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Wednesday, 12 September


Australia: Newcastle Local Stops Coal from 10 Metre Tripod "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from Frontline Action on Coal

Sarah Barron, a Newcastle local, stopped coal entering the port by ascending a tripod 10 metres above the train line this morning.

Australia exports more coal than any other country, this makes us one of worst contributors to climate change. Setting domestic emissions targets something our governments have so far failed to do is not enough. Mining and exporting coal in the face of what is an already spiralling climatic crisis is to condemn my generation and those to follow said Barron.

FLAC has been active in the Abbot Point and Galilee Basin region for the past twelve months, stopping and slowing work on the Adani owned coal terminal and the proposed Carmichael mine site. The group advocates community control over resources, 100% renewable power, justice for energy sector workers and a rapid transition to a sustainable, equitable economy.

Coal needs to end and we cant afford to wait for our government to end it. Our Prime Minister is a proxy for Minerals Council Australia, the PMs chief of staff is former coal industry boss, our Energy Minister is an anti-wind campaigner and our Environment Minister is a mining industry lawyer. Our climate is in crisis and our government is a farce. If the government wont end coal, we, the people, will.

Frontline Action on Coal spokes has said the protest has clearly highlighted the power imbalance between the coal industry and everyday people. These are concerned young people, fighting for their right for a safe future. supporting their friends and getting unfairly arrested. This is while the big companies and politicians profiting off the coal industry walk free. We are inviting everyone to come and join Act Up in Newcastle this month to stand strong against this injustice and fight for a safe climate.


Indonesia Proudly Joins US-Led Exercises to Antagonize China "IndyWatch Feed National"

Indonesia (RI), the 4th most populous nation on Earth and the country with the largest Muslim population is, and since the 1965 US-orchestrated anti-Communist coup has been, the most radically pro-Western and anti-socialist place in Asia.

This is where you could end up in prison for publicly declaring that you are a Communist, or just an atheist. And this is where Western pop music, junk food and brutally meaningless Hollywood blockbusters are rubbing shoulders with the Saudi-style interpretation of Islam; with Wahhabism, that has been spread with the direct involvement of the US, UK and other Western countries.

The more intolerant Indonesia gets, the more tolerant it is called by its ally and patron the West. The most miserable and unprotected the Indonesian masses get, the more their country is defined as a democracy.

Indonesian racism against the Chinese people (and, in fact, everything Chinese) has been legendary, and always welcomed and encouraged by Washington, London and Canberra.

After 1965, for several decades until the Presidency of Abdurrahman Wahid (the progressive Muslim cleric who had been deposed during a constitutional coup in 2001), everything Chinese was banned in Indonesia, including Chinese characters, language, publications, films, and even red lamps, cakes and dragons. The same went for things Soviet, or Russian, although that was never directly specified.

The West scored a great victory in Indonesia. It lost Vietnam and Laos, but it gained an entire archipelago overflowing with natural resources; the place that it has been plundering brutally and consistently from 1965 until now. It helped to shape a country hopelessly corrupt, ruled by servile elites who have been interested exclusively in their own profits, while in the process sacrificing the greatly impoverished majority of badly educated and religiously and ideologically (by the West and by the extreme capitalist dogmas) indoctrinated people.


Indonesia absorbed a substantial number of Chinese post-revolution religious exiles, particularly right-wing Christian priests and preachers, who settled down in the cities like Surabaya, and who, while relying on Western support and funding, continue spreading anti-PRC and anti-Communist propaganda.

It is very little wonder that after continuous right-wing political indoctrination and religious bombardment, collaboration with the West has been accepted by the great majority of Indonesian citizens without any soul searching or second thought. Jakarta cooperates openly and proudly with the US, UK, Australia and other Western countries (as well as with Japan) especially when it comes to politics, diplomacy, but also the economy and even military.

This fact is often overl...

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Tuesday, 11 September


A Toxic Mix: Welfare Reform And The Mob In Remote Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Rome (Canberra) continues to fiddle while Black Australia burns. Professor Jon Altman weighs in on the ongoing disasters of government policy that have a tight grip on remote living Indigenous people.

In the last month I participated in two workshops. I used what I observed on my latest visit to Arnhem Land and what people were telling me to inform what I presented at the workshops.

The first workshop explored issues around excessive consumption by industrialised societies globally and how this is harming human health and destroying the planet. Workshop participants asked how such consumptogenic systems might be regulated for the global good? My job was to provide a case study from my research on consumption by Indigenous people in remote Australia.

The second workshop looked at welfare reform in the last decade in remote Indigenous Australia. In this workshop I looked at how welfare reform by the Australian state after the NT Intervention was creatively destroying the economy and lifeways of groups in Arnhem Land who are looking to live on their lands and off its natural resources.

Here I want to share some of what I said.


BROADLY speaking Indigenous policy in remote Australia is looking to do two things.

The first is to Close the Gaps so that Indigenous Australians can one future day have the same socio-economic status as other Australians. In remote Australia this goal is linked to the project to Develop the North via a combination of opening Aboriginal communities and lands to more market capitalism and extraction, purportedly for the improvement of disadvantaged Indigenous peoples and land owners.

While remote-living Indigenous people have economic and social justice rights to vastly improved wellbeing, in such scenarios of future economic equality based on market capitalism, the downsides of what I think of as consumptomania are never mentioned.

The second aim of policy is the extreme regulation of Indigenous people and their behaviour, when deemed unacceptable. In a punitive manifestation of neoliberal governmentality, the Australian state, and its nominated agents, are looking to morally restructure Indigenous people to transform them into model citizens: hard-working, individualistic, highly educated, nationally mobile at least in pursuit of work (not alcohol), and materially acquisitive.

This paternalistic project of improvement makes no concessions whatsoever to cultural difference, colonial history of neglect, connection to country, discrimination, and so on.

In the last decade new race-based instruments have been devised to regulate Indigenous people including their forms of expenditure (via income management), forms of working via the Community Devel...


Magnitude 6.9 New Zealand September 10, 2018 and Magnitude 6.5 Solomon Islands September 9, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

USGS Event Page
Magnitude 6.9

61km SW of LEsperance Rock, New Zealand
2018-09-10 04:19:02 UTC
Location: -31.842S, -179.334W

111.1 km depth

Seismotectonics of the Eastern Margin of the Australia Plate

USGS Event Page
Magnitude 6.5
65km NW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
2018-09-09 19:31:34 UTC
10.008S, 161.533E
64.5 km depth

Seismotectonics of the New Guinea Region and Vicinity


Monday, 10 September


Liberals loss of Wagga Wagga will have nationwide repercussions "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

The massive swing against the Liberals in the Wagga Wagga by election is much more than a loss for the New South Wales government of Gladys Berejiklian. It has been clear rebuff of vote the federal Coalitions direction and leadership of Scott Morrison.

Having this occur in a seat that has not changed hands for more than 60 years is telling. It shows how widespread the dissatisfaction has become. A swing in the vote of some 30 percent is highly significant. So much so that it will have national implications.

This is a seat where a significant part has connection to the military and is traditionally died in the wool pro-Liberal. Not any more. Across thew board, locals see that their concerns have been ignored for far too long, and when the local member was found to be corrupt, it was the last straw.

Local factors were Important.  But they do not account for the size of the swing. If anything, even remotely like this is repeated throughout Australia, the Coalition is going to be decimated.

A state election is due in six months in New South Wales and a national election next year. Victoria Faces one this year. The coalition could not be in a  much worse place than this.

Independent, Dr Joe McGirr, is set to take the seat, unless preferences from the Fishers and Farmers Party, hand it over to Labor. As the counting continues however, this is becoming less likely.

New south Wales premier Berejiklian has berated her federal colleagues over the loss. Sher misses the point. All of them are part of the problem.

This nightmare for Scott Morrison is the result of a long-term decay, brought about by the pursuing of neoliberal economic and social policy, and the resulting dissatisfaction it has caused. The big picture is that the shift from trusting politicians, the traditional party system and institutions is continuing.

Currently, the Liberal and National parties are receiving the main blow. Australians are looking for new answers, and this political force is causing internal party divisions and warring factionalism.

Part of the fallout has been the emergence of maverick parties. Another part is that Labor and the Greens have been handed an historic opportunity to capture the mood and offer a new course. T

Whatever happens at the coming elections, there will be no return to the politics of the past.

People from all walks of life are paying the price for the damage of an unfair economic system, robbing those less fortunate to line the pockets of those at the top of the pile. It affects those depending on wages, those thrown into dependency on Centrelink, Indigenous Australians, small business owners and many of those trying to make a living in this...


Nuclear waste returning to Australia is really High Level Waste Antinuclear

Dan Monceaux shared a link Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia 10 Sept 18, Some people in South Australia have been given the impression that spent nuclear fuel, reprocessed and vitrified in France, is returned to Australia or other countries as intermediate or even low-level nuclear waste. Im yet to find any examples of other countries classifying this material as anything other than high level nuclear waste.


Anonymous pro nuclear engineers lobbied Canberra ministers and premiers. Antinuclear

Steve Dale, 8 Sept 18  In the lead up to the leadership spill, there has been a concerted push for nuclear power. A letter written and financed (supposedly) by 5 veteran engineers was sent to all Canberra ministers and premiers.

. There have also been a series of articles in the Australian ne...


Australias Liberal Coalition government abandons plans to combat climate change Antinuclear

Josh Frydenberg says government will focus on power prices over emissions reduction, Canberra Times By Stephanie Peatling, 9 September 2018 Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has conceded the Australian Parliament has failed to deal with the challenge of climate change as he confirmed the new Morrison government will concentrate on lowering power prices ahead of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What you will hear from us, which you will not hear from the Labor Party, is that we will put reducing peoples power bills first, over emissions. You will not hear the Labor Party say that, he said..

Mr Frydenbergs comments on Sunday followed those made by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Saturday when he said he would formally ask the Liberal party room to ditch the policy when it meets this week.

Mr Morrison repeated his commitment to Australia meeting its international greenhouse gas reduction targets under the Paris agreement but said the target would no longer be legislated.  New Energy Minister Angus Taylor is working on a revamped energy policy to take to cabinet.

.Mr Frydenberg said the issue of climate change was one which had bedevilled Australian politics for more than a decade.

Mr Frydenberg said he was confident Australia would still meet is international greenhouse gas reduction targets but people wanted to see the government acting on power...


Climate change brings a global heat crisis Antinuclear

Japan Crushed by Godzilla-Like Deluge, Floods, and Landslides

GLOBAL HEAT CRISIS  September 5, 2018, Alex Smith,  Radio Ecoshock New high temperature records set all over N. Hemisphere

Download or listen to this Radio Ecoshock show  [link on original  at

..Nobody alive or dead has ever seen anything like what just happened in the past few months. No human has ever lived with carbon dioxide levels this high in the atmosphere. And that carbon load continues to climb as motorized life and fossil-powered electricity spread across the globe. The human cloud of greenhouse gases found an echo as forests released their carbon on every continent.

Here in British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada, we had our second year of fire emergency. Over 700 large fires burned through the mountains. Gigantic out-of-control blazes lit up the night, and then buried the whole sky with thick smoke, turning the day into night. Thousands were evacuated, t...


Will France import 4 tons of nuclear waste from Australia? Antinuclear

Liberation 8th Sept 2018, Will France import and process 4 tons of radioactive waste from Australia?
It is spent uranium and plutonium that has been used in a research reactor.
They will be treated at the Hague and returned to Australia.


Over 4,000 liquidators at Chernobyl died from radiation-caused cancers, Antinuclear

 THE MELTDOWN AT the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in northern Ukraine on April 26, 1986 was a massive tragedy that ultimately claimed at least 9,000 lives and affected millions more. It also created a toxic mess. Radioactive particles choked the atmosphere and rained down on cities, forests, and roads. In the immediate aftermath, fires had to be put out, debris cleared, contaminated waste buried deep underground.It was, obviously, not an easy task. Remote-controlled bulldozers and other robots proved too weak for the job, their circuitry fried by radiation. So the Soviet Union sent in humans600,000 of them. These brave firefighters, soldiers, janitors, and minersthe so-called liquidatorsdid everything from hosing down streets to felling trees to building a concrete sarcophagus around the exposed reactor all the while charged subatomic particles ravaged their cells and shortened their life spans.

No personal sacrifice was too much for these men and women, says photographer Tom Skipp. Moved by their story, he visited Slavutych, Ukraine in April to photograph survivors, now in their golden years. The portraits make up his haunting series The Liquidators.



Thousands march across US to call for action on climate change Antinuclear

Rise for Climate: thousands march across US to protest environment crisis 9 Sep 18

Protests spearheaded by march in San Francisco ahead of climate change summit in the city next week

Tens of thousands of people took part in marches and other events across the US on Saturday, calling for a swift transition to renewable energy in order to stave off the various perils of climate change.


Australia stands to REALLY lose face on climate change at coming international summits Antinuclear

Morrison will face mounting pressure from the vocal band of conservatives in his party room not to commit to anything on climate change, be it symbolic or tangible.
What the government chooses to do next could have reputational repercussions for years to come.
Climate policy is clearly a threat to our domestic politics and to the job security of Australian prime ministers. With further missteps it could upend our diplomacy as well.
Lack of climate policy threatens to trip up Australian diplomacy this summit season Christian Downie Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow, Australian National UniversitySeptember 10, 2018 Australia has navigated a somewhat stormy passage through the Pacific Islands Forum in Nauru. Scott Morrisons new-look government faced renewed accusations at the summit about the strength of Australias resolve on climate policy.

Australia is neither a small nation nor one of the most powerful, but for many years it has been a trusted nation. H...


Dr Joe McGirr, independent and supporter of climate action, is set to win Wagga Wagga by-election Antinuclear

Wagga Wagga by-election: Antony Green calls it for Dr Joe McGirr ABC News , By Nick Sas and Jennine Khalik  9 Sept 18, ABC election analyst Antony Green has called the Wagga Wagga by-election for independent candidate Dr Joe McGirr.

Speaking on ABC News on Sunday night, Green said he felt safe calling Saturdays by-election, slightly more than 24 hours after the polls closed.

He is a certain winner, Green said.

The race for the seat, which had been vacated by disgraced Liberal MP Daryl Maguire, became a two-man battle between Labors Dan Hayes and Dr McGirr after the Liberals were hit with a 29 per cent swing against them..

Dr McGirr, a medical doctor and academic at the University of Notre Dame Australia, has lived in central Wagga since 1991 and only decided to run for the seat three weeks ago


Julian Assanges future safety hangs in the balance Antinuclear

WikiLeaks Whistleblower Awaits Fate, American Free Press , September 7, 2018   The fate of gutsy WikiLeaks founder and whistleblower Julian Assange rests in the hands of the government of Ecuador, first reported here in AFPs Issue 33&34. Assange has lived at the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012 and will be instantly arrested by the UK if he leaves the building. Just-released news that his health is deteriorating rapidly makes even more urgent Ecuadorian actions even more urgent. 

By S.T. Patrick   As  the future of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange twists in the political winds, the United States, Great Britain, and Ecuador continue to negotiate over the life of the Australian computer programmer and hacker.

The white-haired Australian, Assange, 47, founded WikiLeaks in 2006, but his presence in the global...


On Small Modular Nuclear Reactors, nuclear lobbyists, like Dr Pangloss, unrealistic optimism Antinuclear

Panglossian puffery, says David Lowry. The report ignores the security and nuclear waste problems of small modular reactors.

The Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA) says this is yet another attempt to promote the benefits of SMRs despite large and quite possibly insur...


Flexibility of Renewable Energy Systems is Shifting the Power Balance Antinuclear

 By 2040 Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that more than half of global energy capacity will come from renewables and flexible sources, such as battery storage and demand side response

 NuClear News Sept 18   Tom Greatrex of the Nuclear Industry...


September 9 Energy News geoharvey Antinuclear

World: Climate change: Protests held ahead of California summit Organised by New York-based group, environmentalists held protests around the world demanding stepped up action on climate change, ahead of a summit in California. Thousands took part in Paris, days after Frances environment minister quit over perceived policy failures. [BBC] Dirty Reality Catching []

via September 9 Energy News geoharvey


The Lucky Country is Out of Luck "IndyWatch Feed"

My analysis suggests that the Australian economy faces a grim future. And its my belief that you need to start preparing yourself for what I see as a coming recession down under.

If youre 27 years old or younger, Australia has not had a recession in your lifetime.

If youre under the age of 40, Australia has not had a recession in your adult lifetime.

Australias last recession ended in June 1991, over 27 years ago.

The economy shows no signs of entering a recession right now despite slowing growth in recent quarters.

During my first visit to Australia in 1982, I frequently heard Aussies use the term Lucky Country to describe their homeland.

The phrase was new to me but had been around for a long time. The term gained traction after 1964 as the result of the publication of a book, The Lucky Country, by Aussie native Donald Home.

The irony of the book title is that Home used it critically, but Australians have adopted it as a term of endearment.

Home argued that Australians were not particularly entrepreneurial or hard working. Instead they road on the coattails of Brits, Americans and Canadians who used their democracy and capital markets to create real wealth.

Australians were basically free riders on a system built by others.

What the Australians did have was abundant natural resources and physical distance from the problems of the world that enabled them to grow rich without doing much to earn their wealth or democracy.

This was mostly true in 1964, and not much has changed today.

Resources and property drove prosperity

A recent Economic Innovation Index published by The Economist ranked Australia 22nd in innovation, well behind tech powerhouses such as the US, Japan and Germany. Australia also fails to crack the top 20 in similar indices.

Despite that critical thesis, Australians adopted the title fondly. Their reasons are not different from the ones spelled out by Home, but the attitude is positive.

There is abundant natural resources such as gold, iron ore, bauxite, lead, coal, uranium, zinc, lithium and much more.

A moderate climate, a relatively small population about 25 million in the worlds sixth largest country by land mass a liberal immigration policy, the English language and a good rule of law have combined to make Australia one of the most prosperous countries in the world and a favoured destination for direct foreign investment.

Australians are not disturbed by being the Lucky Country.

Theyre just fine with that status. As a real Aussi...


#Fukushima #Nuclear testimony, #OHCHR #UNHRC #CRIN #Safecast September 2018 Part 1 Fukushima 311 Watchdogs Antinuclear

Originally posted on nuclear-news: Posted to Posted by Shaun McGee aka Arclight2011 posted on 5th September 2018 The plight of the internally displaced people (IDPs) of Japan has largely gone unrecognised by most media sources. IDP`s though, have been recognised in the last UN Plenary session concerning Japan, here is a link for that;

via #Fukushima #Nuclear testimony, #OHCHR #UNHRC #CRIN #Safecast September 2018 Part 1 Fukushima 311 Watchdogs


South Australia offers up to $6,000 grants for home battery installations RenewEconomy Antinuclear

South Australia government to offer $6,000 subsidy per household for battery storage, with CEFC adding another $100 million to offer cheap loans to assist with purchase of rooftop solar and storage. The post South Australia offers up to $6,000 grants for home battery installations appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via South Australia offers up to $6,000 grants for home battery installations RenewEconomy


Greenpeace tells PM to get your hand off it "IndyWatch Feed National"

Greenpeace Australia Pacific climbers have taken to the flagpoles outside Parliament House to send a message to new Prime Minister Scott Morrison as he returns for the first day in parliament since taking over as leader of the country. Photo supplied

CANBERRA Greenpeace Australia Pacific climbers have taken to the flagpoles outside Parliament House to send a message to new prime minister Scott Morrison as he returns for the first day in parliament since taking over as leader of the country.

The climbers unfurled a banner depicting the now infamous time Morrison brought a lacquered lump of coal into parliament and waved it around ordering his colleagues and the opposition dont be afraid.

Two weeks ago we saw a coal coup that successfully installed a new prime minister, Greenpeace Australias Pacific program director, Dominique Rowe, said.

This is a PM who waved around a piece of coal gifted to him by the Minerals Council, who boasts a former deputy CEO of the Mineral Council as his chief of staff, who made a former mineral industry lawyer his environment minister and whose energy minister is an anti-wind farm activist.

Today he returns to Parliament with literally no climate policy, which is a slap in the face to the 96 per cent of Australians who want renewable energy solutions, not coal pollution. This irreverent message from the more than one million Greenpeace supporters is here to remind the government who theyre really accountable to their voters.

Rowe said Greenpeace Australia Pacific is calling for Australias federal parliamentarians to examine the influence and intrusion of the coal lobby in politics.

Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has stated it is impossible for the current government to take meaningful action on emissions due to the influence of lobby groups on parts of the federal coalition, she said.

These powerful groups have now managed to topple three sitting prime ministers and stopped the Minerals Resource Rent Tax which would have seen a fair share of revenue flow to all Australians instead of lining the pockets of a few billionaires.

The coal industry and their lobbyists have taken over parliament house and the people of Australia will n...


Dear politicians, get your heads out of the coal pit and into the real world | Peter Holding "IndyWatch Feed National"

As farmers we're dealing with increasingly extreme weather as a result of global warming. We need meaningful action nowAs a third-generation farmer from Harden in New South Wales, I've weathered climate extremes my whole life. It's simply part of doing business in one of the most variable climates in the world.The truth is, Australian farmers are good at what they do, and we know when things are changing. Related: The land falls silent: Australian farmers battle life without rain Related: [...]

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