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Friday, 20 July


Tiny Puppy Playing With Family Suddenly Disappears Down Hole "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

It had been raining all day in Huntsville, Alabama. When the sun finally came out in the evening, Karen Smith opened the door to let out her four foster puppies Toffee, Snickerdoodle, Brickle and Cotton Candy, who were all siblings so they could play in her yard. But Smith never expected what happened next.

A friend of mine and I were out there with them, and we were just walking around, Smith, a foster carer for A New Leash on Life, a local dog rescue group, told The Dodo. Toffee came running towards us, and she just went straight down.

Credit: A New Leash on Life

But where did she go? Smith and her friend hurried over to investigate, and were shocked to discover that Toffee had disappeared into a hole between some rocks. Smith had never seen this hole before it looked like the opening of a cave.

It had just appeared, Smith said. Wed gotten so much rain recently and its possible it had eroded that little spot away where she happened to fall in.

Smith could hear Toffee whining down below, although she knew Toffee couldnt hear her. The Australian shepherd mix puppy was fully deaf.

Credit: Karen Smith

At first, I thought Id be able to move a rock away and reach down and get her, Smith said. I thought that she couldnt have fallen very far.

But when Smith and her friend moved a big rock, they realized Toffee was further down than they thought.

About 4 or 5 feet down, there was a ledge, but she wasnt there, Smith said. There was a smaller hole that went way further down. I got a flashlight, and thats when I could see that she was really far down, and how deep it was....


Mom Sheep Fought Off Attackers To Save Her Baby Lamb "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Its said that nothing is stronger than a mothers love  and a sheep named Elmina recently proved this to be true.

Earlier this week, the team at Victorian Lamb Rescue got a call about a badly injured sheep. Roaming dogs had entered a sheep farm in Victoria, Australia, killing several members of a flock. When the dogs turned on Elmina and her young lamb, Razili, Elmina did everything in her power to protect her baby.

Credit: Victorian Lamb Rescue

In an attempt to save her baby from being fatally attacked she hid her behind and tried to fend them off, Victorian Lamb Rescue wrote in an Instagram post. She stood her ground and fought, but she was outnumbered, and her stomping and charging was no match for their gnashing teeth. She was viciously mauled ... but she had succeeded. Her baby was untouched.

When the farmer found Elmina, the ewe was barely alive  she was covered in bite marks, punctures and lacerations, and he considered putting her down. But the farmers neighbor, who works as a sheep shearer, suggested calling Victorian Lamb Rescue to see if the group could help.

Credit: Victorian Lamb Rescue

When we arrived she was lying near a fence with her lamb nearby, Jay (who asked for his last name to remain private), a volunteer at Victorian Lamb Rescue, told The Dodo. There were tufts of wool all over the yard. She had patches [of] wool missing, blood all over.

The team at Victorian Lamb Rescue rushed Elmina to the vet for emergency surgery, and the vet team managed to close up Elminas largest wounds.



23 Luxury Living and Nonliving Things Worksheets Image "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

living and nonliving worksheets for kindergarten non teachers characteristics of living things video & lesson transcript non living things for kids png transparent non living paring living and non living things worksheet australia best 25 ideas about non living things clip art living and nonliving...


Submissions to Senate: more people oppose a nuclear waste dump in Kimba or Hawker Antinuclear

The 58 submissions to the Senate, opposing the plan for the process for selecting a nuclear waste dump site come from a variety of organisations and individuals, and include residents of Eyre Peninsula.

These are some points that came up as they answered the Term of Reference, especially  (f) Any related matters. (These submissions also generally gave full answers to the other 5 more narrow Terms of Reference)

Comprehensive criticism of the entire process. (ENUFF  Submission no. 109)    No justification for dump   (Wakelin B No. 23)  Why the assumption it has to be  South Australia.?     (Wauchope N. No.  21)   Flawed process (Hughes No. 57)   (Mitchell No. 25) Opposed to process, not necessarily to dump (Lienert L No. 50)  End the process  (Noonan, D No 31)  Longterm negative effects (Sisters of St Joseph No. 68 )

Nuclear wastes. Wants re-examination of waste plans (CCSA 55 )  Intermediate wastes   (Mitchell 25,  Scott C 14 ) Prelude to commercial waste import? (Name Withheld 90 )  Dangers Waste types ( Noonan, D31  Wauchope N  21 )  Lucas Heights best site  (Taylor A 82 )  stranded wastes (Tulloch S 32)

Issues of dishonesty lack of trust  (Ashton 73)  Hypocrisy of DIIS   (Bannon 85  Fergusson 106) Biased committees (Scott T 44)  Biased and misleading information given  (Thomas 36 Tiller J 9   Tulloch B 87)  Dishonest process   (T...


New research backs the Linear No Threshold theory of ionising radiation Antinuclear


 Implications of recent epidemiologic studies for the linear nonthreshold model and radiation protection

ArticleinJournal of Radiological Protection
ArticleinJournal of Radiological Protection July 2018  Roy Shore...


Sweden worst affected as wildfires rage in Arctic Circle Antinuclear

Wildfires rage in Arctic Circle as Sweden calls for help, By Jonathan Watts, July 18, 2018

At least 11 wildfires are raging inside the Arctic Circle as the hot, dry summer turns an abnormally wide area of Europe into a tinderbox.

The worst affected country, Sweden, has called for emergency assistance from its partners in the European Union to help fight the blazes, which have broken out across a wide range of its territory and prompted the evacuations of four communities.

Tens of thousands of people have been warned to remain inside and close windows and vents to avoid smoke inhalation. Rail services have been disrupted.

The Copernicus Earth observation programme, which gives daily updates of fires in Europe, shows more than 60 fires burning across Sweden, with sites also ablaze in Norway, Finland and Russia, including in the Arctic Circle.

Norway has sent six fire-fighting helicopters in response to its neighbours request for assistance. Italy...


Indias summer heat becoming physically unbearable Antinuclear

In India, summer heat could soon be unbearable literally

An analysis of South Asias biggest cities found that if current warming trends continued, wet bulb temperatures a measure of heat and humidity indicating when the body can no longer cool itself will become so high people directly exposed for six hours or more would die.
Somini Sengupta-Seattle Times,  July 18, 2018

The New York Times

NEW DELHI On a sweltering Wednesday in June, a rail-thin woman named Rehmati gripped the doctors table with both hands. She could hardly hold herself upright, the pain in her stomach was so intense.

She had traveled for 26 hours in a hot oven of a bus to visit her husband, a migrant worker here in the Indian capital. By the time she got here, the city was an oven, too: 111 degrees by lunchtime, and Rehmati was in an emergency room.

The doctor, Reena Yadav, did not know exactly what had made Rehmati sick, but it was clearly linked to the heat. Yadav suspected dehydration, possibly aggravated by fasting during Ramadan. Or it could have been food poisoning, common in summer because food spoils quickly.

Yadav put Rehmati, who is 31 and goes by one name, on a drip. She held her hand and told her she would be fine. Rehmati leaned over and retched.

Extreme heat can kill, as it did by the dozens in Pakistan in May. But as many of South Asias already-scorching cities get even hotter, scientists and economists are warning of a quieter, more far-reaching danger: Extreme heat is devastating the health and livelihoods of te...


Night-time temperatures are going up Antinuclear

Research published in the International Journal of Climatology last year found night-time temperatures were increasing more rapidly than daytime temperatures.

Australia is not immune from warmer nights  our night-time temperatures have been increasing over the past 50 years and they are expected to continue to rise.

Why temperatures at night are going up around the world and what we can do about it, ABC Weather By Kate Doyle 


Port Augusta, South Australia, becoming an Australian, a global, leader in renewable energy Antinuclear

Life after coal: the South Australian city leading the way
It was a coal town, predicted to be wiped out by the closure of two ageing power plants. Now Port Augusta has 13 renewable projects in train,
Guardian by Adam Morton 20 July 18 

The largest solar farm in the southern hemisphere lies on arid land at the foot of the Flinders Ranges, more than 300km north of Adelaide. If that sounds remote, it doesnt do justice to how removed local residents feel from what currently qualifies as debate in Canberra.

As government MPs and national newspapers thundered over whether taxpayers should underwrite new coal-fired power, mauling advice from government agencies as they went, residents of South Australias Upper Spencer Gulf region...


Ecosystems in Australia are being destroyed by climate change Antinuclear

It might be too late to save these Australian ecosystems from climate change

A series of sudden and catastrophic ecosystem collapses has hit Australia and researchers think they may be irreversible, INDEPENDENT, Rebecca Harris   David Bowman  19 July 18 


New Laws Will Allow the Use of Military to Break Protests Antinuclear

 Sydney Criminal lawyers, By Paul Gregoire | 19/07/2018 

The Turnbull government recently introduced legislation into parliament designed to lower the threshold for calling out the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to assist state police forceswith public incidents.

The Defence Amendment (Call Out of the Australian Defence Force) Bill 2018 revises Part IIIAAA of the Defence Act 1903, which was inserted into the Act in the lead up to the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Currently, the military can only be called upon by state and territory authorities when theyve exhausted all other options. The new bill would allow for a call out request to be actioned, when its decided that ADF personnel can enhance the ability of state police in dealing with an incident.

The new legislation also allows the PM and other authorised ministers to send in the troops when state authorities havent requested assistance, but Commonwealth interests are at stake. And it p...


The ultimate nightmare Trumps plan for nuclear weapons in space Antinuclear

Star wars returns Free speech tv. 1 of 3

Trumps Space Force: Military Profiteerings Final Frontier

The heavens are going to be littered with radioactive debris.

by Harvey Wasserman July 19, 2018 

The Commander-in-Chief, President Donald Trump, has announced a new mission into the realm of martial excess. It is one is that will surely enrich the aerospace industry while spreading the global battlefield to a new dimension.

Trump is calling for the creation of a new Space Force as a sixth branch of the U.S. military, to militarize the heavens.

It is not enough to merely have an American presence in space, Trump told a meeting of the National Space Council in mid-June. We must have American dominance in space.

To this end, the President has taken a page from Ronald Reagans Star Wars playbook. Reagans scheme, according to a recent article by Karl Grossman, was built around nuclear reactors and plutonium systems on orbiting battle platforms providing the power for hypervelocity guns, particle beams and laser weapons.

Grossman, a journalism professor at State University of New York/College of New York and author of the book The Wrong Stuff: The Space Programs Nuclear Threat to Our Planet, has been reporting on the militarization of space for decades, says the move will likely spur a new international competition to weaponize space.

In an interview, Grossman told...


China General Nuclear Power Corporation buys 75% stake in wind power project from Australias Macquarie Group Antinuclear

Reuters 18th July 2018 ,China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) has acquired a 75 percent
stake in a Swedish wind power project from Australias Macquarie Group and GE Energy Financial Services, state news agency Xinhua reported on Wednesday.

The North Pole wind power project, located in Pitea, Sweden, is expected to be operational by the end of 2019 with a capacity of 650,000 kilowatts, making it the single largest onshore wind power park in Europe, Xinhua said.


Nuclear power is now recognised as not economically viable Antinuclear

Ecologist 18th July 2018 Nuclear power is now recognised as not economically viable. This confirms
that renewable energy really does deserve its place in the sun, argues Bruce Davis, the managing director of Abundance Investment.

The UK has long been a welcoming habitat for a number of white elephants. Normally, these
rare and massive beasts roam freely, grazing on political expediency. However, now and again their existence is threatened by outbreaks of political honesty and economic necessity.

This week saw calls for the humane culling of one species of white elephant in particular, namely our...

Thursday, 19 July


20 Awesome Distributive Property Worksheets 5th Grade Images "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

identity property multiplication worksheets desiaustralia excellent lesson for kids worksheet a and an worksheets light algebra worksheet distributive property beautiful algebra worksheets simplifying expressions contemporary 1200 best kids and parent learning images on pinterest properties of multiplication math sorting activity identity zero free worksheets...


Market Talk- July 18, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"

A pretty mixed day in Asia today with a small improvement for Japan, whilst the China decline continues. Having heard the comments from FED Chair Jerome Powell, markets assumed a hold mentality with volumes reflecting the uncertainty coupled with summer lull. The Nikkei did add +0.5% onto yesterdays numbers, but at the expense of the currency. Most of the core held well during the morning sessions and only drifted late in the day. Both the Shanghai and Hang Seng were up mid afternoon then slipped into the -0.3% close. SENSEX saw a marginal loss similar to China as prices drifted into the close. The INR remains weak rejecting the early move (a two week high) only to settle at the days lows (68.62). The AUD has recovered the 0.74 handle in late trading, probably supported by the strong ASX tone as BHP helped sentiment.

First headlines seen in early European trading was that of Google with an EU antitrust fine of $5bn. However, given the US markets closed strong and Asia hadnt fallen away too sharply, the next thing was the currency. FED Chairman helped support the USD late Tuesday and the Euro, Yen and GBP just followed the pack. Towards the close of Europe, we did see a recovery in this area but only through a lethargic US opening. UK numbers released +0.4% M/M and 2.4% which failed estimates. Sterling suffered as a response and even in late trading remains heavy (-0.5%) on the day. It did manage to hold the 1.30 level, but is testing the buyers as we have not seen these prices since last October. Fridays close will be interesting but still looks heavy.

Even with earnings season upon us, most core indices struggled to show enthusiasm. After an initial wobble prices for the core held steady and even managed a bounce, in thin trade. The NASDAQ was again the heavy candidate which too recovered from early losses. It will be interesting to see where we close Friday as markets are consolidating with the ever strengthening USD. Summer volumes are all around, which makes it difficult to field volume. We remain at lofty levels, which is impressive given the lack of volume.

Japan 0.04%, US 2s closed 2.63% (+1bp), 10s 2.88% (+2bp), 30s 2.99% (+2bp), Bunds 0.34% (-2bp), France 0.62% (-1bp), Italy 2.50% (+3bp), G...

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