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Thursday, 07 February


Happy New (Chinese) Year of the pig for 2019 studio started back last week "IndyWatch Feed"

Barbara has done 5 follow-ups, 8 quotes, 3 client meetings and 3 new stock ring waxes since starting into the studio for 2019. Her first animal repair for the year turned out smashing. A recycled bog oak pig (good luck charm) in 18ct yellow gold. Thanks Shazza at Lancasters Antiques in Toowoomba for the distressed little piggy gift.


Disaster narratives: Flooding in Townsville "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Disaster narratives: Flooding in TownsvilleDr Binoy Kampmark takes a look at the good, bad and politically ugly side of the Townsville flooding disaster. read now...


Finding a Pumpkin in a Haystack "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Click here to view the embedded video.

Whilst finding a pumpkin in a haystack is much easier than finding a needle, its much more fun and rewarding heres why.


The Killer Awoke "IndyWatch Feed"

Had a pleasant surprise this morning when I found a cheque-yes, an actual paper cheque, possibly delivered by carrier pigeon-in my PO Box. It was from Baen, for a story in John Ringo's Voices of the Fall anthology. I'd forgotten about that piece, and the money turned up fortuitously. The Aussie dollar is in free fall on rumours of an interest cut, and my car rego was due.

So I dips me lid to JR and Baen. (Even though I had to totally murder Tom Kratman and Larry Correia to earn my Del Rey challenge coin).

The book is due out in early March. You can pre-order here. For those who don't know Ringo's Black Tide Rising series, it's a fun zombiepocalypse saga, unusual in having an Australian family as the lead characters.

For my contribution to the anthology I decided to revisit an old favourite, Caitlin Monroe. We join her, as we did at the start of After America, recuperating in a Paris hospital, but this being Ringo's story world, the details start shifting early:

Caitlin took a sip of cool water and closed her eyes for a moment.
She knew this was bad.
Echelon never put anyone in the field without due preparation. But she"d been yanked out of her deep cover run against al Banna"s network and thrown at these wingnuts on half-a-moment"s notice, with a ten-minute briefing and a surprisingly painful shot in the ass of some unnamed anti-viral magic potion that gave her the worst dose of flu she"d ever had.
Caitlin cursed softly under her breath. She had no idea what day it was. No idea how long she"d been out, or what had gone down in that time...

...Caitlin"s hand was throbbing and her head was starting to spin. She desperately needed a moment to herself, to get her shit together. She forced herself to breath slowly. Stilling her racing thoughts. Her flu had mostly cleared. She hadn"t turned rabid. She needed to reestablish realtime contact with Echelon. Overwatch must have arranged for her to jump the line if she was in a private hospital room. She did remember that hospitals were already turning people away when she was in London.
Eh up? What"s this then? blurted Celia.
Everyone fixed on the TV screen, where an impeccably groomed Eurasian woman with a perfectly modulated BBC voice was struggling to maintain her composure. the quarantine, which was not agreed to by Washington, will be enforced by NATO using all means necessary according a spokesperson from the Prime Minister"s office. Outbound commercial flights are either returning to their points of origin or diverting to Halifax and Quebec in Canada, or to airports throughout the West Indies, where the plague is reportedly nearly as advanced as on the continental US.
The wome...


RUCKUS SLAM "IndyWatch Feed"


Welcome to the 6th year of RUCKUS POETRY SLAM!!!

Gosh were feeling ripe, raw and ready for all things POETRY SLAM! February marks our first POETRY SLAM of the year. A Poetry Slam is an open mic event, 16 individuals sign up on the night to perform to a wildly attentive audience only to be judged with a nonsensical scoring system by five unqualified audience members wearing ridiculous hats. The evening includes features performances that will inspire you and is hosted by the Ruckus team who are sure to make it an interesting ride.

Come and join us at something we call RUCKUS POETRY SLAM. You would be silly to miss it.


The post RUCKUS SLAM appeared first on The Zoo.


Backcountry film festival Melbourne, April 30 "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

The Backcountry Film Festival is produced each year by Winter Wildlands Alliance as a celebration of the human-powered winter experience and a gathering place for the backcountry snowsports community.

In 2019 it features a program of ten films, including productions from Colorado, Washington state, California and China.

Tuesday April 30

7pm 9.30pm.

Co-hosted with RMIT Outdoors Club.

Storey Hall (RMIT), 342-344 Swanston St, Melbourne.

Suggested donation: $8 conc & students/ $15 waged. Tickets at the door. There will be plenty of room.

There will be a bar run by the RMIT Outdoors Club before the films start.

Facebook event page for Melbourne available here.

You can check the trailer for the 2019 season here.

Check here for the full list of films.


I wonder "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

what might have happened if I hadnt intruded.

These images were taken beside a dam on South German Track earlier in the week the same spot where I encountered a Yellow-plumed Honeyeater featured here.

Peaceful Doves are pretty confiding and will often come close in search of a drink if you are quiet and still. Little Lorikeets however, are a bit of a mystery to me. I see and hear them on a regular basis but have never seen them come to water. This pair landed just above my head and I suspect if I hadnt been around they would have emulated the Peaceful Dove in quenching their thirst.

Peaceful Dove, South German Track, 4th February 2019

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Wednesday, 06 February


Qigong "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Qigong Classes In Reservoir.
8 Weeks in Term 1.

Starting this Thursday 7th February.



Wanted "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Hi, I would like to try and grow some Moroccan mint or Egyptian mint. Is there anyone out there who has some and would be able to give me a cutting?

Thanks in advance!



For Sale "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Hi Newlanders,

I have 2 spare tix for the very talented Ms Cat Power, who is playing a twilight picnic gig at the zoo this Saturday.

Weather will be lovely.



Housing transactions dry up too; car sales tanking "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Stock, stock everywhere...

Property transactions dried up in the latter part of 2018, and stock listings are now starting to pile up as existing listings aren't absorbed. 

In Melbourne listings are up 42.3 per cent from a year earlier.

New car sales also tanked, including business buyer activity.

You never really know if the economy is in recession until after it's already happening, but recessionary conditions increasingly seem to be creeping in. 

RBA Governor Lowe will deliver a speech today on the year ahead in Sydney, which will be an interesting listen or read.

Lowe will almost certainly stress low unemployment rates, which is good, but growth in hours worked has been far more subdued, and what's of more concern are the leading indicators. 


MOMENTS OF CLARITY #34 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Tim Logan's humorous view on modern life's situations, illustrated by Jess Murray.

The post MOMENTS OF CLARITY #34 appeared first on The Westsider.


FEAR SELLS, FOR SOME! But it costs for most "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

MELBOURNE: The sexually motivated murder of young Palestinian student Aya Maasarwe last month took the media to some strange places. Gary Johnston takes a look at how race and perspective shapes crime reporting.


February 6 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Early in February the French fired on the Aboriginal people at Botany Bay.

1788 - The first female convicts graced Port Jackson with their presence...and of course rapes, riots and debauchery followed.
A violent thunderstorm that night sacrificed 6 sheep and a pig.

1829 - Broger, an Aboriginal man born at Boon-ga-reeknown in 1822-88 as Broughton Creek and later as Berry, on this day with his Aboriginal friend George Murphy took two sawyers, John Rivett and James Hicks, into the bush in Kangaroo Valley to show them some fine cedar. Here, Broger killed Rivett.
Sawyers of the district they had a bad reputation for their dealings with Aborigines. A few days before his death, Rivett had cheated Broger and Murphy in an exchange of flour for bush turkey eggs and Rivett had seduced Murphy's wife. Broger may have been obliged to assist Murphy in securing redress under Aboriginal law.

At his trial at Campbelltown on 20 August 1830 before Chief Justice (Sir) Francis Forbes, witnesses noted his claims that Rivett had attacked him first and he had acted in self-defence. However, he was not allowed to speak in his own defence. He was found guilty and sentenced to death. On 30 August Broger was publicly executed by Alexander Green.

1851 - Black Thursday bushfires roared all over Victoria, turning the day into night and roasting the air to 47 degrees C.

1885 - The Launceston Examiner today reported that ;
"Nichols, late sub-inspector of the Queensland police, who was arrested in connection with the recent
massacre of blacks at Irvinebank, has been discharged by the Herberton Bench, the evidence being insufficient to warrant a committal."

1893 - Rumours of the Parliamentary Mace disappearing in a Melbourne brothel were setting fire to the city so a Board of Inquiry was cobbled together to investigate the theft. (I've often wondered why Great Uncle Rupert won't let me clean his attic...).

1942 - Ray Raiwala became the first recruit to enlist in an Aboriginal guerrilla unit at Darwin on this day.

1976 - Patricia O'Shane celebrated becoming a fully-fledged barrister on this she was the first Aboriginal (and *gasp* a woman) to do so.

1984 - Today the coroner of WA found that Aboriginal youth , 17 year old John Pat had died of a 'closed head injury suffered during a disturbance in Padbury Street, Roebourne'.
On 28 September 1983 a brawl broke out between off-duty police officers and a group of Aborigines, including Pat, outside the Top Bar of the Victoria Hotel at Roebourne. Aboriginal witnesses later alleged that an officer kicked Pat in the head as he lay on the road....

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Tuesday, 05 February


This Week in Melbourne: What's On #632 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Read Online This Week: 5 - 11 February 2019 Newsletter | #632 Whats On this Week in marvellous Melbourne Tuesday 5th February 2019 to 11th February 2019 St Kilda Festival Down the Rabbit Hole Beer Dinner Affordable Wedding Expo An Evening with Nigella Lawson Big Weekend Market Bruthen Blues and Arts Festival Dragons Awakening Ceremony Keith Urban Linden Postcard Show Melbourne Zoo Twilights Mickey Mouse Arthouse Midsumma Festival Nitro Circus Pet Adoption Day Riverboats Music Festival St Jeromes Laneway Festival Suitcase Rummage Whittlesea Country Music Festival World Travel and Cruise Expo Best Victorian Maze Guide Lunar New Year Festivals Tuesday 5th February 2019 is Chinese New Years Day Melbournes Chinese and Lunar New Year festivals Ballarat - Chinese New Year at Sovereign Hill - 10 - 17 February 2019 Bendigo Chinese New Year Celebration - Saturday 9 Feb 2019 Glen Waverley - Kings Way - Sunday 17th February 2019 Melbourne - Chinatown - Little Bourke Street - Sunday 10 February 2019 Melbourne - Crown - 9-11 February 2019 Dragons Awakening Ceremony 2019 - Sunday 10 February 2019 Melbourne - Queen Victoria Market - Sunday 17 February 2019 Point Cook Lunar New Year Festival - Saturday 16 February 2019 Preston Central and Preston Market - Saturday 9 February 2019 Richmond - Victoria Street Lunar Festival - Sunday 20 Jan 2019 Chinese New Year 2019 --> Lunar New Year Festivals...


Training Skills for Election Campaigns "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

10am-5pm, Wednesday 6 March 2019 in Carlton, Victoria.


A one-day refresher for social movement trainers.

Trainers play an important role in campaigns for social and ecological justice, equipping people to act powerfully together. As we hurtle towards a federal election its timely to strengthen and deepen training skills.

Plan to Win invites you to bring along your questions, knotty challenges, and workshop plans for a day of practice, creative problem solving, and sharing with fellow activists.

The workshop will include:

  • Key elements of successful campaign events
  • Activities to tune-up training skills in the lead up to the election
  • Opportunities to practice training delivery with feedback from supportive peers and expert trainers
  • Workshopping challenges relevant to training in a campaign and movement building context

Plan to Win will provide sample workshop plans relevant to election campaigning; field organising; campaign debriefs; and sustaining activism. We also encourage you to bring along your own workshop plans and training materials to practice and share.

This workshop is a great fit for you if:

  • You are a lead organiser, organiser, or action group convenor
  • You are designing and running election campaign events
  • You provide training or facilitation in social movement contexts, or youd like toTSAG_Circle2

If you are not working directly on an election campaign you will still gain value from this workshop.


Dates: Wednesday 6 March 2019
Time: 10am-5pm
Venue: 60L Building Ground Floor Training Room
Address: 60 Leices...

Monday, 04 February


Justice demands that the Australian government does not support the attempted coup and foreign intervention in Venezuela "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Editorial Comment

Given that current events in Venezuela may bring serious consequences to that country, and perhaps the world, and push Australia towards being caught up in another unjustified war, a clear statement is of position is called for.

The Pen has consistently championed the right of ordinary people to have a decisive say in those matters that effect their lives and the building of democracy though power from below, in the spirit of working together for our common goals.

For this reason, we stand with the President voted into office by the people of Venezuela, and against those who would carry out a coup, in partnership with those who would violate the nations sovereignty, by interfering in internal affairs that are no business of theirs.

We say to the Australian government stay out. We call on Washington to keep its hands out of Venezuela and upon the world to prevent the crisis from being turned into a war, which will bring the risk of global conflict.

To this end, we join and encourage the rise of a movement to defend Venezuela, stop a catastrophe from occurring and build the forces for global peace. We want to play our part in stopping Australians being sent overseas to die and be injured, and stand for a world of mutual respect, instead of occupation and plunder.

Last Saturday, some 100 people gathered outside Melbournes Flinders Street Station to talk to the people there. Being aware of the event being organised by the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign in Melbourne, a group of emigres from Venezuela supporting the old ruling elite and their friends had planned to disrupt the action. When they found they were outnumbered, most kept to the other side of the road at Federation Square. A few did come over to disrupt through heckling. It drew little response and eventually died out. But some things were said by these people, which provide food for thought. Whatever they disagreed with is fake news. No further argument. Anyone with a different point of view is a murderer. Donald Trump is the best leader in the world The United States will invade. Thats what we want.

This is not about whether one likes Nicolas Maduro or not, or one is for socialism or against it. It is about basic decency and whether one truly values democracy. There is room for different views. What should bring us together is standing up against the carrying out of a great wrong.

The Labor Party is always at its best when its leaders and ranks stand up against injustice. More than once, they have stood up against the drive to unjust war. Support for Guaido and intervention runs counter to this tradition. Hopefully, this will change as more of the truth comes out. The same can be said for the Greens and others.



Building approvals point to...recession? "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Swan dive

Quite conclusive, if not all that surprising, with building approvals crunched to under 14,000 in December 2018.

It's worth noting that these are seasonally adjusted figures - the original figures came in at just 12,000 in the quiet month of December. 

The monthly trend has gone from around 20,000 to 15,000 in double-quick time, and this before the impact of the Opal Tower fiasco, an apartment tower fire in Melbourne today, or Labor's negative gearing changes. 

No way to dress this up, with the leading indicators of both money growth and building approvals pointing towards weaker or even recessionary conditions over the period ahead (Australia can often dodge technical recessions due to its population growth, but let's fact it, these are quite dire indicators). 

Unit approvals in December fell to just 1,790 in Sydney, 1,390 in Melbourne, and 519 in Brisbane, and it's questionable whether even this smattering approvals will get off the ground in the prevailing environment.   

The rolling annual figures by capital city remain somewhat flattering, though collapsing fast. 

And annual detached house approvals are also falling in all major cities.

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