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Sunday, 11 February


EP 236: Spiral Stairs "IndyWatch Feed"

Ep 236 Instagram.png

Photo: Sarah Kidd


Spiral Stairs

Recorded and mixed by Branko Cosic
Recorded at Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, 10th December 2017

Spiral Stairs aka Scott Kannberg first began making music with co founding member Stephen Malkamus in the legendary 90s act Pavement. After Pavement disbanded in 1999, Kannberg formed Preston School Of Industry, who went on to release two albums through Matador Records; 2001s All This Sounds Gas and 2004s Monsoon.

5 years passed before Kannberg re-emerged with his first solo effort The Real Feel, which was also released through Matador. He then relocated to the northern Brisbane suburb of Beachmere for a few years, before slowly beginning work on the follow up.

2017 saw...


Recommendations Sought "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


We're contemplating some creative re-configuring in our kitchen.  We still have a wall of the original wooden cupboards from the red-brick Newlands houses.  We'd like to re-organise them and add to them sympathetically while incorporating a new oven, hob, fridge and sink.  Is there anyone out there who has done something similar?  Or is there a skilled and creative carpenter/joiner/cabinet-maker who likes an interesting project?  

Any thoughts, contacts, ideas, please get in touch.; 0457 436 280.

Many thanks.  Jenny.


For Sale "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


I have been lovingly restored over twenty years ago. Have used as separate pieces - sideboard & bookcase. My owner is moving, but I can't tag along. I'd be a happy addition to your home.


Collect Nth Coburg. Jude - 0491 037 765.


SHORT + SWEET Arts Monday "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

The Short and Sweet festival the biggest little play festival in the world is back for its 17th year in Sydney. Short+Sweet 2018 features 130 plays across 8 weeks, with 2 new programmes every week. The different programs feature new writers, directors and a totally new cast. Among the plays showing nightly this week is Monet, Monet, Monet! by Pauline Turner, and The Woman Who Thought She Thought A New Thought by Carol Dance.

In Monet Monet Monet, when a Monet disappears from an art gallery wall, an eccentric woman is arrested for art theft on the evidence of surveillance video. But is the footage the truth or just an impression of it? It stars Steven Tait, Eveline Schubert, Carolina Portugal and Katia Moors and is produced by Andrew Cohen.

Writer and Director, Pauline Turner, is my guest today.


In The Woman Who Thought She Thought A New Thought, a woman sings as she showers. A new thought pops into her head. Can she remember it? Will the thought she thought be lost forever? It stars Julia Dance and Sasha Dance.

Writer and Director, Carol Dance, is my guest today.

SHORT + SWEET February April 2018

Tom Mann Theatre

136 Chalmers Street
Surry Hills

Info / Tickets:

I look forward to your company 10.30am midday


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Blue "IndyWatch Feed"

blue today there are no clouds to mask the breathing space the sun, manic and playful holds my chin roughly forcing my face to the sky look up animate those dark eyes break open your gaze look up above the grey tree line above the uniform boxes people exist in above the forlorn, thin wires []


Twenty-two refugees leave Nauru for the United States "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The second group of refugees to leave Nauru for resettlement in the United States are leaving Nauru this afternoon, Nauru time. The 22 refugees are flying from Nauru to the United States, via Fiji, to Los Angeles.

Except for one couple, a Rohingyan man and his wife, the other refugees leaving today (Sunday, 11 February) are single men: Afghans, Pakistanis, and Rohingyan.

It is expected that altogether around 130 refugees will fly from Nauru to the United States this month.

As usual, the departure of the refugees highlights the flaws in the US resettlement process. Last week, Iranian refugees the largest national group of refugees on Nauru protested for the second week in a row, over Iranians being excluded from the US intake.

Also among the people leaving today is one Rohingyan refugee who has family in Australia. He told the Refugee Action Coalition that he asked Australia for protection, and had initially declined to go to the United States.

I dont know anyone there, he told the Refugee Action Coalition. The man had been told if he declined to go to the US, he could expect to be on Nauru for 20 years, or could go to Cambodia.

The departure of the refugees comes as Nauru makes the first medical transfers to Taiwan in an attempt to deal with the fundamental lack of medical facilities on the island. Three refugees were sent to Taiwan for medical treatment last Wednesday.

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713

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Heres Whats On At The Sunshine Coast Pride Festival 2018 "IndyWatch Feed"

The annual Sunshine Coast Pride Festival is celebrating their eleventh year later this month. The festival, organised by the committee of volunteers from the Sunshine Coast Pride Network, has a theme this year of We Are One and organisers are inviting the Coasts LGBTIQ community, family, friends and visitors to come together and celebrate diversity ...

The post Heres Whats On At The Sunshine Coast Pride Festival 2018 appeared first on QNews Magazine.


Eat It - 11 February 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Oh hey there errybody... we started today's show with a hint from Cam's FIRST EVER home-made creme brulee: use a spritzy water bottle alongside your brulee flame!

Nick Bennett is the chef at Melbourne's The Arbory, and he joined us to talk about tomorrow's fundraising event called Food for Thought. Some seriously big-name chefs are donating their time to raise funds for Beyond Blue and RUOK. There are still some tickets available, check it out over here.

Next up we spoke to John at the Victoria Market.

We finished today's show with a chat to pHd candidate Erin Cummin about seaweed. Victoria has over 1000 native varieties of seaweed, and it is amazingly useful not just as a food, but even as a fuel or clothing material. We spoke about the three main types of seaweed and what you can do with them.


For Sale "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Kitchen dresser in original condition as you see from paint colour. 

From miners cottage in northeast Vic. 

Pick up Nth Coburg. 

$100. Jude: 0491 037 765.


New Protections for Company Whistleblowers "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim The Turnbull government has introduced a bill designed to protect whistleblowers within the private sector, but those who expose crime and corruption within government will continue to face criminal prosecution. Those in favour of broad whistleblower protections have called the bill a move in the right direction, while at

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Is Flying Tigerair Worth The Lower Price? A Reader Crunches The Numbers "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Flights occasionally get delayed and cancelled all the time. But for one reader, Tigerairs troubles and the way they handled them proved too much. But what do the actual statistics say? Vicky Moss weighs in.

After my most recent experience with Tigerair I decided that I would never fly them again! However, once I calmed down, I decided to analyse some data to see if I am just making an emotional decision, rather than one based on facts.

Over the last 4 years I have flown Qantas, Virgin, Jetstar & Tigerair depending on several factors such as the purpose of the trip, price, date/time, frequent flyer points available etc. No surprises, I find Qantas and Virgin more comfortable and they both have more flight options than the cheaper airlines, but I guess that is what you are paying for. However, I fly Tigerair most often because I am flying for personal reasons and they are usually the cheapest. My flights with Tigerair over the last 12 months are detailed below:

... ... ... ...
Booking Ref. Departure Date Departure Time Flight No. Departing From Arriving Rescheduled Delayed Cancelled
Q63HXS 19/02/2017 2:30PM TT373 Brisbane Sydney
R9LMUW 11/03/2017 2:40PM TT372 Sydney Brisbane
R47WJI 2/04/2017


MID FEB NEWS "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Dear all
Just a quick note about upcoming events.

MIDWEEK WALK WEDNESDAY 14 February, 2018 - Kureelpa Falls Walk with John Kooistra
Kureelpa Falls track: Meet at the very end of Kureelpa Falls Rd for a 7.00 am start.
Park along the road verge and leave space at end of road for cars to turn around. There is also a private driveway here, we do not want to block access. There are no toilets. Closest facilities are at Kanyana Park near Dulong Lookout.
Please bring chair, water, thermos etc for post walk bird call.

Thursday evening the 22 February Please email your interest in participating in this survey to Ken at ASAP. Please remember that access to this Unity Water Property is only with approved surveys conducted by Birdlife Australia. Priority will be given to those members who have attended the workshop.

This weekend away is being held on the 22 24 June however it is being filled now as to ensure our group can be accommodated at the same motel. Below are the 14 people who have signed up;
Ken & Megan Cross, Steve & Carol Popple, Ray Devine, Jamie Walker, Michelle Grant, Alison Skelhorn, Marilyn Shrapnel, Bernadette Jeffrey, Vince Lee, John Kooistra, Tom Corrigan and Russell McGregor.
We have room for only two more if you would like to join this trip please email Ken at friarbird43@bigpond.comASAP.

Our bird walks at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve continue. These are free for Birdlife members. The schedule is below;
17/02/18 Saturday Steve Grainger
21/02/18 Wednesday Russ Lamb, Robyn Combes
March - 03/03/18 Saturday Maggie Overend, Robyn Combes
07/03/18 Wednesday Jamie Walker, Robyn Combes
17/03/18 Saturday Robyn Combes


Life Right Now "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

In the last few weeks Ive become a bit of a bore with friends telling them about the book Ive read/listened to called The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning. Despite the rather gloomy title (very Swedish!), its an inspiring work written from the perspective of a woman in her 80s/90s, preparing for her death, []


Cuban Salsa Dance Night "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Newlands Primary School would like to invite the community to a Cuban Salsa Dance Night.

You don't need to know any dance moves, Carlos and the AContra team will teach you all you need to know!

There will be delicious food to purchase, an incredible live band and performances from the students at NPS.

Bring a picnic blanket, dress up (prizes for best dressed) and meet the NPS community. 


Radio MArinara - 11 Feb 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Bron and John. White NIght Melbourne - Underwater, Antonia Cooper  - IMAS REd Handfish and JOhntalks about his summer trip to Arnham Land


TROPPO MAGIC "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Troppo Bob, The Ultranormalist, has performed all over Australia and the world now the one-man comedy magic act, Troppo Bob from Troppo Magic, will again delight young and old alike at Scotts Head food, wine, music & art festival. Troppo Bob delivers a refreshing mix of verbal and visual comedy along with friendly good-humoured []



NORPA Associate Artist Emma Saunders is in residence in the NORPA Studio developing a new solo dance work Dancing With Myself. As part of her research she is inviting guests into the space, including NORPA Associate Director Kirk Page, Josephine Saunders (her mum), and Kimberley McIntryre.

DANCING WITH MYSELF one womans journey through space and time, where she has no space, and is completely out of time with whats around her. This includes an extended abstract solo sequence where she is attempting to choreograph her instinct, and to explore further how movement can reveal its own narrative.

She is warm and welcoming, she dances, she shows off a little, she is out of time with others, she is left behind, she is lost, she is alone. She is manipulated, she is shown tenderness, she is free, she is pushed around, she pushes back, she fights, she is in time, she is in time with others, she is lifted and she has found herself again.

If youd like to see Emmas work in development you can go to a free work-in-progress showing on Friday 16 February, 3pm at NORPA Studio, Lismore City Hall.

If you wish to join Emma in her dance practice she is running free warm up classes for the public in the NORPA Studio WED 14 Feb, 10-11am; THU 15 Feb, 10-11am; FRI 16 Feb, 10-11am.

Emma Saunders
Dancing with Myself
A work-in-progress showing
Friday 16 February, 3pm
NORPA Studio at Lismore City Hall Free

Warm-up classes with Emma Saunders
WED 14 Feb, 10-11am
THU 15 Feb, 10-11am
FRI 16 Feb, 10-11am
NORPA Studio at Lismore City Hall Free

For more information email Valley Lipcer at

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Surprise gift from canberra visit "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

While on a family trip to NSW, Friends of Ninney Rise (FoNR) secretary Sandal Hayes took the opportunity to visit Canberra where she met with Rowena McDonald, who is in charge of curating  the new permanent Reef exhibition being planned for the National Museum.

While there, Sandal also caught up with  Virginia Edlington who donated  the collection of photos  and miscellaneous personal effects of  Alison Busst. (See  the collection of photos here).

It  is  of great excitement to FoNR that Virginia generously donated another valuable contribution to our collection  for  heritage listed Ninney Rise.

Virginia is shown here holding the painting of  Bedarra Island by John Busst complete with his signature style bamboo frame.



A striking local "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Swamp Wallabies are one of the most striking inhabitants of our local bush.

Their scientific name Wallabia bicolor is a reference to the distinct colour contrast between the coat, usually dark-brown to black and the chest which is much lighter and often rufous orange. Most individuals have a white creek stripe and a white tip to the tail. This one looks as though it has just enjoyed a dip in a bush pool prior to my arrival. Ive seen Swamp Wallabies almost submerge themselves in water during hot weather.

Swamp Wallaby, Mia Mia Track, 10th February 2018


February 11 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

1788 - Having had a rough sleep the night before, the first court was convened at Sydney Cove.
Presiding was Judge Advocate Collins with 3 Naval Officers & 3 Marine Officers as members. A convict was sentenced to 200 lashes for hitting a marine with an adze. Another to 50 lashes for stealing some wood (later remitted ). A third convict who stole some bread was put in irons and marooned for 1 week ( on bread & water) on a small island in the harbour, Pinchgut.

1797 - That big pond of water between Victoria and Tassie was tripped over and named Bass Strait.

1799 - Left scratching their heads and asking "why?" the gaol at Sydney was *gasp* deliberately burnt down.

1822 - Macquarie introduced Bungaree to Governor Brisbane at Georges Head.
I gave him an old Suit of Generals uniforms to dress him out as Chief,writes Macquarie.
Governor Brisbane promised Bungaree and his people a new boat and fishing net.

1823 - George Brown was granted 500 acres at Illawarra.

1830 - Michael Best was Hanged at Hobart for murdering Richard Garner

1830 - After an epic journey which began on the Murrumbidgee River in November 1829, Charles Sturt and a small party, consisting of his deputy George McLeay, two soldiers and four convicts, reached the Southern Ocean.

1833 - Patrick Brady was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of Daniel Stewart at Webb's Creek, Windsor.

1833 - John Walsh was  Hanged at Sydney for the murder of Henry Kenyon at Bathurst.

1833 - James Dwyer was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of Henry Dawkins at Bathurst.

1840 - Charlie Bennet (Charles to his familiars) was not feeling the serenity when he was admitted to the Newcastle gaol, then sentenced to the Maitland Stockade iron gang for 12 months for absconding.

1847 - Having a REALLY rough night's sleep the Governor of Westralia, Andrew Clarke popped his clogs.

1849 - The first of several groups of German immigrants stepped ashore at Melbourne.

1851 - The first intercolonial cricket match between Tassie and Vic was a huge sell-out although security had to remove several louts for throwing horse shoes for good luck.

1856 - Books for the peasants ?! Extraordinary!
The Melbourne Public Library opened its doors.

1861 - Burke and Wills plonked their bums down at the Gulf of Carpentaria .

1867 - The three masted barque Zanoni sailed from Port Wakefield for London,  loaded with 15 tons of bark and 4025 bags of wheat. The weather was fine during the morning, but early in the afternoon a sudden squall from the westward 'came down with terrific violence; in fact a perfect cyclone' as it was later reported. The ship was struck so suddenly...


1) 21st MSG Leaders Summit set to go in PNG "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

1) 21st MSG Leaders Summit set to go in PNG


1) 21st MSG Leaders Summit set to go in PNG
PREPARATIONS are under way in earnest in Port Moresby to welcome Melanesia Spearhead Group (MSG) Leaders for their 21st biennial summit on Wednesday.
Senior officials from Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and the FLNKS in New Caledonia are meeting over the weekend ahead of the Leaders Summit to finalise issues to go before MSG Leaders for their d...


Its all coming together "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The next few weeks are filled with preparations, lists slowly being whittled down, installing, and rather a lot of strong coffee, (ahhh yes, coffee.) And after all that coffee is drunk? The Sunrise Swimmers exhibition officially launches. My book also Continue reading


Modern-day Biochar by John Hermans * "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

John raking up the end product beside his biochar producer. Nice t-shirt too!

Biochar use has been documented as far back as the Amazonian Indians, who created tera preta or black earth. These nutrient-enriched soils retain much of their higher fertility, and their char, thousands of years after they were created. Biochar can also permanently lock up carbon to help neutralize our carbon footprint. In this world where governments are largely failing to mitigate a climate catastrophe, this is another path for a bottom-up global effort.

Biochar is now commercially available as a soil conditioner, at around $10/kg, but if you are not confined by allotment size, it is quite easy and cheap to make instead. You can also then control what goes into it. In my case, I have been using the sticks and leaves that I would otherwise have burnt to reduce summer bushfire risk.

Making it has also given our household another option for becoming truly carbon neutral, other than planting trees. Biochar means we can now lock up atmospheric carbon in the soil, potentially for thousands of years, rather than have it re-enter the atmosphere when the ground litter rots or is burnt. Once it is added to the soil, it remains mostly inert to oxidation and hence does not re-enter the carbon cycle. At the same time, it increases the soil fertility in our extensive food garden.

When organic matter is burnt in the open air, it nearly all burns to ash, with only very small amounts of unburnt black char. In biochar manufacture it is preferable to use enclosed steel drums to control oxygen delivery. When the fuel is burnt in controlled conditions, gas is converted to CO2. An added advantage is that it is a fairly smoke-free production process far more neighbour-friendly than open-air fuel reduction burning. But because so many people use this method and will continue to do so, I have describe an option that has little added effort to this procedure.

There are many ways that char is produced commercially or in back yards. A method which I have recently developed allows char to be made from leaves and small sticks that are routinely racked up from under Eucalyptus trees in the spring and summer period. By using a modifi...


Why so many voters are annoyed by Barnaby Joyce's statement* that his private life is a private matter "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

When it influences staff positions and even contributes to winners and losers in a reshuffle, Barnaby's affair with a younger staffer is not a private matter [Stephen Mayne on Twitter, 9 February 2018]

During the lengthy extramarital relationship with a member of his staff Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals MP for New England Barnaby Joyce:

* arranged for a change of employment for the staffer in this relationship. She was employed at taxpayers expense by another federal minister, in a senior position specifically created for her with a six-figure annual salary;

* successfully sought a second staff position for his former staffer when that federal minister was forced to resign from the front bench while a dual citizenship claim was resolved. This second position was with the Nationals Chief Whip - resulting in him having two people in his office doing the same job at taxpayers' expense;



In the same week Wall Street was finally spooked by the sheer weight of Donald Trump's inadequacies as the 45th US President..... "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

.....and the Dow Jones Index indicated that financiers and big business might be seriously worried about possibly higher than expected interest ratesrising national debt and the size of the US federal budget deficit Trump created in his first twelve months in office - he also rather unwisely performed in front of the cameras on the subject of treason.

YouTube, Time, 5 February 2018:

CNN, 5 February 2018:

 (CNN)President Donald Trump wasn't -- and, apparently, still isn't -- happy that Democrats in Congress didn't stand to applaud him in his State of the Union address last week.

"They were like death and un-American. Un-American. Somebody said, 'treasonous.' I mean, Yeah, I guess why not? Can we call that treason? Why not? I mean they certainly didn't...

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Saturday, 10 February


ARAG Meeting this Wednesday "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Were back at Alexandria Town Hall, 73 Garden St, and our next meeting is 7pm, Wednesday the 14th(*).

On the Agenda:

  • Fix NSW Transport what would really work?
  • Euston Rd/McEvoy St widening an update
  • NBN coming to Alexandria
  • Local (over)developments

(*) And before anyone says that a residents group meeting isnt romantic, remember that forewarned is forearmed, knowledge is power, and power is widely agreed to be the ultimate aphrodisiac. Bring your Valentine along!


Brisbane bargain hunters move in "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Death throes

I was on ABC News last night discussing Brisbane's inner-city apartment overbuilding.

It's nit the first time we've covered this story, of course.

In fact, believe it or not 2018 is now the sixth consecutive calendar year we've been talking about apartment oversupply, although in my opinion this will be the last. 

First there was the glut of approvals and the surge in Chinese off-the-plan buyers. 

Then came the cranes. 

And then came the middlemen, offloading the new apartments to anyone with a pulse and an interstate driving licence. 

And at one stage there were more than 32,000 attached dwellings under construction across the state - a record for the Sunshine State - but that figure has probably dropped by about a third now.

And with lending criteria seriously tightened and the Chinese bid fading, not so much is being kicked off now, particularly in the fully supplied markets.

Meanwhile, following a turnaround in jobs growth, population growth is picking up all the time.

In fact, if current trends persist, by about the end of this year the annual population growth in Queensland could be topp...


Boiling Point 6th of February; artificial sweeteners, bluebottle jellyfish and our microbiome "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"


Sugar and spice and all things nice Tim discussed artificial sweeteners and tooth decay

Unfortunately for the sugar addict, sugar is seen as the enemy of health. Forcing us to use alternatives to score our sugar high. Artificial sweeteners are a common aid in having your sweet and eating it too. If sugar is the culprit in a multifarious array of health concerns, what about artificial sweeteners? Are these damaging our health, particularly our teeth? Plaque metabolises sugar causing decay. This produces an acid, which contributes to decay. However, artificial sweeteners work differently. Artificial sweeteners contain antibacterial polyols and are not orally metabolised. According to research conducted in the 1990s and early 2000s chewing gum which contains xylitol, a sugar containing polyols , supports a healthy mouth. It seems we can have our sweet and eat it too.

Chantelle chatted about the sting of the Bluebottle Jellyfish

Australian summer is characterised by 40 degree weeks, sunburn, flies and blue bottle jellyfish. Bluebottle jellyfish are a multi-colony species also known as siphonophores. The colony consist of different zooids. Each zooid has a role, such as stinging or reproduction. A common myth among stung victims is to urinate on the effected area. However, science revealed urinating is not effective at treating the sting because urine has a low acidity. Vinegar has a higher acidity; however, before we add vinegar to our beach bags. Vinegar promotes discharge especially in the ca...


Rainbow Beach & Cooloola February 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Beach Stone-Curlew
We camped for three nights this week at Pt Carlos, outside Rainbow Beach. There was no sign of the Large-tailed Nightjars that were so evident here in September 2016. A family of Bush Stone-Curlews in the camping ground were the first birds we saw.

Bush Stone-Curlew
Shorebirds on the sandflats at low tide included good numbers of Red-necked Stint, Grey-tailed Tattler, Pacific Golden Plover, Lesser Sand-Plover and Bar-tailed Godwits in breeding plumage (elist).



The Young Folk with Mollimor St. Patricks Day, Saturday March the 17th "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Its not often that St. Patricks Day lands on a Saturday. What better way to spend it than to see authentic Irish Band The Young Folk Live at the Bundy! Supported by local traditional Irish band, Mollimor.

Bundy BBQ from 6pm Music from 7.30pm. BYO.

Since their initial discovery by Pixie Pace Records on the award-winning folk compendium released by ARC Music, The Ultimate Guide to Irish Folk [curated by John ORegan], The Young Folk are filling venues both at home in Ireland and abroad.

While The Young Folk have performed widely in Ireland at festivals, venues and showcases, they are fully committed to expanding their fanbase overseas. With this in mind, they are rapidly becoming national favourites in The Netherlands with two sold out tours which included the infamous Paradiso in Amsterdam. They have also performed extensively in the UK, France, Germany, Scandinavia, USA and now have just finished their very first headline tour of Australia 2017. Along the way, TYF have bagged support slots for Midlake, Lisa Hannigan, The Waterboys and Imelda May, They have also featured at Manchesters Whiskey Sessions alongside I am Kloot, Gomez, Badly Drawn Boy, British Sea Power and Jon Allen.

Tickets Available HERE



The Backsliders April 21st 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Backsliders are back on the road again in 2018. The band has toured the festival and venue circuit for over 30 years releasing a swagger of albums along the way. Vocalist, guitarist and awarded songwriter Dom Turner is the founding member of the group. Drum and percussion virtuoso and songwriter Rob Hirst (Midnight Oil), an acclaimed name synonymous with the best of Australian music has been with Backsliders for the past 18 years.
Joining Dom and Rob is harmonica master, Ian Collard.

BBQ from 6pm Doors open 7pm.
Support artist TBA



storm (haiku) "IndyWatch Feed"

storm clouds amass in late day summer heat, prelude to battle __________________________ Note: photo by Michael Bryden  


Add my name: Save UNE habitat trees "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Friday, 16 Feb; 5:00 pm; ] This statement of concern was drafted by 30 members of the UNE community at a recent meeting to discuss habitat tree removal on the UNE campus. If you care about native wildlife and the beauty of the UNE campus, please add your name to this statement. This statement will be delivered to the Chief Operating [...] full article 


Nature not always pretty "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

For the past month Ive been watching a pair of Weebills tending a nest above our wood shed the tiny ball of cobwebs, flowers and grass suspended and largely hidden amongst the Yellow Gum leaves. The same site was used last year and the year before that!

Weebill nest, Wyndham Street Newstead, 10th February 2018 look closely and youll see the the top of the nest

Sadly, this morning, I discovered a tiny Weebill dead on the ground below the nest. Im unsure as to whether its a juvenile or one of the parents. It is now being quickly recycled by the local meat ants.


Wanted "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Scrap fabric wanted!

Hi Newlanders,

Wondering if anyone has any bright colourful scrap fabric (as small as 10cmx10cm) or old linen T-Towels/table clothes lying round they no longer want?

Please get in touch and I'll come and relieve you of it!


Jody - 0422 166 132 or


For Sale "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Art Nouveau, fireplace feature tiles - $150.00 neg.

Set of 10 (2 x 5), 6 x 6 beautiful, art nouveau, decorative fireplace tiles. 

Near perfect - 1 small (2mm) glaze chip on 1 tile, 1 small corner chip on 1 tile. 

Normally retail at Schots Emporium for $200.00.

Call Denis : 0435 559 667.


PERTH Magistrates Court results for the Eastbourne area "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

snip .

Magistrates Court results for the Eastbourne area .

February 09, 2018 at 10:54PM .

Court, Thames Magistrates Court, Westminster Magistrates Court, melbourne magistrates court, broadmeadows magistrates court, The Magistrate Court, Christies Beach Magistrates Court, plea hearing magistrates court, Elizabeth Magistrates Court, Armadale Magistrates Court, perth magistrates court .



#ClimateWhiteout: climate change and the Winter Olympics "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

The Winter Olympics are underway in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Climate and winter sports advocacy groups have been using social media to highlight the expected impacts of global warming on future Winter Olympic sites.

This is not a new story, but research that shows that climate change is likely to make nine former Winter Olympics sites too warm to host the Games again has been circulating using the hashtag #ClimateWhiteout.

Groups have been concerned that media outlets are avoiding the climate change elephant in the room, instead focusing on minute detail of the Olympics reporting.

The research, originally published in 2014, was updated this month to include the Pyeongchang Olympics. A team of researchers, led by Daniel Scott, a geography professor at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, came to the conclusion about the nine sites by taking climate data from previous Winter Games locations and applying climate-change models to predict future winter weather conditions. (There is a report here).

A number of competitors in the Olympics have adopted the hashtag and are sharing the climate impacts message.



The increasingly deranged diary of a detention centre visitor "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

If the Department of Home Affairs was trying to stop detention centre visits with its new, punitive visitation procedures, then it may have worked. Last month the Department of Home Affairs changed the visitation protocols for Australian detention centres, provoking outrage and hunger strikes among detainees. Here, Rebekah Holt attempts to navigate the new system for her weekly Sunday visit.


Greg Sheridan's treatise on courage & Jim Molan - compared to The Greens and their divisive, spiteful & cowardly ways "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Jim Molan offers lesson in courage for gutless Greens Major-General Jim Molan on duty in 2001. Picture: Corporal Jason Weeding. The Australian 12:00AM February 10, 2018 GREG SHERIDAN Foreign Editor Melbourne What a spiteful, divisive, unethical and prejudiced political force the Greens are in Australian politics. This is evident from...


MACKAY Serial thief handed suspended sentence "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY February 10, 2018 at 05:41AM ,

Serial thief handed suspended sentence

February 10, 2018 at 05:41AM ,

A SERIAL thief who stole a generator from a Mackay business and committed other crimes, including driving while disqualified, while on probation is back in the community after he was handed a suspended four-month prison sentence in Mackay Magistrates Court yesterday. Benjamin James Ostwald

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Byron Bay Surf Festival RETURN OF THE TRIMMERS! "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The trim is a unique surfing event whereby the longest distance surfed is the goal for each of the 18 invited trimmers. Surfboards must be over 10 feet in length, requiring a significant amount of skill and panache to surf.

Trimmers released Thomas Bexon, Kassia Meador, Ari Browne, Roisin Carolan, Alex Knost, Hannah Magnall

Thats right guys, for the 2nd consecutive year, the legend himself, Bob McTavish, will be holding his famed event right here in his own backyard! BBSF is once again super stoked to be hosting the McTavish Trim at the 2018 Freestyle & Stoke surf sessions.

Last years event saw surfers compete on boards 10ft+, with the winner determined by whoever slides their craft furthest up the beach, and only in the finest trimming style, of course.

Heres what event founder, and local Byron Bay surfing pioneer had to say about last years event;

What an unbelievable day. Being here at the festival reminds us all just how much fun surfing together can be. We are all larking about in the waves laughing, sliding, cheering and catching up with friends from far and wide. We are so thrilled to be a part of the Byron Bay Surf Festival. Its bringing together the surf community, old and new and its just fantastic! Bob McTavish, 2017.

Sunday February 25th
9:00 10:00 am: McTavish Trim
presented by McTavish Surfboards

Full program and festival info available at

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Workplace Organiser Training "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Date and Time: 
Saturday, February 24, 2018 -
2:30pm to 4:30pm

Jura is pleased to be hosting this event organised by the Sydney Wobblies.

"Ever wanted to organise in your workplace and unionise your co-workers, but have no idea how? Well, this is for you! This participatory workshop will offer a brief introduction to some of the practical skills we can use to organise and fight for our rights at work. Whether there's a recognised union present or not, we can all learn how to unite with our co-workers and organise for change.

All are welcome, and no prior experience or background in union organising is required!"



Artforum Posts Statement After Boycott Letter, and Amanda Schmitts Attorneys Respond [UPDATED] "IndyWatch Feed"

Statue of Themis, an ancient Greek personification of law and justice, in Brisbane (photo by Rae Allen/Flickr)Statue of Themis, an ancient Greek personification of law and justice, in Brisbane (photo by Rae Allen/Flickr)

On Friday afternoon, Artforum responded to growing concern about its role in the harassment-related lawsuit brought against the publication and its co-owner, Knight Landesman, by former employee Amanda Schmitt. In a statement posted on its website (and included in full at the end of this article), the magazine said it is in no way allied with Landesman in seeking the dismissal of Schmitts lawsuit. (Both have filed motions to do so.) The statement also said that the co-owner no longer has any influence over the magazine.

Landesman has received no remuneration as a consequence of his shareholdings, and retains no voting rights or influence over the company, the statement reads in part. Regrettably, there are no legal means by which Artforum can simply divest him of his shares, though the company is actively engaged in the process of recovering them.

The magazines response comes the same week as mounting criticism of its handling of Landesmans alleged misconduct, and one day after a call by prominent activists to boycott the publication.

In response to the magazines statement, Schmitts legal team provided the following statement to Hyperallergic:

Artforums legal position in the case is in lockstep with Landesmans. Both Artforum and Landesman have...


Video Friday: SpaceX's Double Booster Landing, Drone Taxi, and Robot Haka "IndyWatch Feed"

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos Photo: SpaceX

Video Friday is your weekly selection of awesome robotics videos, collected by your Automaton bloggers. Well also be posting a weekly calendar of upcoming robotics events for the next few months; heres what we have so far (send us your events!):

International Symposium on Medical Robotics  March 1-3, 2018  Atlanta, Ga., USA
HRI 2018  March 5-8, 2018  Chicago, Ill., USA
NASA Swarmathon  April 17-19, 2018  Kennedy Space Center, Fla., USA
RoboSoft 2018  April 24-28, 2018  Livorno, Italy
ICARSC 2018  April 25-27, 2018  Torres Vedras, Portugal
NASA Robotic Mining Competition  May 14-18, 2018  Kennedy Space Center, Fla., USA
ICRA 2018  May 21-25, 2018  Brisbane, Australia

Let us know if you have suggestions for next week, and enjoy todays videos.

Its only February, and the most stupefyingly incredible display of autonomous robotics well see all year has almost certainly happened already:

The center core didnt manage to make it back to the drone ship, but damn, that double landing of the boosters was epic, and thats not a word I use very often. Heres one more video of the boosters landing, which I think must have been taken from the top of a launch tower at KSC. The double sonic boom is nuts.

[ SpaceX ]

Here are a couple of old videos from Matt Mason at CMU. The first is of a Mobipulator, which was presented at ICRA 2003, and is a robot with wheels that are also manipulators for paper on a desktop.



February 10 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

1788 - Five convict couples got hitched by Rev Johnson, including William Bryant to Mary Broad while the colony was a grand 15 days old on the corner of Bligh and Hunter Streets in Sydney.

1801 - Governor King, using the grey matter between his ears, introduced the ticket-of-leave system which allowed convicts to *gasp* work for wages and (horrors) choose their own master !!!

1828 - The Cape Grim Massacre.
The Cape Grim massacre occurred where a group of Aboriginal Tasmanians gathering food at a beach in the north-west of Tasmania were ambushed and shot by four Van Diemen's Land Company workers, with bodies of the victims then thrown from a 60-metre cliff. Thirty men were killed in the attack, as a  part of an escalating spiral of violence which included the abduction and rape of Aboriginal women in the area.

1842 - The Moreton Bay district, what was once a penal colony, was open to all free settlers according to Gov Gipps. 
Pfft, who'd live where convicts had been?!

1849 - The Australian Agricultural Company was all a'quiver with excitement when they imported 12 rams from the best flocks in Saxony on the 'Thomas Henry'.

1852 - The Supreme Court of Victoria was open for business today and hasn't stopped working since.

1859 - The Victorian Royal Commission on the best methods for removing the sludge from the goldfields presented its report to Parliament. 
Good Lord, did they even try to use Windex ?

1859 - Lashings of lamingtons were consumed and loud, raucous toasts were proclaimed to celebrate the opening of the railway line from Melbourne to Sunbury (Vic).

1861 - Lieutenant Rudolph Morisset led a Native Police squad which shot dead 6-8 Aboriginals including old men at Manumba, QLD.

1862 - Paddy Crick, the Wild Man of Sydney, was sprung into life in the corn field. Paddy was a hard drinking newspaper owner, solicitor and politician.

1876 - Trooper 3/C Henry WILKINSON died whilst on duty as a NT police officer.

1879 - Having a bit of a blank spot on their dance cards, the Kelly Gang held up the Bank of NSW at Jerilderie. Proving it was up here for thinking and down there for dancing, the Gang had cut the telegraph wires and locked up the 2 constables before waltzing into the bank in police uniforms and do-se-do-ing out again with 2,000 po...


Stopover at Cairns at 4am for 5 hours, what can I do? "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

I get in at 4.40am but my connecting flight isn't until 9.30am, any suggestions on what I can do besides sit in the airport for eternity?

Any super cheap hostels I can sleep in for like 2hours or a 24 hour internet cafe etc I can visit?

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Cardinal George Pells lawyers seek access to complainants medical records "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

This George Pell child-sex abuse case is going to be a very big fight.

George Pell is being funded by The Vatican. Despite The Vaticans pious utterances against child sex abuse, the Roman Catholics, like all self-serving dishonest corrupt churches, always look after their own.

I have faith in the Australian justice system, and Australian police and courts are very good at putting pedophiles behind bars. The sentences in Australia for pedophiles are mild compared to America.

If George Pell is found guilty of multiple child sex crimes hell get 10-12 years in jail.

Australian courts have no qualms about sending high profile offenders, even church pastors and priests, to jail for substantive terms.

ABC News Australia

Cardinal George Pells lawyers seek access to complainants medical records

10 February 2018

Lawyers for Cardinal George Pell are seeking access to the medical records of complainants in the case against him.

Cardinal Pell, 76, is set to face a four-week committal hearing in the Melbourne Magistrates Court next month as he fights historical sexual offence charges involving multiple complainants.

No other details of the case against him can be reported for legal reasons.

One of Cardinal Pells defence barristers, Ruth Shann, made what she described as a responsible and considered application to access the medial records of complainants in the case.

Ms Shann told the court the records would have substantial probative value, meaning they would contain important evidence to the case.

She said a complainant may not be in the best position to descr...


Local Australian Government Murders 50,000 Bees Over One Complaint "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"


By Brandon TurbevilleNatural Blaze

Has there ever been a situation in which calling government authorities has worked out well for innocent people or animals?

Paddington residents may be asking themselves that question today after officials from the Sydney suburb murdered 50,000 European honey bees because a resident complained.

Locals who had become accustomed to seeing the massive bee hive were horrified to find thousands of dead bees beneath the hive and across the road. Residents say that the hive was no threat to anyone and that most residents enjoyed its presence and liked to watch the hive grown. Residents say that there was no need to kill the bees when they could have been relocated which is common practice in Australia.

A spokesperson for the Woollahara Municipal Council stated tha...


The Australian Millionaire lets Joyce and lover live rent-free "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

The Australian

Millionaire lets Joyce and lover live rent-free

The Armidale townhouses where Barnaby Joyce is living.The Armidale townhouses where Barnaby Joyce is living.


Hillsong 20 ways Hillsong is an End-Time Apostate Church "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"


Hillsong Head Pastor Brian Houston about to embark on a 26 American city tour with Hillsong band to promote his new book, There is More.

Satan is inside Hillsong and having a ball. Why would Satan attack Satan?

Satan and his minions have already visited Hillsong Church decades ago and tied it all up spiritually and placed an evil satanic anointing over Hillsongs two large main Sydney churches in Baulkham Hills and Waterloo in Sydney, Australia and on every Hillsong Church throughout the planet.



Now that's a bad hair moment! "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Makeup line exposed along with a considerable amount of bald pate....


Tweet of the Week "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Friday, 09 February


The old shops that were in the Pier "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

I have this very vague memory from my childhood of a store in the Pier, upstairs. You could go in and buy mugs with Simpson's iconography or anything from pop culture at the time. On the wall was a giant Animatronics model of King Kong, and every 10 minutes or so it used to come alive and make noises, and little model planes would buzz around it on strings. Scared me shitless as a kid. I must've been 2 or 3 years old, I was still in a pram at that stage.

Does anyone else remember and have photo evidence of that shop?

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Fix NSW Transport Rally 17 Feb "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

There will be a rally next week calling on the Government to take a serious approach to fixing NSWs transport:

17 February, from 14:0016:00

March from Hyde Park north (Archibald Fountain) to Martin Place for speeches

Building a 20 billion dollar road to move a few thousand people an hour is madness. Either the tolls will be crippling for commuters, or the cost will cripple the state budget, or both.
Building a so called Metro with no more capacity than the rail line it replaces, that has stops 6 kilometres apart, where people are going to have to stand for 30km, complete madness.
Tearing up country rail lines that are vital to the continuing prosperity and even the survival of country towns and villages, worse than madness.
Come along to help the government understand, transport matters to us.


Goldilocks "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Just right?

An interesting SOMP from the Reserve Bank, with GDP growth expected to rise to 3 per cent by 2018/19, and repeating the trick in 2019/20. 

Despite this rather optimistic outlook the unemployment rate is expected to meander only slowly towards 5  per cent over the next few years through to 2020.

That seems a pretty unusual combination of numbers, but anyway, here's the fan chart.  

As for inflation, well that's still nowhere to be seen.

In fact, it's not projected to get up to 2 until June 2020!

So much for imminent rate hikes - you can forget that.

Interestingly the monetary policy stance has been stimulatory for Sydney's economy, where the unemployment rate has already fallen to only 4.4 per cent.



MACKAY Mackay man flags guilty plea on car theft, burglary charges "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY February 09, 2018 at 05:41AM ,

Mackay man flags guilty plea on car theft, burglary charges

February 09, 2018 at 05:41AM ,

Levi James Browns lawyer said his client will soon plead guilty to all matters when Brown faced Mackay Magistrates Court via videolink from prison on Thursday. Brown seemed set to take the matters to trial when he faced the court in late January, but the indication before Magistrate Damien Dwyer will

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Samphire step-out with flighty Bustard "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Saunter over samphire and other salt-loving stunted stuff today turned briefly into long-range stepping out withAustralian Bustard.

Distance between us narrowed slowly before the bird chose company of two others well away from me.

Which left the plentiful Horsfields Bushlarks free to tease with flights all around me. Fluked just one aerial frame.

But similar walk th...


HIV Prevention Drug PrEP Approved For PBS Listing "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The cost of HIV prevention pill PrEP will drastically reduce after it finally received approval for addition to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme on Friday. PrEP, which stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis, is a once-daily pill that has been found to dramatically reduce the risk of HIV transmission in HIV-negative people, in conjunction with other safe sex ...

The post HIV Prevention Drug PrEP Approved For PBS Listing appeared first on QNews Magazine.


Indonesia, West Papua invited to MSG "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Indonesia, West Papua invited to MSG

INDONESIA and the United Liberation Movement for West Papua have been invited to attend the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) meeting in Port Moresby starting tomorrow.
Indonesia is now an associate member of the MSG. The United Liberation Movement for West Papua and Timor-Leste are observers.
Prime Minister Peter ONeill said the country was looking forward to welcoming th...


Thank Folk Its Friday 9th February "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

This Week in Folk All the News From The Week That Was Alt-country singer-songwriter Natalie Henry released her new video If We Said Goodbye. Details here Imogen Clark has announced her new album Collide, released her new video Your Anything At All and revealed a bunch of tour dates supporting Diesel. Details here []


1) INDONESIA: The Visit of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Should Bring Changes "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Lesson learned from Asmat
3) ULMWP for MSG full membership
4) Dutch-born Franciscan bishop dies aged 96 in Papua

1) INDONESIA: The Visit of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Should Bring Changes
February 8, 2018
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) deeply appreciates the visit to the Republic of Indonesia of Mr. Zeid Raad Al Hussein, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. It took place between 4 to 7 February 2018. As a regional human rights organization in Asia, we work closely with our partners and various civil society groups in Indonesia. We expect that your visit will bring changes and enhance the protection, fulfilment and promotion of human rights in Indonesia. The AHRC is also thankful that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is willing to send a mission to visit Papua and the West Papua Provinces to learn and see further human rights situations on the ground. We welcome this progressive diplomacy. Accountability is urgently needed. The AHRC has already described and highlighted the human rights situation in Indonesian, including PAPUA in our Open Letter on submission on criminal justice reform and human rights....


Palm Cove ! "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Hey all

Were staying in palm cove for a few days and loving the lush flora

Also reef tours... recommended tours/ adventures? Green Island looks lovely but Im not sure how much time we need

Never been here before and would love some local input :)

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The week that has been in Australian nuclear news "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Same old same old, but new, angst about being close to the nuclear brinkRussia is upset at Americas new Nuclear Posture Review. Many commentators are alarmed as it escalates the arms race. No doubt, weapons companies are salivating at the thought of it, and Americas tax-payers ought to be concerned at its beyond  $1.2 trillion cost.

I know that this newsletter is now supposed to be leaving out climate stories. But its hard. Here we are, worrying about nuclear bombs, while climate change is bringing us its own weather bombs.


Peace Boat with nuclear bomb survivors arrives in Sydney. ICAN founder Tilman Ruff calls USs new nuclear policy a blueprint for war 

Australias new weapons export industry secret mens business.

Most Austr...

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