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Friday, 24 May


Foster & Allen Australian Tour 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Thursday 23rd May, 7.00pm 9.30pm, Billiton Wellington Entertainment Centre

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Monday, 25 March


Luka Bloom "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Sunday 24th Mar, 5.00pm 7.00pm, Meeniyan Town Hall

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Sunday, 17 February


Will the House and the Senate manage to roll back that infamous $487 million grant to a greenwashing charity, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Last year mainstream media reported that Australian Prime Minister & Liberal MP for Wentworth Malcolm Turnbull (former director Goldman Sachs), Minister for Environment and Energy & Liberal MP for Kooyong Josh Frydenberg (former director Deutsche Bank Australia) and Chair of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation & Member of the Business Council of Australia John Schubert (former chair Commonwealth Bank) met on 9 April 2018 to discuss the allocation of a grant valued at in excess of AU$487.6 million to the foundation.

The grant had not been advertised or put to tender.

It was further reported that Great Barrier Reef scientists were told they would need to make trade-offs to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, including focusing on projects that would look good for the government and encourage more corporate donations, emails tabled in the Senate reveal.

A Senate report of the Great Barrier Reef 2050 Partnership Program has just been published here...

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IndyWatch All AU Local News Feed Today.

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Saturday, 16 February


Swimmer still missing from Ballina "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Lighthouse Beach. Photo supplied.

A full scale search has been underway at Ballinas Lighthouse Beach today for a man in his 60s who went missing while swimming shortly before 9am this morning.

On the water and in the air the local SLSC and the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter over the beach at Ballina. Photo supplied.

The Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter was tasked around 10.30am to search for the missing swimmer. Police Marine Area Command are coordinating the search, including jet boat, SLSA personal, police and ambulance.

About 10.15am this morning, emergency services were called to Lighthouse Beach at Ballina, after reports of a missing swimmer. The helicopter searched for a period of time with nothing found, then returned to base.

Witnesses have told police a 69-year-old entered the water earlier and had not been seen since.

Officers from Richmond Police District attended and commenced a search for the man, assisted by the Marine Area Command, State Emergency Service (SES), NSW Ambulance, Surf Lifesavers, Marine Rescue and the Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter.

The missing swimmer is a patrolling member of the Ballina Lighthouse and Lismore SLSC and was last seen going for his regular swim before commencing patrol duties for the day.

The Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter returned to bass after searching extensively for the missing swimmer. Photo supplied.

Far North Coast Duty Officer Jimmy Keough says this has hit the club hard a...


Nimbin Roots Fest 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

$80 3 day festival passes ending soon! unlimited camping at the showground for only $10 a night. Great facilities, no booking for camping just pay at the gate. No better time to commit to that Hippy road trip than now!!

Book here

The post Nimbin Roots Fest 2019 appeared first on Byron Bay Blog.


Justice Now for David Dungay: An Interview With Leetona Rose Dungay "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

David Dungay Jr called out that he couldnt breathe a total of twelve times, as six prison guards held him face down on a bed in the prone position. One of the officers said, If you can talk, you can breathe. However, medically-speaking, this isnt the case. The disturbing CCTV footage of the 26-year-old Dunghutti

The post Justice Now for David Dungay: An Interview With Leetona Rose Dungay appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


The Bellinger River Snapping Turtles dj vu "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Bellinger River Snapping Turtles were almost wiped out in 2015. What is the state of health of their home catchment today ?

"Water quality testing on the Bellinger, Kalang and Never Never Rivers earlier in January found elevated phosphate and low levels of dissolved oxygen at 9 out of 15 sites.

A combination of low rainfall, hot weather and nutrient run-off from fertilizers and animal waste (including humans).

The Australian standard is for available phosphate levels to be under 0.06mg/L but water testing near Gleniffer Hall on Tuesday revealed current levels are 0.37mg/L, which is six times higher." (Post-holiday season 'tourist drive' without toilets?)

Riverwatch testing finds high phosphate levels, The Bellingen Shire Courier-Sun, 14.02.2019
Bellinger Landcare Inc

Adolf Von Hildebrand, Boy drinking, 1870/1873


1) Experts recommend military withdrawal from West Papua region "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) UN Human Rights office continues negotiations for West Papua visit
3) Protesters demand 'Free West Papua

1) Experts recommend military withdrawal from West Papua region

By Catherine Graue on Pacific Beat

Calls for the West Papua region to be granted independence continued this week as activists took to the streets in various Australian cities, calling for the Federal government to support an independence referendum.
Melanesians who call the region home have been pushing for independence for decades.
A referendum was held in July 1969, overseen by the United Nations.
It was called the Act of Free Choice but it has been heavily criticised....


Saturday, 16 February 2019 - 3:04am "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

As I am pushing, or perhaps being shoved towards, fifty years of age, I find myself becoming compulsively autobiographic because I am starting to properly appreciate the sweep of history in those fifty years, and perhaps more so in the fifty previous years.


Tweet of the Week "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

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Friday, 15 February


Rafes roundup Friday 15 Feb "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

New Publications from the Centre for Independent Studies.

Post of the week. Jo Novas commentary on Australias dash to disaster, leading the world in the Green Energy race (to the bottom).

The Australian Taxpayers Alliance. Campaigns.

The German Green Energy Transition. Higher prices, unstable grid, negligible reduction in CO2 emissions. The German Trifecta of Failure.

Libertyworks. Nationalisation of lobsters in Western Australia (great picture of a lobster btw).

Stephen Hicks is coming.

Join Dr Hicks on a journey to advance civilization

From the Enlightenment, to neo-Marxism through to 3rd generation postmodernism: diagnosis, perils and overcoming the obstacles

The program for the tour in four states and more information. See his contribution in The Spectator just out.

The Portal to Our partners

In no particular order. Australian Institute for Progress, The Institute of Public Affairs IPA, the Centre for Independent Studies CIS, The Sydney Institute, Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, Quadrant On Line, The Australian Taxpayers Alliance, Tim Blair, Andrew Norton, the classical liberal in Carlton, Rite-ON admirable Queensland activists!, The Menzies Research Centre, Jim Rose Utopia You Are Standing in It. LibertyWorks. On Line Opinion.
Still building and looking at more specialised sites.



1) Demonstration Papuan People ask KPK to stop intimidating Papuan Governor "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Pro-independence activists say Papuans won't take part in elections
3) Golput the most sensible choice for West Papua: Filep Karma

1) Demonstration Papuan People ask KPK to stop intimidating Papuan Governor
 Published    2 hours ago on 15 February 2019

 Papuan people in the demonstration to defend Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe who allegedly intimidated by the KPK. Jubi/I...


CO2 may be responsible for more destructive forest fires "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Queensland was hit by forest fires, and the Queensland Premier was at it, blaming climate change (and the Australian government): If you want to know what caused those conditions, Ill give you an answer its called climate change, the Queensland premier told reporters. It is only the LNP who could watch Queensland burn and []


Byron Bay Surf Festivals Music Line-Up "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The 2019 Byron Bay Surf Festival is kicking off Wednesday 20th February, chock full of sustainability, music, art, surf and culture. Wow. Say hello to annual favourites including the Surf Art Markets, Surf Legends Lounge, live music at the Beach Hotel and Freestyle & Stoke Surf Sessions at Wategos Beach. Meet this years epic line up of special guests including surfing World Champions, female leaders, inspiring musicians, photographers and artists.

Byron Bay Surf Festivals Music Line-Up

Friday 22nd February

9pm 12am Beach Hotel

Invite your pals, enjoy a cold Stone & Wood Pacific Ale for a funky Friday at the Beachy. Catch the head nodding goodness of local legends Drop Legs and soulful beats of solo loop artist from Victoria Tones & I.

Saturday 23rd February

9am 4pm The Surf Art Markets
Take a break from the markets and relax as Queenslands Tay Oskee performs a stunning acoustic set, complimented by performances from Byrons own Nick Cunningham and Sophie Ozard.

9pm 12am Beach Hotel

A big Saturday night, grab your crew, plan your outfit...


Uber Marks Valentines Day By Calling For Rainbow Heart Emoji "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Uber has chosen an inclusive heart as the symbol for a Valentines Day campaign in India to recognise the Indian Supreme Courts ruling to decriminalize gay sex in the country. The transport service provider also added a rainbow background to its route map. The company announced the inclusive gesture via Twitter, urging everyone to express ...

The post Uber Marks Valentines Day By Calling For Rainbow Heart Emoji appeared first on QNews.


Brisbane Queer Film Festival Unveils Its 20th Anniversary Lineup "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The Brisbane Queer Film Festival is this year celebrating its 20th birthday and has unveiled its 2019 program of queer feature films, documentaries and short films. This years theme of the long-running festival is Reflection to highlight the power of films to create awareness, change and acceptance not just within the mainstream society, but within the queer community ...

The post Brisbane Queer Film Festival Unveils Its 20th Anniversary Lineup appeared first on QNews.


Supreme Court Justice Criticised for Divisive Remarks About Islam "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Remarks made by NSW Supreme Court Justice Desmond Fagan in relation to the interpretation of hostile passages in the Quran have caused outrage amongst the local Muslim community, as well as sparked calls from the NSW legal profession for greater understanding of Islam. Justice Fagan said on the 31 January that a number of NSW

The post Supreme Court Justice Criticised for Divisive Remarks About Islam appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Rainbow Flag On Brisbane Churchs Sign Defaced With Swastika "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Vandals have spray-painted a Nazi swastika over a rainbow flag on signage belonging to the LGBTIQ-friendly Metropolitan Community Church in New Farm, Brisbane. The churchs senior pastor Alex Pittaway said the vandals had painted the large grey swastika over the flag on their street-facing sign on Wednesday night. He told QNews Magazine hed reported the ...

The post Rainbow Flag On Brisbane Churchs Sign Defaced With Swastika appeared first on QNews.


Being a Lismore thespian just got cooler "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Lismore Theatre Company President Sharon Brodie, Vice President/Artistic Director Jennie Hicks and Secretary Elyse Knowles can now use the theatre in summer thanks to the Annual Community Grants Scheme and a welcome pair of air conditioners. Photo supplied.

We all know that being a thespian is cool, but things just got cooler for the Rochdale Theatre.
The Lismore Theatre Company members and guests will experience a cool change this year thanks to Lismore City Councils Annual Community Grants Scheme.

The group received a $9700 community grant last August to purchase two large air conditioners for the auditorium. The cast can now rehearse and perform all year round and theatre goers can watch the shows in comfort.

Lismore Theatre Company President Sharon Brodie says the company do a Christmas panto but would leave the theatre vacant after that until March because of the heat. It would get up to 42 degrees in the theatre and the conditions were horrendous, she said from the cool of the new space. Wed decided not to put on a Christmas panto in 2018 if we didnt get the grant.

People have had to leave the show in the past it was simply too hot for the actors, the families and children, and the guys in the sound and lighting box.

These air conditioners have made such a difference the Christmas panto last year was a wonderful success and no-one was fainting in the aisles!

We are really excited that we have a summer show this year and it can be enjoyed in air-conditioned comfort.

The Lismore Theatre Companys current show Breast Wishes runs until March 3. It is an uplifting musical featuring a series of touching, personal and funny vignettes about breasts. It was developed by Anne Looby and written by an impressive array of Aussie writers including Wendy Harmer and Richard Glover.

The theatre company will donate 10% of all proceeds to Jodies Inspiration, a local charity that supports the families of those experiencing breast cancer.

Grants of up to $10,000 are available through the Annual Community Grants Scheme and 2019 applications open on 1 April.

There is a Community Information Session for interested people on Wednesday, 20 March at the Lismore Council Chambers and representatives from local community groups and associations are invited to come along, find out more information and ask questions.



Laws Empowering Government to Revoke Citizenship May be Unconstitutional "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim The Morrison government announced late last year it would be passing legislation to lower the threshold for stripping Australians suspected of terrorist activity of their citizenship. The Federal Labor Party has now signalled its intention to oppose the measure after receiving legal advice that the new legislation may be

The post Laws Empowering Government to Revoke Citizenship May be Unconstitutional appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Friendly for fishes upstream on the Bruns "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Durrumbul causeway. Photo supplied.

In a win for local finned earthlings, work has started on the installation of a new bridge to replace the Durrumbul causeway adjacent to Settlement Rd at Main Arm.

The installation of the new bridge is one of two causeway upgrades that are jointly funded by the NSW DPI Flagship Fish Habitats Grants Program ($274,600) and Byron Shire Council ($274,600) as part of the Bringing Back the Brunswick project.

Bringing Back the Brunswick aims to reinstate fish passage in the Brunswick River by removing fish barriers to open upstream habitat.

James Flockton, Byron Shire Councils Drainage/Flood Engineer, says the replacement of the Durrumbul causeway is the first stage of the project, which will not only see two causeways upgraded, but three other fish barriers removed.

These structures stop fish from moving upstream, said Mr Flockton. They can currently only migrate to the upper reaches of the Brunswick River around 10 days a year when the river is flooding.

Bringing Back the Brunswick will open up seven kilometres of upstream habitat and allow 27.4km of fish passage right down to the estuary mouth which will benefit all native fish species, particularly the Australian Bass, he said.

Byron Shire Councils Works Coordinator, Hank Spangler, said the new bridge replacing the old, concrete causeway will be the same height as the current crossing, but will go over the Brunswick River instead of through it as is the case at the moment.

This means that fish will be able to move freely under the bridge and its also good news for residents because the bridge will not be as susceptible to flooding, said Mr Spangler.

The installation of the new bridge and removal of the causeway is expected to take approximately two months.

The other causeway earmarked for replacement is on Johnsons Lane at Durrumbul with work to get underway later this year.

The post Friendly for fishes upstream on the Bruns appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Motorbike Response Crew keep traffic moving "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Motorcycles may soon be coming to the rescue of crash victims and broken-down vehicles on tollways around Australia to keep traffic moving.

It follows the Australian-first trial of a motorbike response crew on the Logan and Gateway motorways in Brisbane.

The trial is being run by Queensland tollway company Linkt, which is owned by Transurban that also operates CityLink in Melbourne and six tollways in Sydney.

Trial results

Trial results are expected in mid-2019. If it is deemed a success, it may be expanded to other cities.

As part of an Australian-first trial, experienced motorbike responders will get to breakdowns and incidents sooner, providing much needed assistance to affected motorists during periods of high congestion, and helping to keep traffic moving, Linkt says.

What makes motorcycles quicker to respond is their ability to legally filter through slow or stationary traffic.

So motorists will have another reason to be grateful for more motorcycles on our roads!

Motorcycle paramedics have been used in other states before, but this is the first by a private tollway company.

Linkt say their motorbike response crews are first-aid trained and equipped with fuel, water, jump kits, and more.

trafficLogan Motorway

Trial crew

Incident Response Supervisor Paul Hillman, who is an ex-paramedic and part of the motorcycle trial, says the crew have more than 20 years motorcycle experience.

To ensure thei...


Graham Norton And Alan Carr Are Judging On UK RuPauls Drag Race Spinoff "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

UK talk show hosts Graham Norton and Alan Carr have been announced as judges on the upcoming UK spinoff of RuPauls Drag Race. The pair took to social media to share the exciting news, with Carr and Norton each posting a video. Becoming part of the Drag Race family makes me ridiculously happy! Norton said. ...

The post Graham Norton And Alan Carr Are Judging On UK RuPauls Drag Race Spinoff appeared first on QNews.


SLSC upgrade open next week "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The upgrade at Shelley Beach will be unveiled on Monday 18 February.

The final stage of the Shelly Beach SLSC upgrade is complete and the facility will officially open next week.

President Wilson Cregan on behalf of Surf Life Saving Far North Coast (SLSFNC) is inviting surf lifesavers and members of the public to the opening of the club on Monday 18th February 2019.

The facility upgrade has been made possible by a NSW Government Grant of $108,000 and the Honourable Troy Grant, Minister for Police and Emergency Services will be opening the upgrade.

According to SLSFNC, the Shelly Beach facility is an essential part of their long term plan to provide continued support operations as well as an education and training centre for the community and local surf life saving clubs on the Far North Coast.

The ground floor has additional space for mobile rescue equipment, ATV and Rescue Craft, a new First Aid area as well as an area in which to store drones and associated equipment.

SLSFNC provides services, training and programs for volunteer surf lifesavers to ensure safe beaches for locals and visitors, and to carry out emergency rescue operations as required. This upgrade also allows for the use of the facility by many community groups.

SLSFNC has 7,000 volunteers, and last year conducted about 130 rescues, took more than 6,000 preventative actions, performed 100 search and rescue operations and attended more than 80 after hours search and rescue call-outs.

Organisers look forward to seeing everyone at the ceremony to help them thank all those involved.

The event commences at 9.30am at 11 Shelly Beach Road, East Ballina.

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Fire risk a grave threat to cable car proposal "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

As the long debate continues about whether a developer should be allowed to build a cable car up the face of kunanyi/Mt Wellington, Bernard Lloyd reminds us about the primary threat to the mountain, which is posed by wildfire. Regular fires on the mountain have huge implications for the proposal to build a cable car.

In terms of combustibility, the forest on the mountains eastern face carries the greatest fuel load. The cable car is planned to be built up the eastern face.


The Mountains Primary Hazard

When kunanyi/Mt Wellingtons Management Plan is read today in the eerie afterglow of this summers fires its pages reek of smoke. The word bushfire, like a rain of embers, is spotted more than 140 times. Bushfire, the Plan says, is the largest threat to the Park. This written in 2015.

The Plans brief history of fire on the mountain notes, blithely, the Park has experienced several large bushfires. That section can now be revised, not in the light of the 2018 fires (which have not touched the mountain), but the light of historian Maria Grists meticulously chronicled study of bushfires on kunyani (2019). As well as the conflagrations of 1851, 1897, 1914, 1920, 1940 and 1967, Grist documents over 60 other significant mountain fires. Her chilling conclusion is that over the past two centuries nearly every year at least one bushfire burned on the mountain.

This has catastrophic implications for the proposal to build a cable car all the way up the mountain.

The natural cause of this frequent ravaging is in the bush itself, but the frequency of fires haunting the mountain is locational: the mountain not only rises out of a dense, wet eucalyptus forest, but over its shoulder are extensive areas of dry country to its north and north west: the directions from which most fires emanate in Tasmania. The management plan is most concerned with fire sensitivity. The peat bogs on the plateau behind the Pinnacle and the delicate alpine flora have the highest fire sensitivity and are thus at most risk; however, for combustibility, the forest upon the mountains eastern face carries the greatest fuel load. The cable car is planned to be built up the eastern face.

The natural proclivity of the bush is inflamed by the ignition culprits: usually male. The mountains pr...


Water the all important resource now and in the future "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Tweed Greens candidate Bill Fenelon at a recent protest in Uki. Photo supplied

Recent rains have done nothing to change the view that Australians should expect to face future crises in water supply. The mayors of several western NSW councils who face current water supply crises have asked the state government to stop water allocated for irrigation from being pumped out of the upper reaches of the Darling river system, and water supply shortages can be expected in many parts of Australia in the future.

Residents of the Tweed Shire have called for a halt to new water mining approvals in the shire, and that result appears to be a step closer after Councillors Milne, Cherry, Cooper and Byrnes voted to forward a planning proposal to remove water extraction for commercial water bottling from the Local Environmental Plan to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment at the February Council meeting.

Greens candidate for Tweed Bill Fenelon says the recent death of 1 million fish in the Darling River near Menindee Lakes is yet another wake-up call of the consequences from over-using and abusing our water systems.

According to an Environmental Defenders Office report, a river is like a piggy bank, if you keep taking money out without saving for the future you end up bankrupt, he said. The causes of this devastating fish kill include extracting too much water from the river, failing to set limits on extraction that take into account climate change, and prolonged periods without rainfall.

Fenelon says that similar principles apply to water mining.

You just cant keep taking water out of our aquifers without a risk of them drying up. Eventually the piggy bank will be empty.

Our aquifers are our buffer against the increasing threat of climate change and ongoing drought, he said. As our rivers and creeks dry up, we will be more reliant on our underground water supplies for domestic and agricultural use.



Forestry Corporation says no fines issued at Gibberagee "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Dawn Walker at Gibberagee State Forest yesterday. One onlooker suggested that the harvest manager wasnt asking for Ms Walkers autograph. Photo supplied.

Yesterday Echonetdaily reported that NSW Greens MP, Dawn Walker had been fined for protesting against a logging operation that has been caught out destroying koala habitat in Gibberagee State Forest.

In response to that story, the Forestry Corporation of NSW has contacted Echonetdaily saying no fines were issued.

The Forestry Corporation has not issued any penalties or fines at Giberagee State Forest, said a spokesperson for Forestry Corporation of NSW.

Yesterday, (Wednesday, 13 February), community members entered a worksite that was closed to the public for safety reasons and our staff informed them they were in a closed area and asked them to move to a safer area.

Gibberagee State Forest is a regrowth forest with a long history of timber production. There are tight regulations around timber harvesting that ensure it is sustainable, that native flora and fauna are protected and that all harvested areas regrow into thriving, diverse, natural forests, and Forestry Corporation continues to operate in line with these regulations.

Recent changes to forest regulations use new, rigorous scientific mapping of potential koala habitat to ensure sufficient koala feed trees are retained even if koalas are not actually sighted, which only strengthens koala protections.

The new regulations have also increased long-term monitoring to ensure the rules in place are delivering the best environmental outcomes.

Harvesting Manager demanded name and home address

Echonetdaily contacted Ms Walker to clarify details of the protest.


Collaborators shoot to save magpie "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

This little maggie hung upside-down for several hours before being rescued. Photo Supplied.

The need to dispose of rubbish carefully has been highlighted recently with a young bird hanging for several hours entangled in twine.

Even small pieces of rubbish can cause untold suffering, according to WIRES this juvenile magpie had its leg entangled in twine and wire which then became snared in a branch high in a tree in Casino. In its panic to escape, the young bird ended up helplessly hanging upside down, flapping desperately.

The poor maggie hung suspended by one leg for at least 18 hours until a solution could be found. All the while a distressed adult magpie was worriedly keeping a close eye on the fledgling. WIRES bird specialist, Melanie, had grave fears that the magpie would suffer severe injuries to its leg.

The magpie was approximately two stories high in the tree, way too high to reach. After cherry picker options proved unavailable, WIRES made contact with Alistair from the RSPCA, who fortunately came to the rescue.

RSPCAs Alistair to the rescue. Photo supplied.

As a licensed shooter, Alistair carefully assessed the situation and decided it might be possible to bring down both the branch and the bird with a shot. It took incredible skill and three shots to get through the branch, before both the limb and magpie tumbled to the ground.

There was a moment of panic when the magpie became free while still attached to the rubbish and flew off, but it was caught again by Melanie.

Elizabeth at Central Vet Care Clinic, Casino, conducted an examination and fortunately there were no fractures to the magpies leg. It appeared to have a normal range of movement, despite being extremely sore.

After receiving some subcutaneous fluids to rehydrate, the magpie is now slowly recovering in WIRES care.

Where there is a will there is a way, and rescues such as this illustrate how important collaboration is in solving complicate...


Battle for West Byron returning to court "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Paul Bibby

The battle over West Byron will return to the Land and Environment Court next week after a compulsory conciliation meeting between the developer and Byron Council failed to bear fruit.

The developers responsible for one of two major proposals for the site, the R&D Group, took Council to court over its deemed refusal of their development application.

The court required the two parties to take part in a conciliation meeting on Monday to see if they could reach an agreement over R&Ds plans for a $40m 163-lot mega development.

Not surprisingly given Councils strong expressed opposition to the plan, the two sides were unable to agree, with a difference of opinion over expert evidence bringing the meeting to an early end.

The matter now looks set for a lengthy hearing in the Land and Environment Court, that could take months and cost both sides hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It is scheduled to return to the court on Tuesday for mention before Registrar Sarah Froh, at which point the applicants (R&D) will indicate whether they want an extension of time to respond to the legal arguments made by council during the recent conciliation meeting.

Stay tuned to Echonetdaily for updates!

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Valentine's Day Romance - Over the Moon Koon in Petersham "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Fancy a beer and Chinese feed, love? Valentines Day done Petersham style. The Huntsbury Hotel in Petersham is a pub still pretty much rolling along much like it has for years.  It has that mix of RSL club carpet, dark wood and pool tables, nice and chrome free, there's plenty of sport on the screens and a friendly crew at the bar. And they pour a mean Reschs with a smile.


Art in the Heart helps you love Lismore "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Celebrating the success of Christmas Art in the Heart: Sprung artist Zac Mifsud, LightnUp Artistic Director Jyllie Jackson, Lismore City Council Manager of Economic Development Tina Irish, Christmas Art in the Heart Project Manager Sunita Bala from RealArtworks, and Sprung artist Katie Cooper-Wares. Photo supplied.

You might have noticed even more love in Lismore over the holidays thanks to the Christmas Art in the Heart project.

In this exciting concept that activated the Lismore CBD during the holiday season, Lismore City Council partnered with RealArtworks and Creative Lismore to enhance vacant shopfronts in the CBD and bring them to life.

The Christmas Art in the Heart project provided emerging and professional artists with a platform to showcase their art through installations, projections and window graphics.

Residents and visitors were bombarded with art in the CBD, from life-sized cut-outs of dancers from Sprung frolicking in a summer Christmas installation, to a community mural engaging pedestrians in Magellan Street and an Australian bush scene made with LightnUp lanterns.

The project attracted considerable interest outside of the Far North Coast with Accessible Arts viewing some of the art installations during a recent trip to Lismore. They are now keen to duplicate the project in other regional cities.

We are pleased that the feedback from Lismore CBD patrons and businesses has been really positive, said Sunita Bala from RealArtworks.

The CBD is a great place to work, socialise and relax. Working with empty shop spaces has seen some of these spaces now being commercially tenanted and thats a win for everyone.

The Art in the Heart concept also provides emerging and professional creatives with an opportunity to raise their profile and secure more opportunities to work with local businesses.

The project has continued to evolve with local businesses now keen to support a CBD empty shop installation for the Lismore Lantern Parade in June.

Local businesses have also pledged support for RealArtworks next creative endeavour, The (Un)usual, which is a Regional Arts NSW-funded trail of interactive art, live performance and installations linking The Quad through the CBD to the river.

The post...


Jake Shears And Courtney Act Added To Sydney Mardi Gras Party Lineup "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Singer Jake Shears and drag superstar Courtney Act have been confirmed for this years Sydney Mardi Gras Party. The Scissors Sisters frontman and Act will join the Brisbane boys from the Briefs Factory, HANDSOME, Paul Capsis and House of Sle as well as previously announced headliners PNAU and Kim Petras at the event, held after ...

The post Jake Shears And Courtney Act Added To Sydney Mardi Gras Party Lineup appeared first on QNews.


Bob and Wendy farewell the Cape after 22 years "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Bob and Wendy Levett will be missed at the Cape and the Byron Lighthouse after donating 22 volunteer years as conservationists and guides. Photo supplied.

There are as many reasons as there are people when it comes to volunteering your time to a good cause.

Byron Bay locals, Bob and Wendy Levett have spent 22 really good years giving their time and knowledge to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), as guides at their much loved Cape Byron Lighthouse.

The work of these active members of the community will leave a strong legacy when they move to Sydney to be closer to family. Along with getting involved in NPWS conservation work, the retired teachers greet visitors at the Cape Byron Lighthouse, sharing their passion for history.

We love working for the Byron community, says Mr Levett. We are going to miss all the wonderful friends we have made along with meeting people from across the globe and learning about their cultures.

The lighthouse gained a special place in the hearts of the Levetts when they started travelling to Byron with their children for annual camping trips.

As we got closer, we would be waiting for our first sight of the lighthouse. It was like a sentinel, letting us know we had almost arrived.

The children would slide down the hill from the lighthouse on big pieces of cardboard as the local goats watched on.

Bob and Wendy are role models

NPWS Education Officer, Delta Kay says the Levetts have been role models for all the new volunteers who have joined the program in the Tweed Byron area over the years.

Bob and Wendy are engaging, kind, and they share their wealth of knowledge in a passionate way to enhance the experience for our visitors to Cape Byron Lighthouse.

They have been wonderful advocates for the volunteer program and our local community.

NPWS runs a state-wide volunteer program which allows people to embrace their passion for nature and make a positive difference to our environment and heritage.

Ms Kay and the rest of the Tweed Byron NPWS team are keen to hear from dedicated people, like the Levetts, who are interested in volunteering their time to support conservation in the region.



Corner Inlet boxers compete in Canada "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

During their trip to Canada, Corner Inlet Boxing Clubs Jarvis Bindloss (second from left), Lachlan Lewis (third from left), Scott Bindloss (middle) and Tyler Bindloss (second from right) trained at the St Catharines Amateur Boxing Club in Ontario, where they posed for this photo with some of the coaches.

MEMBERS of the Leongatha-based Corner Inlet Boxing Club had the chance to put their skills to the test on the world stage on a recent trip to North America.
Accompanied by coach Scott Bindloss, young boxers Tyler Bindloss, Jarvis Bindloss and Lachlan Lewis travelled to Ontario, Canada at the beginning of February to compete in the countrys largest amateur boxing tournament, the Brampton Cup, an annual event drawing over 250 junior, youth and elite boxers from 60 plus boxing clubs.
Competing in the 75kg open elite class, 19-year-old Tyler, in his first fight in two years, put in an impressive effort against a four-time Canadian national champion with 76 fights under his belt.
Lachlan, 15, came away with a gold medal after his fight in the 52kg junior category.
But 16-year-old Jarvis returned home with a less desirable souvenir after his fight in the 60kg youth section. He was headbutted, resulting in an injury to his face that required six stitches.
The boys also visited New York City as part of the trip, getting in a bit of sightseeing and training alongside world champion boxers at the famous Gleasons Gym in Brooklyn.
Scott, whos had plenty of experience attending international boxing events as a coach and team manager, said the aim of the trip was to take the up and coming Corner Inlet boxers skills to the next level, with a spot at the world titles the ultimate goal.
For them to be competitive on the world stage, the best way to develop their skills is to take them out and compete wherever we can, Scott said after touching down back in Australia last week.
This was their first taste of international competition and Im very happy with how they performed.
They were all very competitive and presented themselves really well.
Tyler had a really tough opponent a super sharp boxer whos represented Canada at the world championships. It was a hard fight but he wasnt far off him.
Jarvis was winning his fight when he got headbutted and it was unfortunate that they awarded the win to his opponent. But all the boys had a ball....


1) NGO Sams Leaders On West Papua Bville "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Hundreds of students flee violence in Papua - reports
3) Indonesia-New Zealand Friendship Council initiates diplomacy from grassroots level


1) NGO Sams Leaders On West Papua B'ville

February 15, 2019

A non-government organisation has slammed two national leaders for pushing for independence for West Papua and to some extent Bougainville through the referendum question.
The PNG Millennium Good Governance Organisation general secretary Steven Andambo said NCD Governor Powes Parkop and Oro Governor Garry Juffa should be mindful of their position as leaders of this nation.


Minor parties mix it up over mobile phone after miners parliamentary dinner "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast" - Senator Brian Burston (right) and One Nation adviser James Ashby. 
Picture: The AustralianSource:Supplied

Pauline Hansons One Nation (PHON) senior staffer and United Australia Party (UAP formerly PUP) senator were involved in an altercation near the Great Hall of Parliament House after a Minerals Council of Australia Parliamentary Dinner on the evening of 12 February 2019.

The senator was formerly a member of PHON who split from Pauline Hanson in 2018.



Clarence Valley 2019: keeping the Clarence River Estuary healthy for future generations "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

like other heavy fabricating sectors shipbuilding involves the use of materials and manufacturing practices that can impact on the environment, can contribute to climate change[OECD Council Working Party on Shipbuilding (WP6), November 2010]

Shipyards are dangerous construction zones with many worker hazards. Shipbuilding, repair, cleaning, and coating use toxic chemicals and hazardous or flammable materials. These activities also can pollute water directly or through runoff. Repairs may require emptying dirty water from a ships ballast and bilge tanks into the surrounding waters.. Shipbuilding and ship repair use toxic chemicals that include chromium, copper, lead,and nickel. Ship cleaning activities use chemicals that include copper, hazardous or flammable materials, heavy metals, and solvents. They release lead, particulate mattervolatile organic compounds, zinc, and other air pollutants....

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Thursday, 14 February


Senate Inquiry Recommends Further Delay Of Student Anti-Discrimination Bill "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

A Senate committee examining a bill to scrap legal exemptions allowing discrimination against LGBT students at faith schools has recommended a further review, continuing the political impasse on the issue. In its report released on Thursday, the government-led committee into the Sex Discrimination Amendment (Removing Discrimination Against Students) Bill 2018, introduced by Labor senator Penny ...

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A Few Bizjets Around CQ Airports - Global Express XRS VH-SGA Back at Hamilton Island Airport - Plus LifeFlight Med-evac Flights "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Only three days after its previous visit, on Wednesday 13 February, SG Aviation Australia / Business Aviation Solutions Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global Express XRS bizjet VH-SGA was noted visiting at Hamilton Island Airport once again.  On this occasion, it arrived from Melbourne (Essendon) and later departed to Sydney.  VH-SGA then headed over the New Zealand.

Meanwhile, during the afternoon also on Wednesday 13 February, LifeFlight (Aeromed) LearJet 45 bizjet VH-CXJ "Ambulance 452" was noted visiting Mackay Airport.  It arrived from Townsville and Cairns (VH-CXJ was originally scheduled to fly to Mount Isa) and departed to Brisbane.

File photo

At the time of writing, late on Wednesday 13 February, VH-CXJ "Ambulance 452" has landed at Gladstone Airport from Brisbane.  It is due to return to the capital a little later.

While late on Tuesday 12 February, fellow LifeFlight (Aeromed) Bombardier Challenger 604 bizjet VH-URR "Ambulance 604" was noted arriving into Mackay Airport from Mount Isa.  It then departed to Brisbane now in the wee small hours of Wednesday 13 February.

UPDATE!  Very early on Thursday 14 February, VH-URR "Ambulance 604" was noted completing a medical evacuation flight at Emerald Airport.  It in from and then back to Brisbane.

Also on Wednesday 13 February, the Queensland Police Service (Airwing) (State of Queensland) Cessna 560 Citation Ultra bizjet VH-PSU visited Rockhampton Airport during a busy day of flying.  It was also in CQ, visiting Rocky and Bundaberg Airports, on Monday 11 February.

Finally, a nice corporate turboprop in the form of  Henty Aviation / Avcair Cessna 425 VH-BSM was noted flying from Winton to Longreach Airport and then Archerfield late on Wednesday 13 February.  It appears to have flown up to the Central West from Archerfield via Chinchilla Airport on Tuesday 12 February.


The beginning of 2019s One Billion Rising "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Zenith: organiser and motivator of V-Day Byron style.

One of the first groups of dancers on the planet to add their presence the 2019 One Billion Rising event were hundreds of women and children and men who were not deterred by a few drops of rain at the annual V-Day dawn event on Main Beach at Byron this morning Thursday 14 February.

Calling on all women everywhere to dance and rise during the V-Day activism event to end violence against women and girls, those gathered learned a dance to the song Break the Chain.

One Billion Rising is a worldwide movement against domestic violence and sexual assault against women and children.

Photos Jeff V-Guy Dawson


The post The beginning of...


Byron Bay Property Sales Ocean Swim Classic "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The 2019 Byron Bay Property Sales Ocean Swim Classic will be held on Sunday 5th May 2019, check-in at 7am at the surf club.

This is our 32nd Classic and our 12th Mini Swim.

Donations from 2018 swim were $76,000 to 21 various charitable organisations. Total money raised is now $901,000 since our original swim.

The Byron Bay Property Sales Ocean Swim Classic is approximately 2.2 from Wategos Beach to Main Beach, Byron Bay. The Classic is a buoyed course from the start area, around The Pass and across the Bay to Main Beach.

The Byron Bay Mitre 10 Mini Swim, is designed for those who can competently swim approximately 800m from Clarkes Beach to Main Beach. It is to encourage participants to put a toe in the water (so to speak) and draw in more swimmers who may not be as experienced or as confident as the Classic swimmers.

The Programme for Race Day, Sunday, 5th May 2019
7:00am Check-in and issue of timing bracelet, swim cap, event T-shirt or baseball cap at the Surf Club, Byron Bay on Sunday May 5th from 7am.
8:00am The Byron Bay Mitre 10 Mini Swim check-in must be completed in time to allow entrants to wa...


Three Seedsavers properties for sale in Bellingen area "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Three properties from members who have made major contributions to Bellingen Seed Savers are currently up for sale. All three properties are stunning and worth perusing the Real Estate pages for dream inspiration value alone.


Instagram Denies Removing Gay Muslim Comic After Indonesian Pressure "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

An Instagram account featuring comics depicting gay Muslims struggles in Indonesia has been deleted following outrage from authorities in the country. The Indonesian-language comics, posted by user @Alpantuni, depicted a gay protagonist and explores his identity and the bigotry and abuse he faces for being gay in the country. The Ministry of Communications wrote to ...

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The Panama Papers: A Lesson in Tax Avoidance "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

An Oxfam report released on 20 January revealed that last year 26 billionaires owned the same amount of wealth as the poorest 3.8 billion people around the globe. This was down from 43 individuals the year before. And this extreme wealth disparity is accelerating every year. As has been exposed over recent times, some amongst the

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German City To Install Same-Sex Couple Traffic Lights To Celebrate Pride "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Why did the same-sex couple cross the road? Because they had their very own gay traffic lights! Residents in Cologne, Germany will soon have traffic lights that display same-sex couple symbols instead of classic pedestrian symbols ahead of their annual Pride Festival. According to a city spokesperson, the lights will be set up along Huemarkt ...

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Government Breaks Promise to Crackdown on Tax Avoidance by Multi-Nationals "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim The federal government has broken a promise to establish a public register of overseas shell companies owned by companies operating in Australia. The proposal was intended to assist in the detection and prosecution of illegal activities such as tax evasion by multi-national companies, as well as inform legislation designed

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Behrouz Boochanis literary prize acceptance speech full transcript "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

This is a transcript of the speech Behrouz Boochani delivered via video link on 31 January 2019

When I arrived at Christmas Island six years ago, an immigration official called me into the office and told me that they were going to exile me to Manus Island, a place in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I told them that I am a writer. That same person just laughed at me, and ordered the guards to exile me to Manus.


Another Casualty of the War on Festivals: An Interview With a Psyfari Organiser "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

At the moment, the NSW Liberal Nationals government is conducting an all-out assault on this states festival industry. And the reason why its doing it, is it cant deal with the fact that in order to stop drug-related deaths, it needs to allow people to test the contents of something thats illegal. Instead, Berejiklian and

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Does policy framework discriminate against home birth? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Lismore midwife Heather Dunn says that the government has made this a human rights issue and a womens rights issue. Photo Tree Faerie.

As home birth reverts to becoming a more common way to deliver a baby, particularly on the far north coast, the question of insurance for midwives is an issue that needs to be highlighted.

Greens candidate for Lismore, Ms Sue Higginson is deeply concerned about what appears to be a state Government prohibition on midwives practising home births.

I have been speaking to registered midwives here in our region, and I am concerned about what this will mean for women, babies and midwives, said Ms Higginson. 

A recently introduced Australian law requires midwives to have Professional Indemnity insurance to assist at home births, but no such insurance product currently exists.

The government has exempted registered midwives from the obligation to hold such insurance until the end of this year, after which they will not be able to legally practise home birthing, unless this exemption is extended or an insurance product is made available.

This  perverse outcome is part of an ongoing policy framework that discriminates against home birthing, said Ms Higginson. 

The NSW government has pursued a systemic approach that denies womens right to choose home births and access to a registered midwife to assist in their choice. Yet meanwhile in our public hospitals,  midwives are telling us we do not have safe midwife-to-patient ratios and we dont even count babies in calculating the ratio.

This problem is significant in regional and rural NSW, said Ms Higginson. I know this first hand. I was very fortunate to have the option of having a registered midwife and a home birth. Without them, in my circumstances I would have been in a high risk category, I lived too far from a hospital with a suitable birthing facility and had...


ALBUM REVIEW: Neil Young Songs For Judy "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Neil Young Songs For Judy Shakey Pictures Records/Warner Music In 1976 Neil Young embarked on a North American tour with Crazy Horse. His opening act was himself, raw and acoustic in large auditoriums across the country. Joel Bernstein and Cameron Crowe were along for the ride and when Bernstein was roped in as a guitar Continue reading


The Veronicas Are Headlining Brisbanes Big Gay Day 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Brisbane-born pop duo The Veronicas have been announced as the headliners of this years Big Gay Day street festival in Fortitude Valley. The event, now in its 19th year, will take over The Wickham on Sunday, March 10 and transform the neighbouring street into an inclusive festival to raise money for six local LGBTIQ organisations. ...

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Manus refugee wins international human rights award "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Abdul Aziz Muhamat, a Sudanese refugee unlawfully held for over five years on Manus Island, has won the prestigious Martin Ennals Award, presented in Geneva yesterday, 13 February.

Advertising of the Martin Ennals award on the streets of Geneva

Australias treatment of refugees has again been exposed and condemned on the world stage, said Ian Rintoul, a spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition, It is fantastic that Aziz has been chosen as the 2019 winner of the Martin Ennals award. It is a fantastic answer to Scott Morrisons scaremongering in the aftermath of the medical transfer bill being carried.

Aziz, himself a victim of Australias offshore detention regime, has been recognised for his tireless efforts to defend the human rights of those being abused by the Australian government on Manus. Australia is already known for its abuses of human rights on Manus and Nauru. It will be even more infamous after this.

It is great that the award has been made in Europe where so many politicians are talking openly of adopting the Australian solution rather than upholding the rights of refugees in their own countries.

Details of the award and other finalists (Eren Kskin (Turkey), Marino Cordoba Berrio (Columbia)) can be found here.

Aziz told the award ceremony, This award sheds light on the very cruel refugee policy of the Australian Government. It also brings international attention to the dangers and ill-treatment faced by refugees all over the world, including in countries that claim they uphold the Refugee Convention, he declared.

Dick Oosting, Chair of the Martin Ennals Foundation, said, The Australian Government must meet its international obligations and put an end to these inhumane practices.

Below are photos of (i) Aziz in Geneva outside the UN headquarters; (ii) Aziz with one of the award finalists, Marino Cordoba Berrio, and the director of the ward, Michael Khambatta.


For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713...


A hard day for koalas and protesters "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Dawn Walker at Gibberagee State Forest yesterday. Photo supplied

NSW Greens MP, Dawn Walker has been fined for protesting against a logging operation that has been caught out destroying koala habitat in Gibberagee State Forest, south of Lismore yesterday.

Koalas were the focus of protests on the north coast as part of a National Forest Uprising and Ms Walker was part of a multi-pronged action yesterday that saw protests at Coffs Harbour and Wauchope Forestry Corporation offices, in Gibberagee State Forest (near Whiporie), in Wang Waulk State Forest (near Coolongolook) and at Parliament House in Canberra.

Conservationist Dailan Pugh looking for traces of koalas in Gibberagee State Forest. Photo supplied

NEFA has also obtained satellite imagery showing the destruction of an Area of Local Koala Significance, known as a Koala Hub, in Wang Wauk State Forest on the mid-north coast.

NEFA spokesperson Susie Russell says this destruction is a crime against the future.

This is not an isolated example, she said. Another image shows logging in a Koala Hub at Ingalba State Forest near Kempsey.

No doubt we will find other examples now the technology is becoming more accessible. Logging of koala home ranges has been going on for years across the region, probably across the State.

Ms Rus...


Court battle looms over Mullum retreat centre plan "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Paul Bibby

A Land and Environment Court battle is looming over plans for a sprawling wellness retreat centre and campsite on the edge of Mullumbimby.

The owner of the Coolamon Scenic Drive property, Mark Franklyn, wants to create a retreat complex with a day spa, hall, 12 cabins and 122 campsites on the 16.6 hectare site.

But Byron Council has refused his development application on the grounds of ecological impacts and bushfire risk.

The council also says the proposal is inconsistent with the Byron Local Environment Plan (LEP) which specifies that rural tourism can only be approved if it is small scale.

Mr Franklyn has now appealed this decision to the Land and Environment Court.

In a report to Councils planning committee meeting, council staff recommended in favour of defending the appeal, setting the scene for a what could be a long and costly court battle.

Not defending the appeal will allow it to be determined solely on the applicants case, councils major projects planner, Rob Van Iersel said.

Given the significance of the issues associated with this application, this option is not recommended.

Mr Van Iersel notes in the report that the external solicitors engaged by Council to act on its behalf in the matter provided a fee estimate of $43,900.

Councils General Manager has the authority to pursue legal proceedings on the councils behalf in matters where the cost will not exceed $50,000.

The matter has already come before the courts once, on January 21, when Council was successful in a pre-trial dispute.

While Council deems the current development proposal to be too large, it is a significant reduction in size from Mr Franklyns first application, which involved 239 campsites and a day spa building with a different design.

Both applications were the subject of hundreds of letters of objection from the community while on public exhibition, with the most recent proposal drawing 269 letters of objection and 28 letters of support.

Councils planning committee meeting will consider the matter on February 21.

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Community survey: a mixed report for Byron Council "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Most students get their report cards at the end of term, but Byron Council has been given its marks early this year in the form of results from its bi-annual community satisfaction survey.

And its fair to say there will more than a few things to discuss come parent-teacher night.

Lets start with the good news.

A solid 64 per cent of the 400 respondents to the survey were at least somewhat satisfied with the overall performance of Council over the past two years.

And 68 per cent of residents who made the effort to personally contact Council over that period said they were at least somewhat satisfied with the way their contact was handled.

Unfortunately thats about as good as it gets.

The overall level of satisfaction with the council fell five per cent from the last survey in 2016, which isnt great when you consider that that earlier survey covered one of the most tumultuous periods in the councils recent history.

Satisfaction down

The new satisfaction rating of 2.76 out of 5 is, in the words of the authors of the survey report, significantly lower than the NSW regional benchmark and the all-of-NSW benchmark.

While there was an increase in satisfaction in one area of Councils operations coastal management satisfaction fell in eight other areas, including roads, future planning, tourism management and recycling.

No gold star for guessing which aspect of Councils activities were deemed most important: the regions roads remain at the front of many locals minds.

However, financial management was a somewhat surprising entrant into the top three concerns, with affordable housing close behind, providing yet more evidence that the affordability crisis is really starting to bite.

Sound management

Deputy mayor Michael Lyon said he believed financial management was at the forefront of peoples minds because of the councils recent rate increase.

Through the special rate variation process the backlog of infrastructure became known, Cr Lyon said.

People started to question whether our financial management was sound.



Government grant needed to build Ballinas ocean pool "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Lennox based artist, Mark Waller has created a painting of what an ocean pool at Ballina could look like.

An ocean pool at Ballina has been high on the wish list for locals for many years.

The Ballina Ocean Pool Committee have been working to complete the necessary planning reports over the last four years and have announced that the engineering, ecological, traffic/parking study and community engagement reports have now been completed.

According to proponents, ocean pools provide a safe ocean swimming experience for the whole community. They are free to use, open all year round, have minimal maintenance costs and would be a major attraction for our local area with both residents and tourists.

There has been a wading pool incorporated into the final design for the proposed Ballina ocean pool, along with ramp access into the pool for wheelchairs and those who are less mobile. Now the committee are hoping for a government grant to make the pool a reality.

With the NSW State Elections only six weeks away and the fact that the seat of Ballina is one of the most marginal electorates in the state, the committee say that now is the perfect time to let the candidates know that you support the Ballina Ocean Pool Project.

Organisers are suggesting that if you would vote for an ocean pool, then let the candidates know, by writing to Labor candidate Asren Pugh, Nationals candidate Ben Franklin and Greens candidate Tamara Smith asking for them to support the Ballina Ocean Pool for Shelly Beach rock shelf.

Email addresses are,,

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Dare to be informed: meet the candidates "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The NSW state election is on Saturday March 23, 2019. Photo NSW Electoral Commission

The state election is weeks away and the electorate of Ballina is a marginal seat.

These are exciting times and you have the opportunity to take part in them.

COREM, Bay FM and The Echo are joining together to give you a chance to meet all the candidates for the electorate of Ballina Monday March 18 at the Byron Theatre 6 till 8pm.

This pre-election candidates forum will help get you up to speed on who is planning what and how they plan to do it.

Candidates will give you their pitches before fielding questions.

The question is will this crop of politicians put money on the table, invest in our local expertise, and support the visionaries in our area to lead the country in community renewables and sustainable technologies? Lets make sure they do. Come and experience firsthand the power of community engagement.

Valentines Day forum

If you cant wait until then, or are of a particularly unromantic bent, you can meet three of the Ballina candidates Tamara Smith (Greens), Asren Pugh (Labor), and Ben Franklin (Nationals)  at the Macadamia Castle tonight (Thursday February 14) from 6pm.

The forum will be MCed by local real estate agent and Byron Writers Festival founder Chris Hanley.

Email or sign up on the Facebook events page to attend.

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Tabulam fire burns over 4,000 hectares "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The fire at Tabulam was billowing smoke last night that could be seen over 80 kilometres away in The Channon. Photo Tree Faerie.

The out-of-control bush fire which is burning near the Bruxner Highway, west of Tabulam, has destroyed more than 4,000ha after spreading further since yesterday.

Overnight, the fire has spread quickly on the north-western edge towards Sugarbag Road. The fire has impacted on a number of properties in this area.

Easing conditions has seen the threat to properties in this area reduced. Firefighters continue to work in the area in an effort to slow the spread of the fire.

Yesterday a local woman was charged with starting the fire after attempting to burn rubbish in her yard.

Authorities ask that if you are in the area of Sugarbag Road, continue to monitor conditions and take advice from firefighters on the ground.

If you are in the area of Old Bruxner Road and Paddys Flat Road and Tabulam, continue to monitor the situation. Ensure you know what you will do if the situation changes.

Bruxner Highway is closed between Tambulam Road and Bruxner Road.

An evacuation centre has been established at Bonalbo Bowling Club on Woodenbong Road.

A number of schools are closed on Thursday including Tabulam Public School and Drake Public School.




Take a bus ride to go Car Free "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Ride the bus for free on February 28 to participate in the Car Free project. Photo supplied.

Its not always easy being without a car in the Northern Rivers, but could you go one day without your car?

That is the challenge being laid down by the creators of Car Free Feb in the Northern Rivers this month.

Social Futures Chief Executive Tony Davies said they are teaming up with local bus companies to encourage people to think about alternatives to one-occupant car travel.

We are programmed to jump into the car and drive wherever we need to go in regional areas, said Mr Davies. But sometimes catching a bus, riding a bike, walking or carpooling could be viable options and this is the perfect time to try them out.

Northern Rivers residents are invited to try public transport for free on Thursday 28 February, with seven bus companies from across the region coming on board.

The free public transport day is a great opportunity to give your local bus service a try, says Davies. Theres no need to register, just jump on the bus; transport is free for the whole day.

Tony says that Car Free Feb creates awareness of transport options other than commuting by car with a single occupant. You can also walk, ride, skateboard, scooter or car pool.

There are great prizes to be won including 12-month Premium Spotify vouchers and $120 credit for travel with a participating bus companies to get you where you want to go.

Simply post a picture of yourself going Car Free on the Social Futures Facebook page any day in February to enter.

If you have...


Two charged in Lismore after break-in and pursuit "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Two people will appear in the Lismore Local Court today following a pursuit yesterday.

The pair have have been charged with offences after it is alleged that at around 9am yesterday morning a home at Bungawalbin, south of Lismore, was broken into.

It is alleged the occupant was threatened with a knife before two males fled in a Toyota Yaris, believed to have been stolen from Queensland.

Officers from Richmond Police District were notified and commenced inquiries.

Just after 10.45am, the Toyota Yaris was seen by police travelling north on the Pacific Highway at Broadwater.

The Toyota allegedly failed to stop, and a pursuit was initiated, before being terminated shortly after due to safety concerns.

A second pursuit was initiated when the Toyota was seen travelling west on the Bruxner Highway.

Officers attempted to use road spikes; however, the Toyota continued into the Goonellabah area at Lismore.

The vehicle was abandoned on the highway and two males fled into nearby bushland.

Following an extensive search by officers, with the assistance from Traffic & Highway Patrol Command and the Rescue Squad, two Queensland males, aged 20 and 16 were arrested and taken to Lismore Police Station.

The Keperra (QLD) man has been charged with aggravated break and enter with intent armed, two counts of police pursuit not stop drive dangerously, drive conveyance taken without consent of owner, possess property stolen outside NSW, driver never licensed, negligent driving (no death or grievous bodily harm), drive with unrestrained passenger, enter enclosed land not prescribed premises without lawful excuse, and possess prohibited drug.

The Daisy Hill (QLD) teen has been charged with aggravated break and enter with intent armed, be carried in conveyance taken without consent of owner, enter enclosed land not prescribed premises without lawful excuse, and possess prohibited drug.

Both have been refused bail to appear at Lismore Local Court today.

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1) Over 80 teachers take refuge following exchanges of fire in Papua "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) International award for film about journalism in West Papua
3) 'Violated' Ex Freeport Workers Opens up to President Jokowi

4) Forum SG says Vanuatu position on self-determination issue admirable


1) Over 80 teachers take refuge following exchanges of fire in Papua


Have you seen this man? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

With the possibility that the alleged offender has left the area, police have released CCTV images of a man following investigations into an armed robbery at an ATM in Tamworth on Tuesday (12 February 2019).

A 35-year-old man was using the ATM at a shopping complex on Robert Street just before 4pm, when he was approached from behind.

A man, described as being Caucasian, 18-25 years-old with a slim build, with short brown hair and a tattoo on his right shoulder and wearing a black Everlast singlet, green shorts and black joggers, allegedly threatened the man with a machete and demanded cash.

The man at the ATM complied with the demand before the machete-wielding man left the scene.

Investigators have released CCTV images of a man they believe may be able to assist them with inquiries.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Tamworth police on 6768 2999 or Crime Stoppers.

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000 or Information is treated in strict confidence. The public is reminded not to report crime via NSW Police social media pages.

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Bruns author recounts her life-changing experience "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Emma Scattergood with husband Darryl is back in Byron Shire after ticking off the first bunch of items from the bucket list. Photo Jeff Dawson.

Everyone has a bucket list dont they? Brunswick Heads author Emma Scattergood does.

Emma was introduced to the world of travel when, at the age of one, she was thrown into the back of a motor caravan and transported from England to Australia along the scenic route via Afghanistan and India.

Once planted here, she grew up on a Mullumbimby commune, with all its peace, love and mungbeans, and she became one of the first hippy children to attend Mullum High.

Dreaming of escape

Rather than have a big white wedding, Emma convinced her husband Darryl to elope to Thailand together with their two children. Much to their surprise, they found themselves backpacking through Vietnam and other Asian countries with young children so much like her own childhood.

Emmas passion for travel has never abated, and for the past 20 years a laminated bucket list has lived in her wallet.

Emmas first book Bucket Lists and Walking Sticks explores reasons for having bucket lists, the truth of which Emma and Darryl discovered when a shattering accident left Darryl with life-changing injuries.

Adventure of a lifetime

With their priorities rearranged, Emma and Darryl pulled out the old laminated bucket list and set off on the adventure of a lifetime.

A trip around the world ticking off list items: from drinking Singapore Slings to viewing ancient Petra, kissing Irelands Blarney Stone and looking for the home of Doc Marten.

Meandering throughout Asia and then Europe, Emma describes their adventures on the high seas and in high-speed trains, in mouth watering detail, pulling the reader headlong into the sights, life, culture and beauty of each place they visit.

This j...


Woman charged over Tabulam bushfire "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

As fires continue to burn out of control across the Northern Rivers, a Tabulam woman has been charged in relation to a blaze which has so far burned over 4,000 hectares and destroyed several homes.

Police will allege about 8am yesterday (Wednesday, 13 February) the 40-year-old woman set fire to rubbish located in a large steel container in her backyard.

The fire was then left unattended and proceeded to spread to bushland behind her home.

When the woman discovered the fire had spread, she rang Triple Zero (000) and unsuccessfully attempted to extinguish the flames with a backyard hose.

The woman has been charged with intentionally causing fire and being reckless to its spread and setting fire during a total fire ban.

The woman is due to appear before Casino Local Court on 27 February 2019.

Police are reminding the public that NSW remains the subject of a total state-wide fire ban. If you see any unattended fires please report them quickly to Triple Zero (000).

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How the National Party of Australia attempted to ruin Australias largest river system "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

IMAGE: Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group Ltd.

Former Accountant and banker, Nationals MP for New England (NSW) Barnaby Thomas Gerard Joyce was deputy Prime Minister of Australia from 18.2.2016 to 27.10.2017and again from 6.12.2017 to 26.2.2018
.  He was also Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources from 21.9.2015 to 27.10.2017 and returned as minister once more from 21.9.2015 to 27.10.2017.

This particular politician is likely to go down in history as one of the worst leaders that the National Party of Australia ever had.

The Northern Daily Leader, 9 February 2019:...

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Wednesday, 13 February


Investment strategies in Brisbane property "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Brisbane is a less mature housing market than the largest capital cities, and investors need to take a different approach. 


A Project On The Go "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Some folks go shopping, others read prolifically, but I like to make things. In fact, I realised long ago that Im only happy when I have a project on the go. Over the years, my hobbies (just to name a few) have included papercrafts, kitemaking, counted cross stitch, a brief dabble in screen printing, a []


Cleaner "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Excellent cleaner with keen eye for detail looking to pick up a few extra hours work.

Background in nursing and cross-infection control!



Free "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Preschool kids desk with storage (or coffee table?).

520H x 600W x 1200L. 

Comes with two small chairs. Has scratches, marks but solid and great storage for books under the top. 


For Sale "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Hi Newlanders,

For sale - kids Aasics, great condition.



Statement on the Passage of the Medical Evacuation Bill "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

WACA would like to acknowledge the work of the community - people in detention, activists and advocates - in the passage of the Medical Evacuation Bill.

It is heartening to know that people in need of medical care will now receive medical care, which successive governments have denied them.

Access to health care for all is a basic human right.




Journey Beyond Fear: Documentary reveals refugee familys travails "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

A powerful documentary Journey Beyond Fear shot by a former Benalla woman will screen in Shepparton and Euroa next month in conjunction with Cultural Diversity Week. The Shepparton screening is FREE at GOTAFE, followed by a Q and A session with the filmmakers. Robyn Hughan said she filmed Journey Beyond Fear independently over ... Read more...


Emergency warning issued over Bruxner Highway fire "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The fire swept through Jubullum village yesterday, coming perilously close to houses. Photo NSW Police

Updated, 10pm, Wednesday November 13:  The fire burning to the west of Tabulam continues to burn on the northern and western edge.

It is spreading in bushland near Sugarbag Road and properties are under threat.

Firefighters continue to work in the area in an effort to slow the spread of the fire.

Advice as at 10pm

If you are in the area of Sugarbag Road, it is too late to leave. Seek shelter if the fire impacts on your property or location. Protect yourself from the heat of the fire.

If you are in the area of Old Bruxner Road, Paddys Flat Road or Tabulam, continue to monitor the situation. Ensure you know what you will do if the situation changes.

Bruxner Highway is closed between Tambulam Road and Bruxner Road.

An evacuation centre is being set up at Bonalbo Bowling Club on Woodenbong Road.

A number of schools will be closed on Thursday including Tabulam Public School and Drake Public School.

The Bruxner Highway is now closed in both directions between Tabulam and Tenterfield.

Motorists are advised to avoid the area.

Motorists can consider using the New England Highway, the Gwydir Highway and Summerland Way as an alternative route.

Emergency services and traffic crews remain on site.

Motorists are advised to exercise caution and follow directions of emergency services and traffic crews as conditions can change quickly.

For the latest traffic information, visit

Updated, 2pm, Wednesday November 13: There is an increase in fire activity across the western edge of the Bruxner Highway fire this afternoon, with more than 2,700 hectares burnt out in the last 48 hours.

Strengthening winds are pushing the fire across the Timbarra River in the direction of Ogilvie Drive.

Emergency alert text and phone messages have been sent to people in the area a...


Holiday Inn Bandung Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

As we walked into the lobby at Holiday Inn Pasteur I was so worried. It looks so beautifully clean, stylish and neat. This was not something we were used to and I was concerned our kids would be disturbing all the business people that would be staying here.

The Hige bed in the executive sweet at Holiday Inn Pasteur

People will tell you all the time that the small things are forgotten by big chain hotels, that they are stiffer and lack the friendly, welcoming vibe. I can tell you this is certainly not the case at Holiday Inn Pausteur. It only took a few minutes to realise that this wasnt just a business orientated hotel, families were everywhere enjoying all the amazing facilities this beautiful hotel has to offer. We were going to fit right in.

As apart of our trip through Indonesia we stopped for a holiday in Bandung. As a family who travels with teens and tweens, we stay in all types of accommodation from budget to midrange, from independent to chain hotels. For those of you that dont know, Bandung Indonesia is on the Island of Java and Bandung is the capital city of the West Java province. Bandung for us was a handy break between our train trip from Yogyakarta and Jakarta.

Marley looking at the Bandung skylineMarley looking out of the window at Bandung

Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur

Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur is a four-star hotel in Bandung boasts 278 spacious, comfortable rooms with some amazing facilities that suit family tra...


Council failed to engage community over transport hub, say residents "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Byron Shire Council has been accused of poor community consultation over plans for the proposed Byron Bay transport hub (pictured). Photo supplied

The Byron Bay Residents Group called three times for the opportunity to discuss the proposed transport hub and interchange on exhibition for the site opposite Byron Bay Railway Station. They claim they were actively refused the opportunity to contribute to the proposal.

This is a dreadful indictment on Council, said Paul Jones, president of the Butler Street Community Network.

He claims that Council refused the communitys attempts to engage on the project and that they left residents out of the planning process.

We were blindsided, he said of the latest plans that are on exhibition by Transport for NSW.

Residents called a meeting last week to see how they could be included in the discussion. Both Greens member for Ballina and Labor candidate Asren Pugh attended to hear the communitys concerns.

No right of appeal

According to Mr Jones the only way that the residents now have to contribute is through Heritage NSW.

We have no rights of appeal in relation to the proposal put forward by Transport for NSW, he said.

Our only avenue now is through Heritage NSW because they must give approval for the development to go ahead.

While the residents believe that there are better options for the transport hub they have decided to look at how the bus interchange could be better located in the railway precinct. They are asking for it to be moved 100m north of the currently proposed site.

We are asking for positive intervention that improves both local and traveller experience with moving this site to this new location, he said.

Responding to questions from The Echo MLC Ben Franklin said he had taken advice from Council on what the community wanted in relation to the transport hub and even taking mayor Simon Richardson to Sydney to meet with relevant ministers including minister for Roads Melinda Pavey.

My view is that we worked closely with Council and we have listed to them as the voice of the community, said Mr Franklin.

Pugh tackles Nats

But Labor c...


PENNY ARCADE: The Faghag and Her Friends in the Summer of Love "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Created by Penny Arcade and Steve Zehentner | Conceived, Written and Performed by Penny Arcade | Designed and Directed by Steve Zehentner and Penny Arcade

A new play in development with Richard Jordan Productions.

I am nothing if not the dutiful daughter of New Yorks criminal intellectual, homosexual, psychedelic avant-garde

Penny Arcade is New Yorks undisputed queen of the underground and the grande dame of downtown performance art.

Hot on the heels of Adelaide Fringe sensational revival of Penny Arcades infamous sex and censorship show Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!, Penny returns to Brunswick Picture House after her sell-out appearance in 2016 for an exclusive showing of her newest work, now in progress.

The Faghag and Her Friends in the Summer of Love blends personal memoir and oral history with the rich tapestry of art and criminality that was New Yorks queer underground. From teenager on the mean streets of 1960s New York City, to the stages of The Playhouse of the Ridiculous and into the mythology of Andy Warhols Factory where she became a real-life Superstar, Arcades evocative and aural experience evokes fabulously disenfranchised worlds of queers, junkies, poets and queens, and the magic and memory of the gay men who raised her.

Set in a fomenting time in modern culture, where the ridiculous met the sublime, criminality forged with intellectual innovation, low art met high art and where the outsider status of homosexuality created a threshing ground for unique world views. Presiding over this disappearing world were the old queens: flaming creatures who were self-individuated, erudite and uncompromising.

The Faghag and Her Friends in the Summer of Love travels from 1967 Summer of Love Provincetown; to the gay cafes and night clubs of New York City; to the milieu of New Yorks celebrated demimonde; and later its AIDS ravaged streets: where tragedy and transformation walked hand in hand and created a breeding ground for revolutionary thinking and artistic innovation.

At the peak of her powers after an unbeatable 50-year career, expect Arcades classic blend of trenchant wit and political humanism.

Penny Arcade climbed out of her window at the age of 13 to live on the streets of New York. By the age of 20 she had thrown bricks at the Stonewall Riots and become a darling of Andy Warhols Factory. Part of the counter culture rock n roll circle of Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, and the Velvet Underground, Penny Arcade was named by Quentin Crisp as the woman he most identified with. 50 years since Stonewall and her debut with Andy Warhol and John Vaccaro, Arcade, the little sister of the American avant-garde, remains among the most influential performers in the world.



No agreement reached in West Byron mediation "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Chris Dobney & Aslan Shand

The locals (R&D Group) plan for West Byron. Image supplied

Yesterday the Land and Environment Court (L&EC) conducted a mediation meeting over the West Byron R&D development application (DA) that is currently before them as a deemed refusal.

After the court conducted a site inspection and heard from a range of objectors against the proposal, the developers and Byron Shire Council staff met in closed session for the court ordered mediation.

Back to court

A Council spokesperson told Echonetdaily this morning that as no in-principle agreement could be reached on the expert evidence the conciliation conference was terminated.

The matter will now go to back to the Land and Environment Court for a further directions hearing, the spokespersons said.

The application was last week refused on 20 grounds by the Northern Regional Planning Panel (NRPP previously known as the JRPP).

But L&EC commissioner Paul Adams told those present at the site inspection that the NRPPs decision would have no bearing on the courts decision, according to BayFM journalist Jim Beatson, who attended.

Mr Beatson said the L&EC have made it clear that the court will be judging the case on its merits.

Objections restated

However, key speakers at the mediation, including Dailan Pugh, were able to re-state their arguments against the DA.

They specifically highlighted the fact that the developers had not addressed the causes of concern particularly in relation to the lack of water control and management issues.

Dr Mary Gardners presentation (read by Veda Turner on her behalf) focused particularly on the changed hydrology and water conditions across the West Byron site.

One of the issues since the reports were made eight years ago is that the hydrology across the Byron site is different and it is not clear what the current picture is, according to Ms Gardner.

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to 13 February- Australia climate and nuclear news "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The discussion on climate change is subtly switching from warnings, and debates on, climate change impacts, to adaptation, preparation for those impacts.  What prevents us from thinking meaningfully about climate change.

While all seems quiet on the nuclear front, the nuclear arms race is now grimmer than ever.  Meanwhile angst over nuclear waste continues on both sides of the Atlantic. And I really wish that there were news from secretive Russia and China, about their waste problems.




Sue Higginson, Environmental activist and lawyer in Armidale "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Sunday, 17 Feb; 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. ] A conversation with Sue Higginson Meeting Room, Legacy House, 89 Faulkner Street, Armidale 2350 2-3pm Sunday 17 February, 2019 Sue Higginson is a former CEO and Principal Solicitor of the Environmental Defenders Office NSW. As a litigator, she was responsible for many high profile public interest environmental legal cases; including acting against Rio Tinto, which resulted in their massive open [...] full article 


Royal Commission Denounces Top NAB Executives "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Right before the Conclusion of Volume 1 of his recently released final report, sole banking royal commissioner Kenneth Hayne QC took special aim at the National Australia Bank and specifically made scathing comments about its chief executive Andrew Thorburn and his chair Dr Ken Henry. And as a result, by the end of the last

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Forum SG says Vanuatu position on self-determination issue admirable "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Forum SG says Vanuatu position on self-determination issue admirable

  • 1 hr ago

Dame Meg Taylor, Secretary General, Pacific Islands Forum. Credit: The Pacific Community



Little winner names crane "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"


CRANE NAMES THE CRANE From left, Jacob Crane with his sister, 7-year-old, Lily Shay Crane, who was chosen as the winner of GV Healths name the crane competition. Photo: David Lee.CRANE NAMES THE CRANE From left, Jacob Crane with his sister, 7-year-old, Lily Shay Crane, who was chosen as the winner of GV Healths name the crane competition. Photo: David Lee.

THERE is quite a touching story behind the reason that 7-year-old Airport West resident, Lily Shay Crane was chosen as the winner of GV Healths name the crane competition, with the crane now known as Lilyshay. Lilys grandmother, who lives locally, saw the competition entry and thought it would be fitting for her to enter due to her surname being crane, but the reason she won was actually because of her uncle.


Lilys middle name was given to her in memory of her uncle, Shay who tragically lost his life following a car accident in Mooroopna. He was taken to GV Health then flown to The Alfred in Melbourne where he later passed, but his legacy lives on as his organs were donated and helped to save the lives of seven others.

Lilys little brother, Jacob has a medical condition that sees him attend hospital frequently, and so the family also has an ongoing connection with the medical world.

Lily said, I was so excited when I found out I won. I didnt believe it.

Lilys dad, Gregg Crane said, GV Health has played a big part in our family as both mine and my wifes parents are from the area.

We are excited to now be a part of the re-development at GV Health. Lily was so excited when she was telling me that she won she nearly burst.


Tragic rail crash commemorated 50 years on "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"


THOUSANDS GATHER TO REMEMBER On February 7, 1969 the Southern Aurora overnight express service collided head-on with a freight train near Violet Town injuring 120 and killing nine people. Pictured in this photo is Paul Longhurst being carried out of the wreckage whose son and daughter attended the commemorations. Photo: State Library of Victoria.THOUSANDS GATHER TO REMEMBER On February 7, 1969 the Southern Aurora overnight express service collided head-on with a freight train near Violet Town injuring 120 and killing nine people. Pictured in this photo is Paul Longhurst being carried out of the wreckage whose son and daughter attended the commemorations. Photo: State Library of Victoria.

LAST week was filled with nostalgia at Violet Town with commemorative events taking place to mark the 50th anniversary of the Southern Aurora Rail Crash.


On February 7, 1969 approximately 1km south of Violet Town, the Southern Aurora overnight express service from Sydney to Melbourne collided head-on with a freight train travelling in the opposite direction shortly after 7am. Nine people died, and 120 were injured in the burning entanglement of the high-speed crash.

It was the townspeople of Violet Town, the district and the local emergency services who were pivotal in helping those still living to escape the train wreckage. They held the fire at bay, smashed windows and pulled passengers to safety. The clean up took over a month.

As part of last weeks commemorations, the carriage was brought back to Violet Town and installed centre stage in the Southern Aurora Memorial Garden, which was officially launched.

Southern Aurora Memorial Committee member and local historian, Bruce Cumming said, We were inundated with people from al over Australia. We had about 300 at the vigil service, which was terrific. The museum and art exhibition was complet...


New cohort to be inspired "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

LOOKING FORWARD TO THE YEAR AHEAD Last Friday, this years group of 25 participants in the Fairley Leadership Program kicked off their year with the launch event. From left (back) Leigh Stanbrook, Greg Brooks, Max Allen and Chris Crouch. (Middle), Kitch Robertson, Paul Dainton, Shane Howe, Michelle Frenkel, John Geddes, Melanie Likos, Melissa Hall, Shayne Preer, Amy Marshall, Sarah Clack, Meaghan Thompson, Tara Callingham, David Booth, Rebecca Hearn, Yvette Williams, Daniel Lovell, Cathy Mansfield, Josh Simm and Allan Mitchell. (Front), Rosalind Martin, Matilda Schubert, Fiona Blick and Fatmatta Munu. Photo: Supplied.LOOKING FORWARD TO THE YEAR AHEAD Last Friday, this years group of 25 participants in the Fairley Leadership Program kicked off their year with the launch event. From left (back) Leigh Stanbrook, Greg Brooks, Max Allen and Chris Crouch. (Middle), Kitch Robertson, Paul Dainton, Shane Howe, Michelle Frenkel, John Geddes, Melanie Likos, Melissa Hall, Shayne Preer, Amy Marshall, Sarah Clack, Meaghan Thompson, Tara Callingham, David Booth, Rebecca Hearn, Yvette Williams, Daniel Lovell, Cathy Mansfield, Josh Simm and Allan Mitchell. (Front), Rosalind Martin, Matilda Schubert, Fiona Blick and Fatmatta Munu. Photo: Supplied.

A GROUP of 25 will be taking on a range of activities and events set to challenge, inspire and engage them as they take part in the 23rd Fairley Leadership Program.

Launched last Friday, the new cohort heard from special guest speaker, Committee for Greater Shepparton chair, Rob Priestly with this years participants eagerly looking forward to the 12 regional issue themed seminar days, three skills based days and study tours to Canberra and Melbourne that await them.

Fairley Leadership Program program facilitator, Sandy Gunn said, The success of the Fairley Leadership Program in already producing 550 graduates, who are contributing positively to the Goulburn Murray region is due largely to the support the program receives from the Goulburn Murray community.

We are delighted the Greater Shepparton City Council hosted this year...


Court Blocks Hunter Valley Coal Mine "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim The recent decision by the Land and Environment Court of NSW to reject an application to build a coal mine in the Upper Hunter Valley has been hailed as momentous and is expected to be profoundly influential on future projects which have a significantly adverse impact on the local

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High Street pedestrian crossing installation "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

FROM Friday this week, VicRoads will be installing a signalised pedestrian crossing on High Street between Maude Street and Corio Street.

The works, which are part of VicRoads and Greater Shepparton City Councils $1.2M Shepparton Pedestrian Improvements Project are expected to be completed by April and will see the installation of lights between two sets of traffic lights that are just over 200m apart.

During this work, temporary lane closures on High Street may take place and speed restrictions will also apply, with minor delays possibly experienced.

Regional Roads Victoria acting regional director, Nathan Matthews said, We know that pedestrians are our most vulnerable road users, thats why were providing safer crossing options in the busy and growing Shepparton CBD.

This crossing will give pedestrians a safe place to cross, with the lights acting to slow down drivers including B-Doubles.

Were working with Greater Shepparton City Council to make it safer and easier for pedestrians to get from A to B.


Take your next educational journey "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

THERE IS STILL TIME TO ENROL There is still time to start studying at La Trobe University where you can learn new skills to help you reach your goal, like La Trobe University alumni and Conquest Equipment Technologies finance manager, Joshua Doxey. Photo: Supplied.THERE IS STILL TIME TO ENROL There is still time to start studying at La Trobe University where you can learn new skills to help you reach your goal, like La Trobe University alumni and Conquest Equipment Technologies finance manager, Joshua Doxey. Photo: Supplied.

ARE you looking to make a change or have you always wanted to take your next educational step? Well, its not too late to apply for La Trobe Universitys classes, starting in March.

Full time and part time study options are available in the bachelor of educational studies, bachelor of arts, diploma of arts, bachelor of business, bachelor of business (accounting). There are also options available in bachelor of business (agribusiness), bachelor of business/bachelor of accounting, diploma in business and bachelor of human services/master of social work. Post-graduate options are also available for those with a relevant existing degree or managerial experience, such as a master of business administration.

La Trobe University marketing and engagement advisor, Kristina Marko said, Its not too late to apply for tertiary study in 2019.

Applications can be made directly to the university through our website. We look toward previous study, relevant work or community experience and a students motivation for commencing a course, as part of the application process.

La Trobe University alumni and Conquest Equipment Technologies finance manager, Joshua Doxey said, La Trobe allows people from all walks of life to receive an internationally recognised qualification that provides numerous employment options for their graduates in the local communities and abroad.

To book a one-on-one consultation, visit

Direct applications close on March 11, 2019.


Letters to the Editor 13-02-2019 "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"


Dear Editor,

As we cower under the record heat conditions, drought over vast areas of the country, massive fish deaths in the Darling River, floods in Queensland and wild fire raging in Tasmanian wildness areas scenarios in accord with long standing climate change impacts-nearly all of us acknowledge that we must act now to save our planet. While there are still a few climate sceptics remaining in politics- the time has well past to dump them and move on.

We all must do more, no matter how minute, to combat climate change impacts. We must make it the number one priority to question what we do personally, in our workplaces and in organisations we are involved with -our actions and the impact they have on the planet.

Some of us live really frugal and low impact lives. Unfortunately our overall wealth has led us to live extremely high CO2 emission per capita (nearly the highest in the world). Its time to question the way we live. Why do nearly one million Australians go to Bali annually? It is necessary to be married on the Amalfi coast or for that matter some remote Pacific island rather than in your backyard? Maybe the plan to fly to the Maldives for a cup of real coffee should be reconsidered!

We are all challenged by this wicked problem but must take action now. To quote Winston Churchill, You cannot reason with a tiger when you have your head in its mouth.

We are extremely close to relinquishing our capacity to reason with this unassailable foe unless we change our mindset and forfeit things we dont really need now.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Court




Dear Editor,

I am so happy to read that The Cottage has been allowed to stay open (The Adviser, Wednesday, January 30, 2019).

Many people were against this facility for different reasons, however I believe that any facility that offers to help those who want to help themselves has a positive motive to remain open. Good on you VCAT!

Congratulations to Joshua Simm and staff, plus board members and supportive public who foresaw the advantage of this facility in a large, growing city such as Shepparton, plus surrounding rural areas.

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Dowley



Fiftieth donation milestone reached "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

HELPING SAVE LIVES Shepparton Blood Donor Centre staff members, Di Mark and Jess Casey with local resident, Mathieu Ryan, who made his 50th whole blood donation on Friday last week. Photo: Supplied.HELPING SAVE LIVES Shepparton Blood Donor Centre staff members, Di Mark and Jess Casey with local resident, Mathieu Ryan, who made his 50th whole blood donation on Friday last week. Photo: Supplied.

IT was a bittersweet moment on Friday last week for local resident, Mathieu Ryan, who sat in the Shepparton Blood Donor Centre chair to give whole blood for the fiftieth time.

With one in three Australians needing blood in their lifetime, and only one in 30 currently donating, Mathieu is encouraging the community to roll up their sleeves and give to help save lives.

Mathieu said, I started giving blood because I thought it would be a good way to give back, but when discovered I was O Negative, which makes me a universal donor, I realised how important my blood type was and so I have continued to make regular whole blood and plasma donations.

If you are thinking about donating, I encourage you to go in and do it. Its not scary, doesnt take a lot of time and you get a cookie at the end of it. Try to donate at least oncethat way you can find out if its for you or not.

Shepparton Blood Donor Centre spokespersons said, The Shepparton Blood Donor Centre needs around 90 additional blood donors over the next four weeks.

Many people think road accidents are the primary reason someone may need blood, however cancer patients and those with blood disorders use around 35 percent of all donated blood.

Blood and plasma donors are always needed.

To make an appointment or find out more, phone 13 14 95 or visit


Hitting the water for successful regatta "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

TOUGH COMPETITION The Nagambie Rowing Regatta was a big success at the weekend, with a strong crowd of 2,500 attending to watch 1,500 athletes battle it out on Lake Nagambie. Photo: Supplied.TOUGH COMPETITION The Nagambie Rowing Regatta was a big success at the weekend, with a strong crowd of 2,500 attending to watch 1,500 athletes battle it out on Lake Nagambie. Photo: Supplied.

ALMOST 1,500 athletes from clubs in Victoria and NSW took to Lake Nagambie over the weekend to battle it out on the water as part of this years Nagambie Rowing Regatta.

Over two big days, participants competed in 132 events in front of a 2,500 strong crowd, with Nagambie Rowing Club placing fifth in the final of race 40, fourth in the final of race 133, fourth in heat two of race 119, second in heat two of race 154 and sixth in the final of race 175. Nagambies fastest time was achieved by the Female D Grade Coxed Quad Scull who finished race 175 with a time of 4:07.05.

Shepparton Rowing Club placing fourth in the final of race 130, fourth in heat three of race 117, first in heat two of race 116, second in the final of race 131, second in heat two of race 150, third in the final of race 164, second in the final of race 165, fourth in the final of race 166, first in the final of race 167, fourth in heat two of race 152, first in heat two of race 157 and sixth in the final of race 179. Sheppartons fastest time was achieved by the Male D Grade Coxed Quad Scull who finished race 157 with a time of 3:36.60.


Festival of fishing, food, outdoor lifestyle and family fun "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

DROP A LINE AND WIN Mitch Conndell is eager to drop a line in at Nagambies inaugural GoFish competition, which is set to kick off over the ANZAC Day weekend. Photo: Supplied.DROP A LINE AND WIN Mitch Conndell is eager to drop a line in at Nagambies inaugural GoFish competition, which is set to kick off over the ANZAC Day weekend. Photo: Supplied.

GOFISH Nagambie is Australias richest and largest freshwater fishing tournament and outdoor lifestyle festival. In its inaugural year, the festival will bring Australias favourite outdoor activity, fishing, to the forefront.

The uniquely Australian program of activities runs over the ANZAC Day weekend from April 25 to 28 at the Nagambie Lakes Regatta Centre on the banks of the iconic Goulburn River and Nagambie Lakes; an undiscovered fishing gem.

The highlight of the family-friendly program is the GoFish Nagambie fishing tournament boasting a guaranteed and whopping $500,000 in cash and prizes.

Anglers can choose between boat, bank and kayak and prizes are awarded across each age category and targeted species.

GoFish Nagambie ambassador and freshwater fishing young gun, Rhys Creed is excited about the event because of its attraction to the broader community.

Its set to be the biggest fishing tournament in the country, in one of the best cod fishing locations in Australia its the peoples fishing competition, Rhys said.

The nature of the event and competition means anyone can get out on the water and wet a line.

With the tournament area spanning over 30km of pristine waterways and the river specially stocked with Murray Cod and Golden Perch, fishos will be reeling in metre cods left, right and centre! Youll need to be quick off the mark, this tournament will sell out.

Enter now at


Locals new single release date set "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

FORMER local, singer, Anthony Lucas is set to release his new track tomorrow, just in time for Valentines Day.

Titled Locked on You, the track took Lucas 17 months to perfect and record and is an upbeat pop single featuring popular Australian rapper, Donny Casper.

Lucas said, Im really excited to finally let the song be heard, after working on it for so long.

Its been in the works for over a year and I just hope that my listeners will love it and that all the hard work will have been worth it.

Lucas, who now resides in Melbourne, is also planning a feature tour to promote his new single, pledging that regional areas would be a focus, including Shepparton.

Locked on You can be found at iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and other online music markets.


The East Gippsland Dry Continues "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Tambo River stopped at Bark Sheds (image Lilli Antonoff)

Despite some good showers in Bairnsdale over summer the East Gippsland dry continues. How far it extends into central and south Gippsland I am not aware and without ploughing through the rainfall records I can only assume that it is still fairly dire across Gippsland but with a green flush in many places from the latest rain. The large bushfires that have burned at Rosedale, Walhalla and Timbarra over the last month indicate that the dry is still widespread across our region although they, too, have been subdued by the recent storms.

Another indicator of the dry may be water for irrigation. The Southern Rural Water website states When river, creek and groundwater levels drop, Southern Rural Water often has to introduce rosters, restrictions or bans to ensure a fair distribution of available water to all licence holders. I have been informed that irrigation on the Mitchell River may be about to be banned and that it is currently at Stage 9 one step before a total ban.

Other anecdotal accounts abound.  Some farmers in the Swifts Creek district have been feeding out for 2 years although they have had some good summer rain. Lake Bunga at Lakes Entrance is almost as low as it can be without bursting out into the ocean and draining completely. The latter has only occurred 3 times in the last 30 years after periods of very heavy rainfall. It is also very salty indicating substantial water loss through evaporation.

This illustrates part of the problem of summer rainfall that much more moisture is lost to evaporation and thus greater rainfall is required to make an impression on soil moisture. The rainfall is also often via storms which can result in heavy falls in some areas but varies substantially from place to place. Some time ago I was informed that parts of Glenaladale had missed most of the summer rains although hopefully they got some in the last dump.

Climate change predictions have been clear for many years; that the droughts we experience will be longer and more severe, and that they will often be broken by short periods of heavy rainfall causing floods. Such was the lot of the Omeo district in 1998. And if we need a reminder of what a grand disaster of this sort is like look to western Queensland now.


Australian Tax Office Excess Franking Credits: When people next receive their dividend refund cheque from the government, remember the government has had to borrow that money "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Australian Government's public debt stood at an estimated $541.73 billion and growing on 8 February 2019.

On 8 February 2019 in Sydney economist Stephen Koukoulas made a short three minute statement before the House of Representatives Economics Committee inquiry into the Labor Federal Oppositions policy to eliminate excess franking credits.

Excess franking credits are refundable to a shareholder who receives a dividend but has no tax liability to use those franking credits against. 

It is free money - money for jam - granted to shareholders for the last eighteen years under a Liberal-Nationals federal government tax policy.

By 30 June 2015 these excess franking credit refunds were costing the federal government an est. $2.54 billion annually and, are currently estimated to be costing the Australian Government well in excess of $5.9 billion each year.

Below are the notes Koukoulas used for that oral ...


Australian Marine Life: lovely to look at but do not touch "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

ABC News. 10 February 2019:

A striking blue dragon sea slug, that eats bluebottles and can give a powerful sting, has been washing ashore and capturing the imagination of residents on the north coast of New South Wales.

The unusual, soft-bodied nudibranch is sometimes described as resembling a dragon in flight, a Pokemon or a blue lizard, and goes by the official name of glaucus atlanticus.

Australian Marine Stinger Advisory Service director, Dr Lisa Gershwin, said it was a fascinating little creature..


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Tuesday, 12 February


Vacancy rates in January "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Vacancy rates seasonally lower

Vacancy rates fell everywhere in January, except for Hobart which is already remarkably tight with a vacancy rate of only 0.5 per cent, or 144 vacancies. 

In Sydney the vacancy rate fell from 3.6 per cent to 3.2 per cent in January, but the trend has been strongly higher over the past year as the construction cycle peaks, especially in regions such as Epping and the Hills District, Parramatta, and south-western Sydney. 

Notably Perth is now tightening apace, with a lower vacancy rate than Sydney, while Adelaide looks set to reach a tight rental market some time later this year. 

Brisbane looks set to balance out this year as apartment construction slows down. 

Melbourne is the most interesting market to watch this year, and we're already hearing of multiple tenant applications on inner-ring houses, but the apartment market is often an altogether different story. 


This Week in Melbourne: What's On #633 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Read Online This Week: 12 - 18 February 2019 Newsletter | #633 Whats On this Week in marvellous Melbourne 12th February 2019 to 18th February 2019 Eltham Jazz, Food and Wine Festival Frankston Waterfront Festival Soul Star Festival Down the Rabbit Hole Beer Dinner Valentine Dinner | Bodrum Essendon Ego Expo 2019 Bruthen Blues and Arts Festival Melbourne Zoo Twilights Mickey Mouse Arthouse Eltham Jazz, Food and Wine Festival Saturday 23rd February 2019 - Sunday 24th February 2019 12pm - 11pm Saturday | 11.15am - 6pm Sunday. This free festival, held across Eltham town centre, features over 30 of the best established and up-and-coming jazz, blues, swing and soul acts. Eltham Jazz, Food and Wine Festival | View Program Frankston Waterfront Festival Saturday 16th - Sunday 17th February 2019 | Frankston Waterfront 2 spectacular days of live music beach and water sports market stalls delicious food wine cider and craft beer. Frankston Waterfront Festival 2019 Soul Star Festival Saturday 16th February, 2019 | Royal Exhibition Building Come join the tribe at our summer holistic festival. Soul Star Festival Valentine Dinner | Bodrum Essendon Thursday 14th February 2019 | 5.30pm to late Bodrum Essendon is hosting a special 3 course seafood feast for two. Valentine Dinner | Bodrum Essendon | Book Online Valentines Day: Thursday 14th February 2019 The day to celebrate our love for one another.. Things To Do On Valentines Day | Petals Online Florist Down the Rabbit Hole Beer Dinner Thursday 28 February 2019 | Ludlow Bar and Dining Room Join us on the last day of Summer at Ludlow for a very special Beer Dinner hosted by Craft Beer Ambassador Ryan (Lofty) Loft from White Rabbit Barrel Hall. Indulgences include canapes on arrival followed by a 4 course sit down dinner paired with a selection of White Rabbit beers. Down the Rabbit Hole Beer Dinner | Book Online Ego Expo 2019: Streetwear and Lifestyle Expo Saturday 16th - Sunday 17th February 2019 | Melbourne Exhibition Centre Australias largest streetwear and lifestyle expo returns. Independent and emerging designers showcase their newest in apparel, sneakers and accessories. Ego Expo 2019: Streetwear and Lifestyle Expo Friday Night Live Music Licensed Bayswater venue featuring live music every Friday night. GIG GUIDE Fri 15th - XGenz - Buy Tickets Fri 21st - Back to Scratch - Buy Tickets View Details: Live At London Eleven | Buy Tickets Here Sand Sculpting Exhibition Open Daily 10am - 5pm | Boneo Maze Get in touch with your inner child a...


Morrison defeat a step forward for refugees, now bring them all here "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The news that the Medivac amendments have been carried by the federal parliament is being celebrated on Manus and Nauru, tonight.

There are twenty-five men in PIH hospital in Port Moresby that must be immediately transferred to Australia.

Most of them have been waiting many months for treatment they cannot get in Port Moresby.

Similarly, on Nauru, sick people have been wilfully denied medical treatment, sometimes cases for years.

Now the government must move quickly to respect the Parliaments vote, end their stalling and obstruction, and transfer the sick refugees and asylum seekers to the mainland.

Political interference to prevent medical treatment has cost lives in offshore detention. It was shocking to see Morrison repeat the lies about medical treatment on Manus and Nauru, when the basic facilities cant even provide proper treatment for their local people. Court orders have forced the government to transfer sick people because treatment was not available on Manus or Nauru, said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

Defeating the Morrison government is a step forward for decency and common sense, but now we have to deal with offshore detention itself. It is offshore detention that has robbed years from the lives of everyone sent to Manus and Nauru; has robbed children of a future; and has robbed so many of their mental health.

Offshore detention is not about border protection ; it has always been a political football used by the Coalition government to try and keep itself in power. Labors amendments to the Medivac bill were concessions to the spurious arguments of the government about national security and border protection. They were not necessary, and reflect that Labor remains committed to offshore detention.

The Medivac bill hopefully will see many sick people brought to Australia in the coming days. But the asylum seekers should never have been sent to Manus and Nauru in 2013.

Its time to end the horror of offshore detention and bring all those on Manus and Nauru to Australia where they can get the protection they need.

Refugee Rallies will be held around Australia on Palm Sunday, Sunday 14 April, to to close Manus and Nauru, and call for an end to offshore detention

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713

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1) First ethnic Asmat ordained priest celebrated in the Diocese of Agats, Papua (photos) "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Health Ministry sends 100 units of dengue RDT instruments to Papua


1) First ethnic Asmat ordained priest celebrated in the Diocese of Agats, Papua (photos)

02/11/2019, 15.27
by Mathias Hariyadi

The local bishop, Mgr Aloysius Murwito, also ordained three deacons. Religious vocations in the diocese are rare because of the lack of a minor seminary and ethnic Asmats nomadic lifestyle. Last year, more than 70 children died from measles and malnutrition-related diseases in the area.



The Weekly Times TWT 13th February 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The Weekly Times - TWT - is a campaigning, crusading, truth-seeking, death defying, Aussie battler-aligned, one-eyed-Tiger-led news organisation dedicated to Sydney's north west. This flip book - or digital edition/replica - is the 13th February 2019 edition of TWT. #TWT130219

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The 2019 Tasmanian Fires so far: what has burned and where? "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

An update on what ecological communities have been burnt.

Fires have burnt across huge sections of Tasmania this summer (and some continue to burn despite recent rain and milder conditions). There have been grave fears that fire sensitive vegetation plant communities that will not recover or recover very slowly after fire had been badly impacted by the fires.

An initial analysis (based on the fires up until Feb 5) of what types of vegetation have been burnt so far in this summers fires is heartening. According to Dr Sam Wood, only very small areas of fire sensitive vegetation have been identified as being burnt. The majority of the burned area is comprised of flammable vegetation communities (ie, communities adapted to fires).

Dr Wood and colleagues report that:

We analysed vegetation maps (TASVEG: and the mapped perimeters of the major fires (up to February 5 2019; to determine the proportion of the burned area covered by the dominant vegetation communities in Tasmania (Figure 1; Figure 2). Our analysis does not include unburned patches within the fire perimeter. These will be accounted for in subsequent analyses based on high resolution satellite imagery.

Our analyses show that so far, at least only 3.2% of the total burned area of the 2019 fires in Tasmania is rainforest (Figure 2). This includes fire complexes burning in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, where rainforest accounts for 3.5% (Gell River), 3.7% (Southwest) and 3.9% (Riveaux-Pedder) of burned area (Figure 1). This is consistent with past fires in Tasmanias south-west, where rainforest occupied approximately 6% of total burned area (Wood et al. 2011; Marsden Smedley and Kirkpatrick 2000). Based on our analysis, rainforest types that are known to be particularly vulnerable to fire (King Billy Pine, Pencil Pine) have largely escaped the fires to date (~2 ha burned) but this will need to be confirmed with on-ground reconnaissance.

Of course, the large areas of wet eucalypt forest that have burnt will often contain many species of rainforest or other Gondwanic relic vegetation, so fires in these areas will negatively impact on these species and the distribution of future rainforest. But this initial assessment seems to indicate that the impacts on relic vegetation communities was not as bad as could have occurred.



Logging in the Stirling Alpine Link? "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

A new logging coupe (the Bus Loop coupe) is about to be logged near Mt Stirling. The trees are a mixture of (very old) snowgums, and alpine ash, only some of which is suitable for making sawlogs.

This coupe exists within the area proposed for inclusion in the Stirling Alpine Link (SAL).

The policy of the Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA) regarding Mount Stirling is that land west of the King River, including Mount Stirling and some of the Mansfield State Forest, should be added to the Alpine National Park as a seamless extension. This is referred to as the Stirling Alpine Link.

Both the VNPA and Friends of Mount Stirling take a strong interest in any logging activities within the State Forest sections of the SAL. Both groups believe the planned logging should be cancelled.

We will post updates on the status of the coupe as they become available.


Whataboutism: Avoiding Topics by Raising Irrelevant Ones "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim Whataboutism is a rhetorical manouvre often used by those seeking to avoid the topic at hand, and can frequently be seen in the comments section of articles posted on social media. An example of the technique is where an article bearing the headline Indian Flood Victims Need Help is

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Photos of the "Stop the genocide in West Papua" rally in Sydney today "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Photos of the "Stop the Genocide in West Papua" rally in Sydney today (12 February)

Rallies are taking place around Australia today  in support of the people of Nduga,  
where thousands of people have fled (including over 300 children) to the forest and other towns where some face starvation because the military destroy their food gardens, burn their houses during their security operations, creating internal refugees and leaving the local people traumatised and in fear for the lives.



Indonesian police apologise after video shows Papuan suspect terrorised with a live snake "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

ABC News
Includes video footage

Indonesian police apologise after video shows Papuan suspect terrorised with a live snake

Indonesian police have acknowledged officers terrorised a Papuan man with a live snake, after a video of the incident circulated online showing the man screaming in fear and his interrogator laughing.

Key points: 

  • A human rights lawyer says the snake's use constitutes torture and violates several police policies and local laws 
  • A Papuan independence advocate was put in a cell with a snake in January
  • ...


Pill Testing Kits Available at Pharmacies "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The President of the Australian Medical Associate, Kean Seng Lim, has urged caution following the announcement that a pharmaceutical chain is selling basic kits which test for the presence of popular illicit drugs such as MDMA (ecstacy) and cocaine. A safety measure The Choice Pharmacy group has outlets in Western Sydney, Darwin and Vincentia

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Two Tears in a Bucket "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Travelling Troubadours in the time honoured tradition. Two Tears in a Bucket live on the road, travelling Australia bringing songs of life in all its guts and glory.  A repertoire of original songs and unique interpretations of traditional blues and roots tunes.

Over the last two years they have played and toured from Northern Queensland to Southern Victoria.  In 2017 they recorded their Debut EP at Old Dog Studios in Corndale, NSW with Al Pegg engineering and midwifing the songs.

In 2019 2020 they will be living on the road doing an Australia wide tour and recording there new album. On Stage, when they are playing as a Duo, Nathan Slyde Petersen tears it up on Dobro, Guitar and Banjo while Michelle Fitness keeps a rock solid rhythm on guitar and stomp box add to that two mighty vocals and some of Australias best song writing skills and you have.

 As a Band Nathan and Michelle are joined by the mightiest of backlines, Miss Jodie on Double Bass and backing vocals, Matt Elliott on Drums. Matt and Jodie played on the Two Tears in a Bucket Debut EP



Picnic to save forest postponed "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Campaign: the Mirboo North community continues to fight to save its forest from logging.

AN event to protest the logging of forest north of Mirboo North was postponed.

The Celebrating Our Forests picnic, to be held by the forest preservation group, Preserve Our Forests Steering Committee, was postponed due to Saturdays rain.

Those who were looking forward to attending the event are encouraged to keep an eye out for the rescheduled date, which is yet to be announced.

Our picnic was rained out, but it has not dampened out enthusiasm to protect our beautiful forests, Preserve Our Forests steering committee chair Marg Thomas said.

We have updated our signs and our t-shirts, and we are looking forward to celebrating our forests at a later date.

Activities planned for Saturdays event included rock painting, the Tree of Life, music relating to the natural environment and a story telling of Green Man, Brown Mountain.

Guided tours were also set to take place through the nature reserve.

We had our skilled guides ready to go. These tours would give people a better idea of the native vegetation and our wet and dry forest, Ms Thomas said.


Motorcyclist dies "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

A DROUIN man died after his motorcycle collided with two vehicles at Mirboo North on Sunday.

Road block: emergency services divert traffic at Mirboo North on Sunday, after a motorcyclist was killed during a collision on Strzelecki Highway at the intersection with Darlimurla Road.

Police said the 57 year old was travelling north-east on the Strzelecki Highway when he crashed into the rear of a red Mitsubishi sedan waiting to turn into Darlimurla Road about 10.50am.

Police the motorcyclist then collided with a white Toyota four wheel drive travelling in the opposite direction, driven by a Leongatha man, who was not injured and stopped to help.

The driver of the Mitsubishi a 19 year old woman from Mirboo North was not injured and stopped to assist at the scene.

Two vehicles ahead of the motorcycle avoided the stationary car.

The Strzelecki Highway was closed between Mirboo North and Thorpdale for some time.

Anyone who witnessed the collision or who has dash cam footage is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential crime report at


Petrol leak in Leongatha "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Leaky tank: local CFA and police were called to the Woolworths car park for a washaway incident on Friday afternoon.

It turned out that Leongatha local Caitlin Shiels car leaked petrol, just as shed filled it up with premium unleaded.

The CFA is sometimes called to washaway incidents in conjunction with the SES.

This time, all that was needed was a wipe up and sprinkling of woodchips.


Demons footballers inspire students "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Role model: Melbourne Demons footballer Harrison Petty taught gratitude and leadership to Tarwin Valley Primary School students at Meeniyan last Thursday. Pictured with Harrison at the school are Charlize, Sophie, Matilda and Stacey.

THREE players from the Melbourne Football Club inspired students of Leongatha and Tarwin Valley primary schools students to become excellent leaders on Thursday afternoon.

Sam Frost, Kade Chandler and Oscar McDonald met with the schools Grade 6 leadership team, which included the school, library, arts, languages, ICT (Information Communication Technology), music, environment and sports captains.

The students were challenged to list the qualities of a good leader.

Good sportsmanship, enthusiasm, respectfulness and resilience were identified, which align with the schools values.

Parents and emergency service workers were identified as admirable leaders in the community.

It was excellent for the students to be able to hear this sort of information from their sporting idols, teacher Megan Sargant said.

In Meeniyan last Thursday, students from Tarwin Valley Primary School welcomed Demons footballers Harrison Petty, Max Gawn, Austin Bradtke and Meeniyan Dumbalk United Auskick coordinator Stuart Mackie, teaching gratitude and leadership.

Auskick runs for five to 10 year olds at the Meeniyan Recreation Reserve on Wednesday nights. The sessions aim to be skill based and fun at the same time, with Demons players quick to remind students they themselves started their football careers at Auskick.

Max spoke of the importance of being grateful every day in our lives. He mentioned his dog who smiles at him upon waking each morning and his parents as examples of his gratitude.

Students were given the task of completing a gratitude journal, listing what their favourite things are and why they make them happy.

The AFL requires players contractually to complete a certain amount of hours at schools for community work, community coordinator of educational programs for Melbourne Football Club, Olivia Toms, said.

We have Demons players also attending Shepparton, Foster, Alberton and the Morning Peninsula.

The community clinics teach health and well being in general, focussing on proper diet and gratitude.

The schools have a say with question and answer sessions fostering positive discussions.


Sydney Venue Defiant After Mardi Gras Faith Event Hit With Homophobic Threats "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Sydney concert venue City Recital Hall has called for an end to hate after homophobic trolls threatened the venue for hosting a Mardi Gras event presenting a queer re-imagining of a traditional mass. The choral work Requiem Mass: A Queer Divine Rite is being held as part of the 2019 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi ...

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Green light forLeongatha-Korumburra rail trail "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Done deal: from left, South Gippsland Shire Council CEO Tim Tamlin and Peter Chau, executive general manager property at VicTrack, sign the Heads of Agreement document to enable council to pursue grant funding to extend the Great Southern Rail Trail from Leongatha to Korumburra.

A RAIL trail between Leongatha and Korumburra is closer to becoming a reality.

South Gippsland Shire Council and the State Government agency responsible for rail land, VicTrack, last Thursday came to an agreement that gives council approval to extend the Great Southern Rail Trail from Leongatha to Korumburra, and ultimately to Nyora and beyond.

That is part of a broader plan to continue the trail to Clyde near Cranbourne, with coastal links to the Bass Coast, making it the largest rail trail in Australia.

The Leongatha to Korumburra project now only needs to receive grant funding to proceed.

The announcement has been welcomed by the Leongatha and Korumburra communities.

Last Thursday, council CEO Tim Tamlin signed a Heads of Agreement for the Leongatha to Nyora Rail Corridor with Peter Chau, executive general manager of property at VicTrack.

The Heads of Agreement will eventually be superseded with a lease. The lease is still some time away from being finalised as this stretch of land has proved to be surprisingly complex, Mr Tamlin said.

There have been so many bits and pieces that have been accessed by adjoining landholders over the years and this all needs to be resolved.

Our initial aim was to have a document from VicTrack confirming access to the Leongatha to Korumburra corridor. This would allow council to pursue the establishment of this section without further delay. However, Peter and his team have provided us with a much greater section, all the way to Nyora. This will help us to progress the trail to Nyora and beyond. VicTrack have certainly been a wonderfully proactive team of people to deal with.

Council recently engaged SGS Economics to undertake a cost benefit analysis and economic impact study for an extension of the trail from Leongatha to Clyde, and other connections such as Nyora to Woolamai.

South Gippsland Shire Council is working with Cardinia Shire Council, City of Casey and Bass Coast Shire Council for the extension of the rail trail which could ultimately create a 168km trail from Clyde to Yarram with coastal links to Port Welshpool, Port...


Blessed by the Pope "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Blessed: Leongathas Robyn Yates pictured with her phone and the Pope in Rome, Italy recently.

ON a recent trip to the Italian capital of Rome, Robyn Yates from Leongatha had the most amazing experience: an audience with Pope Francis.

She was joined by husband George, son Dennis, daughter in law Natalie, daughter Lizzy and granddaughter Abbie.

Dennis balloted for tickets (to meet the Pope) before leaving Australia, which in itself was an incredible achievement, Mrs Yates said.

But I was given the golden ticket, which took me right up the front, immediately behind the Cardinals.

After the service, Pope Francis came and talked to us. He is an amazing, humble man and so generous with his time.

As I was leaving, I was given a beautiful, white rosary. It was blessed by the Pope as a keepsake.

Mrs Yates is still pinching herself after such an incredible experience, feeling very blessed.


Tony Abbott Is Trying To Take Credit For Marriage Equality "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been criticised for trying to claim credit for the legalisation of same-sex marriage, despite campaigning against it for years. When all is said and done, I helped to make the thing happen, the former prime minister told The Sydney Morning Herald. I set up the process which opened up ...

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Dancing for dairying "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Starring role: Ava Privitera of Mardan, dressed in dance costumer for a Lisa Pellin Dancers competition, has helped boost spirits within the dairy farming community after her mother Tanya shared a similar photo to a dairying social media page.

A MARDAN girl has helped raise the profile of dairying by combining cows with dancing.

Ava Priviteras mother Tanya took this photo of her daughter dressed in dancing attire on her familys Mardan farm, with their beloved Jersey herd.

The photo was submitted to a competition run by Lisa Pellin Dancers in Leongatha, which invited entrants to strike their best dance pose during the school holidays.

The photo was inspired by the fact Ava is starting to learn her first classical solo and was given The Little Milkmaid role, which is why she involved the cows in practising her solo.

Ava has danced at Lisa Pellin Dancers for four years and loves taking part.

Tanya said, I also used to dance at Lisa Pellin Dancers for seven years so she is continuing the tradition.

She shared a photo of Ava in her dance costume to the Facebook page, Show Some #dairylove, to give farmers a laugh. By last week it had received 875 likes, 60 comments and 32 shares.

The Dairy Love page was started after the Murray Goulburn crisis when so many farmers were left unsure about the future of the industry, and were so worried about whether or not they could continue on in the industry, with the prices farmers receiving hardly covering the costs of running a dairy farm, Tanya said.

I grew up on our dairy farm and for as long as I can remember, its always been my number one passion. I still work on the farm now which my parents run and the highlight is watching my son Levi love and learn about farming.

It runs in his veins for sure but not so much with Ava, hence another reason I thought it was funny with her on the farm in a dance costume and not overalls.

Ava, 6, is in Grade 1 at St Laurences Primary School in Leongatha.


Eight new faces at Poowong "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

New preps: from left, Kelly, Jett and Hugo work to finish their drawings with fellow classmates at Poowong Consolidated School.

POOWONG Consolidated School welcomed 137 primary students back this year with eight new students enrolled.

In addition, the school received four more full-time teachers and three more educational support staff to provide assistance to students and staff across the school.

We welcomed new graduates Amy Rosewarne and Kate Buntine to our school as full time-teachers and gained a previous casual teacher, Caroline Wilson, to full-time. Meredith Birnie joins us as our music specialist program teacher, school administrator Katelyn Drew said.

Kalina Brew and Michelle Turner continue in their role as primary maths specialists, supporting staff and students.

Our specialist program includes PE, music and art. We have a very exciting music production coming up later in the year, so stay tuned, Ms Drew said.

Over the holidays, shade sails at the primary school were replaced over the playgrounds, ground maintenance was undertaken and a few extra air conditioners have been installed, along with a full security upgrade including new alarm system.

The school and students have had a busy start to the year with a rotation day this week aimed at familiarising the community with the schools values. Coming up, the school looks forward to district, division and regional swimming, peer mediation, school photos, swimming trials and pancake day this term.


College hits the ground running "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Dux: Molly Clark received College Dux at Mary MacKillops 2018 Year 12s Achievers Assembly Awards held last week.

WITH new students and staff, an awards ceremony, Year 12 retreat and several other events underway, the beginning of the school year for Mary MacKillop has been anything but dull.

It was great to welcome back to school all those happy smiling faces. Once the students return, the college truly comes to life, principal David Leslie said.

A special welcome to our 118 new Year 7 students and to all the students who have joined us at other year levels as well. We hope your time at Mary MacKillop is happy and successful.

The college held its 2018 Year 12s Achievers Assembly Awards last week.

Twenty awards were presented to high achievers, with Molly Clark receiving College Dux in addition to an Academic Award for Business Management, Physical Education and Psychology.

Congratulations to our graduating class of 2018. They did very well with university offers, apprenticeships and in gaining employment. Many of them will be heading off to commence studies in the next few weeks and many have already started work in their chosen fields. We wish them all well on the next stage of their adventure, Mr Leslie said.

While former Year 12 students celebrated their successes, current Year 12s embarked on a school retreat to Grantville on January 30.

The theme of the retreat was there where you are, you will fine God. Activities during the retreat provided the students with the opportunity to reflect on God and how He is with them wherever they go, including their upcoming and final year of schooling.

Highlights of the trip included gathering around the campfire of a night and spending quality time together, as well as the students performing their own songs on the last night of the camp.

School has started quickly, Mr Leslie said.

We are wishing all our students and families every success as we begin the new year.

Mary MacKillip would also like to congratulate the following award recipients of the2018 Year 12 Achievers Assembly Awards: Rhonda Malone Memorial Bursary Award Chloe Ollington; Cardells Award Emma Carlisle; Leongatha Medical Group Award Ellie Holmes; Academic Award for Art Harriett Ste...


Montanahs brave battle against cancer "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Brave girl: a recent photo of Montanah Dubignon after she admirably tolerated another treatment to remove her brain tumour.

FOUR AND A HALF year old Montanah Dubignon is courageously fighting against a rare and incurable brain cancer.

The former Korumburra girl was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour on July 16, 2018 and has since undergone two surgeries her latest one 16 hours long in an attempt to remove the cancer. 

Montanahs mother, Sarah Dubignon, said the last surgery went well. The entire tumour was successfully removed, however the perimeter, which has roots, was unable to be detached.

Thats where our problem lies. The cancer is microscopic which will grow; we just dont know when, Mrs Dubignon said.

The surgery also resulted in over a quarter of Montanahs brain being removed.

She has memory deficits and has lost peripheral vision in her right eye, Mrs Dubignon said.

When she gets older if she gets older there will be more deficits.

At the moment shes okay. She is four to five weeks past her latest chemotherapy.

Initially doctors informed Sarah and her husband, Jarrod, if they decided not to pursue treatment they would have around three months left with Montanah. If they did take up treatment, they may have a year.

The latest scan results, released on January 30, showed no new growth. Mrs Dubignon was relieved with the news, but said it gives them a false sense of security.

Its been an emotional rollercoaster. The recent scans are tainted by the fact the tumour will grow again, she said.

Its bittersweet. We are just buying time; there is no cure.

Doctors are now saying Montanah has another two to three years but when the tumour grows back, there will be nothing they can do for her.

Montanah has a glioblastoma multiforme. The DNA mutation that drives the tumour growth is incredibly rare and aggressive. She is the only patient with this tumour that the Royal Childrens Hospital has or knows of at the moment, Mrs Dubignon said.

The family relocated from Korumburra to Beaufort just four weeks before Montanahs diagnosis. The bubbly four year old started at Elizabeth Watkin Kindergarten in Beaufort recently and was thrilled to be go...


Team crashes out of Dakar "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Race ready: from left, Steve Riley and co-driver Trevor Hanks prepare to embark on a gruelling drive through some of the harshest and most remote locations of Peru. 

DAIRY FARMER Steve Riley from Nerrena and co-driver Trevor Hanks were forced to prematurely withdraw from the Dakar Rally off road racing event in Peru this January.

Nine days into the race, the duo nose-dived their Holden ute rally car over a sheer sand dune.

Mr Riley was airlifted to Lima Hospital for fear of back trauma. Thankfully, scans revealed no injuries as a result of the impact.

Co-driver Mr Hanks was sore but unharmed and in good spirits despite the incident, according to the drivers team.

The race was fraught with difficulties and saw the team encounter other issues before their accident and official withdrawal.

Eighty kilometres into the marathon stage, the powder of the Peru dunes had worked its way into the clutch on their rally car via spaces around the starter motor and damaged the clutch.

The pair limped the Holden ute back to the highway where they were then towed to Arequipa. After initially believing they wouldnt be able to continue after withdrawing from this stage, the team were elated to find out that they were able to rejoin the race with a penalty.

Unfortunately their time back in the rally was short lived, with their accident occurring shortly after on the morning of January 14.

The Dakar, which comprised of 10 gruelling stages, started on January 6 and concluded on January 16. The 2019 race was the 41st edition of the event.

Victory went to Toby Price in the bike race, Nicolas Cavigliasso took home first place in the quad category, Francisco Chaleco Lpez triumphed after six years of absence with a win in the SxS race, Eduard Nikolaev dominated in the truck race, making the win his fourth title, and Nasser Al-Attiyah conquered in the car category with his third title.

Overall, 179 riders, drivers and crews reached Maddalena beach in Lima, where it all began, to celebrate finishing the punishing race.

While it may not have been the finish driver Steve Riley and co-dri...


Grantville moves on after fire "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

After the fires: a beautiful photo at the Grantville Nature Conservation Reserve from the Kernot Grantville CFA facebook page taken by third lieutenant Allan Kerr.

WHILE the fires at Grantville and Glen Forbes are out, the community is coming together and supporting those in need.

A community meeting was held at the Grantville Transaction Centre on Wednesday, February 6 and provided the community with information about the fire.

Those attending were informed the fire was under control and that it was most likely caused by lightning strike.

Forest Fire Management Victoria is now in control in the fire ground and will continue to patrol and make the area safe.

Wildlife officers will be working in the fire area.

Anyone with concerns regarding water tank contamination or dam water replacement due to the fires should contact Bass Coast Shire Council.

A social worker from Bass Coast Health was on hand last week in Grantville to support residents of Grantville and surrounds impacted by the bushfires.

If you or anyone you know is experiencing distress as a result of the bushfires, please contact the Bass Coast Health social work department by calling 5671 3278, or present in person to the Grantville Transaction Centre during work hours.

During the fires, the Grantville tip was closed but is now open again.

Last week members from Narre Warren, Tyabb and Pearcedale CFA, who are also Critical Incident Support officers visited Grantville and met with local CFA members and offered strategies and support to deal with managing the stress of a fire in their home town.

The Grantville Business and Community Association (GBCA) is in the process of arranging a community Thank-You night and fundraiser at the Grantville Hall on February 22.

The night will be for all community members to come together and share time and their experiences after the recent bushfire at the Grantville Nature Reserve.

All emergency workers and their support organisations will be invited to attend and provide an opportunity to shake their hand and acknowledge their brave and often voluntary efforts in protecting the local community.

A sausage sizzle and cold drinks will be available free for emergency workers and at a small cost to all others, along with other fundraising activities so bring along your cash and gold coins.

The association invites people t...


Join the kids making history to stop climate damage "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Friday, 15 Mar; 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm. ] This is one of those moments when you can feel history being made. On Friday 15 March, thousands of kids across Australia will strike from school to demand our government take urgent action to stop climate damage. Theyre part of a global movement of young people speaking truth to power and showing whats at stake if we [...] full article 


Wharves come alive "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Great to see Howard Smith Wharves near New Farm coming to life.

A development approval has been lodged in New Farm for one of Brisbane's most ambitious ever house developments on Moray Street.

The double block itself sold last year for $11.3 billion. 

Report from The Urban Developer.


The culture of financialised capitalism "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

After the righteous fury that pervaded Royal Commissioner Haynes interim report on the financial system, the final recommendations came as a letdown to everyone (except of course the insiders who bid up bank shares in anticipation of the news).

This ought not to have been a surprise. Hayne correctly identified greed and dishonesty as the key drivers of wrongdoing. But greed (or, more politely, incentive) is the guiding principle of financialised capitalism as is seeking profit to the limits of legality, even when this involves what would ordinarily be called dishonesty. In these circumstances, its unsurprising that those limits are regularly breached, particularly given that most such breaches go undetected, and the few that are detected go largely unpunished.

The financial system is at the core of the problem but, as Bernard Keane observes in Crikey (paywalled, I think) its effects are pervasive. As he says, its not individual industries, its our system. Ross Gittins is also good on this. Even Eugenie Joseph of the Centre for Independent Studies has noticed that there is a big cultural problem here.

The only thing that will change the culture of greed and dishonesty is a reversal of the policies of financial deregulation that produced it.


February 11 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

1822 - Macquarie introduced Bungaree to Governor Brisbane at Georges Head.
I gave him an old Suit of Generals uniforms to dress him out as Chief,writes Macquarie.
Governor Brisbane promised Bungaree and his people a new boat and fishing net. [1]

1900 - King Billy was a ketch that was named after William Lanne, the supposedly last "pure-blood" male Tasmanian aboriginal., left Port Arthur for Hobart on this day; whilst taking water the ship rolled on her beam ends and sank in fifty fathoms. Cap. Madden and his two crew escaped in the dinghy and landed near Cape Raoul, from where they walked to Nubeena. [2]

1939 - In late 1938 Jack Patten had led a delegation of Aborigines Progressive Association members to the German Consulate in Sydney, in protest against the persecution of Jews in NAZI Germany. This had been a coordinated effort between the APA in Sydney and the AAL in Melbourne, producing a protest in each city. These are the only two known protests against the acts of the Kristallnacht in the world.

The efforts of the APA delegates who had attended the German Consulate in Sydney were later distorted in the media, in an article produced by the Dubbo Liberal and Macquarie Advocate. The article published on February 11 in Fergusons home-town newspaper alleged that Patten had led a drunken group of Aboriginal people to the Consulate in a disloyal act, and that the purpose of this evidently is for use as propaganda in Germany. [3]

2015 - The Attorney General tabled the final report of Australian Human Rights Commissions national inquiry into children in immigration detention. The report, The Forgotten Children: National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention 2014, was provided to the Attorney-General on 11 November 2014. The report made sixteen recommendations, including the release into the Australian community as soon as possible of all children and their families detained in onshore detention facilities and on Nauru; an amendment of the Migration Act to limit the detention of children and their parents to a strictly limited period of time necessary to conduct health, identity and security checks; the closure of all detention facilities on Christmas Island and the appointment of an independent guardian to all unaccompanied minors seeking asylum in Australia. [4]

Sources :






A Blue-banded Bee it is not "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

With all the excitement at our place recently about Blue-banded Bees I am seeing them everywhereor so I thought. The insect pictured left (click HERE to see a previous blog about it) is a Sand Wasp (Bembix sp.). As it hurtles past doing its wasp-like thing it superficially looks (and sounds) like a Blue-banded Bee. []


REVIEW: US Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburgs Early Years In On The Basis Of Sex "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Notorious R.B.G., was the second female Justice appointed to the US Supreme Court. She was a lifelong advocate for gender equality and womens rights, the first Supreme Court Justice to officiate at a same-sex wedding and in her 85th year remains on the court despite recent health issues. She deserves an ...

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What the Australian Parliament might look like after May 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The second Newspoll survey of the year polling 1,567 voters was conducted from 7 February to 10 February 2019.

The results were:

Primary vote Labor 39 per cent (up 1 point) to Coalition 37 per cent (unchanged).

Two-party preferred vote Labor 53 (unchanged) to Coalition 47 per cent (unchanged).

The two-party preferred result represents a 31 month long losing streak for the Liberal-Nationals Coalition to date.

If a federal election had been held on 10 February 2019 the swing to Labor would have been 2.5 percent.

This would have given Labor 82 seats in the House of Representatives to the Coalitions 63 seats (Liberal 38, LNP 16, Nationals 9).

Based on these percentages then at the May 2019 fede...


Brazilian Laser Hair Removal: Here Are Five Ways To Prepare (Down There) "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Want to know how to prepare for a blush-free Brazilian? This rather private treatment is one of the most popular among both women and men, and Australian Skin Clinics offer laser hair removal from the face to the toes, and all body areas in between, so we asked the experts. Heres what you need to ...

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New South Wales State of Play February 2019: widespread drought "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The bad news just never ends.

All of New South Wales is drought affected to varying degrees in February 2019, incliuding the Northern Rivers region.


The lies Liberals tell on the subject of aged care "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Australian, 7 February 2019:

Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt was handed a departmental briefing report showing the winners and losers from the Coalitions $2 billion savings drive in the aged-care sector shortly after Scott Morrison announced a royal commission and denied funding cuts.

Documents obtained by The Australian under Freedom of Information laws show the proportion of losers almost tripled to 53 per cent following the budget savings revealed in late 2015.

In the three-year period to 2018, aged-care services that had been classified as winners almost halved to 47 per cent, according to the brief sent to Mr Wyatt.
A series of hot issue briefs, question time briefs and general briefs sent to Mr Wyatt last year acknowledged the budget hit to the Aged Care Funding Instrument which is the basic taxpayer care subsidy paid to all nursing homes together with increasing cost pressures will be putting pressure on the sector.


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Monday, 11 February


This Valentines Day Speak to the trees "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Thursday, 14 Feb; 1:00 pm; ] Valentine's day is coming up! Let's show the trees on campus some love 1pm Ingrid Moses courtyard on Thursday - love letters to the trees. All UNE staff are welcome to come along. This event coincides with the grounding story conference on campus this week. You are invited to listen, write and read: love letters to [...] full article 


ARAG Meeting this Wednesday Waterloo Towers "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Waterloo is about to be redeveloped. Past proposals have included up six towers of between 33 and 40 storeys plus another 11 towers of between 16 and 32 storeys.

Come along and find out more about the latest round of proposals:

7pm Wednesday, 13 Feb,
Alexandria Town Hall,
73 Garden St, Alexandria.


An Artist, Farmer, Scientist and Planner Walk into A Bar "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Friday, 15 Feb; 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. ] Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation Roundtable Oorala lecture theatre, UNE, from 11.30am-12.30pm on Friday 15th February. The Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation was formed as an art cooperative in 2016 to support projects that aim to achieve cultural change in the world. As an entity that has its origins in a fictional depiction of Kandos post-industrial evolution, [...] full article 


Michael Kirby Marries Partner Johan van Vloten On Their 50th Anniversary "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Former High Court judge Michael Kirby and his longtime partner Johan van Vloten have tied the knot on the 50th anniversary of their first meeting. Kirby, who served as a High Court judge from 1996 to 2009, wed van Vloten at a private ceremony at their Sydney home on Monday, with Kirbys brother Donald and ...

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Climate Matters: Reducing Waste One Bag at a Time "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Much of what we eat and drink comes in some kind of plastic packaging.It is estimated one million, single use, plastic bags are used worldwide every minute amounting to a staggering 3.5 million tons of waste per year. Recycling is once again in the spotlight with China recently deciding to no longer accept imports of [...] full article 


Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) (Cobham SAR Services Pty Ltd) Bombardier Challenger 604 Bizjet VH-XNC Pops into Longreach Airport "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Making yet another visit to CQ and at Longreach Airport on Sunday 10 February was Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) (Cobham SAR Services Pty Ltd) Bombardier CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604 bizjet VH-XNC.

VH-XNC seems to be on a training flight and used its registration as its radio callsign and arrived from its Cairns base via some practice search work across the North of the state.  After landing at Longreach Airport and refuelling, VH-XNC then departed on a local flight including more practice search work around Barcaldine.  After another landing at Longreach Airport, VH-XNC is pictured (above) departing back to Cairns but it looked to receive a task and changed radio callsigns to "Rescue 440" before eventually landing back Cairns.

Meanwhile, late on Sunday 10 February, the Queensland Government Airwing (State of Queensland) Raytheon Hawker 850XP bizjet VH-SGY was also noted visiting Longreach Airport.  It had a busy day of flying initially departing Brisbane for Hughenden before also visiting the flood-affected areas of Richmond, Julia Creek, Mount Isa, and Winton.  VH-SGY departed Longreach Airport and returned to Brisbane.

Sincere thanks to local plane spotter Greg W for taking the time to capture and send through this great photo!

Photo taken by Greg Weir 


Free "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"



Varying lengths and widths, premium grade, good for small garden projects! 

Call/text Clare 0421 442 314 pickup Reservoir near Edwardes Lake.



Free "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Free Boori Country Collection change platform and tall boy. 

I have screwed down the change platform to the top so there is 4 screw marks should you not want that bit there. 

Winning bid of $0 takes the lot. 

Thanks, Shannon. 

0418 534 805


Sesame Street Execs New Revelation About Bert And Ernies Relationship "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

An executive on Sesame Street has offered his thoughts on the possibility that Bert and Ernie could be more than just friends, reigniting a long-running debate as the childrens television favourite celebrates its 50th anniversary. Speaking with the Hollywood Reporter, Sesame Workshop Vice President Brown Johnson said people can classify the duos relationship and sexuality ...

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Bronwyn Aether band at the Townie "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Last night in Newtown at the Town Hall hotel. 

Bronwyn Aether with Paul Vassallo, at right on slide, with Professor John Pye on bass and Stan Kadio on drums hidden in the middle


The North West Minerals Province A Better Public Sector Investment than the Capital City "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The North West Minerals Province A Better Public Sector Investment than the Capital City

Guest post by Craig Wilson*

Townsville received the lions share of the media coverage in Australia and around the world from the recent flood events. But north west Queensland was also severely affected. As floodwaters recede, the recovery phase has begun. This recovery in north west Queensland is important not just to those local economies stretching along the Townsville to Mount Isa corridor, but also to the state and national economies and treasuries.

It is often under-recognised just how important these economic centres are, most significantly Mount Isa and the wider North West Minerals Province. For example, the Mount Isa economy sends around $1 billion annually to state and federal treasuries and acts as a service centre to a huge portion of northern Australia. This is an enormously productive part of the country. Income per capita in Mount Isa is close to twice the Queensland average. And Mount Isas economic activity underpins distant economies, Townsville particularly so and, to a not inconsequential extent, Cairns and Brisbane.

Rail Head Area



New Zealands Hilarious Topp Twins Headlining Mardi Gras Kaftan Party "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The Mardi Gras Strictly Kaftan Party is a pool party with a twist, hosted by Dame Jools and Dame Lynda Topp, real dames, and real twin sisters, a pair of yodelling farm girls from rural New Zealand. Wanda DParke spoke to the twins ahead of their return to Australia this Mardi Gras season. Dear Reader, ...

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Brisbane Frontrunners Pay Tribute To Groundbreaking Novelist Patricia Nell Warren "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Tributes have flowed for Patricia Nell Warren, the lesbian author of groundbreaking gay novel The Front Runner, who has died at age 82. The novelist, magazine editor and activist (pictured) is best known for the 1974 book, which centred on the love story between closeted coach Harlan Brown and out runner Billy Sive. The Front ...

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Just Not Australian Artspace challenges contemporary Australian nationhood "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The dichotomy between what is Australian and what is not Australian is explored by a range of Australian artists at Artspace. They look at ethical, moral, social and historical dimensions amongst others. They are largely challenging the colonial narrative and over-laying it with a First Nations reading of it.

For what is now a pejoritive expression, after former Prime Minister, John Howard used it to embody Australian values,  un-Australian is now embraced as complimentary. It is addressed head on by various artists especially Soda Jerk in their brilliant film,Terror Nullius. Being un-Australian is a device that is used for political purposes and  those who are challenging the status quo. As that changes so does its connotations.



More on Bairnsdales Bat Die-off "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

the tragic demise of the Bairnsdale bats is another warning that our warming planet is more than an environmental problem.

Read the full article at Peters website here:


Byron Bay Surf Festival Art Show "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Friday, February 22, 2019 at 5:30 PM 7 PM
Lone Goat Gallery
28 Lawson St, Byron Bay, New South Wales 2481


OPENING 5.30 PM 7.30 PM Friday 22 February

Byron Bay Surf Festival Art Show returns to Lone Goat Gallery for 2019 with a group of 8 hot artists from around the globe and Australia, all on the cutting edge of surfing culture.

Special Surf Festival Opening Hours:
Open 10 AM to 4 PM Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 February



The post Byron Bay Surf Festival Art Show appeared first on Byron Bay Blog.


Brazils President Wants All LGBTIQ Content Erased From School Textbooks "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Brazils president Jair Bolsonaro has said he will remove all content from school textbooks referring to homosexuality, feminism, and violence against women. The newly elected president foreshadowed the move in a pledge on the eve of his inauguration last month, tweeting, One of the goals to get Brazil out of the worst positions in international ...

The post Brazils President Wants All LGBTIQ Content Erased From School Textbooks appeared first on QNews.



 in the  Griffith Journal of Law & Human Dignity


Citizen Science Camp in East Gippsland "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO) will be running citizen science camps in 2019. The first one will happen in far east Gippsland over the Labour Day weekend in March.

GECO says Our award winning citizen science program collects data on threatened wildlife and protected rainforest in areas earmarked for logging. The program has successfully stopped logging in thousands of hectares of forest!

You can get involved and help us protect East Gippslands forests.

Join us at our Autumn camp on the Labour Day long weekend.

When: Saturday 9 March and running until Monday 11 March.

Where: Camping by the beautiful Brodrib River at the Goongerah camp ground.

Check the Facebook page here

Get all the details and RSVP on our website here

Youll gain skills in wildlife spotlighting, using GPS, rainforest survey techniques and experience some of Victorias most spectacular old growth forests.

Many precious forests in East Gippsland are still under threat from logging. We need your help to monitor these forests and prevent the destruction.



Extreme weather in Australia the economic effects : why we need to prepare for this "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Storm-o-nomics: Why Australia should be more prepared for extreme weather, The Conversation, By Matt Wade
February 9, 2019  Another Australian summer has been marked by disasters triggered by extreme weather. Some came out of the blue, like the Townsville floods. Others unfolded gradually, like the droughtafflicting much of eastern Australia.

But theres one characteristic our natural disasters have in common: their high price tag when compared with the rest of the world.

The World Disasters Report 2018, prepared by the Red Cross, found Australia was ranked 10th in the world for the cost of damage caused by disasters between 2008 and 2017. It estimated our disaster damage bill over that decade to be a hefty $US27 billion ($38 billion).

A separate study by London-based charity Christian Aid rated Australias lingering drought as the worlds seventh most costly weather-related disaster of 2018 (between US$5.8 and $9 billion).



Student Anti-Discrimination Bill Could Pass Senate This Week, Greens Say "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Greens senator Janet Rice has said that Labors anti-discrimination bill to protect LGBTIQ students could pass the Senate when parliament resumes this week. Rice told a rally organised by Equality Australia in Melbourne on Saturday she believes support from the crossbench could allow Labors bill, introduced by Senator Penny Wong, to pass its first hurdle. ...

The post Student Anti-Discrimination Bill Could Pass Senate This Week, Greens Say appeared first on QNews.


1) No progress on press freedom, impunity under Jokowis watch "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) BP Die In to bring attention to the white phosphorus used in West Papua
3) Sacked Freeport workers camp out opposite State Palace

1) No progress on press freedom, impunity under Jokowis watch

By Dieqy Hasbi Widhana in Jakarta



Liberals taking yet another leaf out of Donald Trump's election campaign play book "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

During the 2016 US presidential election campaign the Internet was littered with pressure groups which were not who they said they were and whose aims were not those they publicly stated.

Donald Trump and/or his supporters appeared to be behind many of these groups.

It seems the Liberal Party is also forming these faux pressure groups ahead of the 2019 federal election campaign in Australia.......

The Sydney Morning Herald, 7 February 2019:

A lobby group masquerading as a grassroots organisation of disgruntled retirees is actually a network of professional lobbyists involved in the trucking industry and the Liberal Party, with a history of campaigning against Labor government policies.

Defenders of Self-Funded Retirees says it was formed by "hard-working Australians who reject Labor's proposal to impose double taxation and to demonise us". 

However, the association is managed by Liberal Party member and ACT Senate candidate Robert Gunning, along with a numb...


Morrison & Co off to the Australian High Court to defend the indefensible - Centrelink's robo-debt "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Guardian, 6 February 2019:

Centrelink has now wiped, reduced or written off 70,000 robo-debts, new figures show, as the governments automated welfare compliance system scheme faces a landmark court challenge.

Victoria Legal Aid on Wednesday announced a challenge to the way Centrelink evaluates whether a person owes a welfare debt under the $3.7bn system. It will argue the crude calculations created using tax office information are insufficient to assess a persons earnings and, therefore, are unlawful.

Victoria Legal Aids court challenge was also welcomed by the Australian Council of Social Service chief executive Cassandra Goldie, who said the scheme was a devastating abuse of government power..

Alternative Law Journal. Emeritus Professor of Law (Syd Uni) Terry Carney, ...

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Sunday, 10 February


Free "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


This lightweight 24" bike with hybrid-style tyres has been excellent for our family, but has been outgrown.

Unlike the heavy, steel mountain bikes with knobbly tyres typical for a this bike size, it's excellent on road, making for happy riders!

Tahti 0430 127 204 Nth Coburg.



Free "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Free, pick up from Coburg. Small chest freezer.

51 x 81 x 78 high, still working well.

Text 0415 675 585.


Free "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Free domestic sewing machine.

This Globe sewing machine in a metal workhorse, simple mechanical wonderful. Comes with all parts except manual, which can be found online.

Contact Tahti 0430 127204 Nth Coburg.


Chooks! "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


2 brown chickens were seen walking down Jacka St Preston. I saw them as they started walking on the corner with Elizabeth St at about 5:00. Check to see if yours have escaped!


LifeFlight (Aeromed) LearJet 45 Bizjet VH-VVI "Ambulance 451" Back at CQ Airports "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Over the last couple of days, LifeFlight (Aeromed) LearJet 45 bizjet VH-VVI "Ambulance 451" was noted visiting Rockhampton and Mackay Airports.

File photo

Very late on Wednesday 6 February, it arrived into Rockhampton Airport from Brisbane, touching down just after midnight.  Then in the wee small hours of Thursday 7 February, VH-VVI returned to Brisbane.

Then just after midnight on Friday 8 February, VH-VVI was noted arriving into Mackay Airport also from Brisbane.  After around an hour on the ground, it returned to the capital.


Stop the Genocide in West Papua Solidarity Action- February 12 2019, "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Stop the Genocide in West Papua Solidarity Action

On February 12 2019, there will be actions in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Darwin 

to put pressure on the Indonesian government to end its violent occupation of West Papua and 

hold the Australian government accountable for its complicity in the ongoing genocide of indigenous West Papuans.


Indonesian Consulate Sydney

Tuesday, Febr...


Corporate Air / Vee H Aviation Metro 23 VH-VEU Pops into Longreach Airport - Plus More! "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

On Friday 8 February, Corporate Air / Vee H Aviation Metro 23 VH-VEU was noted visiting Longreach Airport.  It looked to be operating a closed charter flight and arrived from Brisbane via Winton.

File photo

After taking on fuel, VH-VEU returned to Brisbane.

Also noted visiting Longreach Airport, also on Friday 8 February, was Nautilus Aviation Bell Helicopter Textron Canada 412EP helicopter VH-ZVP which arrived from Townsville as "Helitack 421".

It is unclear if it departed, however it would seem that both aircraft mentioned here, visited in support of the major flooding now affecting North-West parts of the State.

Meanwhile, noted visiting Mackay Airport, also early on Friday 8 February, was the Queensland Police Service (Airwing) (State of Queensland) Textron Aviation (Cessna) 208B Caravan VH-PQX.  It arrived from and later departed back to Townsville.  I presume it transported additional police personnel to the flood affected region.

Finally, further in response to the growing flood crisis, Australian Defence Force (ADF) helicopters have been noted providing air-drops of fuel and other resources with an Australian Army Boeing CH-47F 'Foxtrot' Chinook helicopter noted at Cloncurry Airport.  While a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Boeing C-17A Globemaster III transport aircraft is expected to arrive into Mount Isa Airport as early as tonight from RAAF Base Amberley to provide a 'hay-drop' to affected farms.

Photo taken by Col B 


Garden Visit to Leelas in Dorrigo "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Thanks to all who made the trek up the mountain for a look-see at Leela's latest efforts. The garden has now become very 3 dimensional and productive. She has been expanding and experimenting; some successes and some failures, and lots of learning!

"It's been a couple of years since some of you last saw my 'toy farm'; I have been busy experimenting and shaping my adventure garden and food forest. Having had some successes with grafting, I have planted new fruit avenues and optimistically snuck a few tropicals into the shrubbery...


A local garden in February 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

When Paul from Barefoot Gardens trims our front hedge it makes such a difference.

New garden
 The removal of the nine years old Panama Berry left a sunny space for Salvias, Turmeric and Amaranth. We have planted a new Panama Berry below our shed. The berries taste like boiled lollies.

Great for green goodness in warmer latitudes.
Chaya Spinach Tree
 Photographed from our deck the top of this 2.5m Chaya Spinach Tree appears like a green mound of green goodness.




The Climate Council recently published a new report - "Weather gone wild: Climate change-fuelled extreme weather in 2018".  It discusses extreme weather globally as well as in Australia.

There are four key findings.

The first is that the past four years have been the four hottest on record for global surface temperature;  this continues a long-term warming trend.  In 2018 the global average surface temperature was between 0.9 and 1.1 degrees celsius above temperatures in the late 19th century.  In Australia last year the surface air temperature was 1.14 degrees celsius above the 1961-1990 average. It was the third hottest year on record. And 2018 was the warmest on record in the oceans, surpassing the previous record set in 2017.

The second finding is that climate change is increasing the frequency and/or severity of extreme weather both globally and in Australia. These extreme events are occurring in an atmosphere that contains more energy than it did 50 years ago.  In 2018 extreme weather included extreme heat in many parts of the Australia, as well as severe bushfires in New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. While intense rainfall led to flooding in north Queensland, southwestern Western Australia and Hobart in Tasmania, southern Australia was in drought.

Events in other parts of the world included intense hurricanes in the United States southeast and record-breaking wildfires in California.  Scandinavia suffered from extreme heat and Sweden had severe fires while drought in South Africa created a water supply crisis in Capetown.

The third finding is that the impacts of extreme weather last year have been both damaging and costly.  Economic losses associated with weather-related disasters are estimated at US $215 billion globally.  In 2018 in Australia insurance payouts  (only a small part of the total costs of extreme weather) were $1.2 billion following major extreme weather events.

And the current eastern Australian drought is likely to cut the country's GDP growth in 2018-19 by 0.75% or up to $12.5 billion.

All of these impacts have resulted in the fourth finding which relates to our nation's lack of an effective climate policy. 

The Climate Council points out that Australia's current climate policy is "an abject failure, with greenhouse gas pollution increasing over the past four years."  What is needed is a policy which drives down emissions across all sectors - electricity, transport, industry, agriculture and land use.  This should be directed to reducing emissions by 45-65% below 2005 levels by 2030 "as recommended by the Climate Change Authority in 2015".

Australia is doing so poorly currently that it will fall short of its much weaker 2030 target of a 26-...


Dave Graney and Clare Moore play Brunswick Picture House "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Dave Graney and Clare Moore are gonna paint up 2019 with a new album called ZIPPA DEEDOO WHAT IS/WAS THAT/THIS?

Its approximately their 30th and is a killer set of rock music. Made properly, like theyve always done. It has eight songs done thirteen ways and ranges from pop gems like Baby I Wish Id Been a Better Pop Star to their homage to Stones Lore in ULTRAKEEF and then the 8 1/2 minute West Coast epic jam that is served up twice that is Is That What You Did?.

They play music drawn from a lifetime in rock n roll culture. They didnt learn their licks in school, they made their own mistakes and set up their own standards.

Whatever they do, whatever they play, they bring their ace game. Their primo strategies. Their stellar grooves and street wise lyrical fire.

Brunswick Picture House, Saturday 30 March. More info and tickets online.

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More on Bairnsdales Bat Die-off "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

A trailer load of carcases (image Shelly Nundra)

Our local throwaway the East Gippsland News (EGN) headlined the recent flying-fox die-off on the front page of the January 30 edition with Bats overcome by Heat. The EGN quoted police sources that the incident had been declared a natural emergency and that the bats are diseased.  Its emphasis was on a natural emergency and natural event. An opponent of the Bairnsdale colony was interviewed without balance from Bairnsdale Friends of Bats and Habitat Gippsland group. There was no mention of the fact that clear-fell logging had reduced both their roosting sites and food supply. Climate change was not mentioned.

There is some basis of fact in the official statements and actions both with regards the natural aspect of the event and disease. But both are misleading in the extreme and the die-off could at no stage be classified as a human or natural emergency. The police statement implied that all the bats were diseased when in fact less than 1% of the bats in Australia carry the lyssavirus and as far as I am aware it has never been detected in the bats in the Bairnsdale colony. Further a bat carrying the virus has to bite someone to transfer the virus.

The probability of a death occurring as a result of lyssavirus from a bat is therefore extremely small and can hardly be called an emergency. The total number of known fatalities from lyssavirus in Australia is exactly three. So you have a far greater chance of being struck by lightning. On the other hand the increasing number of heatwaves making inroads into the flying-fox colonies are also killing humans. The heatwave that preceded and included Black Saturday caused an extra 370 fatalities in south-east Australia, some of whom, no doubt, were resident in Gippsland. So where is the real emergency to be found?

Whether the heatwave that caused the die-off was natural is another matter. Whilst again it is true that we have had heatwaves before with climate change we are now experiencing them as longer, hotter and more frequent events. The temperature at which the bats begin to die is 42 degrees C. For human beings the temperatures at which we begin to die is less, especially when a heatwave over a number of days includes exceptionally high overnight minimum temperatures which prevents the body from recovering from the daytime heat. These temperatures are dry bulb temperatures.

I have written...


This torture has features of racism: Police use snake to interrogate Papuan "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"
This torture has features of racism: Police use snake to interrogate Papuan

News Desk The Jakarta Post
Jakarta   /   Sat, February 9, 2019   /   05:50 pm
The Papua Police have apologized for wrapping a snake around a native Papuan they suspected of theft.

A still from a video showing the police interrogation of a man suspected of theft in Wamena, Papua. (JP/File)


SHOCK ANNOUNCEMENT: Richard Quinn to contest Lane Cove "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

HUNTERS HILL Emeritus Mayor Richard Quinn will run as a independent candidate for the seat of Lane Cove during next months state election.

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Former banker and now Australian Treasurer promises market sensitive Banking & Finance Royal Commission final report would not leak - then it did "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

On 1 February 2019 the Commissioner, Kenneth Haynes, submitted his final report on the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry to the Governor-General of Australia.

Then this happened...... 

The New Daily, 5 February 2019:

Last week Josh Frydenberg guaranteed the royal commissions final report would not leak while the government sat on it for three days.

About $22 million says that guarantee wasnt worth anything.

The welter of news in Kenneth Haynes report has tended to overshadow what appears to be some rather obvious insider trading.



And now for some good news...... "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

David Morris, CEO of EDO NSW: Our argument was based on science, economics and we argued - the proper application of the law. The climate contention as a ground for refusing this mine was innovative; the first time climate change has been addressed this way in an Australian court using the concept of a carbon budget as its basis.
Like so many great ideas its strength was its simplicity. While there was lots of necessary evidence and discussion about the carbon budget, geopolitical climate policy and Australias legal framework for climate change, ultimately our argument was simple:  if you accept the science, then the local legal framework compels you to refuse the mine because its clearly not in the public interest to increase emissions.
As Professor Steffen said its one atmosphere, its one climate system, its one planet - and so we need to start thinking more carefully about the net effect of wherever coal is burnt, or oil or gas The projects contribution to cumulative climate change impacts means that its approval would be inequitable for current and future generations. ...


A LESSON IN LISTENING "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

This isnt an allegorical tale Ive just made up as some kind of preachy lesson

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Whos this Angry Train Guy and whats his deal? Who better to answer that than the man himself

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Saturday, 09 February


DRAWING A LINE ON THE STREET "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Youre not getting me. You need more fuel

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Groundhog day is here - and so is Pete as he carries on telling you what you should do!

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DOGGIES WOMEN LAUNCH SEASON 3.0 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

The successful AFLW 2018 campaign will make many hope of continued glory

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TBM Bella is in the process of being assembled at the northern portal in Footscray

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BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINER "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

We encourage our community to BYOC into LoveLuvo to fill with our LoveLuvo plant-based body products

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Many young people become disengaged with study and training during high school and beyond




Now, were all Seddonites, previously Belgravia apparently, or old Footscray, depending who you talk to and how long theyve lived here

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DADS: BRUSH UP ON THE GIRLY STUFF "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Weve always answered their questions about it, and explained the difference between a boys genitals and a girls

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1) 320 children take refuge in Jayawijaya due to firefights in Nduga "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Polish Man's Treason Trial Spotlights Indonesia's Papua Problem

1) 320 children take refuge in Jayawijaya due to firefights in Nduga
Reporter: Antara  2 hours ago...


Recommendation Sought "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Hi, All.

We are about to change over to the NBN and would like to know how it's gone for others. Is there a supplier we should avoid? Is there one that's been good?

Please email Mel on



For Sale "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Dear Newlanders,

We are emptying our granny flat and there are 3 items for sale. The money will be donated to the charity Food Bank ( So please make a fair offer if you are interested.



Zest Hotel in Jogjakarta "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Flying in from Bali we landed in Yogjakarta mid-afternoon. As a family who travels with teens and tweens, we stay in all types of accommodation from budget to midrange, from independent to chain hotels. We need to have rooms that can provide for us all and where we can be close together if we have to have seperate bedrooms.

This is something that always worries Rebecca when we travel. During our current trip we had the chance to stay at the Zest Hotel In Yogjakarta which caters for larger families. Yogyakarta is the capital of the Yogyakarta Special Region. 

The citys population was 422,732 people and is located in Central Java. When looking for hotels in Yogjakarta we came across Zest.  Zest Hotels are positioning themselves to become a renowned budget hotel brand in Asia, and they are doing a magnificent job at it too.

They offer a fresh and crisp experience for budget travellers but budget doesnt have to mean you are not provided with a brilliant place to stay with all the mod-cons you would expect. We decided to give Zest a go and see what they offer budget travellers of all types. Yes, budget travellers that is what Wyld Family Travel is all about.

Is Zest the best budget hotel Jogjakarta?

Front of Zest hotel in YogjakartaWelcome to your accommodation in Yogjakarta

You will find 106 rooms at Zest Yogjakarta all comfortable and welcoming for singles, couples and families. I loved the fresh bright colours that greeted us and that were all through the hotel. Our rooms were all bright and welcoming from the fresh yellows, greens and orange colour scheme so even with the blinds down the rooms were still bright and cheerful. The rooms at Zest are 18 square meters and pack in everything you need.  At Zest you will find the essentials at a great price such as

  • Queen/Twin beds and sofa bed
  • 32 LCD TV with cable/satellite channels
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet access
  • In-room universal adapter
  • Swimming Pool
  • Blackout curtains
  • Writing desk (as bloggers we appreciate this) with plenty of power plugs for all of your equipment.
  • Individual air conditioning for each room
  • Interconnecting rooms available for families (That is us!)...


The Beasts The Northern, Byron Bay "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Former Beasts of Bourbon Kim Salmon, Charlie Owen, Boris Sujdovic, Tony Pola and Tex Perkins reinvent themselves in a recorded project entitled The Beasts Still Here.

Performing tracks from the new album Still Here and the Beasts Of Bourbon classics.

The Beasts play The Northern on Friday 1 March, tickets available online.

After an emotional final performance with the Beasts of Bourbon, Tex Perkins thought of getting the bands members, past and present into a recording studio just to celebrate the band and see what resulted.

Sadly, bassist Brian Hooper died a week after the show.

But weeks later former Beasts Charlie Owen, Boris Sujdovic, Tony Pola, Spencer Jones, Kim Salmon and Tex Perkins assembled without a plan, save for the crazy M.O. employed back in 1983 when the Beasts first recorded The Axemans Jazz in that fateful 8 hour session. As back then, they went at it!

Songs werent so much learned as ideas thrown together and recorded the moment they coalesced.

The result is a collection of pieces with names like Pearls Before Swine, My Shits Fucked Up, Drunk On A Train and On My Back in a raucous celebration of their own Beastliness.

Spencer was sadly only around long enough to make it onto one track .

But what a track witty observations from the hospital bed entitled At The Hospital.

This isnt The Beasts of Bourbon. It would need to have Jonesy on every track to be that!

But loudly and proudly this is:

the Beasts Still Here

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For Sale "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Music cassettes - yours for $2 each or offer!

John Mellancamp Whenever we wanted
Jesus Christ superstar 1992 Australian cast
Mink de Ville  Le chat bleu
The Jam  Sound affects


For Sale "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


2 tickets to Disco A Go Go.
Sat 9th at Night Cat. 

$30 total. 
Pick up from 7pm on the day from COBURG NORTH.



Free "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Cap closes fine. Internal spout has fallen inside. 
Pick up near Regent station Melisa 0407 934 525.



Recommendation Sought "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"



Hello lovely folk. Can anyone recommend a physiotherapist/exercise physiotherapist? For hypermobile arthritic knees. Looking for someone who works with you, as you are. Beyond the textbook exercise program.

Thanks Melisa 0407 934 525.   


In which the pond stays true to prattling Polonius ... "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Serious question?

The pond was astonished that anyone would dare question the importance of Polonius and his prattle.

Now it's true that the reptiles are useful for many things. The pond wouldn't have known that a state election in NSW was rapidly approaching, if it hadn't been for the lizards of Oz doing their reliable impression of Pravda


Brave Andrew Clennell, doing toady duty for the weekend such a visionary, so capable, what a great tram project, how smooth it was last night at Sydney airport, how wise it is to tear down stadiums and tear up suburbs to build gigantic roads and cloverleafs evocative of all that was great in LA in the 1950s

Why it almost brought a tear to the pond's eye ...

And then there was Lloydie doing the weather and a scoundrel doing patriotism, it being the first refuge



A Lesson in Light "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

The topic of beetles has been getting a bit of a flogging on this website lately.  At the moment they are out in force, feeding on nectar-bearing flowers. The Stag Beetle pictured left (Lamprima sp.) is one of these. It is stunning and its visual appearance is due to two different processes of light. A []


War in West Papua "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"
 The Saturday Paper
West Papuan rebels have declared their province a war zone and appealed to the United Nations for assistance, as they vow to violently resist Indonesian rule until independence talks are entered into. By John Martinkus.

War in West Papua
John Martinkus  is a foreign correspondent and author.

There is a new war on Australias doorstep. After 57 years of sporadic fighting, military crackdowns, killings and detentions by the Indonesian authorities against the West Papuans, the Free West Papua Movement (OPM) last week declared war on the Indonesian government. Speaking in Papua New Guineas capital, Port Moresby, its chairman, Jeffrey Bomanak, said fighting wouldnt end until Indonesia came to the negotiating table to discuss independence for the West Papua region.
In a statement released after the press conference, Bomanak urged the colonial Indonesian forces, military and police, to respect and obey the international laws of war, and respect the war zones determined by the [National Liberation Army of West Papua (TPNPB), the armed wing of the OPM]. As the situation is becoming more desperate by the day for the people of West Papua, he added, the OPM makes an urgent appeal to the United Nations Secretary-General.

This escalation of the independence movement, one of the worlds longest-r...


Tweet of the Week "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

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Friday, 08 February


Greater Glider find exposes failed government survey program "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Rare and threatened Greater Gliders have been found by community surveys at Granite Mountain on the Errinundra plateau this week. The old growth forest has been at the centre of controversy since logging begun in late January.

Over 4000 people have emailed Premier Daniel Andrews calling on him to act to stop the logging and protect East Gippsland's forests. Direct action group Forest conservation Victoria established a blockade of the forest on Monday that has stopped logging for the past 5 days. 


1) Indonesia: Free Three Papuan Activists "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Journey to the east? The rebalancing of Indonesias force structure
human Rights Watch
1) Indonesia: Free Three Papuan Activists 
Arrests for Peaceful Protest Highlights Police Abuse of Treason Laws
February 8, 2019 7:00PM EST
(Jakarta)  Indonesian authorities should release and drop treason charges against three Papuan activists for peaceful advocacy in the Papua mining town of Timika, Human Rights Watch said today. The Indonesian government is currently imprisoning at least nine people from Papua and the Moluccan Islands for exercising their rights to freedom of expression.

Yanto Awerkion (far left) detained in the Timika police station in September 2017 for his role in organizing a petition calling o...


Interfaith is a Verb "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

My journey with religion and interfaith started before I was born. I am the child of parents who are culturally, racially, and religiously different. My mother is an Afro-Canadian Christian, and my father is an Indo-Guyanese Muslim. Starting with my culturally mixed background and upbringing, my entire life has been about embracing and learning differences ... Read more...


Bendigo: 2019 Annual Interfaith Forum and Dinner "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

As part of the 2018 Bendigo Zinda Festival, Bendigo Interfaith Council will hold a Forum and Dinner at the All Seasons Conservatory on Thursday, March 21 at 6:30 PM 9:30 PM. Guest speaker will be Sherene Hassan OAM, Education Director of the Islamic Museum of Australia.   Bendigo Interfaith Council is pleased to announce ... Read more...


Join us for the Report to Community "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

The ARC Justice Board of Directors invites you to our Annual Report to Community. Well share information about our work across regional Victoria in child protection, family violence, family law, tenancy and some key projects that commenced in 2018.The event will be held at 121 View Street, Bendigo on Wednesday 20 February 2019.RSVP by 15 February 2019 to



NSWs inaction on horses causing problems in ACT "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Have you ever lived next to a bad neighbour who doesnt care how their actions impacts on you? If so, then you probably know how Victoria and the ACT feel about NSWs unwillingness to control the herds of wild horses that range in the Snowy Mountains.

The enormous environmental impacts of wild horses are widely documented. In spite of this, the NSW government has aligned itself with the brumby lobby, which wants to keep wild horses in the Kosciuszko national park for cultural reasons. They have legislated to protect the horses from culling. Given that there is no fence between the mountains in NSW and adjoining states, this negligence is impacting Victoria and the ACT.

In Victoria, the Andrews government released a long-term plan to protect the Alpine National Park from the threat of feral horses.

The Protection of the Alpine National Park Feral Horse Strategic Plan 2018-2021 aims to radically reduce wild horse numbers in the park. In announcing the plan, Minister DAmbrosio said feral horses cannot be allowed to run rampant in the Alpine national park their hard hooves damage the precious environment and destroy the habitats of threatened species.

According to the Victorian government, there are an estimated 2,500 feral horses in Victorias eastern alps, causing significant damage to threatened plant and wildlife species within the Alpine National Park.

Under the Victorian governments plan, the primary control technique will be to trap feral horses and rehome as many as possible. Those that cannot be rehomed will be humanely euthanised.

Under the plan, the government intends to remove up to 400 feral horses a year for three years from the eastern alps, where as many as 2,500 of the animals are causing significant damage to threatened plant and animal species. A smaller population of 80 to 100 horses in the Bogong high plains will be removed entirely.

Now, concerns over the growing population of feral horses in NSW near the ACT border has led the ACT government to declare the wetlands in Namadgi National Park endangered.

According to a report in The Canberra Times, the high-country wetlands provid...


Screenworks feeling the love in Ballina "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Lisa OMeara (Programs & Operations Manager, Screenworks), Mayor David
Wright, Ken Crouch (CEO, Screenworks) and Simon Scott (Strategic Planner, Ballina Shire Council). Photo supplied.

Having made the move from Byron to Ballina, Screenworks is feeling the love for filmmaking in their new home.

Screenworks only recently relocated their growing business to Ballina and already, in support of a flourishing film and media industry, Ballina Shire Council has signed up as a funding partner of Screenworks upcoming seminar The Business of Producing. 

Screenworks CEO Ken Crouch says the seminar, previously held in Byron Bay, is now in its fourth year and will see over 150 visitors converge on Ballina for three days of networking and hearing from industry experts about the practicalities of getting their films to screen or other platforms.

The seminar attracts producers at all stages of their careers, he says. It is ideal for early career screen producers, content creators and anyone seeking a career in film and television to connect with some of Australias best producers and film executives.

Crouch says its encouraging to have Ballina Shire Council as a financial supporter and demonstrates their confidence in what Screenworks are trying to achieve for the local film industry..

The Ballina Shire Economic Development Strategy identifies entertainment and creative industries as key industry sectors. A study by the Regional Australia Institute identified the region as having a greater prevalence of creative occupations such as media and arts.

Mayor David Wright said that often when we think of economic development we focus on the more conventional industries such as construction and tourism.  He says that there is untapped potential in the creative industries that can contribute significantly t...


TWT-backed people-power saves Olympic rink "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

A TWT-backed, people-powered campaign has achieved a cool victory after developer, AMP Capital, today announced it would keep the Olympic-sized ice rink which had been under threat in its redevelopment plans.

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Chickens coming home to roost for Australian Treasurer and former banker Josh Frydenberg "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

When a Liberal Treasurer and former banker meets with a royal commissioner whose banking and finance inquiry he (along with the rest of the Turnbull-Morrison Government) tried to nobble.................

The Sydney Morning, 1 February 2019:

Its known, in the game, as a picture opportunity.

Politician on the make meets constituent/kiddie/moviestar/public figure, hands are grasped, big smiles, cameras whir, flashes pop and the happy little circus moves on.
Sometimes, it doesnt work so well. The kiddie bursts into tears. Sometimes, its a bust. The movie stars smile is so radiant the politician may as well have stayed in bed.

And then theres the day the Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, met the royal commissioner, Kenneth Hayne.


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Thursday, 07 February


Student Biryani ~ Pakistani, Surry Hills "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Off all the joints we've loitered around, few have quite the cult following that Student Biryani enjoys. Since 1969 they've been dishing out plates of fluffy rice and nan across Pakistan and more recently in Auburn. Surry Hills, it's your turn. The strip along Cleveland St has long hosted many fine Indian restos and Turkish pide joints. The petrol station across the road is a magnet for


New England Writers' Centre You Tube Channel - an introduction to publishing and writing at the smaller independent end "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Sophie Masson, French Australian writer and chair, New England Writers' Centre
I received an email today from Sophie Masson, writer and chair of the New England Writers' Centre. The heading to the letter email read: "Watch great interviews with fantastic Pitch Independent publishers on the brand-new NEWC You Tube channel!

The email went on:
Dear members, 
A new year, and we have a new and exciting initiative! The brand-new New England Writers' Centre You Tube channel is now up and running, and features 13 fantastic interviews with 12 of the fabulous publishers and editors who visited our region during Pitch Independent in August last year. There's also a video interview with Michael Webster, Chair of the Small Press Network, who also travelled to Armidale specifically for Pitch Independent, from his base in Melbourne. 
The School of Arts in the Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education(HASSE) at UNE partnered with us in Pitch Independent, with the Small Press Network giving in-kind support. Dr Ariella van Luyn and Dr Beck Wise of UNE, who work within its Writing program, interviewed, recorded and edited the interviews, with the approval of all the interviewees. Many thanks to them for all their hard work, and to all our Pitch Independent for giving so generously of their time and expertise. 
This is an absolutely fantastic resource not only for NEWC and our region's writers and illustrators, but also for anyone interested in the publishing industry in Australia and its thriving small and independent sector. 
So head over to the channel, and have a look and a listen, there is much to enjoy and learn:
I did indeed the new channel and think that it is valuable. I think, too, that it illustrates a little of the variety in modern writing, in part because of the thing the series misses out. We live in a world that ha...


Ocean Film Festival World Tour Byron Theatre 7 March 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

With a vision to mesmerise and captivate, the Ocean Film Festival World Tour showcases more than two hours of sublime footage taken above and below the waters surface.

Featuring all new films this carefully curated selection of short films document the beauty and power of the ocean, and celebrate the divers, surfers, swimmers and oceanographers who live for the seas salt spray; who chase the crests of waves; and who marvel at the mysteries of the big blue.

The films feature captivating cinematography, complete with awe-inspiring underwater scenes and fast-paced wave sequences that have been captured from unbelievable vantage points.

Inspiring and thought-provoking, the Ocean Film Festival World Tour is filled with moving footage, touching interviews and insightful narrations. Each of the festivals films conveys a deep respect and appreciation for the worlds oceans and the creatures that call them home.

Byron Theatre, Thursday 7 March, 7pm 10pm
Find out more at

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February 7 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

1788 - The Colony of New South Wales was formally proclaimed. The official ceremony was performed by Judge-Advocate David Collins and marked the effective commencement of the British colony. Captain Arthur Phillip assumed the Office of Governor.

1803 - Charles Grimes Survey Party went up the Yarra to a creek, believed to be Gardiners Creek, where they saw local Boonwurrung people.

1841 - Munangabum was an influential clan head of the Liarga balug and Spiritual Leader or neyerneyemeet of the Djadja wurrung. Munangabum was shot and wounded by settlers on this day while his companion Gondiurmin died at 14 Mile Creek (or Far Creek later Glen Mona station) on Bet Bet Creek, west of Maryborough, Victoria.
Three settlers were later apprehended and tried on 18 May 1841 but were acquitted for want of evidence as Kooris could not give evidence in courts of law.

1851 -The Perth Gazette and Independent Journal of Politics and News published on its front cover the "Annual Reports of The Guardians of Aborigines[sic] "
ual Reports of the Guardians of Aborigines.
1868 - Constable William Griffis (WA) was speared at Nickol Bay Roebourne.

1872 - Madame Ghurka, the Queen of fortune tellers aka Julia Gibson, was dropped off by the stork.
Read her colourful life story HERE

1890 - We dratted women were getting in everywhere, even in the doctorin' game when Dr Emma Constance Stone became the first registered female doctor in Oz.

1939 - Published in the Sydney Daily Mail was a headline Nazis Behind Panic, which alleged that the exodus of the Koori community from Cummeragunja had manifested as an act in support of the German press, to provide it with material to further Nazi claims for the return of colonies.
Jack Patten, a leader of the Cummeragunja walk-off later sued the Sydney Daily Mail for libel, but without success.

1944 - Esther Gwendolyn (Stella) Bowen became the second woman war artist to be appointed by the Australian government. This was arduous and often distressing work; some portraits of Royal Australian Air Force bomber crews based in England had to be finished with the aid of photographs. The Australian War Memorial, Canberra, holds forty-six of her wartime oils and pencil drawings.

1967 - Distinguished Aboriginal author and inventor David Unaipon died at Tailem Bend. His achievements were later commemorated by the national David Unaipon Award for Aboriginal writers, instituted in 1988, and by his portrait, featured on one side of the $50 note, first issued in 1995.

1972 - Gough....


The Weekly Times TWT 6th February 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The Weekly Times - TWT - is a campaigning, crusading, truth-seeking, death defying, Aussie battler-aligned, one-eyed-Tiger-led news organisation dedicated to Sydney's north west. This flip book - or digital edition/replica - is the 6th February 2019 edition of TWT. #TWT060219

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Wednesday, 06 February


Tourist In My Town "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

I spent some time on the weekend as a tour guide for some friends visiting from the US. On Saturday,Continue Reading


Federal Election Predictions "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Tonight I went to an event a Twitter in Sydney about the federal election, with an awesome panel including peopleContinue Reading


Housing transactions dry up too; car sales tanking "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Stock, stock everywhere...

Property transactions dried up in the latter part of 2018, and stock listings are now starting to pile up as existing listings aren't absorbed. 

In Melbourne listings are up 42.3 per cent from a year earlier.

New car sales also tanked, including business buyer activity.

You never really know if the economy is in recession until after it's already happening, but recessionary conditions increasingly seem to be creeping in. 

RBA Governor Lowe will deliver a speech today on the year ahead in Sydney, which will be an interesting listen or read.

Lowe will almost certainly stress low unemployment rates, which is good, but growth in hours worked has been far more subdued, and what's of more concern are the leading indicators. 


Dom "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Welcome to the guitar wizardry and musical magic that is Dom.

An award-winning international street theatre performer for over 25 years, in 2005 Dom withdrew from the world of juggling & one-liners to return to his first love the guitar.

Using just a solid body nylon string guitar and incorporating elements of jazz, flamenco, folk, gypsy jazz, classical & acoustic blues, Dom has created a unique instrumental hybrid sound & blended it with his own melodic imagination to create a stunning repertoire that simply entrances audiences everywhere.

A master at transforming an urban plaza, market or festival setting into a wondrous harmonious space with just the pure beauty of his sound, Doms musical gift resonates within the hearts of all those that hear it.

Keep an ear out for Dom. Your heart will thank you for it!


Stop circle of violence in Papua "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Stop circle of violence in Papua
Reporter: Rahmad Nasution  5 hours ago

Bogor, W Java (ANTARA News) - A circle of violence remains unstoppable in the Indonesian province of Papua. Last weekend, a civilian was again gunned down by the armed Papuan rebels in a village of Jaya Wijaya District.

This murder of Sugeng Efendi, a resident of Wuyukwi Village, Mulia Subdistrict, on Feb 2, 2019, has just extended the death toll of civilians in the hands of the armed Papuan rebels following the killings of 31 construction workers in December 2018.

The 25-year-old kiosk keeper was shot dead by an armed Papuan rebel on Saturday evening. Efendi`s murder occurred two days after the Free Papua Movement (OPM) announced its official support for its armed wing`s declaration of war against Indonesia.

According to Radio New Zealand (RNZ), the anno...


In which Dame Slap does conspiracy theories again ... "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The reptiles are in a major panic and conspiracy theories rend the air, and the woes and lamentations ascend to the heavens, as dear former fearless leader feels the heat

Oh yes, the likes of the Graudian are on the prowl and you won't hear that dreadful Seggall woman say a word against Labor

What's a reptile to do in these dire circumstances?

Well they could recite a brave imperial poem to lift everyone's spirits

The sand of the desert is sodden red, 
Red with the wreck of a square comrade Bill broke;  
The Gatling's jammed and the onion muncher in trouble, 
And the Murdochian regiment blind with dust and smoke. 
The river of death has brimmed his banks, 
And chairman Rupert's far, and Honour a name, 
But the voice of a Dame Slap rallies the ranks: 
'Play up! play up! and play the conspiracy game! ' (Original here)

Send for the Slap rang out in the corridors of the 'leet reptile eerie in the heart of Sydney the indies, the indies are coming ...


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