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Wednesday, 19 September


Push for freedom of Christianity is really a cover for the restriction of freedom "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Victoria

In a recent interview, prime minister Scott Morrison flagged his intention to push ahead with new laws that would allow Christians to discriminate against the LGBTIQ community.

This is being presented as the free speech. Critics suggest that it is nothing of the sort, but on the contrary, a measure to silence those who are on the receiving end.

As important as this is, it is not only about the LGBTIQ community. The attack on it, fits in well with a broader attack, to deny the voice to all but the very small spectrum of opinion espoused by those demanding the change.

The call for religious protection is the spearhead for a number of extreme groups, to enter the Christian community. It is the lever that has been used to penetrate the Liberal Party and bully the much larger number of Christians who do not agree with them. Scott Morrison is contributing to this push.

He has also made it clear that he supports the integration of the state and religion, since his 2008 maiden speech in parliament. This is despite section 116 of the Australian Constitution, which clearly makes the separation.

Freedom of religion is not the objective. The push is to ensure the domination of Christianity is, and this means the restriction of other faiths.

The danger of this outlook is that it is based on the view that some should be more equal than others. It goes further. The real motive behind the push, is not primarily religious but political. It is to impose a particular viewpoint, using a myth of Christian civilisation, to promote extreme capitalism, backed up by a form of police state to deal with those who do not agree.

Evidence of this lies in the actions of many of the activists in this movement, who espouse suppression of what they call the control and destruction of the Christian way of life by a leftist elite said top be in control. This is reminiscent of the rise of the fascist movement in the 1920s. This way of thinking has entered the Liberal Party and government.

Thus, the purpose of the new laws is to undermine existing anti-discrimination law and protect the right to discriminate.

And this is within the context that the Sex Discrimination Act, the Age Discrimination Act and the Fair Work Act all co...


Canberra vacancy rate falls again "IndyWatch Feed"

Canberra tightens again

You expect a bit of chirp if you write about real estate.

Nobody can disagree that the financialisation of shelter is lamentable, and sometimes it's crazy how housing prices and auction clearance rates are reported like footie results.

However, this is only going to get worse.

It's inevitable because long-term migration to Australia is at a record high, yet the government supplies almost no new dwelling stock for the new renters. 

And if the prospective returns are poor, landlords won't invest - it's that simple. 

A policy decision was taken years ago that landlords would have to supply the rental stock, although there was a temporary flicker of activity during the financial crisis Rudd stimulus when the government actually built some public housing. 

A bit of chirp is one thing but strangely nothing generates more vitriol than discussion about land tax.

My view has occasionally been that excessively high land tax in the ACT will lead incumbent investors to sell, while new property investors will look elsewhere (they could literally hop over the border into 'Quangers' - and in fact this is happening, with investor loan finance in Canberra imploding). 

The counter-argument is that properties don't go anywhere and someone has to buy them - which is true, but of course it's the net flow of rentals versus renters that matters. 

Whatever, I'll...


Aussie housing prices roll over in FY2018 (Chartfest) "IndyWatch Feed"

Aussie housing rollover

Aussie dwelling prices declined by 0.6 per cent over the year to June 2018 as the market grappled with tighter lending standards, together with a sweeping range of measures implemented to cool activity (from foreign buyer duties, to restrictions on investment and interest-only loans, reduced self-managed super fund lending for residential property, changes to deductibility of expenses, and more). 

Today I'll run through how some of the various capital city markets have been faring and why in half a dozen charts.

Stock value down

First up, the total value of dwelling stock was $6.93 trillion at the end of the 2018 financial year, only slightly up from $6.82 trillion a year earlier (click the charts to expand).

Between June 2017 and June 2018 the 8 capital city weighted average resi price index was down by 0.6 per cent. 

The 60 Minutes program garnered a lot of attention this week with its now-traditional 'looming housing crisis' expos, with the segment somewhat unjustly taking each analyst in turn and clipping out everything but their doom case scenarios (each of the three main contributors has since protested that at least in part their views were misrepresented...I'm shocked, lol).



Cochranes HPV Vaccine Review Not What Its Cracked Up To Be: Conflicts Of Interest Undermine It "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Catherine J. Frompovich

HPV vaccine safety: Cochrane launches urgent investigation into review after criticisms apparently materialized due to the dogged determination of independent vaccine information/data researchers who knew the factual science, not consensus science which now, unfortunately, is considered real science, but kept demanding review and retraction.

Ever since the formerly prestigiously regarded Cochrane Library or Cochrane Collaborative published what has become a highly controversial review of the HPV vaccine in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), there have been constant demands for recalling that review due to apparent obvious conflicts of interest and other apparent ethical concerns.

That HPV article saga is long-winded, plus rather long-lived, so I will direct readers to this article About the Cochrane HPV Controversy, which can explain it so I dont have to belabor readers with a long-winded version.

Another resource for that evidence-based medicine controversys history is The HPV Vaccine: A Critique of a Critique of a Meta-Analysis.

However, one intrepid independent vaccine data researcher, Elizabeth M. Hart of Adelaide, South Australia, kept insisting the BMJ retract or withdraw the article published, and periodically submitted reams of documentation as to why.

Apparently, the Cochrane Library started a second review:

According to...


State of Play Australia 2018: 11 per cent of the workforce is unemployed and 8 per cent underemployed "IndyWatch Feed"

Roy Morgan, media release excerpt, 13  September 2018:

Australian employment has grown solidly over the past year however the faster rate of overall growth in the Australian workforce due to more Australians looking for work means unemployment has increased to a two-year high of 11% in August.

The latest data for the Roy Morgan employment series for August shows:

* 11,940,000 Australians were employed in August, up 255,000 over the past year;

* The workforce which comprises employed and unemployed Australians is now 13,416,000, up 407,000 on a year ago;

* 1,476,000 Australians were unemployed (11% of the workforce); an increase of 152,000 (up 0.8%) on a year ago and the highest level of unemployment for over two years since March 2016;


The Morrison Government continues to internally haemorrhage "IndyWatch Feed"

On the local scene since the day of winning preselection in 2012, the local, self-determined senior Liberal has been leaking damaging material to the media and having publicity stunts that are completely against federal policy initiatives. And more recently he approached friends asking me to nominate my retirement date and then he'd call off his people.  [Liberal MP for Gilmore Ann Sudmalis in House of Representatives Hansard, 17 September 2018, p.103]

As a Liberal Party candidate Ann Sudmalis was elected to the House of Representatives for Gilmore, New South Wales, in 2013 and 2016.

At 63 years of age with 5 years of parliamentary service behind her, it now appears the boys club has stack her home branch and attempting to squeeze her out as the Liberal Partys preferred candidate at the next federal election in 2019.

The NSW boys club's preferred candidate is former Australian Federal Police sergeant, sometime...


Daniel James: Five Wasted Years "IndyWatch Feed National"

Share this Post Today is the fifth anniversary of the election of the Abbott government. Its a good government, getting better! Tony Abbott (@TonyAbbottMHR) September 7, 2018 Someone should tell Tony that hes no longer Prime Minister. Someone should also remind him that his 727 days in the countrys highest office were some of its most bizarre, chaotic and ...

Tuesday, 18 September


Wetherspoon to ditch German beer before Brexit "IndyWatch Feed National"


Pub chain JD Wetherspoon is to sell more drinks from the UK and non-EU brewers in the run-up to Brexit.

Champagne and wheat beers produced in France and Germany will be replaced. Sparkling wines from the UK and Australia will be substituted for champagne, while more UK wheat beers will be sold.

The switch will affect all 880 Wetherspoon pubs from 9 July.



What should Robert Wiblin ask Tyler Cowen? "IndyWatch Feed"

Robert will be interviewing me later this week, as an installment of Conversations with Tyler, just as Patrick Collison once interviewed me a while back.  At least part of the interview will focus on my forthcoming book Stubborn Attachments: A Vision of a Society of Free, Prosperous, and Responsible Individuals.  (And we will do 2.5 hours, a Robert specialty!)  Here is part of Roberts bio:

I studied both genetics and economics at the Australian National University (ANU), graduated top of my class and was named Young Alumnus of the Year in 2015.

I worked as a research economist in various Australian Government agencies including the Treasury and Productivity Commission.

I then moved to Oxford in the UK to work at the Centre for Effective Altruism, first as Research Director and then Executive Director.

I then became Research Director for 80,000 Hours. In 2015 the project went through Y Combinator, and in 2016 we moved from Oxford to Berkeley, California in order to grow more quickly.

He is renowned for his thorough preparation and he runs a very good podcast of his own.  So what should he ask me?

The post What should Robert Wiblin ask Tyler Cowen? appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.


Netsafe defends freedom of the press "IndyWatch Feed"

Last week, rich prick Ray Avery tried to use the Harmful Digital Communicatins Act to suppress media coverage about him. But approved agency Netsafe has rejected his complaint:

Internet regulator Netsafe has declined to pursue a complaint by entrepreneur Sir Ray Avery that Newsroom stories about him amounted to digital harm and harassment.

The publicly-funded agency, which is charged with mediating complaints of online bullying and harassment under the Harmful Digital Communications Act, told Newsroom today: "This complaint has now been closed at Netsafe."

It said the law was "not clear about how to treat HDC complaints as they apply to media, and there is limited case law from which to form our advice.

"Therefore we are not recommending you take any further action. We have recommended to Sir Ray Avery that if he wishes to pursue this complaint he has the option of applying to the District Court."

But this isn't over yet, because Avery has indicated from the start that that using the courts to suppress public-interest journalism is exactly what he intends to do. And while we can hope that the court will look at s14 of the Bill of Rights Act and interpret the law so as to be consistent with the right to free speech and freedom of the press and exclude public interest journalism, I would feel far safer if there was explicit protection. That would at least prevent rich pricks like Avery from trying it on, and forcing media organisations to rack up enormous legal bills defending themselves.

There is obvious scope for a member's bill here. I wonder if any of the "free speech loving" MPs in the opposition will take it - or whether the only speech they want to protect is that of racists and Nazis.


Persistence is a key ingredient to getting a degree "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Have you ever wondered how kooks like Ken Ham get teaching certification? He does have a degree in education from a real university, you know, unlike that other fraud, Kent Hovind. From his bio:

Kens bachelors degree in applied science (with an emphasis on environmental biology) was awarded by the Queensland Institute of Technology in Australia. He also holds a diploma of education from the University of Queensland (a graduate qualification necessary for Ken to begin his initial career as a science teacher in the public schools in Australia).

Heres a dirty little secret. Getting into or attending a university does not automatically make you smart or knowledgeable. It is possible to go through the motions, meet the minimal requirements, and not learn anything. And in some cases, even the minimal requirements may be waived, as some Australian universities are intent on demonstrating.

Students who leave high school with the lowest scores some close to zero are being offered places in teaching degrees at universities, a secret report has found.

It shows some prospective teaching students had an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) that was often as low as zero to 19 far below the Federal Governments official data.

These figures, which have never been publicly reported by universities, show that in NSW and the ACT in 2015, students who scored in the bottom 50 per cent of school leavers made up half of all those offered places in teaching degrees.

Im happy to undermine my own authority by telling you that having letters after your name doesnt make you brilliant. And conversely, lacking those letters doesnt make you stupid.


Andrew Katelaris "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I went with mum and visited Andrew Katelaris out near Paterson to meet him and start discussing a suitable portrait of the polemicist pot doctor treating epilepsy with cannabis. This is just a quick sketch

Trees behind the carpark at the nursing home where dad lived the last couple of years of his life and where mum still has a few patients

Tree branches in Paterson before we got there


Doesnt anyone notice this. I feel like Im taking crazy pills. "IndyWatch Feed"

Last week, 3 of the 4 major Australian banks increased their mortgage interest rates.

The media and the political class, with their standard deep analysis and understanding of the business models and funding of banks did the predictable thing.  They criticised the 3 that increased rates (ANZ, CBA, WBC) and praised the 1 that made no change (NAB).

The whole out of cycle interest rate change blah blah was brought out, as if domestic savings are the principle source of funds for the banks.

Did anyone bother to actually look at what the rates were or was the movement just the story.  The answer is no obviously because notwithstanding the increases, the standard variable rate for ANZ (5.20%) and CBA (5.22%) are still less than NAB (5.24%) and the Westpac rate (5.24%) is now the same as NAB .

But actually looking at the details requires some level of journalistic and analytical sophistication.

Spartacus is not suggesting that these are appropriate rates or competitive rates, but NAB should not be complimented for having the equal highest standard variable mortgage rate of the big 4.

Spartacus hopes that a similar level of sophistication would be applied to the analysis of government expenditures (ie looking at the total spent and not the incemental variance), but somehow doubts that that will happen.  Spartacus feels like he is taking crazy pills.

Follow I Am Spartacus on Twitter at @Ey_am_Spartacus
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333 Meaning Metaphysical "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Tiple three 333 meaning, its mystical, magical, metaphysical significance and spiritual influences. Ever woken up at 3:33 am? Do you keep seeing the number 333?

The post 333 Meaning Metaphysical appeared first on Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine.


Nick Xenophon - from chasing attention to chasing ambulances "IndyWatch Feed National"

Which reminds me of our favourite ambo-chasers - because too many times is never enough.


Exercise Wallaby 2018 - Four Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Boeing CH-47D Chinook Helicopters Arrive into Rockhampton Airport "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

With the Singapore Armed Force's Military Exercise Wallaby 2018 expected to officially kick off later this week, on Tuesday 18 September, four Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Boeing CH-47D Chinook helicopters were photographed arriving into Rockhampton Airport, flying direct from their new base at Oakey.

The CH-47D Chinook helicopters were identified wearing the serial numbers 88181, 88182, 88183 and 88188 which are four of five which deployed to the Oakey Army Aviation Centre in June this year following a deployment in the United States of America (USA).

The four Chinook helicopters flew into Rockhampton Airport in formation as "Cyclops".

It is also believed that this is the first time these or any of the RSAF CH-47D model Chinook helicopters have visited Rockhampton and CQ to participate in Exercise Walla...


EEO unintended consequences "IndyWatch Feed"

Do Equal Employment Opportunity Statements Backfire? Evidence From A Natural Field Experiment On Job-Entry Decisions
Andreas Leibbrandt, John A. List
NBER Working Paper No. 25035
Issued in September 2018

NBER Program(s):Law and Economics, Labor Studies

Labor force composition and the allocation of talent remain of vital import to modern economies. For their part, governments and companies around the globe have implemented equal employment opportunity (EEO) regulations to influence labor market flows. Even though such regulations are pervasive, surprisingly little is known about their impacts. We use a natural field experiment conducted across 10 U.S. cities to investigate if EEO statements in job advertisements affect the first step in the employment process, application rates. Making use of data from nearly 2,500 job seekers, we find considerable policy effects, but in an unexpected direction: the presence of an EEO statement dampens rather than encourages racial minorities willingness to apply for jobs. Importantly, the effects are particularly pronounced for educated job seekers and in cities with white majority populations. Complementary survey evidence suggests the underlying mechanism at work is tokenism, revealing that EEO statements backfire because racial minorities avoid environments in which they are perceived as regulatory, or symbolic, hires rather than being hired on their own merits. Beyond their practical and theoretical importance, our results highlight how field experiments can significantly improve policymaking. In this case, if one goal of EEO regulations is to enhance the pool of minority applicants, then it is not working.

You may purchase this paper on-line in .pdf format from ($5) for electronic delivery.


Brown songlark at North Wall Scarborough Marina, Scarborough, Qld. reported by Paul Turner on 17-09-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

As reported on EBird by Stephen Murray on Saturday and Sunday. Along with the Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo also reported by Stephen Murray on EBird on Sunday.

Shining Flycatcher at Theodolite Creek Woodgate Beach reported by Gavin OMeara on 18-09-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Ad female seen feeding in mangroves on the edge of Theodolite Creek near boat ramp at 0830

Cotton Pygmy-goose at Kobble Creek BBQ area (nr Samsonvale Cemetery) reported by Tom Tarrant on 18-09-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Single female, is the first sighting of this species (at this location by this observer) since 1994


Six Australian Army Blackhawk Helicopters Spotted Passing Back Through Rockhampton and Bundaberg Airports "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

During Sunday 16 September, the six Australian Army Sikorsky S-70A-9 Blackhawk helicopters that ventured North to Townsville for an exercise during August, were spotted passing back South through Rockhampton and Bundaberg Airports while heading home from Townsville.

Blackhawks A25-111 as "Kopis 111", A25-104 as "Kopis 104"and A25-109 as "Kopis 109" all flew IFR into Rocky from Townsville.


Video: Rockhampton farmer has go at politicians for supporting mining and not growing food "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


Central Queensland Grazier Mick Alexander asks the question. Why do our governments consistently give preferential access to our land and water resources to companies like Adani and not support the industry that we will always need to feed us?

Video from FarmersClimateAction 

The post Video: Rockhampton farmer has go at politicians for supporting mining and not growing food appeared first on The Pen.


Seven Myths About the Police "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This text is adapted from Crimethincs text Seven Myths About the Police.

Police Everywhere Justice Nowhere_Anarchist_Media

1. The police are ordinary workers just like us; they should be our allies.

Unfortunately, theres a big gap between should be and are. The role of the police is to serve the interests of the ruling class; anyone who has not had a bad experience with them is likely privileged, submissive, or both. Todays police officers know exactly what theyre getting into when they join the forcepeople in uniform dont just get cats out of trees. Yes, most take the job because of economic pressure, but needing a paycheck is no excuse for evicting families, harassing young people of color, or pepper-spraying demonstrators. Those whose consciences can be bought are everyones potential enemies, not allies.

This fairy tale is more persuasive when it is couched in strategic terms: for example, Every revolution succeeds at the moment the armed forces refuse to make war on their fellows; therefore we should focus on seducing the police to our side. But the police are not just any workers; theyre the ones who chose to base their livelihoods upon defending the prevailing order, thus the least likely to be sympathetic to those who wish to change it. In this context, it makes more sense to oppose the police as such than to seek solidarity with them. As long as they serve their masters, they cannot be our allies; by denouncing the institution of police and demoralising individual officers, we encourage them to seek other livelihoods so we can one day find common cause with them.

2. Maybe there are some bad apples, but some police officers are good people. Perhaps some police officers have good intentions, but once again, insofar as they obey orders rather than their consciences, they cannot be trusted.

Theres something to be said for understanding the systematic nature of institutions, rather than attributing every injustice to the shortcomings of individuals. Remember the story of the man who, tormented by fleas, managed to catch one between his fingers? He scrutinised it for a long time before placing it back at the spot on his neck where had he caught it. His...


Social contagion? Fears of copycat spread in wake of multiple accounts of strawberries contaminated with needles in Australia "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Australian police are continuing their manhunt for the country's infamous strawberry saboteur as needle-contamination fears spread across the country, bringing the fruit industry to its knees. Police in Western Australia confirmed on Monday that they are investigating the first reported case of suspected needle contamination in the state. Previously, almost a dozen incidents were reported in six brands of strawberries across six states and territories. The crisis has spiraled since a man was hospitalized after swallowing a needle that was hidden inside a strawberry in Queensland over a week ago. Fears of a copycat fruit saboteur emerged on Monday after police reported that a woman was caught inserting a needle into a banana in a Queensland supermarket. However, police confirmed that the woman had mental health issues and said they were treating the act as an isolated incident, with no connection to any other food contamination investigations. It comes as New Zealand food distributors removed Australian strawberries from their shelves as a precaution, further adding to the devastation caused by the unidentified culprit.


Chris Collins Will Seek Reelection After All "IndyWatch Feed"

Here is what Rep. Chris Collins of Buffalo, New York, did wrong:

Last month, federal prosecutors charged Mr. Collins, who sits on the board of Innate Immunotherapeutics, a drug company based in Australia, with providing inside information to his son and others that the company had failed a crucial drug test. His son, his sons fiance and his sons father-in-law all sold shares.

Thats a crime. Chris Collins is quite likely to be convicted for that crime. For this reason, after a brief period of indecision and defiance, he announced that he would not seek another term in the United States Congress. The problem was that it was too late to take his name off the ballot. Under New York State law, the only way Collinss name could be replaced is if he died or he sought some other office.

Another feature of the Empire States unique election laws is that voters dont get to choose the partys replacement candidate in a primary. Instead, the local county party chairmen get to do that, so ambitious local Republicans began jockeying to win over the support of these chairmen. And the party bigwigs began searching for some small local office Collins could seek on the fraudulent pretext that he was stepping down from Congress to be the next dog catcher for Genesee County or something equivalent.

This was always a rather desperate gambit. The seat should be safe for the GOP since New Yorks 27th congressional district voted for Donald Trump sixty percent to thirty-five percent in the 2016 presidential election.  In fact, Chris Collins was the first member of Congress to endorse Donald Trumps campaign.  But it turned out that Collins didnt have the stomach for the subterfuge that would be required to get his name off the ballot.

Mr. Collins opted to stay on the ballot on the advice of lawyers who said his removal a Byzantine procedure governed by New Yorks complex election laws


Bad Cop No Donut "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

What police misconduct have we uncovered BCND?

A man was hospitalised after being shot in the shoulder by Perth.

According to Western Australia police, a police car drove up behind a stolen vehicle in the driveway in Seville Grove, in Perths eastern suburbs.

Police say the car reversed into the police vehicle multiple times, causing damage, in an attempt to get past.

[The officer] withdrew his firearm into the vehicle of interest, the round entered the front windscreen and struck the driver in the shoulder, Inspector Geoff Desanges said at a press conference.

NITV News understands the wounded mans two teenage children were home at the time and witnessed their father being shot by police.

First Nations Deaths in Custody Committee Chairperson, Mervyn Eades, told local media police withdrawing their guns should be a last resort.

The trauma thats gonna be impacted on the children is gonna be massive, he said.

We dont condone stealing cars, we dont condone committing crimes. But we will not condone the police using excessive force upon our people.

Police say the man is in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries.

A media statement by WA Police says officers on the scene administered first aid, and ambulance attended the scene transporting the man to Royal Perth Hospital.

An internal investigation is currently being carried out by the WA Police, with the officer who fired the gun remaining on active duty.

A Georgia police chief says an officer was justified in using a Taser to stun an 87-year-old woman after she didnt obey commands to drop a knife in her hand.

Martha Al-Bishara was charged with criminal trespass and obstructing an officer Friday, when police held her at gunpoint before bringing her to the ground with a jolt from the electrified prongs of a stun gun.

Relatives say Al-Bishara doesnt speak English and was merely out cutting dandelions with a kitchen knife near her home in Chatsworth, about 85 miles north of Atlanta.

An 87-year-old woman with a knife still has the ability to hurt an officer, Chatsworth Police Chief Josh Etheridge told the Daily Citizen-News of Dalton.

There was no anger, there was no malice in this, Etheridge say. In my o...


Adani To Go Announces Its Intention To Continue Announcing Deadlines "IndyWatch Feed"

Every now and then The Australian Financial Review has an article that gives me a good laugh. Ok, its behind a firewall so I cant give you a link but todays article about Angus Taylor begins: Energy Minister Angus Taylor has slammed greenhouse gas reduction policies as corporate greed dressed up as saving the planet

The post Adani To Go Announces Its Intention To Continue Announcing Deadlines appeared first on The AIM Network.


We're nominated in the Free Speech Coalition's free speech awards "IndyWatch Feed"

We've been nominated in the inaugural Free Speech Coalition's free speech awards! The Australian Free Speech Coalition's mission is to defend and promote free speech in Australia. A vital part of a vibrantly healthy democracy is a free and independent media. The AFSC is delighted to offer this award acknowledging...


Deliver Macaroons to Smithfield "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Hello everyone.

I want to see if someone is interested in dropping off some macaroons to Smifthfield? I'll cover the cost of the macroons and chuck $15 for delivery.

submitted by /u/adomad
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Cochrane HPV vaccine review severely compromised by conflicts of interest "IndyWatch Feed National"

Adelaide, South Australia
17 September 2018


The recently published Cochrane HPV vaccine review[1] is severely compromised and cannot be trusted due to the conflicts of interest of authors on the original protocol and the final review document.

Read More


Scott Morrison Says Laws Needed To Stop Future Threats To Religious Freedom "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said preventative regulation and legislation is required to protect freedom of religion in Australia from future threats. In an interview on Sky News, Morrison said he was concerned about the trajectory of free speech and religious freedom in the last decade and new legislation was needed to protect from threats ...

The post Scott Morrison Says Laws Needed To Stop Future Threats To Religious Freedom appeared first on QNews Magazine.


This Week in Melbourne: What's On #612 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Read Online This Week: 18-24 September 2018Newsletter | #612 What's On this Week in marvellous Melbourne Tuesday 18th September 2018 to Monday 24th September 2018 Circus in Melbourne Spring School Holiday Guide Tesselaar Tulip Festival Melbourne Fringe Festival Friday Night Live MoMA at NGV: 130 Years of Art Body Worlds Vital Caulfield Cup Carnival Jurassic Creatures | Live Lavazza Italian Film Festival Melbourne Chinese Moon Festival Melbourne Fringe Festival Melbourne Yarn & Fibre Festival Moon Lantern Festival Oktoberfest Street Party Royal Melbourne Oktoberfest Royal Melbourne Show September Latin Festival Spiegel Et Luna | The Famous Spiegeltent St Kilda Art Crawl Sunshine Lantern Festival Yea Garden Expo Sport Richmond v Collingwood | AFL Preliminary Final Storm vs Sharks | NRL Preliminary Final Enjoy #Melbourne Royal Melbourne Show 22 September 2018 - 2 October 2018 | Melbourne Showgrounds Showcases excellence in agriculture, attracting close to 500,000 people over 11 spectacular days. 2018 marks 100 years since the first showbags. Royal Melbourne Show | Buy Tickets Circus Its that time of year when the circus hits town including three of our very favourite circus' playing: Silvers Grand Magic Circus, Circus Royale and Circus Oz. Silvers Circus | Burnley - 5 Sept - 10 Oct Circus Royale | Taylors Lakes - 19 Sept - 7 Oct Circus Oz - 11 - 21 October Spring School Holidays Saturday 22 September - Sunday 7 October 2018 Free guide includes over 300 activities and events to keep the kids entertained during the Spring School Holidays. --> School Holidays Guide <-- Royal Melbourne Oktoberfest Saturday 22 Sep 2018 | Royal Exhibition Building Royal Melbourne Oktoberfest boasts over 50 German beers, cider, wine, schnapps, oompah bands, folk dancing and an electric atmosphere. Royal Melbourne Oktoberfest | Buy Tickets Tesselaar Tulip Festival 2018 September 15 - October 14 | Tesselaar Tulip Farm Be amazed by the beauty of a million Tulips across 25 acres of farmland all set in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. Special Events at the festival Mon 17th - Thu 20th September | Tulips In Wonderland Week Fri 21st - Sun 23rd September | Dutch Weekend Mon 24th - Thu 27th September | Children's Week 1 Fri 28th - Sun 30th September | Food Wine & Jazz Weekend Mon 1st - Thu 4th October | Children's Week 2 Fri 5th - Sun 7th October | Irish Weekend Mon 8th - Sun 14th October | Tulipmania Week --> Tesselaar Tulip Festival 2018...


1) Parents in Papua refuse vaccine drive "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Wings of Paradise: Drawing attention to rainforest destruction
3) Indonesian, Australian leaders` close ties key to productive cooperation: envoy


Big pharma tax dodging, new report "IndyWatch Feed National"

This September 2017 video from the USA is called New Tax-Funded Cancer Drug Costs $475k Thanks To Big Pharma.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Abbott, Johnson & Johnson, Merck and Pfizer: these largest pharmaceutical companies in the world report significant profits in countries with favorable tax policies, including the Netherlands. This is evident from new research by Oxfam Novib.

Due to profit shifting, many countries miss out on tax revenues, which are often needed to improve access to health care. On the basis of available figures, Oxfam estimates that the four major pill corporations are dodging an estimated 3.8 billion dollars in taxes in countries such as Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, the USA, Thailand, India and Ecuador.

Esm Berkhout, Oxfam Novibs tax expert, is clear: Drug corporations seem to be deceiving governments by...


The Weekly Times TWT 19th September 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Weekly Times - TWT - is a campaigning, crusading, truth-seeking, death defying, Aussie battler-aligned, one-eyed-Tiger-led news organisation dedicated to Sydney's north west. This flip book - or digital edition/replica - is the 19th September 2018 edition of TWT. TWT190918

The post The Weekly Times TWT 19th September 2018 appeared first on The Weekly Times.


David Sharma - before he was the Liberal candidate for Wentworth "IndyWatch Feed National"

Can't say he had no sense of humour! Can't say it was all that good - at least he was trying!


RUCKUS SLAM "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ruckus Slam

Its Spring!
The weather is warming and you are ready to come out of hibernation. People are starting to smile again and you are ready for a good time. But where should you go? Beach? Markets? NO! Poetry Slam!
We all know that after winter you have a lot of pent up energy and if you try yelling or heckling at the markets youll just get escorted out. Let us escort you to a stage instead.
What is a poetry slam?
Open sign up with you, a mic, and a room of rowdy strangers. Poem/story/song lyrics/shopping list/ as long as its original, youre welcome to do it.
Audience judges the winner of the night.

PLUS a killer feature set from Ella Fence

Award winning Gold Coast songwriter/performer Ella Fence is a prolific artist in live music venues, in the
studio and on the stage. Ella has toured and performed in USA, Berlin, France, England (including Great
Escape Festival), Canada (Canadian Music Week), and Norway, as well nationally across Australia. 2018
sees Ella releasing new music, touring new destinations and performing at Commonwealth Games Festival
2018 supporting Kate Miller-Heidke and Regurgitator.

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Film Hotel Mumbai Exposes the Ideology "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hotel Mumbai Film Dev Patel An Indian police commando stands guard in front of the Taj Mahal palace hotel in Mumbai on November 25, 2010 ahead of the second anniversary of the November 26, 2008 Mumbai attacks. A total of 166 people were killed and more than 300 others were injured when 10 heavily-armed Islamist militants stormed the city, attacking a number of sites, including the citys main railway station, two luxury hotels, a popular tourist restaurant and a Jewish center. (Photo: Punit Paranjpe / AFP / Getty)

Screening at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the film Hotel Mumbai exposes the ideology behind terror attacks. Producer Anthony Maras, an American-Australian filmmaker, attended the premiere screening that I was also fortunate to attend. The film is based on the 2009 documentary Surviving Mumbai about the events that unfolded leading to the Mumbai terror attacks in 2008

The reviews for Hotel Mumbai, which is scheduled to be released publicly in 2019, are very positive. Reviewers speak of the human element and rightly so. Hotel Mumbai is very subtlety directed and produced, focusing on the victims and survivors of the horrendous terrorist attack referred to as the 9/11 of Mumbai. Nowhere in the film is there any mention of the country that th...


Progressive groups in Australia captured by neoliberal ideology "IndyWatch Feed"

The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), which represents income support recipients, in conjunction with Jobs Australia (a peak body for the not-for-profit job services providers) released a report last week (September 14, 2018) Faces of Unemployment which was a welcome return to a focus on joblessness and the need to provide more jobs, rather than the lame faux-progressive retreat to UBI advocacy that has dominated the policy debate for the last few years. However, once you start reading the analysis you realise that these supposedly progressive organisations offer the same old neoliberal remedies to solving poverty and unemployment. They want: Compulsory, assisted job search, which is just coercion of jobless workers by Australias privatised job services industry that has an appalling record; 2. Wage subsidies in the private sector and Public sector wage subsidies which never produce effective sustainable outcomes of sufficient magnitude to be called a solution; and vocational training, which is the same old put workers on the training treadmill and shuffle the jobless queue. This reinforces the theme I focus on a lot that the progressive elements in our society have become captured by the neoliberal mainstream and cannot think outside that frame. There is actually no mention or analysis of public sector job creation programs in the entire ACOSS/JA Report. Sadly, groups like ACOSS have a major public voice and the Federal government sees their advocacy as non-threatening because the type of policies they advocate are mainstream neoliberal and just more of what the Government, itself, thinks are viable. The irony (or disgrace) is that if these policies were effective then the ACOSS/JA Report would not have had to be written. Just imagine what they could have written about the Faces of Unemployment if a Job Guarantee program effectively wiped unemployment out. It would become a very short story of workers moving between jobs.

I have commented several times on the parlous income support schemes in Australia that have rendered recipients in an increasing state of poverty as a deliberate ploy by government to create a desperate underclass.

We should also never forget that the unemployed (apart from those moving between jobs) are without jobs because the government has chosen not to use its fiscal capacity to cover the spending gap left my non-government spending decisions.

Mass unemployment is always a policy choice by governemnt. It can always ensure there is full employment by offering an unconditional job opportunity to anyone who desires to work but is currently unable to find a job elsewere.

I have previously considered the state of poverty among...


Obama VP Joe Biden - "Dregs of Society" support President Trump "IndyWatch Feed National"

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden assailed President Trumps supporters during a speech Saturday at the annual Human Rights Campaign dinner in Washington, lamenting that virulent people and the dregs of society still had a friend in the White House. Mr. Biden told an enthusiastic crowd of LGBTQ rights advocates...


Space-Based Missile Defense Can Be Done "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Interception is no small problem  but can be done with a kinetic weapon.  You would require multiple platforms packing an arsenal of tethered kinetic weapons with enough control to actually chase and intercept at extreme high speed.

Explosive effects would be limited to producing a focused cloud of material but not even that unless very close.

The speed is huge and any lateral movement by the target will allow evasion.  Such movement every thirty seconds or so would be ample.  Recall it still takes minutes to close the gap and the speed is such that adjustment becomes difficult as well.

At least our sensing tech will now be up to it.

Space-Based Missile Defense Can Be Done

Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. writes, Some 35 years after Ronald Reagans famous Star Wars speech, the Pentagons R&D chief said that space-based missile defenses are technically feasible and reasonably affordable.

Hypersonic weapon (Raytheon concept)

Since Reagans day, technology has advanced enough that putting both sensors and shooters in space is not only possible but relatively easy, Undersecretary for Research & Engineering Mike Griffin said. Whats more, past estimates of the cost of space-based interceptors have been unrealistically, even naively high.

Specifically, Griffin told reporters here,

Michael Griffin

The US absolutely needs space-based sensors to detect low-flying hypersonic cruise missiles, a new threat thats much harder to spot from orbit than ICBMs; and We probably need space-based interceptors to shoot down high-flying ballistic missiles during the boost phase, the peri...


Intervention Orders and love. A zero sum game? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Young woman with the words 'Love shouldn't hurt'on her backAs family violence duty lawyers, we often hear people make excuses for those who have inflicted family violence on them. Some go so far as to resist taking out an Intervention Order or not supporting a police application for an Order.

These cases always stick in our heads. Two recent cases highlight the problem.

The first case concerned a young mother with infant children and a partner in jail. She wanted an Intervention Order to protect her and her children. But she also wanted her partner to be allowed to visit her upon his release as he had nowhere else to go. The Intervention Order application flagged serious concerns about his violent behaviour, and a risk assessment highlighted the dangers. However, she told us that his behaviour wasnt his fault. Despite knowing that she needed protection, she excused his behaviour and was prepared to compromise the Orders ability to protect her and her children.

The second matter involved a mother who had taken out an Intervention Order against an adult son who had assaulted her. Despite his violence, she still wanted him to come home. She told the court that she didnt think she needed an Order to protect her. And she didnt support the police application for an Order. Her excuses for his behaviour exposed her to further violence.

An Intervention Order doesnt necessarily mean that you no longer love the other person. It simply means that you are no longer willing to put yourself or your children at risk. It is not a zero sum game. You can love somebody against whom you have taken out an Intervention Order.

People and relationships are complex. There are many reasons why a victim will excuse or play down a perpetrators violence, not least of which may be the perpetrators controlling behaviour.

Unfortunately, however, when victims excuse their abusers behaviour, the abuser is less likely to take responsibility for their behaviour and address it.

Part of our role as family violence duty lawyers is to encourage victims to prioritise their safety, which sometimes means helping them to distinguish between their feelings and a clear and present danger.

Ultimately, the responsibility for addressing family violence rests with the perpetrator. And it is vital that we do not blame the vic...


Trot Guide September 2018 Update "IndyWatch Feed National"

Its been a while eh over two years, in fact (see : #TrotGuide 2016, April 21, 2016). That said, while theres been some interesting developments on The Far Left : Down Under Edition, for the most part things are Continue reading


Saints earn flag the hard way "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Nyora players burst through the banner before Saturdays grand final. The Longwarry banner blew apart well before the Crows arrived on the field. S013818

Kall Rigby celebrates with club legend Geoff Glover. N073818

The celebrations begin for the Saints after their win against Longwarry. N033818

Star Nyora forward Ben Schultz didnt have too many opportunities due to the shocking weather. N063818



Morrison, Dutton, Coleman: Cold, heartless, sadistic "IndyWatch Feed"

Morrison, Dutton, Coleman: Cold, heartless, sadisticChildren continue to suffer untold cruelty under Australias indiscriminate asylum seeker stance. read now...


MACKAY Assault charges following incident in city, Mackay "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY September 17, 2018 at 10:00AM ,

Assault charges following incident in city, Mackay

September 17, 2018 at 10:00AM ,

Both women will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court on October 8, to have the charges heard. Police will not tolerate unnecessary violence under

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Arrest leads to string of charges, Dysart "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY September 17, 2018 at 09:26AM ,

Arrest leads to string of charges, Dysart

September 17, 2018 at 09:26AM ,

He will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday, October 1, charged with one count each of serious assault police, wilful damage, obstruct

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


From Aristophanes to Knight Or Is something else going here? "IndyWatch Feed"

By George Theodoridis It is a case -as it bloody nearly always is- of relevance deprivation and diminution, thanks mainly to the prodigious proliferation and ever burgeoning of social platforms and the largely bored hoi polloi, bored by celebrities who have nothing to offer but the empty, irrelevant minutiae of their lives. The celebrities, like the

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Wonthaggi gets a mall "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

WHAT would a more pedestrian-friendly Wonthaggi look like?
Youre about to find out when the lower end of McBride Avenue is closed off for two days.
Itll instead play host to a pop-up mall with live music and seating.
There will be a temporary stage installed, alongside tables, chairs and plants to create an inviting atmosphere.
Itll be spread over two days September 28 and 29 and include music from buskers and bands.
If its a day like today that would be ideal, co-organiser Peter McKenzie said last Thursday, when there was a glimpse of summer.
The projects part of the councils Woni Proud initiative, to recognise and reinforce Wonthaggis status as the Regional Centre of Bass Coast.
There were all sorts of ideas thrown on the table and then the consultants talked to the community to find out what they wanted, he said.
They chose a project at Apex Park and a pop-up mall. Its very exciting were all looking forward to it.
He said the mall will demonstrate how a pedestrian-friendly, car-free environment within the Wonthaggi town centre could function.
The event will run across the AFL Grand Final weekend, from 10am to 7pm on Friday, September 28 and 10am to 4pm on Saturday, September 29.

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Community Billboard 18th -25th September "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This weekly community billboard is proudly sponsored by the City of Sydneys Plan for the future  Sydney 2030  making our city more green, global and connected

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Queensland Health "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Director Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health


The Soft, White Underbelly: Why Does Discussing Racism Trigger So Much Anger? "IndyWatch Feed National"

There is a way forward to confront the legacy of a colonising nation. Burying our heads in the sand isnt it, writes Caitlin Prince.

Last week, a nine-year-old refused to stand for the national anthem to protest its lack of recognition of First Nations, and the country erupted in anger. High profile, fully grown adults publicly called her a brat and threatened to kick her up the backside.

In the same week, Mark Knights cartoon of Serena Williams was criticised internationally as racist, and Australian media doubled down to defend it. Welcome to PC world the Herald Sun published on its front page, while Knight accused the world of going crazy and suspended his Twitter account.

Meanwhile, two Aboriginal teenagers died in Perth running away from police, and communities pushed again for government action on the high rates of Aboriginal deaths in custody. Yeah how dare people suggest Australia is racist!

I cant imagine how it felt to be Aboriginal during this (not atypical) week. Although I dont have to imagine Celeste Liddle (@Utopiana), the Aboriginal writer and activist, tweeted:

Emotions run high when it comes to the topic of racism and First Nations people. The fact that a nine-year-old can elicit such a venomous rebuke from senators and media personalities is testament to that. In my experience though, it isnt only alt-right conservatives who have strong emotions about this topic. In the past eight years that Ive worked in remote Aboriginal communities, every non-Aboriginal person Ive worked with has experienced a strong reaction to the interface of Australias race relations.

Defensive anger is a common reaction to having your worldview challenged. Researcher Megan Boler believes its an attempt to protect not only ones beliefs but ones precarious sense of identity; a defence of ones investment in the values of the dominant culture.

The problem with growing up within the dominant culture is that its easy to be oblivious to anything outside of it. As Tim Soutphommasane, the outgoing Race Discrimination Commissioner, recently pointed out in...


Reader: National Solar Observatory Closed "IndyWatch Feed National"

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Aussie Truthseeker

The governments would not want the masses to know about approaching Nibiru (planet X) if it was the cause of devastating earth changes on Earth. There are plenty of videos on youtube about a very large orb in the sky which has been visible and photographed for months but it is getting larger and apparently it is expected to cause massive devastation this month. Attempts have been made to conceal it but it is getting too difficult now. I know we'd all like to think that we are not all going to be wiped out as these predictions say, but I feel people should at least be able to view the evidence. Apparently the US Army family have made preparations and NASA no longer denies Nibiru's presence. Maybe that's what the emergency message was about?

Aussie Truthseeker


The Importance of Now "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

A Stuart Wilde article - Some years ago I wrote out a process I called "minimal movement". It is a time management discipline where you brutally eliminate all actions that serve no purpose, and you allocate the least possible energy and effort to the tick-tock things you have to do.


Nice Biscuit "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Nice Biscuit
Digital Mountain Album Launch

Brisbane six piece psych-garage outfit Nice Biscuit announce a headline east coast tour this September in support of their debut album Digital Mountain.

Recorded in the rural setting of Boonah in South East Queensland with Alistar Richardson (Zeferelli, Clea and The Cairos), this debut record is a solid DIY endeavour from the Brisbane band.

Nice Biscuit have gained a reputation for a live show that you would not typically expect from a psych band. The twin femme fronted group contrasts heavy psychedelic instrumentals with double barrelled harmonies and disco inspired handmade costumes.

Nice Biscuit will bring their garage-glitz to The Zoo on Friday 21st September.

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APRadio podcast 18-09-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Harry Palmer speaks on Port Arthur massacre new information to come How new Australians once laughed at themselves until political correctness was forced on us by the establishment that stiffled our freedom we enjoyed. Bob Katter divides the House of Reps in parliament over the TTP with his voting power since Turnbull spat the dummy. Harry and Mike z Chatcovers very explosive topics exposing again the establishment controls they violate our space with now.         Click HERE to listen


Hannah Gadsby Killed It At The Emmys And Now People Want Her To Host "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby has stolen the show at the 2018 Emmy Awards. Gadsby is still riding the wave of the worldwide success of her acclaimed Netflix special Nanette, which covers Gadsbys experiences as a queer woman, homophobia, trauma, sexual violence, mental illness and more. And she took to the stage to present the Emmy ...

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PUNKFEST "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Get ready to rattle them bones with Brisbane legends, The Skeletones as they shake the stage at The Zoo on Saturday, October 6th. Joining The Skeletones Shake Them Bones will be an all star cast of (__FAT__)Goldstool and The Glycereens.

Doors 6.00pm (Woodfire Pizza meal deal available till 8pm)

Appprox SET TIMES:

8:20 PM 8:50 PM : The Glycereens

9:10 PM 9:40 PM : Goldstool

10:00 PM 10:40 PM : FAT

11:00 PM 12:00 AM : The Skeletones

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Sesame Street Writer Shares The Truth About Bert And Ernies Relationship "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A writer on childrens television favourite Sesame Street has cleared up years of speculation by claiming that the shows iconic duo Bert and Ernie were written as a gay couple. Mark Saltzman, who joined the show in 1984, told Queerty the two iconic characters reflected his own relationship with his partner at the time, film ...

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Guillermo Gmez-Pea & La Pocha Nostra present Psycho-Magic Rituals Against Violence in collaboration with Public Act Theatre "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

September 30, 2018 @ 7:30 pm 10:00 pm
Byron Theatre 69 Jonson St Byron Bay NSW 2481 Australia
All tickets $28 | Ages 18+

Psycho-Magic Rituals Against Violence
Site Specific Performance Art

Proudly hosted by Public Act TheatreGuillermo Gmez-Pea and the internationally acclaimed La Pocha Nostra troupe will be presenting a highly customized and site specific performance for their return to Australia the first time performing here in 15 years!

La Pocha Nostrathe most influential performance troupe of the last 10 years, is known for its radical interactive performances dealing with issues that equate the human body with the political body and frontally deal with complex gender & ethnic identities, migration, and the politics of new technologies and language.

In urgent focus for La Pocha Nostras 2018 troupe performances are the virulent neo-nationalism and xenophobia emerging throughout the world. This new piece, set to be staged on 30th September in the Byron Theatre, offers a series of live art psycho-magic rituals to combat the culture of hate and provides performative strategies to rebuild across community.

The interactive live art imagery is accompanied by a solo spoken word sermon by Gmez-Pea. The transdisciplinary group devote their performances to erasing the borders between art & politics, practice & theory, and artist & spectator.

La Pocha Nostra
Guillermo Gmez-Pea, Balitronica Gmez, Saul Garcia-Lopez



Phase 2 of 2018 Australian aid stakeholder survey launched "IndyWatch Feed"

Nows your chance to have your say about the state of Australian aid!

Weve just launched the public phase of the 2018 Australian aid stakeholder survey have your say on the state of the Australian government aid program through the online survey here, it should only take about 15 minutes (or read on for more information first).

The survey is a tool designed to obtain feedback on the effectiveness of the Australian aid program and provide suggestions for its improvement. Phase 1 of the survey was sent to over 200 senior executives from Australian NGOs and development contractors that are familiar with and involved in the delivery of Australian aid. Phase 2 is available online for all aid stakeholders (here) and anyone knowledgeable about Australian aid to complete.

The 2015 survey saw over 400 stakeholders provide feedback on the Australian aid program, giving us valuable insights into the aid program as a whole, as well as detailed information about perceptions of the program, its management by DFAT, and aid volumes.

Now, nearly five years later, has the aid program become more or less effective? Has the use of facilities made program management easier? Have we reversed the loss of expertise that was the aftermath of the AusAID-DFAT merger? These are all questions we explore in the survey, and were keen to hear from anyone engaged with the Australian aid program, whether as a recipient, partner, implementer, analyst or advocate. So click here to have your say.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

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DMAS are set to perform on MTV Unplugged next month "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sydney rockers DMAS are the next band to grace the MTV Unplugged stage, with the group recording their own special next month.

Earlier this year, it was announced that after almost 30 years, MTV Unplugged was finally going to make its Australian debut. With career-defining sets from acts such as Nirvana, Alice In Chains, and Lauryn Hill already in the archives, our Aussie artists clearly had some big shoes to fill.

However, stepping up to the plate for the debut episode of the new series was none other than local legends Gang Of Youths, who stripped back their epic sound to give us an incredibly unique performance.

Then, Amy Shark took to the stage, delivering stunning tracks from her debut album, along with a cover of the iconic 00s hit Teenage Dirtbag.

Now, DMAS are set to be the next group to perform on the iconic program.

Having released their second album, For Now, earlier this year, the Sydney trio have been kicking goals all over the place, selling out shows globally and turning themselves into one of Australias most beloved bands.

Were excited to be playing a special set for MTV Unplugged in Melbourne, the group explained. Its great to see Unplugged has launched in Australia were stoked to be a part of it.

Kicking off in just under a month, the group are set to take over St Kildas Memo Music Hall on October 11th, where they will perform a set full of classic bangers in a stripped back style. Considering how popular their acoustic Like A Version performance of Chers Believe was, you better believe this is going to be one to watch out for.

Theres currently no word as to when this performance will be hitting our screens, but you can be sure that well be giving you all the details when they come to light.

Check out DMAS cover of Chers Believe:



Eight Manus refugees to the US; hundreds left in limbo; medical crisis continues "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Eight refugees, single men previously held on Manus Island, flew from Port Moresby today, Tuesday 18 September, to be resettled in the US.

The eight are single men, one Iranian, two Tamils, two Pakistanis, two Rohingyans and one Afghan.

The total number of refugees from Manus accepted by the US so far is just 130. Over 600 remain on Manus or in Port Moresby.

The Iranian refugee is the only Iranian from Manus Island that has been accepted by the United States this year. One Iranian refugee was also accepted from Nauru on 29 July.

But the two Iranians are the exception that proves the rule that the Trump travel ban remains in place; every other Iranian refugee on Manus and Nauru considered by the US this year has been rejected.

Todays flight coincides with the announcement that the US will cut its refugee intake for the next year to just 45,000; yet another indication that on top of the travel ban, the Trump administration has made the US a less welcoming place for refugees.

Meanwhile the 46-year-old Iraqi refugee who swallowed the razor blades last Friday is still in hospital waiting for treatment, despite suffering severe abdominal pain. Since Sunday, he has been shuttled back and forward between the PIH (Pacific International Hospital) and the Port Moresby general hospital, after he self-harmed by cutting his head in the bathroom of PIH.

PIH has no facility for acute mental health patients. He has now been sent back to PIH for an x-ray to try and locate the razor blades and nail-cutter that he swallowed.

The medical mistreatment of refugees and asylum seekers on Manus and Nauru is an inextricable element of offshore detention, that has to end, said Ian Rintoul from the Refugee Action Coalition.

By bringing the asylum seekers and refugees to Australia, the government could end the crisis on Manus and Nauru and channel the billions of dollars being used to maintain offshore detention to properly fund aged care.

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713

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Clean out the closet as Second Hand Saturday looms "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Getting ready for the 2016 Jiggi Uniting Church big Second Hand Saturday garage sale are (l-r) Uniting Council Mid North and Far North Coast Chair Alan Hoskins, parishioner Bill Webb, who first attended Jiggi Church in 1962, and new resident Heather Jeffery. (supplied)

Wondering where you can do a bit of guilt-free shopping for a fraction of the usual cost and stop waste going to landfill? It could be as close as next door or just down the road.

The biggest garage sale day of the year on the North Coast Second Hand Saturday  is coming up this Saturday, 22 September.

Coordinated by North East Waste, Second Hand Saturday is designed to keep household items out of landfill and provide a fun and easy way for people to reuse and recycle pre-loved goods.

On 22 September there will be more than 500 garage sales happening across the region in Lismore, Richmond Valley, Kyogle, Ballina, Byron, Clarence Valley and Tweed.

There will be a huge number of items for sale: from caravans and scooters to furniture and household goods, antiques, bric-a-brac, plants, collectables, curiosity items and lots more.

An optional leftovers day will also be held the following Saturday, 29 September, so you have double the chance to find a great second-hand bargain.

The event has grown in momentum as people embrace the need to live a more waste-wise lifestyle and continue to see the environmental and economical benefits of buying second-hand, Second Hand Saturday Co-ordinator Linda Tohver said.

Second-hand doesnt mean second best. There are often items you simply cant find on the shop shelves anymore, or you come across items that have had little use by their first owner and simply need to find a new home.

We love the community spirit that Second Hand Saturday inspires too. This years event has its first car boot sales registered, community markets joining in and clubs, schools and other groups registering to hold fundraising events.

Its wonderful to see so many people getting on board, she said.

While many Australians are striving to live a mor...


Interest boom in sustainable living "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

AROUND 1000 people visited Cape Patersons eco village The Cape on Sunday.
Five homes were opened to the public as part of Sustainable House Day.
Two stages amounting to 66 lots have already been completed and the lots are almost entirely sold.
Stage three is on the way, anticipated for summer.
The homes in the eco village have all been designed for comfort and to showcase the best practices for energy efficiency.
The eco village is the first of its kind in Australia. People journeyed from as far as northern New South Wales to participate in the open day.
Each homes energy bill is 20 percent of bills charged to conventional homes, with some zeroing their energy bills.
Designers and contractors were on hand throughout the day to answer questions.
Tad Hendry from Adapt Design Group designed and built his family home in The Cape.
The house has an 8.7 star rated home and features a combination of design choices to maximise efficiency.
The house works with the sun to naturally heat the house during winter, which has the opposite effect to cool the house over summer.
(The estate) is important on a range of levels. It helps to decrease energy bills and its a place we really need to be in on a global level. We need to start living more sustainably for the benefit of the planet, Mr Hendry said.
It also brings us back to the old values. It is a great community to live in and everyone knows their neighbours.
The reception (on the open day) was phenomenal. The scale of interest was incredible.
Experts in sustainable living also presented.
On top of this, people had the opportunity to try out electric bikes and electric cars.
The Cape director Brendan Condon said the electric vehicles were being promoted because the houses were designed with electric vehicles charging points and a solar public electric vehicle charging station would be installed in the estate.
Included in the estate is an innovative community garden.
It is a highly productive food garden fed by surplus rain water harvested from homes in stage one.
The garden is used by 30 gardeners and uses efficient wicking beds.
Another attractive feature of the estate is that it is 50 percent open space.
Interest in stage three of the estate can be registered at


Community to honour Noah "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

IN a show of incredible community spirit, local businesses have rallied around the Noahs Gift Charity Ball.
The ball will honour the memory of Noah Jones, whose first birthday is on October 1. He died due to a cardiology condition, aged less than a month.
Parents Emma and Nathan of Cape Paterson organised the charity ball to give back to the cardiology ward at the Royal Childrens Hospital.
The event is set to be held on October 6 at Inverlochs RACV Resort with a something blue theme.
The tickets have already been completely sold out.
We wanted to do something for Noahs first birthday. It is something positive for us to look forward to; holidays and special occasions are difficult for families that suffer loss, Emma said.
This was a good way to honour his memory and give back to the Royal Childrens Hospital.
Initially, the Jones family aimed to raise $10,000. This has been achieved in ticket sales alone and the family is now hoping to donate around $30,000 to the hospital.
The tickets sold for $120 a head. Tickets provided entry, dinner, entertainment and a complementary drink, as well as inclusion in the door prizes.
What has been truly extraordinary is the support from the local businesses.
Around 70 businesses have sponsored the event, resulting in an amazing range of raffle and auction prizes.
The prizes have been sorted into five categories, guaranteed to suit everyone.
The categories are mans cave, female pamper hampers, for the home, mums and cubs, and food and entertainment.
There are 25 hampers in total, all exceeding $500 in value.
Also up for the grabs is a framed and signed 2010 Collingwood premiership jumper complete with a certificate of authenticity, and a framed and signed 2017 Richmond premiership jumper.
Mini fundraisers have also taken place at several local businesses already, with all proceeds to be donated to the hospital.
We were surprised by this incredible support; it is beyond what we expected, Emma said.
The night would not be possible without these sponsors and we have no words to express how grateful we are.
We wanted to do something special for our son and people have gone above and beyond to help us out, which has allowed us to give back to this great cause.
Although tickets to the event have sold out, people can still make a donation and have the opportunity to win a fabulous raffle prize.
There was such a big response to the event that we have decided to open up the raffle to the community and give everyone a chance to be involved, Emma said.
If you are interested in buying a raffle ticket, you can email Emma at for more information.



Matilda gives to hospital "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MATILDA Abraham is a little girl with a big heart.
A Year 4 student at Newhaven College, Matilda recently raised $67.80 for the Bass Coast Health Ladies Auxiliary.
An enterprising young lady who was born at Wonthaggi Hospital, Matilda designed her own donation box and appealed to the public to support our local health service.
Last year Matilda donated funds to the Royal Melbourne Hospital but decided this year to donate to the Bass Coast Health Ladies Auxiliary, which is raising funds for a much needed ear, nose and throat microscope.
Matilda was thrilled by a surprise visit from Bass Coast Health Ladies Auxiliary members Barbara Hallett and Eileen Ridgley recently, who proudly presented Matilda with a certificate of appreciation and thanked her for her outstanding efforts.
When asked if she might like to join the auxiliary one day, Matilda smiled and said she will think about it.

Caring girl: Bass Coast Health Ladies Auxiliary members Barbara Hallet (left) and Eileen Ridgley (right) present Matilda Abraham with a Certificate of Appreciation for her fundraising efforts.


Green day a big hit at Inverloch Primary "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

ENGAGING with others and learning how to be more environmentally friendly were at the heart of Inverloch-Kongwak Primary Schools Green Day last Tuesday, September 11.
The multi age day program was put together by the Kids Matter Student Action Team and Green Team with a focus on teaching students the importance of being sustainable and environmentally conscious.
With the school awash with green clothes and costumes, students were treated to an array of activities and presentations.
One activity saw students split into teams and race to see who could sort rubbish into the correct bins first, while another presentation demonstrated what can and cant be flushed down the toilet.
The day also ran with support from ResourceSmart Schools, South Gippsland Water, Unwrapped Gippsland, and South Gippsland and Bass Coast shire councils who held various classes throughout the day.
Inverloch Primary School principal Brett Smith said the day was as much about socialising as it was learning about sustainability.
It being a multi age day involving both Inverloch and Kongwak means students really get to interact and engage with each other, Mr Smith said.
The day helps them learn about the environment and how to be green, but it also fosters a healthy community as well.
With over a dozen classes being run on different environmental topics, students were rotated around the school so they could experience everything the day had to offer.
A select group of students also ventured beyond the school grounds, helping clean up the streets and beaches of Inverloch.
Sustainability is something we try to highlight in our curriculum, Mr Smith said.
Its an incredibly important aspect of life so to be able to instill it in our kids now while also allowing them to have fun and develop friendships is a great thing.

Thinking environmental: back, from left, Sunny, Milla, Archie, Caitlin, Jay and Hamish join Shelley, Lily-Ann, Brock and Oscar brainstorming ideas for the betterment of the environment at Inverloch Primary School last Tuesday...


Aladdin musical weaves its magic "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MORE than 800 people packed out the Korumburra Indoor Recreation Centre across two shows to take in Korumburra Primary Schools senior production of Aladdin on Thursday.
With students in grades 4 to 6 performing, onlookers were treated to a dazzling display of colour, dance and song as the stage was turned into Arabia.
Grade 6 student Alana Lopez Freeman was outstanding in her lead role as Princess Jasmine, as was her male counterpart Will Roberts as Aladdin.
The show has been planned meticulously over the course of the year, spearheaded by performing arts teacher Tanya Jackson with assistance from the entire Korumburra Primary School community.
Assistant principal Dan Wells said the two shows were a great success and well worth the months of hard work.
To see it all come together the way it did was just fantastic, Mr Wells said.
The students were so engaged throughout the whole process and were really excited to perform in front of their families and friends.
While Mr Wells said the performance had taught students a plethora of dancing, singing and acting skills, it also allowed for much personal growth.
Getting up on stage and performing in front of people is a really difficult thing to do, Mr Wells said.
For every student to get up there and give it a go shows how much confidence and self belief the production instills in them over the course of it all.
The senior performance of Aladdin follows the juniors rendition of Space and Beyond last week, which was also a huge success.

Getting into character: Alyssa, Lily and Grace fully embraced the Aladdin theme as they prepared to perform in front of family and friends at Korumburra Primary Schools production on Thursday.


Prospect of new councillor is real "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

RATEPAYERS in Leongatha and Mirboo North may have a new shire councillor after the state election in November.
South Gippsland Shire Cr Meg Edwards preselection as a Liberal candidate for Eastern Victoria Region in the Legislative Council will result in a councillor vacancy if shes elected.
The Victorian Electoral Commission said a countback will be held, based on candidates for Cr Edwards Tarwin Valley Ward at the 2016 election.
In a countback, votes for the vacating councillor from the last election are redistributed to unsuccessful candidates according to the voters preferences, a commission spokesperson said.
A candidate who receives more than 50 percent of the votes is declared elected. If no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote, the candidate with the least votes is excluded and their votes are also redistributed. This process continues until a candidate can be declared elected.
Unsuccessful candidates for the ward at the 2016 election included then incumbent councillors Jim Fawcett and Nigel Hutchinson-Brooks, who received 712 and 558 first preference votes respectively.
Another candidate, Graeme Winkler received 530 votes. They were the candidates to poll the most votes after current councillors Maxine Kiel, Don Hill and Edwards were elected.
The 2018 Victorian State election will be on 24 November 2018.

May leave council: Cr Meg Edwards will leave South Gippsland Shire Council if she is elected to State Parliament in November.


Community backs Bunurong Inverloch "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

AN incredible $12,500 was raised by the Bunurong Inverloch team in the 2018 Outback Air Race and donations are still rolling in.
Inverloch pilot Michael Malone thanked the local businesses and the community for supporting his team.
The money will be donated to the Victorian Royal Flying Doctor Service.
Mr Malone embarked on the trip of a lifetime with Western Australian pilots Margaret Halsmith and Dave Jones.
The Outback Air Race is a challenge for pilots to perfectly map out their flight plans.
The race left Brisbane on August 18 and finished in Broome on August 30.
Stops were made along the way. The race reflected who could best estimate their time of arrival at each stop, rather than the fastest.
Bunurong Inverloch ranked fifth in the last leg, but was in the middle of the pack for the overall results.
It was certainly challenging. It was a fantastic experience and we met a lot of great people, Mr Malone said.
Mr Malone enjoyed flying over the mines in Mt Isa and Katherine Gorge.
He also enjoyed making stops in different parts of the country. During the stop in Katherine, Bunurong Inverloch had to wait for F18s to take off before they could go, which was another interesting experience.
The name Bunurong Inverloch also sparked conversation with race pilots and many expressed interest in flying over and visiting Inverloch.
All teams were required to raise $6000 prior to the race, with proceeds going to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.
Collectively, well over $1.5 million was raised.
The support we received from friends, family and local businesses was absolutely fantastic. I had no idea we would get anywhere near $12,500, Mr Malone said.

Great achievement: Inverloch pilot Michael Malone in Broome after finishing the 2018 Outback Air Race recently.


Mattea makes strides in her recovery "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

EIGHT year old Mattea Riccardi of Leongatha played basketball recently. For most primary school children, this would be a normal achievement.
For Mattea though, it served as a special moment that marked her return to health following a car crash that nearly took her life in February this year.
Smiling uncontrollably as she took to the court, Mattea played the game that she loved with her trademark determination and grit, the same qualities that have helped her overcome a broken hip, a dislocated bone in her neck, a punctured lung, internal injuries, swelling on the brain and a slew of other injuries.
Her mum, Anna, who was driving the car as it was struck in the side by another vehicle, watched her daughter play in amazement.
When I saw her play basketball for the first time since the accident, I finally realised everything is going to be good, Ms Riccardi said.
It was a really special moment. Just seeing her play, the smile on her face, it was all just so amazing.
Anna was driving Mattea, her younger son Julian, 4, and her mother Nancy home from a basketball tournament in Warragul when the accident occurred.
Mattea and Julian were airlifted to the Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne, with Julian having also suffered a broken eye socket, which has since healed well.
Mattea was placed in an induced coma as doctors at the hospital worked to save her life.
Now, just six months later, Mattea is working on recapturing her life that they saved.
Shes doing incredible, Ms Riccardi said.
The bones in her neck have largely healed and her organs are functioning well. With her head, we just need to make sure she doesnt get hit and the screw in her hip still needs to be taken out, but a apart from that its like she is back to normal.
Normal for Mattea included returning to St Laurences Primary School in Leongatha, which she pleaded to go back to earlier than expected.
She only missed about a term and a half, Ms Riccardi said.
Initially the doctors wanted her to only go for an hour each day because of her head injuries, but Id bring her home and she would desperately want to go back. She was determined. When she did go back, she coped really well with it.
Ms Riccardi said the community support she and her family had received during their tumultuous ordeal was overwhelming.
To me, the community genuinely helped us heal, Ms Riccardi said.
We could feel the prayers and the positive energy. People were stopping me and asking me how we were doing and it meant a lot. The Leongatha Basketball Association was so helpful. It organised all kinds of fundraisers and set up donation stuff. We had thousands of kids from Maffra to Cranbourne in the basketball community who bought temporary tattoos of Matteas name.
Ms Riccardi said while its impossible to put into...


Australia Drought Sends Kangaroos invading Cities "IndyWatch Feed National"

Kangaroos are invading the Capital of Australia as the drought has created a food shortage. The roos have been invading the cities and they like to feed precisely during Rush Hour. Here is one that decided to visit the sports match when the game was in motion.

It is quite a big threat down there thanks to a severe drought.


Bill Browder Strikes Back in Euro "IndyWatch Feed"

I am altering the deal. Pray I dont alter it any further.
The Empire Strikes Back

Since Vladimir Putin brought up Bill Browders name in Helsinki events have escalated to a fever pitch.  Russia is under extreme attack the U.S./European financial and political establishment.

And part of that push is coming from Browder himself.  In July, just a week after Helsinki, Browder opened up a money laundering complaint against Denmarks largest bank, Danske, alleging over $8 billion in money laundered from Russia, Moldova and Azerbaijan through its Estonian Branch.

The details here are important so bear with me.

Danskes report on these allegations are due on Wednesday.

No matter what they say, however, the die has been cast.

Danske is being targeted for termination by the U.S. and possible takeover by the European Central Bank.

Theres precedent for this but let me lay out some background first.

The Oldest Trick

Browders complaint says the money laundered is in connection with the reason why he was thrown out of Russia and the $230 million in stolen tax money which Browders cause clbre, the death of accountant Sergei Magnitsky, hangs on.

That crusade got the Magnitsky Act passed not only in the U.S. but all across the West, with versions on the books in Canada, Australia the EU and other places.

Danskes shares have been gutted in the wake of the accusation.

The U.S. is now investigating this complaint and that shouldnt come as much of a shock.

The Treasury Department can issue whatever findings it wants, and then respond by starving Danske of dollars, known as the Death Blow option the threat of which was plastered all over the pages of the Wall St. Journal on Friday.

Note this article isnt behind the Journals pay-wall.  They want everyone to see this.

Browder filed complaints both in Denm...


MP sweetens voters with poll promises "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE communities of Mirboo North and Foster can likely expect new fire stations if the Coalition wins the state election this year.
That is the word of The Nationals Gippsland South MLA Danny OBrien, who said the Liberals-Nationals have promised $2.1 million for a new Mirboo North station and are working on a pledge for Foster.
The MP continues to push for a commitment from both sides of politics for a new primary school at Foster and is also seeking funding for stage two of new works at Korumburra Secondary College.
Councils can expect more roads funding with the reintroduction of the Country Roads and Bridges Program which Mr OBrien said would give South Gippsland Shire Council an extra $1 million a year and reduce rates pressure.
He is hoping council would receive funding for new streetscapes in Leongathas Bair Street and Korumburras central business district from the Coalitions Regional Growth Fund, and police numbers could be increased.
Where there have been new police, none have been allocated to South Gippsland. That is certainly a concern, Mr OBrien said.
With the state election to be held on Saturday, November 24, Mr OBrien is hoping he will have at least one opponent. Labor is yet to announce a candidate but is tipped to do so.
Mr OBrien is just hoping the candidate is local given at the last election, Labor fielded the then personal assistant to the state secretary.

On the ground: Gippsland South MLA Danny OBrien in Leongatha recently. He is awaiting the announcement of Labors candidate for the seat, just two months out from the state election on November 24.


Korumburra business getting stronger "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE Korumburra Business Association has just broken the 100 member mark which is a great sign for business in the town.
South Gippsland Shire Council mayor Lorraine Brunt was in attendance at last Thursdays annual general meeting at the Burra Brewery and lauded the work that the association has been doing over the previous 12 months.
Being at this meeting last year and compared to this year feels very different, Cr Brunt said.
The Korumburra Business Association has gone from strength to strength and completely re-energised Commercial Street and the community.
Ms Brunt said new businesses like the Burra Brewery were encouraging to see and will inspire others to pursue their dream of owning their own business.
When the Korumburra Business Association and South Gippsland Shire Council work together as friends and not enemies things can really happen for the better, Cr Brunt said.
Some important changes have been made to the committee.
After eight years in the association, holding a range of significant roles including treasurer and most recently, vice president, Brian Hess stepped down to give others an opportunity in power.
Following suit was Adrian Hughes, who left the committee after two years of service.
Kate McDowell Murphy was unanimously voted in to replace the outgoing Mr Hess as the associations vice president while Gil Freeman and Paul Whelan also officially joined the committee.
Taking place at the recently opened Burra Brewery, Korumburra Business Association president Noelene Cosson proudly announced that the association had reached over 100 members fuelled by their partnership with the Prom Country Regional Tourism.
Key projects and areas that were attended to throughout the meeting included the Pick my Project competition and the Karmai worm project.
Secretary Shirley Arestia informed those in attendance to vote for the numerous projects Korumburra has entered in Pick my Project a state wide competition in which towns can earn grants from the state government. Ms Arestia highlighted the Southern Lights Winter Festival and asked attendees to go online and vote for the festival.
President Noelene Cosson also updated members on the latest from the Karmai work project, saying the latest plan is to create a mosaic near the train line.


Labor: no fracking forever "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A SUNNY day on a green hill in Moyarra surrounded by sheep set the backdrop for the State Governments promise to ban fracking forever in Victoria.
Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily DAmbrosio, Victorian Minister for Resources Tim Pallas and Labor candidate for Bass Jordan Crugnale were on hand to make the announcement.
It comes a week after Bass MLA Brian Paynter dismissed Labors claims a mistake he made in Parliament meant he supported lifting the fracking ban in Victoria.
At Moyarra, Mr Pallas said at the federal level the Liberal Party was resolutely committed to the idea of ending a fracking ban and seeking to put at risk the states agriculture industries.
Here we are two years into the guarantee through legislation that Victoria will forever be fracking free. We will not be fracking gas and putting at risk 190,000 agricultural jobs, he said.
Weve listened to farmers in Gippsland and across the state, who have made it clear they dont support fracking.
Our ban will protect the clean green reputation of Victorias agriculture sector and the 13 billion dollar industry.
Two years ago the State Government passed legislation banning this unconventional gas extraction process which involves injecting a combination of water, sand and chemicals deep into the earth, breaking up rock to allow gas or oil to flow to the surface.
Research indicates the process can contaminate water tables and drinking water, releasing dangerous compounds into the atmosphere affecting public health and the environment.
Also on the day, Prom Country Cheese owners Bronwyn and Burke Brandon were also made recipients of a $5000 energy audit grant from the government.
Ms Lily DAmbrosio said the grant would allow the business to rely on the production of more clean energy to run the farm and would provide greater energy security during power outages.
Upon receiving the energy audit grant, Mr Brandon said it gave him and his wife the confidence to make investment decisions on energy efficient operations, including an upgrade to their existing solar array.

Clean and green: from left, Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily DAmbrosio, Victorian Minister for Resources Tim Pallas, Labor candidate for Bass Jordan...


Daily aspirin usage may raise risk of serious bleeding "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian researchers have said taking a daily dose of Aspirin does not significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks or stroke. These were part of the findings of a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. According to the study titled; Aspirin In Reducing Events In The Elderly (ASPREE), taking Aspirin daily []

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Fix life-risking road "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MT ECCLES residents are still waiting for South Gippsland Shire Council to uphold a promise the former Woorayl Shire Council made in 1973 to seal a narrow, winding road at a rate of a mile a year.
More than 40 years on, the unsealed section of Canavans Road after rain is riddled with potholes, has soft edges and at intersections with side roads, becomes a rutted mess.
Unsuspecting motorists either damage their cars driving into the potholes or swerve to avoid them, risking becoming caught on damp roadsides or running down one of the many steep embankments. Locals have even been bogged on the roadside after pulling over to let passing traffic through.
Resident Charlie Tumino is frustrated after years of lobbying council and being given promises.
In the mean time, Canavans Road is becoming busier, with more people moving to the district leading to 26 houses between the end of the bitumen and the Grand Ridge Road intersection, Mr Price. He said more tourists using the road since the sealing of the Grand Ridge Road.
Its the safety of the visitors that most worries resident Len Price.
Theyre probably driving a bit faster than what the locals do and they hit the potholes, and sooner or later someone is going to go over the edge and its a long way down, he said.
If the locals see someone coming then they will stop but this road carries a fair bit of tourist traffic which is not accustomed to the road and the conditions.
There is a school bus route on this road and there is nowhere for anyone to go because of the potholes.
Many locals live on small acreages and commute to jobs via Canavans Road, at the same a school bus uses the road. B-double milk tankers, and livestock and stockfeed trucks also traverse the road.
The shire rates are going up and we get nothing for it, Mr Tumino said, with Mr Price adding he pays nearly $10,000 in rates a year.
Mr Price, who has damaged two tyres after hitting rocks on the corner of potholes, is calling on council to apply more material to the road surface in the short term, but ultimately he wants the entire length of Canavans Road sealed a distance he said is of approximately seven kilometres.
Council sealed a section of Canavans Road in 2000 but stopped short of its promised target of sealing to McKeans Road.
Canavans Road was graded last week, and further major drain maintenance is schedule for summer, with a major re-sheet next winter.
Councils director of infrastructure Anthony Seabrook said, There are also a couple of places where driveway runoff and cattle crossings are impacting on the road condition. These will be addressed by councils assets team.
Mr Seabrook said the road is generally graded twice a year in autumn and spring but there were no plans to seal the rest of Canavans Road at this stage.
He said there is no ris...


Ill wind blows at Bald Hills "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council may not accept there is nuisance noise generated by turbines at Bald Hills Wind Farm, despite an independent consultant confirming turbine noise is stressing neighbours and impacting their health.
Council CEO Tim Tamlin last Thursday told The Star the only party who can determine if there a nuisance noise was council, by law, as it has authority for enforcing wind farm planning permit conditions, including noise.
He said the consultant, James C. Smith and Associates, had just perceived there is some sort of nuisance at two of the properties (owned by wind farm neighbours), but that does not mean there is nuisance noise.
Its very subjective, Mr Tamlin said.
The CEOs view comes despite reports of wind farm neighbours suffering headaches and interrupted sleep, and not even being able to hold a conversation in their own homes without being disrupted by turbine noise.
The consultant was appointed by council at the order of the Supreme Court, after council environmental health officers claimed there was no nuisance noise at the wind farm after responding to complaints by wind farm neighbours.
Council was taken to the Supreme Court by the neighbours in a bid to force action that would mitigate the noise and improve their quality of life.
Council will determine its next move after receiving a response to the noise report from Bald Hills Wind Farm and the neighbours legal firm DST Legal of Melbourne.
The matter could be debated by councillors at the October council meeting.
Mr Tamlin said he felt the initial investigation by council officers was adequate.
Our staff went out there and did their report, and the wind might have been blowing differently. Its so subjective, he said.
Mr Smiths report cost council $33,600, with additional legal and sundry costs to be determined.
Council could face further costs if the court orders council to pay the neighbours legal fees.
Mr Tamlin said while council was obliged to follow State Government acts relating to wind farm compliance, he did not personally feel that spending tens of thousands of ratepayers dollars on the legal action and subsequent report was the best way to use that money.
Mr Tamlin said the consultants report showed an apparent disconnect between the Planning and Environment Act and the Public Health and Wellbeing Act.
He said while wind farm operators may comply with their obligations under the Planning and Environment Act, nuisance noise could still be perceived by neighbours an issue covered by the Public Health and Wellbeing Act.
I think the two pieces of the State Government legislation need to be looked at and in the future when a wind farm is approved in the planning scheme, the public health and wellbeing impacts should also be considered, Mr Tamlin said.
I would sugg...


Road carnage "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

FRIDAY mornings horror smash on the Bass Highway west of Inverloch involving three vehicles necessitated the jaws of life and investigations by the Major Collision Unit (MCU) from Melbourne.

Three motorists were airlifted to Melbourne with two of them sustaining life-threatening injuries, while two were taken to Wonthaggi Hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Both have since been discharged from Wonthaggi.

The incident occurred at about 10.45am involving a silver Hyundai, a grey Ford Everest and a blue Ford sedan.

According to acting Senior Sergeant Andrew Milbourne, Road Policing Advisor to the Bass Coast region, preliminary observations suggested the silver Hyundai rear-ended a Ford Everest waiting to turn right adjacent to the Goorabil cattle property entrance, catapulting it into the path of the oncoming blue Ford.

The driver and passengers of the Falcon are from Venus Bay, the female driver of the Hyundai is from Inverloch and the driver of the Ford Everest is from Drouin.

As of going to print there were no recorded fatalities; the female driver of the silver Hyundai is still critical, while the condition of the male driver of the Ford Falcon has improved.

Police road blocks were in place from Ullathornes Road to Kirrak Road, diverting Wonthaggi bound traffic via Cape Paterson. Witnesses reported that road blocks were removed at around 7pm that night.

It took about three hours for local SES and fire services to retrieve those involved from the wreckages.

Acting Sergeant at Inverloch, Kevin Lister, said on busy roads in particular people need to be very vigilant for cars turning off the highways into driveways.

If drivers of cars turning right can be on their side of the line and have their wheels pointing straight so as not to potentially impede on vehicles coming the other way, Sergeant Lister said.

Three car pile-up: there was carnage on the Bass Highway when three cars collided, closing the road for around seven hours.


Failure to host "IndyWatch Feed National"

I was stopped by immigration officials and asked questions like: why had I travelled to India in the past? Why had I stayed so long on my previous trip? What were the full names and professions of the friends Id be staying with? What was my job? How many books had I written? After about an hour of this, and despite having a valid visa and an onward ticket to Bangladesh, I was refused entry to India and ordered to book the first flight back to my port of origin.


Riding the crest of a wave "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Surfside Waves is the toast of the coast after winning the Mens Division 1 and Womens Division 2 premierships this weekend.

The womens side smashed Lara in the grand final at Myers Reserve yesterday, winning 5-nil in a dominant performance.

The mens Division 1 team was a goal down against Surf Coast but a goal just on the stroke of half time from captain Adrian Bond and then the winner in the second half by Andrew Stephenson gave the Waves the premiership.

For heaps of pics and the full report, make sure you get your copy of the Voice on 26 September.


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Alex on a high "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Key defender Alex Trezise was crowned the inaugural Ocean Grove Football Club womens football best and fairest winner at the club presentation night on Friday 14 September.

Trezise was a runaway winner with 99 votes to finish ahead of Ariane Lefevre (56 votes) and Candace Harrison-Smith (53) who rounded out the top three.

Trezise played all 16 games with the Grubbers in 2018.

Its an absolute honour to be the inaugural winner, Trezise told the Voice.

Im very fortunate to have been a part of the first ever womens team and Im incredibly thankful to the club, the coaching staff, and my teammates for giving me that opportunity.

Trezise is the partner of Ocean Grove senior backman Justin Carey, who finished third in the club mens best and fairest award.

IN other developments, Candace Harrison-Smith won the clubs most consistent player award, while the best clubperson award went to Bri Doolan.

Midfielder Luke Cartelli and star defender Kelsey Ollis took out the football and netball best and fairests. 

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Needled Strawberries: Food Terrorism Down Under "IndyWatch Feed"

There is something peculiar doing the rounds in Australian food circles.  The land down under, considered something of a nirvana of fruit and vegetable production despite horrendous droughts and calamitous cyclones, is facing a new challenge: human agency, namely in the form of despoliation of strawberries. The results have knocked Australias highly concentrated supermarket chains,

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Belgium stands up for freedom of speech in Spain "IndyWatch Feed"

Back in February, Spain sentenced rapper Valtonyc to three and a half years in prison for insulting the monarch. He promptly fled the country. Now, a Belgian court has refused to extradite him:

A Belgian court on Monday ruled that Spanish rapper Valtonyc should not be sent back to Spain, where he was sentenced to prison accused of writing lyrics that praise terror groups and insult the royal family.

The rapper, whose real name is Jose Miguel Arenas Beltran, was supposed to turn himself in voluntarily in May to authorities in Spain, where he faces prison sentences totaling three and a half years, but instead fled to Belgium.

"The judge has decided there will be no extradition and discarded all three charges," his lawyer, Simon Bekaert, told reporters near the court in the city of Ghent.

Bekaert said the judge ruled "there is no terrorism involved, there is no incitement of terrorism, so there is no question of a crime according to Belgian law." He said the judge also found that there is no crime to answer to over insulting the Spanish king and that no threat was made that could warrant extradition.

The Spanish government can still appeal, but success looks unlikely. Unfortunately, rather than accept that their laws are increasingly out of step with fundamental human rights, and will no longer be upheld or respected by other European courts (including the ECHR), Spain will probably double down on them and try and make them even more oppressive.


Quick check-in "IndyWatch Feed National"

Just to let you know - alive and well - very taxing days, hard work - we're up against a complex cover-up but it will be uncovered!


Dont Miss the Signs of Another Meltdown "IndyWatch Feed"

If youve ever lived through a life-threatening emergency whether a car crash, train wreck or a steep fall (hopefully not) you have noticed that time seems to slow down.

You witness your personal jeopardy in slow motion. A memorable example of this is the film The Matrix, in which the hero, Neo, could dodge bullets since time moved in slow motion for him.

According to the best science, time does not actually slow down for those in jeopardy, nor do their perceptions slow down. What happens is that the stress and novelty of the experience causes the brain to create extra layers of memory, a saturation effect, compared with everyday experiences.

According to researcher David Eagleman, The more memory you have of an event, the longer you believe it took. So yes, time does seem to slow down in a crisis, but its a cognitive illusion.

That slowing down effect is important to bear in mind as we encounter the 20th anniversary of the Russia-LTCM financial crisis of September 1998 (28 September 1998) and the 10th anniversary of the Lehman-AIG financial crisis of September 2008 (15 September 2008).

For investors, those events were the financial equivalent of falling off a tall building or being strapped in during a plane crash. If you lived through them, youll recall some hours that seemed like days and days that seemed like weeks.

Of course, investors recall where they were and what they did during the absolute height of the panics.

Most investors may not be aware that these peak panic moments had actually been playing out for over 15 months in both cases. Investors who closely observed the early signs of trouble had ample time to get out of the way of the panic itself.

A financial crisis doesnt happen overnight

In fact, most investors were oblivious to the early warnings. That 15-month build-up was a real slow-motion event, not an illusion.

The September 1998 Russia-LTCM crisis began in June 1997, 15 months earlier, when Thailand devalued its currency and closed its capital account.

For several years, Thailand had maintained a fixed exchange rate to the US dollar.

Money poured into Thai real estate and resorts to earn high yields with an exchange rate guarantee. When some investors started to pull their money out, a run on the bank emerged.

Thailand could not make good on its US dollar guarantee and devalued, causing massive losses for US investors.

From there the panic spread to Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and other nations. There was literally blood in the streets as some were killed in money riots.

Markets calmed down that winter...


Pulling together for drought relief continues "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Kimberlee Thompson and Suzy Webber, Gwydir Shires Social Services Manager. Photo supplied.

Locals are continuing to fundraise to support drought affected communities with Bangalow and Mullumbimby having a particular focus on the Gwydir Shire.

Kimberlee Thompson, a local community support worker from Mullumbimby, is now out in Bingara getting hands on to assist Suzy Webber, Gwydir Shires social services manager.

Suzy has a big job ahead of her as the drought doesnt seem to be breaking anytime soon, said Kimberlee.

Suzy is working with and regularly consulting with the school, community members, farmers and community services organisations to offer support throughout the Shire.

Cattle feed, powdered milk for calves, working dog food and money to buy essentials are just some of the things that have been sent out to the drought affected communities from Mullumbimby and Bangalow.

We are still collecting money so that we can buy the things theses communities need, said Jenelle Stanford from the Mullumbimby Chamber of Commerce.

We are currently raising money to send out horse feed for the working horses that are droving the cattle. When they eat the same feed as the cattle it gives them issues with their digestion and other problems with their liver and gums.

We will be organising some fund raising 

There are a range of donation tins at Mullumbimby shops including the Mullum Co-op who have been helping coordinate multiple truck loads of cattle feed being sent to farmers.

We should be really proud of our local Co-op company, said one local Marion Toms.

They have organised a massive series of feed drops into the drought stricken areas, even as far as Cobar-Pilliga. Local farmers who have donated feed from their paddocks include...


Spend Snowy cash on regional jobs: Saffin "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Labor candidate for the state seat of Lismore, Janelle Saffin. Tree Faerie

Labor candidate for the state seat of Lismore, Janelle Saffin, has challenged locals to come up with employment opportunities that could be funded by a $4 billion spending splurge in the regions by an incoming ALP state government.

Ms Saffins comments followed the announcement by NSW Labor leader Luke Foley that a $4.1 billion windfall from the sale of the Snowy Hydro scheme to the Commonwealth would be spent on transformative projects that will leave a lasting legacy in rural and regional NSW if the party wins government.

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

It is a once -in-a-lifetime opportunity to do a new thing for the prosperity of our towns and jobs for our people if projects are carefully chosen, Ms Saffin said.

We know that over the past five years as 324,000 jobs came online in Sydney we in regional NSW lost 17,000 jobs.

In his address to the annual NSW Country Labor Conference on Saturday Mr Foley said all proceeds from the sale would be spent in rural and regional NSW through the establishment of a Regional Job Fund. As well as looking for employment opportunities, the fund would promote decentralisation and new renewable energy supplies.

Ms Saffin said she would begin discussions with local stakeholders including mayors, chambers of commerce, TAFEs, farmers and the renewable energy industry to begin establishing priorities.

Transport plan

One such project is the Regional Integrated Transport Plan that I previously advanced and shall continue to promote as one of our regional priority needs.

We have the right priorities that will deliver real jobs, better health and hospitals, upgraded schools, rebuilding TAFE and transformation to a renewables future, Ms Saffin said.

Whatever state money we have been given (and some is being splashed about now) has been catch-up money at best or to improve chances at the coming election.

Of, course, that money is welcome and important, but in Tenterfield, Kyogle, Lismore and Murwillumbah, we need more.

The Regional Jobs Fund announcement has ope...


British India "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

British India



Guitarist and founding member of British India, Nic Wilson has announced he will retire from music at the end of this year, finishing up with one final tour the Nic The Poet farewell tour spanning 24 dates thatll see the iconic Melbourne rockers kick off at The Basement in Canberra on November 2, before swinging through Albury, Perth, Margaret River, Freo, Bunbury, Townsville, Cairns, Bendigo, Geelong, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Southport, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Shoalhaven and finishing up at Port Macquarie to play Westport Park on January 27, 2019.

 Formed at St Bedes college in Melbournes eastern suburbs, British India burst onto the scene in 2007. A love of music and a driving determination was the key ingredient that turned four budding musicians into a fierce garage band, who quickly gained a reputation for explosive live shows and the ability to write great pop songs.

A chance meeting with legendary producer Harry Vanda and future manager Glenn Goldsmith resulted in their debut album Guillotine being released independently in July 2007. Supported by triple J radio and relentless touring the album would go onto sell 20,000 copies and the band won the AIR award for best new Group in 2007.


Within 12 months British India released their 2nd album Thieves to great fanfare. The album debuted at No 5 and was nominate for 3 ARIA awards. By the end 2008 British India had become one of the biggest young rock bands in the country. They continued to assent, releasing Avalanche in 2010, yet another Top 10 debut.

The band turned a new corner in their career in 2012 signing with Liberation Records and Mushroom Music.

At Liberation, British India would release their most successful albums to date, Controller & Nothing Touches Me. They also scored their first Gold Record with the hit I Can Make You Love Me. In 2017 they released their 6th studio album Forgetting the Future again...


RuPauls Drag Race Just Made Herstory At This Years Emmys "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Drag juggernaut RuPauls Drag Race has won Best Reality Show at the 2018 Emmy Awards, its first win in the category. Thank you so much! RuPaul emoted, picking up tonights Emmy for best in genre. This is so lovely. To the Academy, this is so lovely; we are so happy to present this show and ...

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Australian Citizenship test revised "IndyWatch Feed"

Australian Citizenship test revisedA new Prime Minister seems like a good time for a revised Australian citizenship test. read now...


OPINION: Why Visibility Of LGBTIQ Pride Is More Urgent Than Ever "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

LGBTIQ Pride festivals are an opportunity to connect with the community, to stand visibly, collectively and to celebrate who we are with revelry. Theyre also contentious recent controversies include whether police should be permitted to march in London and Toronto, and the subsuming of the umbrella into Gay Pride. Indeed, celebrating who we are ...

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FixedIt: Children cant have sex and who is this headline about? "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Sunraysia Daily reported that a man jailed for raping a then 13 year old girl has had his sentence (but not parole period) cut on appeal.

Not that you could tell from the headline.

Invisible perpetrators and the inaccurate and dangerous phrase child sex are both common themes in FixedIt, but this is one of the most blatant combinations of those two things Ive seen for a while.

Children cannot have sex. Sex requires consent, children cannot legally or morally give consent so it is not sex. Rape, sexual abuse and sex are not the same thing and they can not be used interchangeably in headlines.

Here are the reasons this matters, in every case, with every headline.

The victim impact statements from child abuse trials are harrowing, a testament to the lifelong injuries suffered by people who were sexually abused as children. They are the litany of drug addition, alcohol dependence, gambling problems, depression, crippling anxiety, relationship breakdowns, suicidal thoughts, shame, self-hatred, mistrust of others and long term emotional damage so common in survivors of child sexual abuse. Children who have been abused are also significantly more likely to suffer further abuse, both as children and as adults.

The effects of sexual abuse of children then lead to the cycle of horror where victims become unreliable witnesses to their own abuse.

When the media, as it so persistently does, labels sexual abuse of children as child sex, we are weakening the public understanding of the extent and effect of such abuse. This has serious effects. A study conducted for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse found that juries who have a better understanding of the facts of child sexual abuse are less likely to make mistakes in their assessment of evidence given in court.

Children cannot have sex with adults. Sex requires consent and children, by definition, cannot give consent, so its not sex. Its rape, its child abuse, its sexual abuse, its any number of terms that accurately describe a crime. An act perpetrated on an innocent victim, someone who was unable to defend themselves from the violence done to them, and who suffers for years, possibly decades, from the trauma caused by an adults choice to commit that violence.

That word choice is the key. Sex i...


Security Specialist Wizsec Gives Insight on the Billion Dollar BTC Wallet "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Security Specialist Wizsec Gives Insight on the Billion Dollar BTC Wallet

The bitcoin security specialists Wizsec has recently explained to the public that the wallet that held more than 111,000 BTC did not derive from the Silk Road marketplace, and its also not one of the Mt Gox wallets. Further Wizsec detailed today that a recent article had quoted the organization by cherry-picking quotes which in turn created an editorial that has bolstered unneeded fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD).

Also Read: North Queensland is Becoming a Hub of BCH Accepting Businesses

With All the Hype Over the Last few Weeks, the 111,000 BTC Wallet Could Be Meaningless

Security Specialist Wizsec Gives Insight on the Billion Dollar BTC Wallet Bitcoin security specialists Wizsec.

Over the last few weeks, cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been discussing a large amount of BTC that has moved from an old wallet onto a few popular trading platforms. Many people including the person who ...


Byron volunteering expo hits the road "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Volunteers at the Rotunda in Railway Park, Byron Bay. Photo supplied

The annual Byron Shire Volunteering Exhibition, which showcases more than 50 local organisations that use volunteers in their work, will this year hit the road for the first time.

The exhibition will be on display for three weeks: starting at the Ocean Shores Shopping centre on Monday and Tuesday September 24-25; then moving to Mullumbimby at the Byron Shire Council Chambers on October 1-2; and ending up in Byron Bay at the Community Centre on October 8-9.

We are community-minded folks in this area: the Byron Shire has one of the highest rates of volunteering in the country.

The Byron Community Centre runs a volunteer referral service with more than 55 organisations, representing the diversity of our society.

There are volunteering opportunities in many areas of life, including wildlife, pets, conservation and environment, aged care and disability, youth services, community transport, homeless outreach, the arts and recreation.

Pippy Wardell, Byron Community Centres volunteer hub co-ordinator, told Echonetdaily, each year we refer more than 200 people to interesting volunteer jobs, with most of the volunteers say that volunteering has benefited them in many ways.

Cindy, a volunteer, says that volunteering has given me a sense of belonging in the community and I always looks forward to my days spent at her volunteer job.

Other people find that they gain new skills, confidence and beneficial community connections.

Engaging in volunteer work is a very satisfying and interesting pastime, says Pippy.

It creates community, introduces you to new adventures, gives you opportunities to learn new skills or utilise existing skills in a productive way for the community.

The exhibition showcases the wonderful work these organisations do for the community as well as listing the volunteer positions that are available at the different organisations.

Qualified volunteer staff will be onsite at the exhibition to sign people up and refer them to an organisation of their choice.

It is always exciting to do something different, come and check out the exhibition, you just might find something that really picques your interest, says Pippi.

The post...



WHAT: Goozebumpz and Canadian act Super Glue


WHERE: Byron Bay Brewery



The Street Level crew are once again bringing high calibre touring acts to the Byron Bay Brewery. This Thursday, 20th, Aussie artist Goozebumpz and Canadian act Super Glue are set to perform as part of the biweekly event.

Goosebumpz is an electronic music producer and live act, with roots in the Australian outdoor dance party scene. Known for his eclectic assortment of original bass heavy, broken beat jams and party antics at festivals around the world, Goosebumpz continues to push the envelope sonically, blurring the lines between the mainstream and underground scene. Working alongside people such as Mac Miller, and remixing tracks from from Radio Head, Hermitude and K-Lab, this Aussie producer will make you lose it on the dance floor.

Goosebumpz will be supported by Canadian bass-heavy artist, Super Glue. Expect a mash of sounds from drum and bass, grime and bass heavy grooves. All the good stuff to get your Thursday night jumping.

Check out Street Level this Thursday, from 7pm, at Byron Bay Brewery.



UNESCO Rings Warning Bell on Climate Change and the Great Barrier Reef: Time for Urgent Climate Action Now "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

UNESCO has sounded the alarm over the impact of climate change on World Heritage-listed coral reefs, including our own Great Barrier Reef, in a new report that stresses the importance of delivering on the Paris Agreement.

This comes hard on the heels of a warning issued by UN Secretary General Antnio Guterres on 10 September: If we do not change course by 2020, we risk missing the point where we can avoid runaway climate change, with disastrous consequences for people and all the natural systems that sustain us.

The UNESCO report, an update to the Impacts of Climate Change on World Heritage Coral Reefs, finds that if the world limited global average temperature to well below 2C above pre-industrial temperature, and achieved the target of 1.5C, then the worst impacts of climate change on these global treasures could be avoided.

Dr Scott Heron, of NOAAs Coral Reef Watch program and lead author of the report, said: The Great Barrier Reef and all other World Heritage-listed coral reefs are predicted to avoid the devastating bleaching and mortality from annual severe heat stress if Australia and the rest of the world take immediate and decisive action on climate change.

However, four World Heritage-listed coral reefs[1] are still predicted to experience twice-per-decade severe bleaching stress, even under the Paris Agreement scenario. This would lead to impacts not only on the ecosystems but also on the communities and industries that depend upon the goods and services provided by healthy vibrant reefs.

This updated assessment shows how urgent it is for Australia and the world to stabilise carbon emissions by the end of next year, and then continue to reduce emissions. This is essential to avoid the worst impacts of global warming on coral reefs, Dr Heron said.

Imogen Zethoven, Great Barrier Reef campaign director at the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) said: The report offers some hope for most World Heritage-listed coral reefs, provided that Australia and other countries rapidly shift away from coal and other fossil fuels.

Local management efforts are essential to enhance reef resilience, but they cannot offset the impacts of climate disturbances. Climate change, mainly driven by mining and burning coal, is the biggest threat to the Reef but the government has walked away from dealing with it.

Since Tony Abbott became Prime Minister, Australias carbon pollution levels have been on the rise.

Prime Minister Morrison has said we will achieve our Paris commitments in a canter, however, even if this state...


CHILLING & SICKENING! Pedo pervert Jeremy Kewley uses fake name to perform child rape monologue at school just months after prison release, horrifying unsuspecting audience "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

EXCLUSIVE: The convicted celebrity paedophile, Jeremy Kewley, is attempting to resume his acting career just months after his release from prison, with the highly dangerous sex offender even travelling from town-to-town in regional Victoria to perform to unsuspecting audiences at festivals featuring youth theatre groups. Horrifyingly, it can now be revealed that one of Kewley's performances was delivered at a school and is said to have been a "chilling and sickening" monologue about the rape of a teenage girl. [READ MORE]


Hassad merges its agricultural portfolio with Australian firm "IndyWatch Feed National"

17 Sep 2018 | Gulf TimesQatar's Hassad Foods continues the strategic repositioning of its Australian agricultural investments, securing an agreement to transfer its agricultural portfolio to Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets.


Foreign farm tax to drive agri REITs: Pitcher Partners "IndyWatch Feed National"

17 Sep 2018 | AFRUnder a proposal from Australia's federal government the 15 per cent concessional rate of withholding tax for foreign investors in agricultural land will be lifted to 30 per cent by July 1 next year.


Wilsons Creek Telstra tower recommended for refusal "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Locals from Wilsons Creek objecting to the installation of a Telstra tower in their area. Photo supplied.

Chris Dobney

Byron Shire Council staff have recommended that a controversial application from Telstra to build a 4G mobile phone tower on Wilsons Creek Road be refused.

Wilsons Creek residents have been running a strong campaign against the tower, including launching a nationwide class action against Telstra, citing safety issues around electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

The DA proposed a mobile phone telecommunications facility including a 35-metre-high monopole, six antennae and ancillary equipment.

In making its recommendation, Byron Council staff took into account the potential impact of EMR on wildlife as well as its planned location in an area of high biodiversity.

The proposal raised a significant level of objection from the community in terms of siting, environmental impacts, health and amenity impacts, electro magnetic radiation, visual impacts, proximity to power lines and surrounding residential properties, staff wrote in their recommendation.

It is considered that the development does not meet Councils planning controls or standards, having regards to the height provisions within Byron LEP 1988, and the objectives of the 7(c) Water Catchment Zone. Further having regards to the number of objections it is considered the proposed telecommunications tower is not in the public interest.

Byron councillors will make the final decision at their meeting on Thursday (September 20).

Members of the group Environment and Community Safe from Radiation will address councillors during public access.

But they still have a plan to continue with the court case if the decision goes against them.

The group told its supporters in a recent email that in the unlikely event the councillors approve the tower DA we ask that you please forward a copy of all corresponde...


LGBTIQ Young People To Showcase Art In Exhibition At Open Doors Youth Service "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The young people from Fortitude Valley-based Open Doors Youth Service are hosting an art exhibition to celebrate Pride Month in Brisbane. The organisations Odyssey Art Exhibition and Fundraiser will be held at Bettys Espresso and Bar in South Brisbane on Thursday (September 20) to raise money for Open Doors PRIDE Art Therapy Program. The PRIDE ...

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Continued Federal Government inaction on over-imprisonment recommendations is devastating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

A chorus of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders, communities and organisations have called on the Federal Government to provide a formal response to the recommendations contained in the Australian Law Reform Commissions Pathways to Justice report.

In an open letter penned to the Prime Minister and the Minister for Indigenous Affairs, 35 leading community organisations and academics working in the justice reinvestment space have lamented the Federal Governments continued inaction on the reports key recommendation.

It has now been nearly six months since the ALRC report was tabled in Parliament, the letter states. However, to date the Federal Government has made no formal response. The open letter identifies that during the last six month period, more than 5,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men, women and children have spent time in prisons around the country, causing a significant negative impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities around the country. The call for Federal Government action has been initiated by leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, human rights and community organisations working on the ground to achieve safer and stronger communities. Unfair justice systems are failing to build the safer, stronger communities all Australians want, the letter states.

We cannot let another generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people lose their futures, their dignity, and, for some, their lives, because of inaction by Australian governments, the letter concludes.

The Pathways to Justice report was released following detailed consultation and research led by the Australian Law Reform Commission. It contains 35 recommendations to reduce the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the criminal justice system and to address community safety. Specific recommendations made to the Federal Government include:

  • the establishment of a national justice reinvestment body and supporting justice reinvestment trials around the country; and
  • developing national criminal justice targets.

When announcing the inquiry in October 2016, then Attorney-General George Brandis QC labelled the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our prisons a national tragedy and stated that the ALRC inquiry would be a critical step for breaking through the disturbing statistics.

Every day here in Bourke we see the benefits that the Maranguka Justice Reinvestment initiative has for our community, and in particular our young people. Justice reinvestment enables us to make decisions about what we need in our community. In partnership with Just Reinvest NSW it creates collaboration, it builds our strength and confidence, causes better hea...


Two Die at Defqon 1, But NSW Government Still Refuses to Allow Pill Testing "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Tragically, this years music festival season has begun with two suspected drug-related deaths at a festival in southwestern Sydney. And this incident is all the more appalling as these deaths could have potentially been prevented if the NSW government was more forward-thinking. At around 9 pm on Saturday night, 23-year-old Joseph Pham from Edensor Park and

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Proactive release "IndyWatch Feed"

In a major victory for transparency, the government will start proactively releasing Cabinet papers:

Cabinet papers will be proactively released, Minister of State Services Chris Hipkins announced today.

The move is part of the Governments wider plan to improve openness and reflects its commitment to the international Open Government Partnership.

The Cabinet papers will be released no later than 30 business days after a Cabinet decision. This process will be in place for Cabinet papers lodged from 1 January 2019, Chris Hipkins who is also responsible for Open Government said.

This change is about being an open and accountable government.

On the one hand, this isn't that big a change - we already routinely have such releases when policy is announced. On the other hand, it is a huge step forward. In other parts of the world Cabinet material is tightly guarded (and this is then abused to hide other material), so we're displaying clear global leadership here. It would obviously be better if the timeline for release was aligned to the OIA's statutory 20 days, and I'll be interested in seeing the advice on why that wasn't done.

Of course, the problem with proactive release is that its grace and favour and cannot be contested except by filing another OIA making it clear that you want an unredacted copy (which may then be refused as the material "is already publicly available", even though the bits that you want are not). And this is clearly abused to hide material and steer the public conversation through selective release. One of the changes that needs to happen to the official information regime is bringing proactive disclosures under the Act and under the oversight of the Ombudsman, to prevent such abuses.


Splendour awarded for helping homeless "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Splendour in the Grass has been awarded for its work in helping the homeless. (file pic)

Organisers of the popular music festival Splendour in the Grass were recognised for an innovative homelessness partnership at an awards presentation last week.

Ten awards were presented by the non-profit Momentum Collective to community sector volunteers, workers, clients and organisations.

Splendour in the Grass won Fundraiser of the Year for its work with local community groups to collect unwanted camping gear, donated by festival-goers, to be distributed to homeless people across northern NSW.

Momentum Collective CEO Karen Murphy said the partnership with Splendour in the Grass was an example of the extraordinary, innovative work in the community sector.

Our clients, volunteers and partners inspire us every day they dont expect awards or recognition but they deserve it because they make a practical, positive difference to our communities, Ms Murphy said.

Around 37,000 people across northern NSW are homeless and often have no other choice but to sleep rough.

While a tent and a sleeping bag is not a long-term solution, it can certainly provide warmth and comfort on a cold winters night and we commend Splendour in the Grass for their contribution to improving the lives of our most vulnerable people.

The Momentum Collective was previously known as Third Sector Australia (3SA), with the name change announced as part of last weeks awards ceremony.

For more than 30 years, our services have provided housing, employment, education, independence and security for people in northern NSW and Queensland, Ms Murphy said.

Our new name reflects our ongoing commitment to bringing positive momentum and change to peoples lives.


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Jamie Duries Amber Collection Blends Australian Nature with High-Quality Furniture "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

When it comes to TV horticulturalist, interior designer and eco-conscious warrior Jamie Duries latest foray into furniture, the phrase grass roots has multiple applications. Collaborating with established high-quality brand Natuzzi Italia, Jamie has designed the stunning Amber collection to reflect his values as an homage not only to his Australian heritage, but to the landscape ...

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Sections of Alpine National Park to be closed for deer cull "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Parks Victoria have announced that sections of the Alpine National Park in north east Victoria will be closed between October 8 and 26 to allow for aerial hunting of deer.

It will include the entire Feathertop/ Razorback ridge from Diamantina hut and extending north of the Feathertop summit, and areas to the north west of Dead Timber Hill, into the Cobungra River valley, almost as far as Derrick hut. Check the attached map for full details.

Trail heads will be sign posted if the areas are closed.


Take a walk on the sculptural side in Bruns "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This outdoor sculpture by Allen Horstmanhof (pictured) is coming to Brunswick Heads Nature Sculpture Walk this year. Photo supplied

By Prudence Clark

If you havent already cleared space in your diary for this years Brunswick Nature Sculpture Walk, (BNSW) then its about time you crossed out whatever youve got on and ensure you dont miss the biggest installation of outdoor sculptures Brunswick Heads has ever seen.

This free event opens with a bang on Friday, September 28, the BNSW will not only feature more than 40 artworks that integrate with the natural environs of Brunswick Heads, but will also be running a number of workshops and masterclasses. If that isnt a busy enough day for you, the official opening is at 6pm at the Brunswick Picture House, and you can continue the celebrations with The Cheeky Cabaret show on afterwards.

Over the weekend and on Monday, October 1, there will be guided walks around the sculptures, additional workshops and master classes, such as lantern-making, weaving and sandcastles, (all open to the public), as well as yoga, interactive performances, music and artist interviews.

A weaving Workshop with Anaheke Matua using Bangalow palm fronds will be one of many tak...


Caught in the Crosshairs of My Unshaven Armpits "IndyWatch Feed National"

I watch my mums mouth drop open in disgust. Oh my god.

Were dining at a fancy restaurant and Im dolled up to the nines, hair and makeup immaculate, black stilettos clicking underneath the table. Waiting for our meals, I raise my arms in a lazy stretch when I catch my mothers eye.

Her look is a combination of mortification and utter revulsion.

Surprise, Mum: I have pit hair.


As many would see it, wedged in the small space between my arm and my torso, is a disgusting, uncivilised display of animalistic vulgarity, complete disregard for personal hygiene and a brazen confession of lesbianism.

Unfavourable assumptions are common when it comes to women with underarm hair. These reactions both intrigue and confuse me. I mean, I get it. Armpit hair on women is not something were used to seeing, and were often scared of the unfamiliar. In fact, it took me several years to overcome my internalised shame to get the point of even trialling a bit of pit fur.

A couple of friends in high school who braved the hirsute lifestyle originally planted the seed in my mind, at which point my position was one of, Good for you, not for me. I guess I didnt think it looked very good. I found it distracting, disconcerting, and felt mildly uncomfortable when I saw it. Of course, this was completely irrational. Why dont I have the same reaction to a mans sweaty, smelly and thicker pit hair? Why the double standard? If men can do it why cant women?

We can thank Gilette for popularizing the hairless underarm ideal in 1915 when they released the first women-specific razor, the ad for which contained a not-so-subtle directive for women of the day: The fastidious woman to-day must have immaculate underarms if she is to be unembarrassed. This type of advertising cultivated, and proceeded to profit from, the calculated confluence of female body hair and shame.

As a feminist and sociology student, I am hyper-aware of myself as a product of these market-driven social norms. I wanted to unlearn the conditioning Id been exposed to my entire life; reclaim a sense of control over my bodily choices. I figured that once I got used to it, then I could make a truly autonomous decision about whether I liked it or not.

So: I let it grow. Inspired by the increasing number of hairy-pitted women...


Record permanent & long-term arrivals to Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

Record arrivals to Australia

Some 101,900 permanent and long-term arrivals into Australia in July 2018.

That's the third individual month where the figure has exceeded 100,000 - all of which were in the past 18 months - and it sends long-term permanent and long-term immigration to a new record high of +818,430 over the year to July.

Tighter lending standards and mortgage scrutiny may have cooled some of Australia's housing markets, but the underlying demand for housing hasn't cooled. 

In fact, it's either now rising to or at record highs.

Record tourism too

Tourism and higher education is also contributing to a booming headcount, with record high short-term arrivals over the year to July 2018.

In total some 9.1 million short-term arrivals graced Australian shores over the 12 months to July.

In seasonally adjusted terms a massive 126,000 visitors dropped by from China in July, which is the highest ever seasonally adjusted figure for Chinese visitors (in original or unadjusted terms there are more visitors over Lunar New Year). 

The China story is huge, but it's really an Asian visitors boom.

There was a record high for in...


The Laneway Festival 2019 lineup has arrived "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

St. Jeromes Laneway Festival has just dropped its massive 2019 lineup. This year will see the festival celebrate its 15th birthday, hitting up venues in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Fremantle in February 2019.

Spearheaded by Australian legends Gang Of Youths and Courtney Barnett, the lineup will also see a bunch of awesome, international acts like Jorja Smith, Rex Orange County and Mitski. Full lineup and ticket information below.

Watch: Ruby Fields Dinosaurs

Laneway has also released this awesome graph that breaks down their diverse lineup.


Laneway Festival 2019 Lineup

Gang of Youths
Courtney Barnett
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie (Laneway Festival Exclusive)
Baker Boy
Camp Cope
Charlie Collins (East Coast Exclusive)
Cosmos Midnight
Crooked Colours (East Coast Exclusive)
Denzel Curry (East Coast Exclusive)
DJDS (Excluding Adelaide)
G Flip
Jon Hopkins
Jorja Smith (Laneway Festival Exclusive)
Mansionair (Excluding Fremantle)
Methyl Ethel
Middle Kids
Mitski (East Coast Exclusive)
Parquet Courts
Ravyn Lenae
Rex Orange County
Ruby Fields (Excluding Fremantle)
What So Not
Yellow Days (Excluding Adelaide)

Tickets and Dates

Visa pre-sale begins 9am Thursday, 20th September

Tickets on sale 9am Tuesday, 25th September

Saturday, 2nd February
Brisbane Showgrounds, Brisbane
Tickets: Official Website

Sunday, 3rd February
SCA and Callan Park, Sydney
Tickets: Official Website

Friday, 8th February
Harts Mill, Port Adelaide
Tickets: Official Website



Will Morrison stop any scenes like this? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Coming soon to an Australian city near you compliments of the ALP/Greens and the LNP. (Pic-Owen Guns)


Top 10: Medulla "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Recently I was tagged on Facebook for one of those things where you post favourite albums

Theres a lot to admire about Bjork and Ive chosen her and this album to represent a number of influences.

When I first saw Bjork she was squeezed between The Smashing Pumpkins and The Ramones at the 1994 Big Day Out.

It still seems like a weird spot for her and I wandered in and out of that set but it was clear something new was coming to the surface.

Her album Debut had some airplay on Triple J and it was my first introduction to Nellee Hoopers influence, since itd be a couple more years before I listened to Massive Attack and Sinead OConnor but also the trip-hop of Portishead.

Bjork worked with a number of interesting producers and managed to get a cohesive result, just look at how Army Of Me and Its Oh So Quiet both sit on the first side of the album Post.

These collaborations between artists and producers are a dialectic central to popular music and, in many ways, its a formula I enjoy hearing in singers like Madonna and Kylie Minogue too.

Many popular singers get dismissed as record label products but those that build a career seem to be able to maintain a firm grasp on their image and material.

Madonna has a reputation for being present throughout the recording process and it seems clear that Bjork occupies a role overseeing the realisation of her albums.

Ive picked Medulla because it seems Bjorks album where she enforced a strict artistic vision with both her collaborators and her audience.

The album is almost entirely a cappella and manages to fuse both her taste in Warp Records-style electronica (particularly Mark Bell) and composers like Arvo Part, whod she introduced me to musically.

The track Where is the Line demonstrates those influences, for example.

Her voice sounds incredible on this album, particularly intimate and the recording is faultless.

I also love this album for Triumph of a Heart and there are other themes which seem connected and optimistic.

Bjork has often been marginalised as weird but I adore her varied influences and abilities at realising challenging ideas in music.


73% of Australians wrong according to climate denying COALition "IndyWatch Feed"

73% of Australians wrong according to climate denying COALitionDoes the Coalition really think it is on the right track by ignoring 73% of the Australian public on climate change?  read now...


Yom Kippur "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Yom Kippur will be observed by the Jewish Community on Wednesday, 19 September. It is a day of fasting and atonement. Yom Kippur, which dates from biblical times, is referenced in three separate passages in the Torah. The Torah refers to Yom Kippur as Shabbat Shabbaton, a Sabbath of complete rest, while the Talmud denotes ... Read more...


Our new Constitution "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Somebody planted this very official looking sign in Belmore Park. These are all excellent rules and would make a much better Constitution than the load of old cods we have now.


Theres a whole new world out there "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Frogs have never been my forte. The variations in the colour and texture within a species can make identification difficult. And I never get to see them. Even the stealthiest approach to a dam turns the deafening frog chorus to silence. However with my new technique of using eye-shine to locate the critters at night []


Huperzine A provides robust and sustained protection against induced seizures. "IndyWatch Feed National"

PMID:  Front Pharmacol. 2016 ;7:357. Epub 2016 Oct 17. PMID: 27799911 Abstract Title:  Huperzine A Provides Robust and Sustained Protection against Induced Seizures inMutant Mice. Abstract:  loss-of-function mutations in the voltage-gated sodium channel (VGSC)(encoding Na1.1) are the main cause of Dravet syndrome (DS), a catastrophic early-life encephalopathy associated with prolonged and recurrent early-life febrile seizures (FSs), refractory afebrile epilepsy, cognitive and behavioral deficits, and a 15-20% mortality rate.mutations also lead to genetic epilepsy with febrile seizures plus (GEFS+), which is an inherited disorder characterized by early-life FSs and the development of a range of adult epilepsy subtypes. Current antiepileptic drugs often fail to protect against the severe seizures and behavioral and cognitive deficits found in patients withmutations. To address the need for more efficacious treatments for-derived epilepsies, we evaluated the therapeutic potential of Huperzine A, a naturally occurring reversible acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. In CF1 mice, Hup A (0.56 or 1 mg/kg) was found to confer protection against 6 Hz-, pentylenetetrazole (PTZ)-, and maximal electroshock (MES)-induced seizures. Robust protection against 6 Hz-, MES-, and hyperthermia-induced seizures was also achieved following Hup A administration in mouse models of DS () and GEFS+ (). Furthermore, Hup A-mediated seizure protection was sustained during 3 weeks of daily injections inmutants. Finally, we determined that muscarinic and GABAreceptors play a role in Hup A-mediated seizure protection. These findings indicate that Hup A might provide a novel therapeutic strategy for increasing seizure resistance in DS and GEFS+, and more broadly, in other forms of refractory epilepsy.

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Critical problems in the integrated power grid "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Recycling a comment from RobK in a previous thread on the renewable road to ruin. He reports a talk by an electrical engineer, Kate Summers of Pacific Hydro. She has excessive enthusiasm for renewable energy, especially hydro (which is cheating), but the most important take-home that I can understand is the massive spinning turbines are under huge mechanical stresses due to fluctuating voltage that is not being controlled properly in the integrated system. This will increase downtime and unscheduled outages and shorten their working lives.

Comments and further explanation are invited from qualified Cats, I took several pages of notes but will not take the time to listen again or attempt to improve on RobK and any others who are prepared to help.

Part of the problem that will appeal to students of catallaxies is her claim that the centralised control and monitoring in the integrated system fails compared with the decentralised controls in stand-alone systems.

Another vital take-home from the first or second question was the observation that among the 33 senior managers of the four regulatory agencies there are 3 with science or engineering qualifications.

Kate Summers Power system control or market control of a power system: Is there a fundamental loss of power system control?

On Wednesday 15th August 2018 I was happy to speak at University of Melbournes Climate and Energy College about a topic that I see as a very important one to the ongoing stability of the electricity grid (and hence to the continuation of the energy transition).

As I note during my presentation, it seems to me that we have moved from centralised planning but distributed control, to a market with decentralised planning but centralised control. This is apparent, for instance, in market provisions for ancillary services. I am not sure that we all understand the implications of this.

This is the commentary by RobK.

An interesting 60min presentation looking at an aspect of FCAS dealing with hunting of frequency control partially caused by poor integration of digital and rotory manchine control. Some interesting comments on the lack of engineering input to system design.

Presented by a power engineer with RE background. There are many other issues than mentioned here but interesting insights into the systems workings.

It seems worse than I expected.

At 6am Wind and Other were delivering 13% of t...


Former BLF assistant secretary Norm Wallace has passed away "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Contributed by Joe Montero

Norm Wallace passed away yesterday (17 September 2018). He was a well known and respected union figure, shaped by the 92 years of his life. His was a life lived well.

Norm lived through the Great Depression and World War Two. Events that shaped the way he saw the world and drove him to act against injustice and the exploitation of working men and women. His was a generation at learned from the school of hard knocks.

I first got to know the man, when I became a young official of the Builders Labourers Federation in Melbourne. This was a place where the demands of work were immense, and as a greenhorn trying to find his way, he was the one I could turn to for help. Norm was always there for you with his characteristic smile.

Norm Wallace was the kind of leader wo won people over through his capacity to see the good side of someone and show them friendship and trust. He was easy to get along with, and it won them over to him.

Norm the fighter was the other side. On seeing an injustice, he couldnt help but to take a stand against it.

These two sides of him, a compassion for people and a hatred of injustice, are what drove him and the reason why he became a union official.

Under the wing of the legendary Paddy Malone, he and Norm Gallagher had been recruited into the unions Committee of Management in the early 1950s. Before long, both became organisers. These early days were the time when the organisation was taken out of the control of gangsters and put back into the hands of its members. They did it in Victoria, while Joe Owens and Jack Mundy did it in Sydney.

Although the teams in each state were destined to fall out, they had much more in common than their differences.

Norm Wallace became the Assistant Secretary of the union. Through it all, he always remained true to his convictions.

The deregistration of the union and the subsequent lack of funds forced Norm into an early retirement. This did not stop him from being involved in the cause.

His greatest legacy is all those he mentored, and continue to put their shoulder to the wheel, not only in the union movement, but also out there in the broader community. He lives on through all of us.

Norm Wallace was one of those who passionately held that unions and their leaders should be concerned about more than the bread and butter issues of wages and working conditions and be concerned about the just causes of all sections of society. The wider political arena is also union business.

He may have left the room. But I for one am one of those who consider themselves lucky to have been inspired and influenced by him. He will be missed. Especially by his family. But also a...


PERTH Gang Crime Squad seizes drugs, cash after Lakelands raid "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Gang Crime Squad seizes drugs, cash after Lakelands raid .

September 17, 2018 at 04:00PM .

this case the cash. He is set to reappear in the Perth Magistrates Court on September 28. A 25-year-old will be summonsed on drug-related matters. .


PERTH Gang Crime Squad seize drugs, weapons, cash from Lakelands home "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Gang Crime Squad seize drugs, weapons, cash from Lakelands home .

September 17, 2018 at 04:00PM .

or unlawfully obtained property and failing to ensure safe keeping of ammunition. He will appear in the Perth Magistrates Court on September 28. .



Unusually large M5.7 earthquake hits Western Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the Geoscience Australia as M5.7 hit near Frankland River, Western Australia at 04:56 UTC on September 16, 2018 (12:56 local time). The USGS registered it as M5.3 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). The quake was initially...... Read more


Wikileaks docs reveal Assange bid for Russian visa "IndyWatch Feed National"

Julian Assange had just pulled off one of the biggest scoops in journalistic history, splaying the innards of American diplomacy across the web. But technology firms were cutting ties to his website, WikiLeaks, cable news pundits were calling for his head and a Swedish sex crime case was threatening to put him behind bars. Caught in a vise, the silver-haired Australian wrote to the Russian Consulate in London. "I, Julian Assange, hereby grant full authority to my friend, Israel Shamir, to both drop off and collect my passport, in order to get a visa," said the letter, which was obtained exclusively by The Associated Press. The Nov. 30, 2010 missive is part of a much larger trove of WikiLeaks emails, chat logs, financial records, secretly recorded footage and other documents leaked to The Associated Press. The files provide both an intimate look at the radical transparency organization and an early hint of Assange's budding relationship with Moscow.


The Mueller investigation is sending people to jail for everything but collusion "IndyWatch Feed National"

The belief that George Papadopoulos, Michael Cohen, and Paul Manafort would turn over evidence of collusion with Russia got ahead of reality. The anonymous government official who revealed a "resistance" inside the White House has heightened the sense of doom hanging over Donald Trump's presidency. A stream of disparaging claims from other White House insiders, the multiple criminal cases enveloping Trump's inner circle, and the ongoing special-counsel investigation into possible collusion with the Russian government have all also added to anticipation of Trump's imminent downfall. But the widespread perception that "the walls are closing in"; on a " "teetering" Trump presidency is getting ahead of reality. While figures eyed as central to the suspected Trump-Russia conspiracy-campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos, longtime fixer Michael Cohen, and campaign manager Paul Manafort - have been convicted of criminal activity, their cases have not bolstered the case for collusion as many liberals had hoped. Last week, Papadopoulos was sentenced to 14 days in prison for lying to the FBI about the timing of his contacts with a Maltese professor, Joseph Mifsud. According to Papadopoulos, Mifsud claimed to have connections to Russia and information that the Kremlin had obtained Hillary Clinton's stolen e-mails. In May 2016, Papadopoulos relayed vague details about his conversation with Mifsud to Australian diplomat Alexander Downer. According to press accounts, a tip from Downer about his encounter with Papadopoulos sparked the FBI's "Crossfire Hurricane" investigation into alleged Trump-Russia ties.


Steep emissions reductions targets won't drive up power bills, modelling shows "IndyWatch Feed National"

Exclusive: Research finds claims emissions targets make electricity more expensive are misguidedEmissions reduction targets, even relatively ambitious ones, will not drive up power prices for Australian consumers, according to new research from the Australian Council of Social Service (Acoss) and the Brotherhood of St Laurence.While the Morrison government has abandoned the national energy guarantee because conservatives complain that emissions reduction policies drive up power prices, the [...]


I Was Asked to Discuss the Tactics of Discrediting the Pedophile Protection Squad Uses "IndyWatch Feed National"

The targeting tactics this group uses to go after victims and their advocates are vast and know no boundaries. Their goal is to discredit anyone who stands against their child trafficking enterprise, to prevent anyone from listening to them, and hopefully to silence the whistleblowers permanently- esp by death.

Years ago I did a video with Pat Goodwin where we spoke about the targeting of authors on Amazon who spoke about this mess and detailed the methods that were used to discredit and silence people.

Their most used attack is something that is very common- lies and gossip. Their method even has a name- the Woo Woo tactic. Basically it works like this:

1. Start by making defamatory comments- always as an anonymous person, against the person you are attacking.

2. Always argue with a circular argument and never acknowledge anything that is stated about you personally but keep the focus on your target. Repeat your lies relentlessly and with as much venomous conviction that you can muster.

3. When your target starts to get angry or show any emotion, vigorously point it out- and use their emotion to show how unstable and mentally unbalanced they are.

4. At the same time, use their arguments against your lies to make yourself out to be the rational one and, in the process- how you are really the one being victimized by your target.

5. Do this on as many venues as you can and encourage your target to believe they are isolated, helpless to fight back, and totally alone in their defence.

6. Most importantly, convince your target that the only way out of these relentless attacks is self destruction. Suggest to them that silence- or suicide- are the only true methods of escape- but do this as covertly as possible- only hinting at it and never blatantly stating it except in cases where it can completely stay undetected.

These methods are commonly used online but are just as effective in the real world as well.

They seek out your friends, co-workers, and family to spread gossip and lies to them in order to turn them against you, saying whatever they can think of to achieve their objective. They realize the fundamental reality that gossip- the more salacious the better- generally spreads much faster than truth.

Their objective is to turn as many away from the victim as they can while encouraging the victim to feel as isolated and alone as they can.

In some cases- they enlist the very family members that were part of the victims abuse. This is not only true for Fiona Barnett and her uncle- but myself as well, as they (and they refers to Doug Mesner aka John Kilrush aka Satanic Temples founder Lucien Greaves and his follo...

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