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Tuesday, 22 May


Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Boeing C-17A Globemaster III A41-209 Pops into Rockhampton Airport "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

On Tuesday 22 May, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Boeing C-17A Globemaster III A41-209 called into Rockhampton Airport on what looked to be a training flight that originated at RAAF Base Amberley. 

Flying as "Stallion 02", the C-17 initially completed airwork at Charleville Airport before flying up to Rocky.



A Few More Photos of the Weekend RAAF Aircraft Action at Rockhampton Airport "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Local plane spotter 'IAD' was also on hand at Rockhampton Airport over the weekend and he captured some more great photos of a couple of Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) aircraft to call into Rockhampton Airport.

As we mentioned below, on Saturday 19 May, RAAF Lockheed C-130J-30 Hercules transport aircraft A97-441 called into Rockhampton Airport from RAAF Base Richmond as "Trojan 55".


Machjet Cessna 525 Citation CJ1 VH-SIY Spotted at Rockhampton Airport - Plus More Bizjets at CQ Airports Over the Weekend! "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

On Sunday 20 May, Machjet (Machjet International) Cessna 525 Citation CJ1 bizjet VH-SIY was spotted arriving into Rockhampton Airport.  It looked to touch down from its Sunshine Coast base.

After collecting some passengers, VH-SIY appeared to return to the Sunshine Coast.



Australia - Two towns are 48kms apart. One has twice as much tooth decay "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

For 40 years, dental therapist Jennifer James has had the "unique experience" of treating children in Bathurst, which has fluoride in its water, and 48 kilometres away in Oberon, which doesn't.
The difference out here working is that you see twice as much tooth decay in children, twice as many fillings, twice as many extractions. That is a comparison we can make weekly in Bathurst and Oberon," said Ms James, who works for NSW Health.
"What people don't see is parents crying because they don't understand why their children need teeth taken out."......................

Is it really as simple and obvious as she believes? 


MACKAY Plasterer begs for mercy after raid uncovers illegal crop "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

MACKAY May 22, 2018 at 07:15AM ,

Plasterer begs for mercy after raid uncovers illegal crop

May 22, 2018 at 07:15AM ,

Reynolds appeared in Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday, telling Magistrate Damien Dwyer he had been growing marijuana for personal use and

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Archbishop Philip Wilson abuse concealment case the tip of the iceberg "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

ABC News Australia

Archbishop Philip Wilson abuse concealment case the tip of the iceberg

22 May 2018

The verdict in the case of Archbishop Philip Wilson the most senior Catholic to be charged with concealing child abuse is already being declared a landmark case, with one legal expert predicting it could trigger a flood of other prosecutions.

Key points:

  • Wilson is the most senior Catholic to have been charged with concealing abuse
  • Lawyer Craig Caldicott says todays guilty verdict could prompt other prosecutions
  • He expects Wilson to appeal, and says the case could end up in the High Court

Wilson who became the Archbishop of Adelaide in 2001 was found guilty of covering up abuse by priest Jim Fletcher in the NSW Hunter region in the 1970s.



URGENT: Vigil + Protest for Rohingyan refugee killed on Manus Island "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

FRIDAY MAY 25, 5:30-6:30pm, STATE LIBRARY Join the Refugee Action Collective for a vigil + protest to mark the death of yet another refugee on Manus Island. Speakers: Shawfikul Islam, Australian Burmese Rohingya Organisation more tbc A thirty two Rohingyan refugee has died on Manus on Tuesday May 22. Reports indicate he was killed(...)


Chauka, Please Tell Us The Time | RAC film screening fundraiser "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Friday June 15, 6:30 8:30pm RMIT University, Building 80, 445 Swanston Street, Melbourne Link to Facebook Event: Refugee Action Collective Victoria presents: Chaulka, Please Tell Us The Time, a documentary co-directed by Behrooz Boochani and Arash Kamali Sarvestani. This incredible and deeply moving documentary captures life inside the Manus Island immigration detention centre.(...)


Oberon: Two towns are 48kms apart. One has twice as much tooth decay "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

For 40 years, dental therapist Jennifer James has had the unique experience of treating children in Bathurst, which has fluoride in its water, and 48 kilometres away in Oberon, which doesnt.

The difference out here working is that you see twice as much tooth decay in children, twice as many fillings, twice as many extractions. That is a comparison we can make weekly in Bathurst and Oberon, said Ms James, who works for NSW Health.

What people dont see is parents crying because they dont understand why their children need teeth taken out.

For Ms James, it is a clear cut case of the haves and the have-nots. Every day she sees the impact of the Oberons repeated decisions not to fluoridate its water supply in childrens mouths, she told a community meeting in Oberon .

Fifty years after Sydney decided to fluoridate, Oberon is once again tackling the emotional issue of whether to reverse its long-standing opposition to adding fluoride. About 97 per cent of NSW residents have access to fluoridated water.

While some areas cant add fluoride for logistical and technical reasons, Health Minister Brad Hazzard in December urged the eight councils where fluoride could be added to reconsider.

Since then, two councils, Bega and Gunnedah, have decided to add fluoride. Some such as Byron Council didnt reopen debate.

Oberon Council agreed to hear arguments for and against, and ask the community for its views.  Although the Mayor Kathy Sajowitz supports fluoridation, she said she will be guided by the views of the community. If she doesnt, locals told Fairfax that Ms Sajowitz and any councillor who votes for it will be turfed out.

In the lead up to the meeting, anti-fluoride campaigners have been letter boxing homes claiming there were plans to put poison in your water.

Dentists,  pediatric nurses and other health professionals, including representatives from the Australian Dental Association...


One-third of the worlds nature reserves are under threat from humans "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

May 17, 2018 9.08pm BST Updated May 18, 2018 12.07am BST


Australian archbishop convicted in child abuse scandal "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

This video about Australia says about itself:

Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson found guilty of covering up child sexual abuse

21 May 2018

The most senior Catholic to be charged with concealing child sexual abuse Adelaides Archbishop Philip Wilson is found guilty by a New South Wales court, in a landmark ruling

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Australian archbishop found guilty of covering up sexual abuse

Today, 05:08

An Australian archbishop was found guilty of covering up abuse in the Catholic Church in the 1970s. Philip Wilson can be sentenced to two years in prison. He is the highest placed clergyman in the Catholic Church worldwide who has been found guilty of covering up abuse.

Wilson (67), Archbishop of Adelaide, was suspected of covering up the abuse of four boys by the priest James Fletcher in the 1970s. Wilson himself says he is innocent and has not known about the crimes.

He denied under oath last month that he learned in 1976 from two altar boys that they had been abused sexually. At that time, Wilson was a priest-assistant. I do not think I would forget that, Wilson said in court. One of...



A 32 year-old Rohingya refugee has died on Manus Island. Reports indicate that the refugee was killed after he jumped from a moving bus and was struck by its wheels of the bus, around 11am very near to West Haus refugee compound. Most refugees on Manus believe that the mans death was suicide. The Rohingyan(...)


Archbishop guilty of covering up sex abuse "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Roman Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson outside the cathedral in Adelaide. AAP Image/David Mariuz

NEWCASTLE, AAP Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson, the most senior Catholic official in the world to be charged with covering up child sexual abuse, has been found guilty by a NSW court.

Magistrate Robert Stone told Newcastle Local Court on Tuesday Wilson had concealed the abuse of two altar boys in the NSW Hunter region by pedophile priest James Fletcher by failing to report the allegations to police.

Mr Stone said he was satisfied one of the altar boys, Peter Creigh, had been a truthful and reliable witness.

In a statement issued by the Catholic Church, Wilson said he was disappointed by the decision.

I will now have to consider the reasons and consult closely with my lawyers to determine the next steps, he said.

Prosecutor Gareth Harrison had claimed Wilson was involved in a cover-up to protect the churchs reputation and there were doubts about his honesty.

Mr Harrison argued that in Wilsons mind victims came second.

Wilson, 67, who is suffering from the early stages of Alzheimers disease but claims medication has helped his memory, told the court during his landmark magistrate-only trial he could not remember Mr Creigh and another altar boy telling him in 1976 they were abused by Fletcher.

The prosecution argued Wilson failed to give details to police about a serious indictable offence after Fletcher was arrested in 2004 and went on trial for preying on another young boy.

Fletcher was found guilty in December 2004 of nine counts of child sexual abuse. He died in jail of a stroke in January 2006.

But the defence claimed Wilson was not guilty because the case was circumstantial and there was no evidence to prove the archbishop was told about the abuse, believed it was true or remembered being told about it.

Defence barrister Stephen Odgers SC urged the magistrate to take into account that back in the 1970s a priest having sex with a boy was not considered a serious indictable offence.

He said it would have been viewed as an act of indecency, not indecent assault, if the...


Archbishop Philip Wilson guilty of concealing child sex "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

As the Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide, the verdict makes Wilson the most senior clergy member in the world to be charged and convicted of this crime.

Article below

Nine News

Archbishop Philip Wilson guilty of concealing child sex

May 22, 2018

South Australian Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson could face time behind bars after being found guilty of concealing child sex abuse by another priest.

The states highest-ranking Catholic Church official appeared shocked as the verdict was delivered in the Newcastle Magistrates Court this morning.

Wilson, 67, was accused of covering up of the abuse of then 10-year-old altar boy Peter Creigh by convicted pedophile priest Jim Fletcher near Newcastle, in 1971.

Archbishop Wilson has been found guilty of concealing the sexual abuse of a child in 1971. Picture: AAP

Archbishop Wilson has been found guilty of concealing the sexual abuse of a child in 1971. Picture: AAP

Its alleged Mr Creigh told Wilson about the crimes in 1976, but the Archbishop, who is suffering the early stage of Alzheimers disease, says he has no memory of the conversation.

During his trial, Wilson was accused of being a consummate Catholic politician and a man who was part of an entrenched toxic culture of covering things up.

Prosecutors also accused him of lying, under oath, in court.

The way the accused answered questions, your honour would have serious doubts as....


Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson found guilty of covering up child sexual abuse "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

ABC News Australia

Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson found guilty of covering up child sexual abuse

22 May 2018

The most senior Catholic to be charged with concealing child sexual abuse Adelaides Archbishop Philip Wilson has been found guilty by a New South Wales court.

Key points:

  • Wilson concealed child sexual abuse by a fellow priest in the 1970s
  • He was assistant parish priest in East Maitland, NSW, at the time
  • He could face up to two years in jail

The 67-year-old was accused of covering up abuse by priest Jim Fletcher in the NSW Hunter region in the 1970s.

The prosecution has requested a custodial sentence for Wilson, for reasons of deterrence and denunciation.

Wilson remains on bail on the condition that he attends his sentencing hearing, which will be held on June 19.

The harshest sentence Magistrate Robert Stone is able to give is two years in prison, and he has the option of suspending the sentence.

Witness was truthful and reliable

Wilsons legal team made four attempts to have the case thrown out, arguing...


Maules Creek CCC Meeting 16.5.2018 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Notes: Maules creek Coal Mine 16 May 2018 CCC Meeting held at the Boggabri Golf Club, Gunnedah Road, Boggabri NSW 2382

Attendees: Darren Swain (DS) WHC, Cr Robert Kneale (RK) Narrabri Council, Peter Wilkinson (PWi) WHC, Scott Mitchell (SM) WHC, Carolyn Nancarrow (CN) Community, Cath Collyer (CC) Community, Libby Laird (LL) Community, Anna Christie (AC) Environmental Representative (alternate) Kristen Golly WHC, Lindsay Fulloon, Megan Proust- EPA, Rebecca Scriviner- EPA.

Apologies: Steve Eather (SE), Jack Warnock (JW) Community, Simmone Moodie (SM) Community Aboriginal Representative, Kerrie Clarke (KC) Environmental Representative.


Independent Chair: David Ross (DR)

D.S: Excellent safety record.

Community: (Incredulous.) Does this exclude all the accidents in April?

DS: Yes.

Discussion of injured person. Flown to hospital. One has shoulder injury. Not well.

The other has slight injury. Bruising.

AC: what about the digger that fell in the pit?

PW: No digger fell in the pit.

AC: OK . Well, workers live in the community. Unless you turn into a spy agency, people will talk about work. So not something to report. What are the triggers for disclosing?

PW: not saying. Read it in the Act. Just say that this accident was reportable.

Employment /approvals/ consultation requirements.. see pdf Maules Creek Coal Mine CCC Meting. May 2018. Author: WHC.

(90 local employees. 41 new trainees)

LL: Automated trucks?

PW: None at the moment. Consideration. New trucks start. Automated operation not in. July 2018 maybe.

Working with equipment manufacturer.

Gunnedah and Narrabri Council- were looking at it as a project. Technology is developing rapidly. Automated trucks are something for the future.

AC: The Independent Biodiversity Auditor didnt spend much time here. In fact only one day to do all the offsets. And they ar...


Deficit discourse and Indigenous health "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Deficit discourse and Indigenous health explores 'deficit discourse' in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health policy. 'Discourse', in this context, encompasses thought represented in written and spoken communication and/or expressed through practices.

The term draws attention to the circulation of ideas, the processes by which these ideas shape conceptual and material realities, and the power inequalities that contribute to and result from these processes. 'Deficit discourse' refers to discourse that represents people or groups in terms of deficiency absence, lack or failure.

It particularly denotes discourse that narrowly situates responsibility for problems with the affected individuals or communities, overlooking the larger socio-economic structures in which they are embedded. Understanding how deficit discourses are produced and reproduced is essential to challenging them. Thus, this report examines various aspects of deficit discourse in policy, but in particular considers deficit metrics: the ways in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians are homogenised and statistically compared to non-Indigenous Australians.


Deficit discourse and strengths-based approaches: Changing the narrative of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Deficit discourse and strengths-based approaches: Changing the narrative of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing explores strengths-based approaches to shifting the deficit narrative in the Australian aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health sector. Studies, including a companion report to this one entitled Deficit Discourse and Indigenous Health: How Narrative Framings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People are Reproduced in Policy, have identified a prevalent 'deficit discourse' across Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health policy and practice.

There is evidence that deficit discourse has an impact on health itself that it is a barrier to improving health outcomes. Accordingly, there are growing calls for alternative ways to think about and discuss Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing. This report builds on Deficit Discourse and Indigenous Health by reviewing and analysing a growing body of work from Australia and overseas that proposes ways to displace deficit discourse in health, or that provides examples of attempts to do so. The most widely accepted approaches to achieving this come under the umbrella term 'strengths-based', which seek to move away from the traditional problem-based paradigm and offer a different language and set of solutions to overcoming an issue.


Fake news instead of real criticism "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

by Denis Churilov, Australia There are so many real things Trump should be criticised for, yet the mainstream media keeps making up stuff, producing fake stories and misreporting news about him. What for? Isnt there already enough real material for the media to destroy him without repeatedly making fools out of themselves? The most recent case was last week, when major American news outlets (including ABC News, CBS News, CNN, NBC News, as well as the Washington Post) reported that Trump called illegal immigrants animals, when in reality he was specifically referring to the members of MS-13, a criminal gang whose associates have been accused of beheading their victims. Dont they understand that, by fixating on minor things, taking remarks out of context, misreporting and blatantly making up stories, they only de-legitimise the anti-Trump movement? Why do they have to lie? ***   Attempting to answer my own question, I would say that it has to do with the artificially limited spectrum of acceptable opinion described by Noam Chomsky in his 1998 book titled A


Suicidal teens suffer poor sleep, bullying "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Family trauma, bullying, poor sleep and living in a single-parent home have been identified as common risk factors for suicidal behaviour among Australian adolescents.

Researchers at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute reviewed all admissions to the mental health unit at Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne between October 2013 and September 2014.

In total, there were 271 adolescents admitted during the period, with 212 (78 per cent) due to suicidal behaviours.

Further analysis of clinical reports and past medical history found overwhelmingly the kids who were admitted to hospital for suicidal behaviour came from traumatic backgrounds.Three-in-five had been bullied, more than half reported significant family trauma, such as as witnessing a parent have a drug overdose or being incarcerated, said lead researcher Dr Rohan Borschmann.

Read more at:


New Leadership in Suicide Prevention "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Nieves Murray is the new CEO of Suicide Prevention Australia, and boasts extensive leadership experience across multiple sectors. She is this weeks Changemaker.

On 14 May, Murray was announced as the new CEO of Suicide Prevention Australia, a peak body for the suicide prevention sector. Murray, who is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and fellow of the Australian Institute of Managers and Leaders, was named one of Australias 100 Most Influential Women by the Australian Financial Review in 2013.

In this weeks Changemaker, Murray discusses the leadership approach she intends to take at SPA, explains her immediate priorities as CEO and reveals her new passion for playing the harp.

Read more at:


How primary health care staff working in rural and remote areas access skill development and expertise to support health promotion practice "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Health promotion is a key component of comprehensive primary health care. Health promotion approaches complement healthcare management by enabling individuals to increase control over their health. Many primary healthcare staff have a role to play in health promotion practice, but their ability to integrate health promotion into practice is influenced by their previous training and experience.

For primary healthcare staff working in rural and remote locations, access to professional development can be limited by what is locally available and prohibitive in terms of cost for travel and accommodation. This study provides insight into how staff at a large north Queensland Aboriginal community controlled health service access skill development and health promotion expertise to support their work.

See more at:


Rise of Airbnb "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Short stays

Australia is becoming more and more...and more popular with tourists and short-term visitors to see family and friends. 

The trend is predominantly being driven by Chinese and Asian tourism.

The same trend is also been pushed along by the lower dollar since the peak of the mining boom.

In New South Wales annual short-term visitors are fast closing in on 3.5 million. 

This potentially has some significant implications for the dynamics of the housing market.

Hotels are typically very expensive in cities such as Sydney - certainly in the areas close to the city.

It wouldn't be a surprise to see more landlords turning to Airbnb to maximise rental income, in turn absorbing some of the rental supply through this cycle.

Sydney's estimated resident population is also now growing at faster than 100,000 per annum for the first time.

There are now more than 5.1 million residents in the harbour city. 

The long term fundamentals of Sydney land and dwelling prices are arguably stronger than ever before, at least in the landlocked and more desirable parts of the city. 



NZ wont pay for homeless in Aust: Ardern "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Photo EPA/Felipe Trueba

WELLINGTON, AAP New Zealand will keep pushing for benefits for homeless Kiwi youths living in Australia but it wont pick up the bill, Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, says.

More than three dozen Australian organisations have written to Ms Ardern calling for her to push a Trans-Tasman solution to the plight of New Zealand teens left on the streets because they are unable to claim benefits in Australia.

They say family violence and breakdowns often lead to homelessness and leave 15-to-18-year-olds vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, with reports some are turning to prostitution.

Under the current law, Kiwis that came across after February 2001 arent eligible for the benefits given to homeless Australian youths.

Ms Ardern on Tuesday said while the stories she had heard were stark the issue had been consistently raised with the Australian government.

We have continued to maintain the rights of Australians in New Zealand. We continue to seek from Australia that they do the same, she told Radio NZ.

All we are seeking is equity in the relationship that we used to have and thats a point well keep making.

If given out at the same rate as to Australians, the benefit would help about 160 New Zealanders at a cost of about $2 million.

Ms Ardern said while the New Zealand government would be happy to provide support to the youths back home, it wouldnt be paying Australia to extend the benefit to them.

Theres no country in the world that funds another government to make welfare payments, she said.

Melbourne community lawyer Shorna Moore said many of the teens had only ever known a life in Australia and that the consequences of homelessness especially for young women were horrendous.

These kids are falling through the cracks and the governments of New Zealand and Australia must step in, she said.

The post NZ wont pay for homeless in Aust: Ardern appeared first on...


May 22 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1823 - William Poole was hanged at Sydney for returning from Port Macquarie in defiance of his commuted sentence. Originally sentenced to death for leading a party of convicts in escape into the hinterland, in the hope they could walk to Timor.

1824 - At the Newcastle Police Court  - William Moore, overseer of the mines. Charged with stolen property in his possession.
The Chief Constable stated - I received an information on Sunday that some of the property lately stolen from Mr. Henry Dangar was in the possession of Moore. I accordingly searched him and found the pair of worsted stockings now produced. I also searched his house but did not find anything that looked suspicious except a pair of duck trousers made in Kings canvas which I also brought away. Mr. Henry Dangar states.....I was robbed some time since of various articles of wearing apparel amongst which were some stockings. Those produced are of the same pattern with some I have by me. I have not any doubt but that they belong to me....The prisoner in his defence stated....I bought the stockings from James Usher for three shillings. I also got the trousers from John Thomas the sail maker. They are both free men and have lately been sent to Sydney....William Moore sentenced to sleep in barracks till further orders and to have his government man taken from him

1831 - Perhaps in response to earlier grievances, a group of Aborigines mounted an attack on the Johnsons' hut at Dairy Plains near Deloraine on this day while the mother (Aboriginal matriarch Dolly Dalrymple) was alone with her children. Armed with a musket, she held off the attack for six hours until help arrived. As a reward, the government granted her twenty acres (8 ha) of land at nearby Perth, where her husband Thomas Johnson erected a dwelling.

1833 - Midgegooroo was executed at the Perth Gaol by firing squad on a death warrant issued summarily by Lieutenant Governor Frederick Irwin, for the murders of Thomas and John Velvick at Bull's Creek.

1840 - An Order-in-Council was issued, removing New South Wales from the list of places to which convicts could be sent.
In lay persons words transportation of convicts was halted, ceased, desisted.

1851 - Those who would squeeze blood from a stone declared from the rooftops of NSW that any and all gold on both public and private property was ultimately owned by The Crown and should anyone have the urge to dig and delve they would be lightened of 30 shillings each month for the privilege.

1852 - James Barlow was hanged at Melbourne Gaol for murder by stabbing William Jones at a boarding house in Flinders Street, Melbourne.

1855 - Captain Sir Charles Hotham became the first Governor of Victoria under
( ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, oh stop it, my sides are aching) Responsible Government.



Grenfell flammable cladding in Australia "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

This video says about itself:

Combustible | Trailer | Available Now

26 September 2017

Following the catastrophic Grenfell Tower fire in London, this incisive report reveals how Australian high-rises have been built with the same flammable cladding that caused the Grenfell disaster.

By Paul Bartizan in Australia:

Australia apartment owners to join legal action over flammable cladding

21 May 2018

Australian law firm Adley Burstyner and Roscon Property Services last month announced a class action law suit against major construction companies. The case is on behalf of approximately 250,000 owners and residents from about 1,400 apartments clad with flammable polyethylene core aluminium composite panels in the state of Victoria.

The $4.2 billion case, the law firm says, is the first stage in a national campaign to compensate owners for replacing the dangerous cladding and installing sprinkler systems, plus declines in their property values. The law suit is expected to target LU Simon Builders, Hickory Building, Hamilton Marino and Probuild. Slater and Gordon, another legal firm, later said it is considering a similar action.

The announcement came six months after 29 people were killed in a...

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Monday, 21 May


Tiny marsupials that practice suicidal mating declared endangered "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The antechinus is a strange little mouse-like creature that endures two to three weeks of marathon mating sessions that leave the male so exhausted that it ultimately dies. But suicidal mating is not all thats killing these animals. Habitat loss, climate change and threats from feral animals like cats, cattle and horses are driving two species of antechinus, both described only recently, to extinction. On May 11, the Australian government officially declared the silver-headed antechinus (Antechinus argentus) and the black-tailed dusky antechinus (Antechinus arktos) endangered. Both species live on remote mountaintops in Queensland, Australia. The silver-headed antechinus, first described in 2013, is known only from the forests of Kroombit Tops National Park in southeast Queensland and two other locations near the border of Queensland and New South Wales. The black-tailed dusky antechinus, described in 2014, is known from three isolated locations near the border of southeast Queensland and northeast New South Wales. Both species occur only in high-altitude forests and have reached their altitudinal limits within their known distribution, the Australian governments Threatened Species Scientific Committee (TSSC) wrote in the species assessments. It is pretty rare to uncover new mammals in developed countries such as Australia, Andrew Baker of the Queensland University of Technology, whose team discovered the two species, said in a statement. These two new species were discovered on misty mountain summits. They have likely retreated there as the climate has warmed, and there is now nowhere left for them to go. Andrew Baker with a black-tailed dusky antechinus. Image courtesy of Queensland University of Technology.


Brisbane rentals turn the corner "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Brisbane bounce

Still patchy, but the rental market in Brisbane is gradually now picking up.

Source: SQM Research

This follows data on stronger population growth, and slowing dwelling starts. 


Can a Quantum Drum Vibrate and Stand Still at the Same Time? "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Submitted via IRC for Fnord666

Researchers have studied how a 'drumstick' made of light could make a microscopic 'drum' vibrate and stand still at the same time.

A team of researchers from the UK and Australia have made a key step towards understanding the boundary between the quantum world and our everyday classical world.

Quantum mechanics is truly weird. Objects can behave like both particles and waves, and can be both here and there at the same time, defying our common sense. Such counterintuitive behaviour is typically confined to the microscopic realm and the question "why don't we see such behaviour in everyday objects?" challenges many scientists today.

Now, a team of researchers have developed a new technique to generate this type of quantum behaviour in the motion of a tiny drum just visible to the naked eye. The details of their research are published today in New Journal of Physics.

Project principal investigator, Dr Michael Vanner from the Quantum Measurement Lab at Imperial College London, said: "Such systems offer significant potential for the development of powerful new quantum-enhanced technologies, such as ultra-precise sensors, and new types of transducers.

[...] In the quantum world, a drum can vibrate and stand still at the same time. However, generating such quantum motion is very challenging. lead author of the project Dr Martin Ringbauer from the University of Queensland node of the Australian Research Council Centre for Engineered Quantum Systems, said: "You need a special kind of drumstick to make such a quantum vibration with our tiny drum."

In recent years, the emerging field of quantum optomechanics has made great progress towards the goal of a quantum drum using laser light as a type of drumstick. However, many challenges remain, so the authors' present study takes an unconventional approach.


Generation of Mechanical Interference Fringes by Multi-Photon Counting by M Ringbauer, T J Weinhold, L A Howard, A G White & M R Vanner is published in New Journal of Physics 20, 053042 (2018)



Black-browed and Yellow-nosed Albatross, Fairy Prions at Offshore--Southport pelagic reported by Rob Morris and all on board the Southport Pelagic organised by Paul Walbridge. on 19-05-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Black-browed (1 imm) and Yellow-nosed (1(ad) Albatrosses, and c. 3 Fairy Prions were the highlight of Saturday's trip. All 3 are very rare in Qld in May. 1 Kermadec Petrel, large nos of Providence Petrels, 1 White-faced Storm-Petrel as well as a variety of common species.


Eggs Are Good for Your Cholesterol "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

By Dr. Mercola

Chicken as the foundation of a delicious home-cooked meal has been an American mainstay for decades. Not centuries, you might ask? As a matter of fact, up until the 1920s, homesteaders filled chicken coops with chickens to fulfill one main purpose: to produce eggs.

Chickens weren't regarded as much beyond egg production until a new concept featuring chicken as a main course took flight in the late '40s. It was based, not surprisingly, on the food industry's initiative to find more uses for said chickens. Today we have a plethora of chicken recipes, from broth to casseroles to fried, not to mention nuggets. But what happened to eggs?

Eggs became a target based on the faulty premise of the medical establishment that eating too many yolks would drive up cholesterol and pack your carotid arteries with plaque. As recently as 2012, eggs were still being maligned and even deemed as health-damaging as smoking cigarettes, according to a Canadian journal.1 Many still believe this, and it's the misinformation that's damaging health, not egg consumption.

According to a recent study2 led by Nick Fuller at the University of Sydney, Australia, and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eggs, despite conflicting evidence continuing around the world, are not responsible for heart disease or high cholesterol. In fact, theyre one of the most nutritious foods in your kitchen. When he led the first portion of the study, Fuller wrote that eggs can support several aspects of health, including eye, blood vessel and heart health, healthy pregnancies and fat regulation, noting:

"Despite being vilified for decades, dietary cholesterol is understood to be far less detrimental to health than scientists originally thought. The effect of cholesterol in our food on the level of cholesterol in our blood is actually quite small."3

Whether Two Eggs or a Dozen, Egg Intake Shows No Negative Results

The latest study notes that people with Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes ate a dozen eggs a week for a year, at which point a series of tests showed no negative results whatsoever. Study pa...


South Australians asked the $65 billion question "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

As South Australian federal politicians find themselves in the vortex of the political battle over the proposed company tax cuts, a public forum hosted by The Australia Institute in Adelaide asks How would you spend $65 billion?.

Dr Janine Dixon from the Centre of Policy Studies at Victoria University and SACOSS CEO Ross Womersley, will join Australia Institute Executive Director Ben Oquist at the Wheatsheaf Hotel in Adelaide from 6.30pm-7.30pm tonight.

The panel will also discuss the impact of the tax cut on the South Australian economy.



Stallholder Profile for Lismore Base Hospital Auxiliary

Your name: Diane Miller (President)
Your business name and facebook/website name and link: Lismore Base Hospital Auxiliary
The suburb/town you live in now: Lismore
What is it that you make and what skills do you use?:


AGL wont sell Liddell Abbott seethes "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Liddell power station near Muswellbrook, NSW.

SYDNEY, AAP AGL has refused Alinta Energys $250 million offer to buy Liddell Power Station and reaffirmed its decision to close the plant in 2022.

The power giant says it assessed the offer from Alinta and its Hong Kong-based owner, Chow Tai Fook Enterprises, and that the deal significantly undervalues future cashflow from the NSW site.

AGL said the offer is not in the interest of its shareholders and that it will stick to its NSW power generation plan, which includes repurposing the Liddell site to address any capacity shortfall after its closure in 2022.

The energy company last month announced it will spend up to $400 million to build a new gas-fired power station near Newcastle in NSW as part of a plan to help it address the loss in energy supply that could happen as a result of Liddell closing.

AGL has completed a thorough assessment of the offer and, after careful consideration, has advised Chow Tai Fook and Alinta that it will not proceed any further with the offer, the company said in a statement on Monday.

Alinta made its bid for the ageing Hunter Valley power station in April, describing it as a compelling commercial proposition for AGL shareholders.

Treasurer Scott Morrison has previously urged AGL to accept the offer from Alinta to buy the plant, echoing calls from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who wants the station to stay open until 2025, when the expansion of the Snowy Hydro scheme is online.

On Monday, former prime minister Tony Abbott said the Turnbull government should buy the power station and then on-sell it to Alinta Energy.

My very strong view given that the federal government has effectively now got responsibility for energy security, the government should compulsorily acquire this power station for the price Alinta were prepared to pay and then it should sell it to Alinta, he told 2GB radio.

AGL chief executive Andy Vesey has previously said the board had not been swayed by criticism from the prime minister and senior coalition figures because the decision to close the ageing power plant was based on a rigorous process.

Investors appeared to be pleased with the news, with AGL shares up 0.9 per cent higher to $21.48 after the first half-hour of trade.

Call to end pro-coal cr...



Stallholder Profile for Bay Macrame

Your name: Amy Doubleday

Your business name - Bay Macrame
Facebook/website name and link: 
The suburb/town you live in now: Hervey Bay
What is it that you make and what skills do you use?: I make Necklaces and Pendants using Micro Macrame. I also incorporate natural stones and glass beads.



Worlds Largest 3D Printer Is Now Able To Print Giant Metal Objects "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

By: Markab Algedi / The Mind Unleashed   Melbourne, Australia is now the city that contains the worlds largest known 3D printer. Melbourne based manufacturer Titomic recently displayed their accomplishment by printing a large metal rendering of their corporate logo.

Among the objects listed as capable of being printed by the Australian 3D printer, the CEO of Titomic Jeff Lang reports that it can print a submarine, or wings for an aircraft: soon.

At the Titomic factory in Waverly, Australia in the outer regions of Melbourne, this 9 metre long, 3 metre wide and 1.5 metre tall 3D printer now surpasses the next largest, owned by notorious General Electric. GEs printer is about 5 times less large.

The printer owned by General Electric is capable of printing solid metal objects up to a cubic metre in size, while this Titomic bed can put out parts up to 40 cubic metres in s...



Stallholder Profile for Sarah Williams Writer

Your name: Sarah Williams
Your business name and facebook/website name and link: Sarah Williams.
The suburb/town you live in now: Maleny
What is it that you make and what skills do you use?: I am an author and Independent Publisher. I write Australian fiction and creative journals  



Stopping Adani mine would pose no sovereign risk to Australia "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

This article by Michael Koziol (The Sydney Morning Herald 20 May 2018), investigates the Adani coal mine and the claim that cancelling it would create a sovereign risk for Australia, according to the view of former chief economist for the ANZ Bank. Given the source, it is worthwhile reading and considering.

Stopping the Adani coal mine would pose no sovereign risk to Australia, and politicians on both sides have willingly misled people into thinking otherwise, says respected economist Saul Eslake.

The former chief economist of ANZ told Fairfax Media the major parties were abusing the term for political gain when in fact there had been no impact on Australias sovereign rating because of decisions taken on environmental grounds.

In a paper commissioned by the Australian Conservation Foundation, Mr Eslake found there was absolutely no reason the countrys sovereign risk would be affected if a future government stopped the Adani mine proceeding for environmental reasons.

Nor were the banks likely to downgrade Australias risk rating. Banks wouldnt be concerned, because banks dont want to loan to it anyway, Mr Eslake told Fairfax Media in an interview.

The verdict by one of Australias most prominent economists, flies in the face of arguments from Labor and the Coalition.

Before the Batman byelection, at which Labor had to woo left-wing voters in inner Melbourne, it was reported Opposition Leader Bill Shorten had to be talked out of outright opposition to Adani by senior colleagues concerned about sovereign risk.

Resources Minister Matt Canavan accused Labor of seeking to trade off our countrys investment reputation for some cheap votes.

In interviews since, Mr Shorten has argued you cant simply ban it and create sovereign risk and said an incoming Labor government would not rip up contracts made by previous governments.

Mr Eslake pointed out there is no contract between the Commonwealth and Adani. He said the term sovereign risk had a specific meaning the chance that a government will default on its debt and politicians were abusing it to confuse and mislead voters.

You cant describe every time a government makes a decision as sovereign risk, otherwise the term has no meaning, he said.

Sovereign risk is not the risk a government might change its mind or make a decision I dont like.

Governments regularly made environmental decisions that did not affect sovereign risk, Mr Eslake said, such as bans on uranium mining, domestic gas controls and logging restrictions.



MACKAY Multiple charges linked to break and enters, Sarina "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

MACKAY May 21, 2018 at 07:45AM ,

Multiple charges linked to break and enters, Sarina

May 21, 2018 at 07:45AM ,

He will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court this morning to have the matters heard. CCTV systems have become a valuable investigative tool for

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Extremely heavy rain floods Queensland, Australia "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Ex-Tropical Cyclone "Nora" dumped extremely heavy rain on parts of Queensland over the past 24 - 48 hours, causing major floods and emergency evacuations. Many locations exceeded or even doubled their March average rainfall. Exceptional rainfall totals...... Read more


Great Photos of Rockhampton-based R-Mach Aviation PZL Warszawa-Okecie M-18B Dromader VH-MDR Completing Aerial Spraying Operations "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Local plane spotter Daniel B has sent through some great photos he captured recently of Rockhampton-based R-Mach Aviation PZL Warszawa-Okecie M-18B Dromader VH-MDR as it completed aerial spraying operations.


May 21 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1804 - James Bevan (known as 'Warminster') was hanged at Sydney for the rape of eight-year-old Elizabeth Douglas.

1814 - The Van Diemen's Land Gazette on this day listed John Pascoe  Fawkner as aiding and abetting the escape of seven prisoners. Fawkner and Santos, who was apparently the convicts' leader, were tried before three magistrates in August and each sentenced to 500 lashes and three years labour.

1836 - The Stirling Castle, under Captain James Fraser, bound from Sydney to Singapore was wrecked on Swain Reefs off the Queensland coast. In August news reached Moreton Bay that the captain's wife, Eliza Ann, and others of the ship's company were being held captive by Aboriginals. A rescue party that included John Graham, an escaped convict who had lived for six years with the Aborigines, brought her back to Brisbane in August.

1840 - Captain Hobson was feeling his oats on this day when he claimed British sovereignty over the whole of The Land Of The Long White Cloud (NZ for those uneducated yokels) even though the haggling, bartering and compromises weren't yet done with.

1842 - Henry (Harry) Power, bushranger, also known as Johnson, was transported for seven years for stealing a pair of shoes, and arrived at Hobart Town in the Isabella.

1851 - William Collins' application for publican's license for the Racehorse Inn at Maitland was refused by the Bench after Major Crummer examined the premises and found them too small.

1853 - William Blandowski ( leaving no stone unturned in his career as expeditionist, geologist, goldminer, inventor, natural history collector, naturalist, public servant, and zoologist ) asked Lieutenant-Governor Charles La Trobe for an 'allowance' to enable him to complete his 'Illustrated Natural History of the Colony of Victoria'. Impressed by further correspondence La Trobe wrote to the colonial secretary that immediate steps should be taken to open a museum and stating that Blandowski was the 'most suitable person to employ'.

1856 - The world's first 8 hour working day was carved in stone by the marches and vocal noise of the stonemasons of Victoria.

1861 - William Landsborough was chosen by the Victorian and Queensland governments to lead a search for Robert O'Hara Burke and William Wills from the Gulf of Carpentaria southwards; when they  reached Williams's station on this day they learned that Burke and Wills had perished. With bulging tucker bags Landsborough continued his journey south and in October delivered the horses and gear to the authorities in Melbourne. He was fted as the first explorer to cross the continent from north to south.

1863 - Nathaniel Pepper, Aboriginal evangelist and teacher, at Ebenezer mission, near the Wimmera River married Rachel Warndekan, an 18-year-old, Christian Aboriginal girl....


Ditching Adani wont hurt credit rating: expert "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

CANBERRA, AAP Prominent economist Saul Eslake believes ditching the proposed Adani coal mine in Queensland wont hurt Australias credit rating.

Mr Eslakes new report commissioned by the Australian Conservation Foundation found no evidence that stopping the project on environmental grounds would hurt Australias ability to attract foreign investment.

There is absolutely no reason to think that Australias sovereign credit rating would be in any way affected if a future Australian government were to prevent the Adani Carmichael coal mine from going ahead on environmental grounds, Mr Eslake writes.

Labor opposes the mine, but federal leader Bill Shorten has vowed not to tear up approvals if he won the next election to avoid reducing foreign investment in Australia.

The government claims Mr Shortens opposition to the project will hurt jobs and investment.

ACF chief executive Kelly OShanassy said the report removed the only remaining objection to the government stopping the construction of the mine.

Attempts to justify Adanis dirty Carmichael mine are falling like dominoes and the threats are crystal clear, Ms OShanassy said in a statement.

The post Ditching Adani wont hurt credit rating: expert appeared first on Echonetdaily.


The Twelfth Commandment "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Without question the worlds affairs, its social structures, and our natural environment are in serious chaos


Bikie vilification hurts all riders IRG "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Bikies have long been fighting police discrimination and resultant public vilification as the above 1970s Brisbane bikie protest photo shows, but in recent years they have faced tougher laws including even associating with them.

Now the vilification is stepping up as Tasmania and Victoria appear set to toughen anti-association laws.

Longtime motorcycle campaigner, Motorcycle Riders Association founder, Moto Guzzi V7 MK3 rider and now Independent Riders Group spokesman Damien Codognotto has written the following impassioned plea to Victorian Government and Opposition members which we have published in full.

bikie vilification huts all ridersDamien with his Moto Gzzi and author Heather Elllis pose for his 2017 Christmas card photo

We would appreciate your comments on this volatile and divisive issue from a sometimes equally divisive rider representative who believes this vilification could be the beginning of the end of motorcycling for all:

Vilification kills sales

The Hobart Mercury recently published one of many articles on how evil outlaw motorcycle gangs were. From memory, The Mercury wrote that there were about 275 full-coloured gang members in Tasmania and about 5000 nationally. Add associates and hangers-on to those with colours and there may 10,000 Australians in and around outlaw motorcycle gangs. The point is that the number of violent crims who ride motorbikes is way less than the teen/ethnic gangs doing car jackings and home invasions in Victoria in 2018.

Please note, not all patch club members have criminal records. In fact, there are a lot more police and X police with serious criminal records in Australia than bikies with records. But bikies are an easy target for professional, taxpayer funded spin doctors.

For arguments sake, lets say there are a million Australians riding road bikes regularly. In general the car driving public see them as bikies. So the...


World Heritage experts raise concerns over wilderness protection and Tourism Master Plan "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Monday, 21 May 2018 - 6:44am

A draft decision for consideration by the World Heritage Committee at its July meeting has been released by the UN, with its associated expert report raising concerns about some provisions of the of Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) Management Plan. Specifically the report identifies the secret zoning switch in the Management Plan that paves the way for private commercial developments and a degradation of wilderness values, like the controversial Lake Malbena hut and buildings in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park.

The report also criticises the governments progress in developing a Tourism Master Plana document requested in 2015 that should serve to refine the balance between conservation and tourism. Despite the failure to progress this Plan, controversial project approvals and taxpayer handoutssuch as for the South Coast Track Hutscontinue.

The UN again highlights government failure of process and identifies the impacts of tourism/visitation/recreation as a factor affecting Tasmanias World Heritage Area, said Vica Bayley, spokesperson for the Wilderness Society.

The secret switch of wilderness zone for something lesser, to specifically allow for private commercial developments that will degrade wilderness values and would otherwise be prohibited, has raised the concern of the World Heritage Committees expert advisors.

Its important to note, this secret zoning switch hasnt just happened at Lake Malbena in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park; its repeated along the Overland Track where new huts are proposed and at Lake Rodway near Cradle Mountain, to clear the way for a private commercial lodge."

With regard to the Tourism Master Plan, the conclusions of the experts states, it is of concern that this key strategic document is missing.

Mr Bayley said, in the absence of the Tourism Master Plan, development approvals like Lake Malbena and taxpayer handouts such as that for the South Coast Track huts continue, pre-empting the plan and raising concerns about the protection of World Heritage values.

This is absurd and logically, all assessments and taxpayer grants should stop until that Tourism Master Plan is completed.

The draft decision also calls on government to speed up the designation of over 20,000 hectares of World Heritage-listed forests as reserves under Tasmanias Na...


That wedding ... "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Guardian: Is Meghan Markle the American the royals have needed all along? Thanks to the new Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry may well turn out to be good for Britain


Logging burns conceal industrial pollution in the name of community safety "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Logging burns would not be needed (and a substantial amount of associated smoke not generated) if the forest had not been logged in the first place. It is imperative that government departments inform the public about the smoke pollution coming from logging operations, whose purpose is for private commercial gain.


The Greens Kathleen Maltzahn Conviction, But No Courage ... ? "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Tasmanians concerned about sexploitation and justice for women should be looking at responses to the Victorian Liberal Partys recent state conference motion in support of introduction of Nordic Model laws on prostitution.  In particular, the response by Greens long time pro-Nordic Model candidate, Kathleen Maltzhan*, has come as a shock to abolitionists across the country


The Economist appraises latest progressivista stupidity from the Lefts useless idiots ... "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Publius Terentius Afer (c. 195/185 c. 159? BCE, better known in English as Terence):  Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto. Every year the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts a gala. A single ticket costs $US30,000 ($39,700). New Yorks A-listers and wannabes deck themselves in overwrought garments designed for the partys theme. Three years ago, China: Through the Looking Glass inspired dresses with dragons, hair held in place with chopsticks and, from a few sartorially confused celebrities, kimonos


The Neo Doctrine ... "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

The next wave of billboards to flood our state!


Worlds Largest 3D Printer is now Able to Print Giant Metal Objects "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Melbourne, Australia is now the city that contains the worlds largest known 3D printer. Melbourne based manufacturer Titomic recently displayed their accomplishment by printing a large metal rendering of their corporate logo.

Among the objects listed as capable of being printed by the Australian 3D printer, the CEO of Titomic Jeff Lang reports that it can print a submarine, or wings for an aircraft: soon.

At the Titomic factory in Waverly, Australia in the outer regions of Melbourne, this 9 metre long, 3 metre wide and 1.5 metre tall 3D printer now surpasses the next largest, owned by notorious General Electric. GEs printer is about 5 times less large.

The printer owned by General Electric is capable of printing solid metal objects up to a cubic metre in size, while this Titomic bed can put out parts up to 40 cubic metres in size.

Heres where this story gets realistic: you know their ability to develop this technology came with strings attached.

A government agency in Australia gave out a significant portion of funds to create this 3D printer. It was CSIRO who supplied the funds, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. Remember, Australia is still fully a Commonwealth nation, under the control of Britain in more respects than one may care to admit....


Study: Indonesias ambitious peat restoration initiative severely underfunded "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

JAKARTA High costs and a lack of funding stand in the way of Indonesia achieving its target for the restoration of degraded peatland across the country, a new study says. The government in 2016 embarked on a program to restore 20,000 square kilometers (7,720 square miles) of degraded peat forest by 2020. The cost for this undertaking, according to a recent study by researchers at the University of Queensland, Australia, will likely exceed $4.6 billion. To date, however, the Indonesian government has budgeted just $200 million for the initiative, according to the study, and the results are telling: only 2,000 square kilometers (772 square miles) of peatland, or 10 percent of the total, had been rewetted by the end of 2017. That funding includes 34 million Norwegian krone ($4.4 million) from the Norwegian government and $134.6 million from the U.S., U.K., Japan, Germany and the Netherlands. For its part, the Indonesian government initially allocated the equivalent of $60.5 million from its 2017 spending budget. The $200 million figure cited in the study, though, used the lowest cost projections available and did not account for the subsequent slashing of Indonesias contribution by half, as part of wider cost-cutting measures by the Ministry of Finance. A peat bog being drained in Kalimantan. The lack of oxygen due to wet conditions in peat bogs prevents the peat from breaking down. When peat bogs dry out they start to decompose and large quantities of stored carbon are released to the atmosphere. Photo credit: Rhett

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Sunday, 20 May


Can we save energy, jobs and growth at the same time ? "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

I apologise in advance to anyone with a short attention span, this is a bit long at almost one and a half hours  especially as if you are new to limits to growth, you might have to watch it more than once!
If you ever needed proof that economics is an imbecilic proposal, then this is it.

Published on 30 Jan 2018

Jancovicis conference in ENS School of Paris 08/01/2018 To download the Presentation : The depletion of natural resources, with oil to start with, and the need for a stable climate, will make it harder and harder to pursue economic growth as we know it. It has now become urgent to develop a new branch of economics which does not rely on the unrealistic assumption of a perpetual GDP increase. In this Colloquium, I will discuss a physical approach to economics which aims at understanding and managing the scaling back of our world economy. Biography : Jean-Marc Jancovici, is a French engineer who graduated from cole Polytechnique and Tlcom, and who specializes in energy-climate subjects. He is a consultant, teacher, lecturer, author of books and columnist. He is known for his outreach work on climate change and the energy crisis. He is co-founder of the organization Carbone 4 and president of the think tank The Shift Project. Original video : Facebook page :...

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Tuesday, 01 May


Best & worst "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

CoreLogic reports the best performing Australian housing markets, with Geelong top of the tree.

And the lesser performers.

Source: CoreLogic


Listings down in April as Hobart 'cascades' lower "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Easter break

Listings fell by 3.8 per cent over April from 338,000 to 325,000, with seasonal Easter impacts taking hold, according to the latest data from SQM Research.

After half a decade of low stock levels, Sydney listings are 35 per cent higher than a year earlier.

In Melbourne, too, listing are now 6 per cent higher year-on-year.

Only one capital city has seen a drop over the past 12 months, and it's a big one at that.

Yep, at the other end of the spectrum is booming Hobart, where there were only 2,270 listings, down 27 per cent from a year earlier.

It's now interesting to see how supply responds in Hobart, being a small city of about 230,000. 

Building approvals figures to follow later this week! 

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Monday, 30 April


May Forum: Melbourne to Armidale Bill McKibben Livestream "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

[ Thursday, 3 May; 6:30 pm; ] It is by sheer luck that our usual monthly forum is on at exactly the same time as this important broadcast by founder and world-renowned climate defender Bill McKibben. Bill McKibben will be in Australia as a part of 350 Australias Fossil Free campaign to talk to people about what we need to do to [...] full article 


Worlds first multi-million dollar carbon-capture plant does work of just $17,640 worth of trees "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Alice Friedemann  author of When Trucks Stop Running: Energy and the Future of Transportation, 2015, Springer and Crunch! Whole Grain Artisan Chips and Crackers. Podcasts: Practical PreppingKunstlerCast 253KunstlerCast278Peak Prosperity , XX2 report


Editorial Staff. June 2, 2017. Worlds First Multi-Million Dollar Carbon-Capture Plant Does Work Of Just $17,640 Worth Of TreesIts The Worst Investment In Human History. National Economics.

On May 31st the worlds first commercial carbon dioxide capture-plant was opened in Hinwil, Switz...


Jack Alpert on Overshoot "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

jack alpert's pictureI have just listened (twice) to what I now consider to be Jim Kunstlers best podcast ever it can be downloaded here, and I highly recommend it.

Ive featured Jack Alpert once before by showcasing his losing our energy slaves video. Alpert is an engineer with expertise in systems analysis.  I find his arguments so compelling, I cant see how he could be wrong. His thinking is sometimes hard going. so hard in fact, I think once or twice even Jim lost the plot, trying to steer the conversation back to his favorite subjects, the Kardashians and the financialisation of civilisation. Mercifully, Alpert extricates himself from Kunstlers biases, such as they are, and continues developing the themes he holds dear and need to be shared everywhere, so important I think they are..

Alpert has a website where more videos are available (see below) as well as pdfs of papers he has written.

Whichever way you look at it, civilisation is screwed. But you already knew that, right?



eX-detainees highly condemn artists performed in the #Stolenwealth (commonwealth) games in Australia 2018 and call to boycott such artists. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

We eX-detainees in Australia strongly condemn those artists who performed in the Stolenwealth aka Commonwealth Games in Australia 2018. We eX-detainees have requested artists to boycott the Commonwealth Games both nationally and internationally on the basis of our community members enduring ongoing abuses in Australia run detention centres for over 2 decades (26 years).

But our request has been regarded with clear disrespect and Australias rape and torture survivors should not have to educate people on this. Artists privileged enough to have such a platform should know that their solidarity should be with the oppressed not with a thieving murderous empire or commonwealth. This was an opportunity to leverage your power for justice but you instead chose fame and money while throwing abused and tortured communities under the bus. What is very interesting is that some of these artists are recognised as progressive and as human rights activists, yet have zero respect for refugees indefinitely detained in Australian detention camps both in and past and at the present. For over 26 years, white Australian refugee policy exists not only because of racist Australian government but also of spineless so-called progressives too.

This systemic abuse of our bodies and livelihood not only exist in detention but also long after we survived. We should not also forget those who are currently held hostage in both onshore and offshore detention camps, including some cases where people have been detained for 10 years without release date.

Therefore, we ask all our national and international followers to BOYCOTT below artists future performances due to their lack of regards for those who survived rape and torture in Australia-run detention centres.

Artist Names / Locations

Meg Mac Melbourne
The Cat Empire Melbourne
Born in a Taxi Melbourne
Regurgitator Melbourne
Confidence Man- Melbourne

Urthboy Sydney
Nina Las Vegas NSW
Icarus Productions Sydney
Hot Dub Time Machine Sydney
Thundamentals Sydney
BlueSkillet Rovers NSW
Eliza & The Delusionals- NSW

Kate Miller Heidke Brisbane
Amy Shark Brisbane
Ella Fence Brisbane
Katie Noonan Brisbane
The Jungle Giants Brisbane
Bullhorn Brisbane
Circa Contemporary Circus Brisbane
Paces Brisbane
Polytoxic dance theatre Brisbabe
Lastlings Brisbane


Were doomed: Mayer Hillman on the climate reality no one else will dare mention "IndyWatch Feed Vic"


Weve got to stop burning fossil fuels. So many aspects of life depend on fossil fuels, except for music and love and education and happiness. These things, which hardly use fossil fuels, are what we must focus on.

Were doomed: Mayer Hillman on the climate reality no one else will dare mention thumbnailWere doomed, says Mayer Hillman with such a beaming smile that it takes a moment for the words to sink in. The outcome is death, and its the end of most life on the planet because were so dependent on the burning of fossil fuels. There are no means of reversing the process which is melting the polar ice caps. And very few appear to be prepared to say so.

Hillman, an 86-year-old social scientist and senior fellow emeritus of the Policy Studies Institute, does say so. His bleak forecast of the consequence of runaway climate change, he says without fanfare, is his last will and testament. His last intervention in public life. Im not going to write anymore because theres nothing more that can be said, he says when I first hear him speak to a stunned audience at the University of East Anglia late last year.

From Malthus to the Millennium Bug, apocalyptic thinking has a poor track record. But when it issues from Hillman, it may be worth paying attention. Over nearly 60 years, his research has used factual data to challenge policymakers conventional wisdom. In 1972, he criticised out-of-town shopping centres more than 20 years before the government changed planning rules to stop their spread. In 1980, he recommended halting the closure of branch line railways only now are some closed lines reopening. In 1984, he proposed energy ratings for houses finally adopted as government policy in 2007. And, more than 40 years ago, he presciently challenged societys pursuit of economic growth.

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Sunday, 29 April


2pm 21/07 | Rally: 5 Years Too Many Bring Them Here! "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

When: 2-5pm 21st July Where: State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne. Facebook event here This July will mark 5 years since the PNG solution was announced 5 years of limbo in offshore detention hellholes 2 years since Manus was declared illegal Over 1.5 years since US refugee deal announced 10 deaths offshore Its(...)

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Friday, 27 April


PTUA welcomes study into high speed rail for Geelong "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has welcomed the state governments announcement of a study into faster rail services for Geelong.

A $50 million study will investigate the possibility of trains running at between 250 and 300km/h between Melbourne and Geelong.

PTUA Geelong Branch Convener and Regional Spokesperson, Paul Westcott, said faster trains would provide great benefits to the people of Geelong.

It would be fantastic to see higher speeds on the Geelong line, which would mean shorter journey times for commuters, allowing them to spend more time with their families. Its encouraging to see the government planning for the higher speed trains we will need in the future first on the Geelong line, and then on other regional lines, he said.

However, Mr Westcott noted that the overwhelming concern for Geelong line passengers right now is overcrowding at the Melbourne end of the line, and the unreliability of services.

Its vital to fix those problems now, as well as planning for the future, Mr Westcott said. Geelong trains should not be serving suburban passengers from Tarneit, Wyndham Vale and Deer Park.

The line to Wyndham Vale must be electrified so Metro trains can do that job, and the two planned separate tracks must be built so Geelong trains dont have to stop at suburban stations.

The PTUA has also welcomed the state governments announcement that the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (MMRA) will be re-established as Rail Projects Victoria.

Rather than having separate agencies running each new project, it is sensible to have a single agency responsible for all rail projects, Mr Westcott said. It will help retain talent and skills in rail projects, and provide a pipeline of works for the people involved.

Mr Westcott noted that the new authority should be able to coordinate and combine related projects together. For example, the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (MMRA) is planning to build a new station at Toolern on the Melton line, right next to Ferris Road, but the opportunity to grade separate Ferris Road at the same time is apparently not being taken.

Based on what the government has said, Rail Projects Victoria will start out with the same remit as the current MMRA, but we hope that more projects will be added to it over time, Mr Westcott said.

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Thursday, 26 April


North East Link plans to kill off Doncaster rail forever "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The Public Transport Users Association says that detailed design plans for the North East Link and its accompanying busway include taking over the median reserve for additional car lanes. This will kill stone dead any long term plan for trains to run to Doncaster, according to the PTUA.

Whats being proposed is a radical reorganisation of the road corridor between Clifton Hill and Bulleen, said PTUA President Dr Tony Morton. The wide median which has been set aside for a train line since the 1970s will be deleted and used for car lanes. This provides space for the bus lanes they want to put on the outside of the road but the outside will never be suitable for rail due to conflict with entrance and exit ramps.

The plan to remove the median appears in the map book accompanying the North East Link Detail Design. It adds to previously announced plans for a 16-lane road monster between Bulleen and Doncaster, resembling the superhighways seen in some US cities like Los Angeles or Houston.

Dr Morton said the plan to kill Doncaster rail not only ran contrary to the publics clearly expressed preference it also promised nightmarish consequences for the Doncaster region in the long term. Rail is ultimately the only game in town when it comes to moving large numbers of people around a big city effectively, he said. Even the proposed buses wont be future-proof, and will in time become slow and crowded just like the busway services in Brisbane today. Premier Andrews and his Roads Minister are essentially foreclosing the most space-efficient mode of transport for the least space-efficient. Thats not merely short-sighted, its bordering on spite for the people of Manningham who spent years campaigning for a train.

The PTUA hears daily from bus users in the north east who suffer overcrowded, late, cancelled and defective services, Dr Morton said. The Department of Transport signed a supposedly innovative contract with private operator Transdev, which it appears leaves it powerless to enforce basic service standards on behalf of passengers. I can confidently say no-one who uses these buses today has any confidence in government assurances that buses can do the work of trains in 30 years time when Melbourne is the size of London or Paris.

Instead, Dr Morton said, residents of Manningham and other suburbs were being sentenced to a congested Los Angeles future. So the state spends $16 billion to build this 16 lane monster, and it fills up with 16 lanes of single-occupant car traffic. What do our amazing planners do then? The Americans have freeways 24 lanes wide and theyre still clogged. Freight cant go anywhere because its stuck with all the cars. You dont solve anyones transport problems passengers or freight until you...


PTUA welcomes Coalition commitments to regional rail in western Victoria "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has today welcomed the state Coalitions commitments to improve regional rail in western Victoria if elected in November.

A study commissioned by a group of councils in western Victoria in 2017 called for a swathe of improvements to public transport in their regions, including returning passenger trains to Horsham and Hamilton, and improving a number of coach connections. The Coalition have announced their intention to fund a formal business case for these proposals.

PTUA Ballarat Branch Convener, Ben Lever, welcomed the announcement as the first step towards returning passenger trains beyond Ararat.

Returning passenger trains to these communities is really vital for connecting them to each other, and to Ballarat and Melbourne. We hope this business case can do the detailed planning necessary to allow construction to start as soon as possible, he said.

Passenger trains along these routes would act as the spine of the region. When fast, high-capacity passenger trains are running on these routes, they can be complemented by connecting coaches to places that arent on the rail line, and thereby improve public transport across the whole region.

The Coalition also propose extending the Maryborough line to Donald, reactivating stations at Dunolly and St Arnaud along the way. These extensions are also seen as a first step towards returning passenger services all the way to Mildura in the future.

Returning passenger trains to these communities would be a real boon. Whether theyre taking shorter trips to Maryborough or Ballarat, or going all the way to Melbourne, a fast and well-timed train could be extremely useful for the people living in these towns. Mr Lever said.

Mr Lever did note that there were some technical obstacles to returning trains to returning passenger trains beyond Maryborough that would need to be addressed.

In that part of Victoria there is a mixture of Broad Gauge track, which is primarily used for passenger services, and Standard Gauge track, which is primarily used for freight services. Because a given train can only run on one type of track, passengers travelling all the way from Donald to Melbourne would need to change from a Standard Gauge train to a Broad Gauge train at some point in their journey the decision will need to be made about where that change should happen. We look forward to the Coalition providing these kinds of finer details about their policy in the coming months.

While Mr Lever welcomed the proposed reopening of these stations, he warned against a set and forget approach.

Governments need to bear in mind that its not just about providing the infrastructure or providing a train its about backing that up with servi...

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Wednesday, 25 April


Finally out of the ground. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Since pouring the house slab, almost six weeks ago, quite a bit has happened on the Fanny Farm. To start with, the concrete suppliers came to the party regarding that last load that went off as soon as it was poured.  they knew theyd screwed up, there were no arguments, and the rep asked me what I wanted, and I told him, and he said OK. So Im not paying for that load, and they supplied self levelling concrete to rectify the wonky end of the house, which I will do once the walls are up  frustrating all the same.

My daughter and I harvested 400kg of Geeveston Fannies, which were taken next door and turned into almost 200 litres of Cider. I have such a bumper crop this year, Im afraid that due to other pressures, like building, a lot of my apples will simply go to waste.. I just cant do everything.

IMG_20180415_090227It even snowed on Hartz. I took my Belgian wwoofer Nelle up the hill to show her Australian Alpine landscape, and she was amazed at how different it looks compared to Europe. When it snows there, it rains down on the farm, and three...


A question too obvious "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Lifted from Consciousness of Sheep. While its a UK website, Australia gets an honorable and well deserved mention..

Every now and again someone poses a question so obvious that you wonder why nobody asked it before.  When that happens, it is usually because it reveals an unconscious narrative that you have been following.  It is precisely because it jars with what you thought you knew that it is so unsettling.  And, of course, most people will seek some means of avoiding the ramifications of the question; such as questioning the motives of the person asking it.

So it is that Time Magazine Hero of the Environment, Michael Shellenberger poses just such an apparently innocuous question:

If solar and wind are so cheap, why are they making electricity so expensive?

Image result for grid renewables

There are clearly merits to this question.  The spiralling cost of electricity played a major role in the recent Australian election.  In Britain, even the neoliberal Tory government has been obliged to introduce legislation to cap energy prices; while the Labour opposition threatens to dispense with the private energy market altogether.  Across the USA prices are spiralling ever upward, making Trumps pro-fossil fuel stance popular for large numbers of Americans:

Over the last year, the media have published story after story after story about the declining price of solar panels and wind turbines.  People who read these stories are understandably left with the impression that the more solar and wind energy we produce, the lower electricity prices will become.

And yet thats not whats happening. In fact, its the opposite.

Between 2009 and 2017, the price of solar pe...

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Monday, 23 April


The Collapse of Saudi Arabia is Inevitable "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Ive been saying this for years now.  but heres one of the worlds best journalists explaining it way better than I can.. and you better believe it, when Saudi Arabia goes the way of Syria, it will be the trigger for global collapse to start in earnest.
By Nafeez Ahmed

nafeezSeptember 28, 2015 Information Clearing House MEE- On Tuesday 22 September, Middle East Eye broke the story of a senior member of the Saudi royal family calling for a change in leadership to fend off the kingdoms collapse.

In a letter circulated among Saudi princes, its author, a grandson of the late King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud, blamed incumbent King Salman for creating unprecedented problems that endangered the monarchys continued survival.

We will not be able to stop the draining of money, the political adolescence, and the military risks unless we change the methods of decision making, even if that implied changing the king himself, warned the letter.

Whether or not an internal royal coup is round the corner and informed observers think such a prospect fanciful the letters analysis of Saudi Arabias dire predicament is startlingly accurate.

Like many countries in the region before it, Saudi Arabia is on the brink of a perfect storm of interconnected challenges that, if history is anything to judge by, will be the monarchys undoing well wit...

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Sunday, 22 April



Originally published on J Pratt 27s blog

Sorry about the images, no matter how much I shrink them, they wont fit on the page  you can view them properly in a separate tab..

By Michael E. Mann

Credit: Freestylephoto Getty Images

Two decades ago this week a pair of colleagues and I published the original hockey stick graph in Nature, which happened to coincide with the Earth Day 1998 observances.

The graph showed Earths temperature, relatively stable for 500 years, had spiked upward during the 20th century.

year later we would extend the graph back in time to A.D. 1000, demonstrating this rise was unprecedented over at least the past millenniumas far back as we could go with the data we had.

Original hockey stick temperature graph in Nature, 1998. The Y axis shows the Northern hemisphere mean temperature, in degrees Celsius; the zero line corresponds to the 1902 1980 mean. Credit: Global-scale Temperature Patterns and Climate Forcing over the Past Six Centuries, by Michael E. Mann et al. in Nature, Vol. 392, April 23, 1998

Although I didnt realize it at the time, publishing the hockey stick would change my life in a fundamental way. I was thrust suddenly into the spotlight. Nearly every major newspaper and television news networkcovered our study. The widespread attention was exhilarating, if not intimidating for a science nerd with little or no experienceor frankly, inclination at the timein communicating with the public.

Nothing in my training as a scientist could have prepared me for the...

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Friday, 20 April


Put our buses to work for everyone: PTUA responds to Infrastructure Victoria action plan "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Melbournes buses need to be overhauled to follow the heavy-lifting example set by Melbournes trams, the Public Transport Users Association said on Friday.

The call comes in response to Infrastructure Victorias Five Year Focus strategy, which outlines short term actions to tackle Melbournes traffic congestion. The report calls on the State Government to make better use of existing infrastructure and bus fleets, restructuring bus networks to be more efficient and managing road space to improve priority for high-occupancy public and active transport.

Its fascinating to look back at the five year plan the PTUA produced way back in 2005, and how many of the things we were asking for then are coming up in this 2018 strategy, said PTUA President Dr Tony Morton. Things like better bus and tram priority, network planning reform, SmartBus links to connect rail corridors and so on these are perennial problems that really wont cost that much to fix but have languished for want of political attention.

But the PTUA has long identified other low hanging fruit likely to have similar bang for buck performance in the short term, Dr Morton said. For example, Infrastructure Victoria talks in their report about network connectivity, but only mention new road links to encourage more car travel. Weve repeatedly raised examples of tram lines that stop barely a kilometre short of railway stations, and where a valuable network connection could be made for want of a short extension, costing the same as a couple of kilometres of new road.

Other inexpensive initiatives included extra stations on suburban lines where spare capacity exists, the PTUA says. The 2005 plan envisaged a station at Campbellfield on the Upfield line (connecting with the 902 SmartBus) and at Newport West on the Altona line. The government wasted the opportunity to build a Campbellfield station as part of the recent grade separation completed at Camp Road, Dr Morton said. One thing missing from the report is how the government might learn from such examples to plan and maximise the benefits from such relatively small projects in future.

But the most promising short-term initiatives came from opportunities to reform bus services, especially those Infrastructure Victoria identifies as underperforming, says the PTUA. Unfortunately, we see the potential here for trendy knee-jerk solutions that make things worse, Dr Morton says. For example, the report hints strongly at the idea of removing underperforming bus routes and replacing them with taxis. However much you ginger this up with buzzwords like customer responsive service and ride sharing, all youre doing is adding cars to the road. In cities around the w...


How an Ancient Singing Tradition Helps People Cope With Trauma in the Modern World "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

In Finland, lament singing is experiencing a revival, one sad song at a time.  Tristan Ahtone

I took pills for my depression

just to smother my emotions.

Doctors said that I would need them,

but I learned to cry without them.

So I stopped taking the tablets,

then I let my feelings rise up

for my mother when she passed on,

for my marriage when he quit me,

left me as a single mother,

with a hard job and no weekends.

Now I weep without taking pills,

yet I still feel very angry,

and the fury seems well-founded,

but the feelings will not hurt me.


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Tuesday, 17 April


Change the rules for refugees flyer "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

RAC flyer on why refugees rights are a union issue in colour and black and white. Please print and put up in your workplace change the rules for refugees.pdf change the rules for refugees bw.pdf


Uproar across Asia over Australia's approval of multinational GM rice. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

For Immediate Release Friday 13th April, 2018

The genetically-modified organism (GMO) known as golden rice (GR2E rice) will not significantly address hunger or Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) according to the National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC).

The International Conference on Golden Rice was organised by MASIPAG and the Stop Golden Rice Network in the Philippines and facilitated by the Anti-Poverty Commission. It included delegates and farmers, scientists, and development workers from Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India, and the Philippines. The conference participants joined peasant farmers calling for the stopping of the GM rice outside the Department of Agriculture [1].
The conference heard that Australia/New Zealand approval of GR2E rice will impact heavily on indigenous farmers all over Asia. This is because as Filipino law stands, the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) safety assessment can be used for approval to plant in many of the Asian rice growing countries.
FSANZ said that on the best available scientific evidence it was safe to eat.  Yet, experts and farmers from India, the Philippines and Indonesia provided studies raising concerns over the safety of the rice, proving that not all evidence was sought or considered by FSANZ. FSANZ has approved the rice into the Australasian food chain 'in case of contamination' to 'avoid trade issues'. There is a total absence of evidence for consumers to know if it is safe to eat.  FSANZ said feeding/ingestion studies were not provided nor did FSANZ require them [2].
FSANZs rubber stamp approach to food safety is putting the health of billions of people at risk. This GM rice is aimed at pregnant women and children and yet there is an absence of evidence of safety. Said Fran Murrell from MADGE Australia, We hope that the Philippine Government regulators protect their people by ensuring that rigorous, long term safety studies are carried out.
Liza Maza from the National Anti-Poverty Commission in the Philippines said There was no comparative studies between GR2E rice and other varieties to see if it can lessen Vitamin A deficiency,
Cris Panerio, national coordinator for the Philippino farmer and scientist alliance (MASIPAG), noted Golden rice is fraught with inherent problems, one of which is the low yield resulting to the disruption of the native structure...

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Monday, 16 April

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Saturday, 14 April


Submission to FSANZ on Food derived using new breeding techniques - we explain why all new GM foods need regulation, testing and labelling. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

19th April 2018

We submit that:

1) The Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 was written with intent to ensure all new breeding techniques for food are, and will be, regulated. The Act requires the protection of public health and safety (Section 18 (1) (a), Objectives of the Act) therefore all new breeding techniques must be regulated.

  • The definitions for food produced using gene technology and gene technology cover food produced using all forms of New Breeding Techniques.
  • In New Zealand, it is accepted that in-vitro genome manipulations that were introduced after 1996 should be considered genetic modification techniques (Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act).
  • All new breeding techniques should be acknowledged as GM. 
  • All new breeding techniques must undergo sufficiently rigorous pre-market assessments and follow up monitoring to ensure they can be, and are being, safely consumed over an entire lifetime. 

We submit that:

2) This public consultation has broken the requirement that risk analysis be based on the best available scientific evidence, as required by Section 18 (2) of the FSANZ Act.

  • This consultation is based on workshops and an Expert Advisory Panel containing scientists with conflicts of interest
  • Austrian government agencies found there is insufficient knowledge of the risks of these techniques and all of them should be regulated.[1]
  • The Norwegian Environment and Development Agencies concluded further biosafety research needs to be done before these techniques are commercialised.[2]
  • The European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility state these techniques are recognized as GM in the medical field and should been seen as GM in agriculture and food. They assert that the application of these techniques allows for outcomes that may be unprecedented in human experience:[3]
  • Non-regulation of these techniques would mean numerous Human Rights are being breached the: Right to Food[4], Right to a Healthy Environment[5], Right to Health[6] and Right to Freedom essential for scientific research.[7]
  • Decisions on the regulation, or deregu...

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Thursday, 12 April


The End of Growth, Seven Years Later "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

I wrote The End of Growth in the months following the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2008 (the book was published in North America in 2011), with the goal of helping to put that crisis in proper perspective. I argued that persistent economic growth is not normal in either an ecological or a historical frame of reference, and that a major threat to the continuation of growth (such as was posed by the 2008 crisis) is best interpreted as a signal that the global economy is approaching inevitable growth limits as the larger ecological systems of which it is a part become depleted, degraded, and destabilized.

This is not an entirely new way of thinking about the economy. Starting in the 1960s, Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, Kenneth Boulding, and Herman Daly laid the foundations for an economics that correctly situates human society within the context of Earths limited natural energy flows and resource stocks. In 1972, the landmark study The Limits to Growth argued that the rapid global economic expansion that began in the twentieth century would almost certainly end and reverse itself in the twenty-first due largely to resource depletion and pollution. These have remained minority views among economists for decades; however, I argued that they are well founded, and that we are now seeing the confirmation of Limits to Growth warnings.

However, three things have changed since The End of Growth first appeared in North America. There are clear signs that growth is becoming more difficult to achieve worldwide. Impacts from slowing growth are appearing in the social and political spheres. And both analysts and grassroots social movements are starting to regard growth as the cause, rather than the solution, to worsening ecological and social crises. Lets explore these developments one by one.

Signs that growth has run its course. This book argues at some length that ongoing, annu...


Community songbirds! Take flight on the airwaves in a new radio show dedicated to singing groups and choirs "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

A truly unique radio show championing the work of Choirs and Community Singing Groups is filling the airwaves above Upwey and beyond with the sweet sound of a cappella and accompanied singing each week.  The Aka-Pelican show is hosted by Rick Steen, a passionate choir singer and blues guitarist whos excited to bring this opportunity to the world in what he believes is a first.

Ricks Aka-Pelican show is broadcast by 3MDR, (Mountain District Radio) on 97.1fm. The community-run station was set up in response to the Ash Wednesday bushfires in 1983 to provide effective and direct communication to locals in the event of emergency, and other than a station manager, it is staffed and run entirely by volunteers.

With a background in folk and blues music, Rick joined the station as a volunteer sound engineer before being trained as an announcer and invited to present a show of his own:

I thought what would work really well is a show dedicated to supporting choirs and a cappella singing. There are around seven choirs in the Dandenongs between Upwey and Gembrook alone, making it a good niche, good for the station and its membership; people will be all over it!

3MDR has enjoyed a variety of homes during its 25-year history including a bus, a water tower and a shop. In February, the station relocated to new premises at the Forest Park Homestead, where Rick now has the luxury of a large studio space suitable for live to air broadcasts during his programs two-hour time slot, from 3 til 5:00pm on Wednesdays.



Show us a plan, and dont neglect local services, says PTUA "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The Victorian Government needs to show the public an integrated plan for moving people and freight. But the government also needs to match its busy infrastructure programme with a commitment to frequent local public transport service, the Victorian Transport Infrastructure Conference heard on Thursday.

According to a presentation by Dr Tony Morton, President of the Public Transport Users Association, the government has put forward numerous multi-billion dollar transport projects, but has not explained what part they play in any strategic transport plan for the next half century.

On the one hand, the government is building the Metro rail tunnel, which is equivalent to about three West Gate Bridges in carrying capacity and has massive potential to divert single occupant car travel from the existing West Gate Bridge, Dr Morton said. Yet at the same time its sinking billions of dollars into the West Gate Tunnel, which has barely one-sixth the capacity but is likely to induce more car travel into the city, swamping any benefit the Metro tunnel provides.

Winning the West

Melbournes West faces enormous challenges in the near term dealing with urban growth and the states worst pollution from cars and trucks, not to mention the historical neglect of public transport infrastructure and services. We really cannot afford to be adding to the horrendous traffic problems that already exist. In fact we ought to be doubling down on rail infrastructure to bring the West closer to what the Eastern suburbs already enjoy. Its time to start planning Melbourne Metro Two.

Metro Two is the name given to a rail tunnel connecting Newport station underneath the Yarra with Fishermans Bend and the City. It then extends north via Parkville to connect with the South Morang line, providing added capacity to the Mernda growth area and simplifying planning for a Doncaster rail line. Versions of the line appeared in the 2012 Rail Network Development Plan and in plans considered by Infrastructure Victoria. it was also raised favourably in evidence by Victorian rail planner Ed Dotson to a 2010 Parliamentary inquiry into rail services.

Freight needs should have special consideration as part of an integrated plan, Dr Morton said. At present, freight is in a zero-sum game with single-occupant car traffic, and the cars are winning. This will happen as long as we build so-called freight roads that are just going to fill up with cars. We need to be getting more freight back on the rails, taking advantage of the latest international experience with multimodal logistics. Meanwhile, road freight solutions must be well-targeted, designed and sized so as not to induce more car travel.

Dr Morton also welcomed Wednesdays announcement by the Federal Government of $5 billion toward a Melbourne airport rail link. ...

Wednesday, 11 April


12-2pm 13 Apr | Snap Protest: Manus isnt safe Bring Them Here! "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

When: 12-2pm Friday 13 April Where: Department of Immigration and Border Protection (corner Lonsdale and Spring Sts), Melbourne Facebook event here Protest at the Immigration Depoartment corner of Lonsdale and Springs Sts this Friday 12 noon Bring the stabbed Afghan refugee to Australia Bring eveyone Australia forced to Manus, back here to safety An(...)

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