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Friday, 25 August


Top-secret base Pine Gap involves Australians in drone strikes on innocent civilians "IndyWatch Feed"

Fear Pine Gap role could lead to Australian war crime prosecutions, 9 News, By Richard Wood Aug 21, 2017 Australians directing US-led drone strikes from the top-secret base Pine Gap base, near Alice Springs, could face war crime prosecution if innocent civilians are killed.

Leaked documents from the US National Security Agency provide a rare insight into the crucial role Pine Gap plays in collecting data from satellites which help guide drone strikes and special forces operations against terrorist targets, The Intercept and the ABC report.

Their findings were based on documents from within the NSA, leaked by former analyst Edward Snowden.

 Emily Howie, the director of advocacy and research at the Human Rights Law Centre, told The Intercept the Australian government should provide greater accountability on its role in US drone operations.

The legal problem thats created by drone strikes is that there may very well be violations of the laws of armed conflict and that Australia may be involved in those potential war crimes through the facility at Pine Gap, Howie told The Intercept and the ABC.

The first thing that we need from the Australian government is for it to come clean about exactly what Australians are doing inside the Pine Gap facility in terms of coordinating with the United States on the targeting usin...


Jazz Piano Basics Open Academy at the Con "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Michael Bartolemei is Open Academy at the Cons tutor for the Jazz Piano Basics class. We wanted to talk with him a bit more about jazz and his instrument, piano, and what he loves about teaching.

Michael Bartolomei at Rolf Session

Michael Bartolomei at Rolf Session

How did you start playing music and what lead you to Jazz and the piano?

My Mother was a singer and Dad a drummer, so it came to pass that my brother and I would learn the piano. In Dads opinion the piano was the superior instrument. Understandably I am of the same opinion.
How well do you need to be able to play piano to take the Jazz Piano Basics class?

I would say a basic understanding of keys, scales and simple chord construction. The more listening to good jazz they have done the better.

What are the key skills youll cover in this course?

Chord structure and how to move through chord changes with good voice leading: often the difference between two chords my only be one note so what we are aiming for is to change chords with the simplest finger movements. We call this simplicity good voice leading.

Playing the melodies is a vital part in understanding a composition and jamming in the class. 

What do you think are the main challenges for students who may have learned the piano in a classical style and are broaching jazz for the first time in your class?

The difference for classically trained pianists is that in jazz there are many ways to play a song. The same composition can be played by both beginner and professional and be just as enjoyable for each to play despite their relative skill levels. Classical players need to listen to a lot of jazz to get a feel for the syncopation. The feel is most important and the easiest way to get it (and the most fun) is to sit back and listen to as much jazz as you can.
So youve done a lot of teaching both one on one and in groups what do you love about it?

It doesnt matter if its in a group or an individual lesson. The biggest th...


Frances Madden: Feeling Good Tour "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A rising star of the Australian music scene, singer, piano player and songwriter Frances Madden effortlessly spans a number of genres from jazz and blues to her own unique compositions. In a relatively short time Frances has built a dedicated following through club and festival appearances, captivating audiences with a combination of her genuinely warm stage presence along with a voice and style that is uniquely her own.

Beginning in September Frances is excited to announce a string of East Coast dates concluding at the 2017 Wangaratta Jazz Festival. Frances says:


 Im really looking forward to the tour. Well be doing a mix of jazz, blues & ballads including some of my original tunes together with our interpretation of timeless classics. There will be a variety of tempos and new arrangements, some beautiful harmonies and also some clever improvisation from great musicians in the band. There will be something for everyone and of course, well be giving some special love to Nina Simones classic Feeling Good in each show.

In the past twelve months, Frances has headlined at the JZ Club in Shanghai, drawn a crowd of over 1,500 people at Manly Jazz Festival and supported the legendary Dionne Warwick as well as Grammy Award winner Gregory Porter in their recent Australian shows. She was a feature performer at the Devonport Jazz Festival last year and at the Hobart Festival of Voices.

Frances first album If This Were a Dream, a mix of original songs together with her unique take on some timeless classics debuted at #5 on the Australian Jazz Charts. She is currently dividing her time between Nashville and Australia, writing and working on her second studio album for international release in the next twelve months.



As climate change intensifies, Australias farmers will be hard hit "IndyWatch Feed"

Climate change will hit our farmers harder and hotter Geoff Egan | 25th Aug 2017 A LEADING commodity trader has warned increasingly common extreme and volatile weather conditions will cause havoc for Queenslands agricultural producers.


Why climate changes 2 degrees Celsius of warming limit is important "IndyWatch Feed"

Why is climate changes 2 degrees Celsius of warming limit so important? The Conversation, David Titley, Professor of Practice in Meteorology, Professor of International Affairs & Director Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk, Pennsylvania State University, August 23, 2017 

If you read or listen to almost any article about climate change, its likely the story refers in some way to the 2 degrees Celsius limit. The story often mentions greatly increased risks if the climate exceeds 2C and even catastrophic impacts to our world if we warm more than the target.

Recently a series of scientific papers have come out and stated that we have a 5 percent chance of limiting warming to 2C, and only one chance in a hundred of keeping man-made global warming to 1.5C, the aspirational goal of the...


Late Night Library Special Welcome to the Studio "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Join us at Late Night Library for a feast of comedy and melodrama taking you back to the hey-day of radio drama of the 1930s and 40s. Weaving contemporary humor with local history, Merran Winchester and her team will transport the audience back in time, using live sound effects, old news transcripts, music and more. Learn a little about Sydney history, and make a little Sydney history while youre at it.

More than one Sydney library has links to a wireless history. Kings Cross Library has its own wireless history, sitting on the site of the old ABC building, making it the perfect location for this trip back in time.


For NSW History Week, join a group of local actors and community broadcasters as they explore the history of Sydney and its life on the wireless.

Late Night Library Special: Welcome to the Studio is produced by City of Sydney and presented in collaboration with Maeve Marsden.

In its seventh year, City of Sydneys Late Night Library is kicking goals creatively and continues to provide emerging creative producers an opportunity to explore and develop new work.

In 2015 and 2016, Maeve Marsden developed work for Late Night Library that has gone on to receive 5 star reviews at Sydney Festival. She has played to packed houses at festivals round the country and internationally. Her storytelling project, Queerstories, won Best Spoken Word at Sydney Fringe and is now a monthly event at Giant Dwarf. For our 2017 Late Night Library Specials series, weve brought Maeve back to present four compelling performances across the year.

What: Late Night Library presents Welcome to the Studio 

Where: Kings Cross Library

When: 8pm on Wednesday 6 September 2017 

To Find Out More Click Here

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Western Australia Shire of Leonora keen to make money by hosting radioactive trash "IndyWatch Feed"

Leonora lobbies for nuclear waste dump in its backyard     ABC Goldfields  By Jarrod Lucas  18 Aug 17 Leonora in WAs northern Goldfields is putting together a bid for an outback repository to store radioactive waste.

The Federal Governments decade-long search for a national radioactive waste management facility appears far from over.

This has provided a window of opportunity for the Shire of Leonora to press its case again to host a national repository for waste arising from medical, industrial and scientific use.

Leonora looked to have missed its chance in November 2015 when it was left off a short-list of six sites, five of which have since been ruled out by the government.

On that occasion, the Shire put together a last-minute bid, nominating about 81 hectares of freehold land owned by Councillor Glenn Baker.

An application for an exploration license for a new site, north-west of Leonora, is currently being assessed by multiple State Government departments.

Shire of Leonora president Peter Craig conceded there were no guarantees the new site would receive state approval.

But he said the Council believed the waste dump was an opportunity worth pursuing.

Its a long-term prospect were ce...


MACKAY Mackay mum launched attack on daughters classmate "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY August 25, 2017 at 03:26PM ,

Mackay mum launched attack on daughters classmate

August 25, 2017 at 03:26PM ,

The Beaconsfield woman who weve chosen not to name to protect the identity of her daughter faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Thursday.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Free "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


They're ugly but comfy and free! Pickup Coburg North. 

Lisa 0401 223 760.


Climate change and infectious diseases "IndyWatch Feed"

The pathogen with the highest sensitivity to climate factors was Vibrio cholera, the microbe that causes the serious, and often deadly, diarrheal disease, cholera. Cholera had nine climate drivers, indicating high volatility in the face of climate change.

These Infections Are Likely to Get Worse as the Climate ChangesInvisiverse, BY CYNTHIA WALLENTINE, 08/23/2017

When the climate changes, so do all the things that rely on the climate, including people, plants, and pathogens. A European study recently took a broad look at what kind of microorganisms are most likely to be affected as climate change heats, cools, dries, and wets the world around us.

In a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, a research team from the University of Liverpool performed a broad assessment of how factors of climate change impact pathogens that make humans and animals sick. By understanding which microorganisms are more sensitive to environmental change, we have a better idea of how infection rates might change as the environment grows progressively less stable.

What Are Climate Drivers?

In the study, the authors note there is evidence that climate shifts are already causing changes in the incidence of disease allowing some to appear at higher or lower altitudes and latitudes. The authors note modeling is frequently used to predict which pathogens could advance, but this study uses climate variables, al...


Exxon Mobil Corp deliberately misled public on climate change "IndyWatch Feed"

Exxon accused by Harvard researchers of misleading public on climate change, ABC News 24 Aug 17 Two Harvard University researchers say they have collected data proving Exxon Mobil Corp made explicit factual misrepresentations in newspaper ads it purchased to convey its views on the oil industry and climate science.

In an article in the journal Environmental Research Letters, researchers Geoffrey Supran and Naomi Oreskes said they examined 187 documents, including internal memos, peer-reviewed papers by Exxon scientists and advertorials that ran in The New York Times paid advertisements in the style of opinion pieces.

The researchers said they used a social science analysis method to turn statements in the documents into data points that could be counted and compared to each other.

Exxon consistently asserted doubt on climate change

Mr Supran and Ms Oreskes said as early as 1979, Exxon scientists acknowledged burning fossil fuels was adding more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and causing global temperatures to rise, but they said the companys position in newspaper ads remained significantly different by consistently asserting doubt about climate science.

The study was funded by the Rockefeller family philanthropies, which previously supported a campaign to prove Exxon knew more than it publicly admitted about climate change.

That campaign used the slogan #ExxonKnew..

Ms Oreskes sa...


Climate change really IS serious its affecting the supply of WINE! "IndyWatch Feed"

Climate change is real. Maybe once it comes for our vino, more people will get on board with trying to slow it.

Climate change is about to mess with your wine supply, so yes, things are very serious Fratti August 24, 2017 Most of us know that climate change is an ongoing problem, but it can be hard to see the direct effects of it in our daily lives. Unless you study the populations of animals that are suffering due to it or are a farmer, the change is definitely incremental enough to ignore. But climate change is already affecting wine production, so maybe more people will notice what is going on a little sooner than expected. Because whether you can experience the effects of climate change or not, its happening.

European wine crops are suffering under climate change.

Which means its going to be harder and more expensive to order an oaky Tuscan red or sparkly Champagne very, very soon. Because of warming temperatures, more and more crops of grapes are suffering. Theres just not enough of a harvest since the plants die before theyre able to pull water from underground during a climate change-induced drought. Producers are picking the grapes earlier, which inevitably c...


A reality check on the situation of North Korea "IndyWatch Feed"

North Korea also has the collective memory of the horror wrought by the US in the three year conflict on a country then with a population of just 9.6 million souls. US General Curtis Lemay in the aftermath stated: After destroying North Koreas seventy eight cities and thousands of her villages, and killing countless numbers of her civilians Over a period of three years or so we killed off what twenty percent of the population.



Sicilian Diary "IndyWatch Feed National"

From time-to-time, I indulge in a bit of travel writing, although I havent done it for a while. This weeks Speccie features yours truly travel writing on Sicily, one of my favourite places in the world and a place where I once worked on an archeological dig.

Muslims will not blow anyone up here, the proprietor of my Siracusa local assures me, we have our own people who do that. Opting to take ones annual leave in Sicily is to be confronted by a reminder of southern Italys once terrible poverty and local corruption unused and fantastically expensive elevated roadways and tunnels leading nowhere, often sprouting vegetation, litter the landscape. The Mafia appears in the form of children selling cigarettes sans health warnings, pervasive fly-tipping, and not otherwise. Sicily is remarkably safe. The winding, twisting detours Sicilys roads take are remarkable in their own way, vaulting over Luigis Lemons, Giuseppes Goats, Pietras Pears and Everyones Olives. One suspects there have been many conversations of the I-dont-like-that-highway-there/Would-you-like-me-to-move-it? sort.

Read the whole thing.


Australias religious leaders unite to oppose Adani coal mine expansion "IndyWatch Feed"

The Adani coalmine will hasten a climate catastrophe. As faith leaders, we must act
A Buddhist leader has told environment minister Josh Frydenberg he would stand in front of machinery if digging started. All people of faith should join him,
Guardian,   Jonathan Keren-Black and Tejopala Rawls, 23 Aug 17 
  Earlier in August, six faith leaders met Australias environment and energy minister, Josh Frydenberg. Our group included Bishop Philip Huggins, the president of the National Council of Churches, a Uniting Church reverend, a rabbi, a Catholic nun and an ordained Buddhist. This is not the start of a joke, but a polite and serious exchange.

It might seem that religion has little to do with the environment or energy. Yet each of us at the meeting wanted to raise a mat...


Little hope for humanity with Trump at the wheel in USA "IndyWatch Feed"

What hope is there for humanity? The answer must be: none, Canberra Times, Julian Cribb, 25 Aug 17,  The day foreseen by US journalist HL Mencken when the White House is adorned by a downright moron seems, on the face of the accumulating evidence, to have dawned. Regrettably this person has his finger on a certain button.

Why Americans are not more alarmed about this can only be attributed to the very poor level of scientific literacy in what is, to all intents and purposes, the worlds foremost scientific society. How Americans can be so great at science yet, in aggregate, understand so little about it, is a question for the Ages. Unfortunately, the Ages will probably not have the leisure to debate it.

The missing bit of information is that a nuclear war, even a small one, could eliminate most of civilisation, Americans (even those with well-stocked fallout shelters) included.

It is still an obscure historical detail that all-out nuclear Armageddon between the USSR and USA was avoided, in the 1980s, by some rather brave scientists sticking out their necks to warn Reagan and Gorbachev that their calculations had revealed that a nuclear war cannot be won and should never be fought, as Reagan summarised it in his Address to the Nation (1984).

These scientists had worked out that regardless of fireball, blast and radiation the amount of dust and smoke thrown into the atmosphere by the unleashing of multiple nuclear warheads would chill the planet by several degrees for several years, causing massive crop-killing frosts which would destroy the food supply for just about everyone worldwide.



Bill Shorten wants to "win" a survey of opinions? How do you do that? Go on Family Feud? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bill Shorten is a divisive clown. The Australian Bureau of Statistics is conducting a survey of Australians "as to their views" on changing the law to allow same-sex couples to marry. So where does "Lets go win this" fit into that Bill? Are some opinions winners and some losers? Great...


5,100+ lightning strikes an hour recorded at Northern Rivers, Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

It was a refreshing and awesome display of lightning, thunder and rain that hit the coastal areas of the Northern Rivers last night. At the height of yesterday's storm when there was hail and the whole bit, recorded 5,100+ lightning strikes per hour. As the storm moved off the coast the numbers dropped to between 2,000-4,000 delivering a beautiful lightning display. Today will see a medium chance of showers most likely this morning and during the afternoon. Daytime temperaturs will be between 19 and 22 and winds will be southerly. For the weekend the winds will be from the south and temperatures will remind people Winter is back with overnights reaching only 6-10 degrees. On Sunday there will be a medium chance of showers in the evening.


Daily Telegraph editor Christopher Dore wins #GoldKenny award @Qldaah #auspol #qldpol "IndyWatch Feed National"

Former The Courier Mail editor and current The Daily Telegraph editor Christopher Dore wins a Gold Kenny. The Daily Telegraph editor Christopher Dore has picked up the Mike Carlton inspired Gold Kenny award for this week with his suggestion that journalist Stan Grant was part of the Taliban. So come on down Chris Dore, Editor []

Author information

David Marler

David Marler

Queensland reporter at No Fibs

David is a full time carer for his son and in quiet times contributes to NoFibs. More at:


Philippines: Marawi siege most serious terror event in Southeast Asia in past 15 years "IndyWatch Feed National"

The siege of Marawi City is the most significant terror event to have struck Southeast Asia in the past 15 years, according to an Australian expert. AP/Aaron Favila, File

MANILA, Philippines The siege of Marawi City which began in May is the most significant terrorist event in Southeast Asia in the last 15 years, according to an expert on the regions politics, highlighting the deficiency of the Philippine military and beginning what could be a long-term security threat to the Philippines and neighboring countries.

The clashes in Marawi, which prompted President Rodrigo Duterte to place Mindanao under military rule, has provided Islamist militants involved in the fighting stature among radical communities for successfully mounting the most prominent display of jihadist force of the so-called Islamic State fighters in the region, according to Greg Fealy of the Australian National University.

The battle for Marawi is the most significant terrorist event in Southeast Asia since the Bali bombings of 2002, which killed 202 people, he said, referring to the terror attack on the popular tourist island in Indonesia.

The fighting has also highlighted the weakness of the Armed Forces especially in engaging in urban combat, according Fealy. The Philippine military has been supported by American advisers as well as US and Australian intelligence operations, highlighting the assymetrical nature of the conflict, the expert said....


Random Hilarity "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A random assortment of bits and pieces from the past few weeks! As I was putting this post together, I kept laughing at how absurdly funny life can be. After all, when was the last time you saw a raspberrying fish? This one was a super fresh orange perch at the Viet Hoa Fishmarket (Moo, []


1) Indonesia urged to empower Papuan human resources "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) State of Pacific Regionalism Report: Protecting our peaceful sea of islands

1) Indonesia urged to empower Papuan human resources
A Papua community leader says Indonesia infrastructure development plans for the region must be coupled with the empowerment of its human resources.


South Australia calls for Federal Govt loan for Port Augusta solar plant "IndyWatch Feed"

Premier Jay Weatherill calls on Federal Government to provide $110m loan for $650m Port Augusta solar plant, Adam Langenberg, Luke Griffiths, The AdvertiserAugust 23, 2017  PREMIER Jay Weatherill has dared the Federal Government to block a $110 million loan banked on to finance Port Augustas $650 million solar thermal plant

Mr Frydenberg was in Whyalla on Wednesday as he launched a $30 million battery storage facility on the Yorke Peninsula, as revealed by The Advertiser yesterday.

He said it would play an important role in securing South Australias electricity network.

Less than two months after the State Government announced its deal with US billionaire Elon Musks Tesla, Mr Frydenberg unveiled plans that would see the Federal Governments Australian Renewable Energy Agency fund up to 40 per cent of a 30MW, 8MW/h battery.

Electranet will design and build the battery before leasing out its commercial operation to a yet-to-be-decided energy retailer.

To be located at Dalrymple one of the electricity networks weak points, according to Mr Frydenberg it is expected to be con...


Victorias smart renewable energy policy "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Victorian government generates smart policy to drive surge in renewable energy, The transition from coal-generated electricity to renewable energy is inevitable and crucial. Science has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that carbon emissions from coal and gas are a primary cause of dangerous global warming and climate change.

One of the main financial burdens on Australian families and businesses in recent years has been the sharp increase in the price of electricity, which has been driven by a surge in gas prices, and, many contend, by over-investment in transmission infrastructure poles and wires by power companies. Another key reason is the lack of investment in renewable energy, which is becoming increasingly competitive even with the cheap coal that still provides most of our baseload electricity.

The main reason investment in renewable energy has slowed is political; a lack of policy consistency and the perplexing anti-renewables stance of former Coalition prime minister Tony Abbott undermined confidence by generating uncertainty. Australias total greenhouse gas emissions rose in the March quarter by 1.6 per cent, the biggest rise in almost a decade, making it all the more difficult for t...


Does anyone think SETKA wasn't threatening ABCC inspectors "IndyWatch Feed National"

We live in fantasy land - where Turnbull gets positive headlines for new laws that will never be enforced. It's not new laws we need, it's moral clarity, courage and determination. Turnbull is lacking on all counts. A fish rots from the head. Gillard set the process in train. Turnbull...


Enough renewable power for Victorias 4 biggest regional cities "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Renewable energy boost to power Victorias four biggest regional cities, The Age, Adam Carey, 23 Aug 17,    In a huge boost to Victorias electricity supply, renewable energy companies will compete to supply Victoria with 650 megawatts of power enough for the energy needs of every household in Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo and the Latrobe Valley.

The competitive reverse auction will be the biggest of its kind in Australia, as corporations tender for the contracts to power 389,000 households. This is expected to trigger investment of about $1.3 billion in renewable projects such as construction of wind and solar farms.

Expressions of interest will open in October.

The projects are critical to the governments target to increase Victorias renewable energy level to 40 per cent by 2025.

The government will seek to lock in its renewable energy target 25 per cent by 2020 and 40 per cent by 2025 by tabling legislation today. Currently about 10 per cent of the states power needs are met with renewable sources.

Premier Daniel Andrews said he was confident the legislation would pass.

Energy minister Lily DAmbrosio said modelling indicated households would save $30 a year on energy bills on average, and large companies would save $140,000 a year, over the life of the renewable energy target scheme.

We know for a fact that more supply, in a pure economics 101 sense, means cheaper prices and thats what well be delivering, Ms DAmbrosio said.



NZ - Fluoride in drinking water is not the answer to tooth decay "IndyWatch Feed"

Dr Lawrie Brent hasn't seen any evidence to convince him fluoride added to water is the answer to reducing toothe decay.Three health professionals will add their weight to a move to keep fluoride out of Waipa's drinking water.
Dentists Dr Lawrie Brett, Dr John Jukes and Te Awamutu doctor Janion Heywood will present to a public forum hosted by Fluoride Free NZ in Te Awamutu on Saturday.
Backed by medical facts, they will discuss their own observations why Waipa's drinking water shouldn't be fluoridated.
After 40 years of working in an oral practice, Brett an active advocate for fluoride-free drinking water, remains unconvinced of any benefits of intervention.
"Not only was water fluoridation not reducing tooth decay, but that it also carried general health risks," said Brett

In 2014 Local Government New Zealand urged the Government to amend the appropriate legislation so that the addition of fluoride to drinking water supplies is a decision made by the Director - General of Health rather than a council.
The Health Amendment Bill is progressing through parliament and is at the second reading stage.
Once passed it will transfer the decision making process regarding fluoridation to the district health boards.
Any thoughts of DHBs having the only say without public consultation is hard to swallow for groups opposing fluoridation.
Fluoride Free NZ spokesman Kane Titchener recently presented evidence to the Waipa District Council outlining the proposed process was "fundamentally flawed".
"There would be a 10-person board making the decisions and it would include four government appointees and six members elected from the community," he said
"Their level of understanding of fluoridation would be no greater than local councillors making the decisions.
"Council continues to ignore the call to consult with the community on the issue.
"Under DHB control, fluoridation won't be stopped and soon it will be added to areas like Waipa who have never seen it before."
Titchener is disappointed with the council.

"They failed to understand they have not given their community an opportunity learn more about fluoridation and allow consultation."
The talk will be held from 4-6 pm on Saturday, September 2 at the Community Room, Te Awamutu Library, Selwyn Lane, Te Awamutu.


More than 70 per cent of the countries in the world could run entirely on renewable energy by 2050 "IndyWatch Feed"

Independent 23rd Aug 2017, More than 70 per cent of the countries in the world including the UK, US,China and other major economies could run entirely on energy created by
wind, water and solar by 2050, according to a roadmap developed by

And they pointed out that doing so would not only mean the
world would avoid dangerous global warming, but also prevent millions of
premature deaths a year and create about 24 million more jobs than were

One of the scientists said the social benefits of following their
roadmap were so enormous and essentially cost free that human society
should accelerate the transition to wind, water and solar as fast as
possible. Rooftop solar panels and major solar power plants; offshore and
onshore wind turbines; wave, hydroelectric and tidal schemes; and
geothermal energy would also be used to replace fossil fuels to generate
electricity, power vehicles and heat homes.

The UK is about to publish its own Emissions Reduction Plan, which is supposed to set out how Britain willmeet its international commitment in the fight against climate change to
cut emissions by 57 per cent below 1990 levels by 2030. While the UK has
been making good progress on decarbonising electricity generation, the
transport and domestic heating sectors remain problematic. As part of it...


25 August REneweconomy news "IndyWatch Feed"

  • 100% renewable energy for 139 nations detailed in new Stanford report
    Mark Z. Jacobson and 26 of his colleagues have compiled a report that shows exactly how 139 nations could transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050 without throwing millions of people out of work.


Adani to fight $12k fine for environmental breach "IndyWatch Feed"

The Indian mining giant will contest the fine issued by the Queensland Government over the unauthorised release of sediment stormwater from the Abbot Point coal terminal.


Secret Agent Of Love - Fake News "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sydney band Fake News with the song Secret Agent of Love, live at Marrickville Bowling Club, May 2017


Know your product - Fake News "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sydney band Fake News with their cover of The Saints' song, Know Your Product, live at Marrickville Bowling Club, May 2017


Rock Anna Roll - Fake News "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sydney band Fake News with their song about going out in the Sydney live music scene in 1978, 1979 and 1980, live at Marrickville Bowling Club, 6 May 2017


Azaria - Mutant Death "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Mid-80s Sydney punk band Mutant Death live at Marrickville Bowling Club, May 2017 with their cover of the Black Assassins' song about baby Azaria Chamberlain being taken by a dingo.

Police Verbals - Mutant Death "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Mid-80s Sydney punk band Mutant Death back together after 30 years playing their 1984 single, Police Verbals, live at Marrickville Bowling Club, May 2017


This State must pass & I Fought The Law Live - Mutant Death "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

After a 30 year break, mid-'80s Sydney punk band back together again for one show at live at Marrickville Bowling Club. Here's their covers "I Fought The Law" and The Black Assassins song, This State Must Pass.


GAY MARRIAGE HELL! A warning to all Australians "IndyWatch Feed"

GAY MARRIAGE HELL! A warning to all AustraliansOur country wont change for the worse because of a few little words in the Marriage Act. read now...


Quadrella of Republican folly "IndyWatch Feed"

UNTIL this week President Donald Trump had not fully signed up to the losing quadrella of folly marked by all Republican Presidents since Eisenhower: tax cuts for the rich; less regulation of markets; austerity for middle- and lower-income people; and indefinite war.

This week he signed on for indefinite war this time in Afghanistan, the USs longest war.

He said he would commit more force to kill terrorists and that he was not interested in nation-building. He gave no time frame or any benchmarks against which he could decide mission accomplished and leave.

The quadrella is appalling destructive. Ronald Reagan massively increased military spending and military meddling and cut taxes for the rich. George Bush senior followed suit, leaving Democrat Bill Clinton with a huge deficits of $225 billion, according to Office of Budget Management and Federal Reserve figures. Clinton got them under control and handed the George Bush junior a surplus of $127 billion.

Bush junior gave large tax cuts to the very rich, none of which trickled down, and ramped up military spending with disastrous invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. He handed Barack Obama a deficit of $1,400 billion. Obama reduced that to $485 billion to hand over to Trump, despite the stimulus package needed to meet the recession caused by lack of regulation and control of the financial markets..

True, Bush junior did the right thing with the bail-outs of the banking system on the advice of his Treasury and the Federal Reserve, but that would not have happened without the Democrat-controlled Congress agreeing.

Under Obama the Republicans in Congress did everything they could to stop the stimulus package, even threatening default.

Tax cuts for the rich and high military spending are a deadly deficit-creating combination unlike economy-boosting public spending on infrastructure and welfare. And Trump is at it again.

He should have stayed with his earlier view that going in to Iraq and Afghanistan was wrong. But like presidents before him he could not admit that the blood and treasure spent was futile or that western interference in Afghanistan, Iraq and the rest of the Middle East in the cause of the terrorism not the solution.

The folly of his action is illustrated by Pakistan. Parkistan harbours anti-US terrorists, so surely it, too, should be invaded and bombed. But no-one is suggesting that.


Our seven dual-citizen Members of Parliament may not be aware of another peril they face. The 1975 Common Informers (Parliam...


Economic theory has been hollow for a long long time "IndyWatch Feed"

The secret is getting out. Modern economic theory is a pseudo-science. So let me give you some recent discussions of what ought to be obvious to anyone living in an economy in which economists are advising governments. First this: The new astrology: By fetishising mathematical models, economists turned economics into a highly paid pseudoscience. From which:

The economist Paul Romer at New York University has recently begun calling attention to an issue he dubs mathiness first in the paper Mathiness in the Theory of Economic Growth (2015) and then in a series of blog posts. Romer believes that macroeconomics, plagued by mathiness, is failing to progress as a true science should, and compares debates among economists to those between 16th-century advocates of heliocentrism and geocentrism. Mathematics, he acknowledges, can help economists to clarify their thinking and reasoning. But the ubiquity of mathematical theory in economics also has serious downsides: it creates a high barrier to entry for those who want to participate in the professional dialogue, and makes checking someones work excessively laborious. Worst of all, it imbues economic theory with unearned empirical authority. . . .

Romer is not the first to elaborate the mathiness critique. In 1886, an article in Science accused economics of misusing the language of the physical sciences to conceal emptiness behind a breastwork of mathematical formulas. More recently, Deirdre N McCloskeys The Rhetoric of Economics (1998) and Robert H Nelsons Economics as Religion (2001) both argued that mathematics in economic theory serves, in McCloskeys words, primarily to deliver the message Look at how very scientific I am. . . .

Romer believes that fellow economists know the truth about their discipline, but dont want to admit it. If you get people to lower their shield, theyll tell you its a big game theyre playing, he told me. Theyll say: Paul, you may be right, but this makes us look really bad, and its going to make it hard for us to recruit young people.

There was then this in The Wall Street Journal a couple of days ago: The Great Economics Debate. Here is the bit before the paywall.

Friedrich Hayek and John Maynard Keynes worked at a time when the study of economics was concerned with society and its values. Richard Vedder reviews Hayek vs Keynes by Thomas Hoerber. By Richard Vedder

Today economics is a fundamentally quantitative pursuit, dominated by abstract mathematics and complex modeling, largely removed from the realities of human interaction. But i...


Molan on Trump on Afghanistan and "South Asia" (whatever that means) "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is President Trump's speech in full. And here are Jim Molan's on the money thoughts first published at the Lowy Institute. Trumps Afghanistan speech: The beginning of coherence? | @Jim_Molan The Lowy Institute (@LowyInstitute) August 25, 2017 President Trump's long-awaited announcement on Afghanistan earlier this week...


The best Australian music festivals you dont need to leave the city for "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

We love a camping festival as much as the next person, but sometimes you just want to soak up a bunch of music without having to pile all your gear into a car and drive to a paddock three hours away, and would rather a short train ride.

Besides, there are plenty of great music festivals going on right in our capital cities, and its easy to overlook them as you start thinking about your next trip to Splendour or Falls.

So, weve collected two of our favourite festivals from every capital city, sticking to a couple of ground rules: were only picking festivals in capital cities (or pretty close by), and weve also tried to stick to festivals that are unique to each city as much as we can (so no Laneway, Listen Out or Gizzfest).

That said, here are some festivals that are worth visiting a whole new city for.

Brisbane Festival Brisbane

Fireworks over Brisbane

This years Brisbane Festival is bringing a huge list of talent to the city from September 9 30, with a bunch of special gigs including, among many others:

  •  A headline performance from London Grammar hot on the heels of their new album Truth Is A Beautiful Thing
  • Megan Washington giving a special performance with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra
  • Angus & Julia Stone returning to the stage after a long break with their new album SNOW
  • Melbourne hard-rockers High Tension bringing their intense set to the rock-loving Brisbane
  • Australian icons Tex, Don, and Charlie (ie. Beasts Of Bourbon, The Cruel Sea and Cold Chisel) returning for a rare show

And the list goes on, with Ali Barter, The Preatures, Regurgitator, Thelma Plum, Ngaiire, and Ed Kuepper of Aussie legends The Saints playing a bunch of their hits with his new outfit The Aints weve got a list of ten gigs you need to check out right here.

As well as all the music, therell also be a stack of comedy, theatre and art performances flooding into the city, plus some incredible displays like the closing fireworks above, so head to the website to see everything thats happening in Brisbane next month.

Find out more about Brisbane Festival 2017 here

Brisbane Festival offers up plenty of great music next month, but also art,...


Iodine, Thyroid and Low Body Temperature "IndyWatch Feed National"

The take home is that this is something you must do yourself.  Get a digital thermometer.  Check your temperature under the tongue. Add a drop of iodine to a glass of water.  Go from there as a daily practice.

One can become more rigorous, but that depends on you.  I will likely add a couple of drops to see if this cause convergence for me.  Yet a half degree is pretty modest but also meaningful and generally undesirable.  We want to close it up.

One also needs to take a supportive supplement with the higher dosage anyway and i have not hgone there yet..


Iodine, Thyroid and Low Body Temperature

Published on August 2, 2017

Who will benefit from taking iodine? Actually, the answer is just about everyone will benefit from more iodine. Did you know that over 30% of the US has thyroid problems and that is probably a huge underestimate considering how iodine deficient the population is in the United States and around the world.

Chronic fatigue, low body temperature, weight gain, dry skin a...


In which the pond celebrates the arrival of the weekend with a food and drink edition ... "IndyWatch Feed"

There's a reason that the onion muncher remains top of the pond page, unchallenged and incapable of defeat ...

Heck there's more than one reason ... the pond has done photo-montages of the onion muncher before, featuring onions or pineapples or bananas, but this represents a singular failure to do the most important montage of all ... Tony Abbott admits missing key vote in Parliament because he was drunk and passed out ...

Orders please ...

Now let the celebrations begin ...



New Climate Study Throws A Wrench In The Global Warming Debate: Our New Technical Paper Will Likely Be Ignored "IndyWatch Feed"

Mac Slavo
August 23rd, 2017

Its not surprising that so many people believe the idea that global warming is being caused almost entirely by human activity, given the fact that most scientists seem to believe the same thing. But scientists should probably ask themselves why there is still such a large cohort of deniers as they like to call them, who are adamant that anthropogenic climate change is a scam.
The reason why is that the scientific community has been caught many times tampering with climate data and making outlandish claims. The celebrities and politicians who promote this cause have also been caught on many occasions, living in palatial mansions, flying across the world in private jets, and generally just living lives of excess that produce so much more carbon than the average person. Given these facts, how could anyone take the global warming arguments seriously?
What also doesnt help t...


Australian Govt Building Artificial Reef, as Great Barrier Reef Dies "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Great Barrier Reef off the northeastern coast of Australia is known as the worlds largest living organism, or largest structure containing living organisms. Mainstream science articles published an obituary for the reef in 2016, drawing some criticism for the fact that it isnt quite dead yet.

A March 2017 paper published in Nature claims that hundreds of miles of the reef had been bleached or died throughout 2016 alone due to high water temperatures. It seems as if there is much debate and controversy surrounding how bad the reefs condition is, and what is causing the condition.

In any case, the government of New South Wales, Australia has taken the opportunity to launch a project in Sydney to build a small artificial reef, to help native species thrive in Sydney Harbour.

Fish swim near Western Australias first artificial reef. (Photo: Department of Fisheries Western Australia and Recfishwest)

According to a statement on an Australian government website:

A modular artificial reef will be suspended alongside the Sydney Opera House as part of a new research project exploring ways to improve marine biodiversity and increase native species in Sydney Harbour, Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton announced today.

The three-year research project, between the Sydney Opera House, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), and the University of Sydney, will start by recording baseline data on fish numbers and diversity in underwater areas around the Opera House and in other harbour sites later this year. Once this surveying is complete the new...


How to Kill a Giant Like Amazon "IndyWatch Feed"

Amazon supremo Jeff Bezos may finally have a rival to give him a bit of worry.

Thats because Walmart and Google are teaming up to go after his market share.

Google and Walmart are two of the biggest companies in the world.

Together they could make a creature like Frankensteins monster.

Walmart is fighting back after being knocked off its perch somewhat in recent years.

Its sheer buying power and store network across the US meant it was almost invulnerable at one point.

Online shopping changed that.

The New York Times says Amazon wins 45 cent of every dollar spent online in America, while Walmart gets 2 cents.

The worry over at Google is that US consumers are increasingly beginning any online search by shopping on Amazon right from the get-go.

Now the fight ramps up

Amazon Prime officially under attack

Walmart has invested heavily in its online division.

Not only that, Walmart is one of the few companies that can actually compete with Amazon in terms of distribution, because of its exisiting infrastructure.

The New York Times says the newly announced deal will see Google offer Walmart products on its Express service in the US.

I didnt even know Google had an Express service. Its an online shopping marketplace.

This will be the first time Walmart has sold its products online via a third-party platform in the US.

The initial buzz surrounding the alliance story is that buyers can use Googles AI (artificial intelligence) tech to order items using their voice only.

Thats a market that Amazon pioneered and currently dominates.

Under this new alliance, Walmart fulfils the orders from its own distribution network.

Thats the headline stuff

Heres what I found even more notable.

Google said on Wednesday (US time) that its scrapping the $95 dollar annual fee users previously had to pay. This charge was to get free shipping for orders above a certain cart value for the Express service.

This comes after Walmart already cut the $49 fee it asked its customers to pay in order to get free two-day shipping from its online store.

Now US consumers only have to spend around $30-40 at either Google Express or Walmart online to get free shipping.

You can see whats going on here.

Walmart and Google are trying to undercut the appeal of Amazons loyalty program, Prime. This is...


Medical Witch Hunt Kicks off in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

This article by Global Freedom Movement.

Unfortunately, the medical culture of significant parts of the Western world, particularly including Australia and the US, is ruled instead by the Hypocritic Oath, which states: "First, ram whatever treatment/intervention Big Pharma is selling into the patient as hard and fast as possible (even if you wouldn't use it yourself), and if something goes wrong, deny all responsibility. Above all, no one, but NO ONE is to question vaccination, let alone dodge a single jab."

The article Medical Witch Hunt Kicks off in Australia appeared first on Global Freedom Movement.


Face2Face Noodles ~ Chinese - Dixon House Food Court, Chinatown [CLOSED] "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Face2Face Noodles in Dixon  House changed hands quite some time ago. We find the food is just as good, though make sure you ask for extra spicy. [We think this place closed pretty much the day we published this post, the B-Kyu kiss of death...] Face2Face Noodles was a pretty schmick operation when it first opened, with uniformed chirpy staff in matching berets, and an


The Weekend Quiz August 26-27, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Welcome to The Weekend Quiz. The quiz tests whether you have been paying attention or not to the blogs I post. See how you go with the following questions. Your results are only known to you and no records are retained.

1. If the external sector overall is in deficit, it is still possible for the private domestic sector and government sector to run surpluses as long as GDP growth is fast enough (the technical condition is that the rate of GDP growth has to be faster than the real interest rate).

2. Federal government debt (where there is currency sovereignty) is not really a liability because the government can just roll it over continuously and thus they never have to pay it back. This is different to a household, which not only has to service its debts but also has to repay them at the due date.

3. Even though the money multiplier found in macroeconomics textbooks is a flawed description of the way the monetary system operates, having some positive minimum reserve requirements does constrain credit creation activities of the private banks more than if you have no requirements other than the rule that balances have to be non-zero.



Video: Surviving on Centrelink payments "IndyWatch Feed National"


The Feed SBS VICELANDs handy guide to Newstart


How to survive on the Newstart Allowance

Struggling to get by on $40 a day? Here's The Feed SBS VICELAND's handy guide to Newstart.

Posted by SBS VICELAND on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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Xin Ding Lan Zhou Beef Noodle Soup ~ Chinese - Dixon House Food Court, Chinatown "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

We haven't found a good Lan Zhou beef noodle soup in Chinatown since Kung Fu ramen closed (or kicked) it's doors, so we are stoked to see Xin Ding Lan Zhou Beef Noodle Soup appear in Dixon House Food Court. In the slow blink of a Tasmanian eye a new stall appears at Dixon House, in the corner spot where many a great stall has lived, most recently Ramen O-San, and we still miss Anna's


Marriage Equality Campaign Battlegrounds "IndyWatch Feed"

The marriage equality yes and no camps are establishing their campaign narratives. If the yes campaign is to win, its important that they understand what the no camp is doing, and fight back against their strategy at every opportunity. No political campaign can offer everything to everyone, so messaging must be targeted towards specific groups

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Wholesale stock in the studio pictured as of today + new consignment stock out to Queensland Art Gallery store today "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

We mostly send all stock to our hard working retailers and wholesale our gem stones to commission clients who visit the studio. Our intimate client list has grown after 40 years and so many repeat clients know where to call and visit again. We are keeping a small range (pictured above) here for online and studio visitors. Full size images can be found here:

Please click on the link above and scroll down to the following link (approximately 21 lines down) current stock in the studio August 2107.

Call mal E on 0431 464 470 or email me on for further details . . .


Call to put an end to discriminatory NT Intervention after ten years "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A GROUP of eminent Australians is calling on the Federal Government to end discriminatory policies in the Northern Territory. Their statement says that 10 years of the NT Intervention is too long. Yolngu Elder Reverend Dr Djiniyini Gondarra will be one of the speakers at an event at Melbourne  University Law School on Monday, August 28, along with former NT Australian of the Year Rosalie Kunoth-Monks, supporting a statement illustrating the continuing discrimination, racism and lack of justice towards Indigenous people. The group is calling on all governments to listen carefully and negotiate respectfully on measures of genuine self-determination. Signatories include Bangarra Dance Theatres Stephen Page, Educator Professor Chris Sarra, and distinguished former jurists including Elizabeth Evatt, Alistair Nicholson, Frank Vincent and Ian Viner, former Aboriginal Affairs Minister in the Fraser Government.


Parking Lot Symphony from Trombone Shorty Eastside Radio Album Of The Week (24-30 Aug) "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Parking Lot Symphony from Trombone Shorty is Eastside Radios Album Of The Week.

This is Trombone Shortys (AKA Troy Andrews) seventh studio album as a band-leader since releasing his debut in 2002, and theres been four live albums as well during that period. On top of that impressive back-catalogue Andrews has contributed to countless other albums as a multi-instrumentalist.


Parking Lot Symphony traverses trombone led funk theres brass hooks aplenty as well as New Orleans jazz,  blues, and instrumental deep funk.  Theres two more sombre, respectful dirges on the record, as well as some more pop/hip hop crossover style arrangements. Here Come the Girls, is a new interpretation of an Allen Toussaint original from 1970. Familiar is co-written with rnb/soul star Aloe Blacc.


Well be bringing you selections from the album all week. Eastside Radio Supporters can win copies of the album by tuning into our Eastside Drive programs, 4pm-6pm every weekday.

Parking Lot Symphony is out though Blue Note Records  and you can find more information, buy, listen to, watch or stream the album here.

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workshops:gpg_and_system76 - created "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

31st July, 2017 Topic Speaker Slides GPG/PGP key signing session & basics Danny Robson [slides] System76 notebook demo (lightning) Andre Vidic




start "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Address PlaceThe Dan OConnell HotelAddress 225 Canning St, Carlton. Victoria. 3053 Pre-meeting 6pm front bar Time for Meeting 7:30pm in the function room out back ground level Parking Kay St has 4hr and finishes 6:30pmWebsite Phone (03) 9347 1502 Talks 28th August, 2017


Australian Senator Wear Burqa to Demonstrate a Point "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian Senator Pauline Hanson entered the Senate in a burqa. While others immediately condemn her for anti-Muslim stunts, what about womens rights? Did that die with the Sixties? Hanson has said that these people who wear burqas should go to a country that suits their needs. Should the West change its culture to accommodate those who marry off 12 year old-girls? Where is the line? If discrimination is bad, then we should have no rules and let everyone do as they please, walk naked down the street or have sex on the public beach when crowded. Drive drunk while their at it.

I have lived in Japan as well as London. In both cases I enjoyed the culture there even though they were starkly different. That was the nice thing about living there. You do not migrate to take your culture to a place and then demand everyone adapt to you. That is just not how things work.

Where is the line drawn?


Josh Pan balances trap energy with chill RnB on Glitches "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

  • Josh Pan :: Glitches

From the cavernous depths of Soundcloud, Josh Pan has risen: a New York based producer well known for his future RnB and trap sounds. He is part of a generation of producers that have quickly gained online clout through their unique aesthetic and musical sensibilities, and translated this into mainstream success. For Josh Pan, its lead to a number of collaborations across the internet and has taken on tour him all around the world.

In an interview with Colquhoun and Seduna on Glitches, he characterises a good song as anything thats genuine and different, and theres plenty of that in this mix. Over the hour things get weird, with plenty of experimental electronica and bass heavy instrumentals. Cutting classic hip hop flips into intense trap, every minute inspires awe at the scope and the specificity that is so distinctive within this circle of production.


Stream the whole show and interview here. Glitches feeds you slow, fat & beautiful beats and bass every Thursday from 11pm-1am.


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PERTH A different kind of pedalling: Two-time Olympic silver medal cyclist, 28, accused of selling hundreds "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

A different kind of pedalling: Two-time Olympic silver medal cyclist, 28, accused of selling hundreds .

August 25, 2017 at 12:39AM .

Bobridge fronted Perths Magistrates Court Thursday over six charges, including five for possession and a sixth for the alleged sale of hundreds of .


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PERTH Former pro Jack Bobridge charged with drug dealing "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Former pro Jack Bobridge charged with drug dealing .

August 25, 2017 at 04:56AM .

the operation, with 61 people facing charges, police said. Bobridge later appeared in the Perth Magistrates Court on Thursday to face six charges. .


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PERTH Olympic cycling medallist Jack Bobridge charged with drug offences "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Olympic cycling medallist Jack Bobridge charged with drug offences .

August 25, 2017 at 10:56AM .

Bobridge, who retired from professional cycling owing to rheumatoid arthritis after last years Rio Olympics, appeared at Perth magistrates court on .


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PERTH Ex-world champion Jack Bobridge in court in Australia after police target his home in drugs bust "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Ex-world champion Jack Bobridge in court in Australia after police target his home in drugs bust .

August 24, 2017 at 09:15PM .

After spending the night in custody, he appeared in Perth Magistrates Court today where he was charged with six counts of selling or supplying .


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PERTH Jack Bobridge, Australian cycling champion, charged with drug dealing "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Jack Bobridge, Australian cycling champion, charged with drug dealing .

August 24, 2017 at 08:49PM .

Bobridge later appeared in the Perth Magistrates Court on Thursday to face six charges. He was granted bail and is due to reappear in court next .


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Thank Folk Its Friday 25th August "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This Week in Folk All the News From The Week That Was US folk-rock band The Head and The Heart released their new video City of Angels. Details here Brisbane and Fremantle dates have just been added to C.W. Stonekings upcoming solo tour. Details here Fanny Lumsden released her new video Roll []


Institutional Abuse of Girls in Australian Detention Centres "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A report into Western Australias Banksia Hill youth detention centre released last month revealed that a number of girls being detained at the facility were abruptly moved from the female accommodation precinct and placed in the male-only Harding unit. This arrangement led the female population of Banksia Hill to become unstable and incidents of self-harm

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Yandruwandha Yawarrawarrka Native Title Meeting "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The claim area is roughly bounded by the South Australian / Queensland / New South Wales borders, Haddon Corner and Tibooburra in New South Wales. It extends roughly 100km east of the S.A. border.

The Yandruwandha Yawarrawarrka apical ancestors:

(i)    Annie (born at Cordillo Downs), mother of Archie Guttie;
(ii)   Clara Nirrpinni, mother of Frank Booth and Alice Miller (nee Booth);
(iii)  Cora the mother of Bob Parker and Nellie Parker;
(iv)   The parents of Flash Ted Bikehandle and Flash Tommy;
(v)    Kimi (born at Innamincka) and his wife;
(vi)   Maramundu Jack The Ripper Parker;
(vii)  Caroline (born at Cordillo Downs) the mother of Mary Stafford (nee Moore), Jack Moore, Charlie Moore, female twins (Winifred and Freida) and Albert Moore;
(viii) Brothers Walter Harris(on) and Dick Harrison;
(ix)   The parents of Lilly (whose married name is Parker) and her sister Kathlene (whose married name is George);
(x)    Annie and her husband, who are the parents of Coongie Maggie (born at Coongie Lakes in South Australia);
(xi)   The parents of the sibling set Billy Parker, Jessy Parker, Peter Petekin Parker, and Paddy Parker;
(xii)  The parents of sibling set Merty George and Merty Johnny and Merty Mick;
(xiii) Larriken Mick.

Appeared in the Koori Mail dated August 23, 2017


Culleton brings criminal charges against Brandis "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Federal Government and Opposition continue to fall apart driven by corruption scandals, citizenship disqualification and a judiciary acting as the arm of dishonest political parties.

Former One Nation WA senator Rod Culleton has borne the brunt of a corrupt and unaccountable judiciary marching to the orders of Liberal Attorney General George Brandis.

This time justice might catch up to the errant Brandis after he was served with a summons to face the Magistrates Court on a criminal conspiracy charge.

Attorney General George Brandis faces disqualification from two fronts. One is a criminal charge against him and two is an entitlement to German citizenship.

Culleton has charged the beleaguered Attorney General with conspiracy allegedly over his part in giving the senate false information to have the High Court disqualify Culleton over his bankruptcy which he says was an intentionally incorrect finding of a Federal Court judge.

Culleton launched the private prosecution after a meeting with the Chief Magistrate in Canberra.

Meanwhile the Director of Public Prosecutions is attempting to take over the case and shut it down, no doubt on orders from the accused Attorney General.

Culleton says the DPP is a publ...


Despoliation by developers ... "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

I have just returned from Edinburgh to which I travelled for the opening week of that great citys annual arts festival - now in its seventieth year and one of the mightiest magnets for tourism in the world. I love that city, the capital of the mind and, during the Enlightenment, a mighty contributor to science, literature, invention, trade and architecture. Its ravishing sandstone buildings reminded me of Hobarts and both cities face despoliation by developers EARLIER on Tasmanian Times ... Donald Knowler Richard Flanagan


The Archbishops hurtful and damaging NO Pastoral Letter "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

A YES Responsible Reasoned Pastoral Care Response to the Archbishops hurtful and damaging NO Pastoral Letter. Download response ... RCiA_Marriage_Equality_Postal_Vote_Facts_and_Responses_Sheet.pdf


History Repeats "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Are you related to one of the cast?, I was asked by one of the women on the door, handing out tickets for the ANU student production of The History Boys. No, Im just in town for the week and looking for nice things to do, and this seems like fun, I told her. On top of that, The History Boys is a wonderful play and film, and so when I saw it listed on Eventbrite as playing this week in Canberra, I bought a ticket straight away.

For a moment, I thought I might have been one of only a handful of people in the audience. Thankfully, the risk of more people being on stage than in the audience,soon disappeared with a last minute rush of 20-somethings. Of course I was old enough to be their father, and so that explains why I was asked the question, as literally the only person in the room over the age of twenty five.

With all student productions theres a bit of clunkiness, but I thought this production was very good, and how appropriate to have a cast and audience so close in age to the characters being portrayed.

So yes, Ive been in Canberra for the week. Or more precisely, Im on the bus heading back to Sydney. Im working out of Canberra on and off for the next month or so, combining my existing job with managing the ABCs local radio station here, ABC Radio Canberra, while my colleague, Andrea takes some leave.

I actually worked here in the 1990s, and its nice to be back. Unlike many people who bemoan Canberra as cold, lifeless etc, I really like Canberra. To me it has many of the strengths of a country town (sense of community, ease of getting around, I had to go to the Indian Visa Centre this week which was closeby for example), but it also has some of the strengths of being a capital city, with good restaurants, bars, and, of course theatre. Canberra is also about to get light-rail which is terrific, though it does mean my hope of getting out of Surry Hills for a few weeks to avoid the construction site has come to nought.

Twice this week Ive eaten out at Red Chilli, the chain of restaurants I best know from Sydney. Excellent food.

Ive also spent a fair bit of time in the breakfast and dinner bars at the hotel Ive been staying at. Oh my goodness, there are so many middle aged men single men in a similar position. Sales people, I guess. Lobbyists, too, I suppose. And do they all have white Commodores?, a colleague asked me this morning with a laugh.

Though the hotel Ive been staying has been nice, and extremely close to work, Im looking for somewhere next week where I can do a little of my own cooking, or at least have a microwave where I can heat things up. Im also conscious of the need to get out and about a little more. Being in air conditioning all day, and then at night, Ive developed a bit of an air-con ras...



Before Dylan, Tagore: on the erasure of Indian literature "IndyWatch Feed National"

A few months ago, my neighbour asked me, Do you have beds in India? Last week, a white friend asked me, albeit jokingly and drunk, Did you have some spicy curry for dinner before you came? Do these two examples, among many, reveal a symptomatic Western perception of India as defined by its extremities poverty, spicy food, idolatry of cricket heroes? Is cultural India merely a frenzied collection of colours and Bollywood melodrama?


Navajo Beef Program Seeks to Expand Opportunities for Navajo Families "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Published August 25, 2017

ALBUQUERQUE  Speaker LoRenzo Bates (Nenahnezad, Newcomb, San Juan, Tiis Tsoh Sikaad, TseDaaKaan, Upper Fruitland) recently met with the Blair Labatt, the president of Labatt Food Service, a food distribution company based in the state of Texas which partners with the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise and Bashas grocery stores to offer Navajo Beef to consumers in various locations in the southwest.

Navajo Beef is a brand that began in 2013 under Labatt Food Service, which strives to produce USDA Choice beef that comes from cattle that are raised in an area known as Padres Mesa Ranch, a 60,000 acre demonstration ranch in Newlands, located near Sanders. Labatt Food Service currently purchases approximately 400 cattle annually from 43 Navajo families who participate in the demonstration ranch program. In addition, families from the Eastern Navajo Agency participate in the Navajo Beef program as well.

The Padres Mesa demonstration ranch program is supported by the Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation, which manages the range lands in the Newlands area by maintaining the fences and water wells for relocated families who are raising cattle.

Labatt said the program has grown since its inception to point that the company has decided to phase out a separate beef-producing program to focus more on the expansion of Navajo Beef in the southwest. According to information provide by Labatt Food Service, the program teaches Navajo ranchers the principles of herd management including vaccination care, cattle genetics, overgrazing prevention, and others.

Labatt has also met with the members of the Navajo-Hopi Land Commission to present a proposal to establish a Navajo Nation enterprise that would be delegated with the authority to manage the Padres Mesa Ranch and to expand the Navajo Beef market.

Speaker Bates stated that while the concept of growing cattle herds and providing economic opportunities for Navajo ranching families is positive, there would be many complex issues that would have to be addressed if the Nation is to assume the duties of supporting the program.

The cattle market is very complex and constantly changing and when you tie that in with this proposal to change management of the program, it becomes very challenging and raises a lot of questions that need to be answered, added Speake...



Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed"

1.00 AUD = 0.0002 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 5.45 AUD


Fight of her life "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Justin Flynn

Amelia Banks was diagnosed with brain cancer five years ago.
Two major surgeries later and an oncologist who told her to get her affairs in order, and Amelia is still here, still fighting and still moving forward.
The 35-year-old Ocean Grove mother of two was living in Perth with her husband Ollie and 35 weeks pregnant when she was told the bad news.
She started feeling weak on the right side of her body, which prompted her to visit her GP and thats when a tumour was found in her brain.
I cant sit down and wallow in self pity I have a life to live and need to show my kids that life is worth living, Amelia said.
Amelias oncologist told her to get her will in order and not to go out and get another mortgage. The family including sons Harry, 6, and Teddy, 4 left WA and moved back to Amelias native Ocean Grove. Five years after being diagnosed, she is still here and still fighting.
Its not a sob story, its a crappy story, but you have to make the best of it, she said.
We want the kids to know that life is worth living.
We chose to live in hope, not in fear, Ollie said.
Amelia and her family will walk in the Walk 4 Brain Cancer event in Melbourne on 12 November.
They desperately want to raise awareness for brain cancer, which kills more children than any other disease in Australia and kills more people under 40 than any other cancer.
Despite the statistics, government funding for brain cancer is at just five per cent for all cancers.
The outcomes are so poor that they may not want to throw money at it, Ollie said.
We need to bring awareness to a deadly disease that there is no cure for, so we want to help find a cure and offer better treatment, Amelia said.
While Amelia and Ollie said that its not a matter of if, but when, the cancer returns, they cant stop living life and have been touched by the support from Ocean Grove.
Amelia suffers epilepsy as a result of one of her surgeries and is unable to drive.
Weve just been blown away by the support of the community here in Ocean Grove, she said.
From people bringing around meals, doing cleaning rosters, driving me places, and just general love and well wishes, we just feel so supported.
The Banks family plans to organise a similar Walk 4 Brain Cancer event on the Bellarine as early as next year.
But for now, they want your help to raise awareness.
To donate to Team Amelia in the Melbourne Walk 4 Brain Cancer, go to
Another way to help is buy a beanie for brain cancer at

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Send the Trade Minister a message: Don't revive the failed TPP "IndyWatch Feed"

The 11 remaining countries involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership are continuing to meet in an effort to revive this failed agreement. Their target date is at the APEC Leaders Meeting in Vietnam on November 11 this year.

Send a message to the Australian Trade Minister Steven Ciobo telling him not to revive the TPP!


Revealing the Real Face of White Australia: new project and transcribe-a-thon "IndyWatch Feed National"

This semester I am working with Tim Sherratts Exploring Digital Heritage class at the University of Canberra to undertake an important project on the White Australia Policy, using records from the National Archives of Australia and collaborating with the Museum of Australian Democracy. The project involves transcribing digitised files from series ST84/1 mostly Certificates


Winning strategies for 2018 & beyond (double ticket offer) "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Money for Life

Come and see me speak live in Sydney, where I'll be discussing:

-how to start saving and investing

-the magic of compound interest

-how best to tackle the Sydney housing affordability conundrum: to buy or to rent?

-the outlook for the economy and housing markets

-the latest demographic trends

-construction hotspots: the property markets and dwelling types set to become oversupplied, and undersupplied

-infrastructure boom - where will the next major projects be found?

- a peek into the future - what will Australia be like 20 years from now?

-the Australian regions poised to flourish and flounder

-how to reset your financial thermostat...permanently

And a whole lot more besides.

If words aren't your thing, here's a short video, in which I get harassed by magpies. 

There are now less than two weeks remaining on the Early Bird special price, which also includes a special double ticket offer this week. 

Book today!

To book your tickets, visit the...


Federal Court rejects legal argument Adani Carmichael approval invalid "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Federal Court has today rejected legal arguments that Federal environmental approval of the mine was invalid.

On behalf of ACF, we argued the approval of the mine was contrary to obligations to consider the climate change impacts of the mine on the Great Barrier Reef under the Federal Environment Protection and Biodiverstiy Conservation Act 1999. Unfortunately, the Federal Court did not agree. (Read the full judgment).

Today is a disappointing day for people concerned about the Great Barrier Reef and the impacts of this mine, including the 4.7 billion tonnes of carbon pollution that would result from the burning of its coal. But it is not the end.

Our legal staff here at EDO Qld were proud to represent the Australia Conservation Foundation in this case.

Public interest challenges like this, and the recent win for farmers against New Acland Coal, where people stand up to see the law is enforced are just so important to hold industry and government to account.

Dont forget it was the Adani Land Court case that exposed additional risks to the endangered Black-throated Finch and sacred Doongmabulla Springs and found the economic benefits Adani asserted in its EIS to be overstated.

Please make a donation to EDO Qld today so that we can continue to run these urgent climate change and Reef protection cases.

Thank you to the wonderful supporters of EDO Qld, to our barristers Mr Saul Holt QC, Mr Emrys Nekvapil and Dr Chris McGrath and to the Australia Conservation Foundation.


in which the pond checks out a herpetarium in turmoil and a Paterson in the wrong part of town ... "IndyWatch Feed"

Forget the tea leaves, the chicken's entrails, the runes, the Tarot cards or any of the other fortune-telling devices that were a proud part of the pond's family traditions... (oh the superstitious peasant German grandma could read tea leaves at the bottom of any cup).

All the barrels of the majestic dreadnought have been turned on Comrade Bill ... and sssh, don't ask how many lawyers and think tank bludgers there are in the coalition ...

Meanwhile, tucked down the page, the cawing Crowe reports on the government moving full-steam ahead ...

That shuffle isn't the only thing in limbo, which is why the reptiles have got the fear ...

Now sadly the pond can't cover all the things that worry and torture the reptiles each day ...

There's the High Court matter which has seen them all limbo down ...


Murray Rothbard: An Uncompromising Optimist "IndyWatch Feed"

By: Jeff Deist
Murray Rothbard

Murray Rothbard has been gone more than 20 years now, his brilliance, wit, and irreplaceable insights taken from us far too soon. At home in New York City over a Christmas break from his teaching duties at the University of Nevada, Rothbard accompanied his beloved wife Joey to her optometrist appointment on a bitterly cold day. A few moments later, on January 7th 1995, he was gone lost to heart failure at the age of 68.

What he left behind was not only a grieving wife, countless friends and colleagues, and fans of his work around the world. He also left a legacy of academic and popular work that is virtually unrivaled in its sheer magnitude, in the depth and breadth of his knowledge, expertise, and interests. Murray was not only an economist and libertarian scholar, but also a philosopher, historian, political scientist, legal theorist, ethicist, sociologist, mentor, and journalist all apart from his moonlighting as an amateur sports analyst, election handicapper, and movie critic.

It is this legacy, his immense body of work, that cements his position as a preeminent libertarian thinker of the 20th century. It is what makes him relevant today, and will keep him relevant for the decades to come. In todays world full of white noise and dilettantes, the substance of his work sets him apart.

An Immense Body of Work

Rothbards career spanned more than four decades, during which he produced more than 30 full-length books. Man, Economy, and State, his sweeping economics text, is regarded as one of the four landmark treatises of the Austrian school. His academic work in areas like money, monopoly, price theory, and economic calculation all represented great strides for the Austrian school. He dramatically advanced our understanding of business cycles, and took particular pleasure in correcting enduring myths about banking in What Has Government Done to Our Money?, The Mystery of Banking, A History of Money and Banking in the United States, and Economic Depressions: Their Cause and Cure.

But much of his greatest scholarship was outside the field of pure economics. He demolished arguments for government as a necessary evil while offering a wholesale libertarian manifesto in The Anatomy of the State. He presented the groundbreaking normative argument for laissez-faire in The Ethics of Liberty, making a courageous (and still controversial) break from the utilitarianism and classical liberal traditions of his mentors. He upended....


Victoria Police and courts have some weird priorities "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Terminally-ill grandfather charged for taking items left for council collection Yahoo7 News / 4 hours ago SHARE Dying man charged with stealing from neighbour's rubbish CLOSE Dying man charged with stealing from neighbour's rubbish VIDEO A Mulgrave grandfather will spend his dying days fighting theft charges after he was allegedly...


Pissheads at the RBA "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Now Im not a big of the RBA Id outsource most of it and shut down the rest but some stories are a tad over the top.

TAXPAYERS have been slugged a $166,000 booze bill over the last three years racked up by bankers at the Reserve Bank of Australia the organisation in charge of the countrys fiscal responsibility.

First things first the RBA is not in charge of the countrys fiscal responsibility. Nobody is doing that important job. In theory, however, that function should be performed by the Department of Finance.

But what of the notion that we have a whole bunch of inebriated public servants in Sydney living it up on the public credit card?

I would have thought that any large organisation that run conferences and seminars and meetings and so on across the year and has visiting international speakers and so on would be expected to spend some money on alcohol. Throw in a strategic retreat and a Christmas party and add that up over three years and youre going to see a largish bill. That is what we see here.

On the other hand, the $761 spent on XXXX Gold stubbies does need to be investigated and probably refunded.



As ex-detainees in Australia, we acknowledge that the land we seek protection on is the land of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

We, ex-detainees at RISE in Australia, mark the 3rd of September 2017 as Ex-Detainees Day, for all asylum seekers and refugees who have been forcefully detained whilst seeking protection. This is our 2nd annual Ex-detainees day. Crucially, this initiative is entirely managed and controlled by ex-detainees who are asylum seekers and refugees in Australia, as an assertion of our self determination.

The 3rd of September will serve to commemorate and raise the collective voice of asylum seekers and refugees around the world, who are facing discrimination and criminalisation due to detainment. Ex-Detainees Day will highlight and oppose all forms of refugee and asylum seeker detention we are subjected to globally: whether detention lasts 1 day, 30 days, 1 year, or longer periods of time.

Asylum seeker and refugee detainees are among the most persecuted and oppressed people in the world. We endured abuse in our own countries, and upon seeking protection, are disenfranchised and suffer institutional abuse within detention systems. Immigration detention centres are arbitrary and nefarious forms of state violence; they function to subjugate asylum seekers and refugees by imprisonment.

Furthermore, we ex-detainees who have sought protection and freedom in Australia, acknowledge that we live on colonised land where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples sovereignty has never been ceded. We recognise that the racism that pervades this countrys institutions and public spheres which we have been subjected to in Australias mandatory, indefinite detention system has its foundations in the systemic and structural violence that Indigenous peoples of this country continue to experience to this day.

We require support and protection, not incarceration. States have the obligation to uphold our human rights; not exploit us for political gain. We denounce the torture, deportation, abuse and bloodshed occurring in immigration detention centres. We condemn governments, private companies and nonprofit agencies who are part of the detention supply chain.

By holding refugees and asylum seekers hostage in detention centres, governments and private companies are committing crimes against humanity with impunity, adding to the trauma we have suffered. Many detainees have been forcibly deported or self-deported due to the unbearable torture they experienced in detention back to countries they fled from; and were consequently tortured or killed upon arrival.

Individually we have been impacted so severely by this systematic violence that the cost to ourselves and to our communities as a result of this state-sanctioned trauma cannot be meas...


Man goes for a Run, Rewards Himself with 30 Schooners and Counter Meal "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


A Sydney man last night rewarded himself with 30 full-strength schooners and a chicken parmigiana with chips, no salad, at his local pub after completing an eight-minute run.

Doing my first bit of exercise since colour comp at school 14 years ago felt so great I wouldve done it again today if I didnt have a steaming hangover, the man said. The feel-good endorphins from the run made me feel like I had dumped Mother Natures pinger. I can really see myself becoming a bit of a fitness freak.

The mans partner said he had become rather annoying.

Since completing his one run, he refers to himself as an athlete and even bought himself some fluorescent runners and compression tights, she said. He also claims I dont understand the lifestyle even though Ive been working out for five years.

Although the man reported putting on two kilograms after his run and pub session, he has assured everyone its all muscle gain.


The Ultimate Job "IndyWatch Feed"

By Kyran ODwyer Imagine this. A job with an entry level salary of about $200k that requires no qualification or previous experience. There is no dress code, no KPIs, no oversight. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Its not like those on Newstart. For about $16k income, they have to observe standards far in excess of the

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Stallholder Profile for Blacklist Prints

Your name:  Scott & Kylie Burrage
Our company Mascots and Guinea Pigs Jasmine (2.5 years) and Alana and Esther (5 months)
Your business name and facebook/website name and link:  Blacklist Prints
The suburb/...


Falls festival site yet to be approved "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A man has been found dead at the Falls Festival near Byron Bay. (file pic)

Falls Festival near Byron Bay. (file pic)

The Falls Festival line up that was recently announced and is scheduled for the North Byron Parklands site in Yelgun from December 31 to January 2 (20118) does not yet have approval for any events after December 31 2017.

They have a proposal before the Department of Planning to extend their trial approval past that date, and the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) will be holding a public hearing on 29 August in relation to that proposal, pointed out local resident Denise Nessel.

The Echo contacted General Manager of the North Byron Parklands, Mat Morris who was able to confirm that an application to extend the trial approval by 20 months has recently been recommended for approval by the Department of Planning and Environment. The final decision now rests with the Planning and Assessment Commission who will hold a public meeting in Ocean Shores on August 29 to listen to the views of interested parties before approving or rejecting the 20-month extension.

Tickets will go on sale for the Falls Byron on August 29 as part of the national touring circuit, however, Falls Byron has been advertised as subject to regulatory approval continued Mat.

Responding to questions from The Echo about the upcoming public meeting on the 29 August a Spokesperson for the NSW Planning Assessment Commission said:

The Commission will consider all issues raised at the public meeting and in the Department of Planning and Environments assessment report before deciding on the trial date extension proposal in the weeks following.

No commitments, assurances or other indications about approval of the extended trial have been

formulated, or given to North Byron Parklands by the Commission.

The Commission is aware that an advertising campaign for the Falls Festival event has commenced

and ticket sales are planned. However, the Commission does not endorse the campaign and the

campaign will not be factor in the Commissions final decision.

The decision to commence advertising before.........


Open letter to Eric Abetz, praising his efforts exposing GetUp's links to USSR "IndyWatch Feed"

Open letter to Eric Abetz, praising his efforts exposing GetUp's links to USSRDON'T PANIC! Eric Abetz has now got those Cold War spies at GetUp! in his sights, so everything's going to be fine. read now...


Newtopian Dream "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I'm sleeping outside at Newtown Square on August 29 as part of a funds and consciousness raiser for the Newtopian Dream a project organised by Newtown Neighbourhood Centre to shine a spotlight on homelessness and how our system produces it, and bring out about real social change and eliminate homelessness by providing affordable housing. That's not something available to most people in Sydney right now. And nor is Sydney alone in this

I'm going to take my sketch book along and draw the scene and maybe some portraits which I'll post on the blog later. If I sell any of these I'll donate the proceeds

Please follow the link and make a donation to support the Newtopian Dream

Ikea has furniture for every circumstance. I'm happy to announce that Newtown Neighbourhood centre have extensively roadtested the premium cardboard boxes we will be calling home on tuesday night


Cross Post: Dan Sanchez Why David Hume Defended the Rights of Seditious Bigots "IndyWatch Feed"

Some cant imagine a downside to punching Nazis, or otherwise obstructing their spewing of hate. How could the world not be a happier and sunnier place after the forcible removal of such a spiritual pollutant? In the face of such an obvious potential pragmatic benefit to society, isnt concern for the rights of Nazis so much fussy, abstract philosophizing?

David Hume shed some light on this problem, explaining way back in 1738 the pragmatic utility and public interest in granting even a seditious bigot his rights.

The Case of the Robbed Nazi

In his Treatise on Human Nature Hume wrote:

A single act of justice is frequently contrary to public interest; and were it to stand alone, without being followed by other acts, may, in itself, be very prejudicial to society. When a man of merit, of a beneficent disposition, restores a great fortune to a miser, or a seditious bigot, he has acted justly and laudably; but the public is the real sufferer.

Many would consider seditious bigot a perfectly apt term for the Nazis and white supremacists now seizing public attention. Lets say, following Humes hypothetical, a Nazi, who had grown rich through honest business, had been robbed of a great fortune: lets say a collection of antique German coins. Then, a person of a beneficent disposition who believes in the human rights of all (in other words, someone who is quite the opposite of a Nazi) somehow came into possession of the pilfered coins, and returned the fortune to the seditious Nazi bigot.

This, according to a strict application of property rights, would, as Hume put it, be a single act of justice. The Nazis fortune was his property by right, so restoring that property was indeed a single act of justice.

But what will the Nazi do with his restored fortune? What if he uses it to finance web sites and Twitter bots broadcasting hate throughout the Internet? Clearly, in that case, the public is the real sufferer as Hume put it.

The human rights champion who returned the fortune might even personally suffer. Maybe he individually, or a group in which he is a member, will be one of the targets of the Nazis campaign of hate. By striving to act with strict integrity, he may have hurt his own interests. As Hume wrote:

Nor is every single act of justice, considered apart, more conducive to private interest than to public; and it is easily conceived how a man may impoverish himself by a single instance of integrity, and have reason to wish that, with regard to that single act, the laws of justice were for a moment suspended in the universe.

Now, take the above thought experiment, but replace one ma...


Dinner and a show? Sounds good "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Queenscliff Harbours waterfront restaurant 360Q is redefining the old dinner and a show night out with a continuing line-up of amazing acts and sensational menus.
The upstairs function space, with magnificent views over the Harbour and Port Phillip Bay, has recently hosted a operatic group, a Broadway quartet as well as a rock n roll night all of which are accompanied by gourmet three-course meals.
On Saturday 23 September, the 360Q team welcomes two of Australias most renowned and well-loved comedians. Trevor Marmalade and Elliot Goblet have become household names through appearances on iconic TV shows such as Hey Hey Its Saturday, Tonight Live, The Midday Show, The Big Gig and The AFL Footy Show.
Theyre bringing the LOLs to Queenscliff for one night only. Tickets are $80 per person which includes the fabulous entertainment as well as a delicious three-course dinner with drinks at bar prices. Guests will dine on a grazing entree of antipasto platters, a main of red braised pork belly with nasi goreng and asian greens followed by a decadent dessert of 360Qs house-made pavlova with forest berry compote served with double cream.
Dinner is from 7pm, so why not arrive early for a pre-dinner cocktail?
360Q is open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week and dinner from Thursday to Sunday. On Sunday nights theres a set menu of soup, roast and dessert for $35 per person served from 6pm.
Bellarine residents can dine cheaper mid-week with 360Qs Local Dining Thursdays special offer. From 5.30pm each Thursday evening, guests from Queenscliff and surrounds can enjoy $10 entrees, $20 mains and $10 desserts. The revolving menus include a choice of three dishes for each course from 360Qs a la carte menu.
Book your ticket online today for our comedy night via TryBooking: Or call 5257 4200 to book a table seven days a week. Visit for more event details.

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New: The Affordable Housing Party gets the population connection "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

"The Affordable Housing Party: the single issue party dedicated to solving Australia's housing affordability crisis. Australians are now living with some of the most unaffordable housing in the world, but it doesn't have to be this way! Obscene tax incentives to invest in property. Our lawmakers profit from the status quo. We opened up our housing market to investors all over the world. Australia's rapid population growth. Home buyers are paying too much to try to compete with investors. This can't go on forever!" Former journalist, Andrew Potts, Sydney, registered the Affordable Housing Party (AHP) with the Australian Electoral Commission earlier this month. Policies include: Phasing out negative gearing and capital gains discount on investment property sales; Stopping overseas buyers from buying Australian properties; Taxing properties left empty by investors; Cutting down immigration to 70,000 annually; Banning full time Airbnb properties; Ending no fault evictions for rental properties. Facebook page is

The text below is taken from the Affordable Housing Party site at The new party was also reported in the Murdoch Press at this URL: On the Sustainable Australia Party site at it describes Andrew as " a former Australian Greens supporter and a former editor of the Sydney Star Observer weekly newspaper."

Australians are now living with some of the most unaffordable housing in the world, but it doesn't have to be this way!

In 1986 in the Inner West Sydney suburb of Dulwich Hill you could buy a newly renovated three bedroom home with a big backyard for $150,000 and pay off the mortgage in under a decade

In 2017 to buy the same home would cost you $1.5 million and you will probably be paying off that mortgage for the rest of your life.

Wages in Australia didn't increase by 1000% in the three decades since 1986. So what happened to make Australia have some of the least affordable housing on the planet?



Firies take it to another level "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Four Ocean Grove firefighters will tackle the Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb.
Adam Thompson, who was successful in last years climb, will front up again while Simon Simpson, Adam Webb-Taylor and Jayden Harrison-Roberts will attempt the gruelling 28 floors of the Crown Metropol Hotel on 2 September.
Around 500 firefighters will Step up to fight depression, PTSD and suicide by wearing 25kg of turnout gear and breathing apparatus.
This year, the Firefighters Charity Fund with your help aims to raise $500,000 for Lifeline and the Black Dog Institute to improve support services, fund research, remove stigmas and raise awareness of Mental health issues such as depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and suicide, especially for those within the Emergency Service and Defence communities.
Adam will also be participating in the Firefighters Climb for MND in Sydney at the 98-floor Sydney Tower Eye on 14 October.
The four local firies have been training and will ramp it up at the steps at Ocean Grove Main Beach in full firefighting gear prior to the event.
To donate to the cause, go to

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Fed Court decision: Adani leases issued despite Traditional Owners express rejection "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The Queensland State continues to authorise dispossession

Responding to a Federal Court decision today, in one of the long running cases bought by Traditional Owners against the Adani mine, the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners expressed their profound frustration with the way the native title and court processes have over-ridden their decision to reject an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) with Adani.

The appeal against the National Native Title Tribunal (NNTT), which authorised the issuing of mining leases to Adani by the Queensland Government, was dismissed. The Wangan and Jagalingou (W&J) Representative Council are seeking the advice of their senior counsel as to whether to pursue the matter in the High Court.

In May 2015, Adrian Burragubba, on behalf of W&J Representative Council, sought to uphold the decision of the W&J people in October 2014 to reject an Indigenous Land Use Agreement with Adani, the second time since 2012.

Senior spokesperson for the W&J Traditional Owners Council, Adrian Burragubba, says, We have fought and will continue to fight for our right to say no to the destruction of our country through mining and to have our rights properly recognised and respected by the State Government.

We are proud of our efforts to hold Adani and the Queensland Government to account through the Courts. The Courts are the place we have to pursue justice for our people and we will exhaust all legal avenues in pursuit of our right to self-determination and our right to give or withhold consent.

Todays decision hangs on the technical limits of judicial review of the issuing of leases for the Carmichael mine, and not the embodiment of our rights. We will redouble our commitment to uphold the original decisions of our people which are to oppose this mine of mass destruction.

We now look to our trial in March 2018 which focuses on Adanis fake ILUA. We have three times voted No to Adanis grubby deal.

Despite the entirely valid rejection of an ILUA by the W&J claim group in October 2014, Adani persisted. First by seeking a ruling from the NNTT to ignore our native title rights. Adani has actively worked to split our group. The ugliest display by Adani was to bankroll a sham meeting that they hold up as authorising an ILUA.

Youth spokesperson for the W&J Traditional Owners Council, Murrawah Johnson, says, Adan...


Bid to stop Gold Coast airport works shot down "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Luis Feliu

A bid by Tweed mayor Katie Milne calling on the federal and state governments to stop clearing and earthworks for the controversial instrument landing system at Gold Coast Airport was shot down last night.

At an extraordinary Tweed Shire Council meeting, the mayors move was thwarted when conservative councillors, backed by Labors Cr Reece Byrnes, succeeded in their rescission motion (Crs Milne, Chris Cherry and Ron Cooper against).

The Greens mayor had sought the urgent meeting earlier this week to back her move to write to the ministers responsible calling for the stop work plus an inquiry into the contentious project.

But the four opposing councillors (Crs Byrne, Warren Polglase, Pryce Allsop and James Owen) failed to turn up at the scheduled meeting, citing work commitments, and the meeting was adjourned to last night due to a lack of a quorum.

The rescission motion was later lodged by Cr Polglase, which was narrowly voted through last night, with a further recommendation that Cr Milnes mayoral minute on the issue be received and noted and for Gold Coast Airport managers to address council on the issue.

Cr Milnes failed motion was for council to write to federal transport minister Darren Chester and NSW environment minister Gabrielle Upton to express councils serious concerns regarding the clearing and earthworks associated with the Instrument Landing System at the Gold Coast Airport on the NSW Crown Reserve, over and above the footprint for the stated siting of the localiser antennae from Runway 14 and calling for an immediate halt to the works and a full inquiry into the processes of the matter.

It also requested a response to be provided as a matter of urgency due to the significant environmental impacts currently occurring from the works on Endangered Ecological Communities, the drainage channel and the wetland areas that are to the whole ecosystem functioning of the Cobaki Broadwater and Class 1 Fishery habitat.

Cr Milne has been a longtime supporter of the Tweed Heads and District Ratepayers Association opposed to the airport works on crown land due to their impacts.

But the latest works have rung alarm bells as they are much more extensive than originally proposed.


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Rainforest logging submission highlights flaws in special species plan "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Friday, 25 August 2017 - 11:15am


  • Logging reserves will require taxpayer subsidy or simply wont be viable.
  • Forestry Tas says logging methods called common have not been used within the last five years, and possibly as long as 10 years or greater.
  • Logging reserves will damage environmental values, Tassie brand and timber markets.

The Wilderness Society today released its submission into the Hodgman Governments plan to log old growth rainforests from within the Tasmanian Reserve Estate. The draft Special Species Management Plan is out for public comment until next Monday 28 August, and is called-out as a political document, designed to create conflict in the lead up to the next election, with little credible reference to environmental, social and economic issues facing the sector.

The submission exposes a government attempt to mislead the public into believing the canvassed logging techniques are common and calls on the government to rule out any subsidies for rainforest logging into the future.

"The government should drop its plan to log rainforests in Tasmanias reserve estate and instead, properly protect these forests and get real about the economic, environmental and social challenges facing the logging industry," said Vica Bayley, spokesperson for The Wilderness Society.

"Premier Hodgmans plan foreshadows a real gap between log prices and cost of production and has absolutely no detail on how this gap will be filled and if the taxpayer will be called upon.

"The Premier should rule out subsidising special species timber though his rainforest logging plan. An email from Forestry Tasmania discredits the management plans claim that proposed logging techniques are commonly used in Tasmania, confirming that relevant past examples could not be identified and have not been used for many years.

"We already know that six out of every 10 rainforest trees cut down will be wasted or wood chipped under this plan for logging reserves; now we learn that the logging methods it proposes are unproven, have not been used for years and have not moved beyond trials.

This proves that tread widely, tread lightly logging in Tasmania is a myth. The submission foreshadows that it can reasonably be anticipated that retailing products sourced from logging rainforests in listed conservation reserves will create significant market-related issues including consu...


Bundjalung brothers on track to preserve Aboriginal heritage "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The two brothers  Peter Faulkner, 34, and James Roberts, 29 were engaged through Ngulingah Local Aboriginal Land Council to assist in looking for Aboriginal artefacts. Photo supplied.

The two brothers  Peter Faulkner, 34, and James Roberts, 29 were engaged through Ngulingah Local Aboriginal Land Council to assist in looking for Aboriginal artefacts. Photo supplied.

Two Bundjalung men are undertaking archaeological monitoring and simultaneously gaining employment skills at the reconstructed Wilsons walking track in East Lismore, which is currently under construction.

The $200,000 project will see the resurrection of the old walking track from Robinsons Lookout in Girards Hill to Albert Park, with interpretative signage about the history of the area.

The two brothers  Peter Faulkner, 34, and James Roberts, 29 were engaged through Ngulingah Local Aboriginal Land Council to provide skilled labour, with James also looking for Aboriginal artefacts.

James has done work before through Ngulingah as a ranger in Nimbin, and the skilled labourers are gaining employment skills as well as helping to preserve historic Aboriginal items and sites that may be uncovered.

Ensuring Aboriginal involvement in the project aligns with Councils reconciliation action plan objectives and continues Councils commitment to providing opportunities for Aboriginal workers.

Construction of the Wilsons walking track is being undertaken by Track Work Solutions, a company that has been involved in trail-building around Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, with the archaeological monitoring conducted by Everick Heritage Consultants.

Tim Hill from Everick Heritage Consultants who are providing the archaeological monitoring said it was wonderful to have the Bundjalung men working on country and building their skillset at the same time.

They are here primarily to respond if an original site is identified and ensure that it is managed, Tim explained.

However, the bigger picture is that most of these historic tracks, particularly on the ridgeline, were traditional tracks that connected lowland to highland, and now we get this great fusion of white fellas and black fellas coming together to reopen them.

Also, they are learning skills and awareness around how to build trails, construction, erosion, site monitoring a...


Feeding Your Plants "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Gardening is a bit like life really the more you know, the more you know you dont know. It can be so full of hits and misses, trials and errors, successes and failures When it comes to how to help your plants grow there are so many possibilities should I use compost, manures, worm castings, weed teas or commercial fertilisers and are solids better than liquids? Some gardeners swear by one or the other, but all possibly have their place at various times, so lets look at them all.

It is this ever-evolving and seemingly endless supply of information that can make gardening a hobby that seems daunting and overwhelming to the newbies and brown thumbs amongst us. Fear of asking stupid questions at garden centres or of our gardener friends can prevent us seeking out the information we need. And so many of us experience a string of failures in the patch before we have many successes. Some of the most commonly asked queries involve fertilising essentially the who, what, where, when and why of feeding our flora.

Why do Plants Need a Feed?

All living organisms need food in order to remain healthy and happy. Plants are no exception.  So generally speaking, over many thousands of years, plants evolved and adapted to the environments within which they were rooted.  If they were stuck in impoverished soils, then the plants that survived were those that made do with less.   Conversely, plants that grew in moist, loamy, nutrient rich soils (think Tasmania) gobbled up as many nutrients as they could, and now, when grown away from their natural environments, can need some serious feed!  And, unless the plant is growing in its natural environment, and all plant waste products (fallen leaves, dead branches etc) are being returned to the soil, they are essentially removing nutrients from the soil without replacing them. So thats where we come in, especially if we are attempting to grow hungry plants, like annuals and edibles.

So, where do we start? First, we need to understand the differences between fertilisers, soil amendments, soil conditioners, manures, mulches, compost or liquids. Fertilisers can be defined as substances containing nutrients essential for plant growth, and are generally available as either organic or inorganic (more on that shortly) and as either a solid or liquid.

Strictly speaking, soil conditioners are soil amendments that are added to soil to keep the soil itself in good shape, which in turn benefits our plants. They may or may not c...


Banker Ronald Bernard, Baxter Dmitry and the Late Mr Fernandez "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Dee McLachlan I was sent this article an hour ago: Ronald Bernard, Dutch Banker Who Exposed Illuminati, Found Dead. I post a screen-grab above, as I am sure it will soon disappear. Is this more Alternative fake news? Do you remember the Dutch banker who exposed the financial industry elite? Bernard shared explicit details, in []


Revenge Porn now illegal in NSW and more zedlines... "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Revenge porn legislation has come into effect in NSW, the AAP has reported. Photo from Pexels.

The new laws, originally introduced in 2016, make it a criminal offense to intentionally distribute or threaten to distribute intimate images of someone without their consent.

Attorney General Mark Speakman said the laws protect the privacy of victims, and take power away from "vengeful" exes and predators.

Offenders will face jail time and up to an $11,000 fine.

QLD Road Safety Week ends with fatigue

Police have examined the impacts of driver fatigue as part of Queenslands Road Safety Week.


Breakfasters - 21 - 25 August 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This week on Breakfasters, Jacob Rajan from New Zealand's Indian Ink theatre company came in to talk about The Guru of Chai at Arts Centre Melbourne. Hayley Inch reviewed Australian cycling film All For One, and director Damien Power talks about his new film Killing Ground. They also have a chat about the lies you tell as a kid to get out of trouble. With Sarah Smith, Jeff Sparrow, and Geraldine Hickey.


55 years ago young Barbara walked over the Ponte Vecchio in Florence and was seduced by the small jewellery shops "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Likewise on this research trip, the bridge was alive with activity except this one shop remained bolted down and closed. Ferro battuto from the 15th century . . .


Tom Montalk: Opening the Flow "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Source: | by Tom Montalk

Have you ever been under distressing financial circumstances, expecting to fall into an abyss of poverty with the next emergency expense? How many times have you suffered the worst of your expectations? How many times did help come from unexpected places to get you through despite the worst of odds?

Our expectations come from what we have been programmed to expect. What actually happens depends on the laws of reality deciding the nature of our experiences. Those who pay attention will see that what actually happens is most often at odds with what is expected. Why do our plans and anticipations about the future rarely happen the way we envision them? Why are our programmed expectations so different from our actual experiences?

The answer is that many of these expectations are control mechanisms grafted onto us by the Matrix Control System. From birth we are indoctrinated through school, social programming, media and culture to believe in a backward system of limitations and motivations that have nothing to do with our true potential or reason for being here. We are taught what is taboo and what is respectable, what is possible and what is not, what goals to shoot for and what path to follow to achieve those goals. This indoctrination is so complete that most of us accept its precepts as common sense and tend to fight or disbelieve any suggestions that reality could be to the contrary, even if these suggestions come from our own life experiences.

Often we don't have the guts to push the envelope but are nonetheless thrust into these forbidden territories through seemingly unfortunate circumstances: financial disasters, emergencies, ultimatums, and unavoidable risks. And just when failure seems certain, the unexpected happens: money comes from an unexpected source, a needed opportunity arrives just in the nick of time, everything amazingly falls into place.

Most people encountering these last minute miracles pass them off as freak exceptions to the rule, nothing that can be relied upon as a common occurrence. But what these people do...


Refugee's stories shared through children's books and more Zedlines... "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Childrens books conveying positive messages about refugees, are being distributed throughout Brisbane. Image from Joint Base Langley-Eustis

The campaign behind the distribution, Mums 4 Refugees works alongside asylum seekers to publish meaningful stories. 

Their aim is to educate communities about the struggles and the importance of refugees.

Daffodil Day set to bloom across Brisbane
Events are being held across Brisbane today to celebrate the 31st year of Daffodil Day, a day to grow hope and awareness for everyone affected by cancer.

People across the state are encouraged to participate by making a donation, wearing a pin and buying fresh daffodils.


Places to go, people to be "IndyWatch Feed"

Nothing from me today - I'm off to the South Island for Phoenix, Christchurch's annual larp convention.

Normal bloggage will resume Monday or Tuesday.


Tweeds salty drinking water: eclipse, climate change blamed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Luis Feliu

Tweed Shire Council is urging residents to continue minimising their water use as they bring under control a major infiltration of salty water into the water supply this week.

Council staff say the drinking water problem caused by the salty saturation at the Bray Park weir is now under control but it will take another four to five days for locals to have their normal drinking water back.

Most of this week council staff have been battling to minimise the problem with water restrictions put in place, dredging of the weir and dam, pumping and scouring of water mains.

Global warming and even this weeks solar eclipse in the northern hemisphere have been blamed for the higher than usual tides which caused the weir to overtop on Monday night, bringing with it more concentrated salty water from Clarrie Hall dam upstream.

It sparked warnings that similar events could become more frequent and intense as climate change increases.

And council says it also underlines the need for raising of the Clarrie Hall Dam.

Shire water manager Anthony Burnham said council would work hard to get state approvals and licences for the job so construction can start as soon as possible.

The Australian Drinking Guidelines have advised council that the salt levels are not harmful to human health, but residents were advised to use bottled water for drinking if the taste of the water is too unpalatable.

The water at Uki and Tyalgum is not affected and no restrictions apply in those villages.

Mr Burnham said the climatic conditions earlier this week which caused the problem confirms a perfect storm of events.

He said Bureau of Meteorology and tide data confirmed higher-than-expected tides of up to 420mm above predicted levels; higher salinity levels offshore and warmer ocean temperatures.

He said downstream river flows had not been strong enough to hold back the salt water.

Mr Burnham said yesterday that council is now producing 440 litres a second of good quality water with a dissolved solids concentration of 279mg/litre.

Normal operations produce water at 160mg/litre and Australian Drinking Guidelines state that anything below 600mg/litre is good quality, he said.

Every hour we can produce 15 megalitres of good water so we will be in a position shortly to recharge the shires reservoirs without the risk of pushing more salt into the system.

We need 20 megalitres a day to meet demand.

Gold Coast City Council also has very generously allowed us to open the connection between Coolangatta and Tweed Heads and we are receiving 31 litres a second of...


Chet Raymo, The Seat of the Soul "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The Seat of the Soul 
by Chet Raymo

"It was not my first visit. I had been there once before to talk with the great man, to the Castle of Cloux, near Amboise, in the valley of the Loire. He had been living there since 1516, at the invitation of Francis I, king of France. He was 67 years old, bundled up in a thick fur wrap by a roaring fire. His face showed age but not infirmity. Long white hair fell about his shoulders. White beard. Thick, downswept brows shaded his eyes like awnings. A strong nose. And of course the mouth, serious yet generous, not unlike the mouth of the Christ he had painted on the wall of the refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan.

The king likes to surround himself with luminaries - artists, poets, philosophers, talented people of all sorts. Leonardo's reputation, of course, is known throughout Europe. It was inevitable that the king would draw him to France. A prize of war? So be it.

The last time I visited we talked about his paintings, only three of which had followed him to France. This time I wanted to hear about his anatomical studies. I had heard he had hundreds of drawings, recording the meticulous dissection of cadavers. "Might I see them?" I asked. Kindly, he aquiesced, and asked his young apprentice and friend, Count Francesco Melzi, to fetch several thick portfolios. As I carefully turned the sheets, I was stunned. Never had I seen such detailed representations of the human frame. Bones, muscles, tissues. Heart, lungs, stomach, liver. "From life?" I asked, forgetting myself. "From death," he replied with a slight smile. "Not so may years ago I had the privilege of working with Marcantonio della Torre, professor of anatomy at the University of Pavia. He gave me access to corpses."

As the thickly-annotated sheets slipped through my fingers I realized I was looking at something marvelous, a marriage of art and science.


Bin Stains "IndyWatch Feed National"

I hold my breath and open the green bin lid. The plastic handle is cold and sticky and this is the last thing I feel like doing after work. The inside smells rotten, even though its empty. Well, not entirely empty. Stray maggots linger along the rim and wriggle down the inner walls: hundreds of them, off-white and juvenile, somehow squirming without moving. Their presence doesnt make much sense. Maggots only eat meat and I havent had any meat in the house in weeks I guess they are shit at being vegetarians too.

I walk up the driveway, around the back and into the shed. I fetch the hose, which is wound up in one of those plastic reels with a rotating handle, and carry it to the tap in the front yard. I attach the orange hose-end to the tap nozzle with a click and pull the hose down the driveway.

I find maggots gross. Theres something dirty and evil about them, even though they arent much different to worms or snails. Snails are cute, maggots are infesting. Id rather a thousand beetles than a thousand cockroaches. Someone once told me that in New Zealand possums are a pest.

As I near the bin, the angle of the hose pulls strangely and it tips the reel over. I try pulling the hose further and the reel slides against the concrete for about a metre and then jams. I walk back up the driveway, turn the reel upright and then down towards the bin, but as soon as I pull the hose the plastic reel awkwardly spins around and falls over, breaching like a stubborn foetus.

On the third attempt, I start questioning why the fuck I am cleaning out my bin. Its one of those acts of civility that are so redundant they are almost insane. An image of a 60s Valium Mum with a cloth, scrubbing her way through her marble bench-top, with short, shallow circles, to the centre of the earth, comes to mind. Repetitive, worthless, cleanliness.

The bin will just fill up with rubbish and become dirty again. But I cant let it go; those maggots are so gross, so full of symbolism. If the bin were full of frogs, Id probably never put rubbish in it again. Id drag that bin up the two flights of stairs into my tiny apartment, lift it onto the kitchen table, cut a rectangle in its side (which Id wrap in cling film with holes stabbed in for air) and watch those little frogs ribbit around for hours.

But they are not frogs; they are maggots, and it is a big smelly bin. It is dirty and needs to be cleaned so that it can be dirty again. Like making a bed. Except beds are much more vital. You sleep in beds. Therefore, their condition is...


MEDIA RELEASE: Adani challenges fine for pollution breach next to the Great Barrier Reef "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) today expressed disbelief that the Adani company will challenge a $12,900 fine for breaching its pollution licence next to the Great Barrier Reef.

AMCS Great Barrier Reef Campaign Director Imogen Zethoven said it was inconceivable that Adani was challenging the paltry fine, given its own report found it had breached the licence.

Adani has admitted that it exceeded a temporary licence from the Queensland government to pollute the surrounding environment at Abbot Point coal port during Cyclone Debbie, Ms Zethoven said.

Adani released 806 mg/l when its temporary licence allowed it to pollute 100 mg/l.

The violation of the licence shows that Adani cannot be trusted to operate a coal port next to the Great Barrier Reef.

Scientists have warned repeatedly that severe cyclones Category 3 and above are likely to become even more severe as a result of climate change.

If Adanis Carmichael mine and port development is allowed to proceed, we risk damaging coal pollution discharges into the Great Barrier Reef. This is the last thing the Reef needs.

The Adani company has a very poor environmental track record in India. It is already showing that it has a poor track record here, even before the Carmichael mine commences operations.

Its high time for our governments to recognise that Adanis mine, rail and port project should be rejected outright, and all approvals revoked.

The federal and Queensland governments should be putting the Reef and its 64,000 tourism jobs first.

The Great Barrier Reef is in grave danger. Adanis project will only accelerate damage to the Reef, when we should be doing all we can to relieve pressure on our natural wonder by switching rapidly to 100% renewable energy, Ms Zethoven said.



Media and Communications AMCS, +61 (0) 412 505 405,


About us:

Fight For Our Reef is a campaign by the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS). AMCS is the voice for Australias ocean wildlife. We are an independent charity, staffed by a committed group of professional and passionate scientists, educators and advocates who have defended Australias oceans for 50 years. Our paid and volunteer staff work every day on behalf of the community to protect our ocean wildlife.

The post...


Die EASA hat eine Explosionswarnung fr Airbus A350-941 ... "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Die EASA hat eine Explosionswarnung fr Airbus A350-941 rausgegeben.

Danach besteht bei einer Verkettung von Fehlern ein Risiko, dass sich das Kraftstoff-Luftgemisch im Treibstofftank entzndet.


Needed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Hi everyone...another needing boxes!  

Please text me on 0427 705 295 if you have any I can pick up.

Thanks, Gillian.


Information "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Just wanting to alert people walking alone around mid-day at Edgar's creek reserve. A guy was seen acting suspiciously with a tinted full face helmet on.  Might be nothing just, be careful.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Zimbabwean First Lady Grace Mugabe was allowed to leave SA despite being investigated for the assault of a South African woman.

FILE: Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Maite Nkoana-Mashabane. Picture: GCIS.

Rahima Essop
Eyewitness News

CAPE TOWN - International Relations Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane could soon face questions from MPs over her decision to grant Zimbabwean First Lady Grace Mugabe immunity, but theres no date for the meeting yet.

Mugabe was allowed to leave the country despite being investigated for the assault of a South African woman at a Sandton hotel this month.

The debacle has sparked an uproar, with the Democratic Alliance (DA) calling for a parliamentary inquiry into governments failure to ensure Mugabe faces prosecution.

The portfolio committee responsible for oversight of Nkoana-Mashabanes department has agreed to call the minister to explain her actions.

The issue was also raised during Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosas question and answer session in the National Assembly on Wednesday.

Ramaphosa was put on the spot when Inkatha Freedom Party parliamentarian Liezl van der Merwe asked him whether he supported the decision to grant Mugabe immunity.

And I think as a leader of government business you must provide us with some answers.

The deputy president was heckled by MPs in the opposition benches as he responded.

The clarity that there is on this matter is not full and complete. In the sense that yes in certain environments its applied, in others, its not. So, it happens to have been applied here.

Twenty-year-old Gabriella Engels claims Mugabe attacked her with an electrical extension cord.

Mugabe allegedly stormed the hotel room her sons had been staying in and allegedly attacked Engels who was there that night.


Egyptian Pyramid near Cairns "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Walsh's Pyramid (pictured), located outside Cairns in north Queensland, is reportedly the site of a man made pyramid that was built by a group of Egyptians who visited Australia in 3000BC

Interesting report providing further support of the local traditional stories of long term interaction with the Egyptians.

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Ballina pushes ahead with Lake Ainsworth plans "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Lake Ainsworth at Lennox Head. (pic

Lake Ainsworth at Lennox Head. (pic

Ballina mayor David Wright has used his casting vote to push ahead with plans to transform the eastern side of Lake Ainsworth at Lennox Head into a family-friendly community park.

Cr Keith Williams had lodged a notice of motion calling on the council to stop major works in the South East precinct of Lake Ainsworth until the completion of the Coastal Zone Management Plan (CMP) for Lake Ainsworth.

Cr Williams said sections of the community remained concerned at the proposed closure of the eastern road at the lake.

Following a fiery debate, however, the decision was to proceed with the various planning studies already underway.

Those studies include a flora and fauna study, Aboriginal cultural consultation, landscape and open space planning, and specialist planning advice.

Staff pointed out that the council could continue with the current development application process as the information being prepared for the DA could also be used in the CMP.

Cr Jeff Johnson said it was obvious that the Save the Road group had spent a lot of time convincing people of their arguments, but he maintained that most concerns would be addressed through the current planning studies and reports.

Studies and debates about the Lake what to do with the eastern road/foreshore have been going on for over 20 years, Cr Johnson said.

There has been various Council positions over the years and the current proposal to improve the infrastructure and amenity around the Lake was initiated about four years ago after Council sold the last remaining publicly owned blocks of land on the corner of Pacific Parade and Ross St.

I was opposed to these blocks of land being sold but that is where the money has come from and has been allocated to improving the amenity in this important area, often referred to as the jewel in the crown.

There is a lot of misleading information out there about what the council proposes.

Theres currently various studies being completed as part of a develo...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

IFP MP Liezl van der Merwe asked Cyril Ramaphosa whether he supported the decision to grant Grace Mugabe immunity

FILE: Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: GCIS.

Rahima Essop
Eyewitness News

CAPE TOWN - Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has been put on the spot in Parliament on Wednesday afternoon over government's decision to grant Zimbabwean first lady Grace Mugabe diplomatic immunity.

Ramaphosa was answering questions from Members of Parliament (MPs) about gender violence in the National Assembly when he was asked about the Mugabe debacle.

The first lady was allowed to leave the country while she was being investigated for the alleged assault of a South African woman in Johannesburg this month.

Inkatha Freedom Party MP Liezl van der Merwe asked Ramaphosa whether he supported the International Relations Ministers decision to grant Mugabe immunity.

I would like to know from you Honourable Deputy President, what type of government would stand on the side of an alleged abuser?

Ramaphosa struggled to defend governments position.

Its the first time we have utilised this type of convention and a lot can be said on pro and against it. And in the end, there needs to be the clarity that there is on this matter is not full and complete.

The 20-year-old Gabriella Engels claimed Mugabe attacked her with an electrical extension cord in an incident that took place at a Sandton hotel.

Mugabe allegedly stormed the hotel room her sons had been staying in and attacked Engels who was there that night.


NORPA announces team of Associate Artists to help shape contemporary theatre from regional Australia "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

An impressive team of highly skilled theatre makers has joined Northern NSW based theatre company NORPA as Associate Artists to deliver a greatly increased creative program. Janis Balodis, Jade Dewi, Caroline Dunphy, Darcy Grant, Mitch King, Valley Lipcer, Kate McDowell and Emma Saunders will work alongside Julian Louis (Artistic Director) and Kirk Page (Associate Director) to create new devised works for NORPA; deliver masterclasses, workshops and training programs; host artist residencies; launch a program for children, families and school students; as well as develop their own works and strengthen creative connections into the Northern Rivers community.

The company also welcomes producer Jo Porter who will be working across multiple projects for NORPA including Djurra, directed by Kirk Page premiering in November at Artstate NSW, and a new work in development led by Julian Louis, slated for presentation in 2018.

This is an exciting time for NORPA we are forging an adventurous, artist-led company within a creative cultural hub in regional Australia, said Artistic Director Julian Louis. All the artists joining us are accomplished makers in their own right and represent the cutting edge of Australian talent across a multitude of forms dance, acrobatics, acting, writing, music, production. Each artist brings their own ideas, passion and expertise. They connect us with a myriad of communities and inform NORPAs aesthetic and creative process.

Together we will create bold, new devised works and a far reaching artistic program that is physical, visceral, ambitious, inclusive and occupies a unique place in the national theatre landscape.

For more about each Associate Artist visit

Immediate opportunities for people to take advantage of the expertise of the new Associate Artists are via masterclass series and a weekly drop-in class. These are a dance-theatre masterclass with Emma Saunders (Dance Theatre Masterclass 31 Aug 2 Sept) and a physical theatre and acrobatic masterclass with Darcy Grant (Balancing Dynamics 18-22 September), plus a drop-in weekly class exploring improvisation and performance with Jade Dewi (Training Ground 18-22 September). NORPA Artistic Director Julian Louis will also be involved in all classes. NORPA is offering three complimentary places per masterclass series.

For more information about all classes visit

The post NORPA announces team of Associate Artists to help shape contemporary theatre from regional Australia appeared fi...


Good Karma Networks "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


"If you missed the first one, we are running another info session on what the Good Karma Networks are all about, come join us for a cuppa and a chat at the East Coburg Community House".

Good Karma Network Information Session at East Coburg House

Many thanks.


Needed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


I need a removalist for a small job, a small one bedroom unit load from Preston to Castlemaine. Everywhere is SO expensive. It is for mid September.

Just one person and a small removal van needed, bigger than a Hiace etc though so that the fridge can stand up.
Any suggestions?  Text 0427 705 295 or answer on the FB page, whatever. 
Thanks so much, Gillian.


Closed Friday 25 August "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Jura will be closed on Friday 25th August due to illness. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Closed Friday 25 August "IndyWatch Feed National"

Jura will be closed on Friday 25th August due to illness. Sorry for any inconvenience.


CARL CRAIG :: SYNTHFETISH "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


DETROIT visionary CARL CRAIG arrives in Australia alongside spring, unveiling his Versus vision with every knob twiddlers wet dream: a Synthesizer Ensemble. Here he talks to Eastsides PARIS POMPOR about the project and his long-running fascination with electronic keyboards.

Being a DJ has been a big, important stage [shaping] my view not only on music, but how to present the music, says Carl Craig. You get a response every night when you play a certain record, when you play it at a certain time. I think I learned more than anything that its not [just] the music selection thats important, but the timing is important. You can play the song at the wrong time and it just flops. But play a song at the right time and it can do everything that music really should do. It can blow the roof off!

You get the feeling that this kind of visceral audience reaction is never far from Craigs vision. Watching him in a rehearsal video with the Synthesizer Ensemble hes bringing to Australia for Red Bull in September, I recall a moment when hes giving instructions to other players about pulling out all the sub bass frequencies in a certain piece. When everything is eventually wound in for a crescendo, Craigs hope is that the effect will hit everyone in the back!  To illustrate his point to the ensemble he slams his fist into his palm.

Its not just about punch though. Craigs latest concept is about giving the music respect, essentially revisiting his own techno catalogue and taking it sky high, by giving it the full symphonic treatement.

Its a project thats orchestral in nature, explains Craig.

In other words, only songs that were worthy, got the orchestral treatment, nobody was going to spend money on recording an orchestra for a forgettable two-bit tune.

So with these songs that b...


King Gizzard reveal a killer first lineup for Gizzfest 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

For the last couple of years, Gizzfest has been building its rep as possibly the best festival in the country for guitar bands, pumping out some monster lineups helmed by none other than King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, and this year looks to be the best one yet.

Despite promising four whole albums this year, King Gizzard have still found time to put the national touring fest together again this year, and have just dropped the lineup for their hometown gig in Melbourne, boasting names like ORB and The Murlocs on the lineup alongside international guests like Kikagaku Moyo from Japan and La Luz from Cali.

There are some great names all the way down the bill, from the indefinable rap talents of HTMLFlowers and Jaalas producer side project Jaala vs. Man, to great bands like Loose Tooth, Lazer Tits and Suss Cunts.

The Melbourne edition will be kicking off on Saturday December 2 at the Melbourne Showgrounds this year, moving on from the Coburg Velodrome that hosted the event last year, with stepped-up A/V production and 10 hut stages with curated lineups.

All in all, it sounds like a much bigger affair than last year, and we look forward to seeing whats in store for the Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Newcastle and Byron Bay legs as theyre announced in the coming weeks, all set to take place between November 18 and December 2.

Until then, well have their new jazz-influenced album Sketches of East Brunswick on rotation, and be hanging out for their fourth and final LP for 2017.

King Gizzards Sketches of East Brunswick collaborator Mild High Club performs at Gizzfest 2016

King Gizzards Gizzfest 2017 Melbourne lineup

Saturday, 2nd December
Melbourne Showgrounds, Melbourne

Tickets on sale now

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
Kikagaku Moyo (Japan)
La Luz (USA)
The Murlocs (Aus)
ORB (Aus)
Leah Senior (Aus)
Parsnip (Aus)
Clever Austin
Jaala vs Man
Vulture St Tape Gang
Suss Cunts
Hi-Tech Emotions
Pleather Purrs
Loose Tooth
Lazer Tits
Stiff Richards
Closet Straights
Moon Lover
Vintage Crop
The Faculty
Planet Slayer
Bitch Dies...


How Snowball Earth led to the evolution of complex life "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

For billions of years bacteria dominated the globe, but at some point a major transition occurred and complex multicellular life began to take hold. The when and why of this transition has been the source of great debate for years, but a team at the Australian National University (ANU) has made a discovery that could finally answer those questions and it takes us all the way back to a time when the Earth was a giant snowball.

An extreme ice age hit the planet around 717 million years ago. Known as the Sturtian glaciation, this event is more informally dubbed Snowball Earth and its thought to be the most extreme, and long-lasting, ice age the planet ever experienced. For around 50 million years, the entire globe was essentially covered in ice.

In between the Sturtian glaciation and the planets next, but much shorter, glaciation event there was a small stretch of around 15 million years. It is this relatively s...


Amazon reserve opened for mining and more zedlines... "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Brazilian government will strip the protection of a national reserve in the Amazon to allow commercial mineral exploration, to stimulate the countrys economy. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Located in the northern states of Amapa and Para, the amazonian reserve is larger than the size of Denmark, and contains resources such as manganese, gold and iron.

Its also home to biodiverse wildlife and indigenous populations.

Brazils president Michel Temer insisted environmental protection laws will be followed, yet the move has attracted criticism from environmentalists and political opponents.

Mining companies required to hire more employees locally


Four men charged after cannabis raids "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

One of the men arrested yesterday by police. (supplied)

One of the men arrested yesterday by police. (supplied)

Five men were arrested and four of them charged yesterday after police executed six search warrants during which they located four seperate hydroponic set-ups and a large amount of enhanced cannabis plants.

One of the hydroponic set-ups discovered by police. (supplied)

One of the hydroponic set-ups discovered by police. (supplied)

The raids in Goonellabah, Lismore and Casino were in relation to Strikeforce GLYN, which is targeting the commercial supply of cannabis.

Police will allege that at at an address in Parkwalk Drive Goonellabah they located four separate hydroponic set-ups and a large amount of enhanced cannabis plants.

At the Lismore search warrant police located a cannabis plant and cannabis, and a large amount of items were seized and examined.

A 54-year-old Goonellabah man has been charged with Organises/conducts/assists drug premises, supply cannabis, Enhanced indoor cultivation plant for commercial purpose, two counts of possess prohibited drug and cultivate prohibited plant; greater than commercial quantity. He has been bail refused and will appear in Lismore Local Court today.

A 24-year-old Goonellabah man was charged with Take part enhance indoor cultivation plant for commercial purpose, and Organises/conducts/assists drug premises. He will appear in Lismore Local Court in September.

A 24-year-old Goonellabah...


Gamed Into The Matrix, Privacy & Australian Pyramid "IndyWatch Feed National"

Join us for another mind melting show with the team from KBS. Kev opens up with a look at modern gaming & how it could be set to have a huge impact on our daily lives. The team discusses the 5g matrix that we are all soon to be a part of & get into


The Unreliability of Confessions: Implanted Memories "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

For many, a confession is indisputable evidence of a persons guilt. However, a significant body of scientific research has found that people can easily be persuaded to confess to serious crimes that they did not commit. Wrongful convictions In 2014, a team of lawyers and statisticians asserted that 14.1% of people who were sentenced to

The post The Unreliability of Confessions: Implanted Memories appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


10 More Rhetorical Questions "IndyWatch Feed"

About 2 years ago, Spartacus posited 10 rhetorical questions.  Here are 10 more.

  1. For a parliament full of lawyers, including a Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition, why is the rule of law (especially the constitution), treated as the guidance of law or the best wishes of law?
  2. What are and where are green jobs?
  3. If a company director is personally liable for the malfeasance of the company they direct, why is a minister not personally liable for the malfeasance of the department they direct?  Or similarly, why is a local councilor not personally liable for the malfeasance of the council they direct?
  4. If paying peanuts to politicians attracts monkeys, what are we paying to attract the clowns currently in parliaments?
  5. Why is the quality of a government measured on how much is spend on schools, roads and hospitals rather than actual education levels, quality of roads and health of the citizenry?
  6. What does it mean to give a Gonski?
  7. If the CBA is in trouble for allegations of breaching Anti-Money Laundering laws, what about the RBA, where a subsidiary allegedly approved bribes for a Nigerian official?  Reference Securency.
  8. No matter how bad a market based solution is, why is it always assumed that a government based solution will be better?
  9. If Australias carbon emissions are irrelevant by world standards, why does Australia seek to be the world leader in carbon emissions abatement?
  10. Can Gillian Triggs just go away?

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Kylie, Crowe, Hemsworth back gay vote "IndyWatch Feed National"

Kylie Minogue and other celebrities are supporting a Yes vote for same-sex marriage in the upcoming postal vote. Photo Getty Images

Kylie Minogue and other celebrities are supporting a Yes vote for same-sex marriage in the upcoming postal vote. Photo Getty Images

London [PAA]

Kylie Minogue has joined Hollywood stars Chris Hemsworth and Russell Crowe in backing a vote to allow gay marriage in Australia.

The three celebrities have urged their countrymen and women to ensure they are signed up for the same-sex marriage postal survey which asks: Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?

Minogue wrote on Twitter: Aussies! #loveislove & its for everyone. Today is the final day to make sure youre enrolled. Dont wait!

Hemsworth posted on Instagram: Dear open minded, free speaking, laid back, life loving aussies. Marriage is about love and commitment and, in a country based on equal citizenship, it should be available to everyone! Vote now for marriage equality.

Crowe tweeted: Hey Australia , I love you . Thanks for being you . Please send a clear message with your vote and your voice love is love.

Stephen Fry, Tim Minchin and Ellen DeGeneres were other famous faces who urged voters to register and back the call for marriage equality.

DeGeneres posted: Australia, I love you. Its time for marriage equality. Make sure youre enrolled to vote right now, while Fry called on people to support their LGBTIQ friends, family and community.

The result of the vote will be revealed on November 15.


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Dual citizen MP hearing due in October "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and four senators will face the High Court in October. (AAP Image/Lukas Coch)

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and four senators will face the High Court in October. (AAP Image/Lukas Coch)

The dual citizenship debacle that has engulfed Australian politics will be back before the High Court in Canberra for a hearing in October.

Four senators and deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce were referred to the court earlier this month after it was revealed they did not meet the sole citizenship requirement of section 44 of the constitution.

South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon and NSW Senator Fiona Nash will also be referred to the court over their British citizenship by descent when federal parliament next sits in September.

At a directions hearing held in Brisbane on Thursday, Chief Justice Susan Kiefel set the matter down for a three-day hearing in Canberra from October 10.

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts remains the most at risk of being disqualified from parliament as he may have officially renounced his British citizenship after his nomination, the court heard.

Solicitor-General Stephen Donaghue QC said there was a clear demarcation line between the politicians those who had known they were a citizen of a foreign power and those who did not.

Under section 44 of the constitution a person is incapable of being elected to the parliament if they are a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power.

Mr Joyce has been found to have been a New Zealand citizen by descent but the government has advice this isnt enough to unseat him.

If the court finds him to be ineligible, it will trigger a by-election in his NSW seat of New England, and potentially put at risk the governments one-seat majority in the lower house.

The court will also examine stood-aside cabinet minister Matt Canavan, who has Italian heritage on his mothers side.

Like Senator Roberts, former Greens senators Larissa Waters and Scott Ludlam were also born overseas.

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