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Friday, 08 February

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Morrison government not recognising the climate impacts already hitting Australia Antinuclear

Governments not keeping pace with climate change impacts: scientist, Brisbane Times, By Tony Moore, February 5, 2019  One of Australias leading scientists has warned the Queensland and federal governments that they are not keeping pace with the impacts of climate change.

Queenslands recent extreme weather bushfires, heatwaves, coral bleaching, drought, Cyclone Penny, Townsvilles floods showed the state was clearly experiencing climate change, Professor Ian Lowe said.

What I think is a reason for concern is that the science in the 1980s was saying that if the [1980] climate models were right by about 2030 there would be observable changes in climate that would be impossible to ignore, Professor Lowe said.

Now I think you could say that, if anything, the science of the time was being unreasonably cautious, he said.

I think you would have to be in deep denial not to accept that there are unmistakeable signs of climate change.

Professor Lowe is a member of the Queensland governments senior climate change body, the Queensland Climate Advisory Council.

It is chaired by Queensland Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch, while Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, Deputy Premier Jackie Trad, Natural Resources and Mines Minister Anthony Lynham and Queenslands chief scientist are members....



Cost of insurance becoming unmanageable in Australia, due to climate change? Antinuclear

Could climate change make it harder to get insurance in Australia? ABC News The Signal , By Ange Lavoipierre and Stephen Smiley for The Signal, 6 Feb 19,  At the moment, Townsville is more or less underwater and large parts of Tasmania are on fire.

Key points:

  • There were anecdotal reports of premiums reaching $30,000...


Trump Uranium Quota Could Shutter Nuclear Plants, Trade Group Warns Antinuclear

 The Nuclear Energy Institute warns that a 25 percent quota on domestic uranium would send prices soaring and force nuclear plants offline. US News, By Alan Neuhauser, Staff Writer, Feb. 4, 2019, A TRUMP ADMINISTRATION proposal to institute quotas on domestic uranium could put the countrys nuclear power sector in a nuclear winter.

The administration is reportedly considering an import quota that would require U.S. uranium mining firms to provide a quarter of the domestic market. The Commerce Department...


$500 billion to modernise USAs nuclear weapons great for investors in Northrop,Boeing etc Antinuclear

Across this nuclear triad, the takeaway for investors is, theres a lot of money on the table up for grabsDefinitely going to be a bullish sign for these defense contractors going forward.   

The $500 Billion Push to Modernize the Nuclear Triad, Cold War-era technology is due for replacement, but the cost is out of this world., Motley Fool Staff, (the_motley_fool), Feb 5, 2019 .

On this segment of Industry Focus: Energy, The Motley Fools Nick Sciple and contributor Lou Whiteman discuss a Congressional Budget Office report that estimates the U.S. needs to invest...


Keeping South Australia nuclear-dump-free a priority for Candace Champion, Greens candidate for Grey electorate Antinuclear

Greens announce new candidate for Grey electorate, Transcontinental, Amy Green 6 Feb 19 Port Augusta woman Candace Champion has joined the race for the seat of Grey at the next federal election.

Running as a candidate for The Greens, Candace is described as a passionate and driven young Aboriginal woman who can bring diversity to Australian parliament.

The 32-year-old expectant mother was born in Port Augusta and grew up with a large extended family.

Brought up in a close-knit family, Candace has many fond memories of her childhood growing up on the Eyre Peninsula  especially participating in local sports.

While her family has been a large source of inspiration throughout her life, her faith is also something that has had a big influence on who she is today.

Candaces father was a minister and later on her mother followed suit.

The church is and has always been a second home for me. Friday night Youth Group and Sunday Church hold special memories, she said.

She is now an active member of the Uniting Church in Australia and the Uniting Aboriginal and Islanders Christian Congress.

Candace said she was inspired to run for government after witnessing the many issues her family, friends, country, communities and church continue to face.

She is deeply committed to child safety and keeping families together, a treaty with First Australians, and the protection of Australias beautiful country and waters.

By running for the seat of Grey I hope to achieve real advocacy, I will advocate for equality, justice and change. I hope to create positive change in all areas of government and society, Candace said

Candace is also passionate about cleaning up politics where corporate donations should be banned and making SA a no nuclear waste dump.


Canavan takes cheap shots at the UN for Adani Antinuclear

Canavan and Adani keep saying that Adrian Burragubba and the W&J Council dont speak for the Traditional Owners. One thing is absolutely certain Canavan and Adani dont.

Neither Canavan nor Adani would know land rights if they fell over them. We will persist with our petitioning of various UN bodies because the legislation and processes in Australia fall well short of international laws and standards to which Australia is a signatory.

The Coalition Government has an appalling record on Aboriginal rights, and we operate under a worse native title regime today than when the UN CERD, more than 20 years ago, found the Howard governments 10 point plan changes to the Native Title Act were racially discriminatory.

The mining industrys Resources Minister, Adani and the Coalition Government: fighters for Aboriginal Land Rights? Canavan must think were fools if we believe that. He is not going to run W&J business.


Anger in Ireland, about UK plans to dump nuclear waste close to Louth border Antinuclear

Beggars belief: Potential for nuclear dumping close to Louth border, NUCLEAR DUMPING, David Lynch, 6 Feb 2019 Local Senator Ged Nash has raised concerns in the Seanad over reports that sites north of the border are being considered as nuclear waste dumps by the UK authorities.

Speaking in the Senate, he said: I was extremely concerned to learn from residents in North Louth this week that an agency operating on behalf of the UK government has identified sites close to the border with Louth as a potential dumping ground for nuclear waste.

This absolutely beggars belief. I am informed that the agency has shown a particular interest in areas of natural beauty such as the Ring of Gullion and an area known as Silent Valley in the Mourne Mountains.

The agency responsible has described the area as having all of the attributes of a geological disposal site. This is a euphemism for a nuclear dump.

My understanding of these matters is that legally the Irish government must be consulted on any issue to do with the development of nuclear sites that may impact on Ireland.

The health, environmental and security fears associates with such a site should be plain for all to see.

I appeal to the government to oppose any such moves and I am pleased that the Leader of the House, Fine Gael Senator Jerry Buttimer agrees that the government should oppose any such facility of this nature.



Bill Shortens climate change policy isnt ambitious enough  Zali Steggall Antinuclear

Zali Steggall says Labor needs to commit to stopping Adani coalmine, Guardian Katharine Murphy Political editor @murpharoo,  6 Feb 2019
Independent challenging Tony Abbott says Shortens climate change policy isnt ambitious enough The high-profile independent taking on Tony Abbott in Warringah at the coming federal election says Labors climate change policy needs to be more ambitious and include an explicit commitment to block the Adani coalmine.In an interview with Guardian Australias political podcast, Zali Steggall said the current policy outlined by Bill Shorten was on the right track, but she challenged the opposition to go further.  I dont think its ambitious enough.

Steggall said Labor, given the potential for a change of government later in the year, needed to include a commitment to block the controversial Queensland coal project. Our financial institutions arent prepared to lend or invest in coal projects, why should the Australia peoples money be invested?

She said Labor, if it wins this years federal contest, needed to use whatever regulatory powers it had available to it to stop the project. We need an orderly retirement of coal, I dont think we should be entering new projects, Steggall said.

The attention should be with renewables, technology, clean transport, clean energy not projects like Adani.

Steggall, a barrister, and former Olympic ski champion, is one of a group of small l liberal independents taking on government frontbenchersin the federal election contest expected in May, and...


Mortgage broker reforms? "IndyWatch Feed"

RC backfires

A bit of politics for once, which is not my preferred blog subject, but anyway...

Labor's Bowen and Shorten had insisted they'd adopt all of the Royal Commission recommendations sight unseen - a pretty ill-advised idea when you think about it - ostensibly because they wanted to be seen as 'tough' on the banks, but just as likely to put pressure on the government to clamp down on lending and credit further. 

What the ALP think-tanks hadn't foreseen is the major banks getting off relatively lightly and some cataclysmic recommended reforms for the mortgage broking industry in terms of commission structure. 

The Coalition (and apparently even the Reserve Bank) believe that such wholesale changes to the broking industry warrant caution, since they'd reduce competition in the market, line the pockets of the 4 major banks, and put thousands of brokers out of business.

It'll be interesting to see whether Bowen is so in favour of implementing all recommendations now.

If I was a betting man I'd say the ALP will demur on this point, or give a waffling or non-committal answer...else they'll face instantly losing the votes of 16,000 brokers. 

Of course, they might well decide that they don't need those votes anyway given signals from internal polling, but let's see what their response is. 


Climate disruption is driving the migration of people from Central America Antinuclear

Climate change is the overlooked driver of Central American migration,, Living on Earth. February 06, 2019 Adam Wernick As people from Guatemala and Honduras continue to seek sanctuary in the US for a variety of reasons, including violence and poverty, another factor driving their migration has gotten much less attention: climate disruption.Many members of the migrant caravans that made headlines during the 2018 US midterm elections are fleeing a massive drought that has lasted for five years.

The drought has hit harder in some places than in others, says John Sutter, senior investigative reporter for CNN, who went to rural Honduras to report on climate change and immigration. In the area of Central America known as the dry corridor, for example, drought is not uncommon. But, Sutter says, some of the climate scientists he spoke with say they are seeing unprecedented effects.

In particular, spring rains, which are incredibly important for corn crops a staple in this region just havent been coming, Sutter reports. Theyre almost completely missing when you look at the average rainfall by the month. Its partly that rains have decreased; its partly that theyve shifted and are no longer falling in the seasons when they have been so useful to farmers in the past. But its been very troubling and created a lot of hardship.

Many people who live in the dry corridor of Central America are subsistence farmers, completely reliant on what...


A Repeating Story Venezuela, Another Resources Grab "IndyWatch Feed National"

(R) Nicols Maduro warns the Venezuelan military of civil war

by G5

Language and Communication are fading. Welcome to the US led World Recovery, in the Post Truth Era. The herds just want to unwind, relax, chill, and spend quality time. An illusion from those already in a comatose state.

The US concocted problems in Venezuela RHYME (according to a formula of destruction as with so many past countries).

A nation that fraudulently elects bar flies, the mentally deficient, moral cesspits, baggage carriers, the blackmailed, bought, and self-serving, to its legislature while posturing a pretense of racial, sexual, and social progressiveness, and lecturing the world. Thi...

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