiveness, and lecturing the world. Thi...


"The Gun Is Civilization" By Maj. L. Caudill USMC (Ret) "IndyWatch Feed National"

Possessing any object specifically for the purpose of self-defence, lethal or non-lethal, is a criminal offence in Australia!!! There are many women, raped and/or murdered, who would have been liable to prosecution had they been carrying anything that might have saved them.

"The Gun Is Civilization"
By Maj. L. Caudill USMC (Ret) 
Human beings only have two ways to deal with one another: reason and force. If you want me to do something for you, you have a choice of either convincing me via argument, or force me to do your bidding under threat of force. Every human interaction falls into one of those two categories, without exception. Reason or force, thats it.
In a truly moral and civilized society, people exclusively interact through persuasion. Force has no place as a valid method of social interaction, and the only thing that removes force from the menu is the personal firearm, as paradoxical as it may sound to some.
When I carry a gun, you cannot deal with me by force. You have to use reason and try to persuade me, because I have a way to negate your threat or employment of force. The gun is the only personal weapon that puts a 100-pound woman on equal footing with a 220-pound mugger, a 75-year old retiree on equal footing with a 19-year old gangbanger, and a single gay guy on equal footing with a carlo......


State of the Union one day later "IndyWatch Feed"

Remember when the Democrats were going to stop Trump from delivering his State of the Union. Funny how he seems to get his way in the end. The Wall is next.

As for the politics, Trumps State of the Union is an almost perfect dye-marker for your own political beliefs. You wont see a more perfectly designed and written defence of conservative values in the modern world. And I agree with this from Instapundit.

ONE OF THE INTERESTING THINGS ABOUT TRUMPS SPEECH LAST NIGHT is how it seemed calculated to demolish all the standard anti-Trump tropes from the media and from the left and to do so with compelling imagery. Consider:

Trumps a Nazi: Praise for Holocaust survivors, and a touching rendition of Happy Birthday. (With Trump waving his fingers like a conductor).

Trump hates minorities: Brags about record low black, Hispanic, and Asian unemployment while white-clad Democratic women, overwhelmingly white themselves, sat prune-faced.

Trumps a Russian tool: Withdrawing from the INF Treaty.

Trumps a warmonger: Without me, Trump says, wed be at war on the Korean peninsula. Also, Im looking at pulling out of Afghanistan.

Trump hates women: Except he got even the prune-faced white-clad Democratic women up dancing (and chanting USA! USA!) when he talked about record female employment in and out of Congress.

And his rebuke to socialism was designed to strip the glamour that the media have tried to imbue it with by tying it to the abject misery of Venezuela.

The 70% of those who did not like the speech from the mean-spirited, Marxist-Progressive Democrats remains the problem. They really do want to turn the US into Venezuela. Ignorant fools they may be, but they still get to vote.

AND NOW THIS: The State of the Union set to music.



Discriminatory Federal Government program making life harder for mums and babies "IndyWatch Feed National"

A punitive Government parenting program is making life harder for mums with babies as young as six months, and raises questions about compliance with Australias sex and race discrimination laws.

In a joint submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Federal Governments ParentsNext program, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and human rights organisations have called for the program to be scrapped.

The program forces parents, including mothers with children as young as six months, to complete "activities" or face having their parenting payment cut. 95 per cent of those captured by the program are women, many of whom are single mothers. An intensive stream of the program targets Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents.

Between 1 July 31 December 2018, parents had desperately-needed parenting payments suspended over 16,000 times. Early data indicates that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents are more at risk than non-Indigenous parents.

Antoinette Braybrook, Convener of the National Family Violence Prevention Legal Services Forum said: "This program is setting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women up to fail, and it will cause the most pain for mothers escaping family violence, dealing with homelessness and in other distressing circumstances."

"Rather than pointing the finger and punishing our women, the Federal Government should be investing in Aboriginal-led programs that support women to meet their goals."

International evidence shows that programs, like ParentsNext, that impose financial sanctions on struggling single parents, can do more harm than good. Of particular concern is the impact on children.

Muriel Bamblett, Chair of SNAICC National Voice for our Children, said: "A childs early years are the most critical for healthy development. Every parent knows how challenging the job of parenting is during these early years. Our Government should value this work."

"It is extraordinary and outrageous that a Government intentionally discriminates against women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents in the administration of this program. It is not only failing our women, families and children, it is actively contributing to the erosion of our rights."

The Government has acknowledged that the program discriminates on the basis of race and sex but claims the discrimination is justified.

Adrianne Walters, Senior Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre said: "By the Governments own admission, the program discriminates against women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents. Its justifications for this discrimination just dont stack up."

"Our Government should be thanking women for the endless hour...


6,000 employed under Labour "IndyWatch Feed"

The labour market statistics have been released, showing that unemployment has risen to 4.3%. All up there are 120,000 unemployed - only 6,000 fewer than when the government took office. But buried in that there's worse news: underemployment is up, from 11.8% in 2017 to 12.1% today. Which insofar as it reflects people who want jobs being unable to get them, is bad news, especially for a Labour-led government.

The government needs to turn this around. Reducing unemployment is their key deliverable. And if they don't deliver on it, then people will rightly ask what the point of them is.


A constitution party? "IndyWatch Feed"

New Zealand has a new political party - the New Zealand Constitution Party. Unfortunately, it seems like their reasons for wanting a codified constitution are a little dubious:

Warren established his political party - the New Zealand Constitution Party - on Waitangi Day.

He said New Zealand's rapid population increase is one reason it should be taken seriously.

"In the next 10 years, our population will double. In 10-20 years, it will quadruple and there is no way we can have a constitution that will serve the people when there are so many voices demanding minority rights," Warren said.

"In 179 years, for example, New Zealand has never adopted the Treaty of Waitangi. We can't agree on that. We are going to have difficulty agreeing on any other constitutional issue."

Which sounds an awful lot like "we need to nail down a constitution now and make it difficult to amend to stop those filthy foreigners from having a say". But there's worse - from their press release (so far only on YourNZ), they're also pushing "family values", oppose immigration, and have a purpose of "strengthen[ing] NZ's constitutional monarchy". So basicly monarchist bigots then. Which sounds like a party to stay away from.


Playing the ref with a fake tax "IndyWatch Feed"

The Liberals are playing the ref by tagging Labors dividend imputation policy a retirement tax. It is not surprising they see this as a productive strategy since the same thing worked with their carbon tax scare campaign. Political journalists self-identify as watchdogs for democracy who hold the powerful to account by shining a light on

The post Playing the ref with a fake tax appeared first on The AIM Network.


Video: Gaza the short documentary gives a graphic view of the Israeli occupation "IndyWatch Feed National"

On 2 February, this short documentary on Gaza by Carles Bover Martnez and Julio Prez Del Campo, won the Goya prize for this category. It provides a graphic view of the brutality of Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. The Spanish censors cut a bit out, which denounced Palestinian Apartheid in Gaza.

Efforts by pro-Israel groups to have the documentary banned have caused a response against the attempt. One of them is in the United Kingdom, where a letter has been published in the Guardian and signed by dozens of British artists, including filmmakers Ken Loach and Mike Leigh; actress Julie Christie; musicians Peter Gabriel and Roger Waters; author Yann Martel; and designer Vivienne Westwood.

Video from Podemos

Estreno del corto documental Gaza

Ayer, el documental Gaza, de Carles Bover Martnez y Julio Prez del Campo, gan el Goya a mejor cortometraje documental. Cortometraje documental que ha sido CENSURADO por denunciar el apartheid palestino en Gaza por parte de Israel.Aqu lo podris ver completo

Posted by Podemos on Sunday, February 3, 2019

The post Video: Gaza the short documentary gives a graphic view of the Israeli occupation appeared first on The Pen.


The problem with electric cars "IndyWatch Feed"

The problem with electric cars is that they run on electricity. That is depicted as a feature but it becomes a bug when electric power is in short supply.

Consider the situation when we lose Liddell and another old power station or two.

Of course it would help to deindustrialize some more like South Australia. How many Aluminium smelters have we got to shed so we can revert to shipping ore overseas for other people to add value? It wont help the planet if the CO2 comes from some other place but it will cost us bigtime.

Meanwhile the motor association in NSW, the NRMA is ecstatic about electric cars and the charging stations they are building here and there in the state.

A couple of years ago the buzz in China was a massive move towards to electric cars. Didnt hear about that last year, maybe someone did the numbers and realised they need a few dozen more coal fired power stations before they go down that road.

Some big calls in the comments. From stevem.

A quick calculation reveals that if every car were to convert to electric today, with no change in usage pattern with a further assumption that charging could be manages with smart chargers to spread the charge load evenly throughout the day we would need to double electricity generation.

From Russell.

The science around rechargeable battery technology is NOT settled. Too many confounding variables (just like CC) and you cant make guarantees about battery life unless you control the recharging regime very closely. Otherwise youre asking the customer for the cost of replacing an internal combustion engine every 5 years when they need to replace the EV batteries. So buying an EV means a commitment to no resale value when you upgrade.


Mental health the focus "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Tutors and graduates who have just completed a tailored mental health program in Northern NSW Local Health District. Photo supplied.

One could ponder the idea that there is not more people with metal health issues now than in the past, its just that we are more aware of it these days.

That awareness has seen more people choose a career in mental health, and the arrival of new specialist nurses is set to further improve mental health care in the Northern Rivers and across NSW.

Six new graduates have just completed a tailored mental health program in Northern NSW Local Health District (NNSWLHD).

Already half the graduates have new jobs in full-time mental health roles across the district. The remaining three are taking their new skills to the Emergency Department at Lismore Base and other hospitals.

The Transition to Mental Health Nursing Program (TMHNP) has produced 38 graduates since 2012, all with the skills and knowledge to excel in a career in mental health.

This years graduates are so impressive, they are so enthusiastic and are committed to making a positive difference to the mental health of our patients, says Nurse Educator, Ryan Rooney.

Graduates of past programs have continued to build strong careers as Clinical Nurse Educators, acting Nurse Unit Managers, Clinical Nurse Specialists, and Case Managers.

The six people selected for the program each year share clinical rotations in Child and Adolescent Mental Health (Kamala), Community Mental Health, Adult Mental Health (Tallowwood), and Older Persons Mental Health (Lilli Pilli).

We also factor in a fortnightly education session incorporating senior clinicians across the Network presenting information on a wide variety of topics, said Mr Rooney. These include subjects such as evidence-based practice and research, ...


Farmers demand action as extremes intensify "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

This is from Farmers for Climate Acton. Farmers are at the forefront of the effects of the changing weather and becoming increasingly outspoken about the need to urgently tackle the reality of climate change. We are now in the middle of a drought that covers a large part of the Australian continent, and this and its effects has become the normal pattern over recent decades. This is already harming livelihoods on the land, and if it continues to worsen, the impact across the Australian population will be much greater.

Farmers have called for urgent action to address climate change in the wake of a new report detailing the extent to which climate change has fuelled extreme weather events in 2018.

The report Weather Gone Wild released by Climate Council shows that Australian insurance companies paid out over $1 billion in claims following extreme weather events in 2018, the fourth hottest year on record.

Wentworth farmer Angus Whyte said: The fallout from extreme weather events on farmers is enormous, with much of it impossible to capture in dollar amounts. Just like in Cloncurry in Queensland right now where floods have followed a long dry spell.

At a property level, essential climate-smart agricultural practices, such as maintaining such as ensuring they have high levels of biodiversity and adequate levels of ground cover to help prevent erosion and dust storms, will help. 

Farmers are adaptable but theres only so much we can do. We need urgent leadership from our federal politicians now to stop the devastation from climate change on rural communities.

Katunga dairy farmer Daryl Hoey said: Last year we received less than half our average annual rainfall and water prices rose to the second highest level on record due to low supplies and then low water allocations.

As our climate changes, dairy farming in Northern Victoria is becoming increasingly difficult. This is having a flow on effect to our local communities, as families battle with increased debt or decide to leave the industry and area.

The longer government go without taking decisive action to turn our current trajectory around, the harder those policy decisions will be and the more difficult it will be fo...


Zcash Bug Demonstrates the Difficulty of Auditing Complex Cryptocurrencies "IndyWatch Feed"

Zcash Bug Demonstrates the Difficulty of Auditing Complex Cryptocurrencies

A recent counterfeiting bug in Zcash demonstrates that the added functionality of so-called second generation blockchains comes at a price. The vulnerability, which existed for years before being patched in October, could have been exploited to generate additional coins. As every major cryptocurrency since Bitcoin has demonstrated, added complexity corresponds with lower security.

Also read: Australian Banks Fraudulently Collected Fees From Deceased Customers

Zcash Vulnerability Lay Undiscovered for Years

On Feb. 5, the Zcash team shared a blog post acknowledging the existence of a bug that had been in place since the privacy coin launched. Discovering its existence would have called for a high level of technical and cryptographic sophistication that very few people possess, claimed Zcash developers. While likely true, this admission has provided little comfort to zcash holders, and doesnt augur well for any future bugs that have yet to be discovered. It stands to reason that any elementary exploits in the protocol will have long since been identified. As such, any critical Zcash bug to surface at this stage can be assumed to require sophisticated knowledge to pinpoint.


Look at Byrons other problem roundabout "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The sad looking palms at the Ewingsdale roundabout are suffering after the driest January on record. Photo Jeff Dawson

While much has been said about the so-called disco dongat the new Bayshore Drive roundabout, the humble Bangalow palms at the entrance to Ewingsdale Road are dead and dying following the driest January on record.

Not the most propitious welcome for visitors to the Shire, or residents either for that matter.

But a spokesperson for Byron Shire Council says there are no plans to water the established palms, which were planted by RMS but are Councils responsibility to maintain.

Were hoping the rain weve had over the last couple of days will cheer them up a bit and might be followed up with more, the spokesperson said.

Gardening Australia presenter Jerry Coleby-Williams said the situation was an all-too common sight right now all along eastern Australia following the latest unprecedented drought.

Most roundabout plantings [have] shallow soil mixed with residue from excavation and construction work, he said.

Hard surfaces, like bitumen and concrete, reflect more than half the UV that falls on them. They also soak up the heat.

Over a decade ago the CSIRO warned that Australias heat island effect would double by mid-century. That heat increases evaporation, further stressing urban forests during drought.

Turf is a preferable surface to concrete, even in drought it significantly reduces the heat island effect. But when used to underplant an island of palms isolated in a road, turf can outcompete the palms, robbing them of light falls of rain and whatever nutrients are to be found.

Both palms and turfgrasses have surface feeding roots, so theyre in direct competition. But grasses are faster to respond to rainfall and harvest nutrients quicker, he said.

This is the case with the Ewingsdale roundabout planting, which may be part of the reason why the trees are looking so sad.

Despite its reluctance to instigate a watering regime, Jerry said Byron Shire Council stands tall compared to many local governments in its endeavours to nurture rain sensitive landscaping, but adds, this image illustrates how one of Australias mo...


Flood resilience a national focus for SCU "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Lismore floods Photo Tree Faerie

In 2017, Lismore was hit by the most damaging floods in more than 40 years off the back of Cyclone Debbie. There have been too many floods in the Northern Rivers to feel we are safe from more to come.

Looking to the future, Southern Cross University has just unveiled plans to create a new national institute to assist flood-prone communities and build their resilience.

The National Institute for Flood Resilience will be headquartered at the Universitys Lismore campus, which lies at the centre of the most active flood-plain in Australia outside the tropics.

The National Institute will apply a systems approach to flood risk, response and mitigation through critical national and international partnerships.

The National Institute will address exactly the sort of crucial issues being presented by vulnerable flood affected communities across Australia: how to plan, predict and respond to one of natures most savage events.

Nearly 80 per cent of all natural disasters in the world since 1970 have been flood-related.

The new Flood Resilience Institute will build on the existing investment and work undertaken over recent years by Southern Cross University, said Vice Chancellor Adam Shoemaker.

Specifically, this strengthens dramatically the establishment in 2017 of the Southern Cross Centre for Flood Research; and the two decade-long operation here on campus of the emergency evacuation centre for households and businesses in the Lismore region.

The National Institute for Flood Resilience will evaluate and test new approaches to incre...


In which the pond settles for the bromancer, as it always does ... "IndyWatch Feed"

The pond just wanted to set a bipartisan tone for the day and couldn't imagine a better way of doing it than starting off with a Rowe, proving that a tie is more than a Freudian phallic symbol with more symbolic Rowe here

You see, the pond's only business is curating the reptiles, and it decided to go with the bromancer, as it usually does

And as usual, there were many sacrifices to be made along the way though many are unaware of the curatorial rigour with which the pond must approach its task each day.

Look there, the urbane Urban in fine form

Sorry, the pond could only pause to wonder for a nanosecond: what is it with the reptiles and their obsession with homosexuality, or come to that, The Great Gatsby?



Blasonato wants us to vote for animals "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Putting her money and her love where her mouth is, Animal lover Cathy Blasonato and her fur friend Shanti Cathy rescued Shanti from the streets of Bhutan it took her a year to get her home to Australia. This photo was taken at the quarantine facility in Singapore.

A tireless animal welfare and rights advocate, Cathy Blasonato has been announced as the Animal Justice Party (AJP) candidate for Ballina.

Ms Blasonato, who says that for too long governments have ignored public opinion when it comes to the protection of animals, feels the time is right for animals to get greater representation in the NSW parliament.

Governments have ignored the link between the well-being of animals with our environment and health, she says. Public opinion has never been so strong in favour of animal welfare and the protection of our environment. I want the Northern Rivers to be a leader in compassion and care for all beings, and the environment.

Ms Blasonato says the north coast of New South Wales, like the rest of Australia and the planet, has many challenges. Habitat destruction is rampant, farm land is being degraded, and farmed animals are suffering from lack of fresh pastures and shade.

In the upcoming NSW State election, the Animal Justice Party will be giving a voice to animals and the environment by focusing on three key campaigns: freeing hens from battery cages; protecting our national icon the kangaroo; and taking urgent action to address climate change by protecting our existing native forests and marine habitats, setting a renewable energy target and investigating and introducing more sustainable agricultural systems.

A vote for the AJP will send a strong message that people do care about animals and the environment.

Our goals are to provide stronger protection for animals and the environment, and to hold the government accountable over their treatment of both.

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Highlighting Northern Rivers homelessness crisis "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Lismore Greens candidate Sue Higginson. Photo David Lowe

Homelessness and an ever increasing number of working homeless is becoming the new norm across the nation and the need for roofs over heads and services to deal with the issue are also on the rise.

To highlight the problem, Greens candidate for the seat of Lismore Sue Higginson, will sleep overnight in Knox Park, Murwillumbah, to highlight the problem. 

The most vulnerable people in Murwillumbah are sleeping rough in Knox Park, she said. Its become renowned as an increasingly unsafe area, with youths setting off petrol bombs recently, loud fights a regular occurrence and residents calling for an increased police presence there after the death of Murwillumbah local Charlie Larter last June.

Homelessness has become an epidemic

Ms Higginson says that under the Coalition government, homelessness has become an epidemic exacerbated by cruel economic policies and inaction. With 288,000 people seeking official homelessness assistance last year, it is now an issue facing many ordinary Australians, including families who cant manage mortgage stress or find rentals. 

The largest single demographic for homelessness in the near future will be women over 50.



Freemasons help Byron roll along "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Freemasons Grand Master for NSW and the ACT, Derek Robson AM centre, with local Freemasons and Byron hospital staff. Photo supplied.

If youre a hospital, you can never have too many wheelchairs and Byron Central Hospital (BCH) has just received five new sets  thanks to a donation from the local Freemasons Lodge in conjunction with their Grand Charity MasoniCare.

Freemasons Grand Master for NSW and the ACT, Derek Robson AM, travelled to Byron Bay to present the chairs to the hospital staff.

One of the new wheelchairs will be used at the front entrance of the hospital to assist incoming patients, while the other four will be used in the emergency department and inpatient unit.

Byron Central Hospital Deputy Director of Nursing Tracey Brooke said the five chairs will make a huge difference. Were thrilled to be receiving yet another generous donation from Freemasons Byron Bay who have supported us for a number of years, she said.

New wheelchairs arent cheap at about $500 each,, but having even a few more means we can move patients around the hospital much more efficiently and safely.

Just today we used one of the new wheelchairs to take a patient from their bed to get some fresh air and sunshine outside. Grandmaster Robson said Freemasons NSW had now given more than 250 wheelchairs to hospitals around the state.

It is really great to see the excellent work our lodges are doing across NSW, he said.

The Byron Bay Freemasons have now raised more than $12,000 for the Byron Central Hospital in the last few years. It is one of many local organisations we like to support.

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MACKAY 26 people charged in drug sting "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY February 06, 2019 at 01:22PM ,

26 people charged in drug sting

February 06, 2019 at 01:22PM ,

He appeared at the Mackay Magistrates Court on February 2. He appeared at the Mackay Magistrates Court on February 5 and was remanded in

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Police smash drug ring in Whitsundays "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY February 06, 2019 at 01:22PM ,

Police smash drug ring in Whitsundays

February 06, 2019 at 01:22PM ,

A 28-year-old Mackay woman has been charged with one count of trafficking dangerous drugs and will appear at the Mackay Magistrates Court on

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Not fun "IndyWatch Feed National"

Debt amount: 
Date debt issued: 
Monday, 24 December 2018
Period debt occurred: 
July 2014 to July 2015
Has your case been referred to a collection agency?: 
Payment Type: 
Appealing Debt?: 
Yes in process
Tell us about your debt and how has this affected you? e.g. anxiety levels, financial and accommodation stress: 

I was sent an email to mygov inbox regarding the debt the day befor xmas 2018

i new that something wasnt right and tryed not to stress about it but undoubtably the thought of how i was some how going to pay over 8k off lingered on my mind and destroyed my christmas new year period.
As im struggling to pay all my bills as it was.

How do you feel abo...

Wednesday, 06 February


Australian Banks Fraudulently Collected Fees From Deceased Customers "IndyWatch Feed"

Australia's Banking Sector inquiry Reveals Massive Cheating as Banks Collect Fees for Dead Customers

A national inquiry into the misconduct of Australias banking sector has revealed profit-driven malpractice that has shattered customer trust. Some of the countrys largest banks were found guilty of making families homeless and charging fees for non-existent services, sometimes to dead customers. They also caused clients to lose hundreds of millions of dollars through misleading investment advice.

Also read: Philippines Announces New Cryptocurrency Regulations

Banks Charge Fees for No Service

The Royal Commission, Australias highest form of public inquiry, spent a year investigating allegations of misconduct by some of the countrys biggest banks including the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), its largest lender. The local banking industry has been plagued by issues of wrongdoing for more than a decade now, Australias public broadcaster ABC reported on Feb. 4.

Commissioner Kenneth Haynes report proposed 76 recommendations, which the government has fully endorsed, leaving unscrupulous parts of the financial sector prone to being swept away by the legislature. Several institutions could be up for criminal charges for charging fees for which no service was rendered.



MACKAY Whitsunday police bust drug ring after ice-trafficking investigation "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY February 06, 2019 at 02:55PM ,

Whitsunday police bust drug ring after ice-trafficking investigation

February 06, 2019 at 02:55PM ,

East Mackay Hideaway Bay Proserpine Cannonvale Whitsunday Mackay Magistrates Court Bowen Magistrates Court Queensland Police

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


9 Feb 2019 Excursion to Wombat Forest "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The CFNC excursion on Saturday 9th February, following Gayle Osbournes talk on Friday evening, will be to an area of the Wombat Forest near Spargo Creek, where the leafless bossiaea can be found.  The weather forecast is for 20 degrees. We will leave the Octopus (Duke St, Castlemaine) at 1.30 pm and drive to Daylesford to meet Gayle who will guide us to Spargo Creek.  Bring afternoon tea.


Housing transactions dry up too; car sales tanking "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Stock, stock everywhere...

Property transactions dried up in the latter part of 2018, and stock listings are now starting to pile up as existing listings aren't absorbed. 

In Melbourne listings are up 42.3 per cent from a year earlier.

New car sales also tanked, including business buyer activity.

You never really know if the economy is in recession until after it's already happening, but recessionary conditions increasingly seem to be creeping in. 

RBA Governor Lowe will deliver a speech today on the year ahead in Sydney, which will be an interesting listen or read.

Lowe will almost certainly stress low unemployment rates, which is good, but growth in hours worked has been far more subdued, and what's of more concern are the leading indicators. 


Nobody came "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

If a goat turns up at a council pound and no one comes forth to claim him, does his life matter?

Whilst the first question may have fuelled many a philosophical debate over the years, to the second we respond with an emphatic and wholehearted, Yes! Sadly though this second inquiry is not a mere hypothetical thought experiment but the predicament in which our latest arrival Buckwheat, a most handsome and noble Boer cross goat, found himself through no fault of his own.

Perhaps most troubling in Buckwheats circumstance was the recent horn-removal injury he bore upon his arrival at the pound facility, as well as the bandage that had at one time been applied to address the trauma. This, coupled with Buckwheats friendly nature and ease around humans tells us that at one time he has indeed been cared for by people and perhaps even trusted them, yet his predicament causes us to wonder if he has been failed at the very time he needed them most.

Being branded livestock sees legislation treat Buckwheats impoundment differently to that of domestic animals. After serving the requisite waiting period in which no carer came forth to claim the dear boy, goats like Buckwheat are then traditionally put to auction, their lives and in turn their fates, sealed by the highest bidder. However, not only was there no carer coming forth to claim Buckwheat as their own, his auction day came and went And nobody came.

Being labelled livestock will never diminish the value of Buckwheats life in our eyes. Although a sad tale indeed that such a gentle and regal goat stood all alone at the time he needed someone most, ultimately kindness found him. Buckwheat found sanctuary within the gates of Edgars Mission and his life will matter, to him and to us, each and every day from here on in.


His Lucky Day "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Edgars Mission - lamb, Luckini, Sheep

Arriving at Edgars Mission with ulcerated eyes courtesy of embedded grass seeds and an advanced case of flystrike afflicting his face, it appeared luck was something that had not been on the young wethers side for some time. To add insult to injury (make that, injury to injury) at some time during his short life, the lamb appeared to have been hit by a vehicle, suffering a fractured olecranon (bony tip of the elbow), rendering him almost immobile.

However, after a fateful encounter with a kind heart, the dear boys luck took a turn for the better as he was Edgars Mission-bound.

Edgars Mission - lamb, Luckini, Sheep-2

Since entering our care, the young sheep we have christened Luckini, has undergone surgery to repair the fracture as well as receiving extensive treatment for his eye affliction and other wounds and is recovering well in our hospital ward, keeping good company in the evenings in the form of Pearl the sheep and a strategically-placed misting fan to keep the duo cool.

Time and again in meeting beings like Luckini, we are reminded of our responsibilities to those who are most vulnerable. Sadly for most, their luck remains unchanged, they remain unnamed and unseen for who they truly are. Fortunately though this will not be the case for Luckini. It was indeed his lucky day when he crossed paths with a kind hearted Samaritan and well do all we can to ensure luck, love and a whole lot of kindness remain on his side from here on in.



When pigs sing "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Edgars Mission - Barbra Streisand, pig, piglet-8

It was Babe the pig in the movie of the same name who famously La la laaa-ed her way into many a heart worldwide. Following in her footsteps is another perky pink piglet with a set of lungs to rival the greatest songstress. Barbra Streisand squealed her way into our hearts this week, telling us in no uncertain terms that Happy days are here again!

Whilst her name and her antics may bring smiles to all of our faces, Barbras start to life most certainly did not. Winding up at a rural veterinary clinic after being found roadside by a concerned traveller, Barbras body tells us her journey to kindness has not been an easy one. With sunburn afflicting her pink skin, her ears severely burned, Barbras sensitive young feet too had been scalded, most likely from walking on the hot asphalt road alongside which she was discovered. Cuts and abrasions punctuated her sides and Barbras emaciated form told of some time spent struggling for survival. Adding to her woes is a painful case of joint ill, requiring antibiotics and pain relief to reign in.

Edgars Mission - Barbra Streisand, pig, piglet-13

As Barbra now snoozes soundly in her fluffy pink bed, doted over as always by Vet Nurse Ruby, we cannot help but marvel at how her life has transformed in only a matter of weeks. Barbras life most likely began within the walls of a piggery in the vicinity of the area in which she was discovered, a piggery which, luckily for Barbra, could not return her to their facility due to biosecurity standards. Exactly how Barbra managed her escape from such a facility is anyones guess and as we watch her enthusiastically and innocent...


Here and Now "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Reminding us of the vulnerability of domesticated animals was a young lamb recently spotted at a truck stop on a busy highway. Whilst her circumstance was unknown, her fate was almost sealed, had not the goodness of the human heart come to the fore. With phone call after phone call seeking to ensure a safe outcome for the wee one, it was believed one had been secured, and a peaceful night of sleep was had by the kind heart. However, with the rising of sun, so too came a rising anxiety for the sheep, and so off they set just to be sure things had been put right. Heartache upon heartache, our Good Samaritans heart sank as they saw the hapless animal still by the roadsideall that time and no help had come.

Hectic as we were, the day we learned of the plight of not one animal in distress but two (the sheep and the human who sought to protect her), we hurriedly set things in place to render assistance where it was needed most. We were praying all the while we would not be too late, and hoping all the while we could beat the thunderstorm that was signalling she was on her menacing way.  Rewarding our efforts, the rescue was text book, and soon the bewildered young lamb lay, albeit saddled with poor health and flystrike, exhausted in the kindness van.

One last task lay ahead and that was a name for our new friend. But what could it be? And then it was handed to us, quite literally, as the hand of the kind heart who cared came outstretched to ours and there inked on their forearm were the poignant words here and now. Watching the now healthy and vibrant little lady as she courses about the sanctuary with her buddies, the quirky quartet of rescues we have christened The Happy Wanderers, we can think of no better name for a being who daily reminds us of the importance of not dwelling on the past or being anxious about the future, of seizing the day and living in the momentsomething our animals friends do in spades, and something we humans could well do to emulate.


Thomas Seen Her "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Click here to view the embedded video.

Thomas save her. It was a Sunday evening when the call came in. A frightened goat had wound up in an industrial precinct, huddling in an alleyway between two factories, in the Melbourne suburb of Thomastown.

Our hearts fell as our phone pinged, letting us know that photos of the thin grey goat had been received. Putting our best laid plans for a quiet evening aside, we knew we had no option but to render assistance.

Sadly the options for a goat in such circumstances are limited indeed. With nearby members of the public, busy roads and railway lines threatening safety at every turn, often the order comes from the powers that be for the animal in peril to be shot. Whilst we always advocate for the most humane and best outcome for the animal when we are present, we also understand the havoc a frightened, adrenaline-fuelled animal could create if they were to be pursued. As it stands, such situations and such decisions are out of our hands.

Edgars Mission - Goat, Thomasina

Thankfully in this instance, our good friend and fellow rescuer Manfred, of Five Freedoms Animal Rescue was present and it was a shot of kindness in the form of a tranquilliser dart that went the goats way to sedate her and not one to end her life.

Although it took some time for the highly adrenalised girl to succumb to her sedation, with light quickly fading and our growling stomachs not so subtly reminding us of the time, she was soon aboard our Kindness Van and was Edgars Mission-bound.

Now in the safety of our sanctuary, the dear girl we have christened Thomasina, in honour of the suburb in which she was found, is still yet to trust us completely but has been taken under the wing (make that, hoof) of Tripod the goat who is showing her all his cheeky caprine ways. It brings so much joy to our hearts to see how Thomasina, although having gained some much needed weight in our care, appears lighter, more calm and free in her spirit as if all the weight of the world has been lifted from her shoulders.

Thomasina. We see her. We saved her. And we love her.



Shhh its a secret "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Click here to view the embedded video.

The secret life of pigs is well and truly in the spotlight with the arrival of our very own Secret Seven.

The porcine family, consisting of two sows with five piglets between them, had been battling to survive for some time after having been abandoned on a property. With their reprieve coming by way of intervention by the local council, the septet were then Edgars Mission-bound.

Edgars Mission - pig, secret seven-13

With lice and mange afflicting their malnourished bodies, it was clear sanctuary had found the seven in the nick of time. With treatments administered, it was brave young George who first dared to step trotter out of the stock crate and venture into the unknown beyond. He was soon followed by Peta, Janet, Jackie, Barbara, Pam and Coleen who did not hesitate to luxuriate in their cool mud wallow, tuck into delicious fresh treats or snuggle up nose to nose in their soft straw bed once stepping foot on terrafirma within our sanctuary gates.

Exactly how animals like the Secret Seven continue to find themselves in such tragic predicaments remains a mystery. However, along with their love for cooling off in wallows, penchant for sweet fruits and vegetables and bonds shared with their family, there is another secret about pigs the Secret Seven are determined to put under the magnifying glass.

And that secret is a secret no more, Pigs are for lovin, not the oven.

Edgars Mission - pig, secret seven-12...


Hey Mister Mister! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Edgars Mission - Four Misters, Sheep-4

Did you know sheep have great memories and read facial expressions to determine how their pals are feeling? They do this to us too, preferring happy, smiling human faces over unhappy ones! Did you know sheep make best friends and have displayed problem solving abilities such as working out how to lie down and roll over a hoof proof grid to reach greener pastures on the other side?

Edgars Mission - Four Misters, Sheep-2

Displaying similar sheep smarts are our Mister Mister clan who recently found themselves in the wrong place at the right time. Theres Mister Small who is less latitudedly-blessed and Mister Tall who towers above the rest. Mister Friendly thinks a stranger is just a pal you havent met yet and Mister Mister is as cool as you can get.

And did we tell you that sheep like our Misters are for lovin and not the oven? Didnt know that? Oh, we guess you mustve missed it!

Edgars Mission - Four Misters, Sheep


Rewriting the future with Voltaire "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Edgars Mission - chicken, rooster, voltaire

I may not agree with what you have to say
But I will defend to the death your right to say it. Voltaire

Seventeenth century philosopher, Voltaire was no stranger to controversy. Renowned for his wit and unique ability to shine a new light on previously recorded events, Voltaires perspective caused many to pause and reconsider all they once believed to be true.

Finding himself with almost nowhere to turn recently after crash landing at a mechanics workshop was a young rooster by the same name. Fortunately for the avian Voltaire, his public was a little more receptive, ferrying the young bird to a nearby vet after which he was Edgars Mission-bound.

Edgars Mission - chicken, Pam, rooster, voltaire

Entering our care suffering a severe respiratory condition, underweight and in a poor state of general health, it took all of our knowledge and care to bring young Voltaire back from the brink. Now, having regained his health and his strength, in our midst is a determined and eager young bird, whose will to live is as strong as your or my own.

And whilst the exact details behind Voltaires abandonment remain unknown, as an organisation that goes barely a day without receiving a call about a rooster in need, we cannot help but question exactly when the flaw in our social contract with these animals arose. Truthfully, mankinds relationship with chickens has never been one of kindness. Originally domesticating the birds for cockfighting and religious ceremony before moving toward raising them for consumption, the slope has been a slippery one indeed to today, where birds have been selectively bred to the point in which meat birds bear little resemblance to t...


Media Release: HUGE CONVOY TO CONVERGE ON ADANI "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

If the Adani coal mine goes ahead, a peaceful protest convoy from around Australia will converge on Queenslands Galilee Basin before the federal election, the Bob Brown Foundation announced today.

Foundation organizers are waiting to see if Adani gets final environmental clearance before finalising plans.

The Federal Liberal and Queensland Labor governments should not be ticking off on this environmentally disastrous project. It is a litmus test for common sense in this age of global heating, Bob Brown said today.




FEAR SELLS, FOR SOME! But it costs for most "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

MELBOURNE: The sexually motivated murder of young Palestinian student Aya Maasarwe last month took the media to some strange places. Gary Johnston takes a look at how race and perspective shapes crime reporting.

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