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Saturday, 25 November


Spring Clean Garage Sale Trail "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Saturday 25th Nov, 8.00am 1.00pm, Yarragon Primary School


Spring Clean Shopping Night "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Friday 24th Nov, 6.00pm 9.00pm, Yarragon Hotel


Twilight Christmas Market "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Friday 24th Nov, 5.00pm 9.00pm, Trafalgar High School

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Tuesday, 21 November


Undermining democracy in Qld: Broken promises and political favours for donors "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Undermining democracy in Qld: Broken promises and political favours for donorsThe Queensland Premier went back on her promise to hold an inquiry into political favours for donation was this, like the Adani veto, something to do with her partner, Shaun Drabsch? read now...


November verse 9 / A birthday poem "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

November verse 9: Happy Birthday
(For my sister Mary Ann)
Sweet Leilani, heavenly flower,
our father sang when you were born
and kept on singing. Thats girl power
after three boys. Time has worn
the sharp joy from your nickname Lani
but not destroyed it. Scratch the blarney,
underneath youll find the stone
of honest feeling, blood and bone.
Leonard and before him Harry
put your real name into song:
a mournful, agonised so-long,
a Caribbean wont-you-marry.
Now I, as you turn sixty-nine,
invoke their rhymes with one of mine




And one Leonard made earlier:

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5:30pm Fri 24 Nov |Rally for Manus: End the Siege Bring Them Here "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

When: 5:30pm Friday 24th November Where: State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne. Facebook event here WEEKLY RALLY & SIT IN FOR MANUS REFUGEES End the Siege -Bring Them Here Recurring rally, every Friday from 5.30pm, State Library Followed by march and street sit in speakers include Aziz live from Manus, Adnan Abdulkarim, Ahwaz(...)


MACKAY Police shootout accused found dead in his cell "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY November 21, 2017 at 06:35AM ,

Police shootout accused found dead in his cell

November 21, 2017 at 06:35AM ,

The matter was heard yesterday in Mackay Magistrates Court. No evidence was offered by the prosecution and all the charges were dismissed, court

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Tried to halt a hoon, ended up on wrong side of the law "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY November 21, 2017 at 06:26AM ,

Tried to halt a hoon, ended up on wrong side of the law

November 21, 2017 at 06:26AM ,

Nathan John Evans, 32, from Bucasia faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday, pleading guilty to dangerous operation on October 24.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY She filmed arrests but refused to give police her phone "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY November 21, 2017 at 05:30AM ,

She filmed arrests but refused to give police her phone

November 21, 2017 at 05:30AM ,

Tyra Jane Elizabeth Hutchinson appeared in Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday, pleading guilty to obstructing police about 1.10pm on October 17

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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The Propagandarer "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Last night I was watching The Punisher punish bad guys while also being a bad guy and I realised it's a lucky coincidence my favourite form of entertainment is American propaganda. It's Number 1! You could argue that all US entertainment is propaganda, but I'm talking about anything with at least one appearance by a flag, some guns and (ideally) a sad man who has to kill people but is good enough to be sad about it or at least frowning like the American sniper in American Sniper. (Actually I hated that movie, but we are playing with lies here so whatever).

The Sad Man must always be Punished(TM) with further sadness after he has done his sad duty that no one else will do because everyone else is corrupt, particularly anyone in a suit or a uniform because the CIA is full of evil men despite being a great organisation. Also the armed forces are constantly being forced to do horrible things but are also great organisations because they turn up every damn day and do the hard work while they wait for King Arthur to return or whatever it is they think is happening. He is the Sad Man who takes on all American Sadness so kids can be safe to grow up to be mass murderers, serial killers or any of the other career pathways available to those who join the armed forces, which are great organisations.

There's no way to write seriously about US propaganda that isn't the reader's cue to stare into the abyss and wonder how a fucking American flag got down there, does there absolutely have to be one in every fucking shot, scene and montage? Fuck up, fuckface! (That's me yelling at a flag, which is nowhere near as weird as crying about one.)

In The Punisher our hero LITERALLY takes his kids on a ferry ride to look at the Statue of Liberty. which is fine because Americans actually believe all that shit. They get emotional about every aspect of their country. Imagine caring deeply about your country. Is that like caring deeply about your boss? Yes. It is.

I am enjoying The Punisher.

I have to do other things now because it's not all about America. Goodbye.


Surfing Kirra Point "IndyWatch Feed"

There are a number of great surfing spots around the Coolangatta coastline on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. One of these is Kirra Point. Kirra Point was once a much bigger beach, and home to some truly legendary pipelines. Unfortunately, Continue reading


Going the distance to get the gold "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club has started its summer season in style, dominating at the recent Lifesaving Victoria Endurance Championships.
A searching test of athletes, events included a 2km open water swim, 4km open water board paddle and a 10km ski race.
The clubs young competitors started the day with gold, silver and bronze in the under-15 female swim, then four of the top six places in the under-15 board.
Success continued with gold and silver medals in all ski races, including another clean sweep by the under-19 men, led by Seamus Spanner, with his third successive gold at the event.
Overall the club brought home over 30 medals, to easily clinch this years title.

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Our top firies "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

Barwon Heads Fire Brigade held its annual awards dinner with three of the four award recipients being female operational members.
The awards were presented to:
* Firefighter of the Year Eliza Carlon.
* Encouragement Award Colin Bridges.
* Captains Award Libby Burnett, community safety co-ordinator.
* Ocean Grove Barwon Heads RSL Sub-Branch Annual Award Helen Wood, captain.
Barwon Heads Fire Brigade captain Helen Wood said the annual dinner and awards night was a chance to recognise the effort made by members to help keep their beloved community safe.
Our members dont seek the limelight nor do they believe in the individual, as the true testament is how well we work as a team. However, we have had the tradition of annual brigade awards in place for many years as a way to thank members who go above and beyond, she said.
It is particularly thrilling to see the female members of the brigade recognised for their contribution, proving that diversity is integral to the success and longevity of our brigade and the CFA as a whole.

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Arts Wednesday 22 November 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"



At 10:40 am, we hear Part 5 of Sydney By Design for this series and Ed talks about infrastructure.

At 11:00 am, I look at a great new exhibition and website at the State Library of New South Wales, called Botanical Inspirations. It examines the work of natural history illustrator Ferdinand Bauer, who was the illustrator who sailed with Mathew Flinders in the Investigator. He developed an unusual techniques of marking colours on his sketches by numbers and his palette comprised some 1000 numbers, which he had committed to memory. Professor David Mabberley cracked the colour code and has just  published a book called Painting By Numbers. This is also the name of the very inventive website that goes with the exhibition. My guests in the studio are curator, Alison Wishart and head of the DXLab which developed the website, Paula Bray.

Music features songs about infrastructure and songs about Australian flora and fauna.

I look forward to your company.

The post Arts Wednesday 22 November 2017 appeared first on 89.7 Eastside FM.


Murray Goulburn slashes 52 Leongatha jobs "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

MURRAY Goulburns hammer has hit hard today and it has hit hardest in Leongatha where 52 jobs have been cut from the local factory workforce.

Local MG employees have been fearing the worst in recent weeks and finally the announcement has been made; 73 are to go across the firms four plants as follows: Leongatha 52 redundancies, Maffra 5 redundancies, Koroit 9 redundancies and Cobram 7 redundancies.

General Manager, Milk Supply and Field Services, Craig McRae, released details to suppliers and shareholders first today.

As part of our commitment to reduce costs and drive business improvement, we are making changes to our product manufacturing operations, Mr McRae said.

This continues our efforts to address our cost base, improve efficiencies and ultimately increase earnings and the farmgate milk price.

Over the last 18 months we have managed a lower milk intake through a reduction in our contractor workforce, changes to rosters and the use of annual leave and accumulated hours.

However, more decisive action is now required.

Today we advised our manufacturing teams that there will be a reduction in approximately 70 roles across our Koroit, Cobram, Maffra and Leongatha sites.

Voluntary redundancies will be offered for the majority of impacted roles.

These changes will significantly increase operational efficiency, while enabling us to meet demand for MG dairy products.

This decision is regrettable but necessary. These actions have been taken to ensure MG can deliver sustainable and competitive returns.


The post Murray Goulburn slashes 52 Leongatha jobs appeared first on South Gippsland Sentinel-Times.


MACKAY Mackay district court "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY November 21, 2017 at 11:02AM ,

Mackay district court

November 21, 2017 at 11:02AM ,

If you are due to appear in the Mackay For those persons interested in viewing the list of defendants appearing before the Mackay Magistrates Court

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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December Party: Armidale Community Garden "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Thursday, 7 Dec; 6:30 pm; ] Lets celebrate members and volunteers for a great year of events and forums continuing our vision for Armidale to be a lovely sustainable town to live in. Its simple: bring a picnic blanket, some finger food and drink to share. The festivities will happen at the new time of 6.30pm Thursday 7th December at the Armidale Community Garden [...] full article 


Watch the New Video from The Lost Brothers Echoes In The Wind "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Image Courtesy of The Lost Brothers Irish folk-singing duo The Lost Brothers have returned with their beautiful new single and video Echoes In The Wind. If youre a fan of the close harmony singing of Simon and Garfunkel or The Milk Carton Kids then The Lost Brothers are going to youre new favourite band. Echoes []


Ora Ora Shohei Otomo at Backwoods, Melbourne "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Son of the legendary Katsuhiro Otomo Japanese author, illustrator and creator of cult classic Anime AKIRA Shohei Otomo is cut from the same cloth as his father. With intense concentration, he produces ballpoint drawings of semi-imagined figures and situations, blending the old guard sensibilities and pop-culture of Japan with his own dystopian take on life in the country and the seedy underbelly often hidden from the outside world.

With an impressive display of technical precision, incisive political critique and innovative style, Otomo effortlessly slides between the boundaries of graphic design, fine art, anime and raw punk power.

Featuring a larger-than-life-size hand-painted Sumo sculpture, amongst other visual treats, Otomos show opens to the public at Backwoods, Melbourne, this Friday, November 24rd and runs until December 10th.

Backwoods Director and stalwart of the Melbourne art scene, Alexander Mitchell, penned the following essay on Otomos work for the show:

Japanese culture is engaged in an ongoing battle against two opponents; its youth and the West. Like a colossal Sumo wrestler with expert cultural judo, by using its opponents own weight as a weapon, Japan somehow keeps the fight in equilibrium. It rolls with each blow, assimilates culture, pushes back with its own creations and always finds balance.



Smog of the Sea Film Screening and Discussion on November the 26th at 10am "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Our organization is teaming up with the Jack Johnson 2017 Tour and All At Once, a social action network connecting nonprofits with people who want to become active in their local and world community. Visit us at the show! We will be at Jack Johnsons concert in Brisbane on the 3rd of December, 5pm at []

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Eastside meets Catherine Traicos "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

CT-152Described as an artist of exceptional poise and talent (SMH) Catherine Traicos has just released her sixth studio album.

Luminaire is a beautiful album, wrought with emotion and turmoil. Catherine sat down with Eastside recently to discuss the recording process and play a couple of tracks from the album live in the studio.


Listen below.


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Annual Bird Count day for Castlemaine district 2&3 December 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

For many years, the Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club has participated in Birdlife Australias annual Challenge Count.  This always takes place across the country on the first weekend in December which is not a convenient time of the year with so many other competing end-of-year activities.  But it has also been the same weekend for decades, which allows a good comparison with the results from previous participations.  In 2017, this will allow us to record birds for a 24 hour period on or around the 2nd and 3rd December.

The aim is to document as many bird species as possible, and the also numbers of individuals, within a 25km radius of central Castlemaine within a single calendar day.  Whether a species is actively breeding (e.g. sitting on nest, feeding nestlings, taking food to a hollow) is also documented.  For a bird to be officially recorded on the team list, it must be accurately identified by at least two people by sight or by at least three people if it is heard only.

In 2016, Castlemaines overall team was made up of 5 separate groups which mostly ranged in size from three to five people, but with one group organised by Connecting Country containing more than 15.  There is no maximum group size, but having at least three is very helpful.  The five groups were dispersed in all directions across the district.  So far we have six groups prepared to go in 2017.

The results from the Castlemaine teams going back to 2011 are summarised below.  (Many earlier years are not recorded here).

You dont need to be a birding expert, as you can be paired with a group that has at least one specialist.  Its always a lot of fun, a chance to see some different local birding hotspots, add to the local knowledge and also learn a bit more about our feathered friends.  For more info or to express interest in being in a group, feel free to contact Chris before 30 November (  We also have a few locations that are not currently being covered if you have a new group to be involved.  We can also accept records from counts undertaken during your morning walk or from your backyard (as long as the birds were seen by 2 or more people, or heard by 3 or more people).


Challenge Count results from the Castlemaine team over recent years

Year # bird species # individual birds
2011 83 1...


12 Dec 2017 Members Presentation Night Whats your story? "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Its a tradition of the Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club that the December general meeting is set aside for club members to make a short presentation on a topic of their choice.  Of course there is no obligation to get up in front to tell a story, show some photos or even sing a song about some aspect of natural history from a local area or further afield.  But it is encouraged, and the audience is very supportive.

A projector and laptop will be available for those that want to show photos or a powerpoint display.  To allow as many people as possible the opportunity to give their presentation, there is a maximum of 7 minutes per person.  If you have a computer-based presentation, it is also preferable if you get there early to make sure that it all works OK.

If you dont wish to get up in front of everyone, all members and supporters are encouraged to come along to listen, and to join us for a chat over supper  afterwards.  Bring along a plate of food to share, and help us celebrate the conclusion of another successful year for the club.

The evening commences from 7.30pm on Friday 8th December 2017 in the Chapel behind the Uniting Church on Lyttleton St, Castlemaine (next door to the Castlemaine Art Gallery).  The UC Parish has a dinner in the hall that night, so we cannot use our usual venue.

If youve got a bigger story to tell, why not also consider being one of our guest presenters in 2017.  We are on the lookout for people to be a monthly speaker and are particularly encouraging of members and locals.  Contact the club at if you are interested or if you know someone else who might be interested.


Muffy and Duffy: sometimes it seems the world just doesnt care "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"


There are few things in life that so remind us of the vulnerability of animals than those who arrive in our care in severe states of neglect. And few have arrived in a worse state than Muffy and her lamb, Duffy. That Muffy adored her baby was so evidentshe had put every ounce of her being into her baby, even at the expense of her own health. Blood tests soon revealed that this courageous and loyal mother was not long for this world, as she was in the final stages of liver failure. And little Duffy in all our years of rescue we have not seen a live lamb more emaciated than he.


Yet despite their pitiful states, the two were inseparable, so strongly bonded were they. Caring for them daily broke our hearts, as the love, devotion and comfort between the two was palpable, yet it was evident it would only be a matter of time before we had to step in, when our veterinary intervention could no longer give Muffy that quality of life she deserved. Our only wish was that this would be long enough to pull little Duffy back to the right side of living, one where he would be strong enough and confident enough to face the world on his own.


Seeing animals in such a pitiful state of neglect with no legal course of redress causes us to think sometimes the world just doesnt care, but then along comes a saviour like the human who secured the release of these hapless two into our careand we are buoyed by the thought that sometimes the world just does.



Life expectancy. From 45 to 82 years, we've come a long way "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

One hundred and fifty years ago on Tuesday The Sydney Morning Herald broke news that these days would be considered shocking.

The first 'life table' prepared for the British colony put the expected lifespan of a newborn non-Aboriginal Australian at just 45.6 years.

The Bureau of Statistics now gives newborns a lifespan of 82.5 years; 80.4 for boys, and 84.6 for girls.

And that's almost certain to be an underestimate. Improvements in medical technologies throughout 80 years of life are likely to add an extra four years to those totals.

On November 7, 1867, the life table was good news. We were better off than England where newborns got only 40.9 years, and better off than Belgium where they got 32.2.

And things were even better than the raw figure of 45.6 years suggested. An extraordinary 10.6 per cent of newborns (10.6 per cent of boys, 9.8 per cent of girls) died before they reached the age of one. If you survived to the age of one, you were likely to make it to 51.

From today's vantage point it looks as if life expectancy has always increased, but it hasn't, for decades at a time. The 1960s were what Melbourne University demographer Alan Lopez refers to as the "tobacco years". Life expectancy increased not at all.

For older Australians life expectancy scarcely increased for 50 years, between 1920 and 1970. It was only after 1972 when the tobacco use was brought under control (it didn't finally peak until 1978 - 1980) and progress was made against heart attacks that it began to grow again.

In recent years, newborns have been gaining an extra year of life every two and a half years. Australian National University demographer Liz Allen can't see an upper limit, although she concedes it will be more difficult. Controlling tobacco, preventing heart disease and making driving safer were easier to do than it would be to extend the lifespan of the parts of our bodies with built in obsolescence. Our bodies weren't designed to last too many years beyond childbirth, she says.

Alan Lopez says we've already harvested most of the low-hanging fruit. "The gains in lung cancer, chronic heart disease and the tobacco causes will continue, but at a much slower rate," he says. The gains from road accidents will depend on whether we adopt strict road rules of the kind Sweden has where there is a zero tolerance for alcohol.

At a public lecture to be presented at Melbourne University next week, he will suggest that life expectancy will continue to climb for the next 25 years, but at half the rate of the previous 25 years.

The biggest ob...


Max shooting for the country "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

LOCAL shooter at the Inverloch/Korumburra gun club Max Oakley has been selected to represent Australia in the upcoming International Shooting Sport Federations Skeet and Trap South Zone Championships in New Zealand.
After claiming the Tricolour sash for winning the ACTA All States championship in Wagga Wagga back in May this year, shooting an impressive 76/77 targets, Max and four other men were selected to represent their country.
A very humble man, Max has spent over half his life shooting in the local area and has spent time as the president of the Inverloch Gun Club.
I spent four years as president of the Inverloch Gun Club but Ive been shooting for over 30 years.
Max has also been credited with helping the local youths in the area, encouraging them to get into shooting and finding a passion or hobby in their lives.
Hes planned hunting trips for young people who may be going through difficult periods in their lives, and to help them share in his passion.
Competing in the AA open age team, which is considered to be the best of the best shooters in the Skeet category, Max leaves for New Zealand mid-week to get some last minute practice in before the big competition.
The five man team is made up of Max, three Victorians and one New South Welshman; Michael Buttigieg, Dave OSullivan, Malcom Briggs and Nathan Campbell.
The competition is running from November 25 to 26 at Balfour Gun Club in New Zealand.
Very much looking forward to taking on our Tras-Tasman cousins, Max laughed and said I just want to beat those Kiwis.

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Better economic days ahead? Sorry, not yet "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Why do people feel so rotten?

It's because they don't believe the federal Treasurer when he says there are "better days ahead".

He's said it 25 times, roughly once a week since April.

If things were really looking up, retailers wouldn't need to cut prices to maintain sales. During the June and September quarters, retail prices fell 0.2 and 0.4 per cent. Fell. It's rare for prices to fall across the entire retail sector for an entire quarter. It's even rarer for them to fall for two consecutive quarters, and rarer still for them to fall that much. It's the biggest wave of discounting this century.

What did the price dive deliver? An increase in spending of 1 per cent. In department stores, where prices slipped 0.3 per cent, spending slid 2.2 per cent.

ShopperTrak monitors retail traffic in real time. Store owners and shopping centre managers feed it video, Wi-Fi and the output of heat sensors to enable it to work out how many people are in participating stores at any given time and how long they stay. In September, foot traffic was down 6 per cent on the same period the previous year. In the first three weeks of October, it was down 7.5 per cent.

It's partly because we're switching to shopping online, where, for big items, we can get lower prices, often from overseas. But it's also because, even with low and sliding prices, we are less keen to shop.

Ask us whether we expect better or worse conditions in the year ahead, as the Melbourne Institute does every month, and only 21 per cent say "better". That's the average for the past 12 months. Back in the final year of the Gillard government and the last months of the mining boom, 30 per cent said better. Back further in the last year of the Howard government, 33 per cent picked better.

It's the same when you ask about the next five years: only 21 per cent of us expect better times; 26 per cent expect worse. Back in the final year of the Howard government 44 per cent of us expected better times, and only 22 per cent expected worse.

Like businesses reluctant to invest whatever the interest rate, households that are wary will be reluctant to spend whatever the price. Officially, inflation is just 1.8 per cent, keeping pace with record low private sector wage growth of 1.8 per cent. But 1.8 per cent is an overestimate.

The Bureau of Statistics conceded as much on Monday when it revamped the consumer price index to take into account changed buying patterns. The index measures the price of the basket of goods that is said to represent the purchases of a typical consumer. But what's typical changes over time.



Rustic, stylish and private on seven acres "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

The outdoor living area is perfect for entertaining all year round.

The modern kitchen has electric appliances and plenty of space.

SET on close to seven acres of flat to gently undulating to undulating land is this unique country home.
This sought-after property is great for a large or growing family and would also make an ideal weekender due to its excellent position between Korumburra and Leongatha.
Although you are not completely isolated, the positioning of this property is very peaceful, within a lovely private rural setting surrounded by mature and established trees.
There are four bedrooms, two bathrooms and three living areas.
The master is complete with en-suite and walk-in robe.
The modern kitchen is equipped with electric appliances, plenty of space and a breakfast bar.
The floorplan is flexible with a dining or family room leading off the kitchen which then flows through to the spacious lounge room which also has an option for a dining table.
A parents retreat/third living area comes off the master bedroom. An ambient wood heater covers the heating of the home.
Positioned at the front of the house is an outdoor living area that has been designed for family, friends and fun!
Many hours of relaxation, pondering and laughter will be spent here in a rustic setting with wood heater, barbecue area and privacy looking out onto your own little farm.
There is also an excellent double car garage attached to the home plus machinery shed, stockyard, loading race and a large 10x5m shed with concrete floor, lights and power.
This land is suitable for a multitude of uses including horses, cattle, alpacas, vegies, fruit and more.
The property, at 115 Huttons Road, Kardella is only 10 minutes to Korumburra, 15 minutes to Leongatha, 30 minutes to the beaches of Inverloch and 125km to Melbourne.
Elders Real Estate will open the home on Saturd...


November 2017 (#231) "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

In This Update:

  • TI Members Meeting
  • Recent Submissions to Government
  • Events including the TIA AGM, Sydney

TI Annual Members Meeting (October 2017).

At Transparency Internationals Annual Membership Meeting (AMM) on 15 October, in Berlin, Delia Ferreira Rubio was elected chair and Rueben Lifuka was elected as vice-chair, along with seven new board members.

TI Australias very own AJ Brown, Professor of Public Policy & Law at Australias Griffith University, and Non-Executive Director of TI Australia was elected to the TI Board. Congratulations AJ. Read more about these appointments.

See a message from the new TI Chair, Vice-Chair and Board here.

The AMM was accompanied by a series of TI regional and cross regional meetings: Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Europe. A wonderful opportunity to meet colleagues and discuss work to combat corruption across the TI Movement.

The latest edition of Eye on TI provides an overview of the AMM and associated meetings.



TI Australia has made two submissions to government during October. A submission on the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Amendment Bill 2017.

A submission was also made to the Select Committee Enquiry into the Political Influence of Donations. This provided an opportunity to draw on the recently released research Corruption Risks: Mining Approvals in Australia.

TI Australia Chair, Anthony Whealy QC, appeared as a witness before the Select Committee on the 2 November.

TI Australia submissions can be found on our website:



Pay your rates "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Here is an article from a Melbourne suburbs newspaper telling people to pay their 'rates' at the Municipal office.


Opera singer charged with historic child sex offences "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Sydney Morning Herald

Opera singer charged with historic child sex offences

  • Kate McClymont and Debbie Cuthbertson
21 November 2017

A longstanding member of the nations principal opera company, Opera Australia, has been charged with historic child sex offences, some of which are alleged to have been committed at the Sydney Opera House.

David Edward Lewis, 58, is charged with four counts of aggravated indecent assault of a victim under the age of 16 and two counts of sexual intercourse with a person 14 or over and under 16.

David Lewis has been charged with historic child sex offences, some of which are alleged to have been committed at the ...David Lewis has been charged with historic child sex offences, some of which are alleged to have been committed at the Sydney Opera House. Photo: Facebook

It was Mr Lewiss starring role as Princess Turandots father, the Emperor, in the opera companys spectacular production of Puccinis Turandot on Sydney Harbour in March last year, which prompted the alleged victim to go to police.

In the mid-1990s the then 14-year-old girl was in the childrens chorus of an Opera Australia production when it is alleged Mr Lewis, a chorister in his mid-30s, commenced to sexually assault her.

David Lewis as Cousin Francois in Opera Australia's April 2017 Sydney production of Two Weddings, One Bride.David Lewis as Cousin Francois in Opera Australias April 2017 Sydney production of Two Weddings, One Bride. Photo: Prudence Upton

Sources have told Fairfax Media that one assault was witnessed by a cast member who reported the matter to senior figures within Opera Australia, who then appointed a chaperone for the children. No action was taken against Mr Lewis.



Some questions for Karagh-Mae Kelly #qldvotes "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

As part of the Westenders election coverage, we have sent each candidate a list of questions regarding their policies, philosophy and voting intentions. Here is the response of Karagh-Mae Kelly, Independent candidate for Animal Justice Party. What do you think makes you personally qualified to represent the residents of the South Brisbane electorate? I am []

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Cory Bernardi and the Australian Christian Lobbys call arms "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Contributed by Joe Montero

At last Saturdays (17 November 2017) national conference of the Australian Christian Lobby in Sydney, Senator Cory Bernardi told the delegates that the campaign against same-sex marriage in Australia was an extraordinary success, despite losing the national postal survey.

These were not the words of a deluded and frustrated individual. They were calculated and had a specific purpose. They were concerned with what to do in the period after the overwhelming victory of the Yes vote.

For Bernardi and those who agreed with him, the Conference was an occasion to get on with the next phase of bringing a collective view of the world that would propel Australia into the Middle Ages, where religion and politics were intertwined and any deviation from the prescribed format would not be tolerated.

The Senator had left the Liberal Party earlier this year, because in his view it had moved away from from conservative principle. He went on to form the Australian Conservative Party. The title is inaccurate because the Bernardi view of the world has nothing to do with conservatism and a lot more to do with with the reactionary radicalism that he shares with others in the Australian Christian Lobby and outside it.  The difference is important.  The radicals do not seek to keep the status quo, but to change it in their own direction.

The Australian Christian Lobby claims to represent Christianity in Australia. It does nothing of the sort. A significant of its leadership and support comes form a section of the Pentecostal tradition. Hillsong is intimately connected and jointly sponsored the Coalition for Marriage.  There are business money links. There are links to the Sydney based traditionalist leadership of the Methodist and Catholic churches. There is also a close connection with similarly minded factions in the Liberal and National parties.

The model and inspiration for the Australian Christian Lobby is what is often called the American Christian Right, which emerged in opposition to the ending of segregation and the schools and bussing in black children.

One of the two original founders is the retired Baptist minister and Queensland businessman,...


Teddies support camp program "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

TEDDY bears and Prep students alike enjoyed a teddy bears picnic at Wonthaggi Primary School recently.

The teddy bears picnic is part of the schools camp program, teaching students to become more comfortable in a camp environment.

The program requires students to stay at school a little bit longer, allowing them to adjust to spending more time in the company of teachers and peers.

During the picnic, the Preps enjoyed an afternoon tea. This was followed by group games and a teddy bear hunt.

Throughout the camp program, Grade 1 students enjoy a dinner at school and Grade 2 students take part in a school sleepover.

They are then prepared for their first formal camp, which takes place during Grade 3.

Wonthaggi Primary Schools camp program is well established, and has proven to be an ideal way to help students develop confidence and independence.

Fun and games: Prep students Kayla, Makinley and Ruby enjoyed a teddy bears picnic at Wonthaggi Primary School. The picnic is the first step in the schools camp program.


Jo farewells Woorayl Lodge "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

AFTER managing Leongatha aged care hostel Woorayl Lodge for the past seven years and nursing for more than 60, Jo White retired last Thursday.

She celebrated with a high tea with residents and staff.

Ms White said her time spent working at the lodge was the happiest time of her life, and that she thought of the staff and the residents as family.

Working at the lodge has been a wonderful experience. I know I made a lot of changes when I first arrived, but they were all for the best, she said.

We have an amazing team and I feel like I am among family when I am here with the residents.

Staff member Maggie Gruen said Ms White was an inspiration and a mentor.

It was an absolute pleasure working with her, she said.

Throughout her time at the lodge, Ms White worked to provide high quality care to all residents.

Ms Gruen said staff promised Ms White they would continue to maintain Woorayl Lodge to the same quality standard she would expect.

The new facility manager is Shane Jenkins.

Queen bee: Woorayl Lodge director of care Jo White retired last Thursday, after seven years in the position and 60 years in nursing. She was farewelled with a delicious high tea


Brigade unveils memorial rock "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

A MEMORIAL rock honouring all past members of the Leongatha South CFA was unveiled in front of 50 current members on Saturday night.

Long serving members Edwin Millett and Paul Norton shared the honour of cutting the ribbon to unveil the plaque and memorial rock.

Captain of the Leongatha South brigade Hilco Zuidema welcomed all to the unveiling and thanked operations manager for CFA District 9, Simon Bloink, for his attendance before running through some of the brigades history.

The first meeting to form the brigade was held on July 23, 1956. The station was built in 1982 by the members of the brigade and was opened by Les Lupton in July 1983. In 2010 a meeting room was added on. Previously members used the former Leongatha South school for meetings.

Just six captains have served the brigade in its 61 year history: Harold Vagg, Steve McAlpine, Don Landry, Gordon Vagg, Garry Williams and Hilco Zuidema.

Captain Zuidema thanked Stuart Landry for making and installing the plaque, managers at Holcim Quarry Ross Newton and Reece Morehu for the donation of the rock, and Brent Sinclair Catering for the wonderful job they did on Saturday night.

Social times: having a chat prior to the unveiling of the memorial rock were, from left, Rebekah Vagg, Janine Moscript, Sylvia Vagg and brigade secretary/treasurer Carly Hurst.


Sales for a cause "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"


TWO Leongatha streets banded together to raise money for worthy causes on Saturday.

Residents of Trease Street and Allison Street held garage sales to raise funds for Water Aid and the Leongatha Mens Shed.

These garage sales are an annual event to help homeowners clear out their clutter and give back to others.

The day was instigated by Water Aid supporter Johanna Haasjes and Leongatha Mens Sheds David Brereton.

Ms Haasjes has been a long time campaigner of Make Poverty History, but decided to put weight behind Water Aid to help provide safe water, sanitation and hygiene to those who go without around the world.

There are many great organisations, but I have chosen Water Aid because it is totally dedicated to its goal of transforming lives by improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene in the worlds poorest communities, she said.

The garage sales coincided with World Toilet Day on Sunday.

Pieces in Ms Haasjes garage sale were donated by the public to support the cause.

Ms Haasjes said they had been blessed with both beautiful weather and generosity.

Mr Brereton sold pieces on behalf of a Leongatha Mens Shed member, with all proceeds going back to the Mens Shed.

Worthy causes: David Brereton and Johanna Haasjes organised the annual garage sale event in Leongathas Trease and Allison streets on Saturday. This event put money towards the Leongatha Mens Shed and Water Aid.


Sculptures explore Australias history "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

AUSTRALIAN history man-made and natural is analysed by the latest exhibition at Gecko Studio Gallery at Fish Creek.

Travelling, works with wood and paper by Jan Learmonth of Inverloch is a collection of works that are material explorations of the controversial history and culture of land and water in Australia, the movement of people across sea and soil to occupy and exploit the land, the precarious state of river systems and natural environment.

I use natural and locally found materials, carved, bound, thatched, and recoated, to construct intricate sculptures. They take the form of boats or other vessels, rolling or floating through arid landscapes, she said.

I also map these altered landscapes by tracing tracks and topography with large flat works on paper. The work questions attitudes to country, interrogating tensions between land use and land care.

Learmonths work is held in the collections of Deakin University in Victoria, the Gold Coast Art Gallery in Queensland, Albury Regional Gallery in New South Wales, Latrobe University Arts Museum in Victoria, and private collections throughout Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and the USA.

Learmonth has exhibited widely, and was part of Geckos LOeuvre des Oufs exhibition in 2016 and Findings in 2015.

The exhibition opened on Friday and will continue to December 11.

Gecko Studio Gallery is at 15 Falls Road, Fish Creek, and is open Thursday to Monday from 9am to 4pm. Phone 5683 2481.

Thought provoking: Sixteen Standing, a wood and bone work by Jan Learmonth in her exhibition Travelling, works with wood and paper at Gecko Studio Gallery, Fish Creek.


Criminal Barrister Charles Waterstreet Lied About Porn Video Played To Young Jobseeker "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

If youre going to serve the Australian courts as a criminal barrister, professional standards dictate there are certain behaviours you shouldnt engage in. Playing a video of yourself getting a hand job to a young university student applying for a job in your chambers, and then lying to The Sydney Morning Herald about it, is probably one of them. Nina Funnell and Chris Graham bring you the latest chapter in New Matildas ongoing investigation into The Real Rake.

A naked sex worker sits astride prominent Sydney lawyer Charles Waterstreet as a second sex worker kneels by her side. The cameraphone focuses on the two womens faces and naked breasts, before panning down to reveal Mr Waterstreets penis being masturbated by one of the women.

Its the video at the centre of allegations levelled at Mr Waterstreet by Sydney University law student, Tina Huang, who says the criminal barrister showed her the footage on August 21, just 20 minutes into a job interview for a paralegal position at his chambers.

Immediately after leaving the job interview, Ms Huang sent a Facebook message to a friend detailing the events of the interview, and the contents of the video. She has also since signed two statutory declarations, one of them specifically describing the video.


In a public statement published in the Sydney Morning Herald late last month, Mr Waterstreet disputed Ms Huangs account of the incident, claiming any nude imagery she might have seen during her job interview and subsequent brief employment (Ms Huang lasted just a few hours in the job) was in the context of his professional duties as a criminal barrister and writer.

However, a whistleblower has now provided a copy of the masturbation video which matches the description given by Ms Huang in both her Facebook correspondence, and again in her original statutory declaration, made in late October.

Ms Huang has viewed the new video evidence in the presence of Marque....


Hailstones pelt Dumbalk "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

DUMBALK copped a huge half hour hail storm on Friday afternoon.

Lachlan Vandermeer of Dumbalk sent The Star a video via Facebook of the enormous amount of hail he received on his property.

Dumbalk resident Peter Lamberts car and his sons car was dinted by large hailstones.

The hail was so heavy it put holes in Jason Rileys undercover area roof at his Dumbalk home.

At Michelle Kenneys Dumbalk home, all of her familys cars were damaged, the laser light of her dairy shed was smashed, her kitchen flooded and her vegie patch destroyed.

Her driveway had washed away and the hail also smashed her rain gauge.

Huge hail: large hail stones fell on Dumbalk last Friday afternoon, damaging residents cars, roofs and lights. Michelle Kenney took this photo.


Gays rejoice, but MP to vote no "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

SOUTH Gippslands gay community has welcomed the outcome of the Australian same sex marriage survey, which supported legalising marriage between people of the same sex.

Ryanston gay man Wayne Moloney was amazed by the result. As a young man, he fled from gay parties raided by police and now aged, 70, is closer to having his 48 year relationship with his partner Keith Ritchie recognised by the law as having equal value.

This is an outcome I could not have imagined when (in the past) police could break into your bedroom and put you away for five years, he said.

I am thrilled to think that the love and acceptance Keith and I enjoy in our community may be more widespread than previously thought.

And for my wonderful young friends, I am overjoyed that they can lead a life free of a legal and social shackle around their love.

Mr Moloney now called on Federal Parliament to immediately legislate for same sex marriage.

The peripheral issues should be debated later as they may impact on existing laws, that is anti-discrimination and the like, he said.

Marty Thomas runs the restaurant Moos at Meeniyan, and is openly gay and supportive of South Gippslands gay community.

Im so ecstatic about the yes vote. It feels wonderful to be a part of such a positive and accepting community, he said.

Lets move forward. Theres no looking back now. Legislation should be made quickly. I hope that a more tolerant society will evolve from this voting campaign and minority groups will feel more safe and above all, equal to all other human beings.

McMillan MP Russell Broadbent said he would vote against same sex marriage in Parliament, despite the majority of constituents in his electorate voting in favour.

Ive had a consistent position on this issue and Ive been consistent all the way through that Im against same sex marriage, and that we will have a conscience vote and I will vote according to my consistent position, he said.

Its my personal view on the matter and I understand that 35,000 people voted no in my electorate and I represent the whole of the electorate.

However Mr Broadbent said he expected same sex marriage would become a reality in Australia.

I expect the Parliament will reflect the national vote. I expect it will be fairly straightforward and the Parliament will make a decision before Christmas, he said.

I think the Australian people have made a decision and the Parliament will respect the 60-40 vote.

The result of the national survey held by the Australian Bureau of Statistics was announced last Wednesday.

Across Australia, 61.6 percent...


State award for Star "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

THE Great Southern Star has just won the 2017 Victorian Country Press Association award for Journalism- Best Community Campaign for newspaper 2000 to 6000 circulation for its Save Our Town campaign, launched on January 10 this year to help reinvigorate Leongatha.

The Stars general manager Tony Giles was thrilled to accept the award during the annual presentation night at the Pullman Hotel in Melbourne on Friday night.

The award was for a promotional initiative which creates or lifts the profile of an issue affecting all, or a specific section of a community.

Judge for this section Lynne Smith has been a journalist all her life and was the first female editor of the Latrobe Valley Express and in her comments she said, Who better to launch a campaign to save its town than the local newspaper. The Stars SOS Save Our Town campaign was created in a bid to stop businesses from closing and attract new ones.

I would have liked to see the paper settle on one tagline and continue it throughout the extensive coverage which was impressive.

In this campaign, not only did the paper keep the issue at the forefront for several months, it took the initiative and hosted a free marketing seminar for local businesses. This campaign is a great example of leading from the front to support its local


A local newspaper is the community. It is the communitys voice. This is why when there is an issue or cause that is important to the community, its the papers role to raise it. Even more, it must be prepared to take up that cause and run with it. But is not enough to publish a series of stories. Papers need to launch these campaigns with a committed comment piece to show they are prepared to lead from the front.

After all, a newspaper is best placed to read the feeling of its community. To me, a newspaper can give sound to the voiceless, it can give hope to the marginalised and can help right wrongs. This is why community campaigns are so important. Dont be afraid to take a stand.

Star success: Brad Lester, editor of The Great Southern Star, was thrilled to win the prestigious state award for the Save Our Town campaign.


Heroic teenager awarded "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"


A MIRBOO North teenager has been recognised as a Community Hero for his outstanding efforts to save his fathers life at their Mirboo North farm in July.

Paul Mancarella, and his son Douglas, 17, were moving sheep into a shearing shed on a Sunday afternoon, when the father-of-three suddenly collapsed.

Realising his dad had stopped breathing, Douglas worked quickly to lay Paul on his back, call Triple Zero (000) and begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Douglas had learned some CPR at school and was grateful for the help of the Triple Zero (000) call taker to pace his chest compressions until paramedics arrived.

Mirboo North paramedic Mark Cooke nominated Douglas for a Community Hero Award for his quick response and maturity in what would have been a frightening situation.

Douglas was so calm, mature and just so effective in everything he did, Mr Cooke said.

He was doing an outstanding job of CPR, and that enabled us to do the best we could with our equipment and skills.

Paul, 52, was defibrillated six times and regained a pulse before being flown to Monash Medical Centre in a critical condition. He has since recovered.

Douglas brother Mark, 13, who was unaware their dad was unwell until he saw the ambulance pull up in their driveway, was proud of his big brother.

I ran up and straight away gave Dougie a huge hug just because of the amount of work he did to give Dad the best fighting chance that he could to survive, he said.

The Mancarella family was in the audience to see Victorian Minister for Ambulance Services Jill Hennessy and Ambulance Victoria CEO Tony Walker present Douglas with his Community Hero medal at a special Parliament House ceremony yesterday (Monday).

Mr Walker said Douglas actions showed the importance of knowing CPR to save lives.

Douglas made all the difference to his fathers chances of survival in those first critical minutes, by providing first aid while paramedics were on the way, he said.

With 75 percent of cardiac arrests happening at home, CPR is one of the most important skills you can ever learn.


Rail yards review plea "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council has been urged to modify its proposed design for the Leongatha rail yards.

Leongatha Rotary Club and Leongatha Chamber of Commerce and Industry have asked council to relocate a traffic school and also include more parking within the site.

Council is proposing to transform the disheveled land between Bair and Long streets into a park for the community to enjoy.

Council proposed to build the school near the Bair Street bridge, but Rotary wants it closer to the station area, closer to parking and toilets.

Rotarys Ross Garner told council last Wednesday, Our view is that this be done in undue haste.

Mr Garner said the traffic school would teach children road safety and pedestrian skills. The school was suggested by Rotary.

Chamber president Brenton Williams said an extra 80 carparks including six long vehicle bays could be created by removing the mound now used for parking next to Apex Park and lopping cypress trees near Long Street.

Cr Meg Edwards told council, We talk about working with our community and this is a once in a 20 year opportunity to get it right.

A final master plan for the site could come before council for possible adoption in December.

Fresh idea: from left, Leongatha Rotary Clubs Ross Garner and Leongatha Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Brenton Williams with their plan for the Leongatha rail yards.


Man Trapped in Health Food Store Overnight Forced to Eat Own Poo "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"


A Sydney man was forced to eat his own poo to make it through a night trapped inside a local health food emporium when staff locked the store up for the night without realising he was still inside.

The mishap occurred after the man rushed into the store to use the gender-neutral toilet and fell into an LSD-like trance on the stool pool thanks to the mystic incense burning within the restroom.

The man said he would have used the pub toilet like a normal person, but he didnt feel like having the 50 or so guilt beers he was forced to down the last time a publican caught him popping in just to use the gents.
When I came to after smelling colours and seeing sounds Ive never tasted before, it was too late, and I was locked in the store with no phone charge, the man said. I tried to make it through the night with no food or water, but it was impossible. I had to do what anyone would do locked up in a place that only served loony health food, and dine on my own poo and wash it down with my own wee.

The man said that unlike the way most odd foods are described, it certainly didnt taste like chicken.



Fatal crash "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

A MAN died after a single car collision in Tarwin Lower on Saturday night.

The 66 year old Wyndham Vale man died after the vehicle he was driving on Walkerville Road, Tarwin Lower left the road and collided with a tree shortly after 10pm.

Investigators believe the driver of the south-bound car failed to negotiate a left hand bend, causing his vehicle to cross to the incorrect side of the road and crash into trees.

He died at the scene.

Emergency services including ambulance, police, Tarwin Lower and Pound Creek CFA, and Fish Creek CFA road rescue unit attended.

Police at Bass Coast Highway Patrol would like to hear from anyone who may have seen the collision or saw the vehicle before the collision.


New mayor calls for unity "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"


THE new mayor of South Gippsland Shire Council, Cr Lorraine Brunt, has called for good working relations among councillors.

Her call came after a turbulent year for the new council, with claims of bullying and in-fighting among councillors.

All councillors will have a voice, an equal voice that will be respected and listened to, she said.

As to how she would achieve unity, Cr Brunt told The Star, By following good governance processes and ensuring that everyone around the table is supported, encouraged and given equal opportunity to contribute.

She said she would advocate to agencies for funding for projects to reinvigorate Leongatha and Korumburra, and council would stop the sale of land in Venus Bay until after a review of open space in the town.

Cr Brunt said council would revisit the direction of Coal Creek Community Park and Museum when council reviews its costs and value to the shire.

Hailing from Poowong, she expects ongoing growth in that town and Nyora, and feels it is important that Loch retain its village feel, with development mostly being infill within the town boundaries.

Cr Brunt won the mayoral vote from Andrew McEwen, six votes to three. Her supporters were councillors Aaron Brown, Alyson Skinner, Meg Edwards, Maxine Kiel, former mayor Ray Argento and herself.

Cr McEwen won the votes of himself, and councillors Don Hill and Jeremy Rich.

Cr Brown was named deputy mayor, after defeating Cr McEwen.

In his speech, Cr McEwen said he was standing for mayor as the community had voted for change.

I believe I have the experience, capability and desire to work collaboratively and inclusively for change with all councillors for the benefit of the community, he said.

He said he had proven his leadership ability by advocating for increased productivity, more funding for maintenance of recreation reserves, the establishment of the Korumburra Round Table, and securing commitment for a priority project for Korumburras Commercial Street, hub and railway projects.

Outgoing mayor Cr Ray Argento praised council staff for their service to the community and noted the contribution of volunteers who shape our shire through their dedication and good work.

Cr Brunt and her husband Michael run a dairy farm at Poowong. She enjoys farming, animals and family, including her six grandchildren.

Cr Brown runs his parents sheep and cattle property at Wattle Bank, and will marry his fiancee Sari Woods in May. His interests include running, squash, hiking and outdoor activities.




Queensland election: Labors to lose? "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Queensland election: Labors to lose?With the polls tight, One Nation on the rise and an Adani coal mine wild card, this weekend's Queensland election is on a knife-edge, writes Dr Lee Duffield. read now...


Burra family cops the lot "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

KORUMBURRAS Cleveland family will struggle to settle down in their newly purchased home while it remains an option for the Korumburra Community Hub site.

Chris and Julie Cleveland voluntarily sold their former home, which was located on the proposed site of the new IGA supermarket site on King Street, to avoid the stress of being kicked out.

Buying the house beside their business premises Burra Electrical Services  in Victoria Street seemed like the best idea.

That was until two weeks ago, when they were informed by South Gippsland Shire Council that their new home and business shed was one of three options for the site of the Korumburra Community Hub.

Mr and Mrs Cleveland are parents to four children, Phoebe, Tiegan, Zoe and Richard, aged between three and 10.

Obviously the kids dont like to move. Weve just convinced them that moving here is good and theyve just warmed to the idea of it, Mr Cleveland said.

The family is now delaying renovations until council determines the hub site.

Weve already spent money on painting the house, putting in a new floor covering and a new fence, which council has paid half of because we were half way through it when they told us, Mr Cleveland said.

Were just trying to make a family home and this isnt helping.

Burra Electrical Services employs 10 local fulltime staff here and as a corporate contractor, 80 percent of the business income comes from outside the shire and spent locally.

Their business has serviced Korumburra and broader Victoria for eight years.

Itll be a loss to the community and the disbursement revenue throughout Korumburra and the suppliers we use here, Mr Cleveland said.

A lot of the businesses along Commercial Street use our shed for storage some of the time.

The Clevelands will fight council at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

The loss of local jobs, either in part or all, may be the result of an eventual failed VCAT appeal and the business would have to close down and start again, Mr Cleveland said.

We would relocate outside of South Gippsland Shire closer to Melbourne.

Mr Cleveland said the site was too small, steep and expensive to build the hub, with no capacity to increase car parking. He said the services to be provided by the hub would outgrow the site in a few years.

It would then have to be again relocated, as was the case with the kindergarten, he said.

The railway station precinct is the only site that has a potential strategic long term plan for Korumburra.

We feel the rushing of this commun...


Toxic times "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

CR MAXINE Kiel blew up at her fellow councillors when she revealed acts of harassment, disrespect, poor behaviour, tantrums and attacking of free speech by her colleagues.

She gave a speech to remember when ending her term as deputy mayor of South Gippsland Shire Council last Wednesday.

Cr Kiel, of Mirboo North, revealed tantrums by councillors and acts of discourtesy towards council staff in a stinging attack that laid clear disunity within the council.

After only a year in office, the new council has already been torn apart by claims of councillors bullying each other.

The division is in part left over from the previous council, in which councillors Andrew McEwen and Don Hill were at loggerheads with many of their colleagues, including Cr Lorraine Brunt, who was the other councillor returned to office in the 2016 election.

Last Wednesday, Cr Brunt won the mayoral vote from Cr McEwen, six votes to three.

The split within the council remains, with councillor Jeremy Rich joining the Progressive Reform for South Gippsland team of councillors Hill and McEwen.

A post on that groups Facebook page last Wednesday stated, Well, the mayoral election was quite the surprise. Cr Brunt was elected with support from all councillors except Cr Hill, Cr McEwen, and Cr Rich. Disappointing that those councillors supporting positive change were not supported by the new council.

That trio has often clashed with some other councillors, and The Star last week learned Cr Meg Edwards and Cr Kiel were at loggerheads during the year, prompting Cr Kiel to apologise to Cr Edwards for her language.

Cr Kiel told The Star on Friday, While there was an instance of miscommunication between Cr Edwards and myself earlier in the year, it was resolved immediately and without rancour.

Cr Brunt called for good working relations among councillors, saying all councillors will have a voice, an equal voice that will be respected and listened to under her leadership.

Cr Aaron Brown was elected deputy mayor, defeating Cr McEwen five votes to four.

Cr Kiels speech contradicted previous claims by council of unity among the elected representatives.

During councils first term, an external investigator looked into claims of bullying among councillors and found no allegations were substantiated.

In reflecting on her first year, Cr Kiel told the special meeting of council last Wednesday, Respect is not necessarily something that is earned; it should be an automatic part of our behaviour.  It is a shame that some councillors dont see it the same way, she said.

Cr Kiel cited the continual harassment of fellow councill...


NSW Police Strip-Search Female Protesters "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim Two women protesting the treatment of asylum seekers on Manus Island have reported being arrested, conveyed to the police station and strip-searched before being released without charge. Susan Price and Rachel Evans were amongst around 200 people protesting Australias offshore detention regime at a Liberal Party fundraiser in Sydney

The post NSW Police Strip-Search Female Protesters appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


AGM 13th November 017 "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

A well attended AGM was held at SS&A Club Albury on 13th November 2017.
Elected Board Members.
John Elias (Chairman)
Ian Page (Deputy Chairman)
Gavin Dainton
Eileen Middleton.
Allan Wilson
Joy Middleton
Greg Ingham
Auditors report showed Albury Wodonga Community Radio is progressing very favorably.


Election drive-through voting begins and more Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The Electoral Commission of Queensland is trialling drive-through polling booths in Brisbane's bayside and on the Sunshine Coast.

ECQ elections director Wade Lewis says the idea takes into account Queenslands ageing population and is designed to make voting more accessible for those with mobility issues, especially the elderly and their carers.

Voters in the electorates of Noosa and Oodgeroo who visited the drive-through booths yesterday were pleasantly surprised by the initiative.


WWI tank kept in plastic bubble in Brisbane

The only surviving World War One German tank is currently housed in Ipswich for forensic analysis.

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A Law Unto Himself: Barrister Charles Waterstreet Lied About Masturbation Video Played To Jobseeker "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

If youre going to serve the Australian courts as a criminal barrister, professional standards dictate there are certain behaviours you shouldnt engage in. Playing a video of yourself getting a hand job to a young university student applying for a job in your chambers, and then lying to The Sydney Morning Herald about it, is probably one of them. Nina Funnell and Chris Graham bring you the latest chapter in New Matildas ongoing investigation into The Real Rake.

A naked sex worker sits astride prominent Sydney lawyer Charles Waterstreet as a second sex worker kneels by her side. The cameraphone focuses on the two womens faces and naked breasts, before panning down to reveal Mr Waterstreets penis being masturbated by one of the women.

Its the video at the centre of allegations levelled at Mr Waterstreet by Sydney University law student, Tina Huang, who says the criminal barrister showed her the footage on August 21, just 20 minutes into a job interview for a paralegal position at his chambers.

Immediately after leaving the job interview, Ms Huang sent a Facebook message to a friend detailing the events of the interview, and the contents of the video. She has also since signed two statutory declarations, one of them specifically describing the video.


In a public statement published in the Sydney Morning Herald late last month, Mr Waterstreet disputed Ms Huangs account of the incident, claiming any nude imagery she might have seen during her job interview and subsequent brief employment (Ms Huang lasted just a few hours in the job) was in the context of his professional duties as a criminal barrister and writer.

However, a whistleblower has now provided a copy of the masturbation video which matches the description given by Ms Huang in both her Facebook correspondence, and again in her original statutory declaration, made in late October.

Ms Huang has viewed the new video evidence in the presence of Marque....


Tamworth Rally 26th November The Future of Our Food Bowl "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Sunday, 26 Nov; 11:00 am; ] Hi Armidale folk, there will be a crew catching the train, attending the rally (which was moved back so you would make it on time) and then having lunch together :) Hear from experts about the effects of climate change on agriculture, the potential for renewable energy and candidates for the seat of New England. Train: Depart [...] full article 


Electric Vehicle Expo 2018 in Inverell "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Friday, 4 May to Sunday, 6 May. ] "Gathering of the Geeks" Electric Vehicles Expo Where: National Transport Museum Inverell NSW 2360 When: 4th to 6th May 2018 [embed width="520"][/embed] Visit the New England in Autumn for the first Electric Vehicle Expo and Motor Show held over 3 days and 3 Shires. The National Transport Museum is the largest in New England (4000m2 under one [...] full article 


Mowing down child sexual assault "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

71-year-old Claude Harvey pushing his mower through Bangalow. Photo Jeff 'Green Grass' Dawson.

71-year-old Claude Harvey pushing his mower through Bangalow. Photo Jeff Green Grass Dawson.

Australias million-dollar mowerman, 71-year-old Claude Harvey, was pushing his customised lawnmower through Mullumbimby on Thursday and Bangalow on Friday as part of a 14-day mowerthon to raise awareness for Bravehearts Australias leading child protection charity.

Claude has just cracked the $1 million mark after ten years of hard mowing as he raised both funds and awareness around child sexual assault.

He started his latest mow-down on Thursday, November 14, which will take him 1,200kms from Murwillumbah to Toowoomba that will see Claude pushing his trusty customised-cutter through 12 towns from northern NSW to the Darling Downs in QLD, visiting places like Casino and Goondiwindi.

Im looking forward to getting back out on the road and raising funds to help Bravehearts prevent child sexual assault, says Claude.

My plan is to raise another $1million to help educate, empower and protect children from this

crime and to also raise awareness. My mower and I create a fair bit of attention and Im grateful for all the support and well-wishes I get from the generous people I get to meet along the way. They encourage and inspire me to keep going.

Claudes efforts has resulted in him trudging through 86 pairs of his trademark sandals across more than 25,000 kms of the Australian landscape from Hobart to Hamilton, Bundaberg to Biloela and everywhere in between hes been everywhere man.

Born in Kempsey, NSW in 1945, Claude became an active and dedicated Bravehearts volunteer after reading news of a sex offender who was arrested for sexually assaulting a child a crime that will affect one in five Australian children before they turn 18.

When two family friends disclosed that they had also been sexually assaulted, Claude vowed to do everything possible to make a difference in the lives of...


INTERVIEW: Lindi Ortega "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

STRIPPING BACK THE LAYERS Lindi Ortega has had a year of quantum change in her personal and professional life. Ahead of her current Australian tour she talked with Chris Familton about those important events and the reasons behind them. To the casual observer, one might see Lindi Ortegas recently released EP, Til The Goin Gets Continue reading


Council accused of koala habitat destruction at Tyagarah Airfield "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Just one of the koalas photographed last Sunday. (supplied)

Key koala habitat is being impacted by works at the Tyagarah Airfield and a petition, containing 281 signatures, to cease vegetation works at the site will be tabled at the upcoming Byron Shire Council meeting this Thursday.

The Tyagarah Airfield borders on a significant area of koala habitat for the Byron coastal koala population. The council removed 217 trees last May and are planning to prune a further 72 trees and shrubs at the end of November.

Before pruning work is undertaken a qualified wildlife ecologist will check the area for threatened species including koalas and occupied nests and drays, said Byron Shire Councils manager open spaces and resource recovery, Michael Matthews.

If koalas or young birds and animals are found work will be delayed in that specific area until they have left on their own accord.

According to local conservationist, Dailan Pugh, it is just the latest threat to the remaining koala population, many as a result of works and approvals by the council.

The Byron coastal koala population is estimated to number 240 individuals utilising patches of suitable habitat spread along the coast from Broken Head to the Brunswick River. They are vulnerable to both loss of preferred feed trees and fragmentation of their habitat.

The future viability of the Byron coastal koala population has come under sustained pressure in recent years, with: the development of the Bluesfest site; the redevelopment of Elements; the councils refusal to build a koala underpass when widening the road and building the roundabout on Ewingsdale Road in the middle of the major crossing point; and the approval of West Byron.

Death of a thousand cuts

It is the death of a thousands cut as koalas lose their feed trees and their ability to move between habitat patches.

Byron Council is now proposing pruning 72 trees in addition to the 217 trees they removed around the Tyagarah airstrip last May. This is in one of the principal patches of habitat left, and a key...


Invitation: Free Information Evening With Australian Wind Alliance "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Thursday, 23 Nov; 6:30 pm; ] Making renewable energy projects work for the whole community. A free information forum for landholders and neighbours living near large scale renewable energy projects, with lessons from projects around Australia. Understand contracts you may be offered and how financial benefits are shared throughout the broader community Hear lessons from the National Wind Farm Commissioner, Andrew Dyer, [...] full article 


Willy Wagtail chick in spring "IndyWatch Feed"

Yesterday I was outside and a Willy Wagtail kept flitting around my head, until I realised there was a new new chick nearby and the parents were warding me off their bubba. Both parents were very attentive with the fledgling. I was very impressed ~ Willy Wagtail fledgling chick in springtime, flitting here and


Listen to the New Nahko Single Be Here Now "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Image Courtesy of Nahko The latest single from roots singer-songwriter Nahkos debut solo album My Name Is Bear is Be Here Now. The track shows off Nahkos eclectic styles and comes complete with a goofy lyric video. Im proud to announce the release of our lyric video for Be Here Now, Nahko announced.I hope you []


Casino P-plate driver 5 times over limit "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A P-plate driver stopped in Casino on Saturday for a breath test told the cops hed had one beer.

But police allege that when he was taken back to the police station he tested five times over the legal limit.

Police stopped the driver on Barker Street for a breath test.

The 32-year-old Kyogle man provided a positive breath test and was taken to Casino Police Station, where he allegedly told police that he had drunk one beer.

But they allege his breath analysis was almost five times higher than the legal limit for a fully licensed driver.

The 32 year old was issued a Field Court Attendance Notice for High Range PCA and had his license suspended. He will appear in Casino Local Court in December.

A police spokesperson said he was one of many people arrested over the weekend for driving with alcohol and drugs in their system, and advise drivers that penalties for these offences include fines, licence disqualification and jail time.

You are also at a high risk of crashing and injuring yourself or an innocent person.

Police will be out in force over the next few weeks in an attempt to reduce road trauma, so if you are under the influence of alcohol or drug please leave your keys in your pocket, the spokesperson said.

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Bangalow paid parking splitting community in two "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Parking meters are soon to be installed in Byron Street, Bangalow. File photo

Parking meters are soon to be installed in Byron Street, Bangalow. File photo

Chris Dobney

Just weeks before paid parking is due to take effect in Bangalow, the local Labor Party branch has called on Byron Shire Council to extend paid parking exemption permits to residents in surrounding areas.

And a member of the towns progress association has accused the council of failing its due diligence with relation to the planned implementation.

Despite widespread resident and business opposition, paid parking is set commence in Bangalow on January 1, 2018.

Unlike Byron Bay, the town is on the edge of the shire and Labor says the move will unfairly impact on residents of nearby villages, such as Newrybar and Clunes, which are in other LGAs.

Byron Labor Secretary Asren Pugh said council was determined to push ahead with paid parking in Bangalow.

If it does go ahead it is essential that the option to buy a parking permit is extended to people who are part of the Bangalow community, like Clunes and Newrybar, Mr Pugh said.

Lots of the children that go to Bangalow Public School, or the Community Childrens Centre live just over the border in Ballina or Lismore LGAs. It will split the community in two if we restrict their ability to park in town to pick up their kids or do a bit of local shopping.

We are calling on council to extend the ability to purchase parking permits to at least all of the 2479 postcode and to the villages that abut the shire, such as Clunes.

Council should take a generous approach to this issue and err on the side of letting people buy permits rather than not.

This is urgent and needs to be done before the beginning of any new paid parking regime.

If this is about getting money from tourists for infrastructure, then make sure it is targeting tourists and not splitting our community in two, Mr Pugh said.

Due diligence failure

Meanwhile Bangalow Progress Association member Jenny Bird has accused Byron Shire Council of failing in its due diligence regarding its plans for paid parking in the town.

In a letter...


FNQ Monthly Movements Summary - October 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

... ...
Date Callsign Registration AC Type Route / Location Operator Comments
1/10/2017 KIW719 NZ7572 B752 CNS-PEN


People of Faith Blockade Work on Adani Rail Line "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

UPDATE: 5 of the protestors were arrested for contravening police orders and blocking a road. They have been released on summons.

November 21st: A multi-faith group of six peaceful protestors are blocking work on the rail line from Abbot Point to the Galilee Basin to protest Adanis proposed mega-coal mine.  The protestors are all members of the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC), a multi-faith organization that works with diverse faith communities to tackle global warming.

Among the protestors are a Uniting Church Minister, the Reverend Alex Sangster, and a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order, Tejopala Rawls. Other participants are from the Catholic and Quaker traditions.

ARRCC President, Thea Ormerod said Stopping Adanis mega-coal mine from being built is a moral issue. People around the world are already losing their lives and livelihoods, and species are going extinct because of the damage we are doing to the earths climate. Today we call on people of all faiths to join us in taking a stand for those already being impacted by climate change, for future generations and for the Great Barrier Reef.

Ms Ormerod said her organisation had decided to engage in civil resistance because other avenues were not working. For ten years, ARRCC has drawn this issue to the attention of elected representatives and business leaders. We have done everything we could within the law to prompt our leaders to take action to move Australia away from dependency on coal, oil and gas.

Non-violence is at the heart of all the major faiths. We will continue to use all legal options open to us to convince our leaders to act for climate justice. However, where necessary, people of faith must not shy away from civil resistance.

Reverend Alex Sangster, a Uniting Church Minister, participating in the protest, said, Adani wants to dig the biggest coal mine in Australian history. Pollution from the mine will dwarf the emissions of whole countries such as Bangladesh and Malaysia, and the rail link would allow the development of other mines in the Galilee Basin, with all that added devastation. As people of faith we cannot stand by and be silent. We will resist the defeatism of easy despair and we will put our bodies on the line for our vulnerable earth. This mine will not go ahead.

Tejopala Rawls, an ordained member of the Triratna Buddhist Order, also participating in the protest, said, Australias leaders remain in denial about both the science and the moral implications of actively promoting new coal mines. At a time when the only decent thing to do is to take urgent action to curb carbon emissions, mining companies are given protection by governments and our le...


Degraded Tweed drainage system to be fixed "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Vintage Lakes at Banora Point, showing red azolla on the surface of the lake. While harmless in moderate amounts a carpet of the plant can cause rob the water of oxygen. Photo Tweed Shire Council

Vintage Lakes at Banora Point, showing red azolla on the surface of the lake. While harmless in moderate amounts, a carpet of the plant can cause rob the water of oxygen. Photo Tweed Shire Council

Tweed Shire Council has thrown more than $750,000 into the pot in an attempt to improve water quality of the Western Drainage Scheme at Banora Point.

The degraded state of the system has been a sore point with locals for many years, something not lost on Greens Mayor Katie Milne.

Cr Milne said the state of the Western Drainage Scheme had been a bugbear of the community for a long time.

Its depressing to see how bad it gets sometimes and I totally appreciate the communitys angst, she said.

The Western Drainage Scheme has been deteriorating over the years and is now the source of frequent complaints. This council has listened to the community and we hope the extra funds and initiatives adopted by council will help improve this complex system, she added.


In its quarterly budget review last week, the council voted to undertake structural changes to remove shallow points in the system, increase weed removal, extend the floating reed bed system and involve the community in revegetation.

The steps that are planned sound like they are going to have a significant impact, Mayor Milne said.

This is not just an aesthetic problem.  These over nutrified waters drain into the back of the Terranora Broadwater, which is classified as a State-significant coastal lake and important fish-breeding and migratory bird areas.

The Banora Point community is the big winner out of this quarterly budget review.

Fish kills

Shade trees will be planted to help to lower water temperature, improve dissolved oxygen content and discourage some weed and algae species.

But the nutrient loading of the drainage system is largely due to the stormwater runoff from the large residential areas it serves and nutrient overload at times results in reduced dissolved oxygen levels and increases the likelihood of fish kills....


Labors nose in front in Qld: poll "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

A nose in front: Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk AAP Image/Dan Peled

A nose in front: Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk AAP Image/Dan Peled


Queensland Labor has its nose in front of the LNP with just days left until the state vote.

A ReachTEL poll, for Sky News, has Labor ahead of the LNP 51 per cent to 49, after preferences.

Labor is also ahead on the primary vote, with 34 per cent of Queenslanders saying theyll vote for the incumbent party, to the LNPs 30 per cent. One Nation has 17 per cent support, while the Greens are on 10 per cent.

This is the first time that Labor has gained the lead in a two-party result, in a ReachTEL poll. So its certainly a move, ReachTELs James Stewart has told Sky News.

ReachTEL also polled voters in three marginal seats.

Labor and One Nation are neck and neck in the Labor-held seat of Thuringowa, with both parties on 50 per cent in the Townsville-based electorate.

The contest for the LNP-held seat of Whitsunday has One Nation on 50.5 per cent to Labors 49.5 per cent.

In Brisbanes western suburbs, Labors Local Government Minister Mark Furner is expected to hang on to the marginal seat of Ferny Grove, with the poll suggesting hell manage 54 per cent of the vote, to the LNPs 46 per cent.

Anning defection hits One Nation

But the defection of former One Nation senator Fraser Anning has hurt the partys prospects in the Queensland election, another poll suggests.

A statewide Galaxy poll for The Courier-Mail, conducted late last week, shows two out of five Queenslanders are now less likely to support Pauline Hansons party.

Senator Anning split with One Nation an hour after being sworn in in Canberra, claiming Senator Hanson forced him out, but the One Nation leader says he quit.

The Galaxy poll of more than 1000 Queenslanders showed 41 per cent are less likely to hand their vote to One Nation because of what happened in Canberra.

But it also found 46 per cent of poll respondents werent influenced by the defection, and seven per cent are now more likely to back the party.

Senator Hanson will hit the campaign trail in her battler bus again on Tuesday, after taking...


Pocket Rocket team raising money for cancer "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Burringbar based Pocket Rocket Team, Ian Collier and Ian Reynolds, and are raising money as part of the Mystery Box Rally 2017 that begins November 25 in Dubbo. Photo supplied.

The Burringbar based Pocket Rocket Team, Ian Collier and Ian Reynolds, and are raising money as part of the Mystery Box Rally 2017 that begins November 25 in Dubbo. Photo supplied.

A Burringbar duo are heading to the outback to raise money for cancer research on behalf of the Cancer Council of NSW.

Taking their 32 year old eclectic car to the extreme, they have formed the Pocket Rocket Team and are raising money as part of the Mystery Box Rally 2017 that begins and ends in Dubbo.

They will be travelling thousands of miles across the outback and camping by their car at night as they follow a route only known to the organisers.

Leaving on November 25 and returning on November 29, all cars participating must be 25 years old or older and sourced by the racing team themselves.

The two team members Ian Collier and Ian Reynolds have entered on behalf of Burringbars Pocket Herbs and Produce.

Both Ian Collier and myself are excited and a little worried about the thousands of kilometres we have to drive on dirt roads in our 32 years old car! commented Iain Reynolds.

But as long as we raise the money for the Cancer Council of NSW we will be very happy.

To donate to the Pocket Rocket team click here.

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Vance Joy Announces New Album Nation of Two "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Image Courtesy of Vance Joy Epic indie-folk singer-songwriter and radio darling Vance Joy has just announced plans to release his brand new album Nation of Two in February 2018. The album is Vance Joys second, following on from the crazy successful debut Dream Your Life Away. Nation Of Two describes a perfectly self-contained couple; their []


New Zealands winter is shorter by a month over 100 years "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

We all know that climate change poses a grave threat to the amount of snow we will be seeing in Australia in coming years. Historically, average snow depths in the Kosciuszko National Park have shown a downward trend over the last 60 years. Another detail in the story of overall decline in snow pack is the ever later arrival of reliable snow (for instance, how often do you get to ski or ride on Opening weekend?).

New research from New Zealand/ Aotearoa collaborates the observation that winter is arriving later and leaving earlier.

According to a report in The Guardian, written by Eleanor Ainge Roy,

New Zealands winter has gotten shorter by a month over the last 100 years, meaning true winter weather with very low temperatures, frosts and snow starts significantly later in the year and ends earlier.

Brett Mullan, from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa), crunched the temperature records from two 30-year-periods over the last century to see if New Zealand was experiencing the same contraction of winter weather noted in other parts of the world.

New Zealands winter starts at the beginning of June and runs to 31 August, a total of 92 days. In the South Island and some parts of the North Island winter weather usually means snow, frosts, black ice on the roads and temperatures as low as -7C overnight.

Mullan defined a winters day as one in which the daily average temperature was less than 9C. He examined temperatures between 1909 to 1938, and 1987 to 2016 from seven geographically representative regions around New Zealand.

Mullan discovered there was an average of 100 days per year between 1909 and 1938 when the temperature was less than 9C, compared with only 70 days per year between 1987 and 2016.

Winter has contracted about equally from both ends of the season, he said.

This is consistent with reports that the length of the US winter is also shortening, with the first frost of the year arriving more than one month later than it did 100 years ago.

There is also the reality of natural variability in seasons, especially with the influence of El Nino patterns, but bigger trends a...


AirBnb Hosts Can be Fined in NSW "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The home sharing phenomenon has taken off worldwide in recent years, and AirBnb is a market-leading website platform facilitating the cost-effective arrangement. Many who are struggling to make mortgage repayments or pay the rent are finding the platform to be a great way to rent out a spare room, a granny flat in the backyard

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North Coast could become a NSW clean-energy superpower: report "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

north-coast-rooftop-solarThe North Coast is set to become one of five renewable-energy superpowers in NSW that could replace the states five coal-burning power stations by 2030, a new report by the Nature Conservation Council has found.

The reports author, Dr Brad Smith, said that North Coast is already the rooftop solar capital of NSW, with about 30 per cent households generating their own power with solar, well ahead of the state average of 18 per cent.

Thats great, but we think the North Coast could more than double the number of homes with rooftop solar and massively ramp up the amount of power people in this region can feed into the grid, Dr Smith said.

Currently about 62,800 homes on the North Coast have rooftop solar. Under our plan to power NSW with clean energy that number needs to more than double by 2030.

100 per cent doable

Its a big job, but making the NSW electricity system 100 per cent renewable is 100 per cent doable. The only thing standing in the way is a lack of leadership from the NSW Government, Dr Smith said.

Gladys Berejiklian is the only premier in eastern Australia without a plan to clean up our electricity system, which is critical if we are going to slash carbon emissions and protect our climate.

If we dont get the right policies in NSW urgently, clean energy jobs and investment will flow to Queensland and Victoria instead.

Dr Smith, NCCs Senior Climate and Energy Campaigner, said implementing the Repowering our Regions roadmap would:

  • generate 1,100 jobs on the North Coast
  • generate enough electricity to power 310,000 homes on the North Coast, and
  • avoid pumping 1.4 million tonnes of carbon pollution into the atmosphere

We chose Lismore and Mullumbimby as venues to launch our report on the North Coast because climate change and energy policy are major concerns for people in this region, he said.

Recent polling in the marginal Nationals electorate of Lismore found more than 60 per cent of people were more likely to vote for a party that established a fund to boost clean energy, permanently banned CSG, reduced coal-fire power and increased wind and solar energy.

Clean up the grid

The NCC said the state government could...


1) Papua Senator accused TNI Police of doing public deception "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Hundreds leave Papua villages in separatist standoff
3) Papuas Puncak Jaya Mulia regency wants air cargo subsidy

A google transate. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
Original bahasa link at
1) Papua Senator accused TNI Police of doing public deception

Papua No. 1 News Portal | Jubi, Senin, 20 November 2017 21:43
Senator Muda Papua The House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD-RI) Yanes Murib when giving information Press - Jubi / Hengky Yeimo


Sydney mayor hits out at mural vigilantes "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Local residents react to a mural that has been painted over with black paint in Newtown, Sydney, November 17, 2017. The mural, created by street artist Scott Marsh, depicted former prime minister Tony Abbott and Cardinal George Pell involved in a sex act celebrating the same-sex marriage survey 'yes' result. (AAP Image/Danny Casey)

Local residents react to a mural that has been painted over with black paint in Newtown, Sydney, November 17, 2017. The mural, created by street artist Scott Marsh, depicted former prime minister Tony Abbott and Cardinal George Pell involved in a sex act celebrating the same-sex marriage survey yes result. (AAP Image/Danny Casey)


A Sydney mayor has accused Christian activists of vandalism and intimidation after two provocative murals were painted over in the days after Australia said yes to same-sex marriage.

The murals one featuring former prime minister Tony Abbott dressed as a bride with his hand down a shirtless Cardinal George Pells pants and the other depicting singer George Michael as a saint have been painted over in Newtown and Erskineville respectively.

Those behind the alleged vandalism said they were defending their religion, while Christian leaders said the murals were pernicious and intolerant.

Both incidents were filmed by onlookers and footage online of the latest in Erskineville shows the culprit was stopped by police.

NSW police on Monday said a 23-year-old man was arrested on Saturday and issued with a court attendance notice for graffiti.

Police last night arrested a 16-year-old youth with defacing two more murals in King Street, Newtown, and Bray Street, Erskineville.

Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne has condemned the defacing of the murals and related homophobic and abusive comments online.

At a time of celebration about the big step forward we have made for human rights in this country, these attacks are the last thing we need, Mr Byrne wrote on Facebook on Monday.

The Labor mayor refused to take questions but said on Facebook he pl...


Weight of numbers "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

This tiny bush pool in the Rise and Shine is the domain of Fuscous Honeyeaters at present. Even the larger and more aggressive Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters are well and truly outnumbered, while other species, such as the Red-rumped Parrots and Dusky Woodswallows (pictured yesterday) just have to queue up and hope for an opportunity.

Fuscous Honeyeater on Yellow Gum sapling, Rise and Shine, 19th November 2017


Was the NSW Port Authority even aware of Noble Caledonia cruise line's plan to enter the Port of Yamba in 2018? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

On or about 23 October 2017 NSW Minister for Maritime, Roads and Freight Melinda Pavey, along with Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance and Nationals MP for Coffs Harbour Andrew Fraser, jointly announced An investigation into a new International Cruise Ship Terminal for the NSW mid North Coast will start as part of a future transport blueprint, with Coffs Harbour and Yamba identified as potential locations.

So much for the promised investigation before the starter's gun was fired.

On 20 November 2017 ABC North Coast's Facebook page revealed that the cruise ships scheduled visit to Yamba was not confirmed:

A UK-based company is advertising an ocean cruise that includes a stop at Yamba.
The website for Noble Caledonia offers places on an Australian Coastal Odyssey which departs from Thursday Island in October next year.
The 90-metre-long Caledonia Sky will sail for 22 nights down Australia's east coast at a cost of more than $19,000 each for about 100 passengers.
One of the destinations listed is the north coast port of Yamba, but the state's Port Authority says there is no confirmed booking for the ship.


Fairy-wrens "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

I take frequent short trips down to the Mullens foreshore but unfortunately it is not a part of the bay often frequented by shorebirds. It is always beautiful no matter the weather.

I also find the trees that dabble their stems in the water - mangroves - very beautiful.
The other day I took this photo looking north along the shore. The boat would be well up on dry land when the tide went out - and I hope the fisherman had some luck after standing out in the water for so long.

A couple of weeks ago several bloggers posted photos of  Fairy-wrens on this meme. I waited for others to show some of the other very colorful Fairy-wrens but since no one did I went back into my photo archives so that all the overseas birders could get an idea of the variety of such birds you can see.
These first birds are the ones that were posted a few weeks ago - Superb Fairy -wrens. For some reason I have never seen these birds right in my area. According to my birding books they should be here! I saw these ones on a trip out west my sister and I took a few years ago at a place called Mitchell.  I have included photos of the little brown females - which I find difficult to ID.


Elwood-based artist to exhibit at the 2017 Knox Immerse Festival "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Elwood-based photographic printmaker Mat Hughes is one of 30 artists taking part  in this years Knox Immerse Festival exhibiting at 30 venues for 30 days. His print series titled In Flux is now on display at the Rowville library, until December 11, 2017.    Mat Hughes was born in Libya when the country had a []


By popular demand "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"


Back in February this year I went to the auction of a house in Bondi that had no fewer than several dozen registered bidders, with the final two prospective buyers bidding hell for leather and sending the final purchase price well over half a millon dollars over the guide price. 

By the end of March the market regulator APRA had understandably seen enough, and introduced a range of cooling measures, and by the second half of the year stock on market levels were rising from previously depressed levels. 

Auctions were still being reasonably well attended, but often with only a handful of serious but cagey buyers at each auction the mood was much more circumspect. 

The shift from strong price growth to a cooling market wasn't driven by an increase in the dwelling stock, at least not directly (in fact the number of houses in many parts of inner Sydney is in decline), nor by a slowdown in population growth (if anything, it's accelerated in Sydney).

Actually, population growth is rarely very strong in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, since not very much tends to get built.

The change in sentiment instead reflected a change in the balance of willing and able market participants. 

Prices were still being driven by supply and demand, of course, just not in the way that market analysts often understand it. 

One of the more thought-provoking talks I've seen in recent times came from Scott Keck at Charter Keck Kramer, in which he explains why Australia doesn't really have a meaningful oversupply of dwellings.......


Yandina Creek Wetland Officially Opened "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Yandina Creek Wetland
Queensland Environment Minister Steven Miles and UnityWater Chairman Jim Soorley today officially opened the Yandina Creek Wetland on the Sunshine Coast.

Steven Miles & Jim Soorley opening the wetland
Here is Unity Water's Statement:
Unitywater bought the 191-hectare site last year as a green alternative to upgrading sewage treatment plants in the area.


Traveling Illustrator Captures Londons Historic Pubs as Cut-Out Pen and Ink Drawings "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

London Pub Illustrations Maxwell Tilse

The Blackfriar. Blackfriars.
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Earlier this year, we introduced you to London-based illustrator Maxwell Tilse, who combines his love of drawing with his passion for traveling. Originally from Sydney, Australia, the 23-year-old travels Europe, documenting each city he visits with beautifully detailed pen and ink sketches. Now, as he prepares to leave London after living there for two years, he has released a new series of cut-out drawings that depict the citys oldest pubs.

London is a city packed to the brim with historical wonders that are so easy to miss or pass by, unnoticed, says Tilse. From the wedge-shaped Black Friar built in 1875, to the quaint Georgian architecture of the The Bricklayers Arms in Fitzrovia, Tilse captures the essence of Londons most quintessentially English watering holesthe oldest being The Old George, which has been in business since 1713.

Approximately 5cm in height, Tilses little pubs feature charming details, such as stain glass windows, ornamental balconies, and Tudor style chimneys. I do love the mock Tudor architecture that's nestled in between the grand Victorian hotels and galleries, the artist admits. He finishes his process by photographing his work, held up beside the original building.

If you love Tilses work you can purchase prints via his Etsy shop. Keep up to date with Tilses illustrated travel journal on Instagram.

Illustrator Maxwell Tilse Captures Londons oldest pubs in a series of cut-out pen and ink drawings.



Half million dollar grant to fight Ryde traffic jams "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The Turnbull Government will throw close to half a million dollars towards a solution to Rydes traffic jams. The $499,000 grant will go to Macquarie University and the City of Ryde Council under the Federal funded Smart Transport Planning project,which is an initiative of the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program. The project funding honours an []


Battle For Bennelong Feature "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

MEET THE CANDIDATES Riverside Business Chamber, formerly Ryde Business Forum, is holding a Meet the Candidates for the Bennelong By-election on Monday December 4. Event will be at The Royal Hotel Blaxland Road Ryde at 6pm followed by the  Chamber Christmas party. All candidates are invited to attend and address the gathering. RSVP before Monday []



Family fun at Carols in the Park HUNTERS HILL Council is hosting Carols in the Park on Sunday December 3 at Boronia Park Oval commencing at 6pm. This is the perfect opportunity to pack a picnic, bring your family and friends and spend some quality time relaxing on the lawn, singing along to some traditional []


Local Ravens youngsters cheer on triumphant Socceroos "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

TWT territory was well-represented at last weeks crucial Socceroos World Cup qualification victory at Stadium Australia. Gladesville Ravens dominated the half-time entertainment in front of a packed stadium, with 20 of the clubs talented girls and boys between the ages of 7 and ten playing two separate 5-a-side mini soccer matches on the same playing []


Parents invited to attend talk on teenage anxiety "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

AN authority on anxiety and depression will give a FREE talk at North Ryde Golf Club in Twin Road North Ryde on Thursday November 3o. The talk by consultant psychiatrist Dr Matthew Hannon (pictured) starts at 7pm and will focus on anxiety within the family unit as well as anxiety faced by teenagers and adults. []


John Alexander at Sporties Rotary talk "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Former Bennelong MP John Alexander is special guest speaker on Wedneday December 13 at Gladesville Sporties Club, 181a Ryde Road, Gladesville at 7pm. Event is sponsored by Rotary Club of Hunters Hill. Come along and hear Alexander, a legendary Davis Cup hero for Australia, talk about his illustrious tennis career. Free admission, all welcome. Inquiries []


Hunters Hill responds to outrage over cat seizure and fines policy "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

BY OUR CIVIC ROUNDSMAN OUTRAGE from some Hunters Hill cat owners over council moves to seize their pets in wildlife protection areas and fine owners more than $800 for their safe return has prompted the council to explain its action. The Weekly Times recently reported that pet cats found in areas such as Boronia Park []


Rotary Trees of Joy to help the less fortunate "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

AS Christmas approaches for 2017, Rotary Club of Ryde is pleased to again provide the opportunity for members of the larger community to embrace the season and provide gifts for the less fortunate members within our community. Spokesperson Adrian Hallett said there was a growing pool of people, from children to senior citizens, who are []


John Alexander, a fair dinkum good sport "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

John Alexander MP on Friday confirmed he is officially an Aussie, the Liberal candidate for Bennelong and a good sport. Mr Alexander revealed the news at a media conference at Meadowbanks Memorial Park where he rose above the political sledging dished out by visting colleague and Federal Minister for Urban Infrastructure Paul Fletcher. Mr Fletcher []


Crazed ferret attacks woman in her sleep in Sydney, Australia "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

A New South Wales woman has awoken to a crazed ferret attacking her face. The Baulkham Hills woman, in Sydney's northwest, told local newspaper Hills Shire Times, that she was jolted awake by a searing pain and something latching onto her cheek. "The second it bit my face I woke up and grabbed onto it," the woman said. "It didn't get to bite me too hard, because I grabbed its jaw pretty quickly."


Black Death Warning: The Plague Is Impossible To Eradicate "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Face masks are placed on children in Antananarivo, Madagascar (AP Photo/Alexander JOE)

Face masks are placed on children in Antananarivo, Madagascar (AP Photo/Alexander JOE)

An expert is warning the plague that has sickened over 2000 people in Madagascar since August is impossible to eradicate. Even though the number of those infected has dropped in recent weeks, the plague will never truly be gone.

Its not possible to eradicate plague, as it is widespread in wildlife rodents outside the sphere of human influence, Cheng wrote on The ConversationOutbreaks, generally, are managed reactively by firefighting teams, deployed to clear houses of fleas, identify and treat cases and give pre-emptive treatment to contacts at risk. A more preventative approach, such as the identification of areas at risk using climate models and animal surveys to focus flea and rat control efforts, would be better, he said. But, this requires a better understanding of transmission pathways in each region where disease persists.

The best way to stop the plague spreading was to focus on flea and rat control in the most at-risk areas, he said. Chengs comments came after at least 171 people died in Madagascar over an outbreak of plague. Nine countries were urged by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to prepare for a black death attack, at the end of October.

Its been reported that plague has been transmitted to humans by camels, goats, prairie dogs, rock squirrels and guinea pigs since the 1960s. There are only a few remaining hotspots for plague in th...


Eryldene House Christmas Fair "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

ICONIC Eryldene Christmas Fair will be held at Eryldene Historic House & Garden this weekend at 17 McIntosh Street Gordon from 10am to 4pm. As the Jacarandas flower, experience the personal attention of 50 stall holders showcasing their unique products in the beauty of Eryldene and its late spring garden. Choose original Christmas gifts from []


Major award for local pool and spa store "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Swimart Gladesville was a big winner at this years Swimart Awards, picking up the NSW Team Player of the Year Award. The annual awards ceremony held this year in Hong Kong at the conclusion of the companys conference, recognised and rewarded its top franchisees. Swimarts secret to success is its year-round support and recognition of []


Shopping Village Public Meeting "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Hunters Hill Council will soon announce details of a public meeting of Gladesville residents to discuss the proposed new Gladesville Shopping Centre. Hunters Hill Council says: On June 28 the GSV Development lodged an amended planning proposal with Council as approval was required from the Department before the amended proposal could be exhibited. On the []


Ryde solicitor elected to fight for a fair go "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

TOP Ryde solicitor Danny Bricknell was recently elected to the NSW Law Society Council. Mr Bricknell, who has a regular column in The Weekly Times, was elected to the Societys top body to represent suburban solicitors during the Law Societys AGM. His election campaign focused on the problems young solicitors face to secure employment, ongoing []


Good Blokes Day at Drummoyne Sailing Club "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

EIGHTH annual Good Blokes Day for Balmain sporting identities will be staged on Saturday December 2 at Drumoyne Sailing Club from 12 noon. Organised by Tigers rugby league legends Peter Grounds and Paul Dalziel, the popular event is open to all sportsmen who competed in the Balmain and Ryde districts at either grade or junior []


Camerata Academica Christmas Concerto in St Albans Church "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Four TWT readers can win double passes to Camerata Academica of the Antipodes Christmas concert on Saturday December 2 in St Albans Church Hall, 3 Pembroke Street, Epping at 7pm. The exciting and vibrant blend of music, talent and scholarship of Camerata Academicas chamber orchestra and vocal ensemble returns to Epping to celebrate the festive []


Your Chamber of Commerce Meets "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

EPPING: Chamber inquiries President Tony Hackett 9869-8900; 0418 413 226 or secretary Betty Ockerlander 8876-5888. EASTWOOD: Meet second Monday each month. Next meeting December 11. Inquiries president Vic Tagg 0412 369 510 or secretary Steve Colquhoun 9874-0221. GLADESVILLE: Meet third Tuesday each month. Next meeting November 21. Inquiries secretary Maria Zappia o401 158 307 or []


Is the food at Salt House restaurant nice? "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Does anyone know how the food is at Salt House on the marina? I want to book my birthday dinner there as the restaurant looks stunning, but the menu isn't really tempting me, and the reviews are mixed.

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MCN: Big Organising with Becky Bond "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Do you want to build people power to win?

The big organising approach utilised in the Bernie Sanders campaign offers several valuable rules to scale up your efforts, empower members and supporters, and catch the fire of momentum.

Becky Bond is co-author of Rules for Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change Everything. She served as a senior adviser on the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign, and was an architect of the campaigns national, volunteer-driven grassroots campaign. After the 2016 presidential cycle, Becky founded the Big Organizing Project and is a pioneer in the use of distributed organising to win advocacy and electoral campaigns.

This is a Melbourne Campaigners Network event. MCN holds gatherings for campaigners, activists, and organisers to discuss ideas, exchange resources and discover new approaches to social change. Becky Bond is available to present at this event thanks to the generous support of Australian Progress and GetUp.

Location: Save the Children, 33 Lincoln Square S, Carlton VIC

Time: 6pm til 8pm

Date: Tuesday 28 November

Cost: Entry by donation, suggested donation $10-$20 (nobody turned away for lack of funds).

RSVP: Facebook

Further info: Enquire via the Contact page.


Australia - Letters to the Editor || Warren Woodley Fluoride debate "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

I have read with interest the debate happening in Gunnedah regarding fluoride in the towns water supply. I find this subject very interesting, as many years ago now, I (as an alderman on the Tamworth City Council) was chosen by Council to be a representative on behalf of the Tamworth City Council to an appointment in Sydney Health Department regarding fluoridation in state-wide water supplies. That meant at the time, a trip to Sydney for a meeting once every few months for years.
Tamworth Council was, at the time, particularly chosen as one of several water supplies with fluoride as it had a long history of fluoride in the water in NSW, starting in the 1950s I think. History talks about the decision to put fluoride in the water supply came after talks with people, dentists and public figures in Tamworth.
I took particular interest in this, as it raised its head locally again, like it does in many towns, after some years of fluoridation use, to see what the public still thinks about the chemical which was chosen years before.
Although this is a long time ago, I particularly recall the meetings in Sydney, as the fluoridation people of the State Government were keen to get all towns using fluoride water. At the time, there was a financial benefit available to get started. What happens now, I dont know about that.
Like in Gunnedah today, there were many people not happy about the fluoride in the water supply in the 70s and 80s. The debate has not been raised in Tamworth for many years.
I was married with small children at the time and my wife, with some of her group of friends were not happy about the fluoride, because they themselves had carried out studies that did not look at it in a favourable light.
During those meetings in Sydney, I was a little bit alarmed about how they pushed and pushed to get towns on the scheme. I believed it was a purely personal thing and if people really didnt want it, you shouldnt make them have it. It was particularly interesting at the time, because we (my family) had moved out of town and we were not on Tamworth water supply. The advice to me was that we should take fluoride tablets, otherwise the children would grow up with teeth problems. As it turned out, my children grew up with absolutely beautiful teeth using tank and bore water and still have beautiful teeth today. I must say, my wife, Lorraine, was strict on our children with their teeth cleaning, which makes me think that its more about how the kids clean their teeth than it is about fluoride. Many of our friends had the same experience.
I have read information over the years about fluoride and where it comes from and it does make you wonder why it doesnt cause other health problems in life.
Warren Woodley OAM


MACKAY Mackay supreme court list "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY November 20, 2017 at 11:14PM ,

Mackay supreme court list

November 20, 2017 at 11:14PM ,

Welcome to our free online Criminal Law Directory which lists Court Lawyers that regularly appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court. Oct 9, 2017 Daily law lists of Queensland Courts; Queensland Courts law lists. It hears cases of the Jan 23, 2017 After an 11-month political standstill on filling the

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Mackay magistrates court mackay qld "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY November 20, 2017 at 09:50PM ,

Mackay magistrates court mackay qld

November 20, 2017 at 09:50PM ,

Magistrates Mackay Magistrates Court 12 Brisbane Street Mackay QLD PO Box 104 Local Mackay Court Agents. qld. Welcome to the official Facebook page of Mackay Basketball courts Run by Legal Aid Queensland, the Family Law Duty Lawyer Service will be available from 9am at the Mackay

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Brisbane GPs will be taught how to spot signs of domestic abuse and more Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Brisbane healthcare professionals will soon be better equipped to deal with cases of domestic violence abuse, as a part of a federally funded training program.

The program called Recognise, Respond, Refer, was launched on Monday, and it provides GPs with skills to identify signs of abuse in patients and to refer them to support services.

Federal Member for Forde, Bert Van Manen said that enhancing the knowledge of health professionals in relation to domestic violence could potentially save lives.


Queensland voters split on decriminalising abortion

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NSW Environmental Defender's Office has served irrigator and Nationals donor Peter Harris a summons demanding he return more than five billion litres of water he is alleged to have illegally taken from the Barwon-Darling River "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Australian, 14 November 2017:

The NSW Environmental Defenders Office has served irrigator and Nationals donor Peter Harris a summons demanding he return more than five billion litres of water he is alleged to have illegally taken from the Barwon-Darling River.

The incidents of alleged water theft are the subject of ICAC, Ombudsman and Office of Water inquiries, which follow the standing down and resignation of former senior NSW water bureaucrat Gavin Hanlon.

It has also been revealed that NSW Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair benefited Mr Harris, a cotton farmer, and other irrigators by changing the laws to pardon Mr Harris retrospectively for illegal flood works and that Mr Blair lobbied Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton to change the law to justify a decision to give Mr Harris more water trading rights.

In their action in the Land and Environment Court, the plaintiffs demand the return of water, up to the equivalent of the total volume ... (to) occur immediately after the water is extracted from the water source and has passed through metering equipment to measure it, but before it is stored.

Alternatively, the defenders office is seeking orders so that Mr Harris forfeits his entitlement to the equivalent amount of water in future to replenish the river.

The summons was served on Peter James Harris and Jane Maree Harris and the matter is listed for December 8.

The amount of wat...

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Monday, 20 November


Friends of Leadbeaters Possum Inc v VicForests November 17 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

The Possums Case

November 17 2017 Summary

Friends of Leadbeaters Possum Inc. v VicForests challenges whether the native forest logging industry can be held to account for its impact on federally listed species, when logging has not been conducted in accordance with the 20-year old Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) regime.

20 year Regional Forest Agreements across Australia

The case concerns the magnificent forests of Victorias Central Highlands which are home to the critically endangered Leadbeaters Possum and the Greater Glider, recently listed as vulnerable. It could have implications for other areas. At stake is native forest habitat on public land that is home to iconic wildlife.

Logging in public native forests is exempt from our national threatened species protection law, the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, provided that the logging is carried out in accordance with an RFA, a commonwealth-state agreement. The RFA requires a performance review every five years.

We allege that failure to complete the required five-year reviews on time or at all, means that logging in certain areas which significantly impacts the Leadbeaters Possum and Greater Glider has not been and will not be in accordance with the RFA, and so is not exempt from the assessment and approval requirements of the EPBC Act that apply to such actions.

The Central Highlands RFA was signed on 27 March 1998 and the first 5-year review was due by 2003. However, the State and Federal governments say that they have only done one review, which they say looked at the period up to 2009 and concluded in 2015.

The first hearing in the case was held on Friday, 17th November before Justice Mortimer of the Federal Court.

Environmental Justic Australia

The outcome of Fridays hearing was orders from the Court for a hearing of a separate question relating to whether logging in the areas named in FLbPs claim which significantly impacts threatened species has not and will not be conducted in accordance with the RFA, and so is not exempt from the requirements of the EPBC Act, due to the failure to conduct the mandated 5 yearly reviews (the full text of the separate question can be read in the orders from Justice Mortimer see the link belo...


Financially stressed? Please don't blame high prices "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

When Tony Abbott first stood for prime minister, he complained about the price of bread.

He told the leaders debate it had shot up 12 per cent. It hadn't. The Bureau of Statistics found it hadn't increased at all it had been stuck for a year at $3.88.

Head to Woolworths online today and you'll see a variety of prices, for different kinds of loaves. I've averaged them. Today's price is $3.55.

We never seem to notice the prices that are going down, or at least we pay far less attention to them than the prices that are going up (or that we imagine are going up).

The inflation rate is 1.8 per cent. But when asked by the Melbourne Institute what we think it is, we typically say 5 to 6 per cent.

The Bureau of Statistics calculates the rate by going into shops and entering into scanners the prices of around 1000 items. It does it over and over again, all over each of Australia's eight capital cities. These days it augments those readings with scanner data from supermarkets and the prices advertised on websites.

But it gets it wrong. And not in the direction you would expect.

It systematically overestimates the inflation rate because it systematically underestimates our canniness.

Here's how it would work with two brands of baked beans. To start with they might each sell for the same price, and we might buy the same amount of each. Five years later the price of one brand might be 20 per cent higher and the other 5 per cent higher. The Bureau will record an average price increase of around 10 per cent. But the cost to us won't have increased that much. Over time, we will have shifted our purchases to the brand which has increased more slowly, by 5 per cent.

We do it with everything, switching between brands and between products in order to save money. It's how we shop.

It is why every few years the consumer price index gets seriously out of whack and needs to be recalibrated. The Bureau has just done it, re-surveying how we spend our money and readjusting the index to reflect updated spen...


Warragul Farmers Market turns FOUR! "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Warragul Farmers' Market celebrated its fourth birthday on Saturday and is showing no signs of slowing down with age.


Malcolm Turnbull Fired for Being Unable to Name a Single AC/DC Song "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"


Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was sent to a detention centre on Manus Island overnight after he was unable to name a single song when asked to nominate a favourite track by iconic rock band AC/DC in an interview following the death of founding guitarist Malcolm Young.

Former NSW Premier Mike Baird, who cited Dirty deeds done dirt cheap as the song that inspired his career, was quick to put his hand up for the top role.

I retired from politics to help members of my family through serious illness six months ago but everyones fine now, he said. Its amazing what $887,000 can do for your health.

Baird has already launched his election campaign, promising to get the greyhound racing industry back in [the] black and everything else in the country on the highway to hell in record time.

Turnbull issued a statement saying that he could reel off the name of every piece ever written by Mozart, Beethoven and Bach like every other regular Aussie bloke and shouldnt be punished for this one small lapse in cultural knowledge.


Brisbane activist Robin Taubenfeld on the #PineGapPeacePilgrims "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Karun Cowper speaks with Brisbane peace activist Robin Taubenfeld about the #PineGapPeacePilgrims currently on trial for breaking the silence around Pine Gaps role in US drone attacks & nuclear warfare.


The Vinyl Press at the Record Crate "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The Vinyl Press

A drawing I did a few a few days ago at the Crate (which now has a new name I can't remember)  . Thanks to the band for buying the drawing, and sending me this photo


November verse 8 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Verse 8: At 35 weeks
You used to call each other Stinky
when first in love as pet names go,
a little odd. But you were dinky-
di. We watched you thrive and grow
together, get jobs, win promotions,
make a home, fly over oceans
more than once. The sweet stink stayed
for fourteen years. The nest was made.
On Saturday a baby shower
marked the end of DINKish days,
and she-whos-now-a-lump will raise
the stinky level, like a flower
that opens in the radiant dawn.
Its just five weeks until shes born

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The Carpark Next Door "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

A view from the Junkyard Gallery porch/studio


How to take buses/public transport in Cairns? (Tourist) "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

In December/January, Ill be staying at the Mantra Esplanade for about a week and want to know how to get around to different places nearby. I believe theres a Cairns City Bus Station nearby, do these buses just accept cash, or is there a card system like Myki in Victoria (if so where do I get a card?). No suggestion for cars because Im underage, and Id prefer not to catch taxi/uber. Thanks! :))

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Naarm / Melbourne, so-called Australia: Serco Compound Attacked in Solidarity with Refugees in Detention "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Received on 20.11.17:

19.11.17: Tonight, a group of people in Naarm / Melbourne, responding to the call out for 8 Days of Solidarity for Refugees, undertook an action targeting Serco. Serco is a multinational corporation which is directly responsible for the inhumane incarceration conditions faced by refugees, asylum seekers, and detainees, in so-called Australia. Serco is also a major player in the international privatised prison complex.

The group gained access to a central Naarm / Melbourne, Serco compound and immobilised 7 vehicles. The group also left spray-painted messages on Serco compound property, including vehicles, reading Serco Psycho Scum, Serco, profiting from refugee detention- this is war, and Serco profits from misery, we hold YOU responsible.

Deaths in Detention Vengeance and Accountability Crew



The Amazing Prague in Winter "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

It was official, we were going to Prague in December. Now for most people, this was not a problemwho wouldnt want to visit Prague in winter? But for me, it was something I was not ready to do. You see we had already been to Prague on a previous trip when Willow was a baby and I had managed to pick up the worst stomach bug imaginable. I was so sick that I just wanted to come home and sleep it off but I managed to wander the city for the time we were there. All I remember is being hot, then cold and in so much pain that it really made me have a negative time there and I was not keen at all on returning. So when Mark surprised me with the news that we were going to Prague in December it was not met with a lot of excitement from me.

A red tram crosses one of the many bridges in winter in Prague

Some of the amazing statues you will find in Prague

Our friends Adriana and Thomas had never stopped in Prague before even though they drive through the Czech Republic on their trips to Poland, so it was going to be an adventure for them as well. As we pulled up to our apartment my tummy was very uneasy and I was wondering if I could go the full 24 hours in Prague in December without eating because if I got sick this time there was no way I would ever return to Prague. We unpacked and headed up to our apartment. It was beautiful. There was room for us all and plenty of space to spread out rather than having to all be in the same room. The lady that owned it had met us and was telling us that it really was the best time to visit Prague. I was still really nervous but I was getting excited about going out into the city and seeing some of the things I had missed out on during our last visit.

Let the Winter in Prague adventures begin!

It was then that we had to put on our layers a...



2) Komnas HAM to Receive Report on Papua Tomorrow
3) Govt continues to provide economic justice in Papua




MACKAY Mackay magistrate labels handling of case a joke "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY November 20, 2017 at 08:30AM ,

Mackay magistrate labels handling of case a joke

November 20, 2017 at 08:30AM ,

Damien Dwyer has hit out at the Queensland Corrective Services department in recent times while presiding over Mackay Magistrates Court.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Police pull car from Drouin West river "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Do you know how a car wound up in the Tarago River in Drouin West? Warragul Police want to hear from you.


Citizen Science "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Help online with a citizen science project on Aussie beaches.

On a hot day, why not use your computer or tablet to help clean Australian beaches by participating in a digital citizen science? Yes, it is also child-friendly with the usual parental guidance and may foster a sense of 'you can have fun while also doing good stuff'.

Check it out at or if this project is not to your liking, check out any of the other citizen science projects (history, nature, llimate ...) going on at There are usually many active at any given time and some on hold waiting for a new set of data.

How knows,  the Snow spotter may have a psychological cooling effect!


Free "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Cot in fair to good condition. Has been reinforced with timber strips and screws. Rungs are 62mm apart - within regulation. 

Takes mattress up to 38cm x 81cm.

Free pickup near Barry Beckett. SMS Ari 0419 205 065.


MPs Wont Leave Canberra Until Same-Sex Marriage Is Legalised "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The federal governments Leader of the House Christopher Pyne has vowed that MPs wont be leaving Canberra until same-sex marriage is legalised. The Turnbull government has cancelled a sitting week for the House of Representatives to allow the Senate to finish debating the same-sex marriage bill before it goes to the Lower House. The Lower ...

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NSW District Court Judge Mistakenly Considers Standard Non-Parole Period "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim In the early afternoon of 20 June 2013, Jason Potts walked down an alley beside a house situated on Chancery Street, Canley Vale in Sydney. The 40-year-old was accompanied by his 18-year-old son. The pair, who were both wearing gloves, jumped the over fence and into the yard of the

The post NSW District Court Judge Mistakenly Considers Standard Non-Parole Period appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Warragul car crash drive-off under investigation "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Warragul Police are investigating after a car involved in a crash allegedly drove away without attempting to stop.


Zero G - 20 November 2017 Episode 1160 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

ZERO-G #1160

Title: Punishing Justice

Podcast Title:  Steppenpod 1160

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Historical Radio with Rob Jan & Megan McKeough. This week: we hit the PUNISHER (and watch him get hit); and join the JUSTICE LEAGUE.

For playlists, show notes, and news see the 3RRR website at:

Follow @zerogrobjan on Twitter and Facebook:

Zero G broadcasts live from Melbourne Australia on Mondays at 1pm AEST


Ostinato Records on unearthing Somalias treasure trove of lost music "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Photo by Janto Djassi

Can the revival of Somali music from the 70s & 80s help rebuild cultural confidence and change perceptions of the Horn of Africa?

Offering a glimpse of the countrys past through his label Ostinato Records, Vik Sohonie has dug up forgotten tracks from the Somalia national radio archive that were squirrelled away to prevent damage during the civil war. Chatting with Body Promise, the writer, DJ and label head discusses Somalis golden age of music, playing favourites on his compilation Sweet As Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes from the Horn of Africa and the importance of female artists in the creation of Somali sounds.

Firstly, Id like to start with how you came to putting together this incredible compilation? What drew you to it?

The goal of Ostinato Records is to present powerful stories from misunderstood parts of the world and use music as a tool to do so. Ive always been drawn to countries that have rich cultures but are often horribly misrepresented in global news media.

Music is a great way to change the narrative, which is why Ive focused on countries like Haiti and Somalia. Both have wonderful cultures and history and those need to be showcased as much as possible to reclaim their image away from war and violence.

I also knew that Somalia was historically an important multicultural crossroads. Whenever you have an ancient port city that endless amounts of peoples and cultures have transited through, youre going to have two things: great food and great music. Foods different, you can recreate recipes. Recorded music is a once in a lifetime cultural artefact, a window to another time and place. It deserves to be showcased.


Somalia was a really vibrant place in the late 60s, 70s and into the 80s. For those unfamiliar with music from 70s and 80s Somalia, can you describe the sound in a bit more detail?

Imagine if you could hear the music of Ancient Rome. All roads led to Rome. It would probably have the melodies of its entire empire. [Somali capital] Mogadishu was, in many ways, the Rome of the Indian Ocean mainly because all roads (or sea routes) in the Indian Ocean led to it. It was a vibrant economic and cultural hub for traders and merchants from the Middle East, Persia, India, Southeast Asia, and China. In...


Driving Kind "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"


Where ever you go, whatever you do, make your kindness count

And that is just what happened today as we headed to Melbourne in the company of one forthright and dont mess with me chicken, Kung Fu Panda.  Whilst the details of our important mission cannot be revealed until next week, we can tell you that our day was brightened by fellow commuters who showed their love and support of our work.  From the tradesman who inched up to our vehicle as we were stuck in traffic, wound down his window and shouted, I love your quote, I dont eat animals, to the lovely young lady who waved excitedly at us at the traffic lights and all salutations in between, we truly appreciate your support and take great comfort that you too are driving the world to a kinder place for all.



Things are looking up "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

Ocean Grove and Collendina are both in top four of the Bellarine Peninsula Cricket Association A Grade competition. Both sides have three wins. Collendina looks well poised to defend its premiership from last season as Andy Higgins and Ben Ricardo made a return to the Snake Pit. The two sides wont meet each other until Round 9 in the local derby, which will be played at Collendina on 3 and 10 February.

The post Things are looking up appeared first on Ocean Grove Voice.


Shane ready to host Rip to River Classic "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

Ocean Grove Surf Lif Saving Club has appointed 3AW sports broadcaster Shane McInnes as the master of ceremonies for its iconic Rip to River Classic run this summer.
McInnes has close family who reside in Ocean Grove and links to Ocean Grove SLSC, his father Shane McInnes Snr was a long outstanding member of the club.
McInnes Snr, who passed away in November 2016, was a regular surf patrol member at the Ocean Grove SLSC until 2014.
His ashes were scattered in a moving tribute ceremony at nearby Raffs Beach in Ocean Grove last year which his son Shane attended and helped organise the day.
A sports commentator and sports reporter for Macquarie Media stations 3AW and 6PR since 2008, McInnes, 33, has worked on AFL, tennis, Formula One and covered Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games for the network.
He has worked alongside well-known media and radio personalities Rex Hunt and Robert Walls.
In other developments, Ocean Grove SLSCs biggest annual fundraiser the Rip to River Classic takes place on Saturday 6 January, 2018.
Adult prices for the 5km and 10km events are $50, while junior prices start from $20 for the 1.4km Ripper Nipper race.
To book online log on to or check out the website for more information.

The post Shane ready to host Rip to River Classic appeared first on Ocean Grove Voice.


ALBUM REVIEW: Dan Brodie Lost Not Found "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Covers albums can swing two ways, attempts at slavish replicas of the original songs or those instances where the artist recasts the songs in a new light, with their own personality and style at the forefront. Dan Brodie has successfully taken the latter route with a collection of songs that reveal some of his influences Continue reading


Ducking Dark Times with Michael Leunig "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Modern life can feel like an injury. Where do we turn for hope when all seems dark? Its times like these we need the consolation of art and ducks.

Michael Leunig is in Perth soon for his latest book, Ducks for Dark Times a glimpse into his twentieth collection of cartoons. Explore the mind of one of Australias most treasured artists and find the wisdom and resilience needed for anyone who is losing faith; whos becoming exhausted or fed up with the news, and for those of us who feel we could do well to laugh or weep a little more.

Michael Leunig has been drawing and writing for Australian newspapers since 1965. He was born in Melbourne and now lives on a farm in north-eastern Victoria. His work has been widely published overseas, and has been adapted in Australia for television, theatre and radio.

His many titles include The Penguin Leunig, The Travelling Leunig, Ramming the Shears, Everyday Devils and Angels, You and Me, Short Notes from the Long History of Happiness, Why Dogs Sniff Each Others Tails, Goatperson and Other Tales, The Curly Pyjama Letters, The Stick, Poems, Strange Creature and The Lot.

Play Michael Leunig

Hope in Dark Times: An Evening with Michael Leunig Thursday November 30, 6:30PM. Beaufort Street Books

To learn more about Hope in Dark Times: An Evening with Michael Leunig, click here


Kathy Jackson to stand trial in the Victorian County Court on 166 theft and fraud charges "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Kathy Jackson today appeared before the Melbourne Magistrates' Court for a committal hearing of 166 fraud and theft charges. A committal in Victoria's legal system is heard before a Magistrate who decides whether the prosecution has established a prima facie case against the defendant - in other words, would a...


Free "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Hi there.

I'm looking to offload a Philips Avent bottle steriliser that's never been used. Still in the box. We live in Preston West.

Call Mark on 0411 305 805.



DEADSET at Coorabell Hall November 25 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

DEADSET is an international collective of magical, masterful, musical mates hubbing around the madness and mayhem of lead instigator Hanuman Dass (aka Robert Grayson) Vocals, Drums, Guitar.

Hanuman began his career in the USA, playing live and recording with Jai Uttal, Ram Dass, Mirabai, On Wings of Song, Michael Thompson and Esther Satterfield among others. Having moved to Australia from the East Coast of the USA in 1983, Hanumans song drumming style saw him working live and/or in the studio with Tim Finn, Savage Garden, The Whitlams, 1927, Jerry Beckley, Slim Dusty, Troy Cassar-Daley, Graeme Connors, Anne Kirkpatrick and Peter Blakely. Hanuman is a two time Golden Guitar winner as a member of The Flying Emus, an ARIA nominee for Comedy Record of the year and has been inducted into the Australian National Archive for his parody of the 2010 Australian election I see red.

While this has all been supremely fun and he has gotten to play and enjoy some awesome music in Australia over the years, just the same in the background he has been craving, no wait, make that jonesing for some Good Ol Grateful dead Style music to make it down here. And now, after 30+ years, he has given up!

DEADSET is the musical expression of the old saying: If you want it done? get your own damn jam band together dude I mean, mate

As a group who are Gratefully inspired by the Dead, DEADSET seek not to recreate the past but to share and move the Grateful Dead energy family and experience forward ! (and most importantly to enjoy the ride!)

DEADSET are a band of merry minstrels who along with Hanuman (Guitar, Drums, Vocals), can include the likes of Vasudha Harte (Vocals, Accordion), Azo Bell (Guitars and Vocals), Alan Park (Keyboards), Rod Coe (Bass and Vocals), Peter Wilkins (Drums). And just for the record theyre Not All Dead, as DEADSET includes some great tunes by kindred artists in their sets.

This unique blend of live dynamic and interactive style of music-making in the Grateful Dead lineage is commonly associated with kindness, building community, audience-artist symbiosis, fun, dancing, caring, smiles, consciousness expansion live band interaction (jamming and improvisation), amazingly great songs and all-round good vibes.

Come join the party!
Saturday November 25 at Coorabell Hall
from 7 pm, 565 Coolamon Scenic Drive, Coorabell!

Learn more at and on the Facebook Page



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Free baby swing.

A bit faded at the front but otherwise good condition. 

Pick up Coburg North

Ph 0400 301 028.


Recommendation Sought "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Recommendations sought:

Lawn mowing and television aerial repairs/replacement.
And security alarm maintenance.

Jane 0400 597 728.


Women's Meditation Circle "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Are you interested in attending Rachel's final Women's Meditation Circle for the year? This is a chance to come along and also to see if it something you would like to explore for next year - the circle runs monthly during school terms in 2018.

When is it?  Monday, December 4th 10am - 11.30am
Where?  13 Meadow Street Coburg

What happens? - we meet, share tea, open with a short meditation, reflect on a topic for the day, do a nature walk and reflection - optional - by the creek near my place, and also close with a meditation/reflection.

Payment is by contribution for the session (anything $10 - $40  - you decide depending on your personal situation).

let me know if I can expect you and if you will come alone or bring a friend with you.


Darnum: serious collision on highway prompts witness appeal "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

A collision on the Princes Highway at Darnum yesterday saw five people, including a three-month-old, admitted to hospital.


My Two Weeks of Work Experience "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Hello everyone!

My name is Jean and I am in year 10. I am here at the Eastside Radio Station for work experience for two weeks as a volunteer, meaning that I get to help around, introduce guests in and make them feel welcome in the place.

Subjects that I am currently studying is Maths, English, PDHPE, Human Movement (which is like extra PE), Music, Science, Geography and History (by the way, massive shout out to my history teacher, Ms Messer! She asked to give her a shout out if I was able to talk on the radio but this is as close as I can get.)

Music has always been my favourite subject especially when we have practical lessons where I get to play the guitar. Sometimes my friends and I get into a little group and wed play different instruments and we would all sing along to a song. I remember one time the principle was coming down to our class with a group of people so my teacher quickly made me go to the front of the classroom with the guitar and she told me to play anything so it would look like we were doing well in our class. Everyone ended up singing with me which definitely amused the principle and when she left, we all cheered and laughed like we had accomplished something big.

The type of music here isnt my cup of tea but it is still pretty fantastic to just chill and relax to. I listen to a variety of music but the type of music (or more like the type of artist) that I mainly listen to is Ed Sheeran just because of how he produces his music and the way he writes his lyrics. His style of music can vary from something very slow and cute (Kiss Me or Thinking Out Loud), something to do with heartbreak (Im A Mess or Drunk) or something happy and upbeat (Barcelona or Sing). The thing that makes him stick out of everyone to me is that when he plays live, he doesnt need any dancers or a band to back him up, he just has a loop station and his guitar and performs in front of thousands of people he is a one man band!

He is amazing live, I cant wait to see his concert next year!

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to have work experience here and to write this article. I cant wait to see whats in store for me during the next few days at the East...


Thursday & Quicksand "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Post-hardcore pioneers, THURSDAY announce theyre coming out of retirement with their first run of shows in Australia since 2012. Officially reforming in 2016, theyll bring the tour to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide in March 2018. Joining them on all dates is influential New York City post-hardcore legends, QUICKSAND.

Tickets for all shows go on sale at 12pm this Friday, October 13.

My Live Nation members can secure tickets first during the exclusive pre-sale beginning tomorrow at 10am, October 11.

For complete tour and ticketing details, visit:

Revered for their anguished lyrics, chiming guitars and explosive stage presence, Thursday have been a house-hold name among punk and rock fans since their debut release, Waiting, 18 years ago. Coming out of New Jersey in 1999 at the precipice of the post-punk movement, Thursday were quick to gain the attention of fans and labels with their raw, emotive sound. However, it wasnt until their 2001 album, Full Collapse, that they fully defined a genre.

Over the course of their active years, Thursday produced six eclectic albums. None were more representative of their distinctive sound than 2003s War All The Time. Armed with the backing of major label, Island Records, the album continued to elevate them as one of the most complex and exciting bands of the decade. After pioneering the post-hardcore genre, the band officially disbanded in 2013.

Emerging from the New York City hardcore scene of the 90s, QUICKSAND delivered a masterclass over two albums on what would be a stylistic blueprint for many bands to follow. They will release Interiors this November, which many attribute as their best album to date. It arrives deliberately unannounced, two decades after the pioneering post-hardcore quartets last album. Made completely on the bands own terms, Interiors has a power, strength and subtlety that will likely stun you. There are no wasted notes, no flab, and no excess whatsoever. It is absolutely perfect.

Catch these two genre-defining acts together this March!.......................


Listen to Three New Tracks from The Emerald Ruby "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Image Courtesy of The Emerald Ruby You may be familiar with the sweet flute sounds of Newcastle based musician Jennifer Hankin with bands like Vanishing Shapes and The Button Collective. But what you may not know is that Hankin is an accomplished photographer, artist, videographer, fashion designer and blogger, which she caputures, along with her []


The Black Swamp & Massic "IndyWatch Feed"


Witches, wolves and cosmonauts

Teaming up for this double headliner launch show are Australian sludge-metal outfit The Black Swamp and hardcore groove act Massic.

This show marks the beginning of the touring cycle for TBSs new release Witches. The EP is the recording debut of new vocalist Luke Hosking (Azreal), who slots in seamlessly with the band once again channelling the riff driven influences of Black Sabbath through to Crowbar. With anthem-like choruses and infectious grooves, this new offering and their established back catalogue will have heads nodding in The Zoo.

With their debut LP Redshift, Massic has captured an honest, raw and abrasive sound, delivering 33 minutes of musical intensity, massive riffs and head-banging grooves. Theyve quickly built a reputation for their live performance, delivering their sound with as much conviction, passion and energy as physically and mentally possible. This will be on full display and then some as they continue their emergence into the Australian heavy music stratosphere.

This launch isnt just the start of new musical escapades, its a rallying point for Flaming Wrekage and the Swamp, with the former celebrating 1 year since the release of their thrash-groove opus From Flesh to Dust. Brisbane is the first in a string of national shows under the banner of the Witches & Wolves Tour seeing the quartet continue the campaign for Flesh. With many miles underfoot, the Wrekage crew certainly know how to incite a bangover wherever they roam. Prepare your necks for a ferocious thrashing!

Making their fitting debut at the Zoo is Elephant a heavy metal band derived from members of hard rock riff-masters The Flame Fields. Excellent musicianship abounds in this herd; make sure to stampede in early and bear witness to the beginning of their mammoth-like riffage!




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Community Legends Honoured At Brisbanes 2017 Transgender Awards "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Two local legends have been honoured for more than 30 years of tireless activism for the transgender community at the 2017 Trans Awards in Brisbane on Sunday. Gina Mather and Krissy Johnson from the Australian Transgender Support Association Queensland (ATSAQ) were given the inaugural Community Achievement Award at the night of nights for Brisbanes trans ...

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Bob Katters Reaction To The Marriage Equality Vote Is Going Viral "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

A bizarre interview with North Queensland MP Bob Katter on the subject of the marriage equality vote is going viral online. Last Wednesday it was announced that 61 per cent of voters were in favour of same-sex marriage, and 38 per cent were against. But in Bob Katters electorate of Kennedy, 53.3 per cent of ...

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On Transgender Day Of Remembrance, Mourn Those Lost To Violence "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

A memorial service to mark the Transgender Day of Remembrance will be held in Brisbane on Monday night. The day is recognised around the world every November 20 to honour the memory of those whose lives were lost to transphobic violence. In Brisbane, all trans and gender diverse people, family, friends and allies are invited ...

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EU cuts funds to Turkey over 'deteriorating democracy' "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Many EU member states openly condemn the Turkish Government's arrests of tens of thousands of people after a failed coup last year. 

The EU states that they will cut funding to Turkey in the wake of their deteriorating situation in relation to democracy. 

Both local and international human rights groups have accused Turkey of using the coup as an excuse for silencing political opposition within the country. 

Turkey is currently denying the accusations. 


QLD government looks for ways to remove dying Ibis colony.

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Mullum Music Fest: the best acts you never heard of "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


Protesters occupy Adani Headquarters in Townsville "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Townsville, 20th November: Twenty people are occupying the Adani Headquarters in Townsville, including three people who have locked themselves together in front of the entrance to prevent Adani workers accessing their office.

Donna, Will and Tully, who are locked on, are taking this action today to send a clear message that Adani should not be given $1 billion of taxpayer money and that the Carmichael coal mine should not go ahead.

Will Hamilton, 66, currently locked on and a former property developer from Brisbane, says With all its negative consequences on our environment, Australians all over the country are expressing their total rejection of the Adani Coal mine proposal. We take this action in the belief that others will become more aware of these issues and join us in raising their voices against the Adani coal mine proposal.

Protest against Adani has been amplifying across Australia, including on the ground at the construction site and at their headquaters in Townsville. In recent weeks several people from Frontline Action on Coal have been arrested occupying the Adani offices and disrupting construction of the Adani-owned railway.

Adani is a key focus of the Queensland election, with Palaszczuk earlier this month promising to veto the $1 billion loan to Adani to build the railway. Recent polls have shown that two thirds of Queenslanders oppose taxpayer money funding the Adani railway. Despite this, the LNP have not ruled out providing $1 billion of taxpayer money to Adani.

Donna Smit, 48, a systems analyst from Queensland who is also currently locked on, says I am here today because our Governments and corporations are failing us. Ordinary people taking extraordinary action is the corner they have painted us into, and I am prepared to do whatever it takes to stop Adanis catastrophic mine from being built.

Tully Doole, 22, is from the south coast of NSW and is worried about the future. She says I dont want to be responsible for the extreme weather, the bush fires, the floods, the droughts and the death of the great barrier reef.

Location: Townsville Adani Headquarters

Photos are being uploaded here:

Media Enquiries:


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Police establish drug enforcement squad on North Coast "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller. Photo News Ltd

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller. Photo News Ltd

A specially trained unit tasked with disrupting and preventing drug supply will be rolled out across the North Coast, NSW Police announced today.

Deputy commissioner in charge of regional field operations, Gary Worboys, joined Coffs Harbour MP Andrew Fraser (Nationals) to announce the establishment of the Region Enforcement Squad at Coffs Harbour police station this morning.

Commissioner Mick Fuller said the Region Enforcement Squad (RES) will have an impact on mid-level crime such as ice dealers, in regional areas.

Its long overdue [that] the country has the same resources as its city neighbours, Commissioner Fuller said.

As the commissioner Ive spoken since day one about the need to have a flexible workforce. This is re-engineering in action and a major boost for regional NSW.

Region enforcement squads are about targeting the criminals that are driving crime in rural areas. The officers will be equipped with cover assets worth tens of thousands of dollars and trained to work on targets across towns and borders.

According to police the highly trained unit will target, investigate, disrupt and prevent mid-level crimes such as drug dealing, property crime and firearm offences.

Deputy Commissioner Worboys said, this is another resource available to tackle the scourge of the drug ice in regional communities.

Officers work diligently across the state to put the communities they serve first and this additional resource will help them prevent and disrupt those crimes that are having an impact on the everyday lives of residents and businesses, Deputy Commissioner Worboys said.

RES units can be deployed across NSW to tackle crimes like mid-level drug supply such as the drug ice which is having devastating impacts on communities across the state.

This added resource will take the pressure off frontline officers and allow them to focus on other areas of crime.

Police Minister Troy Grant said Commissioner Fuller is driving the first significant reforms to the NSW Police Forces structure in two decades.

Todays announcement is another example of what regional communities can expect to see as the re-engineering process continues, Mr Grant said...


Im With Her Announce Debut Album See You Around "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Image Courtesy of Im With Her US folk super-group Im With Her, made up of singers Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz, Aoife ODonovan, have finally announced plans to release their debut album See You Around on the 16th February. The album was co-produced by Ethan Johns (Ryan Adams, Laura Marling, Paul McCartney) and features 11 original []


Summer events in the Australian Alps "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Mountain Journal often advertises high energy events like trail running, road riding, cross country races, etc. But summer is also a good time to relax, take it easy, and chill out with friends. Here are some listings for festivals, low key nature events, and social gatherings that are happening in the Alps over summer 2017/18.

Feel free to email additions to

Wildflower walks at Mt Baw Baw

Join us for a stunning walk through the resort to see the abundance of Wild Flowers that grow through our Alpine region

The wildflower season is fast approaching and to celebrate we have a number of tours planned from November January.


19 November

2nd November

3rd November

13 January

14 January

What: Each walk includes a guided tour of the heathland across Mt Baw Baw by our experienced Wild Flower experts as well as a two course lunch in the Village Restaurant

Cost: $30 per person.

Full details here.

Guided walk at Mt Hotham

Tuesday, 26th December 2017

Mount Hotham has been a bushwalking destination for generations, with the first European Bushwalkers crossing the Great Divide in the 1850s in search of gold. Learn how the golden era eventually transformed the region from wilderness to the resort we know today, in our free summer bushwalking program.

9.30am Mount Higginbotham Loop

Steep hills, Grade 3 Approximately 3km return

Walkers will meet at the Village Square, Corral Car park at 9:30am. This short stroll takes in the summit of Mount Higginbotham and some of the early history of the resort. returning via East Street and Higgi Drive, exploring the Pygmy Possum habitat along the way. Returning to the Village Square.

Full details here.

New Years Eve at Thredbo

From the organisers:

The famous Thredbo New Years Party is a great way to welcome 2018. Thredbo will be the place to be with a big street party and entertainment for all ages.

New Years Eve fireworks at Dinner Plain

Shows at 9pm & Midnight.

Thredbo Blues festival, 19 ...


Excitement over future possibilities for Mullum Hospital site "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


Members of the Mullumbimby Hospital Project Reference Group (MHPRG) flanked by Mayor Simon Richardson (far left) and chairperson Cr Jeanette Martin (far right). Photo Byron Shire Council

Members of the Mullumbimby Hospital Project Reference Group (MHPRG) flanked by Mayor Simon Richardson (far left) and chairperson Cr Jeanette Martin (far right). Photo Byron Shire Council

The Mullumbimby Hospital Site Project Reference Group (MHSPRG) met last week and chairperson, Greens councillor Jeanette Martin, said that the excitement about the sites potential was hard to contain.

Tuesdays (November 14) meeting was the first of the 21 community groups and individuals who make up the group  and Ms Martin said there was enormous optimism about the future use of the site for the community.

Its important for people to know that the community has felt a strong sense of ownership of the site since the original hospital opened in 1969, Cr Martin said.

Mullumbimby has always had this culture of self-reliance  and that energy is still there and this is evident by the way people are working together on this project, she said.

The Mullumbimby Hospital was closed in May 2016 when the new Byron Central Hospital opened and the NSW Government announced earlier this year that it would sell the site to the Byron Shire Council for $1.

The site is not without its challenges, including a well-documented history of asbestos but nothing is insurmountable and we are up for the challenge, Cr Martin said.

The MHSPRG will develop a management plan for the site in 12 months and this first meeting takes us one step closer to realising that goal.

Well-known local identity Gil Lomath, is a spokesperson for this group and there will be plenty of opportunities for people to share their ideas and get involved in this project when we consult with the broader community in the first half of next year, Cr Martin said.

Meeting notes and other relevant information about the groups activities will be provided on the Councils website at


The post...


Newrybar bee hive company takes out state award "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Stu and Cedar Anderson invented the flow hive. (supplied)

Stu and Cedar Anderson invented the flow hive. (supplied)

The creators of the Flow Hive, which allows beekeepers to tap honey without disturbing the bees, has been named the NSW Business of the Year.

BeeInventive, based in Newrybar, was developed by father-son inventing duo Stuart and Cedar Anderson.

They received the award  in front of more than 1000 guests, including NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, at a gala dinner at the International Convention Centre in Sydney.

BeeInventive was also named the winner of the Excellence in Innovation category sponsored by Qantas.

NSW Business Chamber CEO Stephen Cartwright said the honey on tap hive had taken the beekeeping world by storm.

I am delighted this award recognised a top performing business which is clearly forging a reputation for Australian innovation in international markets, Mr Cartwright said.

Significantly, they used the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to raise $13,280,250 USD in 2015/16 in one eight-week campaign. And one two-week flash sale enabled them to deliver on their 20,000 orders.

Im also incredibly proud that yet again, a business based in regional NSW took out the top award for business in our state.

The statewide awards program is a result of the strong relationships we are forging between the NSW Business Chamber and local chambers across the state and this year the competition was particularly tough with 165 finalists from 16 regions contending for the states top honours.

Mr Cartwright said aside from the game-changing Flow Hive itself, the way BeeInventive harnessed the power of digital marketing, particularly social media, to drive its record-breaking crowdfunding campaign was equally as innovative.

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Bennelong and New England guides posted "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

In addition to the complete guide to this weekends Queensland state election, Ive now posted guides to the federal by-elections in New England (December 2) and Bennelong (December 16). Enjoy!


New England


New railway group to form at Mbah meeting "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A photo taken at the last meeting held in Murwillumbah. (supplied)

A photo taken at the last meeting held in Murwillumbah. (supplied)

A new Railway Action Group will be starting in Murwillumbah at a meeting held on Wednesday at 7pm at the Murwillumbah RSL.

As the threat of losing the railway track from Casino to Murwillumbah becomes more urgent, Bill Fenelon of the Northern Rivers Railway Action Group (NRRAG) is proposing to start Murwillumbahs own group for those who care about the future of rail in this region.

This will be the third NRRAG meeting to be held in Murwillumbah this year and there is strong community desire to see this railway reopened, Mr Fenelon said.

We call on supporters to attend this meeting and send a strong message to the NSW Government that the region needs a commuter rail service connection from the Gold Coast and throughout the Northern NSW Region, connecting to Sydney through Casino.

NNRAG spokesperson Beth Shelley said people seem confused about whats happening with the railway track as theyve been told a rail trail/bike path proposal will protect the rail corridor.

Some people think it means having the bike path next to the railway track. Its not true.

In order to remove the railway tracks to have a bike path it is first necessary to pass an act of parliament closing the railway line. This means the land becomes Crown reserve and no longer protected as a rail corridor.

If the funding was provided and the legislation goes through for the Murwillumbah rail trail proposal of 26 kms, the rest of the Casino to Murwillumbah rail corridor is crown land and therefore disposable.

Tweed Shire Mayor Katie Milne will be attending and said: In the end a solution needs to be driven by the community. We need to support each other and come together instead of being divided.

Ms Shelley said trains were needed because  we are a fast-growing population of nearly 300,000 with over 4.6 million tourists yearly. We are the biggest area for tourism in NSW after Sydney and so the rate of our traffic congestion, road accidents and road maintenance costs is very high. We need a regular, commuter rail service to make our roads safer for all and cut carbon emissions.

In 18 months we have a NSW state election coming up. We need to vote for people who care that the Northern Rivers community has good p...


Cub Sport Bats "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

This week"s feature album comes from Cub Sport with Bats. The Brisbane four-piece first stepped out in 2010, releasing their first full-length album in 2016. Bats marks their second release, transitioning into a more dream-pop sound, filled with hip-hop inspired beats, gospel choirs and Tim Nelson powerfully delicate voice.

To support their new album, Cub Sport will be embarking on a national tour. Catch them in Sydney on March 17th.
Friday, February 23: Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth WA
Saturday, February 24: Fat Controller, Adelaide SA
Saturday, March 3: The Corner, Melbourne VIC
Sunday, March 4: The Corner, Melbourne VIC
Saturday, March 10: The Triffid, Brisbane QLD
Saturday, March 17: The Metro Theatre, Sydney NSW

Highlight Tracks: Chasin, O Lord.
Tune into Breakfast and Youth Jukebox on 2RRR 88.5FM all week long to hear these songs and more.



Cobras into top four on ladder "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

By Mark Heenan

Collendina jumped into the BPCA A Grade top four after a hard fought victory over a gallant Winchelsea at the Snake Pit on Saturday.
Batting first the visitors posted a competitive first day total of 8/191.
Collendina was buoyed by return of star pair Andy Higgins and Ben Ricardo. It was their first game together since Collendina won last seasons A Grade premiership.
We get a full side together with Ben and Higgo and with these guys we bat really deep, Cobra coach Corey Walter said.
The batting with Ben in the side and Higgo firing makes a massive difference for us.
Higgins hit the winning runs in his knock of 62 he shared in a 57-run fourth wicket partnership stand with Ricardo (32).
Collendina finished at 5/207 and sits n fourth spot on ladder with a 3-1 record.
The Cobras got off to a positive start with openers Walter (56) and Kade Norquay (28) and put on a 56-run stand for the first wicket.
Collendina youngster and wicket-keeper Max Sutton finished on 17 not out.
Walter said it was a challenging victory against Winchelsea, one of the three new BPCA A Grade expansion teams.
It was the first time Collendina had scored 200 in a two-day game this season.
We didnt know much about Winchelsea, but they have been going okay this year, Walter told Voice.
They were in the same boat as us with being 2-1 after three rounds.
I thought we bowled really well in tough conditions on day one and I thought the batting was excellent.
To get the runs four wickets down with 10 overs to go was a really good result for us.
Walter picked up 4/53 with the ball on day one from 24 overs, while younger brother Nathan took 2/55 from 13 overs.
Tom Stephenson top scored for Winchelsea with a fine knock of 63 on the opening day.
The Cobras face undefeated ladder leader Drysdale in a two-day game at Drysdale this Saturday.
In B Grade, Newcomb defeated Collendina by 46 runs.
Batting first the home side was all out for 184 from 59.4 overs. Sam Tucker the chief destroyer with 5/46 from 14 overs.
In reply, Collendina made 138 with Alistair Grant on 44 not out.
In D Grade Newcomb defeated Collendina by 62 runs. Newcomb made 154 with Cobra pair Clynt Combridge (3/37) and Julian Wilson (3/56) bowling well. In reply Collendina was all out for 92.

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This Way North Announce National Tour Dates "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Image Courtesy of This Way North Melbourne based alt-folk-rock duo This Way North will be spending the rest of the year running around the country with the announcement of a national tour. The tour is accompanied by the bands latest single Make It Work, a lo-fi piece of crunch, psych goodness. Check out the full []


Kenneady breaks club record "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

By Mark Heenan

Gun batsman Michael Kenneady is confident Ocean Grove can push for an elusive A Grade premiership after its resounding win over Little River.
Kenneady broke the record for clubs highest individual A Grade score after his innings of 167 not out in the total of 4/339.
It was Ocean Groves highest first innings A Grade score in nine seasons.
Kenneady said the big win over new BPCA expansion club proved it had the firepower and credentials to contend for an A Grade title and finals berth.
After a semi-final finish in 2016/17, Ocean Grove sits in third spot.
The last two matches has seen the Grubbers attempt to force an outright result with opposition teams Portarlington and Little River, both batting a second time.
The Grubbers took 16 Little River wickets on day two as the visitors were stranded on 6/123 from 36 overs in its second dig after it was bowled out for only 114 in the first innings.
The ultimate goal is to win a premiership everyone is contributing, Kenneady told the Voice.
This is the strongest Ocean Grove A Grade side that I have been a part of in six seasons.
We have one or two players out at the moment and we are going to get stronger.
Ocean Grove coach Paul Jubber lauded Kenneadys record breaking innings.
Michaels innings was brilliant, he has had a limited pre-season and to see him play as well as he did is a testament to his skill and his ability to compete, Jubber said.
Dangerous left-armer Dan Roddis was outstanding with the ball, destroying the Redbacks top and middle order to finish with 5/37 from 15 overs.
Dan Roddis has been a real standout for us, he is bowling with real aggression, Jubber said.
Jackson Kent provided good support and picked up 3/30 from 10.3 overs.
Matt Bellingham claimed 3/14 in Little Rivers second innings.
In B Grade, Ocean Grove celebrated with an outright victory over Little River.
Batting first the home side was all bundled out for 57 with Billy Foord Engelsman the star with 6/30 from 15.4 overs.
Ocean Grove made 5/125dec., before it sent Redbacks into bat again.
In its second dig Little River was all out for 119 with Foord Engelsman taking 5/45 from 17.2 overs.
The popular Grubber bowler finished with match figures of 11/75.
Ocean Grove won by six wickets and ended its second innings at 4/52 from 15 overs to snare outright.
In C Grade, the Grubbers came close to pulling off another outright against league newcomers Armstrong Creek.
Batting first the visitors were all out for 157 and in reply Ocean Grove finished at 1/170dec., from 29 overs.
Pat Kuipers (88 not out) and Greg Scarpa (53 not out) shared in an unbroken 97-run stand before the home side put the visitors back in....


Grove win a thriller "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

By Justin Flynn

Ocean Grove snatched a thrilling one-shot win against City of Greater Geelong in Premier League bowls action.
The Grovers are undefeated on top of the ladder and are in ominous form.
Craig Hodges and Tony Joel Lugg both skipped their rinks to victories.
Ocean Grove defeated Belmont in Division 1, 105 to 88 and sits third on the ladder. Owen Clark skipped his rink to a nice win while Alan Callows rink enjoyed a huge victory.
Grove is the ladder leader in Division 3 despite a 100 to 81 loss to Drysdale.
In Division 4, Ocean Grove is unbeaten after a two-shot win against Geelong Cement. John Izzard and his team of Anne Way, Peter Eberle and Sandra Murphy had a mammoth 29 to 13 win. Steve Bryant, Adele Ryan, Brendan Carroll and skip Brian DElton also played well for a 27 to 15 triumph.
Ocean Grove is in fourth spot on the Division 6 ladder with four wins and two losses. A 114 to 80 win against Belmont was highlighted by a 39 to 11 win by the Brett McCalman-led rink of Colin Schwartz, Peter Snell and Jack Anthony.
Ocean Grove holds a slender one-point lead at the top of the Division 7 table from Belmont after the two sides played out a thrilling tie. After a full days play, both sides finished on 100 shots. The Sue Gorwell-led rink was on fire with a 36 to 16 victory, but that was the only rink that emerged victorious for Grove.
Ocean Grove defeated St Leonards to grab a spot in the Division 8 top four. A 66 to 58 win was made possible by David Harvey and Robin Brache.
In midweek bowls, Ocean Grove is second on the Division 1 ladder with a 6-2 record. The team had a massive 60-shot win against Geelong Cement last week with Faye Richardsons rink prevailing by 25 shots.
In Division 3, Ocean Grove has two teams competing with one side third on the ladder. The two sides were due to play each other last week, but the match was washed out.
Grove sits second on the Division 6 ladder after a 52 to 34 win against Portarlington. Peter Eberles rink, comprising Barbara Nicol, Elaine Hager and Sandra OKeefe, had a big win 32 to 11.
Groves Division 7 side clings to fourth spot after a wash-out split the points against Eastern Park.
Division 8 is proving to be a closely fought group with Grove in fourth position. A win against Geelong RSL with Marlene Ross rink winning well and Graeme Constables rink prevailing by one shot.

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MACKAY Mackay court law list "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY November 19, 2017 at 08:28PM ,

Mackay court law list

November 19, 2017 at 08:28PM ,

Mackay Magistrates Court 12 Brisbane Street Mackay QLD PO Box 104 Local Mackay Court Agents. Matter court number time adams, naomi 20

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Salim Mehajer arrested for breaching AVO "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Controversial Sydney businessman Salim Mehajer is expected to be charged for allegedly breaching an apprehended violence order taken out by his estranged wife.

The 31-year-old is being questioned at Campsie Police Station after being involved in a car crash in Kingsgrove in Sydneys south in the early hours of Monday, a NSW Police spokeswoman told AAP.

Hes expected to be charged with two counts of breaching an AVO and is due to face Burwood Local Court later on Monday.

The former deputy mayor of Auburn first came to wider public attention in August 2015 when he closed a street in the suburb of Lidcombe for his glitzy nuptials, which included a fighter jet flyover, $50 million worth of luxury cars and an ARIA-award-winning wedding singer.Since then controversy has followed.

Hes been accused of threatening the father of Lindt Cafe siege survivor Joel Herat, and faced civil cases over a lavish staircase at his home, a cleaning bill and a Ferrari crash that injured two women.

Mr Mehajer also lost his position as Auburn deputy mayor and the council sacked him in early 2016 amid a public inquiry into allegations some councillors had made planning and development decisions that benefited themselves and family members.

After less than a year of marriage, police sought an apprehended violence order against Mr Mehajer to protect his wife Aysha, named in court records under her maiden name of Learmonth.

Mondays incident follows a weekend wedding between the Mehajer family and another notorious family that hit the headlines after a bodyguard was shot in the back.

Semi Tongan Sam Ngata, a long-term enforcer for the family of Kings Cross identity John Ibrahim, was found with a gunshot wound at a Merrylands house on Friday night.

It came as the family was preparing for the wedding of Mr Ibrahims nephew and Mr Mehajers sister.

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Seagulls too good for Cobras "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

The Cobras made the trip over the bridge to take on Barwon Heads at the Village Green in this very important must-win Round 4 two day game. Collendina Captain Xavier Norman won the toss and elected to bat. Norman and Izaak Terhorst opened the batting and got the Cobras off to a positive start with an opening stand of 17 when Terhorst was dismissed for an aggresive 10. Norman was dismissed for 13 with the score on 44. Unfortunately the wickets fell at regular intervals with only Deisel McNeil (12) and Max McLachlan (20no) showing any resistance. The Cobras were dismissed for a total of 105.
The bowling would have to be good to defend such a small total. The Cobras had to bowl seven overs at the Seagulls at the end of day one and the signs were positive. Koby Welch took a fine catch off the bowling of Brodie Muscat to have Barwon Heads 1/17 at the end of day one. Day two saw a reasonable effort with the ball but Barwon Heads made easy work of the Cobra total and they finished the day on 6/160. Max McLachlan and Ollie Northam took one wicket each while Koby Welch chimed in with three wickets, finishing with the impressive figures of 3/5 off 3.3 overs. The Cobras will need to regroup as they head into take on Marshall Cricket Club in Round 5.
The Snakes hosted Wallington and produced a great team effort to comfortably take the points. Wallington made 66 with three-wickets haul by Monty Juffermans, Goodluck and George Every. Great catching by Jack Hammond and sticky hands Noah Jeffrey made sure all chances were taken. The team then batted and finished off with 6 for 262 off their 52 overs. Stars with the bat were Jack Every (38) and Oli Terhorst (26).

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The Greens win in Northcote brings important consequences "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

The victory by Greens Candidate Linda Thorpe in the Northcote by-election is important, not so much because the win went to the Greens, or even by making history with the first indigenous woman elected into Victorias parliament, as much as because this has provided a litmus test, for the level of disenchantment that is rising around Australia.

As well as in the immediate sense, this has longer-term implications for the whole nation.

Closer to home, Victorias Andrews Labor government faces an election next year. In Northcote and other inner Melbourne electorates, Labor has been seeing the erosion of its heartland over some years. But rather than going to the Coalition, the drift is mainly towards the Greens.Labour has to contend with this reality. It is in the inner suburbs, where this is most likely to be at this time, converted into seats.

As well as the big picture, there are local issues. Sometimes too much weight is given to gentrification, that is, the coming in of a more professional, educated and better heeled population. There is some of this. But changing political attitudes are also being seen among Labors traditional working class heartland.

The Andrews Government is  vulnerable because to its intention to turn over public housing land to a mix of public, broader social and private housing, increasingly seen as privatisation through the back door.

Inner Melbourne faces a housing affordability crisis, where average homes are now, routinely priced on the wrong side of $1 million. People are hurting. Although there is a promise for more resources to be committed in this direction, it is not enough to turn the tide.

Another key local issue is the escalating traffic congestion that is turning the city into a commuting nightmare. There is more public transport. The down side is that the growth has not been enough to

meet the pace of increasing demand and trains and trams have become overcrowded.

The Coalition parties have nothing to smile about. Their position is worse. The biggest burden they have in Victoria is the unpopular Turnbull government in Canberra. Even without this, they are a non-show in Melbournes inner suburbs.

The disenchanted are turning away from traditional political institutions and the two party system, although this takes different forms in different places. Northcote is no exception.

In the century of its existence, the seat has always been held by Labor. Once by a big margin. In recent years this has dwindled, and it has now gone.

In the short-term, Labor faces a serious threat in Richmond and Brunswick and this has the potential of eroding the governments majority and putting the Greens in a bargaining po...


Skills tested in bronze medallion re-qualification "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

Warm temperatures, blue skies and clean surf greeted participants for the seasons first bronze medallion re-qualification at Ocean Grove SLSC on Sunday 19 November.
The skills maintenance based session attracted around 165 participants with ages ranging from 13 years to 83 years of age.
Participants applied first aid, conducted tube and rescue water activities and took part in an ocean swim, while successfully completing an online theory test before day.
It has been a wonderful day here at Ocean Grove beach, said Life Saving Victoria assessor Bo Chudosnik, an Ocean Grove SLSC life member.
Lots of people participating, well over 150 participants doing their bronze medallion re-qualification, their resuscitation, their first aid and all the rescues and getting ready for a fantastic season at Ocean Grove and the Bellarine.
Entrants from nearby Thirteenth Beach, Point Lonsdale, Bancoora and Torquay Surf Life Saving Clubs participated in the annual bronze medallion re-qualification.
Bancoora SLSC will host next re-qual on Saturday 25 November, while further re-qualification days will take place at Point Lonsdale SLSC on 2 December and Thirteenth Beach SLSC on 10 December.

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Weekend drug arrests in Tweed and Byron "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

At 11:50am on Saturday (November 18) Police from Murwillumbah were patrolling Numbinbah Road at Kynnumboon when a vehicle parked on the side of the roadway did a u turn and drove off.

The vehicle was stopped and searched by police, who allegedly seized a quantity of cannabis and methamphetamine.

Police also found numerous items they allege were stolen.

The 38-year-old driver was taken to Tweed Heads police station and charged with goods in custody suspected being stolen and two counts of possessing a prohibited drug.

At 3pm the same day, police patrolling Tennyson Street, Byron Bay, noticed a 39-year-old man wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant.

He was taken to Byron Bay Police Station where he was also charged with possessing prohibited drug, a break and enter offence in Lismore, and two break, enter and steal offences in Byron Bay.

He has been refused bail to appear at Tweed Heads Local Court.

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Runaway success for footy girls "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

Following the booming success of Ocean Grove Football Netball Clubs girls junior football season, the club is fielding a senior womens team in 2018.
The club fielded three Under 12 girls teams and one Under 15 team, in what was a runaway success this season.
The interest in womens footy keeps growing, with AFL Barwon announcing 12 sides will be entering the senior womens competition in 2018.
Ocean Grove will be running a Try Day for girls and women on Sunday 26 November at Ray Menzies Oval, Shell Road. Under 12s and Under 15s will kick off at at 1pm, Under 19 and senior women at 2pm.
The club is seeking an experienced coach for its senior womens football team.
Coaches can submit their expression of interest stating relevant coaching and playing experience, coaching qualifications, personal coaching philosophy statement and any other relevant information to womens football co-ordinator Lisa Robinson at Remuneration will be negotiated with the successful candidate.

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The car in front is an import "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Automotive production continues to plummet, with annual volumes nearly 50 per cent below their December 2010 level, and falling fast, so the new car you buy next year will likely be made somewhere else. 

The Department of Employment projected that the factory closures at Elizabeth in Adelaide (Holden) and Altona in Melbourne (Toyota) could cost 27,500 jobs over the years ahead, leading some commentators to predict the end of days for Australia.

Indeed, some gloomy reports even speculated that the closures could snowball into hundreds of thousands of jobs losses, which always seemed a bit far-fetched given that the shutdowns have been discussed for years.

It was wise to be prudent and wait for the halting of operations to pass, which has now occurred, but if there were to be any earth-shaking initial impacts then they weren't yet in evidence in the October 2017 employment figures.

In the event, total employment exploded +355,700 higher over the year to October, sending the unemployment rate careering to a 4 low, and with the ABS also now putting job openings at the highest level on record

Furthermore, the more timely SEEK job advertisements figures showed openings tearing 25 per cent higher in South Australia and 18 per cent higher in Victoria, so it's probably....


Dogs and beaches accord "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

Barwon Coast, in partnership with other organisations including Victoria Police and City of Greater Geelong, has launched a new campaign called ShareOurShores.
The campaign aims to bring the community together with all organisations involved in dogs on beaches.
ShareOurShores promotes the respect, responsibilities and rights that are important in minimising conflict between different beach users and dogs.
ShareOurShores was launched in Ocean Grove at two identical campaign launch events, the first on Saturday 18 November and the second on Monday 20 November.
A panel of experts discussed the pros and cons involved in dogs on beaches and provided information on the current dog controls that are in place.
Barwon Coast is very concerned about risks to human and wildlife safety created by dogs on beaches. We are also worried about the impact dogs can have on the general amenity of our coastal reserves, Barwon Coast general manager Gary McPike said.
Some locals have admitted to us that they are frightened to visit the beach with small children for fear of a dog attack.
Many locals and visitors have expressed concerns about dogs on beaches directly to Barwon Coast and we are aware that it is a very prominent topic on local social media forums, he said.
Sergeant Shane Connolly of Victoria Police said: Unlawful behaviour by dog owners is of concern to the Bellarine police members as it poses a threat to public safety. We welcome our involvement in the ShareOurShores Campaign launch as it will enable us to speak with the community about anti-social behaviour and dog owners not adhering to dog control laws.
Barwon Coast is charged with the management of 13 kilometres of coastal Crown land from the east of Ocean Grove to the western end of Thirteenth Beach.
Barwon Coast sets dog control orders that dictate the where, when and how people walking dogs may use the coastal reserves.
Dog Control Orders are enforced by officers from the City of Greater Geelong.

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Man arrested after dangerous police chase at Kingscliff "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Police giving chase to a car that drove at them at Kingscliff on Friday (November 17) were forced to abandon the pursuit owing to the offenders dangerous driving.

Police were patrolling Ozone Street, Kingscliff, on Friday morning when they noticed a suspicious vehicle parked in Sand Street.

They identified the driver was someone who was wanted for a number of offences that had recently occurred in the local area.

When police attempted to speak with him they allege he drove his vehicle at the police car narrowly missing it.

They attempted to arrest the alleged offender but he drove his vehicle at speed in reverse to try to avoid them.

A police pursuit was initiated but was terminated a short time later due to the dangerous driving and speed of the car.

On Saturday (November 18) a 27-year-old man was arrested at Murwillumbah and charged with driving while disqualified, not stopping during a police pursuit, dangerous driving, predatory driving, using an offensive weapon to prevent lawful detention, possession of a prohibited weapon and goods in custody.

He has been refused bail to appear before Tweed Heads Local Court.

Car hits power pole

At around 2.40am on Sunday (November 19) a 47-year-old man lost control of his his vehicle while travelling east on Kennedy Drive, Tweed Heads West, colliding with a power pole.

Police attended the scene and breath tested the driver, who returned a positive reading.

The  man was arrested and taken to the Tweed Heads police station where was subsequently charged with driving with the middle range prescribed concentration of alcohol.

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MERAH "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Jo Rittey checks out the latest addition to the Northcote dining scene, Merah, an ode to sambal and deliciousness.

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Misrepresentation, lies, deception and fraud ... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Despite the expense neither the Department nor their collaborators the Invasive Animals CRC were able to confirm the existence of any live foxes in Tasmania. Beginning in 2014 independent peer-reviewed research demonstrated that the physical evidence gathered in Tasmania was unsound and to date neither organisation has chosen to vouch for their data or justify the expenditure of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars trying to eradicate an animal they could not locate Premier Bacon literally head-hunted journalists he wanted from the local newspapers, commercial TV and the ABC and paid them far more than they could ever earn in the private sector. In this way local media was tamed to play along with Government policy. Twenty years on and arguably there are more journalists now employed inside government to fend off the public interest than exist outside to defend it. Moulding public perception is now a bog-standard skill of government with little regard for truth Jack Jolly in Comments: Deception is the way this is done. Thats how High Rise Harry gets to turn Sydney and Melbourne into Hong Kong. Hes given a licence by the state government to do so, and to hell with what the people who live there want. Did anyone ask the people of Sydney and Melbourne? Nope. Oddly, governing the state would be a hell of a lot easier if it was done on the basis of finding out what the public wanted done and what public values require If you can chase something that does not exist for 15 years and spend $50 million on it, then claim that it has been an outstanding success, then there are no limits to the bullshit you will project. Anything is possible. Isnt that the lesson of the fox fiasco - that government has no shame and no fear of the public whatsoever? They can look us in the eye and lie time and time again. There are no consequences David Obendorf in Comments: Perhaps it is a bitter pill. That this expensive eradication program was based on some unconscionable lying and the use of imported hoaxed evidence calculated to deceive. The presentation of false, unsubstantiated allegations to Tasmania Police was bad enough, but lying to a fox ecologist compounds the offence. To falsify physical evidence using dead fox exhibits adds to the gravity Jack in Comments: Of course, the government in the lower house can always cancel parliament when things get too hot as Do-Nothing Malcolm (Member for Goldman Sachs) has just done: HERE


Last Bee and First Strawbs "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Our last working bee made a change from all that weeding, mowing, chopping, digging. We actually harvested! The first pick of the strawberries. And it was a good one. The photos show most of what was harvested to take home. But I think the general rule for pick your own is one for the stomach Continue reading Last Bee and First Strawbs


100 Fuscous Honeyeaters, then "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

patience was rewarded.

Dusky Woodswallow, Rise and Shine, 19th November 2017


MACKAY Man claims burly men with tatts forced him into burglary "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY November 20, 2017 at 04:56AM ,

Man claims burly men with tatts forced him into burglary

November 20, 2017 at 04:56AM ,

Simon Wilfred Tomarra, 35, from Slade Point faced Mackay Magistrates Court, pleading guilty to burglary and serious assault of a person aged over 60

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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1) Papua Police Urges Members of Armed Group to Turn in Themselves "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

2) house appreciates military, police cooperation to free hostages
3) LP3BH calls on President Jokowi to immediately deal with conflict in West Papua
4) Indonesian reggae ambassador performs in Skouw, Papua
5) West Papua to host Senja Kaimana Festival 2017

SUNDAY, 19 NOVEMBER, 2017 | 11:40 WIB
1) Papua Police Urges Members of Armed Group to Turn in Themselves
TEMPO.COJakarta - Papua Police urged 21 members of an armed group in Mimika, Papua to turn themselves in...


Culture Guide November 20 26: Scum Ballet, Homeground, Splinter Orchestra & more "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Tune in to Arvos at 4:30pm every weekday for more Culture Guide.
Brought to you by the City Of Sydney


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Independent Artist Of The Week: ARSE "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Sydney band ARSE make horrifying, brutally honest punk music the kind thatll knock you right off your feet and pull you right back up again.

Made up of members Dan (guitar), Jono (bass) and Tim (drums), the bands forthcoming EP Primitive Species has been dubbed the soundtrack to Dans existential crisis. Recorded and co-written by Jono(than Boulet), the local trio bring edginess and grit to their whopper of a debut.

Immerse yourself in the chaos of ARSE, below:

Tune into Up For It every Monday morning to meet your new independent artist of the week!

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Suing over motorcycle crash too costly "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

A rider who crashed on a badly repaired road has rejected suing the authority that knew of the problem because it would be too costly.

Sydney rider Stephen Thomas, 69, crashed his 2011 Honda VFR800X Crossrunner at 50km/h on the shoddy roadworks on Mt Glorious in Brisbanes hinterland on October 10, 2017.

Transport and Main Roads (TMR) knew about the slippery molten tar surface after being alerted to the problem by riders and a report on this website.

Even on mild days, the surface had molten tar and was treacherous for riders.

Melting tar claims first crash victim Mt Glorious costlySub-par roadworks at Mt Glorious a sticky mess of tar

TMR responded to the complaints by placing an electronic 50km/h warning sign on the corner, but it didnt help Stephen.

His bike low-sided into a guardrail and fell over, breaking his leg.

Stephen didnt realise and rode home 1000km to Sydney where he later found the extent of his injuries.

The shoddy roadworks have now been repaired and the electronic 50km/h and temporary 60km/h signs removed.Costly sign Mt Glorious roadworks crash accident

Costly case

Despite TMR admitting it knew about the proble...


Misrepresentation, lies, deception and fraud "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Despite the expense neither the Department nor their collaborators the Invasive Animals CRC were able to confirm the existence of any live foxes in Tasmania. Beginning in 2014 independent peer-reviewed research demonstrated that the physical evidence gathered in Tasmania was unsound and to date neither organisation has chosen to vouch for their data or justify the expenditure of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars trying to eradicate an animal they could not locate Premier Bacon literally head-hunted journalists he wanted from the local newspapers, commercial TV and the ABC and paid them far more than they could ever earn in the private sector. In this way local media was tamed to play along with Government policy. Twenty years on and arguably there are more journalists now employed inside government to fend off the public interest than exist outside to defend it. Moulding public perception is now a bog-standard skill of government with little regard for truth Jack Jolly in Comments: Deception is the way this is done. Thats how High Rise Harry gets to turn Sydney and Melbourne into Hong Kong. Hes given a licence by the state government to do so, and to hell with what the people who live there want. Did anyone ask the people of Sydney and Melbourne? Nope. Oddly, governing the state would be a hell of a lot easier if it was done on the basis of finding out what the public wanted done and what public values require If you can chase something that does not exist for 15 years and spend $50 million on it, then claim that it has been an outstanding success, then there are no limits to the bullshit you will project. Anything is possible. Isnt that the lesson of the fox fiasco - that government has no shame and no fear of the public whatsoever? They can look us in the eye and lie time and time again. There are no consequences David Obendorf in Comments: Perhaps it is a bitter pill. That this expensive eradication program was based on some unconscionable lying and the use of imported hoaxed evidence calculated to deceive. The presentation of false, unsubstantiated allegations to Tasmania Police was bad enough, but lying to a fox ecologist compounds the offence. To falsify physical evidence using dead fox exhibits adds to the gravity


The depths to which xenophobia and bigotry has reduced Australia "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Australia began to ignore its obligations under international law in 1992 and its determination to turn back asylum seeker boats and reduce the number of refugees accepted into this country grew apace until this is the situation in November 2017.

The New York Times, 18 November 2017:

Veteran United Nations officials said this month they had never seen a wealthy democracy go to such extremes to punish asylum seekers and push them away.

Papua New Guinea officials and local leaders, enraged at how the camps closure was handled, have demanded to know why Australia is not doing more to help the men.

HuffPost, 18 November 2017:

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Australia's main medical association called on Saturday for the government to allow independent doctors and other health experts to help more than 400 asylum seekers languishing inside a recently closed detention center in Papua New Guinea.

The asylum seekers have shut themselves inside the Australian-run Manus Island Centre for the past 18 days, defying attempts by Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG) to close it in a standoff the United Nations describes as a "looming humanitarian crisis".

Australia has shut access to the cente...


Volunteering levels in Australia and on the NSW North Coast "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

There has been some talk in local media about volunteering levels, with one bright spark suggesting that volunteering be made mandatory.

But are volunteering levels in Australia in such dire straits?

If one looks at available statistics it appears that Australia is fairly well served by people willing to give their time and effort to local communities.

The same can be said for the NSW Mid & Far North Coasts.

Here is a breakdown of volunteering levels.

The 2016 Census revealed that Australias population is 23.4 million people. Of this:

* 3.6 million people or 19.0% of the population aged 15 years and over are engaged in voluntary work through an organisation or group.
  This is a 1.2% increase from the 2011 Census  results, where 17.8% of people responded they were engaged in voluntary work.

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Sunday, 19 November



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EP 228: The Scientists "IndyWatch Feed"

Ep 228 Instagram

Photo: Mark Louttit

The Scientists

Recorded and mixed by Branko Cosic
Recorded at The Triffid, Brisbane, 4th November 2017

The Scientists first formed in Perth as The Exterminators and then The Invaders in 1977. Once they became The Scientists in 1978, they then released their first single Frantic Romantic/Shake (Together Tonight) in June 1979 on the D.N.A. Records label. After a debut LP (commonly referred to as The Pink Album) and a number of lineup changes, the band relocated to Sydney in 1982.

This change in scenery and lineup also saw The Scientists change musical direction. Pop-infused punk rock was traded in for a more psychedelic style of swampy, blues rock n roll. The band was signed by Au Go Go Records who released two singles as well as the influential Blood Red River LP in the space of a year, making them one of Australias most popular independent bands at the time. But another move was soon on the cards.




Open-Minded/Creative People Live In A Completely Different Reality, According to Study "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Sure, there is obviously a big difference between close-minded people and open-minded people, right? But how deep does this difference run exactly?

For this study, one hundred and twenty-three people of different backgrounds were examined thoroughly. They were tested for open-mindedness which was done through five different categories. That being conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, neuroticism, and the ability to maintain an open mind in general. After all of this, they then tested individuals for a phenomenon known as binocular rivalry which is something that occurs when each eye is shown a different image (one red and one green). Most people switch back and forth between the two images but some people merge the two into a red-green patch.

It was found that those who saw both images together were the ones who had also scored higher on the openness test in general. This led the researchers to theorize that open-minded people seem to create new mental routes in their minds and attain higher planes of thought. They also noted open-minded people were more creative thus meaning creative people see the world differently as well.

This seems to match up with several previous studies that suggested open people experienced things differently than most people. ScienceDirect says as follows on the study:

For instance, openness predicts performance on divergent thinking tasks (Kaufman et al., 2016; Silvia et al., 2008), which require one to identify multiple diverse uses for ordinary objects. For open people this seems to happen effortlessly, suggesting a more flexible way of combining information, perhaps even at low-levels of perceptual processing. For example, people high in openness display reductions in latent inhibition (i.e., attenuated attentional processing following repeated stimulus exposure) suggesting individual differences in preconscious attentional mechanisms (Peterson & Carson, 1999; Peterson, Smith, & Carson, 2002). Latent inhibition reflects an adaptive attentional gating system for screening out irrelevant information, but for open people this system appears to be more flexible, resulting in the continued processing of stimuli from which the average individual has disengaged. However, we are aware of no previous research examining whether openness relates to how...


FOBIF 2017 breakup "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

On Monday 11 December Friends of the Box-Ironbark Forest is having a BBQ at Bronwyn Silvers place in Walmer.

It starts at 6 pm and the address is 1036 Muckleford-Walmer Road, Walmer. 

*  food to share, including something for the BBQ if you like

*  crockery plate, cups, cutlery
*  drinks 
*  a chair

All FOBIF members are welcome but please RSVP to Bronwyn: 0448751111 or 

Gold Dust Wattle and eucalypts reflected in the dam near the BBQ area


All creatures "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

great and small can be found along the Loddon River.

As I lowered my gaze from this Great Egret soaring above the river, the sight of these tiny Willie Wagtail nestlings provided a nice juxtaposition.

Great Egret, Loddon River @ Newstead, 15th November 2017


Misrepresentation, deception, lies and fraud "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Despite the expense neither the Department nor their collaborators the Invasive Animals CRC were able to confirm the existence of any live foxes in Tasmania. Beginning in 2014 independent peer-reviewed research demonstrated that the physical evidence gathered in Tasmania was unsound and to date neither organisation has chosen to vouch for their data or justify the expenditure of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars trying to eradicate an animal they could not locate Premier Bacon literally head-hunted journalists he wanted from the local newspapers, commercial TV and the ABC and paid them far more than they could ever earn in the private sector. In this way local media was tamed to play along with Government policy. Twenty years on and arguably there are more journalists now employed inside government to fend off the public interest than exist outside to defend it. Moulding public perception is now a bog-standard skill of government with little regard for truth Jack Jolly in Comments: Deception is the way this is done. Thats how High Rise Harry gets to turn Sydney and Melbourne into Hong Kong. Hes given a licence by the state government to do so, and to hell with what the people who live there want. Did anyone ask the people of Sydney and Melbourne? Nope. Oddly, governing the state would be a hell of a lot easier if it was done on the basis of finding out what the public wanted done and what public values require If you can chase something that does not exist for 15 years and spend $50 million on it, then claim that it has been an outstanding success, then there are no limits to the bullshit you will project. Anything is possible. Isnt that the lesson of the fox fiasco - that government has no shame and no fear of the public whatsoever? They can look us in the eye and lie time and time again. There are no consequences David Obendorf in Comments: Perhaps it is a bitter pill. That this expensive eradication program was based on some unconscionable lying and the use of imported hoaxed evidence calculated to deceive. The presentation of false, unsubstantiated allegations to Tasmania Police was bad enough, but lying to a fox ecologist compounds the offence. To falsify physical evidence using dead fox exhibits adds to the gravity

Saturday, 18 November


Richard Wolstencroft & MUFF ~versus~ Those Degenerate Gays "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

[UPDATE (November 21, 2017) : While its true that a majority of folks seem a bit pissed at Richards stoopid, for the defence, Ian Nicholson of Sydney Short Film School has come out all guns blazing. Go Ian! UPDATE (November Continue reading

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